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Post Character Links
Well, I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but apparently there's a five link limit for the signatures. Meaning, people like me who have a lot of RP characters don't have enough room to put all their links to the sheets in. So, here's what I'm thinking: people can post their links here, and have a link here from their siggy.

Since I'm the one to bring the problem up, I'll go first.

Pet Friendly - Richmond Acres:
Lyd-S4 P10 E4 C5 I7 A8 L5
Robin-S5 P7 E4 C10 I10 A3 L3

Pet Friendly - Radiant Gardens:
Shadé-S7 P5 E5 C8 I4 A6 L7

Pet Friendly - Brookshire Meadows:
Kytes-S5 P4 E7 C7 I8 A6 L5
Kylie-S7 P4 E6 C7 I5 A7 L6

Pet Friendly - Yorkshire Fields:
Sunni-S6 P7 E4 C7 I5 A6 L7

---- Mod note ----
This is only really necessary if you have too many characters for one signature, and is to be linked from that signature instead of their actual sheets. If you only have one character, this is completely unnecessary, and you should just link it straight from your signature.

Kuja wrote:
"Why should the world exist without me? That wouldn't be fair. If I die, we all die!"

RP Characters

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Need this to be said...

Sat Jul 10, 2010 7:29 pm
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Post Re: Character Links

Cale S:5 P:6 E:7 C:4 I:5 A:8 L:7

Sam S:5 P:5 E:6 C:6 I:7 A:6 L:7

Jake S:8 P:7 E:6 C:4 I:8 A:5 L:4

Meeka S:3 P:6 E:6 C:5 I:7 A:6 L:7

Aiden S:3 P:8 E:4 C:5 I:5 A:6 L:4

Lorna S:7 P:8 E:7 C:5 I:6 A:6 L:3

My RP Characters

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Tue Jul 13, 2010 2:59 am
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Post Re: Character Links

"Why would you ever want to connect the dots?"

Tue Jul 13, 2010 12:15 pm
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Post Re: Character Links
With my tenTwelveThirteenFifteen characters, I win at Pet Friendly. Now where is my trophy? Where!?

Duke Alexander - Richmond Acres - Dog, German Shepherd, Male S-10 P-7 E-8 C-3 I-5 A-5 L4
Winchester "Winch" Hunter - Richmond Acres - Ferret, Sable, Male S-3 P-5 E-3 C-4 I-7 A-9 L-5
Ginger Alexander - Richmond Acres - Cat, Tabby, Female, S-7 P-6 E-7 C-5 I-6 A-7 L-4
Bianca Hunter - Richmond Acres - Cat, Albino Bombay, Female S-4 P-6 E-4 C-3 I-8 A-9 L-8
Morrigan - Radiant Gardens - Ghost Cat, Norweigian Forest, Female Ghost:S-3 P-10 E-2 C-8 I-7 A-6 L-6 Living: S-4 P-7 E-4 C-8 I-8 A-4 L-7
Maximillion Rozen - Radiant Gardens - Dog, Finnish Lapphund, Male S-6 P-8 E-4 C-7 I-7 A-5 L-5
Elisabeth Rozen - Radiant Gardens - Cat, Maine Coon/Norwegian Forest, Female S-4 P-7 E-7 C-7 I-3 A-9 L-5
Tobias Grant - Oasis Towers - Cat, Bombay, Male, S-4 P-7 E-4 C-8 I-7 A-6 L-6
Princess Grace Cuddles Juniper Wiggles Buttons Cutiepie Loveydovey Baby "Grace" Williams - Oasis Towers - Cat, Turkish Angora, Female S-4 P-8 E-4 C-8 I-5 A-6 L-7
Erin White - Brookshire Meadows - Dog, English Shepherd, Male S-6 P-9 E-5 C-7 I-6 A-4 L-5
Ellen White - Brookshire Meadows - Dog, English Shepherd, Female
Yukiko Takanawa-Yorkshire Fields - Dog, Kishu Inu, Female, S-5 P-7 E-6 C-4 I-7 A-7 L-5
Eris Grant - Sunset Plateau - Cat, Calico, Female S-4 P-5 E-4 C-9 I-6 A-8 L-6
Mina Reed - VerdeGrove - Cat, Female S-3 P-8 E-4 C-7 I-6 A-6 L-8
Nemo Gaines - Seabreeze Harbor - Dog, Corgi - Male
Ahab Gaines - Seabreeze Harbor - Dog, Mutt - Male
Raspberry Sherbet - Seabreeze Harbor - Cat, Tabby, Female

Picture of Bianca
Picture of Liz
Picture of Max
Picture of Erin
Picture of Grace
A picture of Morrigan

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Fri Jul 16, 2010 4:12 am
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Post Re: Character Links
I only have a few, but apparently my signature has the maximum possible characters (and I'm bumping this thread), so....

Honey & Vanilla Cake--RG
Hazel Nut--RA
Wendy Goh--SeaBreeze Harbor
Pierre & Ethyl Tempo--VG
Constance, Royal, and Window Pain--RA

PF chars

"We have to do this take again! HAL, do it with a LOT less emotion!"
"I'm sorry Stan, I'm afraid I can't do that."

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Mon Jul 19, 2010 12:52 am
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Post Re: Character Links
Bella: Radiant Gardens S-5 P-7 E-8 C-6 I-4 A-7 L-5
Lucky: Radiant Gardens S-10 P-6 E-5 C-3 I-8 A-7 L-3
Joy: Brookshire Meadows S-5 P-7 E-6 C-6 I-7 A-7 L-4
Rocky: Brookshire Meadows S-10 P-6 E-10 C-3 I-4 A-5 L-4
Felix: Brookshire Meadows S-7 P-5 E-7 C-6 I-5 A-7 L-5
Maple: Yorkshire Fields S-4 P-6 E-9 C-4 I-6 A-9 L-4
Cyrano: VerdeGrove S-8 P-4 E-8 C-5 I-5 A-8 L-5

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Mon Jul 19, 2010 8:34 am
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Post Re: Character Links
PF: Brookshire Meadows
Ian Faulkner Pifer Terrance "Terry" Todd David Martin
Oasis Towers
Nat Watson (no longer used)
Yorkshire Fields
Angel Delacruz May Fierro
Sunset Plateau
Guy Pennington (no longer used)

My RP characters.

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Wed Jul 21, 2010 5:37 pm
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Post Re: Character Links
They need to make signatures bigger...
Edit: I've added image-tags because it sounded like a cool idea. Click them for the sheet!
---- Pet Friendly ----
Brookshire Meadows (BsM): {Neighborhood GM}
Image - ( Picture ) Tough and Wizened as he looks with a trickster-streak.
Taku (Rikki's son) - Younger version of Rikki with nose damage. ( Picture ) Much less confident than his father.
Image - ( Picture ) As tough as he looks.
Peter-Rabbit (male, cat) - Brown, fluffy cat. ( (No pic) ) Shy and weak.

Yorkshire (Part of BsM):
Tiara (female, raccoon) - Shy Raccoon. ( Picture )
Flash-Gordon (male coyote) - Crazy Coyote ( Picture ) Nutty, zany, cartoon-like... Trans-dimensional martial-arts master.

Edge City (EC):
Image - ( Picture ) Escape Artist and Survivalist on the run from the Men In Black

---- SRP ----
Terra Ridge (TR):
Scratch (female, raccoon) - Same character, different story.

And in the MLP one:
Hateful Shade (male, unicorn-pony) - Lordship of Grand Castilia, Hell-powered mage. ( Picture )
Navy Blues ( female, earth-pony ) - Dangerously Sexy Librarian. ( Picture )

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Sun Oct 10, 2010 5:50 pm
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Post Re: Character Links
Radiant Gardens
Wonder Deeters, female cat
Winter Deeters, female dog
Saga Booke, female mouse

Sunset Plateau
Destiny Black, female cat

Oasis Towers
Stephi Castle, female dog

Seabreeze Harbor
Addison Jaxson, female cat

Verde Grove
Asher "Ash" Adams, male dog

Blue Peak Shore
Celeste Hughes, female cat
Andrew "Andy" James, male dog

Yorkshire Fields
Alana Osby, female dog

My RP characters

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Sun Oct 10, 2010 6:12 pm
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Post Re: Character Links
Yorkshire Fields
Cesium Winters
S3 P4* E2 C3 I10 A4 L10
Crayon Cryice ( Guest )
S5 P5 E5 C8 I4 A9 L6
Eidler Arena ( Guest )
S5 P5 E4 C9 I3 A6 L10
Cerea Lylia ( Guest, unused )
S10 P5 E6 C5 I5 A6 L5

Brookshire Meadows
S7 P7 E8 C5 I4 A6 L5
Lacooni ( Guest )
S4 P7 E5 C3 I10 A6 L7

Retired Characters
Varialis Da Grinci
S5 P7 E7 C6 I5 A8 L4

>Because this little piggy leopard found his mom and went home.

Salvatore Arctos
S7 P5 E4 C8 I9 A4 L5

YES! I get edit counts now.

What do you mean "watch my words"? It's my tongue that I sharpened.

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Tue Oct 26, 2010 7:39 am
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Post Re: Character Links
I guess I am starting to need this as well!

Yorkshire Fields:
Bullet: S3 P8 E3 C10 I6 A6 L6

Richardson Valley:
Milk: S2 P8 E3 C8 I8 A9 L4

Unused Main Characters:
Blueberry: S10 P3 E4 C2 I10 A10 L3
Blackberry: S4 P9 E3 C9 I7 A4 L6

Guest Characters:
Keith: S4 P7 E4 C6 I10 A5 L6 (Unused)


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Wed Jul 06, 2011 4:22 am
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Post Re: Character Links
Blue Peak Shore

Balkan (o'Salisgrave) - (male, Red wolf/German shepherd mix) S7 P6 E7 C4 I6 A7 L5

Martin (Johnson) - (male, East-European shepherd) S7 P6 E6 C5 I6 A7 L5

Shadowclaw ( or ‘Shade’) - (male, Ocelot) S5 P6 E6 C5 I7 A8 L5

Pet Friendly: Applegate

Rex Rockbed - (male, German shepherd) S8 P6 E6 C5 I6 A6 L5

Christopher Richborne/Rockbed/ - (male, German shepherd) S7 P5 E6 C7 I5 A6 L6

Pet Friendly: Brookshire Meadows

Jack Seagle - (male, Nebelung cat) S5 P7 E6 C5 I6 A8 L5

Johnny Seagle - (male, Nebelung cat) S5 P6 E6 C6 I6 A8 L5 (below)

Pet Friendly: Edge City

Plamen Karbovsky - (male, German shepherd) S8 P6 E6 C5 I5 A7 L5

Pet Friendly: Sunset Plateau

Will Folcean - (male, Nebelung cat) S6 P6 E6 C6 I5 A8 L5

Pet friendly: Exotic Acres

Nox Johnson - (male, Black Panther) S7 P6 E6 C5 I5 A8 L5

Lux Johnson - (male, Albino cougar) S7 P5 E6 C6 I5 A8 L5 [below]

I am The Moon Howler - the being with no exact form. I serve the Moon Goddess and in return, she gives me my muse and my shape.

Housepets: Silver the Cat! fanfic


My RP Characters

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Post Re: Character Links
Alex:Dog(Akita) Richardson valley

Strength- 5
Perception- 8
Endurance- 8
Charisma- 4
Intelligence- 8
Agility- 5
Luck- 4

Danny:Cat Brookshire meadows

Perception- 8
Charisma- 4
Intelligence- 7
Agility- 9
Luck- 5

Conrad:Dog(Australian blue heeler) Radiant gardens

?Gilmore:Dog(Newfoundland)Richardson valley

Gage:dog(corgi) Applegate
STR- 3
PER- 8
CHA- 2
INT- 6
AGI- 9
LUC- 10

Marcus: Dog (mutt) Edge city

I think in Non-sequiturs

"Many a peacock hides his tail from every eye—and calls it his pride."-A dude that's smarter than me

Only kind of a jerk.

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Post Re: Character Links
Guess I should do this

YsF: Spike: S6 P7 E5 C7 I7 A5 L5
YsF: Kat Pike: S7 P4 E7 C6 I5 A7 L6

BsM: Samuel: S5 P8 E5 C7 I5 A6 L6

BPS: Levi Drake: S7 P5 E7 C5 I5 A8 L5

Ag: Buster Drake: S4 P5 E4 C10 I7 A7 L5

SP: Jessica Drake: S5 P8 E5 C8 I6 A5 L5

EC: Selina Kyle: S5 P6 E5 C5 I8 A8 L5

EA: Maria Mayer: S5 P5 E6 C5 I7 A9 L5
EA: "Metro" Goldwyn Mayer: S9 P6 E6 C4 I5 A7 L5

Not PF:
GC:Shinobi Umakage: S6 P6 E6 C6 I5 A7 L6
GC:Moondancer: S6 P6 E6 C6 I5 A8 L5

I'm a shape-shifter. I'm currently in whatever form I feel like
Paradigm Shift by me
I do not actually believe any of what I'm saying.
RP character sheets

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Post Re: Character Links
I worked my way to this point faster than I thought I would. |D

Tesla Koiel Allen: S-4 P-9 E-5 C-5 A-6 I-8 L-5

Rena Callahan: S-7 P-4 E-7 C-5 I-5 A-9 L-5

Specter/Iblis Mchugh: S-7/10 P-10/8 E-8/7 C-2/4 I-6/2 A-6/7 L-3/2

Skya Sullivan: S-5 P-7 E-6 C-5 I-9 A-7 L-3

Surge Wester: S-3 P-5 E-9 C-10 A-4 I-6 L-5
↨Same post↨
Grettle Wester: S-7 P-4 E-10 C-2 A-7 I-2 L-9

Love me right now! Done.

SoujiTheFox wrote:

Why do I still find this funny?

Sun Nov 06, 2011 9:19 pm
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Post Re: Character Links
Eh, I only have one character for now, but who knows? Might as well start now...

Copper Sinclair: S-6 P-8 E-6 C-3 I-7 A-8 L-4 Irish Setter

My characters
Everybody has a story to tell. What's yours?

Fri Dec 07, 2012 10:39 pm
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Post Re: Character Links
Zen: ... -344374626

my youtube channel:
DA user:

Wed Jan 02, 2013 5:33 am
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Post Re: Character Links
Flynn Porter - Rex Rabbit - RA
Piper Brookley - FDB Rabbit - RA
Jake and Joey "The JJ's" Jackson - Eastern Grey Kangaroos - EA
Tackle - Brown Rat - 17CF
Kelly Doyle - Ani-Droid Ferret - AC
Todd Doyle - Anidroid Ferret - AC
Brumble Oakbrush - Red Squirrel - Redwall
Chris Martin - King Charles Cavalier Spaniel - SP
Scotty Brandson - Domestic Short-haired Cat
Ray Stevens - - Russian Blue Cat
Lilly Hughes - - Cinnamon Ferret

Inactive characters:
Sir Cedric Ian Pimsworth - Black-Headed Gull - 17CF (Now NPC)
Gabriele and Liesel Jaeger - Short-Haired Guinea Pigs - RG (RP died)

My RP Characters

Avatar drawn by the incredible Rick Griffin and coloured by the amazing Arty Stu!

Image Image Image

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Post Re: Character Links
Elliot Gilgan - RA
Faust Gilgan - RA

My Personas

Remember the past to understand the present. That way, we can look forward to the future.

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Post Re: Character Links
Serenade "Mercury" Gla'cier , Applegate
Muiva , Snow Tunnels
Nadia , Richmond Arces
Rocea , 17th Century Fox
Ventus , 17th Century Fox
Starlight/Sarafina , Redwall
Storm , Exotic Acres
Selene , Richardson Valley

I'm an eight-tailed ice fox who has way too much time
even so much that i started to talk in rhyme (?!)
i probably should edit this in the future
but for now , this is my "attempt" at making a signature
My RP characters

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Post Re: Character Links
I had no idea I had this many.
Pyre Flynn and Ryze Flynn
Kayla Thomas
Lyn Frost
Cryo Stevens
Namine Drake
Dust Glacia
Alexander Fitera
Lyvve Stewert
Hyper Pine
Matatabi Cannon
Shukaku Lin

I... I had a bad dream... Can I stay up with you for a while...?
My RP characters
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Post Re: Character Links
I should probably start using this >_<
17th - Jin, Rhyme
AC - Avery Johnson
BPS - Flint Gates
EA - Alchemy "Chem" Solus
EC - Trigger Jackson
HV - North Dakota
RA - Zanna Volt, Senka
RG - Frosty Winters, Kira Dubner
ST - Gil Ranger
N/A - Ace Ryder

"Sleep is due to me... And I have a dream to live."

Book Log: The Last Magazine - Micheal Hastings

Ref Ref!

Terra Ridge OOC

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Post Re: Character Links
Aria Tylers

~Rawr....I'm a Panda~
My Rp Characters

Thu Jul 10, 2014 7:58 pm
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