HPU?: Apollo City

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Re: HPU?: Apollo City

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The king clapped his hands. "The jester is wise, this should not be time for undue worries. Our brave knights are here, we should celebrate. I am sure our army can take care of some skirmishes along the borders, as they always did. So, please shall you join us at the banquet, good knights?"

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Re: HPU?: Apollo City

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Roarin wrote:Avery's only reaction to the change was a momentary look of surprise before his mind adjusted to the situation. Kneeled down in front of the two thrones the canine waited for Todd to finish his report before he looked up, directing his attention to Jemmy. "Our east outpost guarding the border is also in need of a new shipment of resources and men. After helping our neighboring country fight off some bandits their numbers have fallen." He quips.
Veil kneeled down next to his partner as soon as the situation set in for him too. He took the few moments everyone talked to get into his role, and what to do. Staying quiet and following Avery's lead, slightly looking over at him too to see what he would say about attending the banquet.
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Re: HPU?: Apollo City

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"Of course my liege, it would be our honor." The canine shared a glance with Veil and Todd before he bowed his head again as he was addressed along with the rest of the Knights.

"Oh?" Vi's attention was quickly averted to the dancing jester. Her feet softly tapping to the beat as she listened. "And what's this about a banquet? It sounds food-related."
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Re: HPU?: Apollo City

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"I would be honoured, Your Highness." Todd bows again.

"Indeed it is, my lady. All the food one can eat, all the drink one desires and all accompanied by the finest of entertainment for my lady's dining pleasure. Does my lady have any special requests for entertainment or food, that I may convey them to our jester and cooks?"
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