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Jan 2Nipping’s Not A Crime
Jan 12Stunning Masterpiece
Jan 14A Beautiful Mind
Jan 16No, No It’s Not
Jan 19And Statistics
Jan 21Haven’t You Caused Enough Pain
Jan 23Sweet Memories
Jan 26Then She Points To Her Ear
Jan 28Unorthodox Medicine
Jan 30Hello Vet
Feb 2The Treat In Treatment
Feb 4Incredible Displays Of Compassion
Feb 6Terrible Consequences
Feb 9Or Is He Just Projecting
Feb 11Love In The Stitches
Feb 13Cut On The Dotty Line
Feb 18This Is A Real 3rd Edition Gamebreaker
Feb 20Compensation
Feb 23Their Naming Conventions Had A Cover Charge
Feb 25Especially Who? WHO?!
Feb 27And The Finch And The Shrew And The . . .
Mar 2Wonderful Night For A Bike Ride
Mar 4Midnight Confessions
Mar 6So No He Did Not Like The Box
Mar 9Bzzt
Mar 11Delayed Reaction
Mar 13Well . . . That’s Over Then
Mar 16Book Smarts
Mar 18Hey, It’s That Cat Again
Mar 20Impenetrable Wall Of Text
Mar 23Five Weeks Of Allowance Down The Drain
Mar 25And Now, You Can Never Unsee It
Mar 27Therin Lies Madness
Mar 30The Metatext Is A Harsh Mistress
Apr 1Yeah I Only Read It Ironically
Apr 3AKA The Non-Canon Adventures Of Spot
Apr 6Because Mental Disorders Are Funny
Apr 8Housepets Gets Political
Apr 10It Was Covered In The Meeting
Apr 13Any Year With No Fatalities Is A Good Year
Apr 15AKA The Author Needs A Break From Art Again
Apr 17Deus Ex Spotchina
Apr 20Because Good Is Dumb
Apr 22Of Course It’s Gray, It’s Not Radium Paint
Apr 24Killjoy
Apr 27No Joke Today, Just Violence
Apr 29So Very Very Naive
May 1Like A Lightning Bolt Realization Strikes
May 4Excellent Judge Of Character
May 6Something Is Missing
May 8Truly We Are Doing Good For The World
May 11Smooth As Sandpaper
May 13Headsteeringwheel
May 15Or Belong To PETA
May 18Cool Clean And Refreshing
May 20Backseat Driver
May 22I Always Get Those Mixed Up
May 25I Kid, People, I Kid; You’re A Good Crowd
May 27I’m Never Going To Understand Humans
May 29End Of Year One
Jun 1Not Good With Children
Jun 3Yes All Of Them
Jun 5The Mini Adventures Of Spot
Jun 8No Excuses
Jun 10Another Page Of My Childhood
Jun 12Trajectory
Jun 15The Other Alternative
Jun 17Unspilled Milk
Jun 19Fast Learner
Jun 22Of Dishes And Taking
Jun 29Get Your Shoes On If You Have Them
Jul 1Do Those Still Exist
Jul 3Pushing Up Daisies
Jul 6Playing With Your Food
Jul 8Paralysis Of The Mouth
Jul 10Probably Taking This Too Far
Jul 13Many Very Convincing Reasons
Jul 15He Was Saving It For A Special Occasion
Jul 17There Went Nothing
Jul 20Meanwhile Back In Babylon
Jul 22First Things First
Jul 24The More Things Change
Jul 27The Spirit Of Competition
Jul 29The Delicious Bold Taste That Money Can’t Buy
Jul 31They Pity The Foo
Aug 3So Close And Yet So Far
Aug 5Something Went Wrong Somewhere
Aug 7In A Laundry Bag With A Dollar Sign
Aug 10Which Is Why She Doesn’t Talk About It Much
Aug 12Dear You Just Look FABULOUS
Aug 14Paper Faces On Parade
Aug 17Heathcliff’s, A Subsidiary Of Roadkill Cafe
Aug 19Increasingly Bizarre Implications
Aug 21Muchas Smooches
Aug 24My Love It Has Three Corners
Aug 26Well, Why Didn’t You Say So!
Aug 28But Happiness Is Not Dramatic!
Aug 31Soul Scattering Will Do That
Sep 2Staying In The Closet
Sep 4I Dare You To Do Otherwise
Sep 7Tiger Minus Tiger
Sep 9Next On Food Network
Sep 11Canine Scene Investigation
Sep 14The Uncanny Adventures Of Spot
Sep 16But Wasn’t That SHAZAM?
Sep 18That’s Why You Save It For The Cover
Sep 21Only Funny To Me, Probably
Sep 23Subbed Stands For “With Subtlety”
Sep 25Dear Tabby
Sep 28Stranger Danger
Sep 30What Are You Still Doing In My Room
Oct 2An Eloquent Speaker
Oct 7Did I Mention You’re My Best Friend?
Oct 9The Voodoo They Do
Oct 12Nature: Pushing The Boundaries Of Good Taste Since Forever
Oct 14See You At The Party Officer
Oct 16More Human Than Human
Oct 19Planted The Family Tree
Oct 21Puppy Power
Oct 23Despite His Name Being Bill
Oct 26How Terrible
Oct 28Punkin
Oct 30Which Plans? Witch Plans!
Nov 2The Fun Never Ends
Nov 4Third Wheel
Nov 6No Appreciation
Nov 9That Zach Is One Bad Bunny
Nov 11Key Phrase
Nov 13I Could Have Done That
Nov 16Off To A Smooth Start
Nov 18Everyone’s New Favorite
Nov 20None Shall Pass
Nov 23So Cool
Nov 25Whoops
Nov 27A Thanksgiving Intermission
Nov 30And The Sentence Was Going To Be Time Served Too
Dec 2An Undigested Bit Of Beef
Dec 4Try To Understand
Dec 7Home For Christmas
Dec 9Munchies And Crunchies In Here Somewhere
Dec 11Where Do Lonely Hearts Go
Dec 14That Sinking Feeling
Dec 16Peace On Earth To Men Of Good Will
Dec 18‘Tis Better To Give
Dec 21Your Heart Is Full Of Unwashed Socks
Dec 23Since We’ve No Place To Go
Dec 25So This Is Christmas
Dec 28So As Not To Leave You Hanging
Dec 30Because One Christmas Special Is Not Enough