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Character Links

Post by DarkHeartsAndSuch »

Well, I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but apparently there's a five link limit for the signatures. Meaning, people like me who have a lot of RP characters don't have enough room to put all their links to the sheets in. So, here's what I'm thinking: people can post their links here, and have a link here from their siggy.

Since I'm the one to bring the problem up, I'll go first.

Pet Friendly - Richmond Acres:
Lyd-S4 P10 E4 C5 I7 A8 L5
Robin-S5 P7 E4 C10 I10 A3 L3

Pet Friendly - Radiant Gardens:
Shadé-S7 P5 E5 C8 I4 A6 L7

Pet Friendly - Brookshire Meadows:
Kytes-S5 P4 E7 C7 I8 A6 L5
Kylie-S7 P4 E6 C7 I5 A7 L6

Pet Friendly - Yorkshire Fields:
Sunni-S6 P7 E4 C7 I5 A6 L7

---- Mod note ----
This is only really necessary if you have too many characters for one signature, and is to be linked from that signature instead of their actual sheets. If you only have one character, this is completely unnecessary, and you should just link it straight from your signature.
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Re: Character Links

Post by Neko »


Cale S:5 P:6 E:7 C:4 I:5 A:8 L:7

Sam S:5 P:5 E:6 C:6 I:7 A:6 L:7

Jake S:8 P:7 E:6 C:4 I:8 A:5 L:4

Meeka S:3 P:6 E:6 C:5 I:7 A:6 L:7

Aiden S:3 P:8 E:4 C:5 I:5 A:6 L:4

Lorna S:7 P:8 E:7 C:5 I:6 A:6 L:3
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Re: Character Links

Post by Kyderra »

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Re: Character Links

Post by ctcmjh »

With my tenTwelveThirteenFifteen characters, I win at Pet Friendly. Now where is my trophy? Where!?

Duke Alexander - Richmond Acres - Dog, German Shepherd, Male S-10 P-7 E-8 C-3 I-5 A-5 L4
Winchester "Winch" Hunter - Richmond Acres - Ferret, Sable, Male S-3 P-5 E-3 C-4 I-7 A-9 L-5
Ginger Alexander - Richmond Acres - Cat, Tabby, Female, S-7 P-6 E-7 C-5 I-6 A-7 L-4
Bianca Hunter - Richmond Acres - Cat, Albino Bombay, Female S-4 P-6 E-4 C-3 I-8 A-9 L-8
Morrigan - Radiant Gardens - Ghost Cat, Norweigian Forest, Female Ghost:S-3 P-10 E-2 C-8 I-7 A-6 L-6 Living: S-4 P-7 E-4 C-8 I-8 A-4 L-7
Maximillion Rozen - Radiant Gardens - Dog, Finnish Lapphund, Male S-6 P-8 E-4 C-7 I-7 A-5 L-5
Elisabeth Rozen - Radiant Gardens - Cat, Maine Coon/Norwegian Forest, Female S-4 P-7 E-7 C-7 I-3 A-9 L-5
Tobias Grant - Oasis Towers - Cat, Bombay, Male, S-4 P-7 E-4 C-8 I-7 A-6 L-6
Princess Grace Cuddles Juniper Wiggles Buttons Cutiepie Loveydovey Baby "Grace" Williams - Oasis Towers - Cat, Turkish Angora, Female S-4 P-8 E-4 C-8 I-5 A-6 L-7
Erin White - Brookshire Meadows - Dog, English Shepherd, Male S-6 P-9 E-5 C-7 I-6 A-4 L-5
Ellen White - Brookshire Meadows - Dog, English Shepherd, Female
Yukiko Takanawa-Yorkshire Fields - Dog, Kishu Inu, Female, S-5 P-7 E-6 C-4 I-7 A-7 L-5
Eris Grant - Sunset Plateau - Cat, Calico, Female S-4 P-5 E-4 C-9 I-6 A-8 L-6
Mina Reed - VerdeGrove - Cat, Female S-3 P-8 E-4 C-7 I-6 A-6 L-8
Nemo Gaines - Seabreeze Harbor - Dog, Corgi - Male
Ahab Gaines - Seabreeze Harbor - Dog, Mutt - Male
Raspberry Sherbet - Seabreeze Harbor - Cat, Tabby, Female

Picture of Bianca
Picture of Liz
Picture of Max
Picture of Erin
Picture of Grace
A picture of Morrigan
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Re: Character Links

Post by ChewyChewy »

I only have a few, but apparently my signature has the maximum possible characters (and I'm bumping this thread), so....

Honey & Vanilla Cake--RG
Hazel Nut--RA
Wendy Goh--SeaBreeze Harbor
Pierre & Ethyl Tempo--VG
Constance, Royal, and Window Pain--RA
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Re: Character Links

Post by JOFOXX »

PF: Brookshire Meadows
Ian Faulkner Pifer Terrance "Terry" Todd David Martin
Oasis Towers
Nat Watson (no longer used)
Yorkshire Fields
Angel Delacruz May Fierro
Sunset Plateau
Guy Pennington (no longer used)
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Re: Character Links

Post by RockstarRaccoon »

They need to make signatures bigger...
Edit: I've added image-tags because it sounded like a cool idea. Click them for the sheet!
---- Pet Friendly ----
Brookshire Meadows (BsM): {Neighborhood GM}
Image - ( Picture ) Tough and Wizened as he looks with a trickster-streak.
Taku (Rikki's son) - Younger version of Rikki with nose damage. ( Picture ) Much less confident than his father.
Image - ( Picture ) As tough as he looks.
Peter-Rabbit (male, cat) - Brown, fluffy cat. ( (No pic) ) Shy and weak.

Yorkshire (Part of BsM):
Tiara (female, raccoon) - Shy Raccoon. ( Picture )
Flash-Gordon (male coyote) - Crazy Coyote ( Picture ) Nutty, zany, cartoon-like... Trans-dimensional martial-arts master.

Edge City (EC):
Image - ( Picture ) Escape Artist and Survivalist on the run from the Men In Black

---- SRP ----
Terra Ridge (TR):
Scratch (female, raccoon) - Same character, different story.
And in the MLP one:
Hateful Shade (male, unicorn-pony) - Lordship of Grand Castilia, Hell-powered mage. ( Picture )
Navy Blues ( female, earth-pony ) - Dangerously Sexy Librarian. ( Picture )
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Re: Character Links

Post by The Game »

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Re: Character Links

Post by Hypergenesis »

Yorkshire Fields
Cesium Winters
S3 P4* E2 C3 I10 A4 L10
Crayon Cryice ( Guest )
S5 P5 E5 C8 I4 A9 L6
Eidler Arena ( Guest )
S5 P5 E4 C9 I3 A6 L10
Cerea Lylia ( Guest, unused )
S10 P5 E6 C5 I5 A6 L5

Brookshire Meadows
S7 P7 E8 C5 I4 A6 L5
Lacooni ( Guest )
S4 P7 E5 C3 I10 A6 L7

Retired Characters
Varialis Da Grinci
S5 P7 E7 C6 I5 A8 L4

>Because this little piggy leopard found his mom and went home.

Salvatore Arctos
S7 P5 E4 C8 I9 A4 L5

YES! I get edit counts now.
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Re: Character Links

Post by Aquablast »

I guess I am starting to need this as well!

Yorkshire Fields:
Bullet: S3 P8 E3 C10 I6 A6 L6

Richardson Valley:
Milk: S2 P8 E3 C8 I8 A9 L4

Unused Main Characters:
Blueberry: S10 P3 E4 C2 I10 A10 L3
Blackberry: S4 P9 E3 C9 I7 A4 L6

Guest Characters:
Keith: S4 P7 E4 C6 I10 A5 L6 (Unused)
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Re: Character Links

Post by The Moon Howler »

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Re: Character Links

Post by Seth »

Alex:Dog(Akita) Richardson valley

Strength- 5
Perception- 8
Endurance- 8
Charisma- 4
Intelligence- 8
Agility- 5
Luck- 4

Danny:Cat Brookshire meadows

Perception- 8
Charisma- 4
Intelligence- 7
Agility- 9
Luck- 5

Conrad:Dog(Australian blue heeler) Radiant gardens

?Gilmore:Dog(Newfoundland)Richardson valley

Gage:dog(corgi) Applegate
STR- 3
PER- 8
CHA- 2
INT- 6
AGI- 9
LUC- 10

Marcus: Dog (mutt) Edge city
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Re: Character Links

Post by Leafolawl »

There's a bowl of jelly in my head. I call it a brain. It produced these.


Rena Callahan: S-7 P-4 E-7 C-5 I-5 A-9 L-5

Tesla Koiel Allen: S-5 P-10 E-5 C-3 I-8 A-6 L-5

Skya Sullivan: S-5 P-7 E-6 C-5 I-9 A-7 L-3
(Old sheet)


Specter/Iblis Mchugh: S-7/10 P-10/8 E-8/7 C-2/4 I-6/2 A-6/7 L-3/2

Surge Wester: S-3 P-5 E-9 C-10 A-4 I-6 L-5
↨Same post↨
Grettle Wester: S-7 P-4 E-10 C-2 A-7 I-2 L-9
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Re: Character Links

Post by copper »

Eh, I only have one character for now, but who knows? Might as well start now...

Copper Sinclair: S-6 P-8 E-6 C-3 I-7 A-8 L-4 Irish Setter
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Re: Character Links

Post by GhostReach »

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Re: Character Links

Post by Hlaoroo »

Flynn Porter - Rex Rabbit - RA
Piper Brookley - FDB Rabbit - RA
Jake and Joey "The JJ's" Jackson - Eastern Grey Kangaroos - EA
Kelly Doyle - Ani-Droid Ferret - AC
Makani Montgomery - Bombay Cat - AC
Chris Martin - King Charles Cavalier Spaniel - SP
Scotty Brandson - Domestic Short-haired Cat - SP
Ray Stevens - Russian Blue Cat - AG
Lilly Hughes - Cinnamon Ferret - AG
Cailean and Conall Lamont - Border Collie Dogs - BoH
Sandy Ashcroft - Golden Retriever Dog - RGV
Holly - Brown Rat Ghost - RGV
Sam Hopkins - Yellow Dutch Rabbit - RV
Fletcher O'Hare - Flemish Giant Rabbit - RV
Ryan O'Connor - Sea Otter/Water-Horse-Kelpie Kaiju - CC
Edward "Ted" Babbage - Hare/Tinner's Rabbit/Three-Headed Hare Kaiju - CC

Inactive Characters and Important NPCs:
Todd Doyle - Anidroid Ferret - AC (Now NPC)
Sir Cedric Ian Pimsworth - Black-Headed Gull - 17CF (Now NPC [RP Died])
Gabriele and Liesel Jaeger - Short-Haired Guinea Pigs - RG (RP died)
Tackle - Brown Rat - 17CF (RP Died)
Pepito - Brown Rat - 17CF (RP Died)
Brumble Oakbrush - Red Squirrel - Redwall (RP Died)
Ben Winton - Weasel - Zootopia
Jannali Henderson - Bilby - Zootopia
Aleksandr Ilyich Melnikov - Siberian Forest Cat - BPS
Dinara Ilyinichna Melnikova - Siberian Forest Cat - BPS
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Re: Character Links

Post by 69eist »

Coming soon XP
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Re: Character Links

Post by Roarin »

I should probably start using this >_<
17th - Jin, Rhyme
AC - Avery Johnson
BPS - Flint Gates
EA - Alchemy "Chem" Solus
EC - Trigger Jackson
HV - North Dakota
RA - Zanna Volt, Senka
RG - Frosty Winters, Kira Dubner
ST - Gil Ranger
N/A - Ace Ryder
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Re: Character Links

Post by ThatOnePanda »

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Re: Character Links

Post by Civilization »

Civilization's Council of Coalition Ferrets (CCCF)
Meeko - Sunset Plateau
Alphabites - Richardson Valley
Eon - Applegate
Ion - Applegate
Dexter - Richmond Acres
Felicity - Richmond Acres
Bradley - Redwall
Fleta - Redwall
Tutter - Blue Peak Shore
Sylvester - STEELHAVEN
Zoroaster - STEELHAVEN
Veil - Apollo City
Aurora - 17th Century Fox
Herodotus - Exotic Acres
Laika - Exotic Acres
Othello - Terra Ridge
Furettia - Radients Vineyard
Bianca - Radients Vineyard
Yves - Chival Res
Uistean - Chival Res
Quasi - Grand Metropolis
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Re: Character Links

Post by WeirdGamer »

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Re: Character Links

Post by Buster »

So I've been a bit lax about doing this but i have kinda a wordy Sig so i can't insert em the other way.
Bowser - HPU:SP
Buster - HPU:AG, PanzPrk
D7 - PanzPrk
Katt - SA:GM
Bonnie - HPU:RGV
Sandy - HPU:RGV
Strike - Lounge
Epsilon - BOH
Kobor - BOH
Talya - BOH
June - BOH
Kol - BOH
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Re: Character Links

Post by Mickey »

Mickey J. Strawters - Applegate
Delilah L. Cu'cua - Exotic Acres
Mario M. Cu'cua - Exotic Acres
Flukely L. Tylers - Richmond Acres
James - Apollo City
Elliot "E" N. Cu'cua - Exotic Acres
Yensid - Radiant Vineyard
Retlaw - Radiant Vineyard
Alpha the Raven - Sonic Adventure: Grand Metropolis
Charles P. Va'Villia - Richmond Acres
Litho Calis - Sunset Plateau
Pat Eric Kulvo- Applegate
Cap'n - 17th Century Fox
Matey - 17th Century Fox
Abigail - On A Spiritual Cross Rhodes
Matthew "Cinnamon' Lervos - Zootopia RP
Carter "Coffee" Lervos - Zootopia RP
Mark "Marky Sparky" October Douglous - Apollo City
Ryūjin "Ryū" Nobira - Sunset Plateau
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Re: Character Links

Post by hackle »

RGV ~S-6 P-7 E-6 C-6 I-6 A-6 L-5
SRpSH Hackle V. Tremor; Friendly foxy foo!!~S;6 P;6 E;4 C;6 I;8 A;4 L4; R;9 C;7
SRp:Jp ~S;6 P;7 E;6 C;6 I;6 A;6 L;5
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Re: Character Links

Post by CyberDragon »

Morgan "Tempest" Steele (Human): Beacon of Hope
Solomon "Hivemind" Cohen (Human/robotic hive) and Randy "The Lycan" Steele (Lycanthrope): Beacon of Hope
Jack Smith (badger): Exotic Acres
Phoebe (rabbit) and Nightmare (demon rabbit): Radient Gardens Vineyard
Flash (mouse) and Deus (bear): Richmond Acres
Tom Stevenson (insane human) and Beta (Tiger/Tree chimera): Apollo City
Pascal (Rat chimera): Apollo City

Characters without a sheet:
Eira "Arctos" Steele (Lycanthrope/Human hybrid): Beacon of Hope
MT-694 (Mecha Dragon): Beacon of Hope
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Re: Character Links

Post by IamJackieChun »

Only one for me... It's for the "Lounging around" RP.

Houston "Muldoon" Davies
my main
7 human/24.5 animal
SRP- lounging around.
A typical old fox, except slightly brighter fur, with a cybernetic left arm, branded with a griever decal usually covered by his white button-up shirt, blue leather chaps,  brown vest and duster, and wears a weathered brown Stetson hat with a dual revolver Gun-belt.
Personality: When on duty, he acts all professional, no slack or joking for this ol' chum. Off the clock, however, he is a kind, caring and loveable old sod and is more than willing to give his hand to help out.
When Houston was born, his parents accidentally dropped him in a river, thinking he drowned. He was saved by a human male who raised him as his son and helped him with the recruitment test for the Hunters,   a group of people sworn to protect every good soul from harm. He lost his arm on a job which he doesn't like to talk about.
S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats:
- Strength: 6
- Perception: 9
- Endurance: 5
- Charisma: 5
- Intelligence: 5
- Agility: 7
- Luck: 5
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Re: Character Links

Post by furrygamer793 »

Oh, this might be useful
Those daring to face the test of time:
Silas Agidain
Those lost to the sea of time:
Luka Powell (no sheet)
Nathaniel Jay
Brad Skye
Ken Skye
Thomas Grahame
Lincoln Vanderbilt
Calvin Williams
Ritchie Thompson
Ken Zephyr
[REDACTED] Everest
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Re: Character Links

Post by 22xander »

I really should have done this the first time. I know none of these characters are ACTIVE but I do want to get back into playing soon:

Active Housepets Rps:
Richardson Valley
Tribble - Starfleet red (912F2F) - Chinchilla (Inactive)
Roma - Chocolate (7B3F00) - Husky/Pug Mix (Inactive)
Exotic Acres
Norbu - Byzantium (702963) - Chinese Pangolin (Inactive)
Kosh - Wine (722f37) - Fishing cat (Inactive)
Apollo City
Roux - Fuzzy Wuzzy (CC6666) - Catahoula Cur (Inactive)
Glitch - Old Monitor Green (00b300) - Tuxedo (Inactive)
HousepetZ: Survivors United
Mojhave - Sandy Brown (F4A460) - Black-tailed Jackrabbit (Active)

(Semi)Active Non-Housepets RPs
Tossy - Midnight Blue (191970) - Dark Kangaroo Mouse (Inactive)
Hip - Sandy Tan (FDD9B5) - Pale Kangaroo Mouse (Inactive)
Beacon Of Hope
Reliquary - Beaver (9F8170) - Human (Inactive)
Pokémon: Explorers of the Veil
Kabus - Royal Yellow (FADA5E) - Mimikyu (Pending)

Compleatly Inactive RPs
Phanerozoic Park
Duke - Tan (d2b48c) - Irish Wolfhound (NPC - Canceled)
Kelly - Lava (CF1020) - Whiskered Bat (Canceled)
17th Century Fox
Fey - Drab (967117) - Armored Rat (Never Accepted)
Whisp - Cadet (536872) - Long-eared Flying Mouse (Never Accepted)
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Re: Character Links

Post by Citrisfur »

Richmond Acres
Nadirth’ynn - F Raccoon 3.5|12 {6465777}
Tiramisu Pomerate - F Cat (Close Ragdoll) 4|14 {4759476}

Crater City
Lyncus Scephur - F Lynx 20 {88448574}
James Schlatt - M Ram 19 {47510877}

Mystic Meadows
Takido Hiromachi - M Red Fox 6|21 {5857953} (Moved, unused, from Richmond Acres)
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Re: Character Links

Post by Foxfan2164 »

My Characters (Links and all)
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Post by DdeeStar »

The gang's all here!

Valouri Wolf Family: Eastern Wolves
- Cahalith [Cala] S-4 P-7 E-6 C-7 I-9 A-4 L-5 Richmond Acres (#28759e)
- Irraka [Kai] S-5 P-8 E-4 C-3 I-7 A-10 L-5 ~Free~ (#9966cc)
- Rahu [Ray] S-8 P-3 E-10 C-4 I-8 A-6 L-3 ~Free~ (#228B22)
- Elodoth [Elo] S-3 P-7 E-6 C-9 I-8 A-4 L-5 ~Free~
- Ithaeur [Ith] S-5 P-5 E-3 C-7 I-8 A-5 L-9 ~Free~

The Kaytos, Crater City: Feline Zoomorphs, Tux Cat and Tiger
- Mist Kayto S-4 P-8 E-10 C-3 I-8 A-7 L-3 K-5 (#e08d3c)
- Tigress Kayto S-8 P-3 E-7 C-2 I-6 A-9 L-3 K-10 (#a55303)

Herbs and Heroes: Pokemon - EotV
- Ilex P-5 C-8 I-4 L-7 (#488214)
- Marble P-4 C-7 I-8 L-5 (#e3242b)

Inactive Adopted Strays, Mystic Meadows: Cats
- Matatabi S-4 P-9 E-4 C-5 I-6 A-5 L-9 (#93775A)
- Tiffani S-7 P-3 E-5 C-9 I-5 A-9 L-4 (#B20F90)

The Hoplites, Zootopia: Caracals
- Lotus S-7 P-4 E-6 C-5 I-6 A-9 L-5 (#b45f06)
- Karam S-5 P-6 E-4 C-8 I-10 A-4 L-5 (#741b47)
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Re: Character Links

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Way out! But colorful...
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