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Jan 2Neck-id
Jan 4Trickster/Father Figure
Jan 7Up To Code
Jan 9Relax, Don’t Do It
Jan 11Witch’s Brew
Jan 14Fatherly Concern
Jan 16What’s The Story, Wishbone?
Jan 18Here’s Your Sign
Jan 21Lunch Is Served
Jan 23Seeing A Flock Of Seagulls
Jan 25World’s Oldest Profession
Jan 28The Opposite Of Saved By The Bell
Jan 30Freedom
Feb 1The Pit Of Despair
Feb 4Ankle-O-Sore
Feb 6My Name Is Mud
Feb 8Beloved Smother
Feb 11Best Ending
Feb 13Scrumptuous Presumption
Feb 14What’s So Funny About Peace, Love And Understanding?
Feb 15Another Memories Title
Feb 18How Much Is That Kitten In The Grungy Cardboard Box
Feb 20Letters From Home
Feb 22Puppies From Heaven
Feb 25Ghosts Of The Past
Feb 27Love Across Space And Time
Mar 1Dramatic Retelling
Mar 4Cold Feet
Mar 6Little Stinkers
Mar 8Scheduling Conflict
Mar 11Not A Problem
Mar 13Full Frontal Honesty
Mar 15A Few Of My Favorite Things
Mar 18If You Love Something
Mar 20Make Like Your Name
Mar 22Nants Ingonyama Bagithi Baba
Mar 25To Make You Happy
Mar 27Straight From The Sauce
Mar 29You Have The Floor
Apr 1Recklessly I Fall
Apr 3How The Turns Have Tabled
Apr 5Sting Stinger
Apr 8Unwarranted
Apr 10Police Lineup
Apr 12Fire Escape
Apr 15Explooshion II: Electric Splooshaloo
Apr 17Old Habits Die Hard With A Vengeance
Apr 19Flower Power
Apr 22The Fox And The Hound
Apr 24Genius At Work
Apr 26Super Genius
Apr 29An Auspicious Beginning
May 1Simple Explanation
May 3School Daze
May 6Spoiler Alert
May 8Breaking News
May 10Driving Me Crazy
May 13What Are Little Squirrels Made Of?
May 15A Time To Reflect
May 17Cereal Killer
May 20Power Up
May 22Return Of The Broom
May 24Careful What You Wish For
May 27Tree Bark
May 29Barking Up The Wrong Tree
May 31Nuts To You
Jun 3End Of Year Eleven
Jun 5With Great Power
Jun 7Letters Got Your Number
Jun 10Steakout
Jun 12Treehouse Of Horror
Jun 14Nonut
Jun 17Pie In The Sky
Jun 19Pie-racy
Jun 21Delivery Pie
Jun 24Twilight Zone Twist
Jun 26So Crazy It Must Be True
Jun 28Then What Was All That With Grape Eleven Years Ago Huh
Jul 1Room Service
Jul 3Badger Before Bed
Jul 5Badger Badgering
Jul 8Another Badger Pun
Jul 10Sing The Refrain
Jul 12Crazy Cat
Jul 15Roo’d
Jul 17Technowizardry
Jul 19Self Incrimination
Jul 22Lockdown
Jul 24What You Say
Jul 26Squirrel Season
Jul 29The Descent
Jul 31I Am Not Made Of Stone
Aug 2The End Of The Tour
Aug 5Pulling My Tail
Aug 7Moment Of Truth
Aug 9Waterworks
Aug 12Police Rapport
Aug 14(After) Midnight Caller
Aug 16Double Date
Aug 19The Mystical Art Of Mind Reading
Aug 23Half A Pound Of Corn Syrup
Aug 26Tale Of Tails
Aug 28Fox’s Life
Aug 30Sleepless Night
Sep 2High Four
Sep 4Well When You Say It Like That
Sep 6Up All Night For Good Fun
Sep 9The Transient Nature Of Being
Sep 11Dealing With The Debil
Sep 13Time Makes Fools Of Us All
Sep 16Chain Of Foods
Sep 18Meet And Greet
Sep 20On The Rebound
Sep 23Teach The Children Well
Sep 25Lunch Break
Sep 27Stalling For Time
Sep 30Circle Of Life
Oct 2Zoo Review
Oct 4Contemplating Life Choices
Oct 7Pull The Wolf Over Your Eyes
Oct 9Pet Pat Pot
Oct 11A Lovely Bunch
Oct 14Negotiation Tactics
Oct 16Office Space
Oct 18Helping The Helpless
Oct 21Tell Me Lies
Oct 23Eye Of The Camel
Oct 25Presto Chango
Oct 28It Has Layers
Oct 30Swallow The Sun
Nov 2It’s True It’s All True
Nov 4Repetition
Nov 6Imma Take A Selfie
Nov 8Our Founder
Nov 11Technical Difficulties
Nov 13Hold Me Close Don’t Ever Let Me Go
Nov 15To Answer Your Question
Nov 18Cookies And Creamed
Nov 20The New Model
Nov 22That’s Good Enough For Me
Nov 25Thinking Out Loud
Nov 27Absolutely Unbelievable
Nov 29Road Trip
Dec 2Visiting Day
Dec 4A Taste Of Heaven
Dec 6My Eyes Have Seen The Glory
Dec 9Heaven Is Apace On Earth
Dec 11Just Give Me A Reason
Dec 13Pressing Buttons
Dec 16Well Duh
Dec 18I’m Out
Dec 20The Joke Is Violence
Dec 23The Witness Badger
Dec 25We Don’t Need No Stinking Badger
Dec 27Sketchy 1
Dec 30Reading Material