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Jan 2Snax
Jan 4Olfactory Assessment
Jan 7Stuff ‘Em In Yer Craw
Jan 9Planning Face
Jan 11Party In My Mouth
Jan 14Identity Theft
Jan 16The Prefix Makes It
Jan 18Da Da Da Da!
Jan 21This Is Whack Man
Jan 23Party Spanner
Jan 25This Is The Way
Jan 28I Cast Burning Hands
Jan 30Worlds Collide (And Have Dinner)
Feb 1Carry Fade-Out
Feb 4Nachos And Thou
Feb 6The Pending Litigation Of Spot
Feb 8Shot In The Dark
Feb 11Dressing Down
Feb 13Swapping Gift
Feb 14Make Them Love You
Feb 15In Good Company
Feb 18I’d Be Home For Valentines
Feb 20Love Is A Phone Call Away
Feb 22Speed Dater
Feb 25Words Are sWords
Feb 27One By One Equals Zero
Mar 1Eyes Like Faucets
Mar 4BFF: The Sound Of A Swinging Baseball Bat
Mar 6Dancing In The Dark
Mar 8Too Late To Think
Mar 11Tossing And Turning And Rinsing
Mar 13Crush-ing Blow
Mar 15Butt Of This Joke
Mar 18Hereafter Thereafter
Mar 20Better In My Head
Mar 22Cats Will Be Cats
Mar 25Wet Markers
Mar 27Cleaning Up
Mar 29Here’s Your Sign
Apr 1Rube Tube
Apr 3Disarming Situation
Apr 5Hot Deals
Apr 8Police Bidness
Apr 10Freshly Squeezed
Apr 12Numbers Learning
Apr 15Forward Thinking
Apr 17The Important Details
Apr 19Get Your Good Side
Apr 22No
Apr 24Compatibility Test
Apr 26Shopping Block
Apr 29They Make The Dog
May 1Put It In The Oven For Puppy And Me
May 3Camera Obscura
May 6Pew Pew Pew
May 8If We Hearse Now We Won’t Have To Do It Again Later
May 10Vow-olation
May 13Turnabout Is Unfair Play
May 15No Girl Allowed
May 17The Reason Is You
May 20And The Sentence Was Going To Be Déjà Vu
May 22Tactical Retreat
May 24Woe Woe Woe
May 27Here Come Da Bride
May 29What Bwings Us Togefah Today
May 31End Of Year Five
Jun 3Year Five Epilogue
Jun 5A Minor Glitch
Jun 7Guest Comic By Ryusuta
Jun 10Guest Comic By CHAOKOCartoons
Jun 12Guest Strip By Karishad And Stu
Jun 14Guest Comic By Rodrigo And Silly Zealot
Jun 17Guest Comic By Geradr
Jun 19Darts As She Is Played
Jun 21Sweet Deal
Jun 24The One And Only Taste
Jun 26The END Of Spot
Jun 28A Box Of Nerds
Jul 1Taxing-Onomy
Jul 3I’ve Got A Hand-le On Things
Jul 5Stamp Of Approval
Jul 8It Even Sounds Awesome
Jul 10It Even Is Awesome
Jul 12Everybody’s Learning How
Jul 15Foursight Is 20/20
Jul 17Use The Fours
Jul 19Use The Doors
Jul 22Going Double Dutch
Jul 24Back Alley Dining
Jul 26To The Market To The Market
Jul 29Ciao Chow
Jul 31A Dish Of Fish
Aug 2Four On The Floor
Aug 5Callback Theater
Aug 7The Other One Drops
Aug 9Dragon It Out
Aug 12Dragon It In
Aug 14Garbage Mouth
Aug 16Gift Of Tongues
Aug 19Tearing Down The House
Aug 21Running Is Good For Your Health
Aug 23The One You’re With
Aug 26Private Space
Aug 28Giving An Earful
Aug 30Prodding Along
Sep 2The Boring Adventures Of Spot
Sep 4Waxing On
Sep 6I Come From A Land Down At The Corner Of Mulberry And 44
Sep 9Kitty In The City (Suburbs)
Sep 11Cat’s Out Of The Bag
Sep 13No Mountain High Enough
Sep 16Letting Bygones Be
Sep 18Honey, Nuts, And Dates
Sep 20Not That It Needs Guarding
Sep 23Engineering A Disaster
Sep 25Show Some Respect
Sep 27Tabled Discussion
Sep 30How Does One Come Up With A Title For This
Oct 2Your English Vocab For Today
Oct 4Blood Loss
Oct 7Terms Of Engagement
Oct 9Check Please
Oct 11Topical Humor 2: Electric Boogaloo
Oct 14Fight Court
Oct 16Call Waiting
Oct 18Empty White Room
Oct 21Somebody’s Getting Buried
Oct 23Ages Ago
Oct 25Jiminy Mouse
Oct 28Nuptiae Interruptae
Oct 30Le Gasp
Oct 31Halloween Interlude
Nov 1Cultural Differences, Similarities
Nov 4Planning Ahead
Nov 6Cake And Punch Will Be Served
Nov 8I Just Love Weddings
Nov 11Marco
Nov 13Hand To Hand
Nov 15Double Bubble Trouble
Nov 18Wettest Fur Contest
Nov 20Sheer Carnage
Nov 22Blue Lines And Red Tape
Nov 25Certainty Certainly
Nov 27The Tarmac Gambit
Nov 29Unbridled Victory, Also Abdominal Wall
Dec 2Kitty Cornered
Dec 4Cold Snap
Dec 6All Of The Lights
Dec 9Cubby Hole
Dec 11Everyone’s Nostalgic Favorite
Dec 13Later On We’ll Expire
Dec 16So Delightful
Dec 18Spotlight
Dec 20Being A Pill With Pills
Dec 23O’er All The Weary World
Dec 25Where The Love-Light Gleams
Dec 27Spot Vs Santa
Dec 30To Serve Pizza Man