Cardcaptor Love Heart - A Cardcaptor Sakura/Care Bears Crossover

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Cardcaptor Love Heart - A Cardcaptor Sakura/Care Bears Crossover

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Since I'm finally writing at a decent pace again I thought I would start posting one of my in-progress stories here. This is actually the fourth attempt at writing this Care Bears/Cardcaptor Sakura crossover that I've done and was one of the first ideas I had to write a fanfic about 15 years ago. I hop you enjoy reading this and I just felt like posting here for fun.

Also this takes place in the same setting as my last story "Finding Family" and while it's not necessary to read that story first it is a sort of lead-in to this one, sort of.

Intro here by YamashitaAyumuchan

Dreaming, dreaming

And just like that I can fly

Through the bright sky!

Cardcaptor Love Heart

I will spread both my wings

And touch the clouds above

The tiniest of dreams

Unlock unknown power in me

I don't know where to go

But that's the best part of all

The wind guides me along!

It's all right!

Miracles, miracles, miracles can come true no matter what they say

Here we go!

Let's fly now let's fly now let's fly now

Into distances beyond

And surely someday now someday now someday now we will see each other

Once more like this

Do-do-do dreaming, dreaming,

And just like that I can fly

Through the bright sky!

Chapter 1: Rebirth of Clow

“Pencils down. Exam over.” The teacher’s voice from his desk caused everyone in the room, human, Care Bear and Cousin, to stop writing. “Turn in your reports at my desk on the way out and have a good summer.”

Love Heart Bear was the first one to drop his history essay on the teacher’s desk before he all but tore out of the room pumping his fist in the air, “Finally!” The lime green Care Bear pumped his fist in the air, almost upsetting the brown army-surplus cargo vest he always wore. “School’s out and today’s finally the day!”


Love Heart turned to see the teal-furred Care Bear with a shooting star tummy symbol wearing an open white sweater with a flower in her hair who was smiling at him.

Love Heart couldn’t stop grinning, “Yup! I just know this is going to be great, I can feel it in my hearts,” Love Heart touched his own tummy symbol, a large red heart with three smaller pink hearts inside of it and a dozen small heart surrounding it. He felt a strange rush of wind and looked up, “I… Wish Bear?” Love Heart found himself staring at empty space where his friend had been standing a moment ago. “Wish? Where’d you go?” He scanned the area, amongst the students leaving Care-a-Lot Unified School but the she was nowhere to be seen.

“Hey! Something wrong?” Love Heart’s voice was drawn to the sandy yellow fennec fox with long hair wearing a t-shirt and jeans who dashed out the front door of the school to meet him.

Love Heart decided he’d ask Wish what happened later. “Nothing much, Confidence Heart. I’m finally going to tell Harmony how I feel.”

“She’s not meeting you here?” Confidence looked around.

“Nah, her final exam was last period so I asked her to meet me in Readington Park. I should get going, don’t want to keep her waiting, see ya!” Love Heart waved as he took off towards the huge portal nearby.

Confidence Heart waved half-heartedly after Love Heart then sighed, touching her shirt that concealed her own tummy symbol: a blue ribbon with a heart shaped button. “I just hope she makes you happy.” She began her slow walk home through the portal.

The massive heart-shaped arch portal had been build almost five years ago partly because of Confidence Heart herself. She had been raised on earth by adopted human parents under the name Cassandra Avalon until she was found on a Caring Mission by Love Heart. Torn between staying with her human family and going to live up in the clouds with the furry defenders of feelings, the founders of the Care Bear Family: True Heart Bear, Noble Heart Horse, Grams Bear and Love Heart’s parents Sage Heart Bear and Life Heart Unicorn decided to expand a plan to educate their charges and, with some difficulty, were allowed to connect her hometown of Readington to Care-a-Lot using the magic portal and set up their escalator school on the clouds. The hope being that they would be able to both help children in a broader more impactful way and let the now teenaged Care Bears and Cousins be better able to relate to humans as they grew up. So far it had been a resounding success, even helping them track down other Care Bears and Cousins that were lost on Earth.

Love Heart jumped a few times as passed through the arch and ran towards the park, his feet feeling like they barely touched the ground. He had been building his courage all throughout the year and now he wasn’t going to hold back on confessing his feelings any longer.

Love Heart didn’t slow down as he crossed the street to the city park, “Harmony Bear!” He shouted and waved, catching the attention of the dark purple Bear wearing a black beret, purple shades and a thin black sweater, her tummy symbol of three joined up heart-shaped musical notes having been magically emblazoned on the front of her shirt.

“Hey, Love Heart,” Harmony smiled slightly as she waved towards him.

“Hi!” The shout came from Brave Heart Lion, a tawny lion with a thick mane wearing a cowboy jacket with tassels, open at the front so everyone could see his tummy symbol: a heart wearing a crown on one side.

Love Heart only just noticed Brave Heart and moved aside to give the lion a high-five, “Ready for summer?” Love Heart asked the both of them.

“You bet!” Brave Heart grinned.

Harmony coughed nervously as Love Heart turned to face her, “I’m all ready for it. So why did you want to meet me after here after exams?”

Love Heart smiled, “Because I need to tell you how I feel about you. Harmony, I’ve had a crush on you since we were kids. I love hearing you sing and listening to the poetry you’ve composed and you’re always finding ways to help people feel better, as much as Cheer Bear.”

Harmony blushed slightly but coughed, “We’ll I’m not that good, but thank you.”

Love Heart laughed, “So now that it’s summer and we have time, Harmony would you please go out with me? Like on a real date?” He held his hand out towards her, close enough for Harmony to take if she so desired.

An uncomfortable silence hung between the three friends for a full minute, broken only by Brave Heart clearing his throat.

Love Heart saw Harmony Bear’s distressed expression as she stared as his hand, “Harmony?”

“I’m sorry, Love Heart, but I can’t.” Harmony saw Love Heart’s face fall as Brave Heart stepped over next to her.

Before Love Heart could answer, Brave Heart cut in, “Harmony and I have been dating for about a month now, at least having study dates lately so we could get through exams.”

“I figured out how you felt about me a while ago, Love Heart, but I’ve never felt the same way,” Harmony felt her throat catch when she saw the devastated look on Love Heart’s face as he withdrew his hand, “I hoped you’d move on from your crush on me so I wouldn’t have to break your heart.” She took Brave Heart’s hand in her own as he put an arm around her shoulders, “I’m sorry, Love Heart.”

Love Heart stood, staring at the ground. His throat and mind choked with feelings of hurt as he teared up. Finally he wiped his eyes and turned away before forcing himself to speak, “I hope you are happy together.” Then he took off at a run, crying all the way.

“Love Heart, wait!” Brave Heart took off after the green bear but slowed to a stop after about twenty paces as Harmony walked up behind him.

“I’m sorry,” Harmony whispered, “I think I need to go home.”

“I’ll walk with you,” Brave Heart offered his hand, which Harmony accepted before they walked towards the portal.

Confidence Heart Fennec had just passed through the portal arch when Love Heart tore past her. Her big sensitive ears caught the sound of him crying as she turned to watch him run. “Love Heart?” She turned around and saw Harmony and Brave Heart walking hand-in-hand towards the arch and instantly figured out what had happened. Not wanting to face them she turned around and started jogging towards Love Heart Bear’s house.

Love Heart didn’t slow down until he got to his house made of clouds. He stumbled through the front door as tears still streamed down his face and all but slammed the door shut behind him. He rubbed his eyes, trying to hold back his tears.

“Big brother! You’re home!” Love Heart looked up to see the owner of the voice standing by the basement stairs, his little sister Sweet Heart Pegasus: a bright pink horse with hooves instead of feet, two large pink feathered wings and a tummy symbol that was a wrapped piece of heart shaped striped candy; her only piece of clothing was a short pink skirt with pockets.

“Huh?” Love Heart wiped his still leaking eyes, “Sweet Heart, I thought you’d be out with your friends after school.”

“Oh, I came home to...” Sweet Heart paused when she saw Love Heart’s tear stained, “Love Heart, what happened?”

Love Heart rubbed his eyes with his forearm, “Harmony rejected me...”

“Oh...oooooh!” Sweet Heart eyes lit up with understanding and she darted forwards to hug her older brother, also wrapping him in her wings around him in comfort. “I’m sorry, Love Heart.” She held him tightly.

Love Heart smiled slightly and tried to hug her without pushing her wings out of the way. “Don’t worry about it,” he sniffed, still feeling the need to cry, “Go have fun with your friends I... need to be alone.”

“OK,” Sweet Heart stepped back so Love Heart could step away from the door, “Tell mom and dad I’m going to meet Pretty Heart at that new toy shop, Twin Bells.”

“Right...” Love Heart mumbled as his sister slipped out the front door. Not wanting to be seen by anyone, Love Heart stumbled towards and down the basement stairs, leaving the door open a crack so he could see without turning the lights on.

Love Heart wandered into the storage room and slumped down against the wall before he finally let himself cry, bawling his eyes out hitting the wall behind him before burying his face in his hands. He didn’t want anyone to see him break down completely over this. He knew Harmony didn’t owe him anything and he sincerely hoped his best friend and long time crush would be happy together, but he still felt like his heart had been ripped out.

Love Heart felt a sudden chill down spine and he looked up, rubbing his now puffy eyes so he could see the faint golden glow coming from a small wooden chest at the side of the room. Curiosity pushed away his sorrow as he stood up and walked over so he could open the chest. The light intensified and Love Heart had to shield his eyes momentarily before it faded. Love Heart groped around in the dark until he hit the light switch and he saw the source of the still visible faint golden glow: a red book with a golden latch holding it shut and a cover with a picture of a large maneless armored lion with large feathery wings on the front surrounded in gold filigree over an elaborately drawn picture of a sun.

Love Heart picked the book up and read the title, written in English on a gold ribbon above the lion. “The Clow?” Love Heart shuddered as he felt a sudden pulse of energy run through him.

There was a sudden flash of golden light and the latch popped open. Love Heart yelped and held still for a moment, but when nothing happened he carefully opened the book. Instead of normal pages the inside of the book was hollowed out filled with a pile of large cards, about three times the size of a playing card the back of which were red and had an elaborate golden disk with the same picture of the sun drawn in the middle and a small crescent moon on the upper left corner.

“Cards?” Love Heart picked up the first card and flipped it over to see the face, it was a very detailed drawing of a woman with large wings enfolding her and hair antenna on a black background and a name written on the bottom. “The Windy? Huh?” Love Heart didn’t notice the card flash as he looked at the inside cover and read, “‘When the magic of this book is released, a great disaster will befall the world.’ Wait disaster?!” Love Heart’s panic came too late as The Windy Card glowed and before he could react a massive wind storm flared up around him.

Love Heart shut his eyes against the gale force wind that blew into a tornado up around him, the force reaching into the book and launching the cards up and magically through the roof and out of his home. Love Heart accidentally let go of the Windy card as he tried to shut book only for it to be set loose and every one of the cards to fly away.

The indoor wind storm finally died down and Love Heart dropped the book open pages down and fell to his knees. “What in the stars just happened?” he asked to no one in particular. Unexpectedly the book seemed to answer when it glowed bright gold again and a small creature floated out from the front cover: it looked like a small yellow stuffed animal with a big head, large round ears, small feathery wings and long tail with a white tuft at the end.

It opened its tiny eyes, then grinned and threw up an arm, “Well hidey howdy ho! Thank you so much for waking me up... small green bear?” The creature voice was male and deeper than its size would have suggested and it stared at Love Heart, “Wait, have humans been replaced by animal people? How long was I locked up in that book?”

“Huh?” Love Heart stared then pointed to himself, “No. I’m a Care Bear. My name is Love Heart Bear.”

“A Care Bear huh? That’s news to me, but no big deal.” The creature folded his arms and gave a proud grin, “My name is Keroberos, The Guardian Beast of the Seal of the Clow Book.”

“A guardian beast?” Love Heart shook his head as he tried to process what was happening, “So you were guarding that book?”

“Yeah, you got it, boy,” the Clow book lifted up behind Keroberos and stood upright with the cover open and he turned and pointed to the now empty slot in the book, “I keep the Clow Cards from getting loose and causing trouble see?” There was a moment of awkward silence before the guardian beast did a double take and freaked out “WAAAAA NO NO NO! The Clow Cards are gone!? Why Why Why?! Where did the cards go!?” He wailed, trying to dig through the empty slot as if that would make them rematerialize before he hung his head in defeat.

“I’m sorry but that’s my fault.” Love Heart averted his eyes.

“What?” Keroberos turned to face Love Heart with simmering anger in his eyes.

“I found the book, opened it and picked up this card called ‘The Windy’.”

Keroberos nodded, “Yeah?”

“And right after I read its name a big wind storm picked up,” Love Heart gulped.

“Uh-huh?” Keroberos nodded again.

“And they all got blown away, heheheh...” Love Heart grinned nervously.

“I see.” Keroberos nodded, then briefly burst into laughter.

“AHahahahaha ha ha ha...” Keroberos stared at Love Heart for a moment before he shouted, “ALL OF THEM?!” He launched himself forwards only for Love Heart to reflexively smack him back.

“OW!” Keroberos rubbed his head where Love Heart hit him, “Why did you hit me!?”

“You charged at me!” Love Heart countered, rubbing his hand.

“Because you let the cards escape!” Keroberos pointed at the green bear, “Just give me a moment I need to see if I can track them down.” He closed his eyes, folded his arms and sat cross legged in mid-air. Love Heart watched as the guardian beast glowed bright gold for several minutes, his own worries forgotten for the moment.

Keroberos finally stopped glowing and sighed, his limbs hanging down, “It’s no good. I can’t tell where the Clow Cards have gone.”

Love Heart picked up the book from where it still stood, “This thing on the inside says ‘When the magic of this book is released, a great disaster will befall the world.’ Are the cards that disaster?”

Keroberos sighed and nodded, “Yes. The Clow Cards are powerful magical items created by an amazing sorcerer named Clow Reed. Each of them is alive and possesses incredible powers that no normal force in the world could hope to stop, so when they started to get out of control Clow Reed made that book and placed me as the beast of the seal on the cover to stop them from escaping.”

Love Heart closed the book and saw that the picture of the lion was gone, leaving the cover mostly red.

“Now I have to get them back, and you’re going to help me!” Keroberos pointed aggressively at Love Heart.

“What! Why me?” Love Heart jumped up.

“Because you opened the book and let them escape,” Keroberos floated up to be level with Love Heart’s face, “So it’s your responsibility.”

It took Love Heart a moment to regain his composure, “What about you ‘guardian beast’?” he asked scathingly, “Why didn’t you stop me if you’re supposed to keep them from getting loose?”

Keroberos blinked the laughed nervously, “Well you just caught me napping.”

“Napping, for how long?” Love Heart glared at the small guardian.

“About 30 years or so...”

“30 years... you were asleep on the job for 30 years and you’re blaming me for this?” Love Heart couldn’t hide the contempt in his voice.

“I never said being a guardian was easy!” Keroberos shot back, “But because you were able to unseal the book that means you have magical abilities.”

“I do.”

It was a statement but Keroberos heard it as a question as he nodded.

“So how can I help you?”

“Love Heart? Are you down there?” the older man’s voice made them both jump.

“Dad?” Love Heart called back instinctively.

“Wah!” Keroberos gave a small yelp then flew to hide behind some boxes on a storage shelf. He poked his head out, “Don’t tell your dad I’m here!” the guardian beast said in a loud whisper, “No one can know about the Clow Cards, they’re too dangerous!”

“But I can’t just lie to him,” Love Heart answered, even as he heard his father coming down the stairs and the main basement light turn on.

“Just tell him something else and hide the book, quick! I’ll tell you more later!” Keroberos ducked out of sight again as Love Heart turned around, stepping out of the storage room while holding the book behind his back.

Love Heart’s father, Sage Heart Bear, stood at the bottom of the stairs. He was an iridescent blue Care Bear with a heart made of rainbow colored dust for a tummy symbol. He gave Love Heart a concerned look as he saw his son’s eyes were still red from his crying earlier, “Son, what’s wrong?”

Love Heart averted his eyes. He could have just told his father about what happened in the park and he would probably believe that, but... Love Heart took a deep shuddering breath, “I came down here after Harmony rejected me so I could cry in peace, and then...”

Keroberos peered out from his hiding spot, eyes wide as he watched Love Heart slowly pulled the book out from behind his back and held it out towards Sage Heart, the cover open to show the empty interior.

“I found this book and,” Love Heart was tearing up again, “I let set all the magic cards loose. I’m sorry!” Love Heart started to cry as his face screwed up.

Sage Heart just stared at the empty Clow Book for a moment then carefully took it from his son without protest. Sage Heart closed the book to see the mostly blank cover. “I see,” his voice was calm. Sage Heart looked around then raised his voice, “You can come out, Keroberos. I know you’ve been released.”

Love Heart’s eyes widened as he looked up at his father and Keroberos let out a small yelp and fell on his side.

“You know about me?!” Keroberos couldn’t help but shout as he picked himself up and flew out of the storage room.

Sage Heart smiled, “I know all too well, Guardian Beast.” He turned to his son, “Love Heart, I have a lot to tell you.”


As Sage Heart boiled some tea for himself he listened to Love Heart talk about his day. Once Love Heart was finished, Sage Heart took two small bowls of chocolate pudding from the fridge and put them in front of Love Heart and Keroberos, who had the book on the table between them. “Here, I was saving these for dessert tonight but I think you need it now.”

Keroberos’ face lit up as he saw the sweet treat placed in front of him, “Oh wow, this looks tasty!” He grabbed the spoon, which was as long as he was tall, with little effort and hovered over the dessert as scooped it into his mouth, clearly enjoying the taste.

“I’d almost forgotten about the Book of Clow,” Sage Heart poured himself some tea and sat down across from the other two, “I’m surprised you were able to open it, I never could. That book was entrusted to me for safekeeping years before I met your mother and I was supposed to keep it safe and hidden. But with establishing the Care Bear Family, raising you and Sweet Heart, our last battles with No-Heart and Cold Heart and setting up this school it just faded from my mind because all of that was more important to me.” He took a drink as Love Heart stirred his pudding while Keroberos ate enthusiastically.

“Am I in trouble?” Love Heart asked.

“Yes and no,” Sage Heart set his teacup down, “I’m not going to punish you but you will have to hunt down and recapture all the Clow Cards before they do any serious damage.”

“But how do I do that?” Love Heart asked.

“Oh right,” Keroberos dropped his spoon into the now empty pudding cup, “That pudding hit the spot!” he floated up with a happy smile on his face for a moment, “I was going to show you before we came up here. Love Heart go stand over there,” Keroberos pointed to a spot a meter behind Love Heart’s chair.

“OK,” Love Heart stood up and stepped back as Kero floated over to stand on the Book of Clow.

The guardian beast’s body glowed gold and there was suddenly a glowing golden seal identical in design to the one on the back of the Clow Cards on the ground surrounding them. “Key of Clow,” as Keroberos spoke a small blue orb floated out of the book’s key hole that quickly grew to the size of a golf ball that floated up to Love Heart, “This boy named Love Heart will carry out the sacred promise.” He pointed dramatically at the glowing ball and shouted, “RELEASE!” A windstorm picked up as the item inside the ball grew larger, eventually forming a pink staff with a bird’s head at the top with small wings attached to large gem eyes.

Sage Heart had to cover his cup as Love Heart braced himself against the wind.

“Take the staff!” Keroberos shouted over the wind. Determined to accept responsibility, Love Heart stepped forwards against the wind and grabbed the staff which grew to a length of 70 cm before the wind calmed down.

Kero smiled as the wind vanished, “I name you, Love Heart Bear, as Cardcaptor.”

“I don’t know much about the process,” Sage Heart was able to finish his tea, “But I do know you need to find and subdue the Clow Cards when they appear. We’ll need to step up your magical training. It’s a good thing that summer just started so you have time to resolve this before school starts.”

“What?!” Love Heart turned to Sage Heart then Keroberos, “But I just started my vacation!”

“This is important, Love Heart,” Keroberos floated up to the green bear’s face, “The Clow Cards could strike at any time and if they go on a rampage there’s no telling what kind of damage they could do. That staff will let you capture any Clow Cards you encounter so you can seal them and once that’s done you can call on them to help you subdue the other Clow Cards.” He then turned to Sage Heart, “So you can use magic too?”

“Yes,” Sage Heart was washing out the teapot and cup, “Magic is very familiar to me and my family. My wife, Life Heart, is a unicorn so both our children have inherited potent magical abilities from her. I’ll introduce you to her later. Don’t argue, it’s better than hiding around the house pretending to be a plush toy.”

Keroberos sighed, “I guess so, guess I didn’t need to try and hide earlier.”

Further conversation was halted when a sudden flash of insight shot through all of their minds.

Love Heart gripped the sealing wand tightly, “I felt that.”

“It’s one of the Clow Cards!” Keroberos shouted then suddenly pointed to one of the walls, “It’s that way!”

“That’s towards Readington!” Love Heart bolted for the door and yanked it open, only to freeze when he found Confidence Heart Fennec standing right in front of him.

Keroberos yelped and dove out of sight behind Love Heart too late to avoid being spotted as Love Heart and Confidence Heart’s eyes locked.

“Confidence Heart? How long have you been standing there?” Love Heart gulped.

“Long enough to hear everything,” Confidence wiggled her huge ears, “What’s all of this about Clow Cards and Cardcaptors and that flying stuffed toy,” she leaned sideways to get a glimpse of Keroberos.

“I’m not a stuffed toy!” Keroberos shot out from behind Love Heart.

“I’ll explain on the way, come on!” Love Heart ducked past Confidence Heart and took off towards the portal arch with Keroberos and Confidence Heart hot on his tail.

Keroberos put on a burst of speed and dove into one of the pockets on Love Heart’s vest, “You have to try and keep this under wraps, Love Heart. Will she be any help?”

“She’s a Karate black belt and used to be on the school’s wrestling team. Confidence Heart will be able to help,” Love Heart said without slowing down despite panting a little.

“Of course I can,” Confidence Heart grinned as she ran up alongside Love Heart as they passed through the portal, “So where are we heading?”


Twin Bells was a cute little toy store owned by a young woman of eastern descent with long black hair named Maggie. The store had only been open for a week but in the lead up to summer it had proved to be popular among the elementary grades of both humans and Care Bears.

Sweet Heart looked over a pile of stuffed animals, picking up a stuffed panda. “This always feels weird,” she turned the bear over before putting it down.

“But they’re cute,” her friend, Pretty Heart Skunk, nudged Sweet Heart. Pretty Heart was a pink skunk the same age as Sweet Heart with a large white striped tail the curled up behind her and a heart shaped compact for a tummy symbol wearing an open pale green blouse. “So what happened with that sudden urgent stuff you had to do at home?”

“Oh, uh, false alarm,” Sweet Heart chuckled nervously before hastily moving on, “Let’s just focus on having fun this summer.”

“Alright, as long as it’s nothing serious now let’s see,” Pretty Heart picked up a stuffed rabbit.

Sweet Heart sighed in relief and went back to browsing, until she felt a flash of insight in her mind, “No,” she whispered.

“What?” Pretty Heart turned back to her friend.

“Nooo thing here. Let’s go get something to eat!” Sweet Heart accidentally shouted the last word which made everyone turn to look at her as she grabbed her friend’s hand.

Pretty Heart was only pulled one step before she found her footing and was able to hold Sweet Heart back. “Ok, Sweet Heart, what’s going on with you today?”

“EEP!” a cry from the other side of the store made both of them jump and turn to see a young boy who was staring at a stuffed cat on the floor.

“What’s wrong?” the boy’s mother was at his side in an instant.

“It jumped out of my hand!” The boy wailed.

Sweet Heart felt her hair standing on end, “We should go, now!” She tried to pulled Pretty Heart outside again but found her friend unmoving.

“What’s going- WHOA!” The stuffed rabbit Pretty Heart had been holding a moment ago jumped up and nearly collided with her face. Another shout from across the store signaled more stuffed toys suddenly coming to life and in moments the place was full of bouncing animals.

Sweet Heart dropped the floor with her hands over her head and her wings pulled tight against her body. Pretty Heart dropped next to her, “This is crazy! Yeah we should get out of here.” Sweet Heart nodded as best she could and they began to crawl towards the door.

Love Heart slowed to a stop near the Twin Bells store and looked around, “I can sense it somewhere around here,” he scanned the street, paying no attention to some people who were staring at the pink bird-staff in his hand.

Confidence Heart skidded to a stop beside him as Keroberos carefully poked his head out of the vest pocket, “Focus your senses on the surroundings,” he said, “If you concentrate you should be able to pinpoint it.”

“It’s over there!” Confidence Heart pointed to the Twin Bells store. She smirked at Keroberos’ stunned expression, “giant ears, I can hear the shouts in there.” As if to prove her point, the door was pushed open and the cries of shock and fear spilled into the street, followed by an array of stuffed animals that bounced along the ground as though they were made of rubber while Sweet Heart and Pretty Heart crawled outside.

“It’s the Jump card!” Keroberos shouted from inside the pocket.

“The Jump? So it bounces around?” Love Heart held the staff as he watched more stuffed animals bounce out of the store, followed by more fleeing customers and a blue dog Care Bear Cousin wearing a dog collar, a white apron and with a heart shaped red medal for his tummy symbol.

“It also takes control of small objects and can make them jump around,” Keroberos ducked back into Love Heart’s pocket, “You have to find its current form to seal it.”

“Get up and get away,” The blue dog, Loyal Heart Dog, helped Sweet Heart and Pretty Heart to their feet as a plush bear bounced off his head, which barely phased him.

Sweet Heart was shaking as she stood up, clutching herself as her wings were pulled tight against her back. Pretty Heart grabbed her shoulders, “Sweet Heart let’s go!”

“Loyal Heart, what are you doing here?” Confidence Heart punched one of the plush toys as it flew at her, knocking it back only for a stuffed rabbit to hit her in the face before she grabbed and threw it off.

“Part time job,” Loyal Heart ducked under another flying plush toy, “What’s going on here?!”

“Explain later!” Love Heart shouted, “Try to find a weird looking toy!” He was already scanning the chaos that spilled into the street. A moment later the plush toys seemed to settle down, rolling around the thankfully dry pavement.

Maggie stepped out of her now empty store, “Oh no, I just got everything set up. Loyal Heart?”

“Already on it, my friends too,” Loyal Heart had used his tummy symbol to conjure a large basket which he was piling the stuffed animals into, trying to find any unusual looking ones.

“Normal, normal, cute, normal,” Confidence Heart deftly tossed the animals she was grabbing into the basket, barely looking but never missing, “There’s gotta be a hundred of these out here.”

“Keep it up,” Love Heart paused for a moment to see his sister, still shaking as Pretty Heart tried to keep her calm.

“Wait, is this what you mean?” Loyal Heart held up a bright red stuffed toy that vaguely resembled a rabbit, except its body seemed somehow angular with long thin ears, a zig-zagged tail with a yellow ball on the end and slitted angry green eyes.

Keroberos popped his head out and couldn’t help but shout, “That’s it!” The Jump Card heard him and its plush body tore itself from Loyal Heart’s grasp to land on the ground.

“Catch that toy!” Love Heart shouted as he charged towards it. The Jump jumped away only to be intercepted by Confidence Hear in mid air.

“Gotcha!” The fennec fox caught the plush body mid jump and held it in her arms as it struggled.

Love Heart ran over to her, “Hold it still! Now what Keroberos?”

Keroberos still had his head poking out of the pocket, “Swing the staff at it and say ‘Jump Card I command you return to your power confined!’ Hurry!”

“Right,” Love Heart raised the staff over his head, “Jump Card! Re- hey!” the Jump tore itself from Confidence’s grasp and landed nearby. Love Heart dove for it and managed to grab The Jump’s tail, right as it took another jump and catapulted itself into the sky with Love Heart still hanging on.

“LOVE HEART!” Confidence, Loyal Heart, Pretty Heart and Sweet Heart all screamed out as the green bear began to shrink into the sky. Sweet Heart felt galvanized into action, her wings spread and she flapped off into the sky after her brother.

Love Heart felt the wind rushing past his face as the Jump carried him high into the sky, his left hand still gripping firmly onto its tail. Despite the cold and force, Love Heart still had hold of the sealing wand which he raised over his head, shouting to make sure he was heard.

“Jump Card! I command you to return to your power confined! Jump!” Love Heart swung the staff at the red rabbit. The beak stopped suddenly in mid-air as a rush of energy formed the shape of a card at the beak’s tip. Realising what was happening, the Jump tried to force itself free from Love Heart’s grip, all in vain as it was sucked into the form until it solidified into a card, which flew into Love Heart’s left hand.

As he reached the apex of the height form momentum, Love Heart transferred the Jump Card to his right hand and conjured a red-heart shaped balloon from his tummy symbol and grabbed it in his left hand which slowed his descent to earth.

“Whew!” Love Heart wiped his forehead with his right hand that still held the staff and new card.

Keroberos looked up out of the vest then floated out to hover by Love Heart’s head, “That was close. How did you do that?” he pointed at the balloon Love Heart was holding on to.

“Tummy symbol conjuring, all Care Bears can do this.” Love Heart said, “Not sure how long I can hold on.”

“If you seal The Jump Card you can use it to get down faster,” Keroberos said, “You need to write your name across the bottom of the card.”

“How do I do that? I need both hands free.” Love Heart looked and his right hand, still clutching the staff and card then to his left hand which held his balloon lifeline.

“Just command the staff to re-seal itself.”

“Like just say ‘staff reseal’?” The spoken words took effect as the staff shrunk in a flash of light, leaving Love Heart holding a small key in his hand with the same bird shaped head as the staff but attached to a thin length of chain.

“Exactly,” Keroberos said as Love Heart awkwardly managed to hang the chain around his neck.

“LOVE HEART!” Sweet Heart’s voice reached them as she flew up alongside her brother. She breathed a sigh of relief, “I was scared, I thought you were gone.” She fought the urge to hug him.

“I’m fine, Sweet Heart and look,” he held up card, “I caught The Jump Card. But unless I Want to spend the next six hours floating down I need to seal it.” A thought occurred, “Can you hold me up for a couple seconds?”

Sweet Heart nodded as she flew around behind her brother, “Can’t you create a cloud car?”

“I haven’t got my license yet.” Love Heart felt Sweet Heart grab him under his arms around his chest, “And mom and dad won’t teach me how until then. Got me?”

“Uh-huh,” Sweet Heart started flapping harder.

“OK, hold on.” Love Heart let go of the balloon, which popped, and felt himself lurch downwards before Sweet Heart was able to compensate for his weight. The pink Pegasus strained as Love Heart fished a pen out of one of his pockets and wrote ‘LOVE HEART’ across the bottom of the card, a bit shaky from the wind and Sweet Heart’s flapping. “Now what?”

“Hurry! I can’t hold you much longer!” Sweet Heart wings were starting to burn with the effort of carrying her brother aloft.

“Release the staff!” Keroberos saw the desperation as he belted out instructions, “hold the key and repeat after me.”

Love Heart held out the key as he felt their descent accelerate and repeated the incantation Kero recited.

“Key of Clow

Power of Magic

Power of Light

Surrender the Wand

The Force Ignite


Wind spiraled around them as the key glowed and spun in place before growing into the sealing staff. Love Heart grabbed the staff and shouted even as he felt Sweet Heart’s grip loosening, “Now what!”

“Hit the Jump Card with your staff and call its name!” Keroberos shouted.

Love Heart, almost on instinct, threw the card forwards and called out, “Jump!” The card flashed and vanished and Love Heart felt a tingle on his feet, looking down to see a pair of tiny wings attached to each foot.

Keroberos sighed in relief, “OK, you can let him go now, Sweet Heart.”

“Are you sure,” Sweet Heart was desperate to hold on despite how much her wings hurt.

“It’s fine, go ahead,” Keroberos assured her. Sweet Heart reluctantly let go then watched Love Heart fall towards the ground.

“Are you sure, Kero?” Sweet Heart asked as she carefully flew towards the ground.

“I’m sure, now let’s go!” He dove towards the ground but Sweet Heart let herself float carefully down to give her wings a rest.

Love Heart felt the air rush around him as he fell; he had to hold his breath as he saw the ground rushing up to meet him. He closed his eyes at the last second and... felt a sudden stop. No pain, nothing but the stopping of the fall. He shook a bit as he opened his eyes as he heard clapping and cheering around him, some still taking pictures or recording on their smartphones. He wasn’t splattered but...

“So much for keeping this a secret from anyone,” Love Heart looked up as he saw Keroberos floating down, the guardian beast apparently having realized the same thing.

“Love Heart!” Confidence Heart ran over to Love Heart and caught him in a big hug, “I was so worried about you! How did you land like that?”

“The Jump Card lets you jump incredible distances,” Keroberos said as he floated down next to them, “so of course it lets you survive those landings too.”

“What happened up there?” Loyal Heart had approached them even as people were starting to disperse and Sweet Heart drifted down for a careful landing.

“Yes, Love Heart Bear, what just happened here?”

The severe voice made Love Heart’s fur stand on end as he turned to greet the voices owner, a silver furred bear with long hair wearing an open black longcoat with a katana sheathed at his side with a tummy symbol that consisted of a small red heart surrounded by a ring of ten yellow stars.

“Hi, Independent Bear,” Love Heart gulped as the silver bear approached, “It’s a long story.”

Indy looked from Love Heart, to Keroberos, to where Sweet Heart had collapsed to her knees to rest and finally to an approaching Sage Heart Bear with his wife: a green unicorn with long silver hair and a tree with heart shaped fruit for a tummy symbol named Life Heart Unicorn. “I see, well you and your family can come with me to explain that long story.”

“Yeah, squirt, and you can tell me why you didn’t come home right after school.” The man’s voice made Confidence Heart cringe slightly as she turned and gave an annoyed look to the young man in casual clothes with short black hair and naturally serious looking blue eyes.

“Don’t call me squirt, Tori!” she shot back at her older brother.


Hong Kong

A door opened and a young boy with short brown hair and Amber eyes stepped into the room. “You wanted to see me mother.” He stood attention as he faced his mother, a young woman in a simple yet still adorned white robe with long ebony black hair done back in a high ponytail and adorned with a golden hairpiece, purple eyes, porcelain white skin and full scarlet red lips.

“Syaoran, did you sense it?” he voice stayed level as she spoke to her son.

Syaoran replied immediately, “Yes, mother. The Clow Cards have been released. They’re in America.”

“Yes,” his mother, Yelan, replied, “It is your duty to see that they are recaptured and kept safe.”

“Yes.” Syaoran nodded, “When do I leave?”

“At the end of summer. I will make arrangements for you to transfer to school there and housing for you. Make sure you are prepared for your task.”

Syaoran bowed, “Yes, mother. I will.” As he turned to leave his mother spoke one last time.

“Syaoran. I still expect you to keep your grades up even with your task.”

“Yes, mother, I will,” his voice was still respectful though betrayed his nerves as he departed.
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Re: Cardcaptor Love Heart - A Cardcaptor Sakura/Care Bears Crossover

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Chapter 2: Duel of Affections

Love Heart sat nervously in the living room of Indy’s home, the hospital in the Kingdom of Caring that was ran by Take Care Bear, to whom he was married. Confidence Heart sat beside Love Heart on the couch while Take Care Bear, a red bear with a smiling apple for a tummy symbol who was the Kingdom of Caring’s doctor, stood next to her husband as Sage Heart explained the details about what had happened Indy was writing everything down on a clipboard. As he was the closest thing to a police officer the Kingdom of Caring had he knew he’d have to explain this to Readington’s police later.

“Alright, let’s make sure I have this right.” He took a deep breath, “All those bouncing toys were caused by a magical card that your son accidentally set loose because you,” he pointed to Keroberos who was hovering next to Love Heart’s head, “fell asleep on the job. And these ‘Clow Cards’ are going to be running around causing problems until Love Heart can capture and seal them. Do I have that right?”

“Hey!” Keroberos glared at Indy, but was ignored.

“Yes,” Sage Heart nodded.

Take Care sighed. “Well this is just great. I was hoping summer would be peaceful once school was out.”

“I’m sorry...” Love Heart was starting to regret not keeping this a secret.

Indy seemed to sense Love Heart’s thought. “It’s better we know so we can be prepared.” Seeing Love Heart’s shocked expression he continued, “I don’t need my psionics to know what you’re thinking, but based on what your father said I think cleaning up this mess is punishment enough.”

“It’s not a punishment,” Keroberos interjected, “Love Heart is going to become the master of the Clow Cards when this is done.”

“Oh and what if someone gets seriously hurt because of this, or worse?” Indy stared back at the guardian beast.

“That’s enough!” Sage Heart spoke up to stop the argument, “It’s a big responsibility but I know Love Heart can handle it.” He sighed, “I never thought this would happen back when I was human.”

“WHAT?!” Everyone else in the room shouted as they stared at the iridescent blue bear.

Sage Heart chuckled nervously, “Oh right, I guess I never got around to telling you about my past. I wasn’t born a bear, I was a human named Koran Terada from Japan. I won’t bore you with my family history but suffice to say the Book of Clow was entrusted to me by a man from China who taught me about Clow Reed and his magic. I brought it to the Kingdom of Caring after meeting Life Heart and we were changed into Care Bears. I honestly forgot about the book because we were so busy with all of this.”

Take Care sighed, “That makes sense but it doesn’t solve the problem.”

“I’ll deal with it, I promise,” Love Heart stood up and pulled out The Jump Card, holding it up to show them, “I already caught this.”

“Yes, you did,” Sage Heart ruffled his son’s hair which made him flinch away in embarrassment, reflexively smoothing the messed up hair, “But you will have to step up your training. I don’t want you caught unprepared.”

“Exactly, a Cardcaptor needs to be ready for anything and expect the unexpected,” Keroberos pounded his chest with a hand, “And I’ll be there to help every step of the way.”

“There goes my summer,” Love Heart sighed as they left the house.

“Don’t be like that,” Confidence clapped Love Heart on the shoulder as they emerged onto the clouds, “I’ll be there to help you every step of the way too.”

“No you won’t.”

Confidence Heart glared in annoyance at her brother, who had been waiting outside. “Butt out, Tori, this has nothing to do with you!”

“Yes it does, I’m not letting my kid sister run around fighting magical monsters,” Tori folded his arms, “Let’s get going, squirt. I already told dad we’re going to be late.”

“Stop calling me squirt!” Confidence stomped her foot, “And I’m not a kid, I’ll be 18 in a few months!”

“I’ll stop when you stop acting like a kid,” Tori shot back as he walked towards the portal, “Now let’s get going.”

Confidence stuck out her tongue at her brother’s back then sighed as she followed him, “See ya later, Love Heart.”

“See ya,” Love Heart waved half-heartedly.

“You ok, big brother?” Sweet Heart had been waiting outside with their mother too.

Love Heart sighed, “Yeah just... not exactly looking forwards to this summer now,” he was still holding The Jump Card in his right hand and he touched the Key of Clow, now hanging around his neck like an amulet.

“Don’t worry, you’ll do fine,” Keroberos patted Love Heart on his shoulder.

“Of course he will, Kero,” Sweet Heart brightened up.

“Kero?” Life Heart looked down at her daughter.

Sweet Heart became flustered for a moment, “Oh uh it’s just, Keroberos is a lot to say so why not just call him ‘Kero’ for short, heh heh heh,” her nervous laughter made her family members exchange odd looks.

“Well I think it’s a very cute name,” Life Heart Unicorn smiled down at her daughter.

“I’m not cute!” Kero protested, “I’m the guardian beast of the seal and I’m a powerful force of nature!”

“Don’t worry too much,” Life Heart took one of Kero’s tiny hands, “I saw you ate two of the dessert puddings I made for supper tonight,” she shot a mildly accusing glance at Sage Heart, who averted his eyes, “Do you like sweet food?”

“Oh yeah, that pudding was delicious!” Kero’s previous complaints were forgotten.

“Well why don’t you help me make some more and I’ll save some for you,” Life Heart started to walk home.

“All right! Pudding!” Kero grinned as he flew alongside her.

Sweet Heart and Sage Heart followed along with Love Heart trailing behind. The green bear stared at The Jump Card in his hand as he walked then finally sighed and stuck it in his pocket. He’d put it back in the book at home.


“So why can’t I help him!” Confidence Heart demanded over the supper table.

“Because it’s too dangerous for you to be fighting magical monsters,” Tori countered, keeping his calm a lot better. Their father, a brown haired bespectacled man named Aiden, just sat to the side, eating quietly as his children argued.

“But I helped! Love Heart wouldn’t have been able to capture that think if I didn’t grab it!” Confidence Heart countered, grabbing a fork full of food and stuffing it in her mouth.

“You just want to hang out with your crush while he’s on the rebound,” Tori’s reply nearly made Confidence Heart choke. She chugged a glass of water to force it through and stared at her brother as he continued, “I ran into Brave Heart and Harmony after you took off after Love Heart, I know what happened. You shouldn’t try to grab him right after he’s been through heartbreak just in case he latches on to you.”

“Like you’re some expert on relationships,” Confidence Heart grumbled.

“Julian and I have been steady for four years, I think I have some insight,” Tori snarked back.

“It’s not just that,” Confidence Heart lowered her voice and flattened her big ears, “I want to be there to help Love Heart through this. Yeah, I want to hang out with him but this is serious.”

“If you want to help him, Cassandra, then I don’t see why not.” Their dad’s voice cut through the conversation, “Just don’t do anything foolish.”

“Really?” Confidence perked up.

“Really...” Tori sounded exasperated.

“Even if we forbid her, Cassandra’s just going to sneak away to help him anyway, right?” he turned his serene but still serious smile to Confidence, who averted her gaze. He didn’t need her to answer, “At least this way we’ll know what she’s doing and who she’s with. Alright?”

“Yes! Thanks dad!” Confidence Heart jumped out of her chair to give Aiden a hug, “I gotta get started!” She wolfed down the rest of her food then took off to her room.

Tori just watched his kid sister then turned to his father, “Are you sure about this, dad?”

“I mean what I said,” Aiden sighed, “I’m worried too but I don’t want to ground her for this. She’s growing up, Tori, we can’t protect her forever especially since she’s a Care Bear Cousin. She’s going to have a lot more responsibility than we can imagine.”

“Right...” Tori grumbled and returned to his supper.


“Oh boy!” Kero flopped back onto one of Love Heart’s pillows, “Your mom sure can cook!”

“You just ate pudding and drank chocolate milk,” Love Heart rolled his eyes as he tossed his vest on the floor and flopped down on the bed, too tired for anything else that day.

“I don’t have to eat my vegetables,” Kero sounded proud of that fact, “So is she really your mom? I mean you’re not adopted?”

“She is,” Love Heart rolled over and pulled back his bangs to show the darker green eight-pointed star in the middle of his forehead, “See this? It’s my unicorn star, Sweet Heart has one too. It shows we’re ‘unicorn spawn’ or something like that.”

“Wow,” Kero touched it, “I can sense a lot of magical energy flowing around here.”

“Mom said it’s what we have instead of a horn, a magical focus or something.” Love Heart rolled over to look at the bedside table where he had set the Clow key and book. After lying in silence for a few minutes, Love Heart grabbed the book and pulled out The Jump Card then just lay there, staring at the winged rabbit on the card.

Kero floated up over Love Heart’s head, “Seeing your first success?” he asked proudly.

“No just...” Love Heart didn’t take his eyes from the card, “What’s it like being trapped in there?” He turned to look up at Kero, “What was it like for you?”

“Trapped in the Clow Book? It was kinda boring. I could hear everything but there was nothing to do.”

“No wonder they wanted out,” Love Heart stared at the card for a moment. “Jump, can you hear me?”

“What are you doing?” Kero floated over Love Heart’s shoulder.

“Trying to talk to it,” Love Heart didn’t turn to face Kero, “Jump, hello?”


“Jump. I bet you’re mad I shoved you back in there, you barely had an hour to yourself, but I had to or you could have hurt someone.”

Still silence.

“Love Heart, I don’t think that’s going to work,” Kero was skeptical.

Love Heart turned to face Kero, “I’m a Care Bear, this is kinda what I do,” he turned back to The Jump, “I don’t know if you can hear me but I want to talk.” Love Heart picked up the key from his desk, “I’m going to let you out ok?”

“Love Heart, I don’t think that’s a good idea!” Love Heart ignored Kero as he held up the key.

“Key of Clow! Release!” the shorter incantation produced a staff short enough to be called a wand as Love Heart struck the Jump Card, “Jump Card, appear before me as you are!”

There was a flash of light as the staff returned to its key form and the card vanished into beams of light that arced together to form a small winged pink rabbit that sat on Love Heart’s bedroom floor. They stared at each other for a full minute before Love Heart spoke.

“Hello, Jump.”

“I don’t think it’s going to talk,” Kero said.

“How would you know!?” The Jump’s voice was screechy, as it glared at Kero, “You just sat on top of us and never even tried to talk, Keroberos!” it pointed at the guardian beast with a quivering arm.

“Hey! I was just doing my job!” Kero shot back, not commenting on The Jump’s sudden voice.

“I guess I should be thankful you suck at it!” The Jump shot back.

“Stop it! Both of you!” Love Heart’s shout silenced both of them. “Kero, I don’t want to just be their ‘master’.” He turned to look at The Jump, “They’re clearly conscious and sentient. If I’m going to be working with them I want to be their friend.”

“Friend?” The Jump stared up incredulously at Love Heart, “But I’m stuck here.”

“I know, but... do they have to be sealed for me to use them?” Love Heart turned back to Kero.

“’fraid so,” Kero crossed his arms and nodded, “With Clow Reed dead their powers are unfocused so they need to be sealed if you want to call on them.”

“You see, I’m stuck with you,” The Jump sounded almost sad.

“I know,” Love Heart reached down to lift The Jump’s chin to look at him, “But I don’t want to force you. If I need to then I’ll capture the rest of the Clow Cards without using you.”

“Really?” The Jump sounded skeptical, “Prove it. Next time you fight, don’t call on me, but bring me along so I can witness it. I can see everything outside even when I’m in the book.”

“I can’t promise I’ll bring you along, but I won’t use you if that’s what you want.” Love Heart yawned, “Now I need to get some sleep, don’t destroy anything.”

“You’re not going to re-seal it!?” Kero was stunned, so was The Jump.

“You’re not going to re-seal me?”

Love Heart pulled the covers over him as he switched off the bedside light that had been on, “Nope, good night. Go to bed too Kero.”

“Fine,” Kero floated over to the other pillow and worked his way under the covers, “But I’ll be alert if jumpy over there smashes anything.”

The Jump just sat there and watched Love Heart sleep, unsure how to react. Eventually it lay down, head on its front paws, and fell asleep.

When Love Heart got up the next morning, he found the rabbit-like Jump still asleep in the middle of his bedroom floor. He just smiled at it and crouched down to pet it before going to shower. Kero was only just waking up when Love Heart returned, still damp as he grabbed his vest.

“Is it still asleep?” Kero peered suspiciously down at The Jump.

“Yeah,” Love Heart settled the vest more evenly around his shoulders, “Probably still tired from being captured yesterday. I gotta train with dad today, he said it was really important.”

Kero nodded, “Of course... he did?”

“You might have noticed if you weren’t busy stuffing pudding down your mouth.” Love Heart turned to leave.

“Wait, aren’t you going to re-seal The Jump?” Kero pointed aggressively at the sleeping rabbit-thing.

“It’s just sleeping, it’ll be fine.” Love Heart left before Kero could argue further. Kero eyed The Jump suspiciously before flying after Love Heart. The Jump opened one eye to watch them leave but didn’t get up.

Kero sat in Love Heart’s backyard to watch Love Heart and Sage Heart sparring with wooden sword while the guardian bear dug into watermelon slices Life Heart had prepared for him.

Sage Heart finally called for a halt and wiped the sweat from his brow, “Very good. How do you feel?”

“Alright, I guess,” Love Heart sighed and stared at his sword. He was a bit winded but his mind was elsewhere. In the excitement that had followed, Love Heart had stopped thinking about Harmony’s rejection.

“Love Heart, what’s wrong?” Sage Heart approached his son.

“Nothing, I just...” He took a shuddering breath and was about to reply when a shout cut him off.

“Love Heart!” Confidence Heart vaulted over the short fence in Love Heart’s back yard and landed with a huge grin on her face.

Love Heart almost jumped, “Confidence? What-”

“I need you to come over right now,” She was practically in the green bear’s face as she spoke, “I have to take your measurements.”

“For what?” Love Heart asked.

“Your battle costume, for when you’re fighting the Clow Cards,” Confidence grabbed Love Heart’s arm to try and drag him away.

Love Heart stopped her from dragging her away but didn’t force his hand away, “Why do I need a costume?”

“That’s not a bad idea,” Kero floated over to the three of them, “You want the Clow Cards to know your coming and to take your seriously. If they focus on you it will keep everyone else out of the fight and if they take you seriously they’ll come at you with everything they’ve got. You don’t want them to hold out on you and surprise you at the last second.”

“I agree with Kero,” Life Heart had exited the house to see what was going on.

“So do I, son,” Sage Heart nodded, “You should make sure you’re getting the best they have to offer and keep them from wanting to hurt anyone else.”

“Alright,” Love Heart sighed but smiled as he let Confidence drag him away, with Kero following after.

Up in Love Heart’s room, The Jump had woken up and was now sitting at the window. It watched as Love Heart and Kero left, along with the fennec that had grabbed it yesterday. They had left it to its own devices without even sealing it back into its card before leaving. It watched them go then started bouncing around the bedroom


Brave Heart Lion and Harmony Bear were at Twin Bells, looking over some brooches and ornamental pins on display. Brave Heart was thumbing through when a voice drew his attention.

“Find what you’re looking for?” Brave Heart turned to see Loyal Heart Dog standing there, wearing the apron that was part of the shop’s uniform.

“Hi, Loyal, and no,” Brave Heart sighed, “I just feel bad about what happened with Love Heart.”

“I heard,” Loyal Heart looked around the shop, seeing it wasn’t very busy he stayed to talk with Brave Heart, “Want to talk about it.”

“I mean... I’ve had feelings for Harmony Bear as long as he has and she asked me out first, but I still feel a bit guilty. Love Heart’s my best friend,” Brave Heart turned back to stare at the display.

Loyal Heart couldn’t help but smile, “Yeah, I remember how you always asked to see him when we were kids.” He looked up to see Harmony had approached the two, “How do you feel?”

“Bad I guess. I’m not wrong but it still sucks that I had to break his heart like that.” Harmony turned to look at the display is pins and brooches, “I wasn’t going to lie to him. I want to make it up to him somehow, a gift or something.”

Eager to do his job, Loyal Heart gestured to the display, “Well one of these pins would make a good gift, maybe something less obvious than a heart.”

Harmony chuckled, “Being a salesman, Loyal.”

“I am at work, what do you think?” He picked out a pin with music notes on it to show to Harmony.

“A bit on the nose, but it’s cute. Sure,” She took the pin from Loyal Heart.

“This one,” Brave Heart picked out a brooch shaped like an ornate fencing sword.

Loyal Heart eyed the brooch oddly, “That one huh...” He shook his head to dispel the odd feeling, “Alright, I’ll ring them up over here.”

Brave Heart and Harmony exited the store with their new purchases, “I hope we can still be friends with Love Heart after this.” Brave Heart said.

“We can, maybe this peace offering will help. Let’s go give it to him right now!” Harmony pointed to the portal and led her boyfriend through it.

However they had already missed Love Heart who was now at Confidence Heart’s house standing with his arms held up as Confidence took his measurements, wrapping green measuring tape around his middle then writing the length on some note paper

Love Heart looked around what Confidence called the sewing room. It fit the description with a large table that held up a sewing machine, several boxes of pins, thread and spools, an adjustable dressing mannequin, a folded up ironing board and several other pieces he wasn’t sure what to call.

“I didn’t know you liked to sew,” Love Heart was reaching for a conversation topic.

“Yeah,” Confidence Heart was still focused on taking his measurements, “Mom taught me when I was a kid and I kept up with it in secret... You helped inspire me to get back into this.”

“Really? You mean on that caring mission where I found you?” Love Heart sounded surprised.

Confidence smiled as she measured each of Love Heart’s arms, “Yeah. You remember what you helped me with right? I mean besides finding another lost Care Bear Cousin.”

Love Heart did remember the mission, “You were miserable because you felt like you had to act like a stereotypical tomboy so you wouldn’t get dragged into ‘super girly’ things.”

“I just wanted to be me,” Confidence finally stood away from Love Heart, “You can put your arms down, I’m done.” She went to the dressing mannequin and started adjusting it to fit Love Heart’s proportions.

Love Heart smiled, “Yeah, and I’m happy because I got to meet you.” Love Heart didn’t notice Confidence blushing as she finished adjusting the mannequin.

“What are you two talking about?” Kero had been sitting nearby, watching the process silently.

Love Heart turned to Kero, “Oh right. Well you saw the giant heart-shaped gate we passed through right?”

Kero nodded, “Hard to miss. What’s the deal with that thing anyway?”

“It’s connected to how I joined the Care Bear Family.” Confidence Heart had calmed down and was going over some design ideas, sketching them on looseleaf. “I’m adopted, by the Avalons. They found me as a cub on earth and raised me. Five years ago Love Heart found me on one of his caring missions.”

Love Heart continued, “It’s what we do, we go down to earth to find children who need help with something in their lives: bullies, loneliness, confidence issues, stuff like that. I came down to help Confidence Heart with dad’s help and we were both surprised when we found her. Long story short Confidence didn’t want to leave her family so after a lot of stuff they built that giant arc to act as a gate between our home and here, and also set up the school and... just ask mom and dad about it later. It helps us relate to humans and helps them trust us more.”

“Because if you want to see the best cross-section of humanity, go to high school,” Confidence burst out laughing for a moment, which elicited some laughter from Love Heart as well. “But yeah,” Confidence got her laughter under control, “If it wasn’t for you I’d probably be part of the wrestling team and I never would have had the courage to take home ec.”

“Really?” Love Heart smiled, “You’re welcome.”

“Sometimes Care Bears need help caring too,” Confidence Heart turned back to her work while smiling.

There was a knock on the front door. “I’ll get it,” Love Heart left the room with Kero in tow. Confidence Heart watched him go before she turned back to her design sheet.

Love Heart was surprised when he saw who was there. “Brave Heart? Harmony?” He just stood there, staring at the two.

“Sage Heart told us you were here,” Harmony said. “I just wanted to make sure you were alright.”

Love Heart took a deep breath, “I’m fine.” He forced himself to grin.

Harmony and Brave Heart shared a look then pulled out the pin and brooch they had bought, “Here, a gift.”

“Yeah, we just want to keep being friends,” Brave Heart held out the sword-like brooch.

Love Heart stared at them, down to their gifts then back up to their face. So many emotions churned inside his head that he wasn’t sure how to respond.

After a couple awkward minutes, Harmony finally spoke, “Um, Love Heart?”

“I don’t want these,” Love Heart’s voice was cold.

“Love Heart-” Brave Heart tried to speak up but Love Heart cut him off.

“No. I’m angry about this but I hate that I’m mad when I should be happy for you! I want to be alright with this but I can’t just shut off how I felt about you for years, Harmony, or that I feel betrayed because you dated my best friend behind my back!” Love Heart’s voice had risen to a shout, “And I know it’s wrong to feel jealous or to hate you for this but how am I just supposed to not feel anything!? I’m literally about the love others feel for each other so I feel sick about all of this! I just... I don’t want to see either of you right now!” His face screwed up as he grabbed his chest, “I just... I hate feeling like this but my heart’s still broken and I want to do anything else just... leave me alone!” Love Heart slammed the door on them and leaned back against it. He had started to cry and rubbed his eyes as he felt choked up.

Kero had watched the whole scene and floated over to Love Heart, “What was that about?”

Love Heart sniffed, “Brave Heart is... was... is... my best friend and I had a crush on Harmony Bear for years but I could never tell her, until yesterday when I found out they were dating,” Love Heart sucked in air with a sob, “That’s kinda how this mess started, after she broke my heart I ran home and... that’s when I found the Book of Clow.”

“You can have some pop if you want,” Confidence had come out to see what was happening.

Love Heart smiled despite the tears, “Thanks, Confidence,” he wiped his eyes and headed for her kitchen.

Confidence Heart followed him and sat down at the dining table as Love Heart took a can of root beer from the fridge. “Do you want to talk about it?”

Love Heart sat down, “No! Yes! I...” he cracked the can and chugged half of it, then burping. “Yes...” He sighed, “I feel so wrong, like I shouldn’t be mad because they’re happy and... they don’t owe me anything but... maybe I’d feel better if Harmony hadn’t said she knew how I felt.”

“What?!” Confidence’s eyes went wide.

“Yeah,” Love Heart stared at the table, “She said she knew I had a crush on her but hoped I’d just... move on. I mean I’d still hurt but... I wish she’d said something before that was sprung on me. Maybe I’m just an idiot for not realizing she was dating my best friend.”

“No!” Confidence stood up, startling Love Heart, “it’s not your business to find out who’s dating who! You’re not an idiot...” She sank back down to her chair and bit her lip. She so desperately wanted to tell Love Heart how she felt right here and now... but she didn’t want to take advantage of him when he was hurting.

She felt Love Heart take her hand from across the table and looked up at him. While he was still teary eyed, Love Heart was smiling, “Thanks, Confidence.”

Confidence smiled then stood up, “I’m gonna go finish your costume design, excuse me.”

Love Heart watched her go then returned to his drink, sipping more slowly now.


“That could have gone better...” Harmony Bear sighed, staring at the music note pin in her hand as she and Brave Heart walked along the sidewalk. She put it back in her pocket and turned to Brave Heart, “Now what?”

“We leave him alone, until he’s calmed down,” Brave Heart pinned the brooch to his jacket, “For now we should...” Brave Heart abruptly froze in place.

“Brave, we should what?” Harmony stopped and stared at Brave Heart. His eyes had dulled as he stared off into the distance, then there was a flash of light and the brooch was suddenly in Brave Heart’s right hand, but it was now a meter-long sword with a thin silver blade.

Brave Heart turned around then marched back towards Confidence’s house.

“Brave Heart!” Harmony grabbed his shoulder only for Brave Heart to whip around and swing the sword at her. Harmony only dodged by falling backwards and Brave Heart turned to continue back towards Confidence Heart’s house.

Harmony had to catch her breath before she pulled out her phone and dialed the only person she could think of, “Independent Bear, something’s happened to Brave Heart!”


Love Heart’s new sense flare up in his head right after he tossed the empty can in the recycling. “A Clow Card!”

“And it’s coming this way!” Kero piped up as Love Heart dashed for the door.

Confidence Heart heard the shout and emerged into the living room just in time to see the door slam shut.

Love Heart dashed towards the sensation with Kero flying by his head and they didn’t have to go far. Brave Heart stood at the end of a block with a large stone wall right up to the sidewalk, holding the brooch-turned sword in his right hand.

“It’s The Sword Card!” Kero pointed at Brave Heart right as he charged at Love Heart, who dodged backwards as the lion swung for his neck.

“It has control of him!” Love Heart guessed.

“It won’t release control until you get the sword out of his hand!” Kero flew up and out of Brave Heart’s reach. Brave Heart swung at Love Heart again, who dodged sideways as Brave Heart stabbed with The Sword and missed, getting it stuck in the wall.

As Brave Heart pulled hard to free The Sword, Love Heart took his chance.

“Key of Clow

Power of Magic

Power of Light

Surrender the Wand

The Force Ignite


A moment later, Love Heart held the staff in both hands as Brave Heart freed the weapon and turned to face him again.

“Kero, how strong is this staff?” Love Heart held the staff like it was a sword as Brave Heart sidestepped, trying to find an opening in Love Heart’s defense.

“It won’t break easily but The Sword can cut through anything. Look out!”

Love Heart barely dodged, not wanting to risk the staff against the blade’s edge, and he swung out at Brave Heart, but stopped before the head could connect with Brave Heart’s arm.

“What are you doing! You have to get it away from him!” Kero shouted.

“I... I can’t!” Love Heart was shaking. Brave Heart seemed to hesitate, turning slowly to face Love Heart.

“What do you mean ‘you can’t’? You have to!” Kero shouted.

Love Heart pointed the staff at Brave Heart, shaking in his hands as he trembled. “I know but...” Love Heart was breathing so hard he barely had time to dodge back as Brave Heart advanced, swinging for his head. Love Heart turned and ran with Brave Heart giving chase.

“Love Heart!” Kero took off after the two.


In Love Heart’s bedroom, the Jump Card stopped its bouncing. It could sense one of its fellow cards awakening. Love Heart had kept his work and even left it to just sleep the day away. The door to Love Heart’s room was open a crack and the rabbit-like spirit exited and bounded for the door, catching it just as Sweet Heart was entering, leaving the pink Pegasus stunned as The Jump Card leapt through the air, heading for the portal.


Love Heart managed to get away to the park and climbed up a tree before Brave Heart could catch up to him. His lighter Care Bear body and green fur let him climb up high and hide in the branches, still shaking as he held onto the trunk with his left hand, the staff held loosely in his right.

“Love Heart? What happened?” Kero had found him while the Sword-possessed Brave Heart was searching the park.

“I can’t attack him,” Love Heart whispered, “I’m still too angry, I might actually hurt him and it’s wrong!” Love Heart’s whisper reached a fever pitch and he pounded the tree’s trunk, “But I just can’t help it.”

Brave Heart turned to the shaking tree and marched towards it, readying the sword as he marched.

“You can work things out once The Sword is captured.” Kero lowered his voice to a shouting whisper, “As long as it’s loose you’re going to be in danger.” As if to prove his point, Brave Heart sliced the tree’s trunk in half and it began to topple over.

“Whoa!” Love Heart barely managed to get out of the falling tree, sprawling on the ground as Brave Heart advanced around the fallen trunk.

“Love Heart!”

“Love Heart!”

The two voices came from The Jump Card and Indy. The Jump card bounced off Brave Heart’s shoulder, making him stumble, as Indy charged in and drew his katana. Brave Heart rounded on him and blocked Indy’s blade.

“You’re alive!” The Jump stopped in front of Love Heart as he stood up.

“Jump?” Love Heart ignored the clashing as Indy did his best to keep Brave Heart busy without hurting him.

“You let me stay alone in your room without sealing me, I didn’t think you would,” The Jump looked sheepish.

Love Heart managed a small smile as he stroked the rabbit-like creature’s head, “I promised I wouldn’t use you. Sorry I didn’t bring you along.”

The Jump looked up at Love Heart, “Use me now, to fight The Sword Card!”

“No.” Love Heart stood up, “I promised I wouldn’t. Even if I did I...” he watched Indy defending himself against Brave Heart with minimal effort while trying to keep his sword from being destroyed. “I’m afraid I’d hurt him,”

Harmony stood nearby hearing Love Heart’s every word but didn’t say anything as she watched Indy and Brave Heart fighting.

“HIII YA!” Confidence Heart hurtled out of the blue with a flying kick right to Brave Heart’s side, even Indy was stunned as Brave Heart got up and turned to face Confidence as she darted in and chopped Brave Heart’s hand, knocking The Sword free. Brave Heart collapsed and Indy caught him.

Confidence Heart whipped around, “Love Heart!”

“Seal it!” Kero jabbed his arm at The Sword.

Love Heart felt a rush of energy as he charged at The Sword as it floated in the air, point downwards. Love Heart swung the staff, “Sword Card! I command you to return to your power confined! Sword!” The rush of energy followed as the Sword was pulled into its card which flew into Love Heart’s hand.

Love Heart sighed in relief as he signed his name to the card then let the staff reseal as Kero floated over to him.

“Alright, one more captured card! Good work!” Kero grinned.

“I didn’t do anything...” Love Heart whispered.

“Huh?” Confidence had heard him and walked over to him as Harmony ran to make sure Brave Heart was alright.

“I just froze... all I did was run while everyone else fought my battle for me. Some cardcaptor I am,” He sighed, “I’m going home.”

“Love Heart...” Confidence reached for him, then stopped as he slunk away, holding the captured Sword Card in his hand. She turned to see Brave Heart and Harmony hugging as he came around, then turned and headed for home so she could focus on his battle costume.

Love Heart collapsed on his bed, not even having said hi to his parents or sister. Kero and The Jump had followed him all the way to his room, Kero had tried to placate him all the way home but had been unsuccessful and eventually quieted down.

Finally, The Jump hopped up on Love Heart’s bed and sat near his head. “You did it.”

“All I did was seal it, I couldn’t fight Brave Heart... and I wanted to hurt him...” Love Heart mumbled.

The Jump shook its head, “I mean you kept your promise, even when I said you could use me. You even let me stay here all day without sealing me back up.”

Love Heart turned his head and smiled at The Jump, “I promised. So now what?”

“Seal me, I need some rest.”

“OK,” Love Heart only had to focus his magic into his hand and The Jump returned to its card form.

“See, you did do something,” Kero floated up to Love Heart, “You made a friend.”

Love Heart smiled, “Yeah, I guess I did. Now how do I communicate with a sentient sword?” he held up The Sword Card in front of his face.
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Re: Cardcaptor Love Heart - A Cardcaptor Sakura/Care Bears Crossover

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This is a really great story so far and not one I thought I would enjoy! Nice work!
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Re: Cardcaptor Love Heart - A Cardcaptor Sakura/Care Bears Crossover

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Thank you. I've finally found my muse again after two years and I'm hoping to get more written faster
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Re: Cardcaptor Love Heart - A Cardcaptor Sakura/Care Bears Crossover

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Chapter 3: Wings Take Flight

Love Heart stood in his backyard as he held the sealing staff in his right hand and The Sword Card in the other. The Jump sat nearby in its winged rabbit form, Kero floated next to Love Heart and Sage Heart watched from nearby.

“Here’s goes!” Love Heart threw the card forwards and struck it with the staff’s beak. “Sword!” The card broke apart into flame-like wisps that flew up to envelope the staff as Love Heart pointed it skywards. The fire dissipated and showed that the staff had transformed into The Sword, looking identical to how it had before.

Love Heart held The Sword in front of his face then gave it and experimental swing. “It feels so natural in my hand, and light.” He held it up again, staring into the red jewel in the middle of the cross-hilt. “I don’t think you can talk, but can you hear me?”


Love Heart blinked, “I can feel something from it, emotions, anger, resentment.”

“The Sword has always been a violent card,” Kero nodded, his arms folded.

“Well how would you feel if you’re literally just a weapon?” The Jump shook its head.

“Not sure how I can earn its trust. I don’t think letting it go free is the best idea,” Love Heart swung the sword down and looked down along the blade, “I should at least practise with it.”

“Yes, you should.” Sage Heart turned and conjured up a number of straw targets for his son from his tummy symbol, “If The Sword is as sharp as Kero said, you’ll need to work on precision instead of power.”

Love Heart gripped The Sword in both hands and struck out at the first target, slicing it neatly in two.

Kero and The Jump watched as Love Heart practised, showing off his swordsmanship. “Is he still worried because he couldn’t capture it?” The Jump asked.

“He is,” Sage Heart nodded, “and it’s mixed up with his feelings for Harmony and his friendship with Brave Heart.” He sighed, “I’m worried that his friendship with them will never be the same.”

“I’ll worry about that later,” Love Heart didn’t turn as he spoke, “For now I need to focus on the Clow Cards.” He returned to his practise.

Confidence Heart arrived a short time later, vaulting over the fence as usual and biting her tongue when she saw Love Heart practising.

The Jump glared up at the new arrival, “What are you doing here?” it was clearly irritated.

“Huh?” Confidence looked down at the small winged pink rabbit, somewhat confused.

“What? Don’t remember grabbing me!?” The Jump stared at her menacingly.

“Wait, are you The Jump Card?” Confidence looked it up and down. It was slimmer and had a less menacing appearance despite its death glare.

“That’s right!”

Confidence folded her arms, “I’m not apologizing.”

“You needed to be sealed,” Kero interjected, “Besides are you really that angry about that?”

“Annoyed,” The Jump sighed, “But fine. I’m not that angry,” It turned to watch Love Heart again, as did Kero and Confidence Heart.

Love Heart was panting when he finally re-sealed The Sword and turned to see her.

“Confidence,” he smiled, “just come to watch?”

“That wasn’t my plan, but I enjoyed the show,” Confidence smirked, “Your battle costume is finished.”

“Really?” Love Heart perked up, “Let’s go try it on,” He motioned to The Jump.

The Jump smiled and bounded onto Love Heart’s shoulder where it perched. Kero latched onto Love Heart’s other shoulder, neither weighing enough to throw off his balance, before he let Confidence Heart drag him away.


Sweet Heart Pegasus flew over Readington, preferring to view the town from above rather than the Kingdom of Caring. She enjoyed being able to fly without a cloud car license, to be up here without anyone to bother her. She loved being able to find a place that was truly isolated, too far away to hear anyone shouting at her from the ground and being able to shut off her heartphone and just relax. She caught a thermal and soared higher, letting her wings rest as she felt the air rush up around her and carry her worries away.

A sudden screech knocked Sweet Heart out of her bliss as she spun around in the air to catch sight of the source. It flew by her, knocking her for a loop and she was barely able to steady herself. She caught sight of a massive bird as she leveled off then dove for the ground. The screech behind her signaled that the thing was still pursuing her and she made a beeline for the portal to Care-a-Lot.


Love Heart looked at himself in the full length mirror, turning to get a look at the battle costume he now wore. The outfit consisted of dark blue pants and a light blue shirt open at the bottom with yellow cuffs, light blue boots with yellow rims, a light blue cape with dark blue hearts on each corner and red on the inside that was attached by a bright yellow chest piece with a dark blue heart emblazoned in the middle and topped off by a headpiece that attached under his ears with small white wings attached to the sides by large red fasteners.

(art by NataliaRock)

“Do you like it?” Confidence fidgeted as she waited for Love Heart’s opinion.

Love Heart grinned, “I love it! Thank you.”

Confidence Heart visibly relaxed, “Good. So how does it feel, tight anywhere?”

“A little in the shoulders,” Love Heart twisted his torso left and right.

“It should loosen up after a while,” Confidence Heart walked over to check the shoulder sections, “I’ll try to let it out if it’s still stiff after a couple weeks.”

“Thanks anyways,” Love Heart felt slightly embarrassed, “How can I thank you for this?”

“Let me come on your card capturing missions,” Confidence replied, “I helped capture The Jump after all.”

“Yeah, I remember,” The Jump piped up.

Both Care Bears turned to Kero and The Jump, “What do you think?” Confidence asked.

“I like it, makes you stand out,” The Jump said.

“Pretty good, should get the cards’ attention,” Kero flew over and around Love Heart to inspect it.

“Which reminds me, I have something for you.” A moment later, Kero had a large blue bow with a red heart-shaped button at the center tied around his neck.

“Nice! Stylish!” Kero grinned as he looked at himself in a mirror.

“What about me?” The Jump suddenly felt left out.

“Do you want me to make you something?” Confidence turned to the winged pink rabbit.

“Maybe... I mean...” The Jump hadn’t expected her to offer but Confidence was already searching around the room and came up with a set of pale green ribbons.

“Here,” She carefully tied them around The Jump’s ears, or at least the things that looked like ears, so they wound up and around ending with small bows at the tips. She then held up a mirror in front of it.

The Jump flicked its ears, testing the weight, “I think it looks good, maybe?”

“It looks cute,” Love Heart complimented then motioned to his shoulder and The Jump hopped on up, “Do they get in the way, do they itch.”

“Nope,” The Jump shook its head.

Before more congratulations could be sent around, Love Heart and Kero felt the twinge of magic shoot through their minds.

“A Clow Card!” Kero shouted.

“I feel it too,” Love Heart tuned to The Jump, “Sorry but I need you back in your card now.”

“Alright!” The Jump vanished in a bright rush of wind, flying into the Clow Book Love Heart had left on a table which Love Heart snatched up at he and Kero bolted from Confidence Heart’s house. They nearly crashed into Tori’s boyfriend Julian as they ran out the door.

Love Heart just stared as he saw the giant bird diving towards the portal, only to pull back as its wing struck something. It shrieked in pain and took off into the sky.

“It’s The Fly Card!” Kero shouted as Love Heart took off to chase the giant bird. He was about to pull out The Jump Card when he saw Sweet Heart flying towards the portal only to hit the ground right before passing through. All thoughts of capturing the card were forgotten as Love Heart beelined for his little sister as she struggled to her hooves.

Sweet Heart had crashed from shock rather than injury and was struggling to breathe as she stumbled to her hooves. She felt Love Heart take her hand and help her to stand.

“Sweet Heart, are you alright?” Love Heart crouched to look her in the eyes.

Sweet Heart spread her wings and began smoothing out her feathers and pulling out a few that had molted, “Just scared, The Fly almost got me.”

“Yeah,” Love Heart sighed in relief and stood up then searched around, “How can a bird that big just disappear?”

“Don’t underestimate it,” Kero flew up beside Love Heart, “The Fly Card might not be the most subtle of cards but it can be clever. But it will come back.” Neither of them noticed Sweet Heart shuddering at Kero’s words.

Confidence Heart arrived, slowing from her run, “Where’d the big bird go? Wait...” she held her hands up to her huge ears. Her left ear twitched as she heard a strained cry, “I think it’s... that way!” She pointed off in the direction she had heard.

“Right,” Love Heart nodded then turned to Sweet Heart, “Will you be alright?”

Sweet Heart just nodded.

“Alright, let’s do this.” Love Heart pulled out his pendant.

“Key of Clow

Power of Magic

Power of Light

Surrender the Wand

The Force Ignite


Love Heart snatched the staff from the air, “Let’s go!” He, Confidence Heart and Kero took off with Confidence leading them by her ears.

Sweet Heart just held her chest as he breathing returned to normal before heading home through the portal.

Confidence Heart followed her ears as she led Love Heart and Kero to the edge of the town, all three easily able to keep up the pace. Love Heart squinted then pointed to the massive shape in the sky “UP THERE!” He shouted.

“What? Whoa!” Confidence skidded to halt, “How did I miss that.”

“The Fly can’t be seen past a certain distance,” Kero piped up, “from too far away it looks like a giant cloud.”

“Well I have to get up there!” Love Heart reached into the Clow Book and pulled out a card. “Jump!” He struck the card with his staff and wings materialized on his feet. “Alright here goes!”

“Wait!” Confidence’s shout came too late as Love Heart launched himself right at the giant bird, Kero clinging to his shoulder to keep up.

Love Heart’s cape billowed behind him as he reached the apex of his jump, falling slightly short of reaching The Fly and beginning to plummet. The giant bird shrieked as it dove towards Love Heart, missing him as he fell except for the wind to blow him off course.

“It’s slow to turn!” Love Heart looked over his shoulder as he fell then looked down at the wings on his feet.

“You’ll have to get on its back!” Kero shouted as they finally hit the ground.

Love Heart spun around, seeing that The Fly was losing altitude and heading towards town. “Ready to try again, Jump?” Love Heart swore he could feel The Jump agreeing with him as he crouched again, then aimed himself at The Fly and jumped as hard as he could. The wings on his feet flapped slightly, tilting his body towards The Fly as he first overtook it then fell towards its back.

The Fly screeched as Love Heart hit its back, grabbing onto its feathers to stay attached. He forced himself to look up at the bird’s head. He wished he could cover his ears as The Fly shrieked out in pain.

“What’s wrong?!” Love Heart shouted to be heard over the wind and received another pained cry in response as The Fly banked left. Love Heart turned in that direction and saw a snapped off tree trunk had impaled The Fly’s left wing.

“No wonder it’s going crazy!” Kero shouted.

“I have to get it out!” Love Heart pushed the staff into his mouth and bit down as he laboriously crawled forwards against the wind to get closer to The Fly’s head, pulling the staff out once he was holding onto the base of its neck. “Fly Card!” Love Heart shouted, “I can help you but you have to land! I can get that tree out of your wing! Please land!”

The Fly Card’s cry nearly shattered Love Heart’s ear drums but it seemed to get the message as it was descending, or maybe the pain was finally too much. As they got closer, Love Heart let go and fell to the ground, landing safely thanks to The Jump. His expression softened as he saw the giant bird go in for a crash landing in a large open field.

“I don’t think it can fly anymore,” Kero floated off Love Heart’s shoulder, no longer needing to hold on.

“Then it’s time to keep my promise,” Love Heart jumped towards where The Fly had crashed, leaving Kero behind.

Love Heart could tell The Fly was in pain as he landed next to its head, though its bird-like head didn’t betray much emotion he could tell. He carefully reached out to touch it above the eye but paused when it glared at him from the one eye.

“Relax, I’m here to help,” Love Heart lowered his voice, “I’m Love Heart Bear and I’m the Cardcaptor.”

The Fly gave him an incredulous look then craned its neck to look at its impaled wing. Love Heart followed its gaze for a moment then turned back to face it.

“I’ll get that out, just lie still. It’s going to hurt.” Love Heart turned and jumped on to the Fly’s back. The Fly screeched in pain as Love Heart walked carefully along its wing to reach the place where the tree trunk had impaled it and he touched it.

“Can’t pull it out but... something Take Care told me in first aid.” Love Heart pulled out his only other Clow Card, “Sword!” A flash of magical fire and The Sword had replaced the staff in Love Heart’s hand. He took held the sword in both hands and took a deep breath then swung, slicing the tree trunk off right near the wing. He pushed off the piece so it fell to the ground then turned back to the piece still lodged in The Fly’s wing.

“This is going to hurt,” Love Heart eyed the piece nervously. He swore he could feel a sensation from The Fly that said ‘Just get it over with!’ so he raised his foot and stomped down hard on the wood. The Fly cried out as the wood was pushed through its wing, fighting to stay still. It took three more slams of Love Heart’s boot before it was finally pushed out and The Fly flopped down, letting out a cry of relief. Love Heart jumped down in front of The Fly’s head, returning The Jump and The Sword to their cards as he faced the exhausted bird.

“Feeling better?” Love Heart watched as the bird gave a small nod of its huge head.

“Good, I have to seal you now. I can’t have you flying around hurting yourself or anyone else,” Love Heart held the staff forwards in both hands. The Fly just slumped down, admitting defeat as Love Heart raised the staff.

“Fly Card! I command you to return to your power confined! Fly Card!” He struck the air right over the bird’s head and after a whirl of magic he held The Fly Card in his hand, depicting the same giant bird with folded wings.

“Love Heart!”

“Love Heart!”

Love Heart looked up after having just written his name across The Fly in time to see Confidence Heart and Kero slowing to a stop in front of him. He smiled and held up the card for them to see.

“All taken care of, one more Clow Card sealed.”

“All right!” Kero floated over to the card, “How did you do it?”

“I cut the tree out of its wing, after that it let me seal it.”

“That’s great!” Confidence lunged forwards to hug Love Heart, who smiled and hugged her back. “So I guess we should start the walk home.”

“No need,” Kero pointed to the card still in Love Heart’s hand, “You can use The Fly Card to get home.”

“Are you sure?” Love Heart let go of Confidence with his right arm to look at the card as Confidence stepped aside to look at the card too, “It’s still hurt.”

“Resting in the card heals and recharges them,” Kero nodded, “Go ahead.”

Confidence stepped away from Love Heart so he could toss The Fly forwards and strike it with his staff, “Fly!”

Instead of summoning the giant bird, the little wings on the staff’s head grew to massive size.

Confidence whistled, “Wow. So do you ride it like a broomstick?”

“I guess so but I can’t drive a cloud car,” Love Heart swung his leg over the staff and felt a small twinge in his mind, “I can feel it though. I think I can control it.” The staff’s wings flapped as it rose slightly. Love Heart winced as his feet left the ground, “OK, I think I can do this.”

Confidence couldn’t help but giggle as she hopped on the staff behind him, “Well let’s go home.” Confidence wrapped her arms around Love Heart’s middle to hold on as Kero grabbed on to Love Heart’s shoulder. With a little concentration, Love Heart was able to take off and fly them back to town.

Kero happily stayed after lunch to clean up with the promise of cookies afterwards while Love Heart retreated to his room. He stared at The Fly Card in his hand as he lay back on his bed until he felt something from the Clow Book.

Love Heart looked at The Jump, noting how the green ribbons were on its ears in the picture now, before he pulled out the staff, “Come out, Jump!” he summoned The Jump in front of him on the bed. “What’s wrong?” he could see that The Jump looked downcast.

“Well, now that you have The Fly I guess you won’t be needing me anymore...” it hung its head.

Love Heart frowned then reached over and lifted The Jump’s chin, “Jump, look at me. I’m not going to abandon you or stop using you, I promise.”

“Really?” The Jump perked up.

“I promise,” Love Heart scratched under The Jump’s chin which made its wings flutter in happiness. Love Heart smiled then turned to his still open door, “I need to talk to Sweet Heart.” He stood up, “Want to come?”

“Yes!” The Jump hopped up onto Love Heart’s shoulder as he left the room.

Sweet Heart lay on her bed, staring at something as she propped up on her arms. She nearly jumped when she heard a knock on her door and hastily stashed it under her pillow.

“Who’s there?”

“It’s Love Heart, can I come in?”

Sweet Heart sighed then forced herself to smile, “OK, big brother.” She sat up as the door opened.

Love Heart smiled at her, “You doing alright, Sweet?”

“Just tired and a little scared,” she couldn’t help but stare at The Jump sitting on Love Heart’s shoulder as he sat next to her.

“Don’t worry,” Love Heart held up The Fly Card, “I caught it, you’re safe now.”

“Thanks, big brother,” Sweet Heart was still staring at The Jump.

“Is there something on my face?” The Jump rubbed its face with its forepaws.

“Oh, no!” Sweet Heart’s wings flared slightly, “I just wasn’t expecting you to be out of your card so much and what are those things on your ears,” she pointed to the green ribbons still tied around The Jump’s ears.

“Confidence gave them to me,” The Jump seemed to smile, “They make me look cute.”

“I like having him around,” Love Heart scratched The Jump under its chin, “Just let me know if you want to talk about anything, ok?”

“Ok. Thank you, big brother.” Sweet Heart stayed seated until Love Heart left then flopped back on her bed with a big shuddering sigh before she folded her wings and curled up on top of her bed sheets. “I’m sorry,” she whispered.
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Re: Cardcaptor Love Heart - A Cardcaptor Sakura/Care Bears Crossover

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This was a very nice addition to the story! It truly has come out very great and fits everything perfectly!
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Re: Cardcaptor Love Heart - A Cardcaptor Sakura/Care Bears Crossover

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Chapter 4: Blowing Through

The Jump sat on the windowsill and stared out at the night sky. Kero landed next to it to join in.

“You feel it?” Kero asked.

The Jump nodded, “Yes, it’s nearby.” It turned to look at the sleeping Love Heart, “Why can’t he feel it?”

Kero briefly turned to watch the sleeping Care Bear, “They need real sleep, not just rest like we do. If he’s in danger we’ll wake him up.” He turned back to The Jump, “Worried?”


“Then stay with him just in case,” Kero yawned then flew over to curl up on Love Heart’s free pillow. The Jump didn’t say anything but hopped onto the bed and slept at the foot on top of the blankets.


Sweet Heart was up earlier than normal today and literally glided down the stairs for breakfast. Love Heart was eating toast as he watched his sister literally flying up to grab a box of cereal and pour a bowl, drinking it down without a spoon.

“In a rush, sis?” Love Heart watched her all but slam the bowl into the sink.

“Day camp at the Y,” Sweet Heart poured a glass of water and chugged it down, “Gotta go!” She galloped out the front door and took off, flying towards the portal.

“Don’t you need a ride!?” Love Heart shouted after her then shook his head.

It was a while before their mother came downstairs in her pink bathrobe. She yawned and went for the coffeemaker, downing half a cup before she spoke to Love Heart. “Good morning.”

“Morning, mom, you’re up early,” Love Heart finished off his breakfast and went to clean the plate.

“Sweet Heart woke me up, she’s so excited for Day Camp this year,” Life Heart smiled, “And it’s going to give us a chance to do something you’ve been neglecting.”

Love Heart froze as he was heading towards the stairs, no one liked to hear one of their parents say they had to take care of something long neglected, “What?”

“You need to get your driver’s license.” Life Heart set down the now empty coffee mug.

“Really? I mean what about the Clow Cards?” Love Heart tried to hide how nervous he sounded.

“Now Love Heart,” his mother’s tone became stern, a rarity for her, “You’ve been avoiding this since you failed the test the first time, you need to spend more time practising so you can summon a cloud car on your own.”

“But I have The Fly Card now,” Love Heart protested.

Life Heart shook her head, “The Fly Card doesn’t have trunk or passenger seats. Unless a Clow Card shows up in the next few minutes we’re getting back to driver training today.”

A minute in silence passed as if Life Heart’s ultimatum might summon a card right then and there. When nothing happened Love Heart sighed, defeated.

“OK, just let me talk to Kero,” Love Heart slunk back upstairs.

“Ten minutes!” Life Heart called as she poured cereal for herself.

Love Heart heard his father still snoring as he re-entered his bedroom, finding Kero and The Jump still asleep on his bed. He stroked one of The Jump’s ears, running over the ribbons still tied there, “Good morning.”

“Morning,” The Jump looked up at Love Heart.

“Good morning too,” Kero yawned then sat up and stretched, “So what’s going on?”

“I have driving lessons, unless there’s a Clow Card nearby,” Love Heart looked at Kero with a hopeful expression.

“Actually there’s one nearby,” Kero said, “But it doesn’t seem to be doing anything and I can’t pinpoint it.” He continued not seeing Love Heart’s expression change to excitement, “Keep on your guard but we can’t hunt it down so just go on with your driving lessons, but take the Key and Book with you.”

Love Heart’s face fell and he sighed, “Alright... Hey Jump, gonna have to ask you to come back.”

“OK,” The Jump didn’t sound perturbed and allowed itself to be re-sealed into its card. Love Heart took a moment to look at the picture and saw the same ribbons tied on the picture’s ears, the green standing out in contrast to the monochrome artwork. He put the card back into the book with The Sword and The Fly. He pulled on his cargo vest, hung the Clow Key around his neck and attached the book to a strap on his vest so it hung at his side.

“Let’s get this over with...”


Sweet Heart landed right in front the YMCA and stood on her tip-hooves to spin around for a moment.

“Excited, Sweet?” Pretty Heart Skunk was already there waiting for her, smirking at her friend’s enthusiasm.

“Yup!” Sweet Heart had to force herself to fold her wings, “I was so worried I’d have to skip it this year.”

“Why?” Pretty Heart’s question made Sweet Heart freeze.

“Oh just...” Sweet Heart was interrupted by the front doors opening and the sounds of approaching children, human and Care Bear. “It’s open!” She darted inside, almost crashing into the man opening the door so they could start the day camp. Pretty Heart watched Sweet Heart momentarily then followed her inside. She’d ask later if she could remember.


“Alright shoulder check and turn right,” Life Heart Unicorn directed Love Heart around the streets of Readington as he carefully turned the corner in the cloud car, what looked like a literal car made of clouds about 2/3rds the size of a sedan without a roof and decorated in heart and rainbow motifs like most things the Care Bears used.

Love Heart grumbled, “Why do I have to drive on the streets? This car can fly.”

“Because you may need to drive on roads someday and it’s better to lean in harsher conditions just in case. There,” she pointed to two cars parked very close to each other on the side of the road, “parallel park between them.”

Love Heart gulped as he pulled up alongside the front car then pulled back with some hesitation. No matter how many times he tried this or how good he got, parallel parking made Love Heart nervous. He sighed in relief as he parked and his mother patted him on the shoulder.

“Well done.”

Love Heart shut the car off and sat back, eyes closed. Life Heart watched him for a moment until he sat up and forwards, “Nowhere nearby, at least I can’t sense it anywhere.”

“The Clow Card?” Life Heart looked concerned.

Love Heart nodded then started the engine again, “Alright, now what?”

“Let’s see how you can fly now.”

“Alright,” Love Heart took a deep breath, shoulder checked then pulled out into the sparse traffic before he pulled back on the steering wheel as if it were the control wheel on an airplane which made the cloud car pitch back and start flying. A few people, likely tourists, stopped to marvel but the locals paid it no mind as they had gotten over the flying cloud cars the Care Bear Family used ages ago.

Compared to using The Fly Card flying the cloud car was a harrowing experience. With The Fly Love Heart could practically feel every motion and turn with incredible precision but the car seemed either too weak or too sensitive to his turns no matter how much he tried. Nevertheless he pressed onwards if only to get this over with.

It was after an hour in the air that the wind picked up. Love Heart was on edge as he looked around.

“Oh my, maybe we should call it a day,” Life Heart was holding on to the door and her seat as the wind began to push destabilize the cloud car.

“Wait, mom,” Love Heart scanned the sky surrounding them until he spotted a slowly forming funnel cloud not too far away. “It’s a Clow Card!” He grabbed the key pendant around his neck.

“Key of Clow

Power of Magic

Power of Light

Surrender the Wand

The Force Ignite


Staff in hand, Love Heart all but yanked his seatbelt off and pulled a card out of the Clow Book and struck it with the staff.


“Love Heart!” Life Heart tried to grab him to pull him back as Love Heart rode the now winged staff over the cloud car as the wind speed nearly tore him away.

“Mom! Get out of here! I’ll handle this!” Love Heart turned and rode the staff towards a tornado hovering in mid air.

“No!” Life Heart wanted to reach out and stop him, what mother wouldn’t, but she was afraid she might knock him off his staff and he was right about it being too dangerous to try flying the cloud car. She shifted over to the driver’s side with difficulty before flying in reverse as far as she could tolerate, not wanting to lose sight of her son.

Love Heart had a death grip on the staff as he flew towards the tornado, barely hanging on the whole way as he stared it down, wishing he had some other way to fight it other than The Sword Card, which needed the staff to be free.

“CLOW CARD!” Love Heart shouted over the howling of the wind as the tornado, “STOP THIS NOW! I WON’T LET YOU GET NEAR MY MOM OR THE GROUND!” He was already feeling the strain of needing to shout so loud.

To his surprise, his shout was answered.

“And how will you stop me?” the voice was feminine and sounded like a cool breeze despite the raging wind that was encroaching on him.

“ANYWAY I CAN, CLOW CARDS OR NOT!” Love Heart closed his eyes against the wind as they started to water and focused on his tummy symbol. Whether or not this would work he had to try. “It’s just like No-Heart when I was a kid,” he muttered to himself as his tummy symbol started to glow.

“What are you doing?” the voice from the tornado asked.

Love Heart opened his eyes and bared his teeth before he shouted, “CARE BEARS COUNTDOWN! 4! 3! 2! 1! CARE BEAR STARE!” Love Heart fired off a bright green beam of light from his tummy symbol right at the tornado.

Love Heart strained to keep his stare going for a full minute before he had to stop or he would risk falling off.

“What was that? It felt strange.” The wind was slowing down as the voice spoke.

“And there’s more if I need to use it!” Love Heart managed to get his symbol glowing again, though he was freaking out internally as it didn’t seem to be doing anything. “I won’t let you hurt anyone down there or in Care-a-Lot!”

“I can feel. That beam made me feel how much you care about them, how much you’re willing to sacrifice to save them.” The voice spoke again, “Will you really put it all on the line?”

“Yes!” Love Heart answered immediately.

“I’m surprised, I didn’t expect you to stand your ground or show me this.” The hovering tornado shrunk down and compressed into a humanoid female figure the height of a grown woman with long hair tresses and wings that enfolded a body that seemed to be made of compressed air. “My name is The Windy, one of the four elemental Clow Cards.” It hovered up to Love Heart so it could look him in the eye, “Are you going to try and seal me?”

“Yes. I can’t have you flying around trying to hurt anyone.” Love Heart was preparing to swing the staff out from under him and try to seal The Windy in mid air when it held up a hand.

“There’s no need to be reckless. I accept.”

“Really?” Love Heart was stunned.

“Yes, I can go down to the ground if you wish.” It pointed down towards the city.

“No, I can call some help,” Love Heart pulled his heartphone out of his tummy symbol and dialed, “Mom, you can come pick me up now.”

Life Heart kept the cloud car steady as Love Heart stood on the passenger’s seat, staff in hand.

The Windy smiled at him and nodded as Love Heart raised the staff.

“Windy Card! I Command you to return to your power confined! Windy!” Love Heart struck forwards and a moment later, with a rush of wind, The Windy was sealed and the care with her image on it flew in to his hand. “One of the four elements,” Love Heart smiled and dropped into his seat so he could sign his name to it, “I can’t wait to tell Kero.”

“Then tell him when we get home,” Life Heart let out a sigh of relief, “You really scared me, Love Heart.” She pulled her son into a hug and patted his back which was made slightly uncomfortable by them being seated in the car.

“I’m sorry, but I had to stop The Windy,” Love Heart hugged her back.

“I know,” Life Heart released him, “Now let’s get back to practise, we still have a couple hours before I have to pick up Mira.”

Love Heart groaned as Life Heart flew down to find a safe place for them to trade seats.


Pretty Heart Skunk was sitting on the front steps of the YMCA when Life Heart landed the cloud car out front.

“I thought you were in Sweet Heart’s day camp,” Love Heart got up out of the car.

“Nope, I come to the Y for boxing lessons,” Sweet Heart looked up from her heartphone, “I’m just waiting for her. Are you here to pick her up?”

“If she needs it,” Life Heart was still in the driver’s seat.

As if summoned by their presence children began streaming out of the front doors, Sweet Heart near the front.

“Hi, Sweet,” Pretty Heart waved to her friend and Sweet Heart all but swooped over to her, or would have if her wings wouldn’t have knocked the other kids over.

Love Heart waved to his sister and the other kids took notice.

“Hey, is that your brother?” one boy asked Sweet Heart Pegasus.

Sweet Heart nodded, “Yup, that’s Love Heart.”

“You’re that card capturing guy!” Another kid shouted and soon Love Heart found himself surrounded by kids asking him a hundred questions and requests.

“Do you have the cards?”

“What can they do?”

“Can you show me magic?”

“Yes, do magic!”



“Show us that bunny plush that jumps!”

‘Think I’ll leave Jump inside its card’ Love Heart thought to himself as he tried to answer or placate the kids surrounding him, not willing to risk them by showing off a Clow Card in front of them and partly wishing he was able to keep his mission a secret.

Life Heart smiled at her son, remembering how many kids had asked if she was a real unicorn when they first linked the Kingdom of Caring to Readington or even Sweet Heart being a real Pegasus, or winged horse but why split hairs. She looked around and noticed that Sweet Heart and Pretty Heart had left already and sighed but waited for other parents to pull their children away from her son.

None of them noticed that everyone’s shadows had gone missing and were creeping back into the YMCA building.

Sweet Heart and Pretty Heart were already around a corner three blocks away with Pretty Heart having jogged to keep up with the low-flying pink Pegasus.

“What’s the rush, Sweet Heart?” Pretty Heart slowed down once her friend landed on the sidewalk.

Sweet Heart sighed, “I just wanted to get away from that.”

“Everyone asking about Clow Card stuff or talking to your brother?” Pretty Heart stepped back to look around the corner.

“Both, I just don’t want to think about the Clow Cards or see my big brother being swarmed like that,” she turned to Pretty Heart, “I love him but... well everyone in day camp was asking about him and I just got tired of it.”

“Going to drop out of day camp?” Pretty asked.

Sweet Heart shook her head, “No, I’ll just tell them to stop asking me.” She tried to smile, “Want to go get ice cream or do you need to get home?”

“I can take a detour,” Pretty Heart smiled, “What’s it like living with an older brother?”

“What’s it like living with a bunch of siblings the same age as you?” Sweet Heart asked back which made the two of them burst out giggling as they started down the street.


It wasn’t until after supper that Love Heart showed off the sealed Windy Card to Kero in his bedroom. “So whaddya think?”

“Wow, I’m impressed,” Kero picked up the card, “so what did you do?”

“I used my Care Bear Stare. It’s basically a beam of good feelings we can shoot from our tummy symbols,” Love Heart pointed to his symbol, “it expels evil spirits, hurts things that don’t have a heart and can send our emotions to others. I think I showed The Windy how much I was willing to sacrifice to protect everyone.”

“I’m not surprised it worked, The Windy is a gentle spirit and doesn’t like to hurt people,” Kero tucked the card under his arm and floated up to Love Heart’s eye level, “But be careful, the other three elemental cards won’t give in that easily. You will have to fight them.”

“Right,” Love Heart nodded.

“Also I need to come with you tomorrow,” Kero handed The Windy back to Love Heart, “I sensed another Clow Card earlier today but I couldn’t pinpoint it.”

“Why didn’t you come find me then?” Love Heart stowed The Windy inside the Clow Book.

“Well... I was busy,” Kero chuckled nervously.

“Busy with what?”

“Video games.”

Love Heart just sighed and rolled his eyes.


Sweet Heart slept in the next day and had to accept a ride from her mom and Love Heart to get to the day camp on time. When they arrived they found all the kids and councillors gathered outside the front door, shouting and arguing mostly about trying to be let in.

Sweet Heart literally jumped out of her seat and landed on the sidewalk next to Pretty Heart Skunk.

“What’s going on?” Sweet Heart tried to shout over the crowd.

“Someone broke in last night,” Pretty Heart shouted back, “I don’t think they stole anything but sounds like a bunch of chairs and stuff were piled up in every room, right to the ceiling!” She raised a hand over her head and stood on her tip-toes for emphasis

Love Heart was leaning over the side of the cloud car so he could listen to his sister when Kero poked out of one of his vest pockets.

“Can you sense it?” Kero stared intensely at the building.

Love Heart nodded, “Yeah, it’s a Clow Card.” He unbuckled himself, “Sorry, mom, gotta delay driver training today.”

“EVERYONE LISTEN UP!” Love Heart’s shout managed to silence the crowd and then turned to where he stood on the sidewalk with Kero now floating beside his head.

Love Heart took a breath before he continued, “I have reason to believe a Clow Card is responsible for what happened here.”

“Can you get it out of here?” One of the councillors asked.

Kero shook his head, “Not right now. If it did this overnight then it’s probably a card that only comes out at night.”

“Like a bat?” one of the kids asked.

“Exactly,” Love Heart nodded, “I’ll have to come back and take care of it tonight, until then it might be safest to stay out, just in case.”

“We’ll find something special to do today,” another councillor said, “whatever it was it dumped all the toys and life preservers in the pool too,” he muttered.

Love Heart sighed in relief as Life Heart spoke from the driver’s seat of the car, “Looks like we can head home, Sweet Heart.”

“Actually can I hang out with Pretty Heart instead?” Sweet Heart asked, “She can’t go for her lessons today either.”

Life Heart looked to Pretty Heart Skunk who nodded back. “Alright, but text me to let me know where you are.” She got out of the car and walked around to the passenger’s side, “Now we have time for more driver training, son.”

Love Heart groaned and trudged around to the driver’s seat.


After sundown Love Heart, Confidence Heart and Kero arrived at the now closed YMCA all in their battle costumes with Confidence just wearing her white karate gi pants a white t-shirt with the sleeves ripped off and her black belt. Love Heart already had the sealing staff released and in hand.

“So how do we get in?” Confidence tapped her foot and stared at the closed door.

“Leave that to me.” Confidence turned to see Loyal Heart step into the moonlight with a key ring in his hand. “I heard what happened so I asked them to let me borrow the keys.”

“Thanks, Mom had me driver training all day,” Love Heart smiled as Loyal Heart unlocked the doors for them.

“So Kero, any idea what card it is?” Love Heart asked as the five of them stepped inside.

Kero shook his head, “Can’t say but we’ll find out soon.”

“Then let’s check the day camp rooms, com’on,” Love Heart motioned for everyone to follow him.

Love Heart peered into a one of the empty rooms, all the furniture was put away safely and the moonlight streaming in made the whole place feel eerie.

“I can feel it. It’s here somewhere,” Love Heart gripped the staff tightly as he entered with the others right behind him.

As if in response, the large tables folded against the wall started shaking. Confidence Heart heard and shouted just in time, “LOOK OUT!” Love Heart just barely saw the table flying at him in the moonlight and dove sideways which let the table crash into the opposite wall.

Kero spotted a black tendril retreating into a shadow on the wall that fled and he pointed, “There! It’s The Shadow Card!”

“The Shadow?” Loyal Heart had dropped to the floor as the table was flung past.

“I turns shadows into solid objects!”

“Got it!” Love Heart pulled out a card and struck it with his staff, “Sword!” a whoosh of flames and The Sword was in his hand. Another tendril emerged from the wall to grab a table and Love Heart charged, slicing it off which made the shadow piece dissolve as the rest of the tendril yanked back.

“You have to find its true form to seal it!” Kero shouted as a chair was hurled at him, which he dodged under as Confidence managed to catch out of the air.

“Right but how?” Love Heart sliced another tendril off.

“Shine a light on it!” Loyal Heart pulled out his heartphone and shone the light at the next tendril that popped up. Then tendril faded then split as the two halves flew right at him. Loyal yelped and jumped back as Confidence punched them away then pulled back as they tried to entangle her.

“There’s not enough light here!” Confidence pulled Loyal Heart back, “And they’re not solid enough.”

Loyal Heart nodded, “Any ideas, Confidence?”

“I think so, you have your license?” Confidence kept her eyes on Love Heart as he continued to fend off the shadows that seemed to be ignoring the two of them now that they weren’t trying to help.

“Yeah, why?” Loyal Heart suddenly found himself yanked away by Confidence Heart.

“Drive me to the baseball stadium, I’ll explain on the way!” She shouted.

Love Heart noticed them leave but didn’t have time to say anything as the shadows began to congeal into a larger amalgam. “I'm a loaf of bread with no raisins!” Love Heart swore for the first time that he could remember and turned to bolt from the room now pursued by the mass of black with Kero clinging to his shoulder.

“Where are we going?” Kero hung on for dear life.

“The roof!” Love Heart panted as he ran up the nearest flight of stairs still just barely keeping ahead of The Shadow.

Thankfully the door wasn’t locked on the inside and Love Heart burst into the cool night air, sweating as he resealed The Sword and pulled out another, “Jump!” Love Heart shouted and leapt over the edge of the roof as the wings appeared on his feet and the shadows burst out of the rooftop door.

Independent Bear stood outside the entrance to the Y, still a bit bewildered from Loyal Heart having tossed him the keys before he and Confidence took off in a cloud car. He jumped when Love Heart slammed down in front of him.

“SorryGottaGoBeingChased! BigMessInside!” Love Heart rattled off before jumping away as a large mass of shadows slid down the side of the building to chase after him like a black tidal wave.

Indy stood stunned for a moment then darted up to the YMCA’s door and locked it before he took off after Love Heart.

Love Heart felt his heartphone vibrate and pulled it out, seeing a text from Confidence.

“What are you doing?” Kero still clung to Love Heart’s shoulder as Love Heart hit the ground then jumped away from the approaching tide of shadows again.

“Confidence, she says ‘come to the baseball field’.” Love Heart landed and resealed the Jump Card, “Sorry, Jump, need more speed.” He pulled out another Clow Card. “Fly!” and a moment later he was flying on the winged staff with The Shadow still chasing him.

The baseball field was near Readington’s old High School and Love Heart flew right to the center of the largest field. The Shadow sensed its prey stopping and flowed along the ground to surround Love Heart in a ring of shadows that sprung up in a converging tidal wave.

“Kero, get going!” Love Heart shouted as he re-sealed The Fly, “Jump!” the wings appeared on his feet again.

“Be careful!” Kero didn’t need to be told twice and took off straight up as Love Heart pulled out his newest Clow Card.

“Alright, Windy, let’s do this,” Love Heart whirled the staff around, “Windy Card! Break apart all of the shadows!” Love Heart raised the staff high and struck the card. A whirlwind sprung up around the card as The Windy spirit emerged. It smiled then spread its arms as the shadow waves converged on them and fired a tendril of wind at each wave crest, shattering them in mid air.

One tendril snaked under The Windy’s attacks and launched at Love Heart who jumped away, but only a couple meters off the ground he felt his leg grabbed as he was violently slammed into the pitcher’s mound.

Right as Love Heart was about to be dragged away there was a bright flash as all of the baseball field’s floodlights lit up at once and the shadow tendril around Love Heart’s leg just vanished.

Love Heart stood up and dusted himself off only to hear Confidence Heart shouting.

“Love Heart! Up here!” She and Loyal Heart were in the announcer’s booth where the light’s controls were.

Love Heart smiled and gave them a thumb’s up, “Thank you, great job!” He didn’t shout nearly as loud as Confidence, knowing her and Loyal’s huge ears would hear him easily.

“There!” Kero’s shout snapped Love Heart back to his task as the guardian beast floated back down and pointed across the field to where the lights didn’t reach where what looked like a person wearing a heavy black cloak over its whole body was gliding away. “It’s The Shadow Spirit!”

“Right, Windy!” Love Heart turned to the still summoned spirit, “Tie up The Shadow with a chain of wind!” He pointed at the retreating spirit.

The Windy nodded and smiled then flew right at The Shadow. It turned just in time for The Windy to reach it and wrap all around The Shadow, binding it in place.

Love Heart ran up to the now bound Shadow and raised the staff over his head. “Shadow Card! I command you to return to your power confined! Shadow!” The Shadow spirit split apart, its body changing into flashes of light as it was pulled into the card form in front of the staff. A moment later the card floated into his hand which depicted The Shadow Spirit.

By the time Confidence and Loyal Heart reached Love Heart he had already signed his name to the Shadow Card.

“That was great!” Confidence launched herself at Love Heart to hug him.

Love Heart chuckled and hugged her back, “Thanks, Confidence, but I couldn’t have done it without you.”

They both blushed but any further conversation was stopped when they heard Independent Bear speak up.

“While that was spectacular it’s almost midnight and I need you to help clean things up at the Y.”

“Clean up, clean up what?” Loyal Heart asked as Love Heart and Confidence Heart let go of each other.

“Any mess you made inside so the day camp can start tomorrow,” he pointed at the announcer booth, psionically turning off the lights which cloaked the field in darkness. “Now let’s go. The sooner we do this the sooner we can all get some sleep.”

“Yes, Indy,” the three teen Care Bears spoke together then trudged after him back towards the YMCA. Kero decided to bail and just flew back home.
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Re: Cardcaptor Love Heart - A Cardcaptor Sakura/Care Bears Crossover

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This is currently the last chapter written, I will post new chapters after this once they are finished

Chapter 5: Something to Protect

“You sure about this?” Confidence Heart asked as she walked alongside Love Heart.

Love Heart sighed, “No, but I don’t want a hold a grudge all summer. I can’t keep putting this off.” They paused at the edge of a large outdoor dining area downtown, the same large walkway where Twin Bells was located, and spotted the two he was looking for: Brave Heart Lion and Harmony Bear seated together at a round table under a large umbrella.

Brave Heart was the first to spot them and stood up and waved, “Love Heart! Over here!”

Love Heart waved back and took a deep breath, “Let’s do this. Thanks for coming with me.”

Confidence smiled, “Any time.”

They seated themselves across from Brave Heart and Harmony and sat in silence for a few minutes.

“So, you wanted to talk?” Harmony asked.

Love Heart nodded, “Yes... I just...” he took a deep breath, “I just want to stop being... mad... disappointed... whatever about this.” Before anyone else could speak Love Heart started rambling, “I know I can’t make anyone feel a certain way and that I don’t have a right to be mad but I’m still hurt by what happened and I thought this would be a great summer planning out things to do and it all came crashing down and now I have the Clow Cards and I was just focusing on them to stop thinking about my crush on you, Harmony, and I hate that I shouted at you when you came to make peace but I couldn’t hurt Brave Heart because we’re supposed to be best friends and I...” he stopped to breath, having teared up during his rant, “I just want to be friend again... I’m sorry...” Love Heart leaned forwards, elbows on the table and hands pressed into his eyes as Confidence rubbed his back.

Brave Heart nodded, “I know, I should have told you we were dating but Harmony said we should just wait for you to get over it and with exams and everything I was distracted and...”

“And I was an idiot,” Harmony interjected, “I didn’t want to hurt you, Love Heart, but I didn’t want to just say ‘sorry I’m not interested’ when you hadn’t said anything. But I guess we could have shown up as a couple to school, smooched a bit so I wouldn’t have to crush your feelings.”

Love Heart chuckled mirthlessly, “Well it’s only the second worst I’ve felt.”

“What’s the worst?” Confidence gave Love Heart a look of concern.

“The last time we fought Professor Cold Heart.” Love Heart went quiet and stared at the tabletop, as did Brave Heart and Harmony.

Confidence leaned over to look Love Heart in the eye, “I know what happened to No-Heart but why don’t you talk about Cold Heart? I thought he was just kind of a goofy loser. I mean that whole concrete rain thing, how was that supposed to work?”

“He was, most of the time,” Brave Heart sighed, “But then one day, when we were all about twelve-years-old he just kinda shut himself up in his lab.”

“We knew he was up to something, so I volunteered to go check it out,” Love Heart said.

“He all but jumped on it,” Harmony couldn’t help but smile.

“Tenderheart, Gentle Heart, Cozy Heart and Swift Heart all came with me. When we got there the whole place was dark and quiet, it was eerie,” Love Heart shuddered at the memory, “And then they were all over us!”

“What was?” Confidence felt her hair stand on end.

“I don’t know!” Love Heart shouted, “They were big and strong and they grabbed us and shoved us into Cold Heart’s lab.” He grabbed the sides of his head, “I remember being stuck with something and Cold Heart but he didn’t sound like Cold Heart and he was mumbling something about wasting time with us and then I think I passed out...”

“Indy led the team to rescue them, I was there too,” Brave Heart reached over to pat Love Heart on the shoulder, “We found the five of them in Cold Heart’s lab but... it was empty. Just the five of them left lying on the ground unconscious.”

“We never found out what happened, none of them had much more to say than what Love Heart just said,” Harmony said, “And then Cold Heart just vanished.”

“He vanished?” Confidence Heart stared at Harmony.

Harmony nodded, “Yeah, he wasn’t there and we haven’t heard from him since then.”

“We had to get therapy for what happened, it wasn’t easy but,” Love Heart took in a deep breath, “I’ve mostly gotten over it.”

“Wow that’s... not what I expected to hear.” Confidence suddenly pulled Love Heart into a close hug, “I’m sorry.”

Love Heart smiled, “Thanks, Confidence.”

At that moment they heard Confidence’s Heartphone start ringing and she let Love Heart go, “Umm excuse me,” She answered then stood up and walked away, “What is it, Tori?”

Love Heart looked up to watch her go, then chuckled, “I guess there’s worse things, I feel kinda bad about all this. Brave Heart, Harmony, I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry too, I know you had feelings for Harmony,” Brave Heart said.

“And I’m sorry I didn’t say anything sooner, to either of you.” Harmony took both their hands, “I mean if I’d been brave enough to talk to Brave Heart sooner.”

“No more apologies, I think we’ve said enough.” Love Heart squeezed Harmony’s hand, “Friends?”

“Best friends!” Brave Heart grabbed Love Heart’s hand, “Want to get lunch with us?”

“Sure,” Love Heart smiled then turned back to see Confidence approaching, “Confidence want to...” he noticed the concerned look on her face, “What’s wrong?”

“Something’s happening at home, my dad can’t get into mom’s jewelry box,” the she smirked, “Sounds like a Clow Card actually.”

“Really?” Love Heart was up on his feet then paused and turned back to the table, “Can I get a rain check on the lunch?”

“Sure, just call when you’re done and we’ll plan for something tomorrow,” Harmony assured him.

“Thanks, let’s go!” Love Heart and Confidence took off towards her house.

Harmony smiled as she watched them go, “She likes him.”

“Really?” Brave Heart sounded surprised.

“I can tell, just in the way she acts around him and how she’s going out of her way to help him and I think Love Heart likes her too,” Harmony turned to her boyfriend, propping her head up on the table.

“Should we tell them?” Brave Heart sounded eager to do just that.

“Not today, but soon. End of the summer at the latest,” Harmony’s eyes twinkled.


“You have the Clow Cards with you right?” Confidence asked Love Heart as they were walking up to her house.

“Yeah,” Love Heart touched the Book of Clow that he always kept at his side.

“What about Kero,” Confidence said as she turned her front doorknob.

Love Heart shook his head, “I want to handle this myself, but maybe I’ll need him...”

Confidence smiled as they entered her house, “Be confident in yourself, Love Heart, I know you can do this.”

“Pro bono caring mission?” Love Heart elbowed her gently.

“Even Care Bears need some caring.” Confidence smiled then motioned for Love Heart to follow her, “This way.”

Tori was waiting in their father’s bedroom, “What took you so long, squirt? And good, you brought the wizard with you.”

Confidence snorted at her older human brother, “Don’t call me squirt, Tori, and how did you find out about this?”

“Dad called, he was off today and wanted to check mom’s stuff before he went grocery shopping. Here,” he pointed to a small red and gold colored jewelry box on the dresser and tried to open it with the small iron key he held in his hand, only for there to be a sudden spark of light that pushed him back.

Love Heart saw the pale outline of a green dome appear at that instant and his gaze narrowed, “It’s a Clow Card alright, looks like it’s protecting the box.”

“Any idea which one?” Tori asked, “Better idea, how do you get rid of it?”

“Let’s see,” Love Heart stepped closer and carefully reached out to the box only to be repelled by the same pulse of energy. This time Tori and Confidence saw it too. “Don’t want to cause too much damage, hmm...” Love Heart folded his arms and tapped his foot.

“Any ideas, Love Heart?” Confidence sounded anxious which made Love Heart turn to look at her.

“Maybe...” he snapped his fingers, “Got it, stand back,” he pulled the clow key out.

“Key of Clow

Power of Magic

Power of Light

Surrender the Wand

The Force Ignite


Love Heart grabbed the sealing staff and pulled a card out of the book, “Sword!” Love Heart struck the card and with a whirl of fire the staff transformed into The Sword.

“Whoa! Watch it!” Tori stepped back, “Don’t destroy it!”

“He won’t. Right?” Confidence pumped her fists and turned to Love Heart.

“Right,” Love Heart held his sword up in front of him and faced the jewelry box. The barrier seemed to sense the magic as the green dome barrier became almost opaque, as if bracing for the impact.

“HAAA!” Love Heart swung at the box and struck the shield, stopping the blade mere millimeters from hitting the jewelry box. The dome split and the energy began to disperse. Love Heart changed the sword back to the staff and held it over his head.

“Clow Card! I command you to return to your power confined! Clow Card!” He swung at the dispersing energy which changed to what looked like dust as it was pulled into a glowing card shape before finally solidifying and floating into Love Heart’s hand.

The card looked like a wing-shaped kite shield bound up by chains and the name “THE SHIELD” across the bottom.

“The shield,” as Love Heart pulled a pen out of his vest pocket and signed his name across the bottom Confidence took the key from Tori and opened the box.

“Whew,” she sighed in relief at the contents, “All in one piece.”

“Don’t mess them up, Cassandra,” Tori said as he exited the room.

“So your mom’s jewelry,” Love Heart put The Shield Card away in the book and re-sealed the staff, “What happened to her?”

“Car accident, some jackass was reckless driving,” Confidence didn’t take her eyes off the contents of the box.

“Sorry... don’t want to talk about it?” Love Heart turned to leave until Confidence spoke again.

“It’s fine, you told me about the Cold Heart thing, but not much to tell,” she carefully picked up a pair of silver stud earrings set with small garnets, “She didn’t wear these much, didn’t want to look too spoiled or something,” she held the studs up the bottom of her ears and turned to face Love Heart, “What do you think?”

Love Heart just stared, a bit tongue tied, “Uhh,” he looked to her green eyes, “They compliment your eyes, because green and red and stuff...”

Confidence Heart giggled, “Thanks. I thought about getting my ears pierced but I was scared with the whole ‘pure tomboy’ face I had to put on before you found me.” She put the earrings back and looked at the rest of the box’s contents, a simple gold chain necklace with an obsidian tear-drop pendant and a small silver and sapphire ring, before she shut it.

“You should, I think you’d look nice, I mean...” Love Heart stopped, worried that he’d crossed a line.

Confidence blushed, “I might just do that, thanks Love Heart.”

Love Heart chuckled and blushed too, “Heheh, thanks. I should get home, tell Kero about this. Want to come to lunch with me, Brave and Harmony tomorrow?

Confidence beamed, “I’d love to!”

“Great! See ya,” Love Heart hurried out the door, his face red, not even bothering to say goodbye to Tori who was sitting in the living room.

Confidence all but skipped out of her parents’ room and sat on the couch with a big smile plastered on her face.

“Going on a date, squirt?” Tori asked with a bit of snark in his voice.

“I hope so,” she sank back into the couch.

Tori was a bit startled that she didn’t react to the nickname, “So going to get your ears pierced?”

“Maybe,” Confidence tweaked the base of her huge ears, “I was scared to before but now... yeah...” She turned to Tori, “You going to threaten him not to date your ‘kid sister’ or do something if he hurts me.”

“Nah,” Tori lay back, “I mean I don’t want you to get hurt but Love Heart’s a good guy, and if he tried anything you’d kick his bubblegum... then I’d deal with whatever you left behind.”

Confidence smiled again, “Thanks, Tori. Think I’ll ask dad to take me to get pierced when he gets home.”


“So The Shield Card?” Kero looked at the freshly sealed card, “Its instinct is to protect precious things, that’s why it protected her mom’s jewelry box.”

“Why Confidence, though? Why not something in here?” Love Heart lay on his bed with The Jump sitting near his head.

“Probably scared one of us would kick its butt,” The Jump patted their chest proudly.

“Maybe not that but it probably wanted to protect something someone close to you cared about but that wasn’t right under your nose so you didn’t find it right away.” Kero passed the card back to Love Heart, who just stared at it.

“Yeah...” Love Heart lay back, thinking on Kero’s words.

The next day Love Heart arranged to meet Confidence before heading to lunch with Brave Heart and Harmony. He arrived just on the Readington side of the portal to wait and thankfully he didn’t have to wait long.

“Love Heart!” Confidence came running up, just wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Love Heart wore the same but with his usual cargo vest on over top.

“Hey Confidence!” Love Heart smiled as she slowed to a stop in front of him. He blinked when he noticed something glint at the base of her ears, “Did you get your ears pierced?”

“Yep!” Confidence pointed to the greyish studs stuck through the base of her ears, “What do you think?”

“I think it looks great but... what about your mom’s earrings?” he noticed the studs were rather dull in color.

“Well I don’t want to wear them all the time, only for special occasions,” she tapped the pierced spot gently and winced, “Also the piercer said I shouldn’t just start sticking jewelry in them. I gotta wear these stainless steel ones for a couple months so it doesn’t heal shut, not sure how it works for non-human ears, and I gotta clean them out every night because they might leak stuff from trying and failing to heal, kinda gross stuff and they’re sensitive to being touched.”

“Ick!” Love Heart stuck his tongue out and made a face, “Sorry I asked.”

“Yeah, wasn’t pleasant to hear about either,” Confidence said as she and Love Heart walked to their lunch meet up.

Love Heart couldn’t resist asking one more question: “So why stainless steel?”

“So it doesn’t rust, less likely to get infected that way.”

“Ick!” Love Heart grimaced again, Confidence just laughed.

“Thanks again, for yesterday,” Confidence blushed, she wanted to try something more but her nerve failed her.

“Any time,” Love Heart blushed too.

Confidence heaved a big sigh hoping to calm down before they got to lunch.
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Re: Cardcaptor Love Heart - A Cardcaptor Sakura/Care Bears Crossover

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This was just a fabulous chapter! It is a nice story so far!
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Re: Cardcaptor Love Heart - A Cardcaptor Sakura/Care Bears Crossover

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Chapter 6: Double Date Danger

“Alright, I can do this,” Confidence reached for her front doorknob then paused and withdrew, “OK just breathe just walk to his house and ask him out.” Confidence took a couple deep breaths.

“Going to ask Love Heart out?”

“Yow!” Confidence spun around to see Tori standing behind her, “How do you sneak up on me like that?!”

“I’m used to you, but seriously were you going to ask him on a date?”

“Yes, I mean...” Confidence stumbled.

“So what were you going to do? Just walk up to his door and ask: will you go out with me?”

“Well... yeah... but I mean...” Confidence seemed to stumble over her words.

“If you did that were you hoping he’d feel too awkward saying no? Do you have any real plans for this?” Tori asked.

“Not really...” Confidence sighed, “Maybe this was a bad idea but I thought,” she touched one of her steel piercings and winced slightly, “he noticed I got piercings, I think he likes me too and he got over Harmony.”

Tori ruffled her hair which made to flinch away, “Just listen to me, Cassandra: first be confident like your whole Care Bear Cousin deal, second plan something to do so you don’t just wander around town and idly chat, and third call him on the phone and ask him after you have a plan, that way it will be less awkward and he’ll feel comfortable rejecting you.”

“Hey!” Confidence bristled, her ears going flat, “What make you so sure he’s going to reject me!?”

“I’m not, but if he feels pressured to accept when you just show up at his door it might make things start off awkwardly, so take my advice. Or don’t and then I can watch you fail, Squirt,” Tori ruffled her hair one last time as he left for work.

“Don’t call me squirt, Tori!” Confidence brushed her hair back with a hand then sighed. She had to admit he had good points and she pulled out her heartphone to look for something to do.

“Let’s see, don’t want something too intimate but maybe... a movie!” she started checking the show times for the local theaters then grinned and dialed Love Heart’s number.

Love Heart was in the middle of a video game when his heartphone rang. “Here take over, Kero.” He passed the controller to the guardian beast, who had been watching him play.

“Hey what?! Ahh!” Kero had to drop the control on the floor and pound at each button and the D-pad with a full hand.

Love Heart ignored Kero’s sudden shouts of effort and stepped out of the living room as he saw who was calling, “Hi, Confidence.”

“Hey, Love Heart,” Confidence Heart felt her face grow hot, “I was wondering, do you want to see a movie with me today?”

“Sure!” Love Heart’s face lit up, “What movie?”

“Well, DC Superpets is showing at 1:30, and I was thinking...” Confidence had to take a deep breath as her face was almost completely red now, “Maybe we could go out for lunch first?”

“I’d love that! I mean...” Love Heart started to blush as the implication of what she was asking set in. “Confidence, are you asking me out on a date?”

“Yes!” Confidence answered immediately.

“Alright! I’ll meet you at the portal!” Love Heart hung up. He was smiling and blushing, “I have a date. I have a date with Confidence Heart! Kero I gotta go, I have a date!”

“Alright, have fun... YES YES YES YES YES!” Kero shouted as he finished the level Love Heart had been stuck on as Love Heart ran up the stairs to his room.

The Jump was napping on Love Heart’s bed when he burst in and grabbed some cargo shorts and a green t-shirt to pull on, as he had been unclothed until that point. The Jump gave Love Heart an odd look. “What’s going on?”

“I have a date!” Love Heart was grinning as he pulled his cargo vest on and grabbed his wallet and keys then ran to the bathroom to check himself in the mirror, “Kero’s downstairs, see ya!” Love Heart left his bedroom door open as he tore out the front door.

The Jump hopped downstairs and landed on the couch to watch Kero playing the game. “Keroberos, what’s a date?” it asked.

“It’s a thing humans go on with someone they really like, Oh yeah! Take that!” Kero was only half paying attention to The Jump, who was still bewildered.


Confidence was already waiting at the portal wearing jeans and a yellow t-shirt when Love Heart arrived. “Hey!” Confidence waved as he arrived, “Ready for lunch?”

“Yeah,” Love Heart blushed again, “So where to?”

“This Japanese place right by the theater, com’on!” She reached out for Love Heart’s hand. He smiled and accepted her hand to let her lead him to the restaurant.

While they sat at a table waiting for their lunch Confidence was staring happily at Love Heart.

“So... you like me right, Confidence?” Love Heart asked then realized how dumb it sounded and averted his gaze.

Confidence nodded, “Yeah. I’ve had a crush on you for years but you were so focused on Harmony I didn’t say anything.”

“Really... god I’m so stupid,” Love Heart slumped forwards, “I should have noticed.”

“No, you’re not stupid,” Confidence reached over to touch his shoulder which made Love Heart look up at her, her ears were down, “I mean I should have said something I guess but I was afraid you’d reject me because you were holding out for Harmony.” She pulled her hand back.

“And we all saw how that turned out, but I guess it worked out,” he smiled and took her hand, “I mean you’ve been helping me with the Clow Cards all summer... were you hoping I’d notice you on the rebound.”

Confidence Heart averted her look, her ears drooping further, “Yeah, kind of. I mean I want to help and spend time with you but I guess I was hoping you’d notice me too... Now I feel like crap.”

Love Heart laughed nervously, “We’ve both been pretty bad about this. Thank you for everything.”

“Really?” Confidence turned back to him, her ears still down.

“Yes. I couldn’t have caught most of the Clow Cards without you, especially The Sword Card,” Love Heart blushed, “I like you a lot too, Confidence.”

Confidence ears stood up and she blushed too. Thankfully they were called to get their food which gave them a reason to stop talking while they ate. After lunch they headed for the theater, bought their tickets and snacks and made their way to seats near the middle of the mostly empty theater.

“Think this’ll be good?” Confidence asked as they sat down.

“Even if it isn’t, at least I’m seeing it with someone I like,” Love Heart reached to put an arm around Confidence. She was a bit startled but leaned up against him, at least as much as she could in the theater seats, as the movie trailers began. They both only stopped briefly to turn off their heartphones when the ads prompted them to do so. By the time they finished their snacks partway into the movie, they were cuddling.


Cozy Heart Penguin had taken a part time job at the Readington Aquarium. As expected the purple penguin got along great with the normal penguins and was even allowed to work with the other penguin trainers during their shows, which she was doing right now. Today she had asked and been allowed to perform with them and she dove into the performance tank alongside the other penguins. The audience was packed and all the children watching, which included Sweet Heart and Pretty Heart, cheered as Cozy Heart jumped and swam around with the other penguins, even jumping for food and through hoops.

About halfway through the show, a whirlpool sprang up in the water. A disc of water formed and sucked some of the penguins in. Cozy Heart tried to dive and save them only to be caught up in the whirlpool, even her Cousin Call had no effect as she was caught and spun around, getting dizzy and nearly drowning until one of the other trainers dove in and managed to actually grab the whirlpool and pull it open long enough for Cozy Heart and the other penguins to swim up and jump out of the water where Cozy lay panting on the edge while staring at the ceiling as one of the trainers came to check on her.

In the audience, Sweet Heart was up on her hooves and frantically trying to pull out her heartphone.

“Sweet Heart, what is it?” Pretty Heart looked up at her friend.

“I have to call my brother,” Sweet Heart finally pulled out her phone, “That was a Clow Card!” Sweet Heart was visibly sweating as she dialed Love Heart’s phone.


Kero and The Jump felt the flash of insight through their minds and turned to the window, “It’s a Clow Card, and one of the four elements.”

“I know,” The Jump hopped up onto the nearby windowsill as Kero floated up beside it, “Is Love Heart ready for it?”

“He’ll have to be, it’s too dangerous to leave loose.” A sound from the television made Kero whip around, “Oh noooo!” He dove at the controller, “I almost beat him too...”

The Jump just sighed at the guardian beast’s immaturity. Thankfully Kero left the game controller to try and call Love Heart on the heartphone they had made for him just in case he had to contact Love Heart while he was out.


Love Heart didn’t feel his magical sense go off during the movie, too focused on his date and laughing more than he expected during the film. He and Confidence exited the film with her arm around his shoulders. Love Heart was in the bathroom when he turned his heartphone back on, and almost immediately felt it vibrate for a straight minute, then saw the seven missed calls and 20 messages he’d received during the film.

Confidence was happily rocking back and forth on her feet when Love Heart burst out of the bathroom.

“We’ve got trouble! It’s a Clow Card!”

“What?” Confidence was instantly alert.

“I’ll explain on the way, com’on!” Love Heart and Confidence ran out of the theater as Love Heart called Kero back. “Yeah, I know now, I’ll meet you there with the book.” He hung up and called Sweet Heart, “Where? The Aquarium? I’ll be right there.” He hung up as they arrived outside, “Mom was right about getting my license,” he conjured a cloud car and hopped in the driver’s seat, Confidence literally jumping in the passenger seat right as the car took off.

Love Heart arrived at the Aquarium and found Sweet Heart immediately, who ran over and hugged him tightly. “Love Heart! It was scary, Cozy Heart almost drowned during the show and...” she was crying as Love Heart patted his little sister’s head.

“Cozy Heart Penguin?” Confidence was shocked, “But how could she drown?”

“It has to be The Watery Card,” Kero floated down with the Clow Book in his hands and The Jump bounding along to catch up. “It’s one of the four elemental cards.”

Love Heart took the book from Kero and attached it to his vest, “Right, like the Windy Card.”

“Yes, and no,” Kero shook his head, “The Windy is a gentle spirit that doesn’t like hurting people but the other three are very dangerous.”

“So Cozy could have drowned?!” Sweet Heart started to shake.

“Yes, she could have. That’s why we’re here,” Kero turned to the aquarium as The Jump hopped onto Love Heart’s shoulder.

“Right, let’s go to work,” Love Heart walked up to the guards who were at the entrance to the now closed aquarium. “Hi, I’m Love Heart the Cardcaptor.”

“Right, we heard about you. Follow me,” the guard motioned for Love Heart to follow him in.

“Not you,” the other guard moved to stop Confidence from following him.

“Hey!” Confidence bristled and cracked her knuckles, “let me through, I’m helping him!”

Love Heart stopped and turned back, “She’s my partner, I need her help.” The other guard looked back, sighed then stepped aside to let Confidence pass.

“Thank you,” Confidence smiled and caught up to walk alongside him.

They were led to the penguin show tank and stared down into water. “So this is where it happened?” Love Heart already had the sealing staff in hand.

“Yes,” The guard nodded, “Cozy Heart and a bunch of the penguins got sucked into a magic whirlpool, or that’s what I heard.”

“Right,” Love Heart held the staff up over the water.

“You’ll have to trap it, you can’t just seal one of the elements if they don’t want it,” Kero floated up alongside Love Heart.

Love Heart nodded and pulled out a card, “Sword!” he changed the staff in the sword and slashed at the water, cutting a deep valley into the water all the way down to the tank floor. They waited as the water splashed back down and created a huge amount of waves, only for Love Heart’s eyes to go wide.

“It’s not here!” He lowered The Sword.

“What do you mean ‘it’s not here’?” the guard stared at him.

“The Watery Card didn’t stick around,” Kero floated down to the water and poked it, “It must have fled while we were waiting for you to get here.” Kero turned to Love Heart, “Why didn’t you answer your phone?”


“Because was I at a movie!” Love Heart’s hackles were raised as he stood in front of his parents back at home. Confidence Heart stood behind him feeling partly ashamed of this.

Sage Heart had his arms folded as he looked down at his son, “It was irresponsible of you to be out of contact when the Clow Cards are out there. You need to take your duties as a Cardcaptor more seriously.”

He was startled when Love Heart exploded back at him, “I am taking this seriously!” He pulled out the six Clow Cards from the book, “Jump, Sword, Fly, Windy, Shadow, Shield! I’ve caught all of them! Yeah I had help but I still caught them before anyone got hurt while I’ve been training for any more that show up! Does being the Cardcaptor mean I’m not allowed to have a life?!” Love Heart was panting as he put the cards back in the book. “I was on a date with Confidence Heart because I like her and she invited me to see a movie. Was I supposed to break her heart because a Clow Card might show up? Does that mean it was wrong to take driving lessons? Because two cards showed up while I was practicing with mom and I still managed to catch them! Should I stop sleeping too just in case one shows up in the middle of the night again?!” He took a deep breath before he continued, much calmer than before, “I’ll track down and capture The Watery Card, but I am not going to act like the whole world is going to fall apart just because I decide to try and be a normal teenager.”

Sage Heart was about to say something about ‘talking back’ when Life Heart put a hand on his shoulder, “He’s right, dear, Love Heart has every right to try and enjoy himself when he doesn’t sense a Clow Card around. I mean do we expect firefighters to sit around even on their days off acting like the world’s going to burst into flames at any moment.”

Sage Heart looked back at her, then to his son who was still staring back at him defiantly and even saw that Confidence Heart had relaxed and started to smile while he had given his speech.

Sage Heart sighed, “You’re right, sorry I’m just not used to this yet. I know you take this seriously I just... if I messed up as a kid I would have gotten the same speech from my parents even if it was just an accident.”

“You’re not in Japan anymore, Sage Heart,” Confidence spoke up, which surprised them, “I know how harsh growing up there was but we don’t spend an extra four hours a day in cram school or be expected to spend all summer doing homework and parents there would be arrested for child abuse here.” When she saw the looks on their faces, Confidence chuckled slightly, “I like anime so I’ve looked at what inspired a lot of the stuff. Can I go now?”

“Yes you can. Love Heart you can walk her home too,” Sage Heart visibly relaxed as they left then watched them go from the front window, “He’s growing up faster than I expected.”

“They all are,” Life Heart hugged him from behind, “and looks like Love Heart is finally over Harmony Bear?” she smiled as she saw Love Heart and Confidence holding hands.

“Thanks for backing me up,” Love Heart said as they crossed through the portal.

“He was kinda harsh, but I do still feel kinda bad for keeping you from that card,” Confidence sighed.

“Don’t worry about it,” Love Heart pumped his free hand as a fist, “I’ll track down The Watery and call you as soon as I know where it is. I don’t think our first date turning into a job would be very considerate.”

“Our first?” Confidence blushed as they reached her front door, “So you want to keep going out?”

“Of course,” Love Heart’s answered as if the opposite would be ridiculous, “I want to keep going out with you, I had fun.”

Confidence smiled as she grabbed the doorknob, “Guess our second date will be on a card capturing job then.”

“Is that really what you want to do on a date?” Love Heart was surprised.

“As long as we both find it fun, even if it’s dangerous,” Confidence opened the door, “See you soon.” She entered and shut the door behind her.

Love Heart smiled then turned around and jumped, “Wahoo!” he strode off back towards home with a huge smile on his face.

Confidence leaned up against the inside door, wagging her tail like she never had before.

“Date go alright, Squirt?” Tori was seated at the dinner table eating some leftovers.

“It went great, and he wants to keep going out,” Confidence sighed and walked past him towards the fridge.

“So my advice was right then, see having a plan is important Squirt,” Tori smirked.

“Stop calling me squirt,” Confidence stuck her tongue out at her older human brother as she pulled out something to eat, she was still smiling and wagging her tail as she headed up to eat in her room, just wanting to be alone with her happy thoughts.


The next day Take Care Bear and Independent Bear were at their secret reading spot in the Forest of Feelings, a square of four fallen logs that Indy had accidentally created when he first arrived in the Kingdom of Caring as a teenaged cub that now served as a place the two of them could get away to and read in peace. It was their preferred way to have a “date” of sorts, just enjoying the peace of nature and each reading something they could enjoy while their adopted daughter Get Well Bear looked after their younger adopted daughter Cautious Heart Cat.

“Hmm?” Indy looked up and around which caused Take Care look up as well.

“Something wrong, babe?” she asked.

“I could swear I heard something,” he shook his head, “Must be my imagination.”

Take Care nodded then went back to her book. A moment later Take Care looked up as she heard what sounded like creaking wood. “OK that time I heard it.”

Indy was on his feet, book closed and left hand on his katana hilt, “Yeah.” The sound didn’t stop as Take Care stood up. Then a large branch grew at startling speed and shot right into the middle of their clearing! Indy drew his sword and sliced the branch off before it could hit them. “Run!” he shouted but made sure Take Care was off running before he followed.

Take Care diverted past Proud Heart home and stopped at her fence, seeing the orange cat with a heart inside a pink star for a tummy symbol watering her garden. “Proud Heart!” the cat turned as Take Care continued, “Get out of here now!”

“Why? What?!” Proud Heart saw the branches growing towards her, her tail frizzed out and she took off, watering can still in hand.

Gentle Heart Lamb was returning to her house when Indy, Take Care and Proud Heart running right at her pursued by rapidly growing tree branches. The green lamb with a heart shaped pillow for a tummy symbol froze and Indy, sensing her fear, grabbed her arm as he ran past as they finally made it out of the Forest of Feelings, watching as the branches slowed to a stop and sprouted leaved right at the edge.

“What was that?” Proud Heart was trying to catch her breath then turned to look at the branches. Oddly instead of the brightly colored plants that normally grew in the forest these looked like ordinary earth plants, possibly some kind of elm or oak tree, with brown bark and green leaves. “Our home... not again...” Proud Heart was having flashbacks to the time Beastly tricked her into flooding the forest and forcing them to move in with the Care Bears when they were about 8-years old.

“I think it’s a Clow Card,” Indy inspected some of the trees up close then stepped back so he could call Love Heart.

Take Care was on her phone texting furiously, which got Gentle Heart’s attention, “Take Care? Is something wrong?”

“Seeing if any other Cousins were in the Forest of Feelings,” She waited on the messages, a little more relieved as each came in, until the last one. “Bright Heart’s still at his workshop with Grumpy Bear, and Loyal Heart didn’t answer!”

“We’ll get them out, I promise,” Indy said as the phone rang.

Love Heart was already halfway into his battle costume when his heartphone rang and he answered, “Hi, Indy. Yeah I sensed the Clow Card already, what is it? Massively growing trees?” he turned to Kero who had floated up closer to listen.

“...and not like our kind, normal earth trees.” Kero caught the end of Indy’s description.

“It sounds like The Wood Card, but that doesn’t make sense,” Kero folded his arms and closed his eyes, “The Wood is usually a very gentle spirit.”

“Right, on our way,” Love Heart hung up and grabbed the last pieces of his battle costume, “Unless something else triggered it. Think The Watery found a new home.” He started texting Confidence to join them.

“That must be it!” Kero pounded one hand into the other, “If The Watery is force feeding water to The Wood then it would grow out of control!”

“Right, Confidence Heart’s on her way. Let’s go!” he pulled the head piece on and was out the front door, chanting on the way.

“Key of Clow
Power of Magic
Power of Light
Surrender the Wand
The Force Ignite

As the staff formed in his hand, Love Heart pulled out a card from the book, “Fly!” he jumped on the winged staff and took off towards the Forest of Feelings.

Confidence Heart arrived right after Love Heart landed and recalled The Fly Card. “Right on time!” she was panting slightly having pushed herself to make sure she didn’t miss this.

Kero took one look at the brown branches and nodded, “That’s definitely The Wood Card and with how much it’s grown The Watery’s gotta be behind this.”

“Yeah,” Love Heart growled slightly, wishing he’d been able to catch The Watery yesterday but shook his head to focus on the now. “Let’s cut out way through, find and seal The Watery then we can deal with The Wood.”

“Umm, won’t that hurt it?” Gentle Heart was still standing nearby, “Can’t you just seal them from out here.”

Kero shook his head, “No, we have to seal them at their source. Even if we could seal The Wood card then Watery would just make it grow again, and The Watery is too powerful to seal without restraining or weakening it first.”

“Alright then,” Confidence cracked her knuckles, “Let’s go!”

“Right,” Love Heart pulled out two more cards, “Jump and Sword!” he shouted as the wings appeared on his boots and the staff transformed.

“I’m coming too,” Indy still had his katana in hand, “I need to make sure Bright, Grumpy and Loyal are all safe in there.”

“Let’s go!” Love Heart charged, slicing through the thick branches with The Sword and jumping through the gap he made with Confidence and Indy right behind him.

“Be safe,” Gentle Heart put her hands together while Take Care gave her a comforting pat on the back.

Love Heart tore through the Forest of Feelings, jumping over and slicing through The Wood’s branches as the others followed right behind him.

“They have to be at the center of this mass,” Kero flew under a low hanging branch, “Once we get there you’ll have to subdue The Watery Card first or it will just keep agitating The Wood.”

“Wait!” Confidence stopped after a jump and perked her ears up, “I think I hear Loyal Heart... that way! She pointed off to her left.

“Right, and Bright Heart’s house is this way,” Indy pointed off to the right.

“Then go save them. I’ll handle The Watery Card myself.” Love Heart was about to jump off when Confidence grabbed his arm.

“Wait! Are you sure about this?” Confidence’s ear drooped slightly.

“I am, make sure they’re safe then try to come find me.” Love Heart smiled then tugged his arm so she would let go, which she did, “I’ll handle it.”

“Alright, good luck both of you,” Indy turned and dashed off towards Bright Heart’s house.

Confidence hugged Love Heart for a moment, “Be safe,” she whispered before she turned and ran towards where she heard Loyal Heart whimpering. Love Heart was blushing as he turned and sliced a new hole to jump through.

Confidence Heart found Loyal Heart literally hanging by the seat of his pants from one of The Wood Card’s branches about two meters up and she couldn’t help but chuckle as she stood beneath him.

“And here I thought dogs couldn’t climb trees.”

“It wasn’t on purpose,” Loyal Heart grumbled, “Can you get me down please, I don’t want to land on my head.”

“Alright, just hang out for a moment,” Confidence giggled as she climbed up the nearest tree and got alongside Loyal Heart, “So what happened?”

“Well,” Loyal Heart reached out to grab Confidence’s hand so she could pull him free, “I was at home then I went out for a walk and these branches just shot out of nowhere and caught me by the pants.” He was finally pulled free and Confidence helped him to the ground.

“So why didn’t you answer Take Care’s text?” Confidence hopped to the ground.

“Because my phone is over here,” Loyal Heart climbed over some branches to retrieve his Heartphone, which now had a cracked screen, “Great.”

“Let’s get you out of here, this way,” Confidence motioned for Loyal Heart to follow her out of the Forest.


Love Heart sliced through one last branch and jumped in to a clearing by the rainbow river where the ground was practically carpeted with branches. One particularly large branch was growing next to the rainbow river with a large stream of water flowing up into the air and onto the branch.

Kero pointed at the arch of water and shouted, “That’s it! That’s The Watery Card!” in response to Kero’s shout the top of the water arch rose and formed into the shape of a fearsome mermaid with shark-like teeth and long tresses for hair.

It hissed at Love Heart and charged right at him, forcing Love Heart to jump aside and try to slash at it, only for The Sword to go right through The Watery with no effect.

“You can’t just attack! You have to subdue it!” Kero shouted as Love Heart jumped away from the attacking Watery spirit.

“Right!” he re-sealed The Sword and pulled out another as he landed, “Windy Card, tie up and entrap The Watery! Release!” The Windy spirit emerged and was immediately tackled by The Watery. The two spirits wrestled as their tails intertwined and they rolled over the branches on the forest floor.

“Why can’t The Windy win?” Love Heart watched the two elementals wrestling.

“Each of the four elements is one of the strongest Clow Cards and they’re all equal in power,” Kero stared hard at the pair, “Without an advantage The Windy can’t win.”

“What else can I do?” Love Heart recalled The Jump and stared at the card.

“Remember, you can only use two cards in combination,” Kero said.

“You won’t get the chance!” The Watery shouted and fired a tendril of water at the large root it had been raining on. The branches surrounding them suddenly sprang to life and flew right at Love Heart and Kero.

Love Heart only had time to pull out one card. “Shield!” a transparent dome appeared just in time to block the branches that spilled out sideways after the impact. Love Heart was sweating as he watched the two elemental spirits and his free handed rested on his tummy symbol.

“Watery!” Love Heart shouted from inside The Shield, “Please stop this!”

The Watery managed to pin The Windy underneath it and shouted, “Why should I? So you can stuff me back in the book?”

“I can’t let you hurt anyone else,” Love Heart raised the staff, “Windy, return.”

The Windy was startled but allowed itself to be recalled into its card. The Watery floated up and hovered in front of Love Heart with The Shield and The Wood’s branches between them. “What do you expect me to do, just give up?”

“This forest is my friends’ home. I can’t let you destroy it.” Love Heart kept his voice level. “I’ll fight you if I have to but I’d rather talk this out.”

“Oh really?” The Watery hovered closer and hissed at him, “And how will you beat me?”

“I will, no matter what!” Love Heart tightened his grip on his staff, “You can’t break through The Shield so I have all the time I need to figure out how to stop you.”

“You’re determined. Have you done this with the other cards?” The Watery floated around The Shield’s dome.

“I talked The Windy down and I helped The Fly and it agreed to be sealed,” Love Heart turned to keep facing The Watery. “Are you going to trust me or do we keep fighting?”

The Watery paused and stared Love Heart down. Love Heat stared back, hands on the staff and ready to act.

“I can see it in your eyes, your convictions are strong. Go ahead and try to seal me.”

Love Heart smiled and raised his staff, “Thank you. Watery Card! I command you to return to your power confined! Watery!” There was a whirl of water pulled from The Watery as it was collapsed into its card by flying through The Shield.

“I’m impressed, talking down The Watery Card,” Kero smiled at Love Heart as he wrote his name on The Watery Card.

“Right and now to deal with this,” Love Heart turned to face the center of the wood pile, but Kero flew in front of Love Heart.


Before Love Heart could protest the brown branches filling the forest glowed and into the form of The Wood, a tall woman wearing a dress like tree bark and with branches and leaves for hair. It smiled at Love Heart and then separated into water streams that flowed into its card form that hovered in front of Love Heart.

He took the card and stared at it as Kero spoke, “The Wood card is a very gentle spirit, it was only The Watery agitating it that made it act out.”

“I heard you talk it down,” Independent Bear approached as Love Heart wrote his name on the card. “What was your plan if The Watery didn’t submit?”

“I was waiting for you and Confidence to show up.” Love Heart turned to face Indy, “I knew we could stop it together if we needed to.”

“Not the best plan but at least you’re thinking ahead,” Indy nodded.

“Love Heart!” Confidence ran up to him and skidded to a stop, “Are you alright?”

“Yep, and look,” He held up The Watery and The Wood Cards, “Two more captures.”

“Wish I could have been here to help, we could have made it a double date,” she winked at Love Heart who blushed slightly as he put the cards away.

“Heh, well you said you wouldn’t mind a capturing mission for a date.”

“Maybe,” Confidence giggled.

Indy just sighed and turned to walk home. He was not looking forwards to the cleanup.
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Re: Cardcaptor Love Heart - A Cardcaptor Sakura/Care Bears Crossover

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Chapter 7: Dark Reflection

Sweet Heart wasn’t sleeping well. She tossed and turned before finally waking up in the middle of the night opening the window, hoping the cool night air would help her nerves. Sweet Heart clutched a card to her chest and started to cry as she looked up at the stars.

“Great Wishing Star, I know I don’t deserve your help but please,” she gripped the card tighter as tears streamed from her eyes, “Please keep everyone safe.”


“I’m heading out,” Love Heart announced as he was going out the front door.

“Got another date?” Life Heart smiled from where she sat at the table.

“Meeting Confidence for her lunch break, bye!” Love Heart grinned as he conjured a cloud car and took off.

“Hey wait!” The Jump came bounding down the stairs with Kero right on his tail, “You forgot me!”

“He has the rest of the Clow Cards,” Kero floated over to the fridge, “Just relax.” He opened the door and grinned at the small bowl full of chocolate right in front of him. “Alright pudding!”

“I saved it for you go ahead,” Life Heart nodded then turned to The Jump, “Would you like something, Jump?”

“Nah, I don’t like eating but I would like to try one of those video games before Keroberos takes over again,” it shot a glare ate Kero who just mumbled something through a mouthful of pudding.

“Alright, let’s see what there is,” Life Heart walked over to the living room TV and turned on the console for The Jump to try.

Kero swallowed his mouthful and shouted, “I got dibs on next turn!”

“Now now, Kero, let The Jump have its fun and finish your food,” Life Heart turned on the console and sat on the couch to watch The Jump play.


In Readington, Hugs Bear, Noble and True Heart’s pink daughter with a star coming out of a heart for a tummy symbol, and Get Well Bear, a blue Care Bear with an open greeting card with a heart on the insider for a tummy symbol, were hanging out. They were mostly window shopping at Hugs’ insistence for little trinkets at Twin Bells.

Loyal Heart came over to greet them, “Hello, girls. Find anything you’re looking for?”

“Yeah, how much is this?” Hugs held up a costume jewelry necklace.

“Not yet... hmm?” Get Well looked out the front window, “Is that Sweet Heart?” The pink Pegasus was standing in front of the store, only wearing her skirt. Hugs and Loyal Heart glanced out the window just in time to see Sweet Heart grin at them then jump up and grab a banner that was hanging from the front of the store and tear it in half as she came back to earth.

“Hey! Sweet Heart!” Loyal Heart darted towards the door as Sweet Heart took off and deliberately knocked over a sunglasses display from a neighbouring store.

Get Well and Hugs ran outside too, stunned at the pegasus’ behaviour while Loyal Heart stared at the ripped banner that was announcing new products now lying in two pieces on the ground.

“What’s gotten into her?” Hugs asked to no one in particular.


Love Heart and Confidence were eating take out lunch near the grocery store where Confider worked, her apron on the free chair between them and her hair tied up in a braided bun.

“So what’s it like being a cashier?” Love Heart asked between mouthfuls.

“Sometimes boring, mostly hectic and always brain numbing,” Confidence stirred her drink with a straw before she took a long sip, “Still no Clow Card sightings?”

Love Heart shook his head, “Nope, Indy’s getting kinda anxious about it.”

“Nothing for three weeks now,” Confidence sighed, “So what’s it like being Indy’s deputy.”

“I pray the day is boring, but at least dad isn’t asking me to train at home as much anymore now that Indy’s making me do sword practise almost every day.” Love Heart sighed too. “Between this, Clow Cards and caring missions it’s been a busy summer.”

“Don’t remind me. My boss isn’t happy that I have to run off on caring missions every other day. So being police not all it’s cracked up to be?” Confidence still sounded tired and bored.

“Not ‘police’ so much, Indy says we’re a ‘supernatural first response team’ or something like that since so little happens on our side of the portal. At least we’re getting paid right?” Love Heart gave a weak chuckle.

“Yeah,” Confidence nodded. “So wanna go out this weekend?”

Love Heart smiled, “Sure. What did you have in mind?”

“Ask me again after my brain reforms,” Confidence lay her head flat on the table with a *thud*.

Love Heart laughed for real then looked around, “Huh? Sweet Heart?” he saw his sister standing at one of the outdoor fruit stands the grocery store has set up in summer. She turned to Love Heart, grinned then grabbed an apple from the stand and took off munching.

“Hey!” The clerk shouted.

“Sweet Heart!” Love Heart ran over to the stall.

“You know that twerp?!” the angry clerk turned on Love Heart.

“Yeah, how much for that?” Love Heart pulled out his wallet.

“Two dollars, but-” he was cut off when Love Heart tossed the money to him.

“Right! Sweet Heart, get back here!” Love Heart took off after her.

Confidence was mystified but too tired to really be invested as she tied her apron back on and headed back inside.

“Did your boyfriend just call that girl sweetheart?” the outdoor produce clerk turned to Confidence as she passed. “Aren’t you mad about that?”

Confidence sighed, “That’s his little sister.”

“That’s disgusting!”

“It’s her name!” Confidence rounded on him, “Sweet. Heart. Pegasus! You live in the Care Bear joined city, how do you not know how our names work?!” She threw up her arms in exasperation.

He recoiled, “Yeesh, sorry...” he watched head back into the store to resume her shift.

Love Heart chased Sweet Heart all over town, occasionally losing sight of her until he spotted her doing something wrong again: kicking over a kid’s sand castle in the playground, jumping in the way of someone’s photograph, knocking over parked bikes. It was all so petty but Love Heart had to run after her still shouting for her to stop.

Finally, after chasing her for hours, Love Heart caught up to her at the edge of a forested park near the edge of the city, panting. “Alright, Sweet Heart, what the hell are you doing?”

“What do you mean, big brother?” Sweet Heart grinned innocently.

Love Heart glared at her, “Don’t play dumb, I’m calling dad about this.” Love Heart dug out his Heartphone. Before he could even open the lock screen, Sweet Heart darted forwards and snatched it from his hand.

“Hey!” Love Heart tried to snatch it back but Sweet Heart dodged back and stuck her tongue out at him.

“Catch me if you can!” She teased then tore off through the trees.

“This isn’t funny!” Love Heart shouted as he took off after her.


Sweet Heart gulped when she returned home only to find both her parents, Independent Bear and even Loyal Heart Dog waiting for her. Kero and The Jump were playing a game in the living room but stopped when they heard Sage Heart speak up.

“Young lady, you have a lot of explaining to do.”

Sweet Heart gulped, “What do you mean dad?” she sounded like she had been caught in the act of something.

“I’ve had at least a dozen calls today about you,” Indy folded his arms and gave her a stern glare, “Minor theft, disruption, damaging sales goods. What have you been doing all day?”

“Nothing!” Sweet Heart blurted out, “I’ve been hanging out with Pretty Heart all day I swear!”

“I saw you in front of Twin Bells,” Loyal Heart said, “I even got off early so I could talk about this. You destroyed the banner I spent all morning setting up and knocked over a sunglasses display.”

“Call Pretty Heart, I promise I’m not lying!” Sweet Heart was sweating and looking around the room desperately even as her mother called the skunk in question.

“Hello?” Pretty Heart answered.

“Pretty Heart, it’s Life Heart, Sweet Heart’s mother. Was Sweet Heart with you all day today?”

“Yes. She watched my boxing class then we hung out, we got ice cream.” Pretty Heart sounded unconcerned, “Is something wrong?”

“Don’t worry, we’ll handle it,” Life Heart hung up and turned to Sweet Heart, who was now looking around the room.

“Where’s Love Heart?” she asked.

Sage Heart pulled out his Heartphone to check the time, “He went to meet Confidence for lunch a couple hours ago. Why?”

“We need to find him! Right now!” Sweet Heart’s sudden explosive shout took everyone by surprise. Sage Heart stared at her for a moment but dialed Love Heart’s number. Sweet Heart was dancing on her hooves as she waited.

“He’s not answering,” Sage Heart was about to text him.

“Love Heart’s in danger!” Sweet Heart pulled out her Heartphone and called Confidence Heart.

Confidence felt her Heartphone vibrating right as she finished bagging one customer’s groceries. Relieved that there was no one else in line she shut off her aisle light and answered, “Hel-”

“Confidence! Where’s my brother?!”

“OW!” Confidence pulled the phone away from her ear, the shouting not made any better by her exceptional hearing, “What the hell, Sweet Heart?! He took off after you when you stole that apple at lunch!” She noticed she had drawn attention and lowered her voice, “What’s going on?”

“Love Heart’s in danger! We need to find him now!”

Confidence wanted to protest but something about the tone of Sweet Heart’s voice made her reconsider, “Alright I’m off in ten minutes, meet me here and we’ll try to find him.” She hung up and checked her aisle. Even though it was empty she called for her backup just in case.

By now everyone was paying attention to Sweet Heart, especially Kero and The Jump who had abandoned their game.

“How is Love Heart in danger?” Kero floated up to Sweet Heart’s face.

“He’s being chased by... something I just know it!” She saw the questioning faces all stare back at her and the tension made her flare her wings out, “Please, we need to find him right now!”

“Alright, I believe you. Let’s go,” Loyal Heart spoke up. His voice made up everyone’s minds and a moment later they were in a cloud car flying to meet Confidence Heart.

Confidence was still in her work clothes, minus her apron, when everyone arrived.

“OK, this is where we know he was last,” Indy closed his eyes, “Just give me a moment...”

“Got his scent!” Loyal Heart was down on all fours sniffing, “This way!” he took off.

“Hey wait!” Confidence Heart the first to run after him with The Jump, Sage Heart, Indy and Life Heart all running behind her while Kero and Sweet Heart flew right on Loyal’s heels.


Love Heart trudged through the park’s woods with his eyes fixed in a glare, “Sweet Heart!” He shouted after his sister, “What’s going on?”

“Over here!” her voice made Love Heart turn to see her a short distance away, his Heartphone still in her hands.

Love Heart slowed his pace, stepping closer to her, “What’s going on?” he repeated, “you’ve been acting weird all summer and now this? Just talk to me.” Love Heart’s hand strayed to the key pendant around his neck then withdrew it. He thought it might be a Clow Card but if he couldn’t sense what it was then scaring it off and trying to track it down again might be impossible.

“Come here and I’ll tell you,” the voice was coy as Sweet Heart stepped backwards.


Thankfully the winding route that had taken Love Heart a couple hours to travel only took Loyal Heart a few minutes to follow at full speed. They came to the edge of the park and Loyal was back up on his hind legs.

“Too much nature here, wish I was a bloodhound some days.”

Confidence took the lead, “I can hear him... this way!” She was in the lead, vaulting over and around every tree with The Jump, Loyal and Indy right behind her, Sage Heart and Life Heart stopping to catch their breath.

Sweet Heart flew up above the trees, “Please please please please please,” she whipped her head around trying to catch sight of Love Heart.

“How do you know he’s in danger?” Kero had flown up beside Sweet Heart.

“I just...” Sweet Heart felt her voice catch in her throat as she flew further over the trees.

Love Heart approached the image of his sister even as he heard the trees rustling behind him. He noticed a moment too late that it was hovering over empty air with folded wings and stepped off the edge of a cliff.

Confidence, Sweet Heart, Kero, The Jump, Loyal Heart and Independent Bear all spotted Love Heart fall from the cliff at the same time.







Each of them shouted his name as he vanished over the edge and ran or flew at him. Of the six, The Jump was the fastest and bounded over the edge when Love Heart was almost halfway down the four meter fall. The Jump plowed into Love Heart’s back, vanishing in a flash of light as the small wings appeared on Love Heart’s feet. He plunged and landed hard, but unharmed, at the base of the cliff.

Love Heart panted but grabbed the key from around his neck and shouted:

“Key of Clow
Power of Magic
Power of Light
Surrender the Wand
The Force Ignite

The imposter stared down in shock at Love Heart, its wings still folded, as he spun the staff around then shouted up at her.

“Who are you!?”

Before it could reply the real Sweet Heart cannoned into her doppelganger and plowed her into the ground before jumping up and back away from her with her brother’s Heartphone in hand.

“It’s a Clow Card!” Kero shouted as he dove down to hover by Love Heart’s head.

“Yeah, should have figured that out by now!” Love Heart grit his teeth as he pulled a card out of the book. “Watery Card! Envelope and restrain that imposter! Release!” he struck The Watery with his staff and summoned the spirit, which hissed at the imposter then dove right at it, but passed around and through it with no effect.

“What the?! Why didn’t it work?” Love Heart looked up at Kero.

“You have to identify it or your magic can’t affect it,” Kero said.

“How am I supposed to do that?!” Love Heart looked to his real sister at his side then back to the imposter who had a look of profound sadness on its face. “Doppleganger? Copy? Clone? Twin?” Love Heart shouted out his best guesses.

Sweet Heart stood by with hands clutched to her chest as she faced down the imposter. She bit her lip, unsure of what to say until she saw her doppelganger do the same, clutch its arms to its chest and bite its lip.

“Love Heart look, she’s copying me,” She pointed with her right hand, and her double pointed back with its left hand.

“Huh?” Love Heart watched as his sister waved her left arm over her head as the double waved its right. Then he looked past it to see The Watery spirit still floating there, annoyed, and saw himself reflected in the spirit’s body.

“It’s a reflection,” the name hit him like a ton of bricks, “Card, your name is Mirror!”

The utterance of the name made the imposter’s form shimmer and shift, changing into the image of a young woman in a Japanese dress holding a large round mirror in its arms. The Watery took that moment to pounce on it and wrap around from behind.

“NOW!” The Watery shrieked as Love Heart raised the staff above his head.

“Mirror Card! I command you to return to your power confined! Mirror!” Strands of dirt and earth were pulled from The Mirror, which had a look of profound sadness on its face, until it was sealed inside its card.

Love Heart barely had time to write his name on The Mirror Card before Sweet Heart tackled him into a sitting position, “Love Heart! I was so scared! I thought you were going to... WAAAAAAAH!” Sweet Heart let out a cry and buried her face in her brother’s chest, bawling her eyes out. Love Heart sat stunned for a moment before he hugged her one handed, taking his Heartphone back from her.

“Love Heart!” Confidence came running around, having taken the safe path down to the base, “Oh thank god you’re alright!” she all but threw herself on Love Heart, hugging time him as tightly as his sister did.

“Oof! Not if you squeeze the life out of me,” Love Heart looked up at Kero who was floating just overhead, “Want to get in on this?”

Kero shook his head, “Nah I’m good.”

By the time Indy reached the group, Love Heart had disentangled himself from his sister and girlfriend.

“Good, you’re alright. Thanks to Sweet Heart,” Indy nodded to the Pegasus who had gone suddenly quiet now that she was drying the tears from her eyes.

“What?” Love Heart looked at his little sister who was averting her gaze from him in shame.

“She knew you were in trouble and she’s the one who got us all out here to find you, Loyal Heart went back to tell your parents,” Indy’s tone was severe but he didn’t raise his voice. “How did you know he was in trouble?”

“I just...” Sweet Heart stumbled over a response.

Love Heart folded his arms and stared his sister down. “Sweet Heart, look at me.” Sweet Heart did and winced, she’d never seen her brother with such a look of suspicion and mistrust on his face. “I’ve been worried about you all summer. Please tell me what’s going on.”

“I... I...” Sweet Heart stepped back, wiped her eyes, “I’m sorry, Love Heart...” she was crying.

Love Heart’s gaze softened, “Sorry for what? What happened?” He took a step forwards.

Sweet Heart suddenly spread her wings and spun around taking flight before anyone could stop her. “I’M SORRY! I’M SORRY! I’M SORRY!” She was crying all the way as she flew off.

“Wait!” Kero took off after her.

“Kero stop!” Love Heart shouted then turned to Indy, “Let her go.”

Kero flew down in front of Love Heart with his hands clenched in front of him, “She knew what was going on here, we need to find out if she knows something about the Clow Cards!”

“If your sister knows something,” Indy started but Love Heart held up a hand.

“I know,” Love Heart sighed, “I know something’s been going on with my sister all summer but I didn’t say anything because between the Clow Cards, Harmony, you,” he smiled at Confidence Heart, “And my new job I just didn’t think much about it. And it’s not just how’s she’s been acting, it’s the Clow Cards too.” Love Heart reached into the book.

“What about The Clow Cards exactly?” Indy folded his arms.

“Most the cards I’ve captured have gone after her, first The Jump caused problems at Twin Bells when she was shopping there,” he held up the four other cards in question, “The Fly attacked her before I chased after it, The Shadow attacked her day camp, The Watery first showed up at the aquarium where she was watching a show and now The Mirror impersonated her.”

“But The Mirror tried to kill you!” Confidence couldn’t help but shudder, “And maybe the others are going after her to get to you.”

Love Heart shook his head as he put the cards away, “I don’t think so. Call it a hunch but I think they’re all going after her on purpose.”

“Then ask them,” Indy pointed to the wings still on Love Heart’s feet.

Love Heart looked down, “Right. Jump return,” the wings dissolved into wisps of wind and back into its card form in his hand. “Now come out and talk to us. Relea-” Love Heart was about to strike the card with his staff only for The Jump spirit to materialize as soon as he called for it.

The Jump looked up at the three as Love Heart stared down at it, the staff still halfway to where the card had been. “Are you alright?” it asked.

Love Heart lowered his arm, “I am thank you. But how did you come out without the staff?”

“You called me and I just did,” The Jump rubbed its front feet together nervously, “Same way I gave you my power without you using the staff.”

“Maybe your bond with The Jump is growing,” Kero floated down next to The Jump.

“Figure it out later,” Love Heart waved it off, “Jump, why did you go after my sister when you were released from the book.”

“Well...” The Jump had to think for a moment, “I wanted to get away from the book as fast as I could and then I just ran to the closest source of magic.”

“And your sister would have similar magic to yours. Jump’s always been impatient,” Kero nodded.

“Hey!” The Jump glared at the guardian beast.

“Settle it in games, for now let’s head home.” Love Heart motioned for The Jump to hop up on his shoulder, which it did.

“What about Sweet Heart?” Indy asked as they all turned to head for the safer way up.

“Even if I knew where she ran off to I don’t think I could get her to talk right now.” Love Heart sighed sadly, “We’ll just have to talk to her later.”


Sweet Heart had landed near a pond’s edge in the park, still sobbing as she stared at her own reflection. She clutched the card to her chest mumbling to herself through her tears.

“I’m sorry, everyone, I’m so so sorry...”

Then she broke down completely and began crying her eyes out.
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Re: Cardcaptor Love Heart - A Cardcaptor Sakura/Care Bears Crossover

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Chapter 8: A Glowing End to Summer

“She’s still not talking about it?” Confidence Heart stared at Love Heart from across his dining room table.

Love Heart looked at the stairs leading up to the bedrooms and sighed, “Sweet Heart hasn’t even come downstairs since then. Summer’s nearly over and she’s avoiding all of us, and Indy before he gave up trying to talk to her.”

“What’s she doing up there all day?” Confidence turned to look up the stairs as well.

Love Heart shook his head, “She’s not up there all day. I see her flying out of and into her window every so often, one of the advantages of being born with wings.”

“Given up on talking to her?” Confidence turned back to Love Heart.

“I’ve done everything short of barging into her room and demanding she tell me what’s going on, and that wouldn’t accomplish anything,” Love Heart sighed then smiled, “But that’s not why I invited you over. Confidence, you know that big end of summer cultural festival this weekend? Would you like to go out with me to that?” Love Heart was blushing as he asked.

“Of course!” Confidence beamed, “I’d love to go with you! Just wait until you see what I made to wear!” she was visibly giddy.

Love Heart grinned, “Great! Want some lunch then? I mean just something simple here since mom and dad are out, getting ready for the school year and stuff,” he realized he was rambling and took a deep breath, “Mac and cheese?” he offered.

“Sounds great!”

Sweet Heart listened at her door until she was certain they were occupied then opened her window and flew out across the Kingdom of Caring. At least everyone else had just accepted that a magical doppelganger was impersonating her as a way to get to Love Heart as an excuse and outside her own family things had returned to normal for her. She landed at the portal entrance and saw the group she expected to meet there: Pretty Heart Skunk, Get Well Bear, Hugs Bear and her twin brother Tugs Bear, a bright blue care bear boy who had a tummy symbol of a smiling star suspended in a diaper (something he had become embarrassed about since he stopped wearing them).

Tugs was the first to spot Sweet Heart as she landed and waved, “Hey Sweets! Over here!”

Sweet Heart forced herself to smile and wave as she approached them, “Hi, Tugs, Pretty, Hugs, Get Well. Sorry I’m late.”

Pretty Heart waved it off, “No worries, so are you ready?”

“I am... ready for what?” in worrying about leaving the house discreetly she actually had forgotten what they were meeting for.

“We’re going to find costumes for the culture festival!” Hugs grabbed Sweet Heart’s and Get Well’s hands and all but pulled them through the Portal. “Let’s go!”

“Hey sis, wait!” Tugs took off after them while Pretty Heart laughed and followed.


Love Heart had decided to dress in “Care Bear Culture” as he called it, which meant he was just wearing his brown cargo vest with the Clow Book attached at his side as he arrived at Confidence’s front door in the mid-afternoon.

Tori’s boyfriend Julian answered the door and smiled serenely down at the green bear, “Hi, you’re Love Heart right? Cassandra’s boyfriend?”

Love Heart nodded, “Yes. Is she ready?”

“I’m here, Love Heart!” Confidence appeared wearing a light blue kimono with blue lilies patterned over it and...

“Your mom’s earrings,” Love Heart noticed the garnets sparkling where the steel studs had been up until today.

Confidence smiled, “Yeah, dad said I could wear them for this special night. What do you think of all of this?” She spun slowly in place so Love Heart could see the whole outfit.

“You’re beautiful I mean it’s beautiful!” Love Heart blurted out, his face red.

Confidence giggled, “Thanks, I made this myself. Ready to go?” she offered an arm to Love Heart, which he accepted.

“Yes. What about your brother?” Love Heart asked as they departed her house.

“He just got home so he’s still getting ready. Maybe we’ll run into him and Julian at the festival, I know Julian’s been going on about trying all the food there,” she looked Love Heart up and down, “Barely clothed huh?” she couldn’t help but blush, it somehow being more apparent since they started dating.

“Heheh yeah well, Care Bear culture and stuff,” Love Heart chuckled, “Noble and True Heart are running the Care Bear Family booth too.”

“We’ll have to start there then, let’s go!” Confidence sped up and started to pull Love Heart along until they were walking alongside each other.

The Culture festival was in the large park in the middle of Readington and Love Heart couldn’t help but notice the tree The Sword had chopped down near the start of summer but put that out of his mind. “Look there,” Love Heart pointed to the small booth with a large valentine heart on the top. It was a simple booth as the Care Bear Family had only really been around a short time and they were mostly just answering any questions and handing out small pamphlets. Kero was there too, reading one of the pamphlets while Noble Heart and True Heart waited for more people to talk to them.

“Hey Kero,” Love Heart, “Learning about the Care Bears?”

“Yeah, not much to see though,” he dropped the pamphlet, “I just wanna try all the tasty food here!” he grinned, “Have fun, Love Heart, and remember to expect the unexpected!” he flew off to the food booths which made Love Heart and Confidence laugh.

“Hungry yet?” Confidence asked.

“Nah, let’s go try the games,” Love Heart motioned for them to head over to the game tents.

The culture festival was a mix of many Earth cultures: American, Mexican, First Nations, Japanese, Chinese, Indian, French, Spanish, even though Love Heart had visited a lot of those countries for caring missions he never really stopped to admire the culture of those places as he was helping whichever child he was assigned to. It was because of these missions that they had discovered that all Care Bears and Cousins were magical polyglots: capable of speaking and understanding any language. It did make Love Heart wonder if the Care Bear Family’s native language was English or if they spoke some separate language unique to them, since as far as he knew he processed everything in English in his mind. Eventually Confidence had to pull him out of a contemplative stupor after she won a ring-toss game and was rewarded with a pair of glow-stick bracelets for them to wear, yellow for Love Heart and green for herself.

Sweet Heart slowed down when she saw Love Heart and Confidence Heart at the game tents, hanging back until they moved on. Tugs was the first to notice her hanging back and pulled back to talk to her.

“Hey, Sweets, what’s the hold up?” he gave her an odd look.

Sweet Heart averted her gazed, “N-nothing, just don’t want to bother my big bother on his date.” Her voice was barely audible over the sounds of the crowds.

“OK what’s wrong, you’ve never wanted to avoid your brother before,” Tugs tried to peer in close to her eyes.

“Tugs, Sweet Heart, what’s going on?” Pretty Heart Skunk had let Get Well and Hugs go on without theme, “Sweet Heart what’s wrong?”

“I just... don’t want to bother my brother or have everyone ask me about him again...” Sweet Heart’s voice quavered. Tugs and Pretty Heart looked at each other then both grabbed one of the pegasus’ arms and pulled her into the tree cover away from the light despite her protests.

“OK, Sweets, what’s wrong? for real this time,” Tugs folded his arms and glared at her.

“Yeah, you’ve been getting weirder since the doppelganger incident,” Pretty Heart grabbed her shoulder, “We’re your friends, talk to us.”

Sweet Heart stared at Sweet Heart, then over to Tugs. Their eyes were full of understanding but seriousness. Sweet Heart’s face quavered then she whimpered and finally started crying, pulling Pretty Heart close to her. Tugs was startled but hugged Sweet Heart as well as she bawled apologies. She wanted to tell them everything but how could she? Could they really understand? What would they even say? All she could do was promise she still trusted them but didn’t know how to tell them what was wrong. They accepted for now to just enjoy the festival before they went back to school next week. She hoped that would be enough...


It was getting dark out and the lamps lit up all over the festival when Love Heart and Confidence finally decided to hit the food stalls. The smells that bombarded their noses only made them hungrier as they went from booth to booth, wanting to try everything: Perogies and sausage from one Ukranian booth, meatballs from a Swedish booth, burritos from Mexican, and Japanese yakisoba that Confidence insisted on before they were too full to eat anymore.

Love Heart burped and held his stomach, “Ugg, too much,” he groaned.

Confidence echoed his sentiment, “And I wish I could eat more, so much good stuff left.” She let out a loud burp which helped ease her stomach a bit.

“You mean like him?” Love Heart pointed to where Julian and Tori were eating, or rather Julian was eating and Tori was watching. “How does Julian stay so thin?”

“Big metabolism, I think he was on the basketball team in high school, before the cloud school anyway,” she sighed sadly, “And we have to go back in a week.”

“Yeah,” Love Heart sounded disappointed, “And I still haven’t captured all the Clow Cards, but don’t worry about that now,” he took Confidence’s hand, “Let’s just enjoy our date. Com’on, let’s go see the art tents!”

Confidence Heart felt her mood brighten as she let Love Heart pull her along.

The art tents passed in a blur for the two of them, sand tubes, tattoos, pottery, small sculptures, paintings, neither of them were art connoisseurs but they were amazed by some of the things they saw that night, even trying their hand at a few of the art forms they were introduced to.

“Think I’ll stick to sewing,” Confidence Heart remarked after she and Love Heart had retreated to part of the park where nothing had been set up. The sun was just disappearing over the horizon but the ambient light from the festival was enough for them. They stared out across the park’s lake for a moment before Confidence dropped to the grass, “Oof! I need to sit down for a minute.”

“Not worried about grass stains?” Love Heart sat down next to her.

“Nah, it’ll wash out,” Confidence leaned up against Love Heart, “I’ve had a really great time tonight, thanks for inviting me.”

Love Heart blushed but put his arm around her, “Thanks, I did too.”

Confidence blushed to as the sun finally set and snuggled up next to him as her eyes drooped, “I love you.”


Confidence’s eyes shot up as she realized what she had said. She could claim it was because it was so late that it slipped out, but no. She put an arm around Love Heart and repeated, “I love you, Love Heart Bear, I have for a while now. I know it’s too soon, we’ve only been dating for a month or so but it’s how I really feel.” Her breath caught in her throat as she waited for Love Heart to say something.

Love Heart was stunned and his brain was still trying to reboot when a number of small blue orbs rose out of the nearby lake and began to float around them.

Confidence stood up, grateful for a distraction however she was confused, “Fireflies?” She reached out and touched one which danced around her finger then floated away.

Love Heart jumped up as he felt the small alarm bell in the back of his mind. “It’s a Clow Card,” he reached into his pocket and pulled out the Clow Key, “Doesn’t feel aggressive.”

“It’s not,” Kero was perched in a tree nearby out of earshot, “Don’t worry, Love Heart, it’s not going to cause any problems.”

“It doesn’t feel dangerous though.” Love Heart carefully put the key back in his pocket and walked over to Confidence Heart who waved her arm through the glowing orbs. He held out a hand to her, “Want to dance, Confidence?”

“You know how to dance?” Confidence turned to Love Heart.

“Not really. Do you?” Love Heart coughed awkwardly but didn’t withdraw his hand.

“Not really,” Confidence took his hand, “Let’s just try.”

They didn’t really dance, just held each other close and swayed as the blue orbs danced around them.

“I think, I love you too,” Love Heart whispered.

“What?” Confidence turned to stare at him.

“I mean I know you do because you’ve been crushing on me for years and... I was too dumb to notice... but this whole summer you’ve been there helping me with the cards and helping me get over Harmony. I know why but you’re a strong person who isn’t afraid to be herself and I can always count on to be there. I-I love you...” Love Heart almost coughed as he spoke. The orbs of light seemed to glow brighter which only highlighted both of them blushing.

“It’s thanks to you that I can be myself, you inspired me to stop hiding behind the whole ‘tomboy’ image and I don’t think I could have gotten my ears pierced if it wasn’t for you. You’re inspiring and strong and...” Confidence started to tear up.

“You look so beautiful, Confidence, I mean I like how you look all the time but now...” Love Heart was afraid he’d said something wrong, part of him was expecting her to get mad.

But she didn’t, “Well I really dressed up tonight, I wanted to look good.”

“You always look good, just different good, strong and confident instead of stunning like you are now,” Love Heart could swear his face was glowing bright red.

Confidence leaned in close, grateful that they were the same height, “I know, you look handsome too. I wonder how you’d look if you really cleaned up for a night out.”

Love Heart leaned in closer, “Maybe you’ll see if we go to a school dance next year.”

“You really want to stay together?” Confidence felt like she was in a dream she’d wake up from any minute.

“Yes.” Then they kissed. The orbs around them seemed to dance as they shared their first kiss, the world otherwise stopping just for them until they finally came up for air.

Sensing the orbs’ approval, Love Heart pulled out the key once again.

“Key of Clow

Power of Magic

Power of Light

Surrender the Wand

The Force Ignite


He spoke the incantation calmly and held up the staff as it formed. Then he held it close to Confidence, “Seal it with me.”

“Really?” Confidence was startled.

“Yes, please.” Love Heart waited until Confidence had grasped the staff and they both spoke the incantation together as they raised the staff.

“Clow Card! We command you to return to your power confined! Clow Card!” They swung together and the cloud formed. The orbs were all sucked into and coalesced into the card which flew up to Love Heart’s hand which showed the image of a small fairy-like creature which wore a literal puff-ball for a skirt and another for a hat.

“The Glow Card?” Love Heart looked at the card in his hand.

“It’s a peaceful card,” Kero flew down to them, “it was probably waiting to see what you were doing. I think it recognized your intentions so it gave itself to you.”

Love Heart jumped slightly when Kero appeared, “Were you spying on us?” he asked, stepping away from Confidence so he could write his name on the card.

“I sensed The Glow a while ago so I came to see what was happening. I was waiting nearby just in case you needed me but I didn’t want to interrupt your moment,” he grinned at the two, “Have a good evening?”

“Definitely,” Confidence put an arm around Love Heart once he put The Glow away and sealed the staff.

“Well I’m happy for you, but since The Glow is sealed I’m gonna get back to the food tents before they close.” Kero waved then flew back to the festival.

Love Heart waved the guardian beast off and Confidence yawned.

“Mmmm, was up late putting the finishing touches on this,” Confidence said, “Think I’m ready to head home.”

“Me too,” Love Heart pulled her close, “Here, let me give you a lift.” He pulled out The Jump and Confidence clung on with a smile.

“Jump!” tiny wings formed on Love Heart’s feet and he pulled Confidence close as he jumped high through the air.

Confidence cried out in excitement as the air rushed past them and she got a real look at the town from above, a sea of lights from all the buildings and streets and even the stars in the sky were as clear as in Care-a-Lot.

“It’s beautiful,” Confidence said as they reached the apex of the jump.

“You’re beautiful,” Love Heart didn’t blush as he said that, “Hang on!”

The rush downwards was more exciting than a drop tower amusement park ride even as Confidence held on tight. They hit the ground and Confidence only felt the impact in the middle of a sidewalk with no pain right before Love Heart jumped again.

“You’re beautiful too!” Confidence shouted even as the air rushed past them and took a chance to kiss him at the height of the jump arc, which Love Heart reciprocated.

It only took one more jump for Love Heart to land in front of Confidence’s house. He seemed winded but smiling as they walked up to her front door.

“Thanks for the wonderful night,” Love Heart said.

“Thanks for inviting me out,” Confidence blushed again, “See you tomorrow.”

“See you,” they embraced and kissed again, “I love you.”

“I love you too. Good night,” Confidence seemed to be floating on air as she shut the door behind her.

Love Heart grinned then turned and jumped high towards the portal to the Kingdom of Caring, letting out a whoop of joy at the peak of each jump until he landed in front of the portal and let The Jump off his feet to manifest in its spirit form up on his shoulder.

“Good night?” The Jump asked the giddy green bear who was practically skipping through the portal to Care-a-Lot.

“I’m in love!” Love Heart spun around almost tripping on the rainbow road to his house, “I love Confidence Heart!”

“Huh?” The Jump held on as Love Heart spun, “What kind of love exactly? Like in your name? Like the kind you show us?”

“No,” Love Heart began walking at a more sedate pace but still with a huge grin plastered on his face, “The kind of love I stand for is the kind you share with close friends and family, the kind where you go out of your way to help them and support them. This kind of love is Love-a-Lot Bear’s domain. It’s hard to describe how it feels until it really touches you.” He put hands over his chest, “My heart beats fast, you feel giddy in their presence, it feels better than any dream you could think up and you look forwards to every new moment you get to spend with them.” He sighed as he finally reached his, “But when it hits you, you never realized you could feel this way before.”

“What about that purple bear, Harmony, everyone said you had a ‘crush’ on?” The Jump scratched its head.

“It’s not the same,” Love Heart sighed, “Infatuation, attraction, it’s something that draws you in but being in love, that’s when you want to stay for more important reasons.” Love Heart headed up to bed as The Jump hopped down. It still didn’t quite get it, but Love Heart was happy so that was good.

At her home, Confidence had taken time to carefully hang up her kimono to get it ready for the wash, then flung herself on her bed giggling and sighing the whole time. “He loves me! He loves me! Love Heart Bear loves me!” She was sure she would have woken up the whole house if she wasn’t home. She sighed contentedly then yawned and curled up on her bed smiling. Life felt better than any dream she could have that night.
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Re: Cardcaptor Love Heart - A Cardcaptor Sakura/Care Bears Crossover

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This chapter was a very great addition to the story! Good work!
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Re: Cardcaptor Love Heart - A Cardcaptor Sakura/Care Bears Crossover

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Thank you. I decided early one that I wanted to resolve the romantic tension between Love Heart and Confidence early in the story so it wouldn't clog up the narrative with a drawn out "Will they/Won't they" subplot. Also they're teenagers so emotions run high and I can see them reaching this point in their relationship after just one summer.

I hope I Can keep up this enthusiam and progress I've been able to have lately.
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Re: Cardcaptor Love Heart - A Cardcaptor Sakura/Care Bears Crossover

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I am sure that you will since you seem to be in a very strong momentum! Can't wait to see what else is next!
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Re: Cardcaptor Love Heart - A Cardcaptor Sakura/Care Bears Crossover

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Chapter 9: Back to School

“Erase Card! I command you to return to your power confined! Erase!” Love Heart swung his staff at the wisps of energy which turned into dark beams that arced into a card form which Love Heart grabbed from the air, showing a woman wearing a checkerboard patterned jester’s outfit with a double pointed hat.

Love Heart looked around to see the people who had disappeared over the course of the day fade back into existence, with Confidence and Loyal Heart solidifying from their half-faded forms.

Loyal Heart sank down, panting heavily, “That was too close!”

“Yeah,” Confidence patted herself all over to make sure she was all back only for Love Heart to run over and hug her. “Oof, thanks Love Heart.” She hugged him back.

“I was scared, I could have lost you!” Love Heart was crying slightly.

Confidence kissed him, “It’s alright. You saved everyone.”

“38, 39, 40,” Loyal Heart wiped his forehead and finally stood up, “Everyone’s accounted for.” He looked a bit forlornly at Bright Heart Raccoon and Gentle Heart Lamb, two of the first who had disappeared. He and Gentle Heart had been going out for a while bit it just didn’t work out. He put the thought from his mind as he watched Love Heart sign his name to The Erase Card then turned to make sure everyone would get clear safely.

Sweet Heart watched the events from the top of a nearby building and gave a huge sigh of relief before she flew home.

Love Heart walked Confidence Heart home, hand-in-hand, with Kero flying beside them.

“That was a good thinking. The Erase Card can be very dangerous; anything it erases can’t be brought back after a full day,” Kero said.

“Thanks for telling me sooner,” Love Heart glared sideways at the guardian beast.

“Oh forgive him, he likes to procrastinate on important stuff, like guarding the book,” The Jump had emerged from its card now that the crisis was over and was perched on Love Heart’s shoulder.

“Watch it!” Kero fumed at the now giggling Jump.

“One last exciting capture before school,” Confidence sighed as they reached her house.

“Oh right, School starts tomorrow,” Love Heart held up the Clow Book in his free hand, “How am I supposed to capture Clow Cards during a school day?”

“Everyone know about your little side job, just tell the teacher you might have to be excused for emergencies during class,” Confidence grinned, “I mean you are working for Indy with that so that counts as a job.”

“Speaking of jobs, how’s yours?” Love Heart asked.

“Both boring and hectic, somehow,” Confidence sighed, “I gave my two-weeks notice though. Dad says he doesn’t want me working while I’m in school, especially since I’m helping you with the Clow Cards.”

“I’ll make sure you come with me if a card shows up, if we’re in the same class anyway,” Love Heart pulled her into a hug in front of her house.

“Thanks,” they kissed. “Good night, Love Heart. I love you.”

“Good night, I love you too Confidence Heart,” Love Heart waited until Confidence was inside before he headed for home, deciding to just walk through the late afternoon light.

“So what’s school?” The Jump asked.

“It’s a place I have to go to learn things, math, science, literature, and a bunch of stuff I’m pretty sure I’ll never need to use once I finish.” Love Heart groaned, “I gotta spend five days a week there for most of the year.”

“Do I have to go?” The Jump asked.

“Unfortunately, yes,” Love Heart scratched The Jump’s ears, careful not to tear the pale green ribbons it still wore, “I need all the Clow Cards on hand and you’ll have to stay in your card whenever I’m in class.”

“Can I come? I want to see what school’s like,” Kero floated up in front of Love Heart’s face.

Love Heart rolled his eyes, “If you want, but I’m not sneaking you into class.”


Sweet Heart listened to her family eating supper from her bedroom door then sighed. She wanted to join them but just being near her family now tied her insides in knots. She slunk to her bed and flopped down with her wings pulled tight against her and curled up, crying softly.

A quiet knock at her door made Sweet Heart sit up as her brother’s voice came through, “Sweet Heart, mom made you supper too. We miss you down there.” Sweet Heart turned to face her door without saying anything, hands on her knees as she stared at the floor. “Sweet Heart, please talk to me. School starts tomorrow so I won’t have a much time and... I miss my little sister.” Still Sweet Heart said nothing. Love Heart sighed then there was the sound of a plate being set on the floor, “Just... good night, Sweet Heart.”

Sweet Heart waited until she heard Love Heart’s footsteps recede to his own room before she opened her door and carefully pulled the plate of supper inside. It tasted so good: her mother’s cooking seasoned with tears Sweet Heart couldn’t hold in. When she finished she set it back outside and pulled back into her room just in time to hear her mother’s hoofsteps come upstairs, followed by Life Heart’s sigh then her hoofsteps retreated downstairs once she retrieved the supper dishes.

Sweet Heart curled up on her bed and cried herself to sleep, hoping school would at least distract from all the emotions tied up inside her.


Love Heart had to resist the urge to smash his alarm clock the drag himself down to breakfast. Life Heart had already left since she was the school’s kindergarten teacher. Love Heart stared at his breakfast cereal for a minute before eating it.

“Ready for your last year of high school?” Sage Heart asked with a leading smile.

“No, but I want to get this over with.” Love Heart checked his side to make sure he had The Book of Clow with him, “Also wondering if I’ll be able to get out to take care of Clow Cards.”

“If it’s a serious threat you can, now get going.” Sage Heart was about to say more when they both heard the whoosh from above that signaled Sweet Heart leaving by her window. “I wish she would talk to us,” Sage Heart sighed.

“Yeah... hey where has Wish Bear been all summer?” Love Heart asked.

Sage Heart shrugged, “Where have Swift Heart and Proud Heart been?”

“I dunno but I never hung out with them,” Love Heart stirred the rest of his cereal then drank it, “Guess I’ll see her at school.”

“Speaking of school,” Sage Heart pulled a black lunch bag out of the fridge which Love Heart grabbed.

“Wanna meet Confidence, see ya!” Love Heart tore out the front door, thoughts of meeting with his girlfriend invigorating him. Sage Heart just shook his head and smiled.

Confidence Heart was waiting at the portal for Love Heart, which was right by Care-a-Lot escalator. She waved then caught Love Heart in a big hug as he all but crashed into her, “Good morning!” she gave him a kiss, “Ready?”

Love Heart blushed but smiled, “With you there, I’m ready for anything.”

“Good to see you two still going strong,” Harmony Bear said as she and Brave Heart passed the happy couple.

“Ready to face the school day?” Brave Heart held out his fist.

Love Heart chuckled and gave his friend a fist bump, “Seeing all of you, yeah I’m ready now. Let’s go!” he and Confidence held hands as they headed for the auditorium as did Harmony Bear and Brave Heart.

At the school entrance a large human boy was waiting for Confidence and sneered at her as she and her friends approached. “Well, Cassandra, still going to wuss out of the wrestling team this year?”

“Blow it out your bubblegum, Brant, I’m done with that crap,” Confidence moved to push past him.

“Hey! What’s with the rocks in your ears,” he pointed to the stainless steel studs Confidence had replaced in her ears, not wanting to wear anything valuable to school, “Given up on pretending to be cool?”

Confidence rounded on him and threw a punch, stopping just short of his face which made him wince, “Don’t give me an excuse, besides I don’t need your delicious cake to be who I am anymore,” she stepped back and put an arm around Love Heart, “I have better things in my life now.” They walked away and left the boy rather stunned at the entrance.

“Was that necessary?” Harmony Bear asked.

“I loved it,” Love Heart gave Confidence a kiss, “And I love you.”

“I love you too, just some catharsis from before I found out who I was,” Confidence leaned up against Love Heart as they entered the auditorium.

The entire faculty of Care-a-Lot Escalator, human and Care Bear, sat up on the stage waiting for the student body to file in, barely leaving any empty seats. Everyone went rigid as Principal Norman took center stage.

After his final defeat at the hand of the Care Bear Family and the loss of his magic power, the former No-Heart had presented a dilemma: the Care Bear Family didn’t want to just kill him nor could they leave him be or he would inevitably seek revenge. It was Tenderheart who offered the solution: to make him the principal of their new school they were in the process of setting up. Despite many initial grumblings No-Heart, now named Norman, had taken to the job and despite his constant unpleasant attitude the Care Bears suspected he actually enjoyed his job, somehow.

“Greetings, students, and welcome to a new year at Care-a-Lot escalator.” His voice hadn’t changed at all, still booming that felt like it was resonating inside your head, “For those who are new here I am Principal Norman and if you are lucky this till be all you see of me during the year. If I hear you’ve been bullying other students, disrupting class or disrespecting your teachers then you will be sent to see me and you will not like what happens! Are we clear?” The entire student body audibly gulped. Even the ones who had been there for the entire time the school was open and knew he was more bark than bite could still be intimidated by him.

“Now then I have a new teacher to introduce to you, Miss Layla Mackenzie.” He stepped aside to let the new teacher step up to the podium.

She was an English woman with long auburn hair and brown eyes who wore a long a white shirt and brown dress “Greetings, my name is Layla Mackenzie and I will be teaching language arts and the twelfth-grade homeroom A this year.” She gave a serene smile, “I hope I will get to know all of my students.” Love Heart could swear she stared right at him as she spoke the last words.

Confidence leaned over and whispered, “Suspicious?”

“Yeah,” Love Heart nodded.

Norman stepped up as Ms. Mackenzie sat back down, “Thank you. Now then we shall begin the classroom assignments.”

Life Heart Unicorn sat at the end of the row of teachers on the left side of the stage and stood up, “Can all the Kindergarten students please follow me.” The children eagerly followed her as she left, some talking excitedly about how their teacher was a ‘real-life unicorn’, while Norman began assigning more classrooms.

Love Heart sat to Confidence’s left in the classroom and looked around, mostly the same classmates: the same humans, Brave Heart, Harmony, Loyal Heart, Gentle Heart, Bright Heart, Swift Heart Rabbit, Proud Heart Cat and... he saw the empty seat to his left that no one was taking.

“Hey, where’s Wish Bear?” Love Heart turned to Confidence.

“Huh?” Confidence sounded confused.

“Wish Bear,” Love Heart pointed to the empty seat to his left.

“Who’s Wish Bear?” Confidence sounded even more confused

Love Heart’s eyes went wide and he was about to ask what was going on when Ms. Mackenzie entered the classroom.

“Good morning everyone, since this is just an orientation day for everyone I was hoping to spend the morning getting to know everyone. I’ll start,” she wrote her name on the digital board at the front of the classroom: Layla Mackenzie, “I’m from England thought I was born in Japan and I was trained to be a Miko, or shrine maiden, but I haven’t been able to do that for most of my life. I came here because I heard this was a very unique school, which became obvious when I saw the giant portal I need to get here.” This elicited a chuckle from the students. “Now, would anyone like to tell me about themselves?” She didn’t say his name but she was looking right at Love Heart when she spoke.

Love Heart stood up fast with his hand raised, “Ms. Mackenzie, my name is Love Heart Bear.”

“Nice to meet you, Love Heart, what can you tell me about yourself?”

Love Heart gulped, hoping this wouldn’t sound ridiculous, “I’m the Cardcaptor, that is I set a bunch of magical spirits called The Clows Cards free by accident at the start of summer and I have to go off to capture them when they show up to cause trouble and I’m still working on it. I may need to leave in the middle of class if I sense one.” He knew it sounded crazy as he said it, in fact if the whole city didn’t know about his card capturing adventures he would have expected most of them to burst out laughing.

“Oh really?” Layla’s question didn’t sound skeptical, only like she was confirming what Love Heart said.

Brave Heart shot up, coming to his friend’s defense, “Yes really, one of those cards took me over and made me attack him, I don’t remember much of it but I accidentally cut down that tree in the park.” Other voices joined Brave Heart, recounting other times they’d heard about Love Heart’s exploits or even the attack at the YMCA by The Shadow Card or the plush animal incident from The Jump Card.

“Alright settle down.” Ms Mackenzie waited for everyone to sit back down and be quiet, “I believe you, Love Heart, though I’m surprised everyone knows about this.”

“Hard to keep it a secret these days,” Love Heart chuckled.

“And I’m his card capturing ally,” Confidence stood up with a grin, “I’ve helped Love Heart captures a lot of the Cards he has today.”

“She has,” Love Heart confirmed, “If we’re in the same class we both might need to run off to capture them.”

“Very well, just try to exit discreetly if you can, now how about you,” she turned to Brave Heart Lion, “What can you tell us about yourself.”

Love Heart sat down with a sigh of relief, “That went better than I hoped,” he whispered just loud enough for Confidence to hear him. She just smiled and nodded.


“Alright class settle down, settle down,” Teacher Bear was a dark blue female Care Bear with brown eyes who was the same age as Grams Bear, she wore thick brown-rimmed glasses and a light and dark brown schoolmarm dress with white sleeves and wore a button with her tummy symbol on it: an apple and a chalkboard with a heart drawn on. She looked at her 5th grade class and smiled, seeing her seven adopted children (which included Pretty Heart Skunk), Hugs, Tugs, Get Well Bear and Sweet Heart Pegasus were in her class this year.

“Now then, my name is Bluebelle Mulcahey but you can call me Teacher Bear, of course most of you know me already since I raised a lot of you,” this elicited chuckles from her adopted children, “And I am pleased that I am finally allowed to teach the Care Bear cubs that I helped raise, but I won’t be going easy on you, we’re here to learn. Now then,” she clapped her hands together, “Before we begin I want to introduce someone to you. Syaoran, please come in.”

The classroom door opened and a ten-year old boy walked in. He had short brown hair and amber eyes that were fixed in an intense stare; he wore what looked like a school uniform consisting of black pants and a short-sleeved white shirt with the crest of what they presumed was his old school’s emblem on the sleeve.

Teacher Bear put a hand on the boy’s shoulder, even though they were close to the same height, “This is Li Syaoran from Hong Kong, he will be joining our grade this year. Now I should let you know that Li is his surname and Syaoran is his given name because in some cultures the order of names is reversed, right Syaoran?”

“Yes, Miss Mulcahey,” the boy’s voice was polite though his intense stare remained.

“No need to be so formal, you can call me Teacher Bear. Now where should we seat you, there,” she pointed to a desk right behind Sweet Heart.

Syaoran marched down the aisle then stopped and stared hard at Sweet Heart, who recoiled from his gaze.

“Syaoran, please sit down so we can begin,” Teacher Bear raised her voice slightly which made Syaoran take his seat behind Sweet Heart.

Even as the class wore on, Sweet Hear could feel the transfer student’s eyes boring into the back of her neck which only made her more nervous throughout the day.


“Very suspicious, right?” Confidence asked as she sat down for Lunch with Love Heart, Brave Heart, Harmony Bear, Loyal Heart, Proud Heart and her boyfriend Swift Heart Rabbit: a light blue rabbit Care Bear Cousin boy with a winged heart for his tummy symbol.

“You mean the new teacher right?” Swift Heart Rabbit took a long drink from his carrot juice, “What’s suspicious exactly?”

“You need to watch more anime,” Confidence said, “A new teacher at the start of the school year who just happens to be teaching Love Heart’s home room?”

“Maybe you watch too much,” Swift Heart rolled his eyes.

“No, Confidence is right,” Loyal Heart was the one who spoke up, “She wasn’t even fazed when Love Heart brought up the Clow Cards. I think she knows something.”

“Loyal has a point,” Brave Heart said, “Should we be worried?”

“I don’t know,” Love Heart folded his arms.

“Big brother,” Sweet Heart’s voice took them all by surprise as she had approached their table, “I need to talk.”

“Hey, Sweet Heart, what brings you to the high school lunch room?” Proud Heart asked.

Sweet Heart didn’t answer but spoke directly to her brother, “There’s a transfer student in my class and he’s... he keeps staring at me and I think he wants something.”

“What can I do?” Love Heart asked.

“I don’t know I just...” Sweet Heart shook, “Please just be careful!” She suddenly turned and bolted, catching everyone’s attention.

“What was that about?” Swift Heart asked.

“I don’t know, but that’s the first time she’s talked to me since The Mirror Card incident,” Love Heart watched Sweet Heart until he vanished down the stairs to the elementary school lunch room.

“And a transfer student huh?” Confidence smirked, “Sounds even more suspicious.”

“OK so maybe you have a point,” Swift Heart said, “But why are they just getting here now instead of right when the Clow Cards were released?”

“Because this is the real world, they can’t just warp here a moment after things go wrong,” Confidence took a bite of lunch, “They gotta,” she swallowed, “make arrangements, apply for the school, get admitted then arrange places to stay. Even with magic or connections they needed all summer to get here and other than observant people like us them arriving at the start of the school year isn’t anything anyone’s really going to notice.”

“Only question is, what do we do about it?” Love Heart asked.

“Just wait and see if they do anything,” Harmony said, “It might just be a coincidence.”

“I doubt it,” Love Heart returned to his lunch.


After school, Sweet Heart had retreated to a mostly out of sight place behind a tree next to the chain-link fence at the edge of the school’s playground and that also divided the elementary school’s playground from the main entrance, something that had been mandated during the school’s construction.

Sweet Heart held the fence and stared at her card before hastily stuffing it into her skirt pocket when she heard steps coming up behind her. She whirled around and found herself face-to-face with Syaoran.

“Syaoran, what are you doing here?”

“Give me the Clow Cards!”

Sweet Heart took a step back, “What? I don’t have The Clow Cards.”

“Don’t lie to me!” Syaoran produced a large board shaped like two overlapping squares with a yin-yang symbol at the center and covered in Chinese lettering she didn’t have time to read before Syaoran held it flat and began chanting in Chinese.

"King of gods gods command god,
Appear from all directions,
Gold, Wood, Fire, Earth, Thunder.
The new command:
Soft Thunder
Spinning Thunder."

The board lit up with a blue dome of light that focused into a beam that fired right at Sweet Heart. She just stared in disbelief as the light faded and Syaoran glared at her. “This is a compass that tracks magical energy and it’s especially sensitive to the Clow Cards,” he stepped forwards arms outstretched, “Give them to me now!”

“Hey! Leave my little sister alone!” They both turned to see Love Heart and Confidence Heart running right at the fence and Sweet Heart started shaking.

“Stay out of this, you’re not invol-” his words caught in his throat as he saw Love Heart reach down to what was unmistakably The Book of Clow at his side and pull out a Clow Card.

“Jump!” he called and the card flowed into wings on his feet which let him jump over the fence. Confidence jumped up on her own, grabbed the top of the fence and flipped over, landing right next to Love Heart on the other side.

“You have the Clow Cards?” Li sounded shocked.

“Ha! I knew he had something to do with the Clow Cards!” Confidence grinned.

“What do you know about the Clow Cards?” Love Heart took an aggressive step towards Syaoran.

“Big brother, please,” Sweet Heart’s voice was barely a whisper as she clutched the card in her pocket.

Syaoran took an equally aggressive step towards Love Heart, “My name is Syaoran Li, a direct descendent of Clow Reed. The Clow Cards are mine by right! Why do you have them?”

“I released them by accident so it’s my job to capture them, Keroberos made me the Cardcaptor.”

“That’s right I did, brat!” Kero floated down to the meeting, “What’s going on here?”

“Don’t call me brat you little stuffed animal!” Syaoran shot back.

“I’m not a stuffed animal, I am Keroberos the guardian beast of the seal!” Kero pounded his chest.

“Well you just look like a smaller stuffed animal like the big stuffed animal that all live here!” Syaoran’s temper was rising.

“Watch who you call stuffed animals, kid!” Confidence shot back, cracking her knuckles.

“Stay out of this! And why do you know about the Clow Cards?” Syaoran rounded on Confidence.

“Everyone knows, to keep people safe and I’m not giving you the Clow Cards!” Love Heart shot back.

“You let everyone know!?” Syaoran just stared at Love Heart, “But you’re not the cardcaptor, my compass tracks magical energy and it told me your sister is!” He pointed at Sweet Heart, who was shaking and had collapsed to her knees during the argument.

“Our mother’s a freaking unicorn of course we both have a lot of magical energy!” Love Heart bared his teeth, he was about ready to start a fight.

“LOVE HEART STOP!” Sweet Heart’s cry stopped the argument dead in its tracks.

They all turned to see Sweet Heart on her knees, shaking and crying as she held something to her chest.

“A Clow Card?” Love Heart stared. It looked like a Clow Card except it was pink instead of red and the elaborate sun and moon motif on the back was replaced by a yellow star.

“I’m sorry, Love Heart, I’m so so sorry...” Sweet Heart lifted her head so everyone could see the tears streaming from her eyes as she held her card forwards.

Love Heart crouched down and stared, mouth agape, “Wish Bear?” his voice caught in his throat. The picture on the card was indeed Wish Bear, complete with her shooting star tummy symbol, wearing an elaborate Chinese dress. At the bottom of the card the name THE WISH was written on a ribbon and below that the name SWEET HEART PEGASUS.

Sweet Heart had broken down completely, sobbing apologies until Love Heart knelt in front of her and hugged her.

“It’s alright, Sweet Heart,” Love Heart rubbed her back under her wings.

“I’m sorry, Love Heart, I’m so so sorry!” Sweet Heart sobbed out as she hugged her brother back, her wings unfolding to hold him close.

Everyone just watched in silence until Sweet Heart finally calmed down to a few sniffles. Love Heart let her go and gently pulled back, “Sweet Heart, please talk to me. Tell me what’s been wrong all this time. Why do you keep apologizing?”

Sweet Heart wiped her eyes and took a moment to catch her breath. “It started on the last day of school, when I was the one who unsealed the Clow Cards...”
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Re: Cardcaptor Love Heart - A Cardcaptor Sakura/Care Bears Crossover

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Been wanting to get to this for a long time

Song cover from

Every time I stop and stumble
And doubt in darkness
I close my eyes and think back to you.

We made a vow, a promise,
To carry onward,
I'll see it through.

Cardcaptor Sweet Heart

When I was young, the sky shone clear and bright and blue,
And I smiled through every day, knowing that all my dreams would come true.

Now that I've grown, that sky fades dark and disappears
And the future I once dreamed dissolves before my doubts and fears.

Then you came to me,
Took me by the hand,
And the strength you shared helped me to rise and stand.
Let the clocks tick by,
Let the days fade away,
'Cause I've found the path my heart will walk today.

Now my heart's alive, and racing
Towards the future,
There's no doubt that
Could dare hold me back.

I'm gonna fly on forward into that blue sky, bound-less and bright.

I still pray and hope
That one day we'll be together
I'll fight onward
And see you again, my friend.

I won't stop until the end,
I won't give in!

Cards, cards falling everywhere.

Sweet Heart Pegasus, a pink Pegasus Care Bear Cousin with a heart shaped wrapped candy for a tummy symbol, stood atop the Hall of Hearts, a red building in the shape of a giant red valentine heart, as strange cards fell all around her like snowflakes. She held a bird-headed staff in one hand and reached up to catch one of the cards in her other, which faded as soon as it touched her hand.

“Cards?” she looked around at Care-a-Lot and then-


Sweet Heart shot awake and shook her head. She sat up in bed, stretched her arms and wings then shut off her alarm. She barely recalled the dream as she dragged herself out of bed and smoothed her wings down, pulling a couple molted feathers free. Then she grinned as she fully woke up.

“Last day of school!”

Sweet Heart just grabbed and apple for breakfast as she passed through the kitchen. Her father, Sage Heart Bear an iridescent blue Care Bear with a rainbow dust heart for a symbol, called out to her.

“Is that enough for breakfast?”

“Meeting Pretty Heart and Tugs! Last day of school!” She picked up her school bag and tore out the door.

“Last day of school for her, last day of exams for me,” Sweet Heart’s older brother Love Heart Bear, a lime green Care Bear with a complicated arrangement of hearts for a tummy symbol, trudged down the stairs.

Sweet Heart jumped and took off into the sky. She held her school bag close, since she couldn’t fly and wear a backpack at the same time, and grinned when she saw her closest friends waiting near the ground, a blue Care Bear Tugs and a pink Care Skunk named Pretty Heart.

Tugs was the first one to see her and waved up, “Hey Sweets! Down here!”

Sweet Heart landed between them, “Alright, let’s go!” She took off on foot which forced her friends to dash to keep up, laughing all the way towards the massive cloud building: Care-a-Lot escalator school, where both human and Care Bear students attended classes from kindergarten up to grade twelve.

Since it was the last day of school there wasn’t any work to be done: a movie was playing, they played board games, a couple had trading cards games going, while Sweet Heart, Tugs and Pretty Heart were discussing what they would be doing this summer, with Tugs lamenting that Grams Bear had things scheduled for him and his twin sister Hugs to do for a couple weeks starting right after school.

Sweet Heart found herself staring out the nearby window as they day wore on, her mind flashing back to the odd dream she’d had, then she swore she saw the staff she had been holding in the clouds overhead.

“Hey, Care-a-Lot to Sweets, what’s going on?” Tug prodded her shoulder.

Sweet Heart snapped out of the stupor she’d been in and shook her head, “Yow! Sorry just... I just think I have something urgent to take care of at home after school.”

“You too huh,” Tugs sighed, “Well guess we’ll hang out more later then.”

Pretty Heart smirked, “Well I’m going to check out that new store that just opened. Maybe I’ll catch you there later.”

“I’d love to go, I’ll try to get done fast,” Sweet Heart smiled and returned to having fun with her friends.

The elementary school part of Care-a-Lot Escalator got out an hour before the high schoolers were finished their last exam and the three friends went their separate ways once the bell rang, with Pretty Heart heading through the huge rainbow heart-shaped portal to the earth city of Readington that was connected to the Kingdom of Caring.

“Hello?” there was no answer to Sweet Heart’s call when she got home and she sighed. Why did she come home instead of hanging out with Pretty Heart?

A sudden shock through the back of her mind gave her answer and she heard something coming from downstairs. “Hello?” she called out? Why would someone be here? She headed for the basement and gulped when she opened the door.

“Alright, there’s no monsters down there, at least none worse than Mr Beastly,” she took a deep breath as she stepped down the stairs, turning the lights on. She saw a glow coming from the small basement storage room and felt compelled to go to it. Even with the light on Sweet Heart could see the glow coming from a small wooden chest at the side of the room. She carefully lifted the lid and found the source: a red book with a golden latch holding it shut and a cover with a picture of a large maneless armored lion with large feathery wings on the front surrounded in gold filigree over an elaborately drawn picture of a sun.

She picked up the book and read the words on the cover “The Clow?” Sweet Heart shuddered as he felt a sudden pulse of energy run through her.

There was a sudden flash of golden light and the latch popped open. Sweet Heart squeaked and held still for a moment, but when nothing happened she carefully opened the book. Instead of normal pages the inside of the book was hollowed out filled with a pile of large cards, about three times the size of a playing card the back of which were red and had an elaborate golden disk with the same picture of the sun drawn in the middle and a small crescent moon on the upper left corner, just like the cards in her dream.

“Cards?” Sweet Heart picked up the first card and flipped it over to see the face, it was a very detailed drawing of a woman with large wings enfolding her and hair antenna on a black background and a name written on the bottom. “The Windy?” Sweet Heart saw the card flash for a moment then it glowed and before she could react a massive wind storm flared up around her.

Sweet Heart shut her eyes against the gale force wind that blew into a tornado up around him, the force reaching into the book and launching the cards up and magically through the roof and out of her house. Sweet Heart pulled her wings in and held on for dear life until the wind finally died down and all the cards were gone, except for The Windy still held tight in her hand.

Sweet Heart dropped the book and fell to her knees, “What just happened?” She stared at the card in her hands, as if hoping it would answer.

Unexpectedly the book seemed to answer instead when it glowed bright gold again and a small creature floated out from the front cover: it looked like a small yellow stuffed animal with a big head, large round ears, small feathery wings and long tail with a white tuft at the end.

It opened its tiny eyes, then grinned and threw up an arm, “Well hidey howdy ho! Thank you so much for waking me up... little pink horse?” The creature’s voice was masculine and deeper than its size would have suggested. It stared at Sweet Heart, “Wait, have humans been replaced by animal people? How long was I locked up in that book?”

“Oh no, my name’s Sweet Heart Pegasus, I’m a Care Bear Cousin,” Sweet Heart pointed to herself, “Who are you?”

“A Care Bear Cousin huh? That’s news to me, but no big deal.” The creature folded his arms and gave a proud grin, “My name is Keroberos, The Guardian Beast of the Seal of the Clow Book.”

“You mean that book?” Sweet Heart pointed to the book on the floor.

“Yeah, you got it, girl,” the Clow book lifted up behind Keroberos and stood upright with the cover open and he turned and pointed to the now empty slot in the book, “I keep the Clow Cards from getting loose and causing trouble see?” There was a moment of awkward silence before the guardian beast did a double take and freaked out “WAAAAA NO NO NO! The Clow Cards are gone!? Why Why Why?! Where did the cards go!?” He wailed, trying to dig through the empty slot as if that would make them rematerialize before he hung his head in defeat.

“I’m sorry but I let them out,” Sweet Heart’s ears drooped.

“What?” Keroberos turned to face Sweet Heart with simmering anger in his eyes.

“I found the book, opened it and picked up this card called ‘The Windy’.”

Keroberos nodded, “Yeah?”

“And right after I read its name a big wind storm picked up,” Sweet Heart gulped.

“Uh-huh?” Keroberos nodded again.

“And they all got blown away...” Sweet Heart’s whole body seemed to sag with shame.

“I see.” Keroberos nodded, then briefly burst into laughter.

“AHahahahaha ha ha ha...” Keroberos stared at Sweet Heart for a moment before he shouted, “ALL OF THEM?!”

“Well I still have The Windy,” Sweet Heart handed the card to Keroberos.

“Oh thank goodness at least one card’s still here!” Keroberos grabbed the card and hugged it like a treasured stuffed animal.


“Thanks for supper, gonna have dessert in my room!” Sweet Heart shouted a bit too loudly as she grabbed the bowl of chocolate pudding and darted up to her room.

“Sweet Heart!” Her mother called after her. Her name was Life Heart Unicorn and she was a green unicorn with long silver hair and an apple tree with heart shaped apples for her tummy symbol. “That was odd.”

“Huh?” Love Heart had barely touched his food, he’d been despondent since he got home, “Not hungry, gonna go to bed.” He trudged up to his bedroom and left their parents sitting at the table.

When Sweet Heart got to her bedroom she saw Keroberos floating in mid-air and glowing. He finally stopped glowing and sighed, his limbs hanging down, “It’s no good. I can’t tell where the other Clow Cards have gone.”

“Here, maybe this will help you feel better, Kero.” Sweet Heart set the pudding and spoon on her dresser near the guardian beast.

Keroberos’ face lit up as he saw the sweet treat placed in front of him, “Oh wow, this looks tasty!” He grabbed the spoon, which was as long as he was tall, with little effort and hovered over the dessert as scooped it into his mouth, clearly enjoying the taste. He paused briefly and asked, “Did you call me Kero?”

“It sounds cuter, and shorter,” Sweet Heart sighed, “So what can I do about these Clow Cards.”

“Oh right,” Keroberos dropped his spoon into the now empty pudding cup, “That pudding hit the spot!” he floated up with a happy smile on his face for a moment, “go stand over there,” Keroberos pointed to a spot near Sweet Heart’s bedroom door.

“OK,” Sweet Heart stepped back as Kero floated over to stand on the Book of Clow, which was lying on her bed.

The guardian beast’s body glowed gold and there was suddenly a glowing golden seal identical in design to the one on the back of the Clow Cards on the ground surrounding them. “Key of Clow,” as Keroberos spoke a small blue orb floated out of the book’s key hole that quickly grew to the size of a golf ball that floated up to Sweet Heart, “This girl named Sweet Heart will carry out the sacred promise.” He pointed dramatically at the glowing ball and shouted, “RELEASE!” A windstorm picked up as the item inside the ball grew larger, eventually forming a pink staff with a bird’s head at the top with small wings attached to large gem eyes.

“Take the staff!” Keroberos shouted over the wind. Sweet Heart stepped forwards against the wind and grabbed the staff which grew to a length of 70 cm before the wind calmed down.

Kero smiled as the wind vanished, “I name you, Sweet Heart Pegasus, as Cardcaptor.”

“So what do I do?” Sweet Heart stared at the staff in her hand, which looked exactly like the staff from her dream.

A loud cry from outside and the howling of wind made them jump, “You’re about to find out!” Kero flew to the window as a huge shadow passed over the rapidly fading daylight, “It’s The Fly Card!”

Sweet Heart ran to the window as a massive bird flew past. “Oh my stars!” she gulped.

“You have to get out there and capture it!” Kero said.

Sweet Heart was shaking but took a deep breath and pushed her window open, “Alright, let’s go!” She stepped out her window and spread her wings then took off after The Fly.

Kero was startled but took off after her, “You can fly!?”

Sweet Heart grinned, “Yup! I’m Sweet Heart Pegasus!” she flew after The Fly Card, “So how do I capture it?” She shouted over the wind as she got closer to The Fly, the force of its wings shaking her off course.

“Use The Windy Card!” Kero had grabbed the card before taking off and handed it to Sweet Heart, “Hit it with the staff and call its name and what you want it to do!”

Sweet Heart took the card, “Right!” She threw the card forwards as a sun and moon themes golden seal appeared below her, “Windy Card! Form a chain and tie up The Fly! Release and dispel!” she struck the card and the spirit emerged then flew off to wrap around the giant bird, which cried out in shock before crashing down to the clouds, thankfully far enough from Care-a-Lot not to damage anything.

Sweet Heart landed in front of the struggling Fly, “Now what?!”

Kero floated down next to her, “Repeat after me: Fly Card I command you to return to your power confined! Fly!”

“OK!” Sweet Heart raised the staff over her head, “Fly Card I command you to return to your power confined! Fly!” She swung at the bird and a card shape formed in front of the staff’s beak. The Fly cried out again as it was sucked into the card, which solidified and floated into Sweet Heart’s hand, showing the bird with the name ‘The Fly’ printed on a ribbon across the bottom.

“Alright! Great job!” Kero pumped a fist in the air, “Now let’s get home before anyone sees us.”

Sweet Heart lay on her bed and stared at The Fly, on which she had written her name, Sweet Heart Pegasus, to seal its power to her, “So how many Clow Cards are there, Kero?”

“Nineteen, so you have seventeen more to go,” Kero landed on her pillow next to her, “But you can’t let anyone know about this.”

“OK, I don’t like keeping secrets but I won’t tell anyone.” Sweet Heart sighed, “So much for summer, but I guess if I really try hard to get them captured I won’t have to take too much of my free time.”

“That’s the spirit.” Kero yawned, “The sooner they’re captured the better.”

Sweet Heart put the cards and the now sealed staff, in the form of a small key, away, “Good night, Kero.”


“How exactly am I supposed to find the Clow Cards?” Sweet Heart whispered as she walked down the sidewalk in Readington, carrying an overlarge handbag where she was carrying The Clow Book and Kero, “Just wait for them to show up?”

“Mostly,” Kero’s voice was just barely audible from the handbag, “The Clow Cards won’t make themselves known until they’re ready.”

“I don’t want to spend all summer on this, I want to hang out with my friends,” Sweet Heart sighed.

“Spend all summer on what?”

Sweet Heart jumped and spun around to find herself face-to-face with Wish Bear, a teal green Care Bear girl with a shooting star for a tummy symbol wearing a pale blue blouse and skirt.

“Oh uhh, nothing Wish Bear,” Sweet Heart gulped.

“Nothing? You mean you weren’t dealing with that giant bird from last night,” Wish Bear pulled out her Heartphone, a Care Bear’s smartphone, and pulled up a short video that showed Sweet Heart chasing after The Fly Card.

Sweet Heart turned pale, “How did you see that?! Did you post it anywhere?!”

“Not yet, and I walked your brother home so I was nearby when I saw the giant bird and you chasing it,” Wish put her phone away, “So what was that bird? We both know it’s not No-Heart’s.”

Sweet Heart looked around then whispered harshly, “I’ll show you at your house, just please don’t tell anyone!”

“Alright, I’ll see you later,” Wish gave a friendly smile then whistled as she swayed away.

Kero poked his head out of the handbag, “Think she’ll tell anyone?”

“No,” Sweet Heart sighed, “Wish is kinda spacey but we can trust her.”

Later at Wish Bear’s house Sweet Heart had laid the Clow Book on Wish’s coffee table and had finished explaining everything, with Kero’s help.

“... and we can’t tell anyone about this.” Sweet Heart stared at the book, “I want to try and capture all of the Clow Cards as fast as possible before they hurt anyone, and before I spend all summer on this.”

“I see,” Wish Bear looked up at Kero, “I’m going to help you.”

“What?!” Kero stared back at her, “But it’s too dangerous for anyone without magical powers to help with this.”

“But I do have magical powers,” Wish touched her tummy symbol, which was on her blouse, “I can make wishes come true, if I really believe in them.”

“She can,” Sweet Heart backed her up, “She’s saved the whole Care Bear Family a couple of times when they work, like their first encounter with Cold Heart.”

“Cold who?” Kero turned to Sweet Heart, “And when they work? Are you sure about this?”

“You need someone older to keep an eye on both of you,” Wish Bear added, “And if you won’t tell your parents then I can at least help cover for you.”

“My brother is one of her best friends,” Sweet Heart turned to Kero, “And I could use the help.”

Kero sighed, “Alright, just be careful about this.”


“Shadow, Jump, Windy, Glow, Shield, Sword,” Sweet Heart set the cards in front of her on her dresser, “six down thirteen to go.”

“And in only two weeks,” Kero whistled, “at this rate you should have them all by the end of the month.”

“I hope so,” Sweet Heart put the cards away and climbed into bed, “I don’t want to keep blowing off Tugs and Pretty Heart all summer.”

“Hopefully you won’t have to,” Kero curled up on Sweet Heart’s other pillow.


Cozy Heart almost drowned. At an aquarium show she was pulled underwater by a whirlpool and lost consciousness before she could be pulled back above water. CPR barely managed to revive her and Take Care Bear insisted on keeping her at the hospital to observe for a couple days.

The culprit turned out to be The Watery Card and that same night Sweet Heart went to the Aquarium and with help from Wish Bear she managed to lure The Watery into a huge freezer in the aquarium’s basement and use The Windy to freeze it solid and capture it.

She exited with the newly sealed Watery Card and gave a relieved sigh, “That was too close. I just hope Cozy Heart will be ok.”

“She will,” Wish reassured her, “But I see why you need to capture these cards fast. Can’t let any of them try that again.”

“You’re doing fine, Sweet Heart,” Kero assured her, “But we have to be on alert. The Clow Cards are only going to get tougher from here.”


“Big brother! Are you out here? Love Heart!” Sweet Heart trudged between the park trees.

“He’s close, Wish’s wish led us here so it must have lured him,” Kero floated by a very worried Sweet Heart’s head.

“I just hope Wish can get Take Care here- Yow!” Sweet Heart wasn’t looking where she was going and stepped off a ledge, her wings snapping open to catch her. She watched below and felt her heart sink as she saw the lime green form slumped against the base of the cliff and another pink form staring up at her.

“LOVE HEART!” Sweet Heart dove and landed hard next to her brother, ignoring the shock that traveled up her legs as she grabbed him, “Wake up!” she grabbed his shoulders and felt him slump. A whimper from behind her made her get up as she faced her doppelganger, who looked remorseful.

Sweet Heart pulled out her staff, which she had released earlier, and swung it towards the card, then watched as the doppelganger imitated her. Clues pieced together from its actions made her speak, “Card, your name is Mirror.” She barely had time to see The Mirror’s true form before calling out her incantation, “Mirror Card! I command you to return to your power confined! Mirror!”

Sweet Heart snatched the captured card from mid-air and turned back to her brother as the sound of Take Care’s cloud ambulance was heard overhead. “Love Heart! Please talk to me!” Sweet Heart pleaded even as Take Care and Independent Bear arrived.

Take Care only had to check him for a moment to see something was seriously, “He’s barely breathing! Get him into the ambulance now!” Independent helped her load Love Heart into the back and they took off. Sweet Heart hid the sealed staff and card as she rode along.

Sweet Heart anxiously wandered the waiting room where she and her parents waited for Take Care to finish with Love Heart.

Wish Bear sat nearby, hands clasped in her lap as she whispered over and over: “I wish Love Heart will be alright. I wish Love Heart will be alright.” Her tummy symbol glowed briefly then she gasped and held her chest as she stopped talking.

“Wish?” Sweet Heart stopped and turned to face her and saw the teal bear’s pained expression.

Take Care emerged into the waiting room and Sweet Heart immediately ran over to her, “Is Love Heart alright!? Tell me he’s alright!” Sweet Heart stared up at Take Care.

Take Care tried to keep her face impassive a she spoke, “I’m sorry, Love Heart’s dead.”

The color drained from Sweet Heart’s face, “Wh-what?” her voice caught in her throat.

“His spine was broken by the fall and he stopped breathing on the way over. I tried to revive him but... I’m sorry, I didn’t get to him in time,” Take Care took a deep breath.

“No...” Sweet Heart’s whole body started shaking, “NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!” She started beating Take Care’s chest with her fists as she burst into tears, “BRING HIM BACK! PLEASE BRING HIM BACK, TAKE CARE!”

Life Heart and Sage Heart had broken down crying too and even Wish Bear had started crying but forced herself to walk over to Sweet Heart and pull her away from Take Care, who had let the grief stricken child just keep at her.

“Shh shh, Sweet Heart please calm down,” Wish sniffled but tried to be strong.

“WISH HIM BACK PLEASE!” Sweet Heart whirled on Wish Bear her wings flared, Please Wish,” her voice finally started to fade, “Bring him back, do something, anything...” She sunk to her knees.

“I tried but,” Wish touched her tummy symbol, “Some wishes are too much...”

“No no no no no no no... aaa WAAAAAAAAAAHHH!” Sweet Heart couldn’t hold it in any more and bawled her eyes out, hands pressed to her face trying to rub the tears away as if she could dispel this like a bad dream.


Sweet Heart barely recalled her brother’s funeral: lots of tears, lots of regrets, kind words from most of the family especially their parents, Brave Heart Lion, Harmony Bear, Wish Bear, Loyal Heart Dog and Confidence Heart Fennec, but Sweet Heart couldn’t say anything.

Sweet Heart lay barely held herself together long enough to get home then flung herself on her bed and resumed crying her eyes out. Kero sat down on her pillow next to her head, not having been able to attend.

Sweet Heart turned her tearstained face to Kero, “Why? Why did my brother have to die?”

Kero turned his head to look at The Mirror Card where Sweet Heart had left it, face down next to the book, “Because the Clow Cards are getting more aggressive, they might do more damage if they’re left out.”

“Because I wasn’t good enough,” Sweet Heart hiccupped then curled up on her side, her wings pulled tight against her back, “If I was faster, or if I found The Mirror sooner he’d still be alive...” She sniffed and started crying again, more softly now. Kero hovered over to The Mirror and placed it inside the Clow Book.

The following day, Sweet Heart awoke with a new sense of determination, “I’ll capture the rest of the Clow Cards as soon as possible.”

Kero was a bit startled by her serious gaze, “Maybe you should give yourself time to grieve, let this sink in.”

Sweet Heart shook her head as she opened her window, “No, I won’t let anyone else be hurt.” She looked down and saw Wish Bear standing below her window.

Sweet Heart jumped down and landed carefully in front of Wish Bear, “Can you help me find the Clow Cards?”

“I can,” Wish touched the dark pink eight-pointed star on Sweet Heart’s forehead that signified that she was the child of a unicorn as they both closed their eyes. “I wish that Sweet Heart will know where the nearest escaped Clow Card is.” Her tummy symbol lit up along with Sweet Heart’s unicorn star.

Sweet Heart’s eyes shot open, “This way!” she turned and took off, taking to the air as she released the sealing staff. No more pain, she would capture the cards and seal them away before they could hurt anyone else.

Kero flew alongside Sweet Heart, “I know you can do it, your magical powers are growing every day.”

“Good, because I’ll need them,” Sweet Heart said.


With Wish Bear’s help, Sweet Heart managed to capture four more Clow Cards in just under a week, but the fifth one proved to be the breaking point.

Lightning lanced up from the clouds beneath the feet of the Care Bear Family, shooting into the Forest of Feelings and setting it on fire. The Care Bear Cousins fled from their burning home, unable to stop it from spreading as more bolts struck and set more trees alight. Sweet Heart couldn’t track The Thunder Card as it destroyed the forest and the clouds beneath Care-a-Lot turned to storm clouds.

Sweet Heart was panicking even before she noticed that she was sinking into the darkening clouds, as were the buildings of Care-a-Lot.

“No!” Sweet Heart forced herself to fly up and out then turned and saw, to her horror, that The Thunder’s magic was unwinding the enchantments that made the clouds solid and Care Bears and Cousins who hadn’t made it to the huge portal were sinking into the clouds, including her parents.

“MOM! DAD!” Sweet Heart dove towards them and grabbed Sage Heart’s hand as he held on to Life Heart, who sank out of sight, but she wasn’t strong enough and the water made them slippery.

Sage Heart gave a weak smile as he felt his grip loosen, “Sweet Heart, please live,” was all he said before he slipped out of her grip and fell through the clouds. Sweet Heart almost lost her will to hover, but shook her head and flew right for the portal even as it was falling apart on this side.

Sweet Heart crash landed on the street, taking a chunk of fur off her legs as she tried to stand, crying so hard she was barely able to see. Then she felt the ground shaking as she felt herself pulled up to her feet by Wish Bear.

“What’s going on?” She saw a massive pillar of earth shoot up in the middle of the city.

“The Clow Cards are going crazy!” Kero floated next to Sweet Heart, “They got scared by you hunting them down so aggressively.” His voice was filled with remorse, “I didn’t think they would go this far so fast.”

“I think you, me and Loyal Heart are the only ones who escaped,” Wish Bear said.

“This is all my fault...” Sweet Heart couldn’t even watch the destruction all around her, “I wasn’t good enough and I rushed I... I’m sorry everyone... everyone’s dead because of me...” she turned to Wish Bear who was on the verge of tears as well, then looked at the bear’s tummy symbol then the sealing staff still in her hand. A plan formed in her mind and she forcefully wiped the tears from her eyes and turned to Wish Bear.

“Please, help me fix this, Wish!” she grabbed the bear’s hands.

Wish blinked, “Sweet Heart... even I can’t make that big a wish come true...”

“I know, but maybe together we can,” she put the staff between both of their hands, “Help me undo all of this, I know we can!” she pleaded.

Wish looked Sweet Heart in the eyes, then up to the damage still being done to Readington, “Alright, if you believe you can then make your wish.”

“With my magic and yours,” Sweet Heart took a deep breath as her unicorn star began to glow and then Wish’s symbol began to glow as well. “I will undo this.” The gem on either side of her staff’s head started to glow.

“Sweet Heart! What are you doing?!” Kero tried to fly closer but had to cover his eyes against the light as Wish Bear’s whole body glowed bright white.

“Fixing my mistake.” Sweet Heart looked up at Wish Bear, “I wish to rewind, to turn time back to before I released the seal of the Book of Clow so I can prevent all of this from happening!” Sweet Heart’s cry sent a massive wave of light outwards from Wish’s body as the teal bear seemed to collapse in on herself and the staff transformed. Sweet Heart caught a glimpse of a spinning star inside a ring at the staff’s top before time froze.

At first nothing happened, then time began to flow backwards like watching an old video on rewind. All the events of the summer played backwards before Sweet Heart’s eyes until everything suddenly stopped.

Sweet Heart found herself standing in the basement storage room of her house, the Book of Clow glowing from inside the chest in front of her. She hastily shut the chest lid and let out a massive sigh of relief, hands on her chest. Then she noticed she was holding something she wasn’t before.

She held it up in front of her face, “A Clow Card?” it looked like a Clow Card, except it was pink instead of red and the sun and moon pattern on the back was replaced with one that had a golden star in the middle. She turned it over and gasped, “Wish Bear?!” It was indeed Wish Bear with a serene look on her face and dressed in some kind of eastern clothing that the other Clow Card Spirits wore. Across the bottom of her card was the name THE WISH and her own name Sweet Heart Pegasus already printed on the bottom.

“Hold on, I’ll get you out!” Sweet Heart closed her eyes and tried to focus her magic again, but only got a small spark out of her unicorn star. She sighed and put the card in her pocket, remembering that Kero had said her powers had grown as she captured the cards so if she rewound time that meant she was no more powerful than she had been before she opened the book.

“Don’t worry, Wish, I’ll find a way to set you free,” she promised as she headed up the stairs.

She stepped out of the basement door and gasped when she saw who was there: “Big brother! You’re home!”

Love Heart looked up to see the owner of the voice standing by the basement stairs, his little sister Sweet Heart Pegasus: a bright pink horse with hooves instead of feet, two large pink feathered wings and a tummy symbol that was a wrapped piece of heart shaped striped candy; her only piece of clothing was a short pink skirt with pockets.

“Huh?” Love Heart wiped his still leaking eyes, “Sweet Heart, I thought you’d be out with your friends after school.”

“Oh, I came home to...” Sweet Heart paused when she saw Love Heart’s tear stained, “Love Heart, what happened?”

Love Heart rubbed his eyes with his forearm, “Harmony rejected me...”

“Oh...oooooh!” Sweet Heart eyes lit up with understanding and she darted forwards to hug her older brother, also wrapping him in her wings around him in comfort. “I’m sorry, Love Heart.” She held him tightly.

Love Heart smiled slightly and tried to hug her without pushing her wings out of the way. “Don’t worry about it,” he sniffed, still feeling the need to cry, “Go have fun with your friends. I... need to be alone.”

“OK,” Sweet Heart stepped back so Love Heart could step away from the door, “Tell mom and dad I’m going to meet Pretty Heart at that new toy shop, Twin Bells.”

“Right...” Love Heart mumbled as his sister slipped out the front door.

Sweet Heart let out a sigh of relief and then smiled. It had worked! Her brother was alive again and Care-a-Lot was in one piece. With everything settled she decide she might as well go meet up with Pretty Heart Skunk like she had said.

She walked off with a big smile on her face. She’d have to keep what happened a secret for now but the first chance she got she would talk to her parents about what happened and plan the best time to unseal the Clow Book to start her destiny.

She was through the portal too soon to notice the storm that kicked up over her house when Love Heart released the Clow Cards...
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Re: Cardcaptor Love Heart - A Cardcaptor Sakura/Care Bears Crossover

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Chapter 10: Stormy Weather

Love Heart, Confidence Heart and Kero were left speechless as Sweet Heart finished her recollection. The pink Pegasus had sunk to her knees, Wish’s card still clutched in her hands and unresponsive to the world.

Syaoran broke the silence, “So you couldn’t handle being the Cardcaptor. Then just give me the cards and I’ll take over.”

Love Heart whirled on Syaoran so fast that it kicked up a small wind, “Shut the Bicycle Repair Man up you annoying brat!” the venom in his voice made everyone wince, “My little sister is traumatised and she needs my love and support not your criticism so shut your mouth unless you have something relevant to say!”

Syaoran recovered but said nothing as Love Heart turned back to Sweet Heart and crouched in front of her. “Sweet Heart?” Sweet Heart?” he carefully touched her shoulder, “It’s alright, I’m here for you little sis,” he smiled reassuringly, “Everything’s going to be alright, I promise.”

Sweet Heart looked up at her brother, feeling relief at seeing him alive in front of her and let him help her to stand. She carefully pulled her wings up from their drooping position and shook her head, “No, it’s not.”

“Sweet Heart-”

She held out her hands, “Please, give me the key and the book. I can’t keep running from this or pretending it’s going to be alright if you do my job. I was supposed to do this and I failed. I’ve been trying to free Wish Bear from the prison I locked her in but I’m not strong enough!” she had started to cry again, “I need to be responsible, I need to capture the Clow Cards right this time so I can set her free!”

Love Heart stared at her for a moment then reached down and unfastened the Clow Book from his vest. “If you really want this,” Love Heart lifted the Clow Key Amulet from his neck, “Jump, return,” the wings vanished from his feet and The Jump reformed into its card, which he put inside the book, “Then here, take them.” He placed the book and key in Sweet Heart’s hand.

“What?!” Kero blurted out.

“Love Heart?” Confidence was stunned.

“You’re going to give it to her when she just admitted she failed?” Syaoran stared at Love Heart.

“Listen, Syaoran,” Love Heart glared at him, “Sweet Heart’s been through enough without your judgement so leave her alone.”

“Don’t be so familiar,” Syaoran glared back, “Only my friends and family call me by my given name.”

“Fine, Li,” Love Heart turned back to Sweet Heart, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

“I need to do this. I shouldn’t have let you take on my burden. I’m sorry, Love Heart,” Sweet Heart took a deep breath. “I’ll make this right.”

A sudden shock shot through their minds and they turned towards the portal. “It’s a Clow Card,” Kero’s eyes narrowed.

“Then I have to capture it,” Sweet Heart took a deep breath and started towards the portal.

Kero hesitated until Love Heart spoke, “Go with her, Kero, she’ll need your help.”

Kero looked at Love Heart briefly then flew off after her while Syaoran turned and left without prompting.

Love Heart watched them go for a time, until Confidence smacked him on the back of the head, “What are you thinking? Just sending her off to fight after she told you all of that!”

Love Heart rubbed the back of his head and turned to Confidence, letting her see his downcast expression, “She asked me and... what was I supposed to tell her? That she’s not good enough for this? Tell her she did fail and I’m taking responsibility away from her? Besides, I shouldn’t have done this...”

“Done what?” Confidence sounded confused.

“Opened the Clow Book,” Love Heart sighed and began walking home with Confidence alongside him, “It was an accident but it was supposed to be her job and I took it from her. I remember how the kids at the YMCA all wanted to know about ‘Sweet Heart’s cool magical older brother’ or whatever they said. I feel like she’s been in my shadow all her life and even if she decided to wait she did want this, and I stole it from her.”

“Oh...” Confidence Heart’s ears drooped.

“And even if she’s been hurt from before I have to let her try if she wants to. If I just take it away from her because I think I know better than her it’s just going to hurt her more.” Love Heart sighed, “We’ll tell mom and dad about this when she comes home, get her some help.”

“What kind of help?”

“I don’t know, whatever she needs,” Love Heart stopped in front of his house.

Confidence put a hand on his shoulder, “You’re a good brother. Sorry I smacked you.”

“It’s fine,” Love Heart stepped back and lightly punched Confidence on the shoulder, “There, we’re even. Want to come in for a bit?”

Confidence smiled, “I’d love to.”


Sweet Heart looked up at the dark cloudy skies, “Alright, I can do this.”

“You sure about this,” Kero had floated up alongside her.

“I have to do this!” Sweet Heart flapped her wings and held out the Clow Key, “Please work.”

“Key of Clow
Power of Magic
Power of Light
Surrender the Wand
The Force Ignite

The key transformed and Sweet Heart grabbed the staff with a sigh of relief. “Good, it still reacts to me. Now which Clow Card is it?” A sudden crash of thunder made Sweet Heart cry out in fear.

“The Thunder Card!” Sweet Heart and Kero looked up to see Syaoran standing on a nearby building. He was wearing an elaborate green robe with thick yellow trim, long sleeves that hung down, a family crest on the front, a yin-yang symbol below the crest and a green hat with two large black stones on the sides. Syaoran jumped down and drew a sword he had sheathed on his back, a Chinese Jian with a flower shaped hilt and two long red tassels that extended from a medallion hanging from the pommel.

“Back off kid, Sweet Heart can handle it!” Kero flew up in the boy’s face.

“No, she can’t,” Syaoran’s voice wasn’t condescending like earlier as he looked at Sweet Heart as she stood up.

“Yes, I can!” Sweet Heart faced him, “Where’s the card?”

Syaoran pulled out his compass in his left hand and held it up, reciting a shorter version of his earlier spell.

“King of gods gods command god,
Appear from all directions,
Soft Thunder
Spinning Thunder."

The light from the compass shot sideways towards where more lightning flashes were seen in the middle of town. Another boom of thunder made Sweet Heart wince but she held her ground and gripped the staff so hard it was shaking.

“I won’t let it destroy my home, not again,” she spread her wings and flapped off towards the lightning.

“Wait up!” Kero took off after Sweet Heart with Syaoran right on his tail.

“She can’t handle this! Stop her you stuffed animal!” Syaoran shouted, still managing to keep pace with Kero on foot.

“Yes she can, kid!” Kero shot back without turning to look at him.

“No, she can’t,” Syaoran kept his voice level, “She’s forcing herself to stay here and she shouldn’t.”

“She wants to and that’s all that matters,” Kero didn’t sound convinced.

Sweet Heart landed on a roof near where the lightning was arcing between the clouds. She still gripped the staff close to her chest so hard it was shaking. “I can do this, I can do this,” she repeated to herself.

“There you are!” Kero flew up beside her as Syaoran landed next to her, displaying incredible acrobatics for a ten-year-old.

“There it is,” Syaoran looked at the thunderhead nearby.

Lightning flashed then a blue bolt struck the ground and arced straight towards the three on the rooftop. Sweet Heart stepped back barely holding it together as Syaoran held up his sword, index and middle finger pressed to the flat of the blade.

"Obey the command! Thunder Emperor, Come Forth!" Syaoran swung at the approaching lightning and fired a yellow bolt of lightning. The two bolts struck and the blue lightning let out a roar that sounded like cracking lightning before being driven into a nearby building roof. Sweet Heart was rooted to the spot as she watched the blue lightning take the shape of a mix between a lion and a wolf made entirely of blue lightning.

“W-what?” Sweet Heart managed to gasp out.

“The Thunder Spirit takes the form of a Raiju,” Syaoran pulled out a yellow paper talisman with Chinese writing on it. The Thunder turned and jumped right at them. Sweet Heart screamed but Syaoran threw up his talisman and struck it with the flat of his sword.

"Obey the command! Water Dragon, Come Forth!" A stream of water blasted out of the talisman and plowed into The Thunder, which cried out in pain as the water shorted out its body in mid air and it fell to the ground. “Hurry, now!” Syaoran turned only to find that Sweet Heart had taken off, flying away from The Thunder Card.

“Sweet Heart!” Kero called after her, “Keep The Thunder busy, I’ll go get her!” the guardian beast took off after her.

“Just hurry!” Syaoran turned back as The Thunder recovered and pulled out another talisman. "Obey the command! Water Dragon, Come Forth!"


Kero found Sweet Heart crouched inside a tractor tire in a nearby playground, hands over her ears and whispering to herself, “I can’t do this, I can’t face it again,” she shook her head and kept her eyes screwed shut.

“Sweet Heart,” Kero floated up to her and touched her arm which made her flinch away.

“I can’t! I can’t face The Thunder again!” She cried out the screamed as she heard another clap of thunder from where Syaoran was still fighting the Clow Card.

Kero could see how scared she was, “Can I help.”

“Get my brother, please get Love Heart!” Sweet Heart was shaking.

“OK, just stay here.”

“No, I’ll go!” The Jump emerged from the Clow Book in spirit form, “Stay here, Keroberos, and I’ll bring Love Heart!” Before Kero could object The Jump took off towards the portal.


Love Heart had changed into his battle costume and was sparring in the backyard with Confidence using a training sword when he paused. “What’s that?” he turned just in time to see The Jump bounding towards them.

“Love Heart!” it shrieked as it took one last jump towards him, “Sweet Heart needs your help!”

Love Heart dropped the training sword and caught The Jump in his arms, “I was afraid of this, can you lead us to her?”

“Keroberos is there, here!” The Jump dove into Love Heart’s chest, which made the wings appear on his feet.

“Right,” Love Heart reached out to Confidence, who took his hand and let him pull her in close, “Hang on!” He jumped towards the portal with Confidence Heart held close.

“You knew she’d need you,” Confidence had to shout over the wind.

“I hoped she could handle this but just in case I decided to change into my battle costume,” Love Heart said as they landed by the portal then jumped right through it.

Kero had left Sweet Heart’s side and flew up, spotting the bounding figure he waved and called out, “OVER HERE!”

It didn’t take long for Love Heart to land next to the giant tire where Sweet Heart was still curled up in fear.

Love Heart let go of Confidence and knelt next to his sister, “Sweet Heart?” he reached out and touched her shoulder.

Sweet Heart jerked away then looked, “Love Heart!” She flung herself on her brother and hugged him tight, crying out again when another thunderclap shook the city.

“It’s alright, I’m here,” Love Heart rubbed one of her folded up wings.

Sweet Heart was crying, “I can’t do this,” she sobbed, “I can’t be the Cardcaptor!” she buried her face in her brother’s chest, “I’m sorry! I failed!” she pulled back and stared up at Love Heart, her eyes filled with tears.

Love Heart wiped some tears from Sweet Heart’s eyes, finding himself tearing up as well. “What do you want to do?”

Sweet Heart leaned back and picked up the sealing staff, “Please, I want you to be the Cardcaptor,” she held the staff up to Love Heart only for another thunderclap to make her curl up again, shaking for a minute before she was able to look her brother in the eye again, “I can’t do this, I just can’t... I’m sorry,” she carefully held the staff towards Love Heart.

Love Heart took the staff then hugged her, “It’s alright. I’ll take care of this.” He carefully took the Clow Book that Sweet Heart had left on the ground then stood up and turned to Confidence, who had stood by to watch the whole scene unfold. “Confidence, please look after my sister.”

“OK,” Confidence wanted to help capture The Thunder and her disappointment showed in her voice but she got down and crawled next to Sweet Heart, “don’t worry, Sweet Heart, I’ll stay with you,” she hugged the pink Pegasus who clung to her like a security blanket.

Love Heart attached the Clow Book to his waist then turned to Kero as another thunderclap reached them, “Let’s go!”

“Alright!” Kero grabbed on to Love Heart’s shoulder before he took off, using the still active Jump Card to launch himself towards the still ongoing battle.

“Thank you,” Sweet Heart whispered, peeking out at her brother before he was lost in the darkness.


"Obey the command! Water Dragon, Come Forth!" another blast of water knocked The Thunder down as Love Heart landed next to Syaoran.

“Li, is that The Thunder Card?” Love Heart held his staff ready.

Syaoran was panting, “Yeah, what took you so long?”

Love Heart glared at Syaoran, “Nevermind, how do I restrain it?”

“You’re asking me?” Syaoran turned to Love Heart.

“Yes! Now tell me!” Love Heart shouted a bit too loud, but Syaoran didn’t flinch.

“Do you have The Shadow Card?”

“Yeah,” Love Heart pulled The Shadow out of the book, “This should work then.” He tossed the card forwards and spun the staff around, “Shadow Card! Wrap around and contain The Thunder! Release!” he struck the card and The Shadow spirit emerged. Even as The Thunder recovered from the latest dousing in water The Shadow flowed under it and burst up and around it and contained it in a sphere.

Love Heart jumped down and swung the staff at the sphere, “Thunder Card! I command you to return to your power confined! Thunder!” The card formed and The Thunder was pulled out into streams of fire and into its card, which Love Heart caught as it flew up.

“Whew, glad that’s over,” Love Heart wiped his forehead.

“Alright!” Kero pumped a fist, “Great job.”

Syaoran landed next to Love Heart, “Big deal, you needed my help to capture it.”

Kero bristled, “Watch it, brat!”

“Don’t call me brat you stupid stuffed animal!” Syaoran shot back, “How can a little thing like you be Keroberos?”

“That’s enough!” Love Heart’s shout made both Kero and Syaoran stop as he finished signing his name to The Thunder Card, “There’s been enough pain today.” He wiped some tears from his eyes and sighed, “Li, I need to look after my sister right now but we need to talk about the Clow Cards later.”

“OK, when and where?” Syaoran asked.

“Saturday at your house, I don’t want any of this near Sweet Heart for a while.” Love Heart pulled out his Heartphone and handed it to Syaoran with a notepad open, “Please give me your address.”

“Alright,” Syaoran typed the address in and handed the Heartphone back to Love Heart.

“Thank you. See you Saturday,” Love Heart motioned for Kero to grab his shoulder then jumped back towards the playground.

Once the lightning storm had cleared up Sweet Heart had calmed down considerably, still shaking slightly when Love Heart landed nearby and re-sealed The Jump.

Confidence was still sitting with Sweet Heart and looked up when Love Heart approached, “Did you capture it?”

“Yep,” Love Heart patted the Clow Book at his side, not wanting to bring it out to show Sweet Heart. He crouched down, “Sweet Heart, how are you?”

“Better, I think,” Sweet Heart sniffed but didn’t get up, “Thank you, Love Heart.”

“Want me to drive you home?”

Sweet Heart just nodded. Confidence Heart helped her to stand on shaky hooves as Love Heart created a cloud car from his tummy symbol. Once Sweet Heart was buckled into the passenger’s seat, Love Heart and Confidence kissed goodbye before Love Heart drove his sister home.

Life Heart and Sage Heart were sitting in the living room when their children came home.

Sweet Heart was the first to speak, “Mom... Dad... I need to tell you something...”


Come Saturday their entire family sat in an office in Readington in front of a woman, on her desk was the name “Doctor Emily Parker”. She looked over the four of them before settling on Sweet Heart Pegasus, who was just staring at her hooves.

“Thank you for seeing us,” Sage Heart said, “I know this is short notice but Sweet Heart needs to see a therapist.” He put his hand on Sweet Heart’s shoulder, and she barely reacted.

“I see, it’s a bit unusual for someone so young to see a psychiatrist instead of a child psychologist but from what you’ve told me this is the right call,” Dr. Parker opened a file on the computer that described everything Sweet Heart had told her parents and brother about her experiences the first time around.

“She needs help and I mean real help,” Love Heart spoke up and before anyone could stop him he continued, “And don’t just ship her off to a loony bin or say ‘she has a fully formed delusion’ because that’s not what happened! She really went through this and needs help instead of being someone’s study!”

“Love Heart!” Life Heart’s severe voice made him wince and sit back down, not realizing he’d stood up while he had been ranting.

Dr. Parker sighed, “I understand what you’re saying, Love Heart, and trust me that’s not going to happen. Psychiatric medicine isn’t like what you see in movies and... have you seen The Terminator or its sequel?”

“Yes,” Love Heart sounded a bit ashamed.

“Well I’m not like that doctor, even if it sounds far-fetched I will take what you’ve told me and what Sweet Heart says seriously,” that seemed to calm Love Heart down, “And from that I can say that Sweet Heart is suffering most of the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, often what happens when someone suffers extreme emotional or physical trauma and can’t process it.”

“You mean like that shell-shock thing war veterans deal with?” Love Heart remembered the lessons he’d learned about World War I last year in history class.

“Exactly,” Dr. Parker nodded, “Surviving any situation like that often leaves the mind unable to process things and she can still vividly remember what happened and may suffer breakdowns when something reminds her of those events, these are called triggers, and not the fake stuff people love to call ‘trigger warnings’ online,” she made quotes with her hands, “a trigger is somethiong that reminds a PTSD victim of the events that caused her distress.”

“Like seeing me fall off a cliff, or lightning and thunder now I guess,” Love Heart looked sideways at his sister.

“Yes, and those triggers will likely be with her the rest of her life but we can work to help her through this. It could take months or years but I will do everything I can to help her as long as she can see me on a regular basis.”

“Is there anything we can do to help?” Sage Heart asked.

“Be there for her, if she wants to talk then listen and remind her that’s she’s loved. Encourage her to see her friends and do things to relax. The love of friends and family isn’t a cure-all but it is important especially if her trauma was caused by seeing someone she loved die.”

“Can you make me better?” Sweet Heart finally spoke for the first time in the office.

“I can’t promise you anything but I will help.” Dr. Parker stood up, “Now, Sweet Heart, would you like to come with me so we can talk about this?”

Sweet Heart looked to both her parents then her brother, who all nodded at her, then turned back to Dr. Parker, “Yes.”

Dr. Parker took Sweet Heart’s hand and led her to a therapy room while Life Heart, Sage Heart and Love Heart retreated to the waiting room.

Love Heart didn’t sit down and instead headed for the door. “Sorry, I need to go meet that new kid, Li Syaoran.”

“The descendent of Clow Reed,” Sage Heart nodded. “Good luck.”

“Thanks, tell Sweet Heart I’ll be home later.”

Love Heart met Confidence Heart and Kero outside the building and immediately let The Jump out of its card to ride on his shoulder. “Alright, let’s go.”

“Will Sweet Heart be alright?” Confidence asked.

“I think so,” Love Heart gave a soft smile. “She just needs time and our support.”

“She will be,” The Jump assured Love Heart, “She wants to get better, I could tell even in the short time we spent together.”

“Thanks, Jump,” Love Heart scratched the spirit under its chin.

Syaoran lived in a two story white house with a grey shingled roof. An older man with grey hair and mustache wearing round glasses answered the door.

“Ahh, you must be Love Heart Bear and Keroberos, I am Wei Wang, cousin to Master Syaoran’s mother and his guardian while he is staying here.” He stepped aside to invite them in, pausing with Confidence Heart, “And I don’t believe I got your name.”

“Confidence Heart Fennec, Love Heart’s girlfriend and I’m in on this Clow Card stuff too,” she didn’t slow down as she walked past Wei who just pointed them to the living room.

Syaoran was sitting on a couch wearing a t-shirt and shorts when the three of them entered. Wei nodded to them then left.

Syaoran was the first to speak, “What did you want to talk about, Love Heart?”

“I need your help with the Clow Cards, Li,” Love Heart didn’t mince words.

“What?” Kero was startled.

“Seriously?” Syaoran sounded unconvinced.

“Yes ‘seriously’, I need help with the Clow Cards, to fight and capture them so something like what happened to Sweet Heart doesn’t happen again,” he turned to Confidence and took her hand, “And I’ve needed help from day one.”

“You helped him capture the Clow Cards?” Syaoran sounded both skeptical and somewhat annoyed.

“Yep!” Confidence smirked, “Helped him catch The Jump, The Sword and The Shadow.”

“She pretty much caught The Sword herself, well her and Indy,” Love Heart smiled.

“Who’s Indy?” Syaoran asked.

“Guardian of the Kingdom of Caring, strong psionic and helped dad train me, I’ll introduce you later,” Love Heart said.

“Have you captured any Clow Cards without help?” Syaoran asked.

Love Heart nodded but was starting to get annoyed, “The Windy, Watery, Wood and Shield Cards.”

“So at least you can do some of this, and why are you letting that card just hang out on your shoulder?” He pointed to The Jump.

“Because we’re friends!” The Jump shot back, visibly bristling at Syaoran’s words.

“Enough with the questions, brat!” Kero flew right up in Syaoran’s face, “Love Heart talked down the Watery Card, he convinced it to surrender and be captured just with his words.”

“No way! There’s no way he could talk down one of the four elements!” Syaoran stood up, his face right in front of Kero, “And how can you be the guardian beast Keroberos?”

“ENOUGH!” Love Heart’s shout almost made the room shake. “Yes I did talk it down, I’m a Care Bear and talking things out is what I do. But I’m not here to start an argument, Li, I’m here to ask you to help me. Train me with magic, teach me the kind of magic you do that lets you shoot water and magic out of your sword and those little paper things you have, tell me what you know about the Clow Cards since you know more about them than anyone other than Keroberos and practise swordsmanship and martial arts with me. Help me be ready for all of them, Li, please. And at the end of this if you still think I’m not worthy of the Clow Cards then I’ll return them to your family.”

Syaoran was silent for a moment then sighed and nodded, “OK, I’ll help you.”

Love Heart sighed in relief, “Alright, so first can you show me that sword of yours please?”

“OK,” Syaoran gently pushed Kero aside and pulled out what looked like the medallion with long tassels that had been attached to the hilt of his sword. He held it up loosely in front of his face and closed his eyes, a moment later a bright glow in the shape of the sword appeared in his hand then faded to reveal the sword in his hand. “I’ll teach you what I can but I can’t promise it’ll work as well for you.”

“We’re both ready to learn,” Confidence stood up, arms pumping.

“You?” Syaoran stared at the fennec.

“Yeah! Even if I can’t learn magic I’m gonna be there every step of the way!”

Love Heart smiled, “Right, let’s get started.”
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Re: Cardcaptor Love Heart - A Cardcaptor Sakura/Care Bears Crossover

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I think this chapter was a really great one! You did a good job on it!
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Re: Cardcaptor Love Heart - A Cardcaptor Sakura/Care Bears Crossover

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Thanks, but now I've gotten past the stuff I really wanted to write, or rather events I was wanting to get to for a long time so I don't know how my momentum will hold up
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Re: Cardcaptor Love Heart - A Cardcaptor Sakura/Care Bears Crossover

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Cardcaptor Love Heart

Life is like some kind of drama
That just doesn't make sense
And it's like so muffins and cookies annoying
'Cause it makes me so tense

But you know
Ever since the day you smiled at me
I have grown
To accept the way that my life is now

For now I see it clear
There's nothing left to fear
You gave me hope to continue on when I was not sure how

You are the reason why I'm me
And why now I have the strength to believe
I was so lonely till you came
Without you I would not be the same

You set me free from my muffins and cookies cage
And because of you I can turn the page
I wonder what is next to come
There is nothing that we can't overcome

Chapter 11: Seeing Ghosts

Love Heart stood in Syaoran’s backyard with the sealing staff in hand. Nearby Confidence was practicing on some martial arts training equipment Wei had set up for her.

“Alright, here goes,” Love Heart held up one of the talismans, or ofuda, that Syaoran had given him. He threw it forwards and struck it with his staff, "Obey the command! Wind Flower, Come Forth!" There was a small whoosh of wind and the talisman fell to the ground.

Syaoran retrieved the talisman as Love Heart sighed, “That was pathetic. Why won’t it work for me?” Love Heart stared at his staff.

“You’re using the right incantation, it even sounds like the right language,” Syaoran said, “how do you know the right words?”

“Because, ha! Care Bears, ya! Know every, hrrr! Language!” Confidence dodged around the spinning dummy and blocked the last blow. “Thanks Wei,” she stepped back and bowed to the older man.

“It’s part of how we need to help people all over the world. Care Bears can speak and understand any language through magic, though we all hear it in English... I think. I mean everyone hears what we’re saying in the language that’s easiest for them to understand but I have no idea if we speak English when it’s just Care Bears or if we have a language unique to ourselves,” Love Heart shook his head, “But yeah that’s why I can say your incantation in the right language.”

“May I offer a suggestion?” Wei spoke up.

“Of course, Wei.” Syaoran stepped back. Wei had been his martial arts teacher so he still respected his opinion.

“I think the issue is that the words don’t mean anything to you, Love Heart.” Wei walked over to him, “Though I lack the potent abilities of most of our family I do know a fair bit about how magic works: incantations have to have some personal meaning to the spellcaster to have their greatest potency.”

“So what do those spells mean to you, Li?” Confidence walked over, swiping her forehead from the practice session.

“These incantations were taught to me by my mother,” Syaoran looked at the talisman in his hand, “They’ve been passed down through our family since Clow Reed.”

“And as such they have a legacy that means a lot to the Li family, the potency amplified by the continuous teachings passed down from parent to child,” Wei turned to Love Heart, “As for the Clow Cards, the staff was created with the intent of being a tool for the future Cardcaptor therefore you can draw out far more power with borrow spells than normal, especially because Clow Reed was a prodigious sorcerer in his time he could bend some of the normal rules of magic, but some day you will need to create your own spells if you want to maintain their power.”

Love Heart sighed and sealed the staff, “Not sure what I can do about that. My dad mostly taught me how to control and project my magic but he said he’s too out of practise with anything Clow related and mom told me that unicorn magic is based more on instinct and feeling than worded spells so not much to go on there.”

“Then maybe try to invent your own,” Syaoran said, “Find some words or phrases that mean something to you and go from there, or try to put into words your experience with the Clow Cards.”

“I’ll think about that, but I need to head home now. I’ll see you later, Li,” Love Heart turned to leave with Confidence not far behind him.

“Not bad for a day’s training,” Confidence put her arms up so she could breathe easier, a bit winded after her practise, “So how’s Sweet Heart doing?”

“Better, she’s eating supper with us again but still not talking much,” Love Heart sighed, “We just have to give her more time.”

Confidence Heart nodded, “OK. Can I ask you a favor, Love Heart?”

“Of course. What is it?”

Confidence stopped walking, “Tomorrow’s my mother’s birthday... we’re going to visit her...”

“Oh. Ohhhhh,” realization dawned on Love Heart as he turned to face her.

“I’d like you to come with us since you never got to meet her.” Her ears drooped

“Is that alright? I mean isn’t it a family thing?”

“Sort of, but I asked my dad and Tori’s bringing Julian so...”

Love Heart gave a weak smile and took Confidence’s hand, “Yes, I’ll come visit her with you.”

Confidence’s ears stood up, “Really? Thank you!” She gave Love Heart a kiss, “We’re leaving right after lunch, just come by my house and we’ll drive there.”

“See you tomorrow,” Love Heart kissed her back before they split up and headed home.


Sweet Heart ate in silence but her presence at supper was a huge comfort, even though she didn’t say anything other than asking to be excused once she finished. Love Heart decided to stop at her room on the way and knocked on her door.

“Sweet Heart, are you awake?”

“Yeah, I’m awake.” Sweet Heart’s voice sounded far away.

“Can I come in? I want to talk.”

There was silence for almost a full minute before the door opened and a very dejected looking Sweet Heart answered from her unlit room. She gave a weak smile, “Hi.”

“Hi, can I come in?” Love Heart repeated. Sweet Heart just nodded then turned the light on before going to sit on her bed. Love Heart looked around the room, it was oddly clean but he supposed Sweet Heart hadn’t been doing much else locked in her room, he saw Wish Bear’s Clow Card sitting on one of her pillows as he sat next to her.

“So how have things been going with Dr. Parker?”

“Alright, I guess,” Sweet Heart picked up The Wish Card and stared at it, “she says I shouldn’t feel ashamed of myself, even if it was all my fault...”

Love Heart put an arm on her shoulder and could tell she wanted to flinch away but instead leaned up against her older brother, “I’m sorry for shutting you out but...” she extended a wing around him, “ever since that day I was so scared you’d just disappear and when I saw you fall over the cliff again...” she was shaking trying hard to hold in the tears.

“Go on, let it out,” Love Heart patted her shoulder.

Sweet Heart burst into tears and flung herself at Love Heart, burying her face in his chest, “Oh stars I saw you dead! I couldn’t handle it I almost lost you again, WAAAAAAAAAA!” She pounded her brother on the chest as she bawled.

Love Heart hugged her and stroked one of her wings, “I’m here, Sweet Heart. I’m not going away. I promise.”

Sweet Heart finally calmed down and snuggled into her brother’s chest, “You’re here. You’re alive. I’m sorry.”

“Apology accepted, for everything,” Love Heart felt her let go as she fell backwards onto the bed.

She still held The Wish Card in her hand and stared at the unmoving bear picture that had been one of Love Heart’s closest friends, “Do you think Wish will forgive me?”

Love Heart reached over to take the card and get a good look at it, “I know she will. What did Dr. Parker say about the whole time rewind thing?”

“She said that it took a lot of courage to try and fix my mistake, but I feel like a scaredy-cat for not just staying and trying to make things right the first time around,” Sweet Heart sounded dejected as she let her arms fall to her sides and just stared at the ceiling.

“You’re not a scaredy-cat,” Love Heart smiled and handed the card back to her, “A lot of people would love to get a second chance and we’re all still alive because of you. Don’t ever tell yourself you don’t deserve this. I promise we’ll free Wish Bear once this is all over and things will be better.”

“Promise?” Sweet Heart looked up from The Wish Card.

“Promise.” Love Heart nodded, “Now I’m going out with Confidence tomorrow but I’ll see you later.” He stood up and walked to the door, “Want the lights off?”

“No, but thank you, Love Heart. “

Love Heart shut the door behind him and sighed before he returned to his room, finding Kero and The Jump still there.

“Is she any better?” The Jump asked.

“Getting there, but I guess I hoped this would go faster,” Love Heart sighed and grabbed a small game console he hadn’t touched in months to try and relax as he lay down.

“Don’t worry, we won’t let The Clow Cards do anything like that again,” Kero assured him, “So did you bring me any dessert?”

“You could have gone down yourself, mom might have something if you go down now,” Love Heart didn’t look up from his game. Kero just grinned and shot downstairs.

“Honestly, that guardian beast has a one-track mind,” The Jump shook its head in mock despair. That got a chuckle out of Love Heart.


“You sure you want me to come?” Kero was riding in one of Love Heart’s vest pockets as he walked over to Confidence’s house.

“Yeah, just got a feeling something’s going to happen today. I mean The Shield tried to lock up her mom’s jewelry box so one of the other cards might try something today. Just stay quiet and out of sight if nothing happens and I’ll buy you some chocolates on the way home,” Love Heart pushed Kero’s head back into the pocket as he reached Confidence’s house.

Confidence was waiting for Love Heart outside while the rest of her family was already in their car. She smiled as she approached Love Heart, “Thanks, I was kinda worried you wouldn’t come.”

“I get it,” Love Heart hugged her then saw the sparkles in her ears, “You’re wearing your mom’s earrings again?”

“Yeah,” Confidence touched the stud in her right ear, “I want mom to see how much I’ve grown up, that I’m becoming a woman even without her.”

“You are,” Love Heart kissed her which made her tail wag.


The car’s horn made them both jump as Tori called out the window, “Make out later, we need to go!”

“Alright,” Confidence huffed but led Love Heart to the back car door. They sat in back with Confidence’s father while Tori drove and his boyfriend Julian sat in the front passenger’s seat.

They had to drive clear across town to get where they were going as the cemetery was at the edge of town near a river. Love Heart stayed silent as they walked around the plots until they found the grave. Confidence crouched in front of the headstone which had her mother’s name: NATASHA AVALON.

“Hi mom,” Confidence touched the top of the headstone, “Happy birthday. I wanted to show you how much I’ve grown up, see,” she touched her piercings as she began to tear up, “I got my ears pierced like I wanted to when I was a kid and I have a boyfriend, here,” she motioned for Love Heart to step closer, “His name is Love Heart, I think I told you about him before. I started sewing again because of him and... and...” she started crying softly, “I wish you could have met him.” She rubbed her hands into her eyes and let Love Heart help her to her feet.

They retreated some distance away while Tori and her father said their own messages. Confidence calmed down enough to talk. “It was before we met, it was a car accident when she was out getting groceries.” She clenched her fists, “I remember being so mad the an incredibly interesting anecdote who hit her survived, why should this jackass live when my mom had to die because of him!” her shout drew attention from other over visitors but she paid them no mind, “I just... I miss her so much. She taught me how to sew and put me in karate classes when I started getting into fights at school so I could learn how to control myself.” She wiped the tears from her eyes, “I miss her so much every day I wish she could have met you and see how I’ve grown up.”

“I bet she can,” Love Heart gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“Thank you, Love Heart,” Confidence leaned up against him, her eyes closed.


Confidence’s eyes shot open and her ears perked up, “Mom?” She turned and saw a ghostly image of a young woman with long black hair in a flowing white robe.

“Confidence?” Love Heart hadn’t heard the voice, which was barely above a whisper even to her.

She pointed wordlessly and Love Heart turned to see the apparition and was startled, even more so when Confidence took off after it. “Wait!” Love Heart took off after Confidence before she slowed down enough for him to catch up.

Confidence just stood there as Love Heart stood behind her, “What was that?” She asked, “I thought I saw mom...”

Love Heart hugged her from behind, “It’s alright,” He felt her shake as she started to cry.

“Did you see her?” Confidence’s teary gaze was still fixed on where she had seen her mother a moment ago.

“No, I saw my sister.”

“What?” Confidence carefully turned around without dislodging Love Heart’s embrace, “But she’s still alive.”

“Maybe,” Love Heart averted his gaze for a moment until Confidence turned his head back towards her and saw he was getting misty-eyed too.

“Love Heart, what’s wrong?”

Love Heart sighed, “When you were talking about your mom I started thinking about Sweet Heart, or about who she was before summer and when she originally opened The Clow Cards. She used to be so cheerful and energetic, always wanting to play or hang out with friends when she wasn’t doing her chores, how she used to look up to me and call me ‘big brother’. But now... I feel like I lost the little sister I grew up with and all I’m left with is a broken shell trying to put herself back together. Even before she broke down when she saw me fall now I can see she was never smiling, not for real anyway, just putting on a face and trying to bury her fears. I look at her now and I feel that she’s so far away,” his eyes leaked tears as he spoke, “I miss her. I miss the little sister I used to have and am trying so hard to get back. I’m sorry it’s stupid since she’s still alive but-”

“It’s not stupid,” Confidence hugged him tight, “I get it, Tori and I were different people after mom died, I buried my ‘feminine aspects’ like sewing and stuff so people would see me as tough and not bully me and Tori... we barely talked and he stopped teasing me.” She chuckled mirthlessly, “He only starting calling me ‘squirt’ again when you found me and we started feeling better. But I get it. You lost someone close to you too.”

Love Heart smiled and wiped some tears away, “Thank you. I mean I knew it would happen: we grow up, stop being innocent to the stupidity and cruelty of the world. But it wasn’t gradual, to me she was a happy-go-lucky cheerful little girl one day and the next a barely in control nervous wreck that had fallen to pieces.” Love Heart pulled Confidence closer, finding comfort with each other.

“Hey!” Kero poked his head out of Love Heart’s vest pocket, “You’re squishing me!”

Both glared at the guardian beast as he floated up and out, “Way to ruin the moment, Kero,” Love Heart said.

Confidence swiped at him but Kero easily dodged the unenthusiastic blow, “So why interrupt us?” she demanded.

“You both saw something different didn’t you? It sounds like a Clow Card.”

That got Love Heart’s attention as he and Confidence stepped away from each other, “Which card? I didn’t sense anything.”

“It’s like The Mirror Card, hard to sense while it’s in disguise,” Kero pointed to where it had been, “Most likely it’s The Illusion Card.”

“Right, better call the backup,” Love Heart fished out his Heartphone and dialed Syaoran’s number.

“So what’s the Illusion Card do, I mean besides impersonate my dead mom,” Confidence clenched her fists.

“When it’s out and running free it takes on the appearance of whatever’s on the viewer’s mind, that’s why you saw your mom and Love Heart saw his sister,” Kero said.

“Yeah, can Wei drive you? Good, see you soon,” Love Heart hung up, “Li’s going to be here shortly, anything else we should know about The Illusion?”

Kero turned to Love Heart, “It’s usually nocturnal but it might have been draw here by you coming with Confidence’s family.”

“So we’ll have to wait till night,” Confidence folded her arms, “Good, I’ll just go let dad and Tori know.”

Kero watched Confidence march off, “She’s fired up.”

“I think she’s mad about The Illusion looking like her mom,” Love Heart watched too, “Guess we’re going to camp out here in the cemetery.”

Confidence got into a short argument with her brother and father for a minute before she stomped back to Love Heart, “Dad said we’re not waiting here all day,” she folded her arms and huffed.

“So we’ll come back tonight,” Love Heart pulled out his phone again, “I’ll let Li know.”

“Promise?” Confidence asked.

“Promise,” Love Heart finished texting Li.

Confidence smiled, “Thanks,” She gave Love Heart a kiss on the cheek which made him blush slightly.

“Let’s go, Kero,” Love Heart motioned for Kero to follow them back to the car.


Love Heart arrived at the graveyard after sundown in his battle costume with Confidence who wore the same outfit she had worn when they were going after The Shadow Card. Syaoran was already there in his own robes, arms folded.

“What took you?” he asked.

“Had to convince dad to let me go,” Confidence cracked her knuckles, “Alright lets track down this card!”

Syaoran gave Confidence an odd look then turned to Love Heart, who had Kero riding on his shoulder, who just nodded. “Alright,” he pulled out his compass.

"King of gods gods command god,
Appear from all directions,
Gold, Wood, Fire, Earth, Thunder.
The new command:
Soft Thunder
Spinning Thunder."

A dome of light shined on the board then fired off a beam.

“That way!” Confidence shouted then took off before anyone could stop her.

“Hey wait!” Love Heart was hot on her trail with Syaoran right behind him.

Confidence kept following the bright beam of light until she saw the apparition again and heard her name faintly on the wind. She bared her teeth and jumped over the metal fence and landed on the riverbed, seeing the image of her mother floating over a river.

She was still standing there, shaking, as Love Heart and Syaoran ran up behind her. Love Heart had released the staff on the way and Syaoran drew his sword as they leapt the fence and stood a short distance behind Confidence who was near the river’s edge.

Confidence was shaking as she faced The Illusion, “Why?” The image seemed to quirk an eyebrow at Confidence, “Why are you mocking my mom?”

The Illusion drifted closer and offered a hand to Confidence, beckoning her to step towards the water. Confidence was crying now, “No! You’re not her I know you aren’t her! I remember being with her after the accident! She wouldn’t try to lead me to my death or show up to mock me!” She pointed accusingly at the apparition, “Are you doing this to hurt me specifically or just because you like tormenting people? Just stop it!” She stomped her foot, “I want to remember her as the kind woman she was, not some specter.” Her tummy symbol was glowing from beneath her clothing, “I won’t let you mock her memory! Care Bear Cousin countdown! 4! 3! 2! 1! Care Bear Cousin Call!”

Syaoran jumped back in surprise as a wavy blue beam shaped like a musical scale fired from Confidence’s tummy and struck The Illusion. It seemed to wince as it flickered under the assault from her stare until the image dissolved and left only a shifting pattern of a mosaic floating above the water.

Love Heart seized his chance and ran forwards, the staff raised over his head, “Illusion Card! I command you to return to your power confined! Illusion!” He swung forwards and The Illusion was sucked into its card in a series of black beams arcing through the air.

Love Heart reached up to grab the card then ran over to Confidence who was shaking, “Confidence?” he touched her shoulder.

Confidence rounded on Love Heart and pulled him close, softly crying into his shoulder. “Thank you,” she whispered.

“Thank you, too,” Love Heart kissed her softly on the side of her head.

Syaoran had stepped back over the fence with Kero to watch, “What was that?” the boy asked.

Kero didn’t turn his gaze from the pair as he spoke, “Love Heart told me, it’s called the Care Bear Stare, or the Care Bear Cousin Call. They basically project a ‘good feelings’ ray at someone which can hurt beings without hearts or project their feelings into them. He used it on The Windy to show his dedication to protecting his family and that’s how he got it to surrender. I think Confidence used it to show The Illusion how it was hurting her.”

Syaoran didn’t know what to say as Love Heart and Confidence returned to the safe side of the wrought iron fence.

“Ready to go home, Li?” Love Heart asked.

“Yes,” Syaoran nodded.

Love Heart signed his name to The Illusion before he summoned a cloud car to drive them all home.
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Re: Cardcaptor Love Heart - A Cardcaptor Sakura/Care Bears Crossover

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Chapter 12: Looking to the Past

Love Heart’s mind was wandering in home room. He was staring towards the window when Ms. Mackenzie’s voice drew his attention. “Alright everyone, I’ve just been told that we’re going to be putting on a Christmas play later this year, A Christmas Carol. Now the faculty has decided to start working on the play early this year so we have plenty of time to get ready and have everyone audition and rehearse and that the entire cast and most of the production crew will be members of the Care Bear Family, and myself.”

This got everyone’s attention and one human boy raised his hand, “Why only Care Bears?”

“Because most of the Care Bear Family is in their senior year and this is the last time we will be able to do this,” Ms Mackenzie answered, “Now auditions will start being held after school today and signups for the technical crew will be available started at lunch.”

Confidence Heart’s hand shot up, “Ms. Mackenzie! Can I make the costumes?” She was practically bouncing in her seat.

“I’m sure they’ll be thrilled to have you be in charge of that, now we do need to get to class so let’s pick back up with our study of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’,” She turned back to the board.


“ I hope everyone is excited for this as much as I am,” Noble Heart stood at the head of his history class, which included a number of the older Care Bears.

Grumpy Bear, a dark blue boy bear with a raining cloud for a tummy symbol, folded his arms and grunted, “And guess who’s going to be stuck playing Scrooge,” he sighed, “I like Christmas.”

“You don’t have to audition if you don’t want to,” Noble Heart sighed, “and I won’t force you. But for now we need to get class started so think about what role you want to have for the play.”


Love Heart was only half paying attention in class and it wasn’t until Confidence caught up with him on the way out that he snapped out of his half-stupor. “Huh?” he shook his head.

“I said what do you want to do for the play?” Confidence gave him a sideways look, “You OK?”

“Yeah, my mind is just on that whole magic word thing that Wei told me about and I might have something in mind,” he shook his head.

“So what about the play?” Confidence nudged him again.

“Not sure, not going to act though,” Love Heart shrugged.

“Well let me know if you think of something,” Confidence sped up. Her second period class was different than Love Heart’s.

At lunch Confidence ran into Grumpy Bear as she was signing up to be the costume designer, “Hey, Grumpy, so what are you here for?”

“Probably signing up to be Scrooge,” Swift Heart teased which go a laugh out of his girlfriend Proud Heart.

Grumpy huffed then picked up the pen next to one of the signup sheets, “Actually I’m going to do set design, I like to build stuff.”

Confidence smirked, “Sounds great, Grumpyn” she stuck out her tongue at Swift and Proud Heart


“Where is it?” Love Heart mused to himself as he dug through the basement storage room.

“Love Heart, what are you doing?” Sweet Heart peeked into the room from the entrance, shuddering slightly at being in the room again.

“Looking for something... aha!” Love Heart pulled out an old journal, “Here it is!” He stood up triumphantly, holding the book like it was some ancient treasure map.

“What’s that?” Sweet Heart’ curiosity overcame her nerves and she stepped forwards.

“It’s an old journal the founders asked each of us to make back when they were the ones teaching us. I think this was from when I was 7 or 8 so before you were born.” He opened the book and flipped through the pages, “I remembered something I wrote... here,” he showed the page to Sweet Heart.

She looked and read the words written in crude printing. “Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall, Ancient forces heed my call?” she gave her brother a skeptical look.

Love Heart chuckled, “Yeah I just wrote that down one day because I thought it sounded cool, but I came up with it myself so maybe I can use it for magic.”

“You mean that ‘words need to have a personal meaning’ thing Wei told you about,” Sweet Heart quickly stepped out of the storage room and headed for the stairs with Love Heart right behind her.

“Yeah, I just need to figure out how to use these words,” Love Heart turned and headed for the front door, “See you later, Sweet Heart.”

“See ya,” Sweet Heart waved half-heartedly. She wanted to go with him, to practise magic again, to help Love Heart capture the Clow Cards. But every time she tried to get started fear seized her and she felt like running back to her room and hiding. She touched the star on her forehead which reminded her that magic was a part of who she was. She sighed and slowly headed back to her room, deciding to listen to something to help her calm down.


“What do you think, Li?” Love Heart showed the lines from his journal to the boy, who just gave him an odd look.

“Sounds weird if you ask me,” Syaoran said.

“Let me see,” Wei took the book once Love Heart offered it to him, “It is odd but if you wrote these yourself they will have some meaning to you.” He looked around, “Where is Confidence today?”

“She’s helping with the school play, costume design, so she’s looking at the clothes and costumes in ‘A Christmas Carol’ to get ideas before she has to measure everyone.” Love Heart took the book back from Wei and looked at his passage, “So now I just need to figure out how to use this.”

Syaoran looked over Love Heart’s shoulder at the journal, “If you ask me, try to think how these seasons relate to each other, or about how they relate to the elements.”

Love Heart looked back at Syaoran, “You mean earth, fire, air and water?”

“Those are the western elements, yes,” Wei interjected, “In Chinese mythology the five elements are earth, fire, water, wood and metal however Clow Reed combined eastern and western magic to create the Clow Cards.”

“My dad was Japanese and my mom’s a unicorn,” Love Heart looked upwards, then to the startled faces of Syaoran and Wei. “Yeah, my dad used to be a human from Japan and he was entrusted with the Clow Book to keep it safe.”

Syaoran blinked, “That explains a lot.”

Wei nodded, “Indeed it does, but focus on the meaning of your words. I would like to meet your parents some day.”

“Some other day, they both work at the school,” Love Heart was still looking at the little poem he had written, “Maybe each season can be related to the elements hmm... fire is obviously summer so water has to be winter so is air spring or summer?” He started pacing, “Let’s see... spring is planting and autumn is harvest so spring should probably be earth and autumn should be air,” he turned to face Wei and Syaoran, “Does that sound right?”

“It doesn’t matter if we think it’s right, it’s what matters to you,” Wei said, “Think about how you can use these words to make your own incantations.”

Love Heart nodded and shut his old journal, “Thanks. Mind if I head out? I want to see if they need me for anything at school for this play.”

“Go ahead,” Wei nodded as Love Heart left.


Confidence was in the sewing classroom with an illustrated copy of ‘A Christmas Carol’ when she heard a knock on the door, “Come in.” She closed the book and looked up to see Love Heart enter.

“I didn’t see you in the auditorium and they said you were up here,” Love Heart briefly looked into a bucket of scrap fabric, “So how’s the design ideas going?”

“Pretty good,” Confidence stood up, “I’m mostly just getting ideas right now, until I know who’s playing what part I can’t really get started.” She walked over to Love Heart and opened the book to a page with an illustration of Ebenezer Scrooge and the Ghost of Christmas Present, “Scrooge is easy, he spends most of the play in a nightgown and cap.”

Love Heart chuckled, “Grams still has all of those from when we were kids, you’ll probably have to let one out a bit.”

“Yeah, I should visit her to see if she has anything I can use for this.” Confidence closed the book and sighed, her ears drooping.

“What’s wrong, Confidence?” Love Heart reached out to touch her shoulder.

She brushed his hand off, “It’s nothing... just something stupid.”

Love Heart walked around to her front, “You can tell me.”

Confidence smiled, “Thanks... you mentioning those nightgowns just made me remember how I grew up on Earth instead of here.”


Confidence turned away with her ears down, “See? Told you it was stupid.”

“It’s not stupid!” Love Heart’s shout made both of them jump and Confidence spun back around to stare at him. Love Heart took a deep breath then repeated, “It’s not stupid... I mean I can’t imagine what it was like but... go on just tell me.”

Confidence took a deep breath and wiped away a few tears, “I just... I don’t hate my childhood but... I was the only person like me around, furry and short and... when I was a kid I remember staring up at the sky and just wondering where I came from, if I belonged somewhere else.” She sniffed, “Would I have been happier up here instead of down here, learning with and growing up with everyone else.”

Confidence was staring at the ground when she felt Love Heart embrace her, “It’s alright. But I mean, it made you who you are so...” Love Heart wasn’t sure what to say.

Confidence gave a small smile, “I know and I guess would you still love me if I grew up differently?”

Love Heart averted his eyes from her, “I want to say yes, but I don’t know... Sorry,” He felt ashamed of giving such an indistinct answer.

Confidence laughed, “I get it, thank you for being honest,” she kissed him, “I’m still happy with this but I still can’t help but wonder what it would have been like growing up here with everyone else.”

Love Heart smiled and kissed her back, “You can always talk to me about this stuff.”

“Thank you.” They held each other for another minute before they stepped apart.

“I still don’t know what I’m going to do for this play, I mean I don’t want to act and I’m not exactly an expert on anything play related,” Love Heart gave short humorous laugh, “I guess I could be your assistant for costumes and stuff.”

Confidence however was looking elsewhere, to the book at Love Heart’s side, and suddenly an idea hit her, “I have a perfect idea!” She bolted for the door and motioned for Love Heart to follow her, “Hurry, before everyone goes home, I’ll explain on the way!”

Love Heart followed after her and listened.

Ms. Mackenzie was the only human on the auditorium stage full of Care Bears and she checked over the last of the sign-up sheets, “Alright, auditions are set for two weeks from now. Everyone who has signed up for an audition should take a copy of the script home so they can rehearse in preparation for their actual auditions.”

“Why two weeks?” Harmony Bear whispered to Brave Heart.

Brave Heart chuckled, “Because there’s a football game next week so some of us need time to practise for that.”

“Also keep in mind not everyone will get a starring role,” Noble Heart spoke up, “For those who don’t get one they will be assigned a minor role we feel suits them and everyone will need to help with preparation, not just those in charge of each part of the play.”

“Too bad this is a school play, we won’t be able to do too much in the way of special effects,” True Heart sighed sadly.

“Don’t be so sure of that!” Confidence Heart walked on stage with Love Heart in tow, the sealing staff already in his hand.

“Love Heart?” Life Heart quickly scanned the lists and noticed her son wasn’t on any of them, “What do you have in mind.”

Love Heart smirked and pulled out The Illusion Card, “This.” He spun the staff around struck the card, “Illusion Card! Come forth!” The card dissolved and grew until it was a square meter of a kaleidoscope of colors, “Take the form of a ghost please.” The Illusion shifted and compressed and a moment later had taken the form of a white bed sheet ghost with simple black eyes and a mouth which prompted a couple ‘oohs’ from the younger Care Bears.

Love Heart looked up at The Illusion, “Crude for now but I can work on it. I can’t do everything but we could do some things you normally can’t do in a stage play.”

“I think so,” it was Bright Heart Raccoon who spoke up, a purple raccoon with a heart shaped lightbulb for a tummy symbol, “I actually might have some ideas for this but I’ll need you to work with me.”

“And practise, both for you and The Illusion,” Sage Heart added, “I think it will need practise to take on more complex forms.”

“Once the auditions are complete we’ll get to work on that,” Noble Heart wrote Love Heart’s name on the crew sheet and added ‘special effects’ to the end of his name. “Alright everyone, take your scripts and practise when you have time. Auditions are in two weeks and break a leg!”

“What does break a leg mean?” Tugs asked.

Pretty Heart shrugged, “Dunno.”

“It’s a theatre way or saying good luck,” Teacher Bear said before turning to the rest of her adopted children, a blue badger boy named Passive Heart Badger, an orange weasel boy named Thorough Heart Weasel, a red fox girl named Charity Heart Fox, a yellow goat named Hungry Heart Billygoat, a lavender wolf named Curious Heart Wolf, and lastly a green hedgehog who was missing his entire right forearm named Grateful Heart Hedgehog.

Sweet Heart approached Love Heart and gave him a smile, “That was cool. Do you think you can do it for the rest of the play?”

“I’m going to make it work,” Love Heart smiled down at his sister, “So what are you doing for the play, Sweet Heart?”

“I,” Sweet Heart gulped, “I want to play the Ghost of Christmas Past.”

“You’re going to act?” Love Heart was startled.

Sweet Heart nodded, “I’m gonna do it, I can even float without wires or anything,” she flapped her wings and forced a smile.

“Hey, Sweets, we’re just happy to see you again,” Tugs walked up and put a hand on Sweet Heart’s shoulder.

“I’m trying,” Sweet Heart took a deep breath as Pretty Heart Skunk joined them.

“Things going alright with that doctor?” Pretty Heart asked.

Sweet Heart looked between her two closest friends and nodded, “So far, but she said that I might never get back to how I used to be,” she took a shuddering breath, “I want to put it behind me but I can’t just remove the memories and I might never get better.”

“Hey, you’re getting better,” Tugs hugged her, “You’re here aren’t you?”

Sweet Heart hugged him back, “Thanks, Tugs.”


Readington’s original high school had been converted into a sports youth center, a place where children and teenagers could organize and store equipment for team sports as well as have team meetings and tryouts every year. It was better than just shutting it down once the Care-a-Lot Escalator school was finished especially since it still had the football and baseball fields all ready to go.

Love Heart Bear wasn’t really one for watching sports, neither was Confidence Heart Fennec but the rest of their families were going so they felt obligated to go, even if they both would have preferred to have the Kingdom of Caring practically to themselves while everyone was at the game.

Love Heart slouched in the bleachers next to Confidence who was similarly leaning back and staring at the sky. Everyone from the Care Bear Family was there, even the ones not on their team, though Take Care Bear and Indy were down in the medical tent set aside for any injuries from the game.

“OK so...” Love Heart squinted down at the field, “tell me if I’m wrong but Champ is the captain and Quarterback this year, Brave Heart’s on offense, Lotsa’s on defence and Playful’s an... intercept?” Love Heart turned to Confidence.

“Asking the wrong girl,” Confidence sounded bored out of her mind, “All I know is that Cheer is the cheerleader captain this year because she wouldn’t stop talking about it, and Love-a-Lot and Funshine are down there too and just... ugg!” she put a hand to her forehead.

“I could explain it but I really don’t want to,” Loyal Heart Dog came to sit down next to Love Heart.

“Oh yeah,” Confidence sat forwards, “I thought you were on the team too.”

“Not this year, I got tired of the coach last year telling me to ‘fetch’ the ball... jerk...” Loyal Heart sighed, “That and I’m just not into this stuff anymore and I don’t think I was very good anyway. But I’m here to support them,” he raised a hand and gave a half-hearted cheer.

“Well at least we can talk about stuff up here,” Love Heart turned to the field and winced when the people jumped up for a shout of joy.

All three friends covered their ears amidst a shower of cheers and snacks. None of them were looking forwards the next couple hours.

The three of them didn’t stay to watch the halftime show, instead going down the indoor concession to get drinks and talk.

“So how’s your job going?” Love Heart asked Loyal Heart as they sat down at an old school lunch table.

“Alright, just part time on weekends now,” Loyal Heart took a long drink, “calmer now that school’s back in.”

“Think any Clow Cards will attack today? You know to make things fun?” Confidence rolled her eyes and took a drink.

“Ha!” Kero popped out of one of Love Heart’s vest pockets and flew up, “I just know one’s going to show up!”

“Gah!” Loyal Heart jumped.

“Wh-cca-ca! Confidence coughed on her drink and pounded on her chest until she could breathe again.

“Kero!” Love Heart, “You could have just asked to come along.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t know when you were leaving so I just took a nap in there,” Kero searched around, “But I can sense a Clow Card around here somewhere.”

“Really?” Love Heart reached down into the Clow Book and pulled out The Jump, “Come out, Jump.” The small rabbit creature materialized on the table where they were sitting. “Can you sense any Clow Cards too.”

The Jump looked up and seemed to sniff at the air before it shook its head, “I can’t sense as precisely as Kero but...”

“Hey? Why’s it snowing?” a voice from near one of the doors caught their attention and a moment later the five of them had run to the window to see flakes falling from the sky.

Love Heart glared out the window, “I don’t think snow is pink.”

Outside, the halftime show was wrapping up as the torrent of what looked like snow started to fall, heavier and thicker than any of them could have expected. It was already knee high for a Care Bear when Love Heart pushed the outside door open and managed to catch one.

“Flower petals?” Love Heart looked at the pink petal in his hand.

“Love Heart!” Syaoran ran over, kicking up the petal depth as he did so, “Its a Clow Card!”

“A Clow Card that makes flowers?” Love Heart sounded incredulous.

“It has to be the Flower Card,” Kero flew up between them, “It loves to go where people gather and spreads flowers for everyone to enjoy.”

“Ick!” Confidence plucked a petal out of one of her huge ears, “Guess it doesn’t know what ‘moderation’ means.”

“To say the least,” Love Heart looked down to see the petals were already up to his waist, and The Jump burst out of the petal layer on the ground to land on his shoulder, “Ready to search, Jump?”

“Yep, let’s go!” it dove into Love Heart as he pulled out the Clow Key.

“Key of Clow
Power of Magic
Power of Light
Surrender the Wand
The Force Ignite

He gripped the staff as Syaoran had summoned his sword wand, “Li, Confidence, Loyal Heart, search down here while Kero and I look above, let’s go!” he Jumped up which sent flower petals scattering around from his impact point.

Syaoran pulled out a talisman and struck it with the flat of his sword, "Obey the command! Wind Flower, Come Forth!" a blast of wind created long trench through the petals.

“Ack! Ok enough with the cherry blossom blizzard!” Confidence shouted.

Love Heart only landed once before he jumped to the roof of the old school where he could see he petals floating before they descended down, “Where it is?” he searched around trying to find where the petals were flowing upwards from.

“There!” Kero managed to find the center of an upwards cyclone of flower petals.

Love Heart spotted it on the upper tier of the roof of the same building where he was standing and jumped towards it. It was a playful looking young woman in a frilly, tiered gown with baggy pants and their hair done up in corkscrew pigtails.

Kero was right alongside Love Heart, “That’s The Flower spirit alright.”

“Right!” Love Heart spun the staff and pointed it at The Flower, “Flower Card! I commaaAAAAA!” Love Heart was suddenly yanked forwards by the spirit, “What’s going on?”

“Don’t worry, it just likes to dance,” Kero looked up to see the petal storm had stopped, “Just relax it will let you go soon.”

“I hoooope sooooo! I can’t daaaaaaance!” Love Heart shouted as he was spun around, his small body easy for The Flower Spirit to lift.

Love Heart was partly dizzy and winded by the time The Flower set him down and he groaned out, “Okay... let’s finish this. Flower Card, please return to your power confined, Flower.” His exhausted voice barely got the words out as he sealed the flower, its body flowing into water streams and into its card. Love Heart wrote his name on the bottom then walked to the edge of the roof, to see the entire football field buried in pink petals while Syaoran tried to clear it up with wind blasts.

“Guess I should fix this,” Love Heart pulled out another Clow Card, “Windy Card, sweep away all of The Flower’s petals! Release!” The Windy spirit emerged from its card then dove down at the field. It sucked up all the petals in a small twister up into the sky and blew them away to either be sent far away or rain down over the town in a much more manageable layer.

Everyone down on the football field breathed a sigh of relief as the petals were swept away then gave a loud cheer as Love Heart landed near the edge of the field.

“Alright, the game is saved whoo!” Champ Bear, still in his football gear, ran over to shake Love Heart’s hand, which made him shake rather violently.

“ThaAaAaAaAnk you!” Love Heart pulled his hand free.

“Another card captured, alright!” Confidence had found him as had Sage Heart.

“Good job, son,” Sage Heart patted his son on the back.

Love Heart smiled, “Thanks dad, but can I go home now. I think I’m done for the day.”

“I’ll take him home!” Confidence Heart and a newly arrived Loyal Heart spoke simultaneously.

Sage Heart looked at the three of them, then to Kero, “Alright. Want to know who’s winning?”

“Nope!” Confidence turned and pulled Love Heart and Loyal Heart away before any more answers could be given, with Kero hot on their tail. Syaoran followed after them.

“I didn’t think I’d ever see a city in the clouds,” Syaoran said as he crossed through the portal.

“Welcome to Care-a-Lot, Li,” Loyal Heart slowed down to walk next to Syaoran, “I live in the Forest of Feelings over there but feel free to visit anytime,” he pointed off towards the forest, then looked back to Syaoran, “What’s wrong, Li?”

Syaoran was staring at Loyal Heart with wide eyes and a somewhat stupefied expression.

“I...I...” Syaoran blushed then ran back through the portal as fast as he could.

“What was that about?” Loyal Heart sniffed himself, he didn’t smell that bad. Was Syaoran just scared of dogs? Loyal Heart just sighed and turned to catch up with Confidence and Love Heart.

Love Heart sank onto the couch in his living room and began pulling out the Clow Cards, laying each of them on the coffee table in front of him. Kero floated overhead, his expression serious.

“There’s only five Clow Cards left,” Kero said.

“Only five?” Love Heart didn’t look up from the table.

Kero nodded, “Yes, and they’re the most dangerous ones left.”

“Don’t suppose you can tell us what they are,” Confidence Heart stood nearby, arms folded.

Kero shook his head, “No, you just have to be prepared for them. Your greatest trials as a cardcaptor are about to come.”

Love Heart gathered up the Clow Cards then looked at Confidence and Loyal Heart, “I’ll be ready.”
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Re: Cardcaptor Love Heart - A Cardcaptor Sakura/Care Bears Crossover

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Congratulations on how well you wrote this chapter! You definitely did a nice job!
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Re: Cardcaptor Love Heart - A Cardcaptor Sakura/Care Bears Crossover

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this is honestly one of my weaker chapters
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Re: Cardcaptor Love Heart - A Cardcaptor Sakura/Care Bears Crossover

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It really doesn't seem like it is that week. Better than anything I could come up with ever.
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Re: Cardcaptor Love Heart - A Cardcaptor Sakura/Care Bears Crossover

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I doubt that, this is just a fanfic and a crossover to boot, those are like bottom rung in quality for creativity
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Re: Cardcaptor Love Heart - A Cardcaptor Sakura/Care Bears Crossover

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Chapter 13: The Third Element

“I love this time of year!” Confidence Heart spun on one foot as she and Love Heart walked through the Readington Park in the crisp autumn air. She was wearing a dark blue kangaroo jacket with the hood down and she shoved both her hands into the front pocket as Love Heart caught up to her.

Love Heart smiled, “Why’s that? The Halloween costumes? The holidays about eating lots of food?”

Confidence Heart put her left arm around Love Heart’s shoulders, “That and the colors of the leaves: red, orange and yellow instead just green everywhere.”

Love Heart smirked as he put his arm around her waist, “I thought you liked green things.”

Confidence spun around to wrap Love Heart in a hug, “I love it on you.”

Love Heart blushed as he hugged her around the waist, “I love you.”

“I love you too,” they kissed.

They kept an arm around each other as they resumed their walk, “So any idea what you want to dress up for Halloween this year?” Love Heart asked.

Confidence groaned, “Not yet, I’ve been wrapped up in costumes for the play ever since the auditions finished. At least Grams and Teacher Bear are helping me even though I’m in charge of costume design.”

“So no costumes this year?” Love Heart sounded disappointed.

“I didn’t say that!” Confidence snapped back then sighed, “I just need some ideas and I don’t want to just do something generic.”

“So no bed sheet ghosts, mummies or vampires then?” Love Heart chuckled.

Confidence couldn’t help but laugh, “If I get desperate I may have to.”

Love Heart kissed her cheek, “Don’t worry about it I can me think of something. Should we do a couples costume?”

“Yeah,” Confidence leaned her head up against him and nuzzled him as best as she could as they walked, “It’s the first time we can do that, maybe out last time too...”

“Hey, we can still dress up once we graduate,” Love Heart nuzzled back, “I promise.”

Confidence sighed happily, “What did I do to deserve a guy like you?”

“You want the full list?”

“Nah, but thank you anyway,” they kissed again.


Loyal Heart felt his stomach growl as he stood in the school sewing room while Confidence finished taking his measurements. “How much longer is this going to take?”

“Not long, actually I’ll have your costume done in no time,” Confidence hung the tailor’s measuring tape around her neck, “As long as you can see out of it I just need to make sure you’re covered in a long black robe that doesn’t trip you up, also gotta get you some black gloves.”

“Can I leave then? I’m hungry,” Loyal rubbed his stomach.

“Lunch was barely an hour ago, how can you still be hungry?” Confidence didn’t look back as she selected some long pieces of black cloth Grams Bear had donated.

Loyal Heart shrugged, “I don’t know, maybe I’m going to hit a growth spurt.”

“Well at least if you do this won’t be too hard to alter,” Confidence was getting immersed in her work so Loyal knew not to disturb her.

Loyal ran into Love Heart as they were both leaving the school for the day, “Rehearsal over?” Loyal asked

“As much as I can do at least,” Love Heart put his hands in his pockets as he walked, “Trying to get The Illusion to mimic face movements for the Marley in the Doorknob scene. Bright Heart’s trying to rig up a way we can show that off on stage properly. Want to come over for a while? Mom and dad should be busy for at least a couple hours.”

Loyal Heart felt his stomach growl again, “Sure, can we get something to eat first?”

Loyal Heart stopped by the Hall of Hearts kitchen to make a dozen salami sandwiches before they made it to Love Heart’s house. Before long, he, Love Heart, Kero and The Jump were all playing a four player co-op game on the TV, shouting and whooping as they cleared levels or groaning if one of them took a hit. Loyal Heart had to stop and practically inhale a sandwich every couple minutes until he finished his stack and felt satisfied.

Halfway through the game, they all took a break and Loyal Heart leaned back on the couch, “Haven’t had this much fun in a while.”

“Yeah,” Love Heart sat back with him, “Senior year’s a pain even without all this play stuff we have to do.”

“So what’s this play about?” The Jump asked.

“A Christmas Carol?” Loyal Heart sat forwards, “It’s probably the most famous Christmas story of all time, and definitely the mot adapted, there have been hundreds of versions out there and it’s about...” Loyal Heart paused.

“What’s it about?” Kero flew up over to Loyal Heart, suddenly interested.

“You know, I think you two might be the only people in Readington or the Kingdom of Caring that don’t know the story,” Loyal Heart gave a smile.

Love Heart had gotten up and was digging out an older game console but he caught on to what Loyal Heart was saying, “I think you two deserve to see the story without spoilers, we want to see what you think about our version.” He pulled out an old game disc and plugged it into the console.

“I agree, Loyal Heart watched as Love Heart pulled a different controller from an old console back to the couch, “What game’s that?”

“An old one I haven’t played in years. I used to love it so I want to see if I’m rusty at it or not,” Love Heart turned to the others, “mind just watching for a bit?”

“Sure, I could use a break,” The Jump rubbed at imaginary soreness in its arms as the game started up.

While not enraptured they figured out it was some sort of flight simulator and watched an interesting story start up. Love Heart was only half paying attention until the mission briefing started and he sat forwards, taking in the whole thing as a blue area map filled the screen and a piece of music played that seemed to demand their attention.

“Here is the current sitrep and your orders for deployment, effective immediately. Enemy agents destroyed our early warning radar network, allowing several Bear bombers to penetrate our airspace...”


Loyal Heart had brought some extra food to munch on as Confidence gave the finishing touches to his costume. He swallowed and wiped his mouth as Confidence pulled the finished costume up, “Alright let’s try it on.”

Loyal Heart pulled on long black gloves and then let Confidence pull the large black cloak over his body and stepped back to admire her work. “There, the perfect Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come don’t you think?”

Loyal Heart was completely covered by a long black robe with a hood that suggested a face but with his hidden behind a mesh he could see out of. “I can’t tell, everything’s so fuzzy,” he voice was slightly muffled.

“Looks good, now try pointing,” Love Heart stood nearby, Clow Staff in one hand and The Illusion in the other.

Loyal Heart pointed with his right hand covered in the black glove and both Love Heart and Confidence scrutinized it.

“Kinda hard to see, hold on,” Confidence dug around and pulled out a longer white glove, “Try this one.”

Loyal Heart switched the glove and pointed at Confidence Heart, who still stared at it. “Hmm, not quite right, now it sticks out too much. I suppose you could hold a plastic skeleton hand but that would look too rigid.”

“That’s why I’m here, let me try.” Love Heart summoned The Illusion card which materialized beside him as a humanoid figure made of a transparent kaleidoscope pattern, “Illusion, can you make Loyal Heart’s hand look like a skeleton hand.

The Illusion made no sound but reached out as the air rippled and invisible waves flowed over Loyal Heart’s hand which slowly took on the appearance of a skeletal hand.

“Wow,” Loyal Heart looked at his hand which still felt complete but now looked entirely skeletal.

“Perfect!” Confidence grinned, “Mixing your magic and my sewing skills this will be the greatest high school Christmas Carol ever!”

Love Heart watched Loyal Heart move his skeletal looking hand around experimentally, waving and pointing at various things before he gave Love Heart a thumbs up. “OK, I think we’re done for now, Illusion you can return.” The Illusion didn’t hesitate to flow back into its card and Love Heart put it away.

“Yeah, I’ll get started on the other costumes tomorrow. Still need time to make Halloween costumes for us, if you thought of something,” Confidence was already putting the sewing tools away.

“Actually I do, here,” Love Heart pulled out his heartphone and showed Confidence a picture, “How about these two, with this?”

Confidence looked at the pictures Love Heart was showing her, “That’s mostly easy, but the bigger part is a bit outside my talents.”

“I asked Bright Heart and Grumpy if they could help, just a bunch of cardboard,” Love Heart assured her.

“Then let’s do it!” Confidence grinned, “So will we be going out that night?”

“If Sweet Heart goes trick-or-treating then we’ll be chaperoning her, and probably Hugs, Tugs and Get Well too. All of Teacher Bear’s kids are going with her, family traditions and such.” Love Heart sounded uncertain.

“Sounds good to me,” Loyal Heart finished pulling the costume up and hanging it in the closet set aside for the play’s costumes, “I’m probably just going to be handing out candy in the Kingdom of Caring.”

“So what are you going to be this year, Loyal, a knight?” Confidence joked.

“I was thinking a samurai, they’re kinda like knights right?” Loyal Heart led them out of the room, holding the door for them.

“Really?” Love Heart quirked an eyebrow.

“Well they’re that or cowboys depending on the story,” Confidence shrugged, “Any real reason?”

“Just felt like a change and don’t really feel like dressing up as a knight... Proud Heart and Gentle Heart both called me their ‘knight in shining armor’ so... yeah,” Loyal Heart sighed. “So I just need some armor bits and a katana sword right?”

“Doesn’t need to just be a katana, Samurai were actually more prominently archers, especially on horseback, and they trained with spears too. Their katana was more of a status symbol,” Confidence saw both boys looking at her with surprise, “After watching so much anime I just had to look up how samurai really were. Oh and if you really want to look the part you should get a helmet with some beetle like horns on it, the Japanese love big beetles.”

“Huh, never knew that, tell me more,” Loyal Heart kept pace with Confidence while Love Heart just rolled his eyes and smiled, following a few steps behind them.


“I want to go trick-or-treating this year,” Sweet Heart finally spoke up at supper that night. The rest of her family stared at her, including Kero who was just waiting around for dessert.

“Really?” Life Heart held her breath as did the rest of the family.

“Yes, I do,” Sweet Heart smiled, not a forced smile she had been putting on since summer but a genuine smile.

Sage Heart let out a sigh of relief, “That’s great, so what do you want to go as?”

“Well I do have an idea and I’d like The Jump Card’s help,” Sweet Heart turned to Love Heart.

“The Jump?” Love Heart sounded confused, “What do you want to dress up as?”

Sweet Heart looked a bit nervously between each of her parents then to her brother and Kero. She gulped then smiled again and said, “Alice from Alice in Wonderland and I want to ask The Jump to be the white rabbit.”

“You’ll have to ask it, it was sleeping on my bed earlier,” Love Heart resumed eating.

“What’s trick-or-treating?” Kero spoke up.

Because Love Heart’s mouth was full, Sweet Heart answered, “It’s where kids go all around town in costumes and ask everyone to give them candy.”

“You mean you get a ton of candy? For free?” Kero had flown right into Sweet Heart’s face which forced her to lean back with her eyes wide.

Love Heart grabbed Kero’s tail and pulled him back, “Yes, it’s a thing kids do every Halloween.”

Kero rounded on Love Heart, “I want to go! Can we go please?” Kero was practically begging.

Love Heart considered Kero for a moment then grinned, “Actually I think I have a perfect costume you can wear with me and Confidence, since I’ll need to chaperone Sweet Heart and her friends.”

“Alright!” Kero shot up and pumped his fist in the air, “Free candy!”

“I’m happy you’re excited,” Sage Heart rolled his eyes.

“Just don’t give yourself a tummy ache,” Life Heart carefully pulled Kero down from where he had floated up.

“Don’t worry, I don’t get sick from eating too may sweets,” Kero grinned.

“Yeah, I mean a single bowl of pudding would do it at his size,” Love Heart snickered.

“Hey, just wait till you see my true form,” Kero pointed at Love Heart, “It’s quite the sight to behold.”

While she was chewing Sweet Heart had a sudden mental image of a giant Kero standing over all the buildings in town but otherwise looking exactly the same as he did now and almost choked as she laughed.


On Halloween night everyone had finished an early supper and Sweet Heart was getting the last touches put on her costume by her mother. It was nothing too complicated: just a blue dress with a white apron on the front, holes in the back for her wings and a blonde wig.

“There, you look so cute!” Life Heart beamed as she stepped back, “And now for the white rabbit.”

The Jump sat nearby as Life Heart put a blue waistcoat on him and attached an old pocket watch to it with a short chain, normal sized for a human or Care Bear but rather large on its small frame. For once it had the ribbons taken off of its ears and it scratched at the spots where it usually wore them, “This feels weird.”

“You look great,” Sweet Heart motioned for The Jump to hop up on her shoulder, which it did, “Thanks for this.”

“With all your family’s done it’s the least I can do,” The Jump checked the watch again, “So what do I have to do?”

“Just ride with me, or hop along,” Sweet Heart made her way to the front door, “Oh and some things to say...”

Life Heart didn’t dress up while Sage Heart was wearing a crude wizard’s robe and carrying a staff as they escorted Sweet Heart to the portal where she would meet her friends and chaperones for the early evening. While the Kingdom of Caring was decorated and a Halloween party was planned for later at the Hall of Hearts for the older Care Bears and Cousins, no one trick-or-treated in the Kingdom of Caring just in case someone got lost in the night in the Forest of Feelings. Life Heart, Sage Heart and Independent Bear were handing out candy at the portal entrance with Loyal Heart Dog and Funshine Bear (A yellow girl bear with a smiling sun for a tummy symbol currently dressed as a mummy), both to take part and to keep kids from sneaking through the portal.

Hugs, Tugs and Sweet Heart were waiting there with Love Heart and Confidence, Grams Bear having dropped off her grandchildren to go off with Teacher Bear and her cubs, as Grams and Teacher Bear had become close friends since Teacher Bear moved to Care-a-Lot.

Sweet Heart whispered to The Jump, which nodded and jumped forwards glancing at the pocket watch and shouting, “I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!” bounding forwards and stopping in front of the rest of the Trick-or-Treating party. Those assembled clapped for the performance as Sweet Heart joined the group.

Hugs was dressed in a crude costume of Medusa, just a toga-like robe and a bunch of green pipe cleaners with sequins to look like eyes as a tangle of snakes on her head. Tugs was dressed as a vampire with a black shirt and cape and a pair of fangs on his upper teeth which gave him a slight lisp. Get Well’s costume was the simplest: just a white bed sheet with two holes for her eyes to make her a ghost.

“I vant to suck your blood!” Tugs spread his cape and hissed with his plastic fangs which just got an eye roll out of his peers.

“Very nice,” Get Well snarked from beneath her sheet.

“At leasht I have a real coshtume, you’d think a surgeon could sew better,” Tugs countered.

“She knows how to sew flesh, not fabric,” Get Well’s response elicited retching noises from those in earshot and she mentally kicked herself, growing up in a doctor’s office and reading medical book far above her age level she sometimes forgot that casually talking about medical stuff could turn one’s stomach.

Love Heart and Confidence Heart had the most elaborate costumes of the group. Confidence was wearing white pants and shirt with a pink overshirt all of Chinese inspired designs with a light-purple bag around her left shoulder and right waist. Her hair had been dyed black and done up in two hair buns that extended down into a few long braids.

Love Heart’s costume completely covered him: a large suit of armor made of cardboard with a prominently designed face and a zig-zag shaped mouth.

Hugs looked them up and down, “Who are you two supposed to be?”

Confidence grinned, “I’m Mei Chang and Love Heart’s Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist and... come out Kero.”

There was a grumbling as Kero floated out from behind Confidence Heart and sat on her shoulder. The guardian beast had been painted to look like a tiny panda bear which made Hugs have to suppress a giggle. “I’m only doing this for the candy.”

“Kero is playing Mei’s little panda friend Xiao-Mei,” Confidence stroked the Guardian Beast’s head.

“How can you walk in that thing, Love Heart?” Sweet Heart looked up and down the cardboard suit of armor.

“Easier than you think,” Love Heart’s voice was muffled, “can’t move the arms though, my head’s about here,” he tapped from the inside just below the large spike on the chest and only now did Sweet Heart notice there was a grey mesh there instead of cardboard so, which allowed him to see.

“It’s very good,” Loyal Heart was indeed dressed as a samurai with a kimono-like cloak and cardboard armor plates on his chest and over his arms and an old motorcycle helmet with long horns glued to the front, with a fake longbow and arrows attached to his back and a toy katana at his side.

“Thanks,” Love Heart’s muffled voice replied, “Everyone ready to go?”

“Wait a minute!” The shout came from an approaching Syaoran. Who, instead of a costume, was just wearing his family robes, which no one seemed to mind.

“Li?” Love Heart had to turn his entire body and costume to see him, “You celebrate Halloween?”

Syaoran shook his head, “That’s not why I’m here, I need to talk to you about a Clow Card.”

Love Heart’s gaze narrowed inside his costume but he said aloud, “Just give me a minute then we’ll start.” He shambled in the costume over somewhere out of sight, “OK, Li, what’s going on?”

“Can’t you sense it? There’s a Clow Card somewhere,” Syaoran’s voice was serious, “And with everyone out it’s going to strike tonight. How are you supposed to capture it like that?”

“Yes, I did,” the front of Love Heart’s costume lifted up and tilted back on a hinge. Inside Love Heart was wearing his battle costume and had the Clow Book attached to his side and the Clow Key hung around his neck. “I’m ready but this way I can still wear my Halloween costume and be out and ready when it shows up. I can’t even move this thing’s arms.”

Syaoran actually smiled as Love Heart pulled the cardboard armor back over his body, “Then I’m coming with you.”

“Alright,” Love Heart’s voice was muffled again as he walked the armor back over to the group, “Li’s going to be joining us tonight.”

“Maybe I should come too,” Loyal Heart moved over to join the group and Syaoran went rigid.

“Alright then, let’s go!” Confidence pumped her fist in the air.

“Yay! Free Candy!” Kero and the cubs all shouted.

As they headed for the first houses on their rout Syaoran marched with his knees and elbows rigid, seemingly unable to relax.

“Li looks like a windup toy,” Hugs whispered which made all the cubs and The Jump card giggle. Syaoran didn’t seem to notice and stayed back when everyone but him and Love Heart went up to the first house.

“Trick or treat!” They all chorused, holding out pillowcases they were using as candy bags, with Confidence holding an extra one that she claimed for her boyfriend but was really for Kero. The man at the door smiled and dropped a piece into each of their bags.

“One house down, so many more to go!” Tugs grinned.

“Mom says all this candy is bad for you,” Get Well picked the piece of hard candy out and looked at it.

Hugs scoffed, “Yeah, so’s hot chocolate and she drinks that stuff all winter.”

Get Well smirked behind her bed sheet and dropped the candy back into her pillowcase, “I’ll remind her of that when I get home.”

“Onward! To candy!” Kero pointed down the street.

You can do anything
If you believe it’s true
See what this friendship brings
It can only get stronger when you work it through

You can go anywhere
Imagination will take you through
Magic and mystery
In the blink of an eye you could fly to the moon

Out of all the people in the world
You're the chosen one
Of every boy and girl
Now your friends are here
Your mission’s clear
You’re the guardian of the cards

Every day is a new adventure
As you discover the magic you need
You uncover the mystic secrets
Where the power within is the will to succeed

Yes this is your destiny
This is what you were born to do
Bring back the harmony
To make a better world for me and you

Out of all the people in the world
You're the chosen one
Of every boy and girl
Now your friends are here
Your mission’s clear
You're the guardian of the cards

You're the Guardian of the cards
You're the chosen one
Yes you are
No matter where you search
Near or far
You're the guardian of the cards

Out of all the people in the world
You're the chosen one
of every boy and girl
Now your friends are here
Your mission’s clear
You’re the guardian of the cards

You're the guardian of the cards
You're the chosen one
Yes you are
No matter where you search
Near or far
You're the guardian of the cards

Out of all the people in the world
You're the chosen one
Of every boy and girl
Now your friends are here
Your mission’s clear
You're the guardian of the cards

A couple hours later the sun was setting all their pillowcases were full, Confidence letting Kero dive into the one she had filled for him. “Have fun?” she asked, looking into the bag.

“Oh yeah!” Kero lay on his back among the packages, “So much sweet stuff,” he looked and sounded in complete bliss.

“So is anyone tired yet?” Love Heart asked from inside his costume.

“No way!” Tugs shook his head.

“uh-uh,” Hugs added.

“I’m not!” Get Well added.

“I’m good,” Sweet Heart voice was quieter but she smiled.

“I’m fine,” Syaoran had relaxed a bit, he only had a small shopping bag as he hadn’t started going up for candy until the last half-hour or so.

“Good, because a bunch of the parents set up a haunted Halloween carnival in the park,” Loyal Heart pointed towards where they could now see spooky lights emanating from the park, and other kids were converging on the location. “Let’s hurry home and drop off our candy so we don’t have to drag it around there all night.” All the kids let out a cheer and made a mad dash to the portal, with Loyal Heart right on their tails; Syaoran and Confidence went off in different directions since they lived on the Readington side while Love Heart waited, not able to run in his costume.

Love Heart was about to head for the park where he’d meet them then paused and looked up. He swore he could sense something faintly, but it passed so he shook his head then went to the park entrance, not seeing some hanging ghost decorations spontaneously combust and burn to ashes.

As everyone returned, now longer dragging pillowcases with them, they saw that the park was decorated like a large haunted house with ghost and bat decorations hanging from almost every tree and wooden standees of witches, vampires, mummies, werewolves and even the Frankenstein monster around a large clearing full of entertainment and games.

“Yahoo!” Tugs literally jumped for joy as he took off into the haunted park followed by the other kids. He immediately spotted Grams and Teacher Bear with the latter’s adopted cubs and they ran off to join them.

Love Heart lingered at the edge with Confidence Heart and Kero and gave a sigh of relief, “Sweet Heart’s actually having fun, I was worried she’d stay home after we finished trick-or-treating.”

“She thought about it,” Confidence nodded, “But she said the doctor told her to spend time with her friends, that and The Jump was too excited to see the park.” She leaned up against his costume, “And when this is all done we can go to the Halloween party at the Hall of Hearts. Are you having fun?”

“Yeah, but there’s something nearby,” Love Heart’s muffled voice became serious. “I sensed a Clow Card.”

“What?” Confidence’ kept her voice low, “When?”

“Right after you left to drop off your candy and before that while I was waiting with you at the portal. Sorry I didn’t say anything earlier but I didn’t want anyone panicking.”

“It’s fine, I get it,” Confidence nodded, “Are you ready for it?”

“Yeah, got the cards and the staff in here with me,” Love Heart peered through the mesh visor in the armor’s chest to se Sweet Heart and Tugs bobbing for apples. Syaoran was wandering around observing parts of the park but clearly searching for something.

“Yow!” The shout from Hugs nearby drew everyone’s attention as she had dropped a now smouldering toy she’d won on the ground, “it just caught fire!”

“It’s here!” Syaoran drew his sword as several strings of bats and ghost caught fire.

“A Clow Card!” Kero flew up, still in the panda make up, “Look out!” Some of the monster standees had burst into flames. “It’s one of the four elements.”

“The Firey Card!” Love Heart and Confidence shouted together.

“We have to get you out of that,” Confidence was about to start tearing Love Heart’s costume apart when he flipped the top back on its hinge revealing himself in his battle costume.

“Way ahead of you!” Love Heart hopped out of the legs and pulled out the Clow Key.

“Key of Clow
Power of Magic
Power of Light
Surrender the Wand
The Force Ignite

As soon as the staff formed the flames around the park had burst into a conflagration and Love Heart started shouting, “Someone called the fire department! Li suppress the flames so everyone can get out! Confidence, Grams, Teacher, Loyal Heart get all the kids out of here! Move!” his shout galvanized them into action.

Syaoran pulled out a talisman, "Obey the command! Water Dragon, Come Forth!" A blast of water put out some of the fire but it flared up again as the kids were pulled away from the edges of the park where the flames were strongest.

“The Firemen are on their way,” Grams shouted as she had her Heartphone in hand.

“Good! Now let’s see if this works,” Love Heart raised the staff over his head as the star on his forehead started to glow. “Winter, heed my call! Water Torrent!” He swung his staff where at the same place Syaoran had and a stream of water shot out of the head of the staff.

Syaoran saw this and immediately added his own to the efforts "Obey the command! Water Dragon, Come Forth!" The two streams of water merged and forced a sizeable tunnel to form out of the park.

“Everyone get moving!” Loyal Heart shouted, ushering the cubs to run to safety then moving to help the elderly Grams and Teacher Bear out as fast as possible. The instant they were across the threshold of the park the fire flared up again which trapped Loyal Heart in the remains and forced him back, tearing off some of the cardboard parts of his costume as they caught fire.

Love Heart, Confidence, Syaoran and Loyal Heart stood back to back facing the flames, “How can I capture this? The Watery Card?”

Kero shook his head, “No! If you put the fire out without forcing the spirit into the open it will just run away, or spread elsewhere!”

“So how does his force the spirit out?” Confidence was sweating both from the heat and nerves.

“You have to make the flames stronger so it manifests,” Syaoran had several talismans in his hands, ready to start.

“Then I guess I need to fan the flames,” Love Heart held his up staff and his forehead star glowed again, “Fall, heed my call! Wind Squall!” a burst of wind blew into the flames surrounding them.

"Obey the command! Wind Flower, Come Forth!" Syaoran launched a blast of wind from his sword and talisman as well.

The rushing winds fanned the flames and the conflagration burned higher, Kero pointed as flames gathered into a twister, “There! The Fiery Spirit!” The spirit raised out of the twister, a young woman with flaming hair and bright red wings and everything below the waist nothing but a sea of flames.

It grinned maliciously at the group and flicked it fingers, sending a streak of fire right at them which they barely managed to dodge by scattering.

“Stop this!” Love Heart shouted.

“Not gonna happen!” the Firey Spirit flicked another blast of fire at Love Heart which he had to dive to get away from.

“You can’t talk this one down!” Kero shouted, “The Firey is one of the most volatile and aggressive Clow Cards.”

“And destructive,” Love Heart picked himself up.

“Hey flame head! Over here!” Confidence took up a martial arts stance as she faced the Firey Card.

“Oh shut up!” The Firey shot a wisp of fire at Confidence but she easily dodge.

“Missed me!” She stuck out her tongue.

“Hold still!” The Firey began shooting off fire at Confidence. Love Heart recognized that she was buying him time especially when Loyal Heart got in on the act though nearly getting singed a few times.

"Obey the command! Water Dragon, Come Forth!" The stream of water from Syaoran flew right at The Firey spirit only to evaporate into steam before it struck.

“That little water spout’s not going to work,” it tuned to ace Syaoran who still held his sword at the ready, “You smell like Clow Reed.”

“I’m a direct descenden!” Syoaran shouted. That got the Firey’s attention as it turned to focus on him instead, Syaoran’s martial acrobatics keeping him from being burned.

“I have to capture it,” Love Heart pulled out the Watery Card, “Should this work now?”

“No, we gave it too much and now the Firey might vaporise The Watery spirit as well,” Kero said, “It would survive but it would be severely weakened.”

“Then I’ll just have to overpower it,” Love Heart pulled out The Windy.

“What! You can’t do that!” Syaoran heard and saw what Love Heart was doing, “You can’t risk using two elements at once!” A blast of fire struck him thankfully not setting his outfit on fire.

“Have to risk it!” Love Heart held up both element cards in his hand then flung them forwards even as The Firey turned its attention back to him. “Windy Card! Watery Card! Combine your powers to overwhelm and trap Firey! Release!” Love Heart stuck both cards at once as the Firey prepared to shoot a basketball sized fireball at Love Heart. Both Windy and Watery spirits emerged together and flew, back-to-back, right at The Firey.

The Firey shot it’s fireball at them but both spirits combined their power and blew right through the ball of fire. Before The Firey could react the Watery and Windy spirits broke into several streams of water and wind and wrapped themselves all over The Firey’s body, overwhelming it as steam hissed up from their bodies. The Firey tried to struggle but finally fell to earth still wrapped up in the other two elemental spirits.

“NOW!” Kero shouted.

Love Heart needed no second prompting and ran over to the downed Firey Spirit, swinging his staff right at it, “Firey Card! I command you to return to your power confined! Firey!” The Firey tried to resist with the last of its strength but it broke apart into streams of fire and was absorbed into its card. Love Heart caught the card and quickly pulled a pen out to write his name on it.

“Alright!” Confidence gave a whoop, then coughed as she realized the fire was still raging around her, “What?”

“The fires it started didn’t go out!” Loyal Heart was shocked.

“All the dead leaves on the ground just caught fire!” Syaoran shouted, “It’s not magical fire anymore.”

“Kero, what do we... Kero?” Love Heart turned to the guardian beast only to find him suspended in mid air, his eyes closed and glowing bright, vaporising the panda paint on his fur. The little creature’s wings grew to immense size and wrapped around his body, completely hiding him from view. A moment later the wings spread and a new form stepped down, what looked like a massive maneless lion with the same huge wings.

“Kero? Is that you?” Love Heart seemed to have completely forgotten about the fire around him.

“Yes it is, now hurry and get on my back!” Kero spoke with a much deeper voice now. Reminded of the danger all four of them hurriedly climbed onto the larger guardian beast’s back and, with some difficulty, he flapped his wings and took off. The heat of the fire seemed to be deflected by Kero as he flew them out of the burning park right as the fire engines were pulling up.

As soon as they landed beyond the perimeter of the fire trucks and dismounted, Love Heart was hit by Sweet Heart plowing into him.

“Love Heart! You’re alive!” she was crying, “I thought I lost you again!” She buried her face in his chest.

Love Heart smiled and patted his sister’s head, “Yeah, I’m fine and look,” he carefully pushed her away and showed her The Firey Card, “I captured the Firey Card.”

“I’m sorry,” The Jump hopped up to Love Heart, “I ran with Sweet Heart when I should have stayed with you.”

Love Heart looked down at The Jump and motioned for it to climb onto his shoulder. He scratched it behind its ears, “Don’t worry, it all worked out.”

“Yes, it did,” Kero approached the group which consisted of all the other Care Bears who were just as worried for their safety.

Everyone stared and got a good look at Kero’s new form, a large maneless winged lion wearing armor around his head and down across his chest with a large red gem in the middle of his forehead and the middle of his chest.

“Who is that?” Tugs was the first to ask.

“Allow me to properly introduce myself: I am Keroberos the guardian beast of the Clow Cards. My energy is governed by the sun and with the Firey Card captured a large portion of my power has been restored and I can take on my true form.”

“Wow...” Sweet Heart approached him, “So this is what you really look like?”

“Can you change back?” Hugs asked

Keroberos shook his head, “No, I cannot. Though much of my power has been restored until the last card is captured I will remain in this form.” He turned to Love Heart Bear and bowed to him, “Cardcaptor Love Heart, until the task is finished I shall remain and serve you.”

“Thank you, Keroberos,” Love Heart bowed back.

The sounds of water spray nearby told everyone that the fire department had things under control and Love Heart sighed, “Well if my costume wasn’t burned to ashes before it’s a soggy mass by now.”

“Don’t worry, your battle costume looks just fine,” Confidence hugged Love Heart, “I’m just relieved we all made it out OK. Want to go home?”

Love Heart smiled and kissed her, “I’m not that bad, besides I don’t want to miss the party.” He turned to Keroberos, “want to join us and introduce yourself to the rest of the Care Bear Family?”

Keroberos nodded, “Yes, I believe that would be a wise idea, so they can recognize who I am.”

Syaoran was staring at Keroberos, “So this is the real you?”

“For the most part,” Keroberos turned to face him, “descendent of Clow Reed, Syoaran Li, you have done well despite your distrust of me. For now you should rest and prepare for the greater trials that lie ahead.”

“Ominous,” Sweet Heart shuddered.

The paramedics descended on them to make sure they were alright even as Love Heart insisted they were all fine. As soon as they were done Love Heart, Confidence, Sweet Heart and Loyal Heart headed for the Kingdom of Caring portal while Syaoran went home.

Love Heart took Sweet Heart home first, leaving The Jump around who insisted on watching over her that night, then they headed for the Hall of Hearts. Despite the firestorm that had struck the haunted park the Halloween party was in full swing.

After grabbing some food, Love Heart and Confidence lingered at the edge of the hall, eating and watching everyone as they were in awe over Keroberos.

Confidence nudged him, “Still want to be here?”

Love Heart smiled, “Yeah,” he took a bite of a sandwich and didn’t continue until he swallowed, “I’m just worried about what’s going to come, the play, the rest of the Clow Cards and the ‘greater trials’ Keroberos mentioned.”

Confidence kissed him on the cheek, “Well whatever they are, I’ll be here to help you. I love you.”

“I love you too, thank you,” Love Heart kissed her back, “But let’s enjoy the party tonight.”

“Then back to school,” Confidence stretched, “And preparing for the play.” She and Love Heart headed into the crowd to enjoy themselves.
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Re: Cardcaptor Love Heart - A Cardcaptor Sakura/Care Bears Crossover

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Chapter 14: Lost in Practice

Love Heart yawned, stretched then shivered and pulled his covers up over himself, then covered his ears as the snooze alarm went off again. He grumbled and hit the off button on his alarm clock. He finally dragged himself out of bed then tripped over Keroberos.

“Urrrrfrrgletrgle,” Love Heart mumbled incoherently as he pulled himself forwards and back to his feet. He heard Keroberos yawn as he dragged himself, still shivering, to the bathroom to take a shower.

Having fur was a mixed blessing in winter: on the one hand it helped keep you warm without excess layers of clothing but on the other hand it took forever to dry and no one wanted ice on their fur as the temperature dropped, especially not if it was snowing. Love Heart had to spend far too long drying off after his shower before he made it back to his bedroom. Keroberos was just waking up and yawning as Love Heart stepped over him to get to his closet.

“Good morning, Love Heart,” Keroberos stood up as Love Heart was getting dressed, he had retracted his wings (which made them vanish) so he could easily fit through doors.

“Good morning,” Love Heart grabbed the Clow Key and book and glared at Keroberos, “You need to start sleeping in the living room, I’m sick of tripping over you every morning.”

“Oh alright, but first I need something to eat,” Keroberos opened the mostly empty pillowcase that contained the last of his Halloween candy and began gleefully munching away, somehow managing to unwrap everything.

Love Heart watched Keroberos munching away and sighed, “Why did I think you turning into this would make you act more seriously?” He headed down for breakfast then to school.

Even wrapped in a coat, thick gloves and at least two scarves, Confidence Heart was shivering when Love Heart met her at the portal. “I hate winter,” she mumbled, muffled through the scarves. “Why does the Kingdom of Caring have to have this season now?”

“To avoid weather troubles in Readington,” Love Heart wasn’t nearly as wrapped up as Confidence but he still felt the cold as he put an arm around her, which made her smile despite the cold.

Even in class with a kangaroo jacket, Confidence had her arms folded and forcefully sat as far from the window and close to the heater as she could, “Soon as I’m done rehearsal I’m going home to wrap myself in blankets.”

“May I join in?” Love Heart whispered, which made Confidence smile.

“I’d love that,” she answered before the teacher started class.

Before the Care Bear students could go home for the weekend it was off to the auditorium for rehearsal. Even those who were just on the stage crew like Confidence Heart were there as they had to get everything ready for the play next month and she was both working on the costumes and had to make sure they would work on stage.

Tenderheart had been chosen to be director, he was a brown bear boy with a single three-layered heart for his tummy symbol, and everyone agreed was best as not only was he organized but everyone knew that he would be offering ideas to the point of back-seat directing if he wasn’t in the big chair himself. Technically Noble Heart was in charge but he let Tenderheart run things while offering advice.

“Alright,” Tenderheart clapped his hands together, “Brave Heart Lion, Lotsa Heart Elephant and Love Heart Bear on stage, time for the ‘Marley in the Doorhandle’ scene.”

“Just a minute, Tenderheart, almost done!” Cheer Bear, a pink bear girl with a rainbow for a tummy symbol was working on Lotsa Heart, a male pink elephant with a triangular weight for his tummy symbol who was playing Marley. His face had a thin layer of white cream on it, including his trunk, and he had a bandage tied around his head under his chin, though not too tightly to stop him from talking.

“Aaaaand done! What do you think?” Cheer turned to Tenderheart.

“Good, very deathly,” Tenderheart nodded, “Love Heart you ready?”

Love Heart already had the Clow Staff out and had summoned The Illusion Card, “Let’s see. Illusion please turn into Lotsa Heart’s face as it is now.” The swirling kaleidoscope condensed until it was just a floating head that looked exactly like Lotsa Hearts. “Ok, now mimic Lotsa’s movements as he talks please.”

“This is weird even for me, and that’s the truth,” Lotsa Heart said, blinking as The Illusion’s copy of his head mimicked him, albeit with about a second of delay and no sound.

“Looks good so far, Bright Heart, Grumpy, how’s the setup going?” Tenderheart turned to where the two were working with Brave Heart Lion, who was playing Scrooge.

Grumpy had attached a small wireless camera to Brave Heart’s right wrist hand which was positioned under his hand while Bright Heart was hooking up a TV screen.

“Looking good, let’s test it,” Grumpy let go of Brave Heart’s arm as Bright Heart turned on the TV and set the wireless input.

“Here goes,” Brave Heart pushed the small button on the camera with one of his claws and it flicked on, showing a picture of Grumpy’s face on the screen.

“So far so good, alright try to put Lotsa’s face on the door handle,” Tenderheart pointed at the double door prop set up on the stage.

“OK, Illusion, put yourself on the door handle in that form please,” Love Heart walked with the floating head over to the door, which settled itself over the handle with the trunk almost looking like the grasping part.

“Hmm, a bit too big,” Love Heart scratched his chin, “Can you please start shrinking a bit?”

The head shrunk and grew a few times until everyone was satisfied with it size on the door handle then Brave Heart pointed his camera arm at it and everyone breathed a sigh of relief when it showed up on the television screen.

“Now we just have to work with making it look like the handle morphs into Lotsa’s head,” Tenderheart said. “Alright now let’s try the scene where Scrooge sees Marley’s head in the door handle. Love Heart you can take five, I think someone in the audience wants to talk to you.” Tenderheart pointed to the boy who had shown up to watch them rehearse.

“Li?” Love Heart was surprised as he recalled The Illusion and re-sealed the staff into a key before heading into the audience. “Why are you here?”

“I was following your homeroom teacher. I saw her heading backstage then she disappeared.” Syaoran said as Love Heart sat next to him, “Do you find anything suspicious about her?”

“Yeah, Confidence figured it out pretty quick. I mean she showed up this year after the Clow Cards were released just like you,” Love Heart smirked.

“So you know she’s involved? Are you going to do something about it?”

“Only if she gives me a reason to,” Love Heart replied.

Syaoran turned to watch the current scene being played out on stage, “So A Christmas Carol?”

“You know this story?” Love Heart turned to watch as well.

“A little, never saw the whole story,” Syaoran turned to Love Heart, “Why are you using The Illusion Card to help make this play?”

“Because it lets us do some things you normally can’t do in stage play and The Illusion enjoys it,” Love Heart looked down at the card he still held in his hand, “It can’t talk but I can just sort of sense that it’s enjoying working on us with this, even if it’s just as frustrated with having to practise as the rest of us.” He smiled, “But this is what we Care Bears do, we help people share their feelings and feel like they belong or just help them find a place they can be loved in whatever way works.”

Syaoran wasn’t sure how to respond to that so he changed the subject, “So how is Keroberos? Has he changed more than just assuming his true form?”

Love Heart averted his gaze, “Well...”


“HA! I win again, guardian!” The Jump, now wearing its ribbons again, jumped for joy in front of its controller.

Keroberos scowled at The Jump, still holding his controlling in his now much larger front paws, “No fair, I’m not used to playing with my full sized paws!”

“Excuses, excuses,” The Jump waved him off.

Keroberos growled, “Rematch! Now!”

The Jump grinned and readied itself over its controller, “If you wanna get your butt kicked again!”

They were about to begin when Keroberos froze and turned towards the window where it was starting to snow.


“... let’s just say he’s the same Keroberos I’ve known all year but bigger...” he wasn’t sure if that was a good thing.

“Love Heart, you’re needed back stage!” Tenderheart called.

“Right, back to rehearsal,” Love Heart got up and headed back to the stage, “Enjoy the practise, Li.”

On stage, Tenderheart stood with Bright Heart Raccoon and Share Bear, a lavender Care Bear girl with crossed lollipops for her tummy symbol, as they were playing Bob Cratchet (in addition to his other stage crew tasks) and Bob’s wife along with Teacher Bear and her seven adopted children who playing the Crachet children. Foremost among them was Grateful Heart Hedgehog who had landed the part of Tiny Tim after his audition.

“I still don’t think he needs to use a crutch, it would be too hard,” Share Bear looked at the green hedgehog.

“But it’s an iconic part of Tiny Tim’s appearance,” Tenderheart argued back.

“So is having two full arms but he still got the audition,” Bright Heart sided with Share Bear.

Teacher Bear put her hands on Grateful Heart’s shoulders, “Tenderheart, I think they have a point, we all agreed that Grateful Heart gave the best audition and there are many interpretations of this story that make changes to Tiny Tim’s character.”

“Yeah, like the one where Tiny Tim’s a horse jockey,” Grumpy Bear added from where he was building part of the set nearby which got several giggles from the younger cubs.

(A/N, yes that is a real thing: animated A Christmas Carol 1991 anime from Saban, look it up on youtube)

Teacher bear coughed slightly, “Yes, like that, but we can work this into our version by saying Tim’s disease forced him to get his arm amputated and that it was a miracle he survived for the time period.”

“I like it!” Grateful Heart grinned up at his adopted mother.

Tenderheart sighed, “Alright not going to make him use a crutch, ah Love Heart,” he turned as Love Heart arrived back on stage, “Cheer needs you and The Illusion backstage to test out some makeup effects.”

“Right, back to work,” Love Heart pulled the Clow Key out again.

“Key of Clow
Power of Magic
Power of Light
Surrender the Wand
The Force Ignite

Love Heart grabbed the staff and was heading backstage when he almost bumped right into Loyal Heart.

“Love Heart, can I talk to you about something?” Loyal Heart was averting his gaze.

Love Heart paused and motioned to Cheer to wait a moment, “Can it wait until after rehearsal, Cheer needs my help.”

“Alrig...” Loyal Heart suddenly stumbled and clutched his head.

“Loyal Heart!” Love Heart caught him and helped the dog to stand, not noticing Loyal Heart blush as he did so.

A loud bell sound rang out from nearby.

“LOVE HEART!” The shout came from two different sources as the auditorium doors burst open and Keroberos and The Jump Spirit stormed in and Syaoran jumped up and summoned his sword.

Love Heart suddenly sensed the Clow Card as the world began to collapse in on itself and spiraled down amidst the cries of everyone on stage.

Love Heart found himself standing in a hallway with tall green walls and a few paths branching off. Staff still in hand he searched around, “Hello?” he called out, “Where am I?”

“Love Heart!” The Jump came bounding towards Love Heart and landed in his arms, “I’m sorry we didn’t get here fast enough.”

“What?” Love Heart looked up to see Keroberos walking towards him, his wings now out.

“I sensed the Clow Card too late, and now we’re trapped inside of it,” Keroberos sounded serious.

“It’s fine,” Love Heart looked around at the walls, “So what is this card, The Prison Card? The Lost Card?”

“The Maze Card,” Syaoran rounded a corner with his sword in one hand. “It’s hard to detect until it’s about to trap you inside.”

“So this is a maze?” Love Heart let The Jump up on to his shoulder, “How do we get out? Wait if you’re here is anyone else here too?”

“YES!” The loud shout was from Confidence Heart Fennec.

“Confidence Heart?” Love Heart spun around.


“OK!” Love Heart shouted back, “Just stay there I’ll come for you!” Love Heart took a deep breath, “Alright I’ll be back in a moment, Jump.” He turned to the rabbit creature.

“Right,” The Jump dove into Love Heart which created the wings on his feet. Love Heart jumped up at the wall only for the wall to suddenly grow as Love Heart passed the top and he smacked into the wall, which just stopped growing as he hit and fell back to the ground. “Ow...”

“Guess The Maze doesn’t like cheaters,” Syaoran said as Love Heart got back to his feet.

“Yeah,” Love Heart recalled The Jump into its card, “Sorry, Jump, but I’m going to need focus on this. Confidence! Keep talking and I’ll find you!”


Love Heart wished he had spent more time with mazes but he never thought he’d be stuck in a place like this. He followed Confidence’s shouts and was repeatedly aggravated when he ran into a corner that forced him to either turn around or go farther away from her voice.

Love Heart was genuinely surprised when he ran into Sweet Heart, who had collapsed to the floor with her wings sagging when he approached, “Sweet Heart?”

Her brother’s voice caused Sweet Heart to look up, “Love Heart!” she gratefully flew into his arms, “I was so scared!” She buried her face in his chest as he stroked her head to help keep her calm.

“Don’t worry, we’ll get out of here,” Love Heart set her down carefully then shouted, “Confidence! Are you close?”

“Yeah,” Confidence Heart didn’t shout this time, in fact she sounded like she was right next to him.

Love Heart touched a nearby wall, “Are you right there?” he asked.

“Yeah, right here, so close but every corner turns away from you,” Confidence leaned up against the wall, then punched it out of frustration which only made her hand hurt, “If this ffff- stupid wall wasn’t here or if we could jump over it.”

“Or if I can cut through it,” Love Heart pulled out a card, “Get ready to run through, Confidence!” He shouted as he threw the card forwards, “Sword Card! Release!” the Clow Staff was wreathed in fire and it changed into the sword.

“Wait!” Keroberos’ warning didn’t stop Love Heart from slicing a diagonal hole through the wall which revealed Confidence Heart on the other side. She wasted no time in dashing through, even pulling her tail after her just in time as the wall suddenly snapped shut behind her.

Confidence Heart was panting as the wall rippled slightly as they regenerated, “That was too close.”

“Yeah,” Love Heart looked at The Sword, “Don’t think I can try that again.” He saw the walls settle down and sealed The Sword back into its card form, “So we’re going to have to do this the hard way.”

Confidence nodded then put her hands up to her ears, “I can hear them all over the place. Some of them are moving around form the sounds of it.”

“You can hear all that?” Syaoran tried to listen but couldn’t hear anything more than distant indistinct voices.

Confidence smirked, “It’s a fennec thing, these big ears aren’t just for show they’re also for finding prey underground.”

“Then let’s see if you can listen us towards them, if any of them are staying put,” Love Heart said as he motioned for Confidence to lead the way and took Sweet Heart’s hand as she was still trembling.

Sweet Heart couldn’t go more than a few steps before she collapsed to her knees shaking, “I’m sorry, I can’t move... we’re going to be stuck here forever aren’t we?”

Love Heart crouched in front of his sister, “We’ll get out of here, I promise. Want me to carry you?”

Sweet Heart tried to stand on shaky legs but shook her head, “No, I mean I don’t want to be a burden...”

“I can carry you,” Kero crouched down next to her, “I promise it won’t be a burden.”

Sweet Heart smiled at the guardian beast and, with Love Heart’s help, climbed onto his back.

“Can we get going?” Syaoran was standing impatiently nearby, “We won’t get out of here or find anyone just standing here.”

Love Heart glared at him, “Why don’t you just use your compass to find our way out of here?”

Syaoran pulled out his compass and held it up, “I can try.”

"King of gods gods command god,
Appear from all directions,
Gold, Wood, Fire, Earth, Thunder.
The new command:
Soft Thunder
Spinning Thunder."

The energy gathered on the board into a small blue dome that suddenly dissipated. Syaoran shook his head, “The compass only tracks magical energy and we’re literally inside a Clow Card so the magic field everywhere is the same.”

“Guess we’re doing this the hard way, follow me!” Confidence led the group, listening for anyone nearby.

It was about 10 minutes before they found anyone, Love-a-Lot Bear, a darker pink bear with a pair of linked hearts for her tummy symbol. She was pacing when Confidence approached her.

“Confidence?” she turned to see them approach, “Thank the stars, I didn’t think anyone would find me.”

“Thank the ears, for now,” Confidence held a hand up, “I think someone else is coming.”

“There!” Sweet Heart called form Keros back as Bright Heart, Gentle Heart and Tenderheart rounded a bend.

Love-a-Lot immediately ran over to and hugged Tenderheart, “Tenderheart!” She suddenly gave him a kiss which made the brown bear blush, “Thank goodness you found me!”

“I found you first,” Confidence rolled her eyes.

“And I found you, I think,” Bright Heart had his right hand on the wall, “In theory if you just turn right at every intersection you’re bound to find your way out of any maze, but we ended up going in circles for five minutes until I made two left turns.”

“Sounds like The Maze Card doesn’t like logical solutions either,” Syaoran folded his arms.

“So what? We’re just supposed to wander around until we happen to stumble across the exit?” Love Heart sounded both worried and angry, “if only I could see the whole layout.”

“I don’t think that will work,” everyone turned to Gentle Heart which made her recoil slightly but still spoke, “I looked behind us when Bright Heart was leading and... I saw a wall where we walked through a minute ago.”

“So it changes when we aren’t looking, that’s just perfect,” Love Heart groaned.

“The only thing we can do now,” Tenderheart carefully extracted himself from Love-a-Lot’s embrace but still held her hand, “Is stay together and find everyone, then hope we can find our way out.”

“Just hope?” Sweet Heart asked, looking down at Keroberos.

“It seems to be the best solution at the moment. You can’t leave anyone trapped in The Maze before you seal it or it won’t work,” Keroberos drew their attention, “If any living beings are inside The Maze then they will prevent it from being sealed by their mere presence.”

“Right, then Confidence, Bright Heart, see if you two can lead us to anyone else trapped in here,” Tenderheart said.

“On it,” Confidence listened again, “Sounds like they’re this way,” she pointed down one corridor.

“Tell me where is sounds like it’s coming from and I’ll guide us,” Bright Heart said.

“Aren’t you going to do something?” Syaoran asked as they followed the fennec and raccoon.

“Not much I can do right now,” Love Heart looked down at the Clow Book, “If I think of something I’ll let everyone know.”

After two hours of careful searching they had managed to find only a few members of the Care Bear Family: Noble Heart, Grams Bear, Hugs, Tugs, Cheer, Brave Heart, Harmony, Loyal Heart, Good Luck Bear and Lotsa Heart, the last of them still in his Marley makeup.

Confidence strained to hear and sighed, “I can barely hear anyone anymore.”

Bright Heart shook his head, “I can’t figure this out,” he turned to Good Luck, a green bear boy with a four leafed clover for a tummy symbol, “Think you can try something.”

Good luck shrugged and shook his head sadly, “Sorry, if my luck was working I’d have found the exit by now.”

“Cheating won’t work, logic won’t work, mapping won’t work, luck doesn’t work and now we can’t even try to hear our way out,” Love Heart growled, “Forget not liking cheaters, The Maze doesn’t even try to be fair.”

Sweet Heart sat on Keroberos’ back and stared down. She was worried they would be trapped forever but couldn’t voice it, not wanting to lend a voice to everyone’s worries.

“We just had to keep trying, and that’s the truth,” Lotsa Heart said.

“But trying what?” Syaoran was feeling awkward as the only human in the group.

Before anyone could answer, they all heard the loud clanging of a bell. They all turned in the direction the sound came from and Confidence was the first to notice something, “That’s the same sound we heard before we were all trapped.”

*CLANG* as the bell rung out again the wall next to them shattered them crumbled revealing Ms. Mackenzie standing there with the remaining members of the Care Bear Family standing behind her, in front of a series of shattered walls.

There were joyous cries as friends, family and couples were re-united and Ms. Mackenzie smiled at Love Heart’s group, “Well now, I think that’s everyone found then.”

Confidence Heart grinned and pointed at her home room teacher, “HA! I knew you were involved!”

“Oh, whatever do you mean?” Ms. Mackenzie asked sounding innocent.

Love Heart’s gaze was fixed on the instrument in Ms. Mackenzie’s hand: a bell shaped like a D with a long series of tassels about half as long as she was tall trailing off it. “Don’t be coy, Ms. Mackenzie,” he looked up at her, “Confidence and I suspected you were part of this since you arrived, especially since Li arrived at the same time.” Love Heart turned his attention to the shattered wall behind her which hadn’t even started to recover, feeling the ambient magic coming from his teacher’s bell and the broken wall.

“Really?” Ms. Mackenzie turned to Confidence who had folded her arms in triumph.

“Yup, I can’t sense magic like these guys,” she waved her arm towards Love Heart, Kero, Syaoran and Sweet Heart, “But I know how these things work. New teacher and new transfer student right after a magical force is unleashed on the city? Too suspicious to be a coincidence,” she waggled a finger at her teacher.

“What are you doing with all of this?” Syaoran asked, not demanding as he could feel her magical energy as could the others.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you yet,” Ms. Mackenzie turned to a nearby wall, “But I think we should get out of here before it gets too late.” She was about to smash her bell against the wall when Love Heart spoke up.

“Wait, let me try.” Love Heart stepped over to Ms. Mackenzie and reached into the Clow Book, “Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful you were able to help us get everyone back together, but I need to try and overcome The Maze Card with my own magic.” He pulled out two cards: The Sword and The Firey.

“You have a solution?” Keroberos stepped over.

“Yes, the problem is that I didn’t have enough power to overcome The Maze’s power, but maybe I can stop the regeneration by combining two complimentary cards,” Love Heart held up the two cards, “I can feel a powerful link between The Sword and The Firey, and maybe like Hercules and the hydra I can burn the walls so they don’t regenerate.”

“His proper name is Heracles, but that does sound like a good solution, very well.” Ms. Mackenzie stepped aside.

“Son, are you sure you want to do this?” Sage Heart asked, now that he was certain everyone was gathered and alright.

“Yes!” Love Heart threw the two cards forwards, “Sword! Firey! Combine your powers into a flaming sword to slice and burn down The Maze’s walls! Release!” Love Heart struck both cards with his staff and a massive wreath of fire enveloped the staff, at first orange and red and then turning a brilliant sapphire blue as The Sword appeared still on fire. Love Heart held the sword in both hands then raised it and sliced at the wall. There was a flash as the sword split and melted into a large V shaped opening.

Love Heart stood with The Firey Sword at the ready, watching the breech in the wall, then grinned when it didn’t regrow, “Alright, everyone, follow me!” he charged at the next wall and sliced and burned it away then kept going making a beeline straight for the edge of the map.

As Syaoran, Keroberos and the Care Bear Family hurried to follow after Love Heart, Ms. Mackenzie just smiled and followed at a brisk pace behind them, “You’ve learned more than I thought you had, well done.”

Slice and burn. Slice and burn. Love Heart carved a way through the maze until they ran into a sky blue wall with no top. He looked left then right and pointed to a dark door in the wall, “There! That’s the exit!” He motioned for everyone to move past him, “Hurry! Let’s get out!”

They needed no second bidding as they all rushed to get out of the maze where they had been trapped for the last couple hours. Noble Heart and True Heart were first in line and they stood at the sides of the entrance, taking attendance of each of them to make sure no one was left behind.

“Hugs, Tugs, Grams, Sweet Heart and Keroberos,” True Heart turned as Keroberos dove out still with Sweet Heart on his back to see that Love Heart Bear, Confidence Heart Fennec and Ms. Mackenzie were the only ones left, “That’s everyone! Hurry!” She motioned to the exit before she and Noble Heart dove out. Ms. Mackenzie exited next and Love Heart held back until Confidence was out before he re-sealed the Firey and Sword then exited the maze.

Love Heart stepped on a furry pile of Care Bears and jumped over them rather than getting stuck, “We made it!” he shouted.

“Alright!” Confidence had jumped over the pile, as had Ms. Mackenzie, and she jumped for joy, only to notice a swirling green image of a maze floating in the air over the Care Bear Family as they tried to extract themselves from the pile they had landed in. “Look!”

“The Maze is creating a new one!” Keroberos shouted, “Hurry, Love Heart!”

“Right,” Love Heart swung his staff at the swirling void, “Maze Card! I command you to return to your power confined! Maze!” the void wobbled but then was pulled into streams of dirt and dust that condensed into a card in front of the staff. Love Heart caught the card and looked at The Maze Card, which was an overhead view of what looked like a green hedge maze.

Love Heart signed his name to it just in time for a loud voice to shout at everyone, even the Care Bears still being pulled to their feet. “WHAT ARE YOU ALL STILL DOING HERE?!”

Everyone gulped, except for Ms. Mackenzie and the adult Care Bears as Principal Norman stood at the entrance to the auditorium, his eyes blazing red. Behind him was Beastly, a small pig like creature in a janitor’s uniform.

Norman advanced on the group, “You were supposed to be finished half-an-hour ago so Beastly can clean the place and there’s a blizzard brewing. You all need to vacate the building before you’re all frozen in for the night.” Everyone just stared at him until he shouted, “MOVE!” and they all bolted for coat rooms.

“So what did you want to talk about?” Love Heart asked Loyal Heart as they were pulling on their coats.

“Oh well...” Loyal Heart zipped up his coat, “I figured out why things didn’t work out for me with Proud Heart or Gentle Heart: I’m gay.”

Love Heart paused halfway through wrapping his scarf around his face, “You like guys?”

Loyal Heart nodded, “Yeah.”

Love Heart finished wrapping his scarf around his face before he asked, “Do you like me like that?”

“Kind of yeah, is that awkward?” Loyal Heart turned to head for the door.

“A little, but I love Confidence Heart,” Love Heart averted his gaze as he headed for the door.

Confidence Heart was standing just inside the front door wrapped up tightly and staring out at the wind and snow.

Love Heart stopped by Confidence as Loyal Heart headed out, “You alright?” Love Heart asked.

“No, the blizzard’s getting pretty bad at home, not sure I can make it,” Confidence shivered at just the thought.

“I’ll walk you home,” Love Heart volunteered, “It’s too cold to fly.”

“Really? Thank you,” Confidence Heart smiled.

Love Heart quickly texted his family to let them know he’d be late getting home then pushed into the storm.

The storm on the Readington side was severe to the point that both of them had to cover their eyes or walk backwards into the wind at various points. Finally they reached Confidence’s house and she practically tore the door off its hinges to get it, gasping as she escaped the wind.

Love Heart was about to leave when she grabbed his arm and pulled him in, “Don’t go back out in that,” she shut and locked the door behind her then pulled her scarves off, “Stay and warm up a bit.”

“Thanks,” Love Heart pulled his own scarf off and breathed now that he was no longer muffled.

“We were starting to get worried about you, Cassandra,” Tori was making supper, “Dad was about to go out looking for you.”

“Yeah well I made it home,” she sniffed then licked her lips, “Smells great, Tori.”

“Guess I should get going then,” Love Heart started wrapping his scarf up again when Confidnce’s father spoke.

“Actually looks like the blizzard’s getting worse. You should probably stay the night just in case.”

“Really?” Love Heart stopped wrapping up. “Where can I sleep?”

“On the-”

“With me!” Confidence cut her brother off with a glare, “Not gonna force you to sleep on the couch when it’s this cold.”

Aiden and Tori exchanged looks then tuned to look at Confidence, “if you’re sure. Until then warm up over here. It’s going to be a long night,” her father, Aiden, said.

“Just let me call my parents,” Love Heart pulled out his Heartphone.

“You sure about this, Cassandra?” Tori asked as Confidence walked past him to her room.

“I can make my own decisions, Tori,” she brushed past him.

“My parents are fine with it,” Love Heart hung up, “Where’d Confidence go?”

“Here,” She came back wearing a red and green Christmas sweater with a reindeer on the front and tossed a white and red sweater to Love Heart, which he quickly pulled on, “Gotta warm up.”

After supper, Love Heart found himself curled up on the couch under an afghan blanket with Confidence Heart and a mug of hot chocolate.

“A bit early for Christmas stuff but so’s this storm,” Confidence took a long drink and snuggled up close to him.

Love Heart took a drink, “I thought you hated this time of year.”

“Just the cold weather, not Christmas stuff,” Confidence sighed happily, “Reminds me that I’m part of a family even with mom gone. And with you here this is the best Christmas I’ll have had in years.” She smiled warmly and sank against her boyfriend’s side. Love Heart kissed her on the cheek, neither of them paying attention to whatever was on the TV.

It wasn’t long before both Love Heart and Confidence were tired enough to go to bed. Love Heart waited outside Confidence’s room as she changed into her pyjamas.

“Everything alright, Love Heart?” Aiden asked as he passed by Love Heart on his way to his bedroom.

“Yes, just I don’t have anything to wear to bed.” Love Heart looked up at the older man, surprised to see him so calm despite everything.

“Don’t worry, we trust you,” Aiden put a reassuring hand on Love Heart’s shoulder, “And I trust Cassandra to only take things as far as she wants to go.”

“Thank you, sir,” Love Heart smiled.

“You can call me Aiden, and don’t mind Tori. Ever since you found her we’ve just been worried she’d leave us to join her real family,” Aiden sighed sadly.

“You are her real family.” Love Heart’s expression turned serious, “She said she loves this time of year to remind her she’s part of your family.” Love Heart touched his tummy symbol, “She’s part of the Care Bear Family but she’ll always be your daughter, never forget that.”

“Thank you, Love Heart, we will,” Aiden smiled again, “And I hope someday you’ll be part of this family too.”

Love Heart blushed as Aiden walked past and knocked on his daughter’s door, “Good night, Cassandra.”

“Night dad,” Confidence called through the door.

After Aiden left, Confidence opened the door, “You know, you could have come in sooner.”

Love Heart saw Confidence was now wearing white long legged and sleeved flannel pyjamas with stars of multiple colors scattered all over.

“Yeah well...” Love Heart blushed as he entered, “I’ve never seen you naked before.”

Confidence snorted and rolled her eyes, “You can’t see anything, I’ve seen you guys barely clothed over there.”

“It’s different with you, because you’re hot... I mean... you’re hot...” Love Heart averted his eyes.

“Oh, and this isn’t sexy?” Confidence leaned forwards and gave Love Heart a sultry expression. She thought his head might pop off from the blood rushing to his head so she backed off and giggled, “Don’t need to answer, here,” she pulled out another pair of pyjama pants and tossed them to Love Heart.

“YES!” Love Heart squeaked, “I mean thank you.” Love Heart didn’t bother telling Confidence to turn around as he undressed even though his face remained red. The pyjama pants weren’t perfect fit but it wasn’t needed.

Confidence climbed under the Duvet and sheet of her bed and motioned for Love Heart to join her, which he did.

“Nice and warm,” Confidence sank into the mattress.

“Yeah, no chance of getting cold in here,” Love Heart sighed happily as he felt the warmth start to soak in. “Huh, what are you doing?”

Confidence had pulled her shirt off but left it under the covers as she shuffled close to Love Heart and put her arms around him. “I want to feel your fur against mine,” she whispered.

Love Heart smiled and hugged her back, pulling her close. “I love you.”

“I love you too,” they kissed and Confidence snuggled up close to him, “I won’t be cold tonight.”

“Me either,” Love Heart nuzzled her, “Since there’s no place to go.”

Confidence nuzzled back, “Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.”
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Re: Cardcaptor Love Heart - A Cardcaptor Sakura/Care Bears Crossover

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Really great work on all of the chapters! Just caught up and they were lovely!
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Re: Cardcaptor Love Heart - A Cardcaptor Sakura/Care Bears Crossover

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Thank you, hopefully more to com4e soon, I want to get the next three out before christmas because that's when they take place, roughly
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