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Jun 2When Boredom Strikes
Jun 4Mission Cleanliness
Jun 6The First Comic With Ninjas In It
Jun 9Negotiations Break Down
Jun 11It Gets Worse
Jun 13It Always Comes To An End
Jun 16A Mournful Situation
Jun 18You All Just Lost
Jun 20The Game I Mean
Jun 23No Escape
Jun 25You Cannot Win
Jun 27I Said No Escape
Jun 30Okay Fine Some Escape
Jul 2Funny You Should Ask
Jul 4Everybody Wins
Jul 7Channeling You At Age 8
Jul 9The Great Outdoors
Jul 11A Real Buzz
Jul 14Misunderstood Artist
Jul 16Ostracize Doesn’t Mean To Turn Into An Ostrich
Jul 19A Cat Isn’t Fine Either
Jul 28Pushing The PG Rating IN YOUR MIND
Jul 30Hey Dude
Aug 1Anise Is Like Catnip But For Dogs
Aug 4Curveball Outta Nowhere
Aug 6I Planned This Joke For An Awful Long Time
Aug 8I Swear It’s Platonic
Aug 11Don’t Shoot
Aug 13Stick Em Up
Aug 15A Minor Flaw
Aug 18Yup, He’s Over It
Aug 20I Have Decided To Start A New Comic
Aug 22Whoops My Freudian Slipped
Aug 25The Loyal Order
Aug 27It’s A Dog Thing
Aug 29It’s A Pet Friendly Neighborhood
Sep 1A Breed Apart
Sep 3Our Sacred Duty
Sep 5The Universal Constant
Sep 8She’s Not The Best One To Ask
Sep 10An Understandable Mistake To Make
Sep 12Mmm Foot Flavored Speech
Sep 15Shut Up We’re Trying To Praise You
Sep 17The Nerve Of Him
Sep 19Grape Solves Another Problem With Violence
Sep 22The Lampshades Were Party Favors
Sep 24Bino Stars As Colonel Klink
Sep 26Goodnight Everybody
Sep 29The Draft Title Was Eat Cheese And Die
Oct 1Behold, The Power Of Che
Oct 3Stop The Revolution I Want To Get Off
Oct 6Ode On A Kitty Tummy
Oct 8Philosophical Quandaries Must Wait
Oct 10Scientific Progress Goes Zonk
Oct 13Have Leash Will Travel
Oct 15In What Furnace Was Thy Brain
Oct 17You Mean She “Otter” Be
Oct 20Kangaroos Loose In The Top Paddock
Oct 22In Touch With The Ground
Oct 24Related To Killer Whales
Oct 27Thus Grape Zarathustra
Oct 29Gourmet Buffet
Oct 31Because Hes Allergic You See
Nov 3Wait Where Did He Get A Computer
Nov 5Do Not Taunt The Animals
Nov 7They Have An Edge Because They’re Literate
Nov 10Nothing Strange Here At All
Nov 12Monkey Business
Nov 14Deep Thoughts
Nov 17Before That It Was A Weird Mushroom
Nov 19Sylvan Glen
Nov 21And She Said It Had No Practical Value
Nov 24Most Pertinent Of Questions
Nov 26Maybe There Was An Emu?
Nov 28Delicious, Delicious Food
Dec 1A Reverent Respect
Dec 3He Minds
Dec 5Come On, It’s Your Thing
Dec 8And Labor Laws
Dec 10Patching Things Up
Dec 12So . . . That’s A No?
Dec 15The Happiest Season Of All
Dec 17Lame Joke #83
Dec 19Best Laid Plans
Dec 22Ew
Dec 24How Could He Say Yes To A Face Like That
Dec 25Housepets Christmas Edition
Dec 29Housepets Now With More Cats
Dec 31Night At The Ritz