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SO Housepets! - Semi-Official Discord Group

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A while back, a discord was made for the fanmade animated series "Housepets! Fanimated!" and it's popularity and use exceeded what we expected it to be. It became so used and organized that we decided it was finally time to instead drop the Fanimated branding on it make it something for all Housepets! fans. Since then, this server has become the Semi-Official Housepets! Discord, and has been named appropriately:
SO Housepets!


By clicking the image or link above, you'll be granted access to the server immediately. The rules are generally the same, but with a few alterations for the purpose of specific going ons in discord or the server itself. In case you forget to check the rules despite me mentioning this, they shall be listed here to prevent further confusion:

1 - Be kind and respectful: I probably shouldn’t have to explain this one.
2 - This is a PG server, just like the comic: When posting, consider the family-friendly and non-controversial nature of the comic/show. If you're not sure something is OK to include, feel free to PM a moderator.
Note: in advanced that politics and religion are a big nono in terms of controversy, so if it involves either you probably shouldn't post it.
Also Note: If it is said in the comic, it can be said here. If a certain word is used, it is technically okay to use it in this chat, just don’t abuse it. The same can be said for “suggestive themes”. Often you may want to ask a mod in advance just in case, but so long as it’s as tame as any joke made in the comic it can be made here.
3 - Please do your best to post legibly and coherently: If you post in a language other than English, please provide a translation, do not expect other people to do it for you. If you post something in another language, it will be deleted just in case it is something bad that we just can’t read.
Note: We won’t blame you for not having a grasp on the English language, just know that people will correct you and there is nothing we can do about it. Don’t feel bad though, I myself make spelling errors all the time and English is my first language.
4 - Don’t spam the chat: We like to have a little clean and orderly-ness. Please don’t make a mess, and wipe your feet before you walk in.
5 - You have rights: Neither I nor the mods are evil dictators, we are people. We are only allowed to delete messages, kick, or ban you if you do not follow the rules. If you feel something was done unjustly by us, feel free to speak up. HOWEVER, do remember that, again, we are people too. Do not badger us if we can confirm that what you did was worthy of punishment, remember rule number 1. You may contest it a bit, but don’t make a scene of it.
6 - Be playful at your own risk: Jokes and Japes can be harder to understand through text, sometimes you might have to be more clear with people that you’re joking. Just make sure it’s not mean spirited, and understand the emotions and feeling of others (refer to rule #1). Still, this is a silly place, so silly antics in general are still welcome.
7 - Post in the proper place: We have rooms for a reason. You may not see some of them if you’re just a common chat-goer. This is normal. There should be a description of each in the chat itself, it's location may vary between the browser and the app.
8- Keep RP to the minimum: While it may be fun for you, not everyone is used to or comfortable with such behavior, and you may do it at inappropriate times. Actions such as *does___* , *eats ___* *notices your ____* count as RP, besides the usual acting as a character or playing out a scenario. If you'd like to do this, there is a channel for it, but we highly recommend using the forums or making your own discord server specifically for RP as we've come to realize segregating RP out of the public chat kind of kills it. If you do make any RP actions or begin to fully RP, the messages will be removed. Doing one action every now and then is okay though, just don't make it every other message you send.
9 - Don’t spam @’s : Only use the @ command if you really need to get someone’s attention, and NEVER use the @everyone command if it is not some kind of emergency or doesn’t pertain to the show or comic. You may want to ask a mod first.

Here's the current list of emotes we have on the server drawn by me and one by Naro Rivers/Reto The Otter (he made Karishad's). They're public access, so use them as you wish! You may not, however, use them for commercial means such as Twitch emotes or T-shirts, nor to take credit for them as your own. If you end up using them remember to give credit to me, the server, or at the very least Housepets! and Rick Griffin.

Set 1:
Set 2:
Set 3 (In Development)

Updates will be announced here as well as in the announcement section of the server. If you have any questions,issues, suggested features, or emote ideas, please feel free to say so below! There's a lot of HP fans currently using the server, we'd love to have ya over! Talk about the comic, make jokes, show off art or fanart, discuss game news and stuff, check up on the HP fan games, make a fool of yourself, be less socially awkward, or do the opposite and just lurk in the shadows and say absolutely nothing! Whatever your Vaguely HP related needs may be, we'd be happy to do our best to fulfill that (so long as it's in the rules)

SO Housepets! is not responsible for injury, hurt feelings, exposure to differing opinions, furry conversion, cuddley frustration, falling in love, heartbreak, assault via grammar police, assault via normal police, assault via K-9 police, assault via brick, assault in general, enlightenment, social anxiety, needs to sit in the pond, wrath of Dissension, death by laughter, death by cuteness, death by death, broken screens, orange soda addiction, being turned into an animal, interest in fashion exclusively including collars or excluding pants, or appreciation for the comic that may take place within the server. SO Housepets! is both a property of the franchise Housepets! owned by Rick Griffin but also not. Don't ask how it works, just know that copyright is a heck of an easy thing to understand that we simply don't feel like explaining, google is your friend. If you experience symptoms such as hairball, twiterpation, twitter appreciation, or sausage fingers after consumption of SO Housepets!, wow, that's just impressive. Like, honesty, how did you even do that, let alone get any kind of condition or physical sensation from that? Did you eat your computer? Either way there's nothing we can really do to help you. Please consider calling an ambulance or counselor.
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