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On Posting Frequency

Posted: Mon May 11, 2015 12:07 am
by Dissension
It is generally never acceptable for forum members to push one another to post more frequently. Each of us has a life away from the Internet. Circumstances will sometimes necessitate prioritizing time spent online and drafting a new forum post may not be everyone's highest priority.

Conversely, participating in a role playing group is a commitment. If you find your available time or interest waning, it may be best to, temporarily, take leave. Burn-out can set in fairly quickly and short breaks in activity can be very therapeutic.

If you are a regular forum member, you should never contact another user on- or off-site to encourage them to post (unless you are friends and/or have a mutual agreement to do so). If you are in a situation where you're waiting for someone to post, and 24 hours have passed, please contact your game master and let them handle things. If you are a game master, please allow a reasonable amount of time to pass before contacting a player. If you've not heard from a user for an unreasonable amount of time (which will vary, depending on your game's activity level), please contact any moderator or me directly so the team can investigate and ascertain what's going on.