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Jan 1Gregory Who?
Jan 4What They Want You To Think Yadda Yadda
Jan 6The Real Culprit
Jan 8Nor Hand Nor Foot Nor Arm Nor Face
Jan 11Easy Money
Jan 13My Favorite Villain Shorthand Is Orphanage Landlord
Jan 15A Man Of Secrets A Ferret Of None
Jan 18Pool Of Tantalus
Jan 20Obviously The Wisest Course Of Action
Jan 22When Casing, It’s Always A “Joint”
Jan 25Secondary Objective
Jan 27Huh
Jan 29Oh There We Go
Feb 1Among Thieves
Feb 3The Intermission Of Spot
Feb 5And Now Back To The Show
Feb 8Hiding A Tree
Feb 10Snacktime
Feb 12Let’s Get This Over With
Feb 13Quick Valentine’s Bonus
Feb 15Plan B
Feb 17Creator’s Lament
Feb 19Show And Tell
Feb 22The Dayjob Of Spot
Feb 24Nature Is Ruthless
Feb 26Doghouse Rules
Mar 1Three’s A Crowd
Mar 3Indiana Was The Dog’s Name
Mar 5Replacement Excuse
Mar 8Foreignese
Mar 10The Second Comic With Ninjas In It
Mar 12The Calling
Mar 15Your Mind Makes It Real
Mar 17Kitty Talk
Mar 19Technicalikitties
Mar 22Getting Your Drama Face On
Mar 24For The Birds
Mar 26Exceeding Expectations
Mar 29When All You Have Is A Hammer
Mar 31In The Spot Light
Apr 2Solitudinem Faciunt, Pacem Appellant
Apr 5Quick Fix
Apr 7I Need A Hero
Apr 12The Princess Uses A Bow
Apr 14I Can Show You The World
Apr 16Yes I’m Still Using The Same Background
Apr 19Game Over
Apr 21Venting
Apr 23Turnabout Is Fair Play
Apr 26I Thought You Knew
Apr 28Also Stripe, I Mean Seriously
Apr 30Just Friends
May 3The All-Impersonal They
May 5Professor Spot And The Incredibly Geeky Joke
May 7The Private Screening Room
May 10Give A Dog A Bone
May 12Max Does Not Know Sasha Very Well
May 14Keeps On Giving
May 17Almost Fit For A Queen
May 19Little House In The Woods
May 21They Always Know
May 24King In A Series Of Costumes At The Sears Photo Center
May 26Peanut Teaches Comics
May 28End Of Year Two
May 31Reinterpreting Comics
Jun 2Overemphasizing Comics
Jun 4Defenestrating Comics
Jun 7Stale Jokes For Stale Mallows
Jun 9You’re All Individuals
Jun 11Right After When Animals Attack 37
Jun 14Hot And Bothered
Jun 16Deliberations Over Ice Cream
Jun 18Free Will Will Free You
Jun 21Rough And Tumble
Jun 23>King: Knock The Phone Over
Jun 25It’s Getting Hot Out Here
Jun 28That Would Be Weird
Jun 30Not Sober Enough
Jul 2Into The Woods
Jul 5This Is My Tsk Tsk Face
Jul 7The Truth, The Whole Truth
Jul 9And Nothing But
Jul 12Slave To Details
Jul 14Never Believe It’s Not So
Jul 16Morning Routine
Jul 19This Is Not My Beautiful House
Jul 21I Beseech Thee
Jul 23That’s What It’s All About
Jul 26Cordiality
Jul 28The Problem With Shared Universes
Jul 30Ba Da Da Daaaaah!
Aug 2The Happiest Place On Earth, On Earth
Aug 4Your Funventure Safariventure Adventure (?)
Aug 6Kids And Old People Not Allowed
Aug 9You Are Here (But Not All There)
Aug 11One Deeper
Aug 13Winner Takes All
Aug 16Portrait Of A Caricaturist
Aug 18In Bed
Aug 20No, It’s Too Perilous
Aug 23It Was Either This Or A Mario Kart Joke
Aug 25Actually Nevermind
Aug 27Water Water Everywhere
Aug 30The Age Of Aquarium
Sep 1To The Tune Of The Irish Washerwoman (Or Whatever)
Sep 3The Ride Home
Sep 6Same Spot Time Same Spot Channel
Sep 8It Comes With The Power
Sep 10Falling Into The Role
Sep 13Gotta Boogie
Sep 17Where History Comes Back From The Dead Oh No
Sep 20What Have You Done You Monsters
Sep 22Shouting In A Movie Theater
Sep 24The End Result Of Being Cultured
Sep 27Winning Strategy
Sep 29Don’t You Wish You Could Read Like Me
Oct 1Pet Project
Oct 4Where Did He Come From
Oct 6Ain’t Ain’t A Word
Oct 8Though Creepy Twins Are Fine
Oct 11Psychotic Psychic
Oct 13Ghost In The Machine
Oct 15Afraid Of “No Ghost”
Oct 18Silly Rabbit Tricks Are For Chumps
Oct 20The Problem With Volunteer Help
Oct 22Alone In The Dark
Oct 25The Works
Oct 27House Of A Thousand Nightmares
Oct 29And Then
Nov 1Wrapping It Up (Not A Mummy Joke)
Nov 3I Apologize In Advance
Nov 5And We’re Hopping, We’re Hopping
Nov 8Tastes Like Glue
Nov 10Advertising Power!
Nov 12Based On A True Story
Nov 15Ron Howard Powers Activate
Nov 17Stage Hunger
Nov 19Serious Business
Nov 22True Artistry Comes From The Heartburn
Nov 24True Art Is Weird
Nov 26I Imagine Most Commercials Are Made Like This
Nov 29Disposition Of The True Artist
Dec 1A Darker Turn
Dec 3The Best Game
Dec 6After These Messages
Dec 8Springs Eternal
Dec 10Signer’s Remorse
Dec 13Bad Or Good
Dec 15A Writer Inside A Coffee Shop Inside A Bookstore
Dec 17Oh No Not Again
Dec 20Are You Listening
Dec 22If Only In My Dreams
Dec 25Christmas Cards
Dec 27Guest Comic By Zander
Dec 28Guest Comic By William Tjhi
Dec 29Guest Comic By Kirby
Dec 30Guest Comic By Teh Brawler
Dec 31Guest Comic By Gerad R