Upcoming Kingkaiger Special Trailer.

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Upcoming Kingkaiger Special Trailer.

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Nabbing the RAWS for Magiranger to Go-Busters. I even have the RAWS for Goseiger and Gokaiger. Also, purchased the Schwarzenegger Christmas movie "Jingle All The Way" with the 25 dollar Itunes Prepaid card. I will adapt that as a Kingkaiger "Day in the limelight" special starring Peanut and Grape after the 45th Super Sentai have aired.

In fact, I have the trailer written up. Sorry for the possible advert but this is the idea I will work on when the time comes as the series hums along.


(Toei Corporation, Saban Brands, Hasbro Studios, and Rick Griffin Productions presents...)

("Powered by The Jim Henson Creature Workshop.")

Every holiday season, theres one toy series that everyone have to have.

(Earl and Jill tells their pets excitedly "We want the Kingkaiger Action figure complete set for 2022! With all the Super Sentai, Power Rangers, Kamen Riders, and Metal Heroes with both Male and Female variants for each hero! Even the Auto Morphing series that have every figurine in the set swap heads between helmet-less ranger and the helmeted versions as the duplicates are every kingkaiger's ranger variant!" As the footage shows Grape and Peanut morphed as Gokai Red and Gokai Silver during the christmas parade.)

Getting them is every person's dream. ("Whoever doesn't is going to be a real loser...")

Finding them... ("We got the dolls, right Peanut?") ...are these two working class pets' nightmare... ("We'll get those toys Mom and Dad. We promise!")

("Woah~ Nothing like waiting until the last minute huh?" As Peanut and grape enter their automobile.)

Especially starting as early as Black Friday and Cyber Monday...

(As the sign turn from Closed to Opened as people busts through the doors)

...And as late as Christmas Eve...

("Googoillionares coming through! Kingkaigers you're mine!" as the Milton Ferrets are busting through the door in the crowd as they (the crowd) are taking every item in the store for the holiday gifts)

(Peanut and Grape zip to the Kingkaiger shelves only to find that they're sold out. "They're all gone!" Peanut obviously stated. "These lot are looking for Kingkaigers!" one shopper jeered as the crowd laugh at the Sandwiches and Milton Ferrets' expense)

(Peanut and Grape grabs the two store hands by their scruff of their shirts asking "Where's your Christmas Spirit?" in menacing tone. "The last ones just left" they replied)

Now... (As Keene smashes a very expensive messenger sack at them, knocking them into various toy packaging of the same toyline) ...It's Two groups of Housepets... ("This means war..." Peanut responded)

...One mission... (As an RC car slips up the Milton ferrets under Peanut's control) ("Aww, poor baby..." the sandwiches jeered) ...And every man for himself... (As an automobile drives away with the last Kingkaiger complete set with Peanut and Grape in hot pursuit on foot.)

("I think, maybe we can join up, like a team! Like Starsky and Hutch!" as the ferrets try to coax the sandwiches as they are scheming. "LATE DELIVERY OF KINGKAIGER AT TOY WORKS!" Fox screams as he is in a hurry, the two fractions are now getting in their cars.)

(As the Sandwiches accidentally backs over a police motorcycle, a K-9 unit officer is fixing to put them through inferno. "Is there anything wrong officer?" Pit laughs as the ferrets speeds off leaving the sandwiches in the officer's mercy.)

("You can never do too much to make your family happy" Tarot tells the two as a quadruped reindeer is in her possession, peanut reaches out to it, cut to the scene where he is running from the reindeer, to grape trying to put out a fire the two unwittingly started, kicking a burning statue out the window, scaring the carolers.)

An adaption of a movie from the creators of Mrs. Doubtfire... ("Want Kingkaiger for Christmas?" "We're not going to sit in your laps." "Show him the photo." "That was taken this morning.")

And from the studios that brought you "Kaizoku Sentai Power Rangers Kingkaigers" ("No! Don't open that!" As Grape opened the package which spilled out bogus Kingkaiger Figurines in pieces. "Of course there's some assembly required.")

("You know what you are?" Grape ready to give a piece of her mind as the footage cuts to one of the Bad Santas leaps into the fray, armed with Candy Cane nunchaku "Nothing but a bunch of sleazy con men in red suits!" As Grape and Peanut smashes a giant candy cane prop into a row of Bad Santas)

(Insert your two ideal Voice Actors here) as the voice of Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly Sandwich... (Cut to a scene with the Milton Ferrets holding a package claiming that it's a bomb) (Insert six ideal Voice Actors Here) as the voice of the Milton Ferrets... ("We've been trying our lot for equality for Pets and we're extremely unstable as a result! Tell them!" "These six are completely insane." "THANK YOU!")

("Christmas comes once every year." Tarot tells the sandwiches as the footage cuts to a Big Show Bad Santa punching a midget Bad Santa who is screaming "NOOOOOOOOOO!" as Peanut ducked for the punch to send the midget flying far into a stack of counterfeit toys.)

(A round ornament labeled with your ideal voice actors for Peanut and Grape Sandwich breaks as the Special's name crushes it) "Kaizoku Sentai Power Rangers Kingkaiger Special: Peanut Butter and Grape Jelly Sandwich Jingles All The Way!"

(Cut to the quadruped reindeer breaking through a door, Grape responding "You've picked a wrong day..." as she winds up the punch)

(we cut to the release date with whatever the Super Sentai 45th anniversary logo is along with the equivalent anniversary logo Power Rangers and Kamen Rider have along side a Sonic Emblem styled logo with King Oliver and his family (Counting their owner and legacy ranger Tommy Oliver played by Jason David Frank) crowded with the Gokaigers and Megaforce Power Rangers with their titles of "The World's most famous Pirate Rangers" labeled on the circular border of the winged emblem.)

Coming soon to the Housepets fan fiction section December 2022.
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