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Jan 7Licky Boom Boom Down
Jan 11Bear Trap
Jan 18Wandering The Steppe
Jan 25Baby Driver
Jan 28Bumper Sticker
Feb 4Another Blip In The Wall
Feb 11Lynx Season
Feb 14Trashy Valentines Cards
Feb 15Prince Of Darkness
Feb 22Don’t Look Up
Mar 1Along Came Jones
Mar 4Move Along Nothing To See
Mar 11His Terrible Swift Sword
Mar 18The Tower Of Terror
Mar 22Nine Tail God Fist
Mar 29They’re Good Now
Apr 5A Panda Of Many Hats
Apr 8Life The Universe And Everything
Apr 15Do You Know What That’s Worth
Apr 22Mana From Heaven
Apr 26Security Theater
May 3Haven’t We Been Here Before
May 10Not Just A River There
May 13Paws Up For Karishad
May 20Can’t Keep A Good Dog Down
May 27Bizarro Superman Rules
May 31Soul Mates
Jun 7All Tied Up At The Moment
Jun 14The Eyes Have It
Jun 17This Magic Moment
Jun 24Ain’t Got Time To Take A Fast Train
Jul 1The Banality Of Evil
Jul 5Philosophical Badger
Jul 12Mustelid Pile
Jul 19Altitude Sickness
Jul 22Its An Egypt Thing
Jul 29Put On A Bus
Aug 5Paper Pusher
Aug 9Everything Is Templerary
Aug 16Boulder Dashed
Aug 23Nothing At All Nothing At All Nothing At All
Aug 26Dr. Strange, Eat Your Heart Out
Sep 2Clash Of The Titans
Sep 9Demonology
Sep 13A Real Monster
Sep 20Bag End
Sep 27Rousing Speech
Sep 30Laser Light Show
Oct 7Gone In A Flash
Oct 14Weasel Tossing Day
Oct 18Little Stinker
Oct 25Horsey Ride
Nov 1Unstoppable
Nov 4Interference
Nov 11A Little Squirrel Told Me
Nov 18Bless You
Nov 22A Dinosaur Story
Nov 29It’s Good To Be Good
Dec 6Pete, You Son Of A Bird
Dec 9Go, Kaiger!
Dec 16You’re A Firework
Dec 23Don’t Throw Momma From The Train
Dec 25Beyond Mortal Kin