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Jan 1Electric Word Life, It Means Forever
Jan 3Until The Other Kitties Knock Em Down
Jan 6Otter Pop
Jan 8Gossamer Called It
Jan 10It’s A Knick Knack, Paddy Whack
Jan 13A Little Ditty
Jan 15J’accuse!
Jan 17How Infinite In Faculty
Jan 20Investimugation
Jan 22Adventure Time
Jan 24Rolling Like Thunder
Jan 27You Don’t Vote For A King
Jan 29Axing The Important Questions
Jan 31Not The Bee
Feb 3Weapons Grade
Feb 5Darkest Sketch
Feb 7Spot And The Unfortunate Intermission
Feb 10Guest Strip By Valerio And Hukley
Feb 12Water The Odds
Feb 13What Tine Is It?
Feb 14Doctor Who?
Feb 17Now I Know
Feb 19And Knowing Is Half The Battle
Feb 21Hanging Out
Feb 24The Ol’ Push-‘Em-Off-A-Cliff
Feb 26The Flagon With The Dragon
Feb 28How Every Murder Mystery Ends
Mar 3My Bologna Has A First Name
Mar 5Cultural Appropriation
Mar 7Witches Of The Sand
Mar 10Bedtime Snack
Mar 12Forgot His Towel
Mar 14Armless Fun
Mar 17A Big Fat Yarn
Mar 19Building Tension
Mar 21Radio Control Fox
Mar 24The Morning Exposition Hour
Mar 26Decision Point
Mar 28Here’s Your Sign
Mar 31Live Performance
Apr 2Funning Learntime
Apr 4P’s And Honey
Apr 7P’s And Carrots
Apr 9The Abridged Series
Apr 11Possum Utor Cibum
Apr 14“P”ing In The Forest
Apr 16Prepare Yourself
Apr 18Pernicious Predicament
Apr 21Probable Cause
Apr 23Michael Bay’s Funtime Learning Hour
Apr 25The Epilogue Afternoon
Apr 28Chain Of Memories
Apr 30Contractual Obligations
May 2Heraldic Majesty
May 5Dogs These Days
May 7Human After All
May 9How Charged With Punishments The Scroll
May 12She Loves Me
May 14For Love And Justice
May 16Parting Blows
May 19Coming In The Back Way
May 21That One Scene
May 23Separation Anxiety
May 26Don’t Touch
May 28Seek A Psycho Pom, Get A Psychopomp
May 30End Of Year Six
Jun 2Not That Kind Of Grounded
Jun 4Off The Record
Jun 6Wrong Side Of The Trax
Jun 9Perchance To Scream
Jun 10The Other DnD
Jun 11Mysteries Of The Heavens
Jun 12Spot The Movie
Jun 13Who Watches
Jun 14With No One The Wiser
Jun 16Keeping Up Appearances
Jun 18Helmets Are Always Optional
Jun 20Open Up The Pearly Gates
Jun 23One Person You Meet In Heaven
Jun 25Hitting Below The Belt
Jun 27Mirror, Mirror
Jun 30The Agony Of The Ecstacy
Jul 2Locate Planet Bomb
Jul 4Bubble Bubble
Jul 7Cause I Know I Dont Belong
Jul 9So It’s More Of A Ceasefire
Jul 11A Billion Points Of Light
Jul 14Whale Of (A) Time
Jul 16It Makes The World Go Round
Jul 18Whale I’ll Be
Jul 21Spot And The Exposition Of Evil
Jul 23Saving Lives, Taking Names
Jul 25Battle Of Epic Proportions
Jul 28In The Pudding
Jul 30Secret Weapon
Aug 1Don’t Know When I’ll Be Back Again
Aug 4Montage Power
Aug 6Deserted In The Desert
Aug 8The Thing About The Thing
Aug 11Time Out, Take Two
Aug 13Round The Camp Fire
Aug 15The Trying-To-Express Express
Aug 18Voices In The Dark
Aug 20Stranded In The Dessert
Aug 22Drink It Up
Aug 25Speak Easy
Aug 27Out Of Thick, Creamy Air
Aug 29Asking Nicely
Sep 1Shake It Baby
Sep 3As The Good Book Says
Sep 5White Space
Sep 8Chaos Rains
Sep 10Consultation Prize
Sep 12You Have Chosen . . .
Sep 15. . . Fuzzy
Sep 17Burned Out
Sep 18Housepets Is Brought To You By
Sep 19Human Things
Sep 20Charity Cuteness Contest
Sep 21Smmmmmokin’
Sep 22A Movie And A Cry
Sep 23Road Warrior
Sep 24Home Again Home Again
Sep 26Meanwhile In America
Sep 29Time Zone Out
Oct 1Nobody Gets Too Much
Oct 3Meanwhile In Heaven
Oct 6The Long Way Home
Oct 8Shipping At Sea
Oct 10Jiggity Jig
Oct 13Enthusiastic Greetings
Oct 15Candy Of The Corn
Oct 17Specifically Generic
Oct 20The Ache In Your Tummy Won’t Heal The Ache In Your Heart
Oct 22Nerd Love
Oct 24Dress For The Job You Want
Oct 27Got Carried Away
Oct 29Alone In The Dark
Oct 31Pop (Rocks) Culture
Nov 3Snow Follies
Nov 5All There In Black And White
Nov 7A Little Birdie Told Me
Nov 10Sap Among The Trees
Nov 12Watch Out For That Step
Nov 14Won’t You Please Please
Nov 17A Long Way Down
Nov 19Sticks In The Mud
Nov 21Naked Mud Wrestling
Nov 24Up To Your Knees Out There
Nov 26No Time For Playing
Nov 28No Time For Gargoyles
Dec 1Sandwich Repayment
Dec 3Up All Night To Get Lucky
Dec 5Christmas Remix
Dec 8Christmas Night Of The Round Table
Dec 10Fate, Destiny, And All That Junk
Dec 12Three Gifts (Plus Another I Guess)
Dec 15Our Heros Bravely Screw Up
Dec 17Reindeer Games
Dec 19(No [Time)less Classics]
Dec 22Put A Krampus Your Style
Dec 24Minus Linus
Dec 25The Reason For The Season
Dec 29Not Over Yet
Dec 31Rock In The New Year