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Posted: Tue Jul 24, 2018 8:52 pm
HOUSEPETS POWER RANGERS VS TOKUSATSU After Watching Power Rangers Fido Peanut And The Reast Of The Pet's Imagine What It Would Be Like To Be Power Rangers And When Old Villains Return They Get Ther Chance Peanut Fido Sabrina Joey Marvin King/Joel And Tiger Get Mmpr Peanut's P.o.v. Grape and i were sitting in the living room i was pacing back And Forth Wherearethey?" I asked Impasiantly RelaxPeanutImsuretheir Be Here" I Hope so" That's When I Heard A Knock on The Door I'll Get It" I Said Walking Over To The Door When I Opend The Door I Was Super Happy Fido Sabrina Marvin Tiger King And Max Were There Hope We're Not Late Fido Said OfcorseNot Come In Come In"
I Said Pulling Them Into The House
He's Been Waiting Since 6:59Am"