Anyone else on Mastodon?

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Anyone else on Mastodon?

Post by RockstarRaccoon »

So, back in November, I got back into Mastodon after a couple years of just not using it very much (because COVID had left me disabled meaning there wasn't much to post about). There is a lot more activity there these days after the Twitter fiasco, because it's a better site in general.

I really like it, I'm really having fun on it, I'm hoping to try and get Rick Griffin to join, assuming he's on there and I just haven't seen him. If anyone wants to follow me there, I have multiple accounts, but the one you'd probably want is...
...which is the one where I talk about cartoons the most, and has links to my other two main ones.

What I like about Mastodon is it's friendly, and it's easy to write something on there and it gets seen by a lot of people, and also my feed is usually full of really fun and interesting content. It doesn't have an algorithm trying to curate your feed, you just join a server for the kind of stuff you want to see, tell it what people and hashtags you want to follow, and it shows you the posts from the other people on that server and the posts from the people in hashtags you follow in one big chronological timeline. The best part about that is it doesn't try to keep putting things in the timeline, so if you go to your feed and just start scrolling down, you eventually hit a point that you've seen before and stop scrolling: there's no doom scrolling on Mastodon.

I have conversations on there about furry art, AI, politics, My Little Pony game development, philosophy, etc. If anyone has ever been interested in micro blogging, but found that Twitter was too aggressive about monetizing itself and too toxic from the site actively encouraging people to be toxic on it, Mastodon is a really good set of sites for that.

Also, it's open source and decentralized, So anyone can start their own server, so there's a bunch of random servers for various topics, but they can all communicate with each other, so you could join like, and follow me on, and we would still be able to see each other's posts. I really like that as a concept in general, and I like how that plays out in terms of the content you see from your local timeline and the kind of moderation things go through. My fourth account is on a server that lets me literally just post every crazy and profane thing that goes through my head, and that's entirely separate from my professional account on TechHub where I post about being a disabled Computer Science/Managerial Science expert.

Anyway, that's my plug for Mastodon. If anyone wants to add me on there feel free.
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Re: Anyone else on Mastodon?

Post by NHWestoN »

I guess the answer on this forum is "Ummm ... not really."
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Re: Anyone else on Mastodon?

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It doesn't help that the above user isn't that active anymore. They last made an appearance 6 months ago. :?
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