Counterfeit Reality

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Re: Counterfeit Reality

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Really glad that you were able to start righting this again! I look forward to seeing whatever happens in the story!
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Re: Counterfeit Reality

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Chapter 58)

FR4 took down one of the metal doors, when the last segment fell down FR3 took point whilst FR4 entered
Stepping over it they saw the other one was slightly open, a small gap underneath shown a glimpse of what was awaiting them
Small claw marks across the floor suggested a struggle and that whoever the victim was, probably never stood a chance
All that was left were sheddings of their claws

--FR3-- "That's not encouraging,,,"

--FR4-- "Do you want me to put up a temporary support or just finish this?"

--FR3-- "I'll provide covering fire if it is needed, attach a weight to one end and cut away along the top"

--FR4-- "Just in the one go?"
"Roger that"


A loud crashing rang out to the floors above catching the attention of all of the pets, suddenly the chatter picked up
The reality of the current situation was setting in and Echo started coming to terms with that

"Would it be possible for you two to group up with the others that you helpt rescue?"
FR5 asked, slowly walking into the corridor

--Echo "Let me guess, something came up last notice?"

--FR5-- "Actually no it is standard protocol, stay in there until I come back?"

--Echo "What if I don't?"
"Wow that didn't come off as I expected,,, sorry"
--FR5-- "It isn't an order, it is just for your safety but that's up to you"

--Echo "I dealt with some of those doubles before, Grape can back me up on that one"

--Grape "Well you did but I'm more concerned about how you figured it out"

--Echo "Isn't really that important"

--Grape "Actually it kinda is but let's just focus on where we are at now"

--FR5--"We are asking so you don't make things more difficult, if you want to tag along then so be it but do not go wandering around"
"With those doubles it is best to know who is where, you wouldn't want a mess up to happen and neither do we"

--Echo "Are you sure about that or is it in some other protocol?"

--FR5-- "It is simply for your safety as well as everyone else involved, just making it clear as of why we are asking"


"Seriously how long are they going to be, isn't like I am in trouble for anything yet nor are they listening"

"Gonna give it another couple of minutes then I'll leave if nobody returns, and then..."
"I dunno find somewhere to stay for the night and then see what comes in the morning"

"Hopefully the locals aren't too bad, well not that the people I met so far are bad but it is best not to generalise"

Tessa saw Fido gesturing for her to follow him, as he opened the door Tess was already out of the chair

--Fido "We well Fin and his supervisor went out into the woods a couple hours ago, they set up camera traps to try and record what was going on there"

--Tessa "What were they looking for?"

--Fido "Sometime after the last disappearance, videos started emerging of lights and entities stalking through the woods"

"Entities, don't you mean local wildlife?"
Tess replied sarcastically

--Fido "Very funny, anyways apparently they caught something on the cameras when  playing them back"

--Tessa "Welp, are you going to show me it then?"

--Fido "That's the idea, maybe what you saw looks similar to what cropped up in the footage"

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Re: Counterfeit Reality

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Lovely job once again! Please never give up writing!
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Re: Counterfeit Reality

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I'm glad you're working on this story again. I do enjoy this mystery :)

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Re: Counterfeit Reality

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Chapter 59)

--Tessa "So what did they record exactly?"

--Fido "Simply put something that shouldn't have been there"

"Like what?"
Tessa asked Fido as he reached the open door, Tess entered and looked at what Fin   was doing sitting on the chair whilst James left the K-9's and cat to it

--Fin "Firstly I will just go through the recording at the normal speed and let me know if you spot anything out of the usual"

--Tessa "Seems like a counterproductive way around it, don't you think?"

"Not really"
Fin shrugged and started playing the recording back

--Tessa "No I meant I don't know what is normal around here"

--Fin "Well this is a quiet place with nothing much going on that you wouldn't be able to find anywhere else"

"I doubt that"
Tess murmured

As the seconds slowly turned into minutes, Tess couldn't see much apart from the rustling of a few bushes and the branches of the trees moving
It wasn't too long until she saw two racoons dart out of sight from one camera and right into the field of view of another
Occasionally there would be some movement on the trees but those were just birds  and small insects
Nothing much of note happened apart from a racoon trying to throw a rock at one of the cameras

Fin paused the footage a minute after the two had disappeared

"So it was wildlife!"
Tessa joked as she finally loosened up before returning to a more serious composure

--Fin "Yeah me and James had our suspicions but they're not important right now"

--Tessa "How come?"

--Fin "They had a run in with someone or something, I will just leave it at that"

--Fido "Something?"
"Fin I've had to listen to you go on like this since the start of the disappearances, don't think that I do not know what you are implying"

--Fin "Well here is someone who claims that they were on board a ufo"

--Tessa "Not exactly, although what little I disclosed was enough for you to come to that conclusion rather quickly..."

--Fin "And what is that supposed to mean?"

--Tessa "I mean you have no way to know that I am telling the truth"

--Fido "Apart from a polygraph"

--Tessa "Does that even work with pets?"

--Fin "They kinda work, aren't really a hundred percent accurate though"
"Anyways did you see it?"

"Se-see what?"
Tess hesitantly replied

--Fin "What was stalking them..."

Meanwhile in the woods Dart and Ranger were returning after getting sidetracked by the crash, they were still a good couple minutes away from their shelter
Ranger was unable to shake a feeling that someone was watching them but couldn't spot anything in the dark
Almost convincing himself that he saw talons wrapped around the base of a tree only for it to disappear upon blinking
Dart was all but oblivious to everything around 'em whilst Ranger was practically a nervous wreck

--Ranger "Sa-say what was that person after back then?"

--Dart "You mean the one in the cloak?"

--Ranger "Yeah, w-what did they ask you to find anyways?"

--Dart "Something shiny and round, I dunno I'm not a magpie"

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Re: Counterfeit Reality

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Very wonderful job with that chapter! Keep up the good work!
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Re: Counterfeit Reality

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Chapter 60)

--Tessa "You have no idea what that thing is?"

--Fin "James thought at first that it was someone playing a prank when we first came across it"

"How come?"
Tess moved the mouse back and paused the video once the creature was in sight
The beast's atrophied body being almost indistinguishable from the cloth covering it, meanwhile plates of corroded metal held it together
Unfortunately for Tess it was the same creature that she had encountered, they couldn't see underneath the hood though

--Tessa "So did you see it like this before or is this all new to you?"

"Welp there goes any chance of sleep this week"
Fido remarked

--Fin "Not exactly new per say, we knew there was someone or I guess in this case something lurking in the woods after the disappearances"

--Tessa "This isn't the first time then, has there been any follow up?"

--Fin "Almost impossible to do so, sure we were aware but have you tried tracking down anyone without a scent or any identifiers?"
"Nevermind the wildlife making it more difficult"

--Tessa "Elaborate?"

--Fin "Simply put from what little we saw of it last time it didn't look too different from what you usually catch the wildlife doing from time to time"
"Usually just mistaken identity and nothing deliberate although sometimes the wildlife can have a weird sense of humour"

--Tessa "I see"

--Fido "Well what do you have to say about that thing?"

--Tessa "There is no point in looking for those racoons, there won't be much left anyways"
"No idea why it would just go hunting the local wildlife though"

--Fido "Care to explain because you described it as a beast and an abomination, doesn't sound like descriptors for something intelligent"

--Tessa "I never said that it wasn't, anyways it could have been an act"

--Fido "Sure didn't sound like an act the way you were recalling it"

--Tessa "Whatever, obviously it is going after those two racoons but the question is why?"

"Maybe it is just hungry"
Fin added

--Tessa "Apart from that, was there anything else going on either before or during the disappearances?"

--Fin "Well there was one disappearance that was out of the usual but I wasn't on that case for some reason"

--Fido "You weren't put on that case because firstly you were dealing with missing pets and not missing teenagers"
"Secondly that incident probably had nothing to do with the pets as there isn't any particular pattern or anything linking the two"

--Tessa "Is there anything that could be of interest for this thing?"

--Fido "Depends on what it is after, if anything"

--Tessa "It was searching through the woodland for something, so luckily what or who they're looking for is not in an urban area"

--Fido "Or they were last seen in the woods"

--Tessa "Precisely, so tell me is there any other reason for the K-9 to be searching through the woods and setting up cameras?"


FR3 took point as FR4 entered, as their lights illuminated the room it became apparent that they were in a lab of some description
It had been abandoned and appeared to have fallen within disarray
To the far left of the room were opened doors leading down a hallway with wards at either side
A couple stretchers thrown aside what remained of the makeshift barricade now in ruins
Situated at the centre of the room was an elevator which had collapsed down to the floor below

Scattered across the floor were mainly the remains of doubles
Off to the airlock directly across from the entrance was a black & white ferret, slumped against the door
They had a white crescent moon tag on their yellow collar which was worn & faded

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Re: Counterfeit Reality

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This chapter has come out really awesome! I am enjoying this!
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Re: Counterfeit Reality

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Chapter 61)

"So you're staying here or what?"
Echo asked FR5 once noticing that they were just waiting at the staircase, meanwhile Grape was already heading back to the other pets

--FR5-- "Considering the stunt that you pulled earlier, well better safe than sorry"

--Echo "Hey I saved your life"

--FR5-- "After putting yourself in danger, look just go back into the simulation chamber room with the others could you?"

--Echo "I'd rather stay here for now, I am not good with people you see..."
"Wrong term I'm sorry, I am not good at fitting in if that makes any sense?"

--FR5-- "It really doesn't"

--Echo "Well continue on with what you were doing, don't mind me"

--FR5-- "Right then"


--FR4-- "Looks like we've got casualties"

--FR3-- "Focus, see if they're still breathing meanwhile I'll check in case we have to abseil or climb down that hole"

--FR4-- "I doubt they'd be able to climb down that especially that apprehensive one"

--FR3-- Hence why I am checking to see if we can abseil safely down there"

FR4 proceeded to approach the little ferret cautiously, turning off their lights and holstering their weapon
Getting down so that they were level before checking on their pulse
However when Alden felt something brush against her fur she jolted up in a panick, swiping at FR4 whilst FR3 slowly raised their weapon

"Hey there is no need for that, I'm not going to hurt you alright?"
FR4 tilted their head slightly before picking themself back up

"Wait you speak English?"
Alden replied

--FR4-- "Kinda although it is a bit patchy at times"
"Also stand down FR3, that is the last thing we want here"

--FR3-- "You shouldn't have done gotten that close"

--FR4-- "And you shouldn't be so quick to go from silence to violence"

"It wasn't even pointed at them, anyway that's why we got those casualties"
FR3 scolded FR4

--FR4-- "The last thing we want is to create our own enemies here, how do you think the abductees would view that?"
"Nevermind what would happen at the debrief"

"Abductees, they got out didn't they?"
Alden's composure brightened up before noticing the state of the elevator


Just like deja vu Dart started walking away from Ranger eventually sliding down a slope and disappearing into the bushes
Meanwhile Ranger just carried on like nothing had happened, hadn't even noticed that they were separated

"You know Dart why is it you're always interested in that useless stuff, Dart?!"
Ranger continued walking down the track until he couldn't hear Dart walking alongside
Turning around they couldn't see 'em at all as birds were flying from tree to tree and snatched up twigs from the ground

--Ranger "I knew it, he can't just stay away from all the useless things"
"Well it is his loss and life"

Meanwhile Dart was heading back to the crash site to poke around it a bit further, and seeing if there wasn't something of use in there

"Let's see I turn right once I pass the fifth tree after the twentieth bush or was it the by eleventh trunk?"
"Anyways it shouldn't be that far away"

Journeying back through the woods at a decent pace, being careful to not be out in the open for too long as to not risk being seen
After all back then at least there was Ranger who Dart could've easily outran or helped fend off whatever the trouble was
But now it was just a lone racoon wandering in the woods during the pitch black night, an easy enough taking for something lying in ambush
And all too tempting one at that

"Wait what's that light over there, come on do not tell me that it is on fire or that someone else has found it"
Dart thought to himself after seeing a reddish glow emanate from the site

"Hey get away that thing I found it first fair and square"
He called out to what they thought was someone tossing the scrap out of the crater
Running towards the trespasser who was going to steal Dart's steal until a set of claws scraped away at the dirt as a mass of cloth pulled itself up

--Dart "Woah easy there just relax alright, I didn't know it was you ok..."

--??? "What is this rabies machine doing all the way out here?"

--Dart "Knock that off"

--??? "Oh really?"

--Dart "You know this is the first time we could actually speak face to face"

--??? "Let us not play this game any further, do you have it?"

--Dart "Apart from your vague description, I have no idea what you are after"
"Go find a bird or something to do that kinda work"

"I could leave you for dead and have you plucked like one, so very easily mind you"
Threatened the cloaked figure stopping at Dart as they ran a claw up to their neck and lifted their muzzle

"Well thanks for not doing that so far, I guess"
Dart gulped as the figure moved the claw away and lowered their arm

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Re: Counterfeit Reality

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This really has come out very nicely! Keep up writing like this please!
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Re: Counterfeit Reality

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Chapter 62)

--Fin "Anyways were you the only pet there to escape or was there others?"

--Tessa "I thought we were going over the footage?"

--Fin "Just trying to fill in the blanks is all"

--Fido "That isn't the only thing, keep it brief and simple"

--Tessa "Well as simple as the circumstances were back then"

--Fido "No I meant Fin with his questions"

--Tessa "Oh alright my bad, and I didn't say I was the only one"
"No I was the only one to get out of there alive, well assuming what happened to the others"

--Fido "But you were the only one in that ward correct?"

--Tessa "That I was but the other wards had a couple of pets, and there were a few stretchers left in the hallway"
"Looked like your every day run of the mill hospital, there was even a flight of stairs at one end of the hallway"

--Fido "And the other end?"

--Tessa "Closed doors although seeing through the glass was difficult and I didn't want to risk it, especially when I had just gotten out of there"


Anyways as I left the ward and had a look around the hallway I caught a glimpse of the surgeons walking up the flight of stairs, obviously I wasn't going there
However I realized that the door to the ward just to the right was opened just enough for me to get inside without alerting someone

Same old story as before as there were beds along either side but they were empty apart from a few, there was a black & white ferret in one as well as another cat
What to do then, if I just suddenly showed up and errr introduced myself then they might of had an adverse reaction
Though if I didn't ask where or why they were there then I would be stuck back at square one, and before Fin says anything

No I was not going to ask one of the surgeons, not after that creature tried attacking me at least
I had to weigh up the odds, maybe you might have had to do something similar although I don't want to make assumptions

Anyways a white lie couldn't hurt anyone now could it?
Because if nothing was up then clearly it was just me and the matter would be "resolved" so to speak, not that I was looking forward to that
I guess nobody would, looking back at it but hey just wandered over to the chart on the cat's & then checked the ferret's one

Apart from their names, I couldn't make the other stuff out, thought  it was odd to have no translation considering the signs in the hallway were in English
As of what language the other things were in, I have no idea if I am being honest


--Fin "Could you try writing any of it down?"
"Provided you can remember that is"

--Tessa "No I can't, well not exactly so it would just end up being a scribble or incoherent shapes"

--Fin "I see, is there anything similar to them or not?"

"No Fin, do not go there if"
Fido rebuked Fin

--Fin "What did I do this time, it was a simple enough question?"

"They did not look like hieroglyphs, although I don't blame him for thinking that"
Tess interjected as Fin looked at her & then back to Fido, confused as to whether or not that was a victory


"I'll get the anchor set up, you just focus on the new one understood?"
FR3 ordered FR4, lighting a flare before dropping it down the hole where the elevator once was
Soon enough the red light disappeared in the dark below like embers in the snow
The smoke from it was all that was visible by the time it had landed

"Didn't want to go climbing anyways"
Alden joked, trying to get a better look only to get stopped by FR4

--Alden "Come on, I can't even see what happened to my friends now?"

--FR4-- "Friends?"

--Alden "More like friends due to the circumstance, anyways I'll try to not fall down that hole considering you are so worried about that"

--FR4-- "Couldn't you just wait here until the others arrive?"

--Alden "Depends, who or I guess what are we talking about?"

--FR4-- "It is going to be like that then, well they're similar to you in a way"

--Alden "A little bit taller than me and covered in fur?"

--FR4-- "I am not going to argue over semantics but sure I guess"

Alden looked over towards FR3 after hearing a click which came from the anchor that they set up on the wall
Followed by them guiding the white robe like material across the floor, moving aside the debris
And finally leading through the two prongs at the edge of the hole before giving it a tug

"Alright you can send them through now"
FR3 signalled FR5


Ebbs and flows, where will this take me? Anyone knows...
Keep it hidden my secret shame, always leading to blame
Blending in acting the same, get torn apart by the end
Never ending nor fleeting, ever silently retreating

Well here you are Echo, should've said something sooner but now look at you
You're aching & shaking already,
I didn't even make it to solid ground yet and this is the state I am in
Coulda done better but it is too late now

Was never good at doing tricks so what did I expect?

And now I'm overthinking again just great, I should really stop doing that
Anyways a fresh start can't do much harm, can it?

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