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Jan 1Guest Comic By Kyderra
Jan 2Guest Comic By Aquablast
Jan 3Guest Comic By Wolf Mellow
Jan 4Guest Comic By Slice
Jan 5Guest Comic By Asteri
Jan 6Guest Comic By Kyderra
Jan 7Bait And Switch
Jan 10Let It Snow
Jan 12Snow Doubt About It
Jan 14I’ve Got The Power
Jan 17Dream By The Fire
Jan 19Fire And Ice
Jan 21. . . And Ice And Fire
Jan 24Ice Cream Headache
Jan 26Made To Be Broken
Jan 28Digging A Hole
Jan 31Maleficent Portents
Feb 2Going Down
Feb 4Most Dangerous Variety
Feb 7The Truck Stop Between Heaven And Earth
Feb 9Yggdrasil Root Beer, Actually
Feb 11Thing Of The Titans
Feb 13Your Heart Day Refresher Course
Feb 14Kissy Faes
Feb 16Like Wheelchairs At Hospitals
Feb 18Back To Reality
Feb 21Egghead Mail-In Academy
Feb 23Relaxing Pastime
Feb 25Meanwhile At The Zoo
Feb 28The Dark Age Of Spot
Mar 2Our Nation’s Enemy
Mar 4Adventures In Aimless Moping
Mar 7If I Had A Hammer
Mar 9Ending This Nightmare
Mar 11Face It
Mar 14Beauty Sleep
Mar 16Standard Celebration Procedure
Mar 18Yell Phone
Mar 21Naked Came I
Mar 28Housepets Guest Strip By Kurui
Mar 30Guest Comic By Kyderra
Apr 1Guest Comic By Teh Brawler
Apr 6Raiders Of The Lost Arci
Apr 8Bush Baby
Apr 11The Majesty Of Day For Night
Apr 13Stay Thy Hand
Apr 15Things Fall Apart
Apr 18Things Come Together
Apr 20Winning By A Hair
Apr 22Poolside Manner
Apr 25Three Good Reasons
Apr 27Would Never Hit A Girls?
Apr 29Fetch
May 2Did It Hurt
May 4What’s In A Name
May 6Stinging Telegram
May 9How Low Can You Go
May 11Because The Arc Is Not Allowed To End Too Soon
May 13Watch Out
May 16Fox Can’t Let You Do That
May 18No Reason
May 20Cleaning Solution
May 23The Cuddle Bug
May 25Pillow Talk
May 28Enters The Hero
May 30Enters The Hero, Take II
Jun 1Enters The Hero, Take III
Jun 3End Of Year Three
Jun 6A Disease Of The Brain
Jun 8Are You Being Cervid?
Jun 10Sailing Songs
Jun 13The Continuing Adventures Of The Television
Jun 15Zoo Boo
Jun 17Inappropriate Title
Jun 20Rabbit (Duck) Season
Jun 22Nice Job Being Stealthy Guys
Jun 24In Such A Mess
Jun 27The Big One
Jun 29The Bigger One
Jul 1Guess What
Jul 4Not For The Faint Of Foot
Jul 6Da Boss
Jul 8Undercover Rover
Jul 11Highly Detailed Battle Plans
Jul 13Meddle Gear
Jul 18To The Edge Of Night
Jul 20The Cat In The Mask
Jul 22Momento Mori
Jul 25Freelance Police
Jul 27Make Profit, Not War
Jul 29I Can Has Hubris?
Aug 1The Only Way To End
Aug 3Book Ends
Aug 5Odds And Ends
Aug 8The Artist Makes No Claims To The Accuracy Of The Views Expressed Herein
Aug 10The Artist Makes No Claims To The Accuracy Of The View
Aug 12Is This The End Of Spot? Again?
Aug 15The Scottish Play
Aug 17All Hail
Aug 19Golden Opinions From All Sorts Of People
Aug 22A Sorry Sight
Aug 24Macbeth Does Murder Sense
Aug 26The Milk Of Cat Kindness
Aug 29Avaunted House
Aug 31A Tale Told By An Idiot
Sep 2The Crack-O-Doom
Sep 5And Again I Say Fie
Sep 7They Fight
Sep 9Play On, Macduff
Sep 12Exeunt
Sep 14One Day At The Office
Sep 16Getting To Know Your Employee
Sep 19Abura O Uru
Sep 21The Staples
Sep 23An English Major Wrote This
Sep 26The Pewter Soldier
Sep 28A Game Of The Mind
Sep 30Talking Points
Oct 3Nobody Nose
Oct 5Always The One You Least Suspect
Oct 7We Can’t Stop Here
Oct 10Everyone’s Old Favorite
Oct 12Not Another New Character
Oct 14Circling The Squa–Uh, Doodle
Oct 17Bright Eyes
Oct 19Cunning Disguise
Oct 21All Haunted Places Have One
Oct 24Visual Gag
Oct 26Shades Of Meaning
Oct 28Nifty Backstory Powers Go
Oct 31Printers Are Tools Of The Living
Nov 2The Spirits Are Down
Nov 5A Bit Of Spot And Bat-Bat
Nov 7Where I Wanna Be
Nov 9Rosey Gasses
Nov 11Thinking About Thoughts
Nov 14I’ll Make Brat-Wurst Out Of You
Nov 16Jill Knife
Nov 18Lady Of The Lake
Nov 23Dogs Who Stare At Water
Nov 24A Way With The Ladies
Nov 25Giving Thanks
Nov 28Romancing The Spot
Nov 30Picked The Wrong Spot
Dec 2A Holiday Extravaganza
Dec 5The Frugal Wolf
Dec 7From The Outside In
Dec 9From The Inside Out
Dec 12From The Zebra’s Mouth
Dec 14Hurlybird
Dec 16Celebrity Appearance
Dec 19Not As Dirty As It Sounds
Dec 21Paper Trained
Dec 23Glass Houses
Dec 26This Was About Christmas?
Dec 28Ring Out The New Year
Dec 30Filling Up The 2 a.m. Slots