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Jan 1Lady In Mondegreen
Jan 4Buy Me A Star War
Jan 6In Hot Water
Jan 8Comics About Comics
Jan 11The Weekly Of Spot
Jan 13The Third Comic With Ninjas, Probably
Jan 15Translated From 1938 Dollars
Jan 18Banksy Called It
Jan 20Bomberdog
Jan 22But Where Was The Punching
Jan 25Bookend
Jan 27Board Meeting
Jan 29Temp(erature) Housing
Feb 1Making A Mark
Feb 3Weapon Of Choice
Feb 5A Cut Above
Feb 8Trailer Fodder
Feb 10In The Dark Of The Night
Feb 12Record Contract
Feb 13Heart To Heart
Feb 15Closes A Door, Opens A Window
Feb 17Idiot Box
Feb 19I Got The Power
Feb 22Power Play
Feb 24Timber
Feb 26Trade For Wood And Brick
Feb 29What A Card
Mar 2Strike The Earth
Mar 4Treat Her Gently
Mar 7After These Messages
Mar 9Thuse For Me
Mar 11The One Tower
Mar 14Little House In The Woods
Mar 16Jarhead
Mar 18Moppet Babies
Mar 21Bun On The Run
Mar 23Flight Of Fans-ieee!
Mar 25Super Glued
Mar 28The Obsession
Mar 30‘Tis The Season Somewhere
Apr 1Weather Or Not
Apr 4The Dork Tower
Apr 6Tunnel Vision
Apr 8The Major Arcana Called It
Apr 11The Other Side Of The River
Apr 13When In Heaven
Apr 15The First
Apr 18Weasel Words
Apr 20The Crunchatorium
Apr 22Food For Thought
Apr 25Paper Money
Apr 27Can’t Be Heaven Without One
Apr 29The Second
May 2Talking Heads
May 4Feeling Pensive
May 6Out Of Order
May 9Fashion Statement
May 11World Weary
May 13Monty Python Reference
May 16The Third
May 18Too Good For This Sinful World
May 20Seek And Hide
May 23Shall We Gather At The Train
May 25The Fourth
May 27Father Art In Heaven
May 30Remember Who You Are
Jun 1Going Down
Jun 3End Of Year Eight
Jun 6Out Of Doors
Jun 8All Wet
Jun 10Dog Wash
Jun 13Not Entertained
Jun 15Tuggawar
Jun 17More Washing
Jun 20Outfoxed
Jun 21Mogami Gawa
Jun 22Nuff Said
Jun 23Family Album
Jun 24Just Like Every Morning
Jun 27Captain T: The Game Master
Jun 28The Highest Form Of Flattery
Jun 29She’s Got The Look
Jun 30Telenovela
Jul 1In A Tight Spot
Jul 2Spot The Dark Hero
Jul 4The Dogpen
Jul 7Making An Adjustment
Jul 11Sticks And Bones
Jul 14Fuzzy Feelings
Jul 18Pet Peeve
Jul 21The Light Touch
Jul 25Scentillating
Jul 28Washed And Waiting
Aug 1Do You Even Lift
Aug 4Soaked In Various Fluids
Aug 8Another Watchdog Joke Perhaps
Aug 11Dognut
Aug 15Blast From The Past
Aug 18Evident Evidence
Aug 22Roughhousepets
Aug 25Carry On
Aug 29The First Place You Look
Sep 1Dog Scooting
Sep 5The Wall Of Beef
Sep 8Magic Trick
Sep 12Speech Impediment
Sep 15Wrestling Is All Staged
Sep 19Back In The Pack
Sep 22Crossfire
Sep 26Give Me Your Answer Do
Sep 29Over The River And Through The Woods
Oct 3Little Looter
Oct 5Defense Mechanism
Oct 7Living Legend
Oct 10Housecleaning
Oct 12A Stranger Is A Friend You Invite Over For Dinner
Oct 14Little Possum Little Possum Let Me In
Oct 17Poster Child
Oct 19Homestuck
Oct 21Oh Bother
Oct 24Pyrrhic Victory
Oct 26Of Rivers And Egypt
Oct 28Cant Put My Finger On It
Oct 31Can Opener Of Ways
Nov 2Sometimes Words Have Two Meanings
Nov 4Cotton Up To A Cottontail
Nov 7Long Leash Of The Law
Nov 9Take A Brake
Nov 11Dogs Play Chase
Nov 14De Fence
Nov 16Nothing More Than Feelings
Nov 18Knock Knock
Nov 21What Am I, Psychic?
Nov 23Calling Upon The Forces Of Nature
Nov 25Cats Are Master Teasers
Nov 28The Biggest Explosion You’ll Get This Arc
Nov 30He’s Coming, He’s Coming, He’s Coming
Dec 2The Terror That Wags In The Night
Dec 5Unwarranted
Dec 7Dogged Resistance
Dec 9Practical Joke
Dec 12Pride Cometh
Dec 14Inquiry Quirk
Dec 16Take That
Dec 19Don’t Bring Me Down
Dec 21Conflict Of Interest
Dec 23Time Skip
Dec 25Christmas Card
Dec 28Snowed In Part Two
Dec 30Cricket Noises