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Jan 1Got Your Hat
Jan 3Sketchy 2
Jan 6The Peanut Butter Sandwich Experiance
Jan 8A Feast For Crows
Jan 10Sketchy 3
Jan 13Seasons Greetings
Jan 15Talent Show
Jan 17Sleepover Enforcement
Jan 20Exhort, Extort, Same Thing
Jan 22No Need To Be Short
Jan 24Brave New World
Jan 27Rub A Dub Dub
Jan 29He’s All Wet
Jan 31Prowling The Town
Feb 3Killer Instinct
Feb 5Filthy Lies
Feb 7Line Defense
Feb 10Wrong Side Of The Bed
Feb 12Sleep Tight
Feb 13This Comic Has Been Going An Awful Long Tine
Feb 14A Terrifying Scene
Feb 17The Wild Dogs Cry Out In The Night
Feb 19Simple Question
Feb 21You Sit On A Throne Of Lies
Feb 24Night In The Woods
Feb 26The Hermit Option
Feb 28Pinch Me I’m Resisting
Mar 2Safe Spot
Mar 4Who’s There
Mar 6What Do Words Mean
Mar 9Playdate
Mar 11Nothing Awkward About This
Mar 13The Secret
Mar 16Jim Jimminy Jim Jimminy Jim Jim Jerry
Mar 18Super Camouflage
Mar 20This Looks Like A Job For The Intern
Mar 23Then Who Was Car
Mar 25Well Turn Me Into A Newt
Mar 27Exactly What Spot Would Have Done
Mar 30Shocking Reveal
Apr 1Party Pooper
Apr 3Satiate Your Hunger
Apr 6Something In The Air
Apr 8Splish Splash
Apr 10The Babe With The Power
Apr 13Employee Review
Apr 15TV Binging
Apr 17Seeing Red
Apr 20Needling You
Apr 22Patch Job
Apr 24Three’s Company
Apr 27Buried Treasure
Apr 29No Comic
May 1Social Commentary
May 4Prehistoric Terror
May 6Raiders Of The Fridge
May 8It’s Hilarious
May 11Simulated Helicopter Ride
May 13Majestic
May 15I Can Show You The Jurassic World
May 18The Magic Of Television
May 20The Incredible Inedible Egg
May 22Scientific Method
May 25Dining In
May 27Dinner Theater
May 29Every Option Is Bad
Jun 1End Of Year Twelve
Jun 3Fun Dinosaur Facts
Jun 5The Gathering Storm Metaphor
Jun 8We’ll Meet At The End Of The Tour
Jun 10Spend No Money To Make Money
Jun 12A Simple Plan
Jun 15That’s (That’s)
Jun 17It Was Swordfish
Jun 19Fluid Physics
Jun 22Let It All Out
Jun 24A Little Irritant
Jun 26Getting Prehistoric On Your Tail
Jun 29Jinxed It
Jul 1Looking For Grant
Jul 3Mirror Mirror
Jul 6The Tree Of Knowledge
Jul 8Moichendising
Jul 10Babies Sitting Babies
Jul 13Still Pocky
Jul 15Educational Experience
Jul 17Gender Is Gun
Jul 20We’re Being Watched
Jul 22Directorial Debut
Jul 24Baby You’re A Firework
Jul 27Gotta Hand It To Him
Jul 29Winner Eats Loser
Jul 31It’s Alive
Aug 3The Doors
Aug 5Put Him On Ice
Aug 7Skipping This Bit
Aug 10Crawl Away To Victory
Aug 12Different Movie Reference
Aug 14The Moral Of The Story
Aug 17Fox On The Run
Aug 19A Boy’s Best Friend
Aug 21You Scream
Aug 24Jeepers Creepers
Aug 26Too Much Information
Aug 27The Ship(wreck) Of A God
Aug 28Sticky Situation
Aug 29Mungo Butter
Aug 30Ride Along
Aug 31Driving King Crazy
Sep 1Mocking Comics
Sep 2Safety Measures
Sep 3Shippy Ship Ship
Sep 4Ghost House
Sep 5Dream
Sep 6Ecocrimes For Fun
Sep 7Tennis Shoos
Sep 8Pitch Meeting
Sep 9Marathon
Sep 10Wedding Ring Of Truth
Sep 11Those People
Sep 14The Mouse Returns
Sep 16Small World Tour
Sep 18Watch Me Now
Sep 21Do People Still Do This
Sep 23Nice For Mice
Sep 25Cultural Exchange Program
Sep 28Fair And Balanced
Sep 30Only Get The One Channel
Oct 2The Devil Went Down To [Insert State Here]
Oct 5A Thing Of Wealth And Taste
Oct 7Fazetime
Oct 9Warning: Dog Marriage
Oct 12Barging Into The Broom
Oct 14Turning Japanese Chinese
Oct 16Redder Panda
Oct 19The Perfect And More Importantly Cheap Plan
Oct 21Can’t Buy You Love, Just War
Oct 23The Aye Ayes Have It (Citizenship)
Oct 26The Real World
Oct 28Angles Of Demons
Oct 30Powerful Reagents
Nov 2Fudge
Nov 4Stairway To The Other Place
Nov 6Right In Front Of My Slaad
Nov 9Three Heads Are Cooler Than One
Nov 11Unprepared To Meet Thy God
Nov 13Two (Thousand) Tickets To Paradise
Nov 16Brain Shift
Nov 18It Was Next To The Monkey And The Weasel
Nov 20Left Behind
Nov 23Not This Again
Nov 25Going For A Walk
Nov 27No Comic
Nov 30Just Heaven Things
Dec 2It’s Also Not Rehab
Dec 4Actually Nevermind
Dec 7You Don’t Have To Go Home
Dec 9But You Can’t Stay Here
Dec 11Should Have Read The Fine Print
Dec 14Would You Like To Take A Survey
Dec 16Midnight Snack
Dec 18Someone’s Rocking My Dreamboat
Dec 21Booted To Lobby
Dec 23Knock Knocking Around
Dec 25Tidings Of Comfort And Joy
Dec 28Meanwhile In Canada
Dec 30Author Insert