PF: Mcmannon Hills OOC

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Re: PF: Mcmannon Hills OOC

Post by valerio »

That's a concept I like a lot!
My vote for it!

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Re: PF: Mcmannon Hills OOC

Post by Zack_the_husky »

Eh, guess we could at least start out with something like that...Although, I'm keeping the cyborg cat.

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Re: PF: Mcmannon Hills OOC

Post by ctcmjh »

Pet Friendly is a Roleplay based on the comic. Radiant Gardens may have gotten out of hand, but it's the exception, not the rule.

All of the other Pet Friendly's are NORMAL for a reason. Rick's comic is NORMAL.

If you wish to make an RP that is more than NORMAL, then go ahead. Just don't put Pet Friendly in front of it. Think of your own, unique name, that will differentiate it from Pet Friendly.

Also, I agree with some of the others, Zach, you just started Grand Castilla. Work on that for a bit, okay?

Oh, and due to inactivity, I'm locking this thread. Zach, if you want it unlocked, come talk to me.