[fan-fic] Housepets: The Tiniest Light

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[fan-fic] Housepets: The Tiniest Light

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The four elemental dragons; Fury the Pyromancer, Faith the Hydromancer, Freedom the Aeromancer, and Bravery the Terramancer, gathered around their father Vengeance(or "Venn" for short), A giant white and red Centipede Spirit endowed with the ability to shape-shift who guards the Mortal Plane. He is known as a "Symbolic spirit" because he lives in the mortal plane, silently watching over the mortals and dispensing punishment for evil deeds.

He prepares to teach the four small child-like spirits the most important lesson of all:

"Now pay attention you Four, I'm about to tell you the story of the First Symbolic spirit."

And so our story begins, In babylon gardens, many cycles of time ago:

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Re: [fan-fic] Housepets: The Tiniest Light

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Chapter 1: Defiance

In heaven:

In the first cycle of time, the heavenly Demi-gods didn't exactly know how to manage the earth and the life they spawned. They ruled over the earth with an iron fist. Many of the Demi-gods resented the responsibilities they created for themselves and just caused havoc; while the others took their jobs too seriously, and caused havoc all the same.

At this time, an Angel named "Purity" was on her way to express her concerns for order to the most unruly demi-god, Pete, the blue-feathered Gryphon. Purity was a white fox with golden eyes and wings forged of silver, and she was one of the very few demi-gods to strive for order in heaven. She flew across the heavenly skies until she reached a dark and stormy area and found Pete sitting upon a throne of dense stormclouds. She was so small compared to him, and not nearly as powerful, but still she felt that she had to do something about the mortals who were suffering on the earth below.

The Demi-gods resentment and was spawning great disasters, and letting monsters run rampant through the mortal plane. Purity felt so much sorrow to see innocent creatures be punished for nothing. They prayed to the heavens above for some kind of answer to all their pain, and Purity was the embodiment of all those prayers and hopes. Even still; with all those little hopes and prayers giving her life, she was not nearly as powerful as the other Demi-gods.

The white fox took shallow breaths as she walked up to Pete, who had only just now noticed her presence. She yelled up at him with her child-like voice:

"Pete! My name is "Purity"! I have come to ask you to stop hurting the mortals below!"

Pete leaned down from his throne. "...AHAHAHAHA...And who are you to believe that I should heed the words of a child!" Pete replied in a booming voice, followed by another fit of laughter.

Purity felt like she was going to be sick, but her resolve overcame her fear for a split second as she flapped her wings and flew up into the air towards Pete while he was distracted. She swiped at Pete's face with one of her wings, and cut into his feathers, and then his skin.

Pete yelped and then looked at Purity with an expression of pure anger. He was appalled at how this "Child" dared to harm him. Pete grabbed Purity in his giant claw and yelled with his booming voice:

"Insolent Child! You dare harm me!? I'll show you what your defiance gets you! I'm sending you to the place where all useless things go!"

Purity suddenly felt weightless as she was sent through a magic portal that Pete had summoned. She knew there was no way to fight these other Demi-gods. She had tried to reason with them all. The Nine-tailed Fox eluded her, The Spirit Dragon would'nt listen, the Cerberus would not leave her post, and now...Pete had sent her to the Shadow lands.

Purity suddenly found herself lying on an endless stretch of road, surrounded by black sand and a dark and meaningless sky. She soon saw all the mortal souls who were trapped there with her marching along the road, only parting as to not trip on Purity. She was appalled at the sight of the lost souls and tears started welling up in her eyes. Purity then tried to fly up above the road to see more of this foreign place. She bounded up into the air with a jump, but she then fell back to the ground. Purity looked behind her and found that her wings had been shattered, the shards of silver littered the road around her. Purity couldn't help but break down in her sorrow and failure.

It was then she heard a gentle voice speak to her.

"I know...I've failed too."

Purity looked up to see a very old man standing before her. He wore a black robe and stood with a black cane of bone.

"Little angel, my name Is Hades, the lord of the underworld."

"Wh-what do you want?" Purity said as she wiped her cheeks off.

"I'm here to tell you that It is not yet time for you to be here. You still have a very important job to do. " The old man said.

The old man raised his hand and his eyes began to glow red. Purity then felt herself float up above the ground and then saw all the shards of her shattered wings float up to surround her, an then they began re-assembling into her wings. He wings were now forged of gold, and she looked more of an adolescent age. Purity had never felt a power like this before, but it all needed to go somewhere.

Purity didn't even look back at the old man as she flew straight up into the sky and soon broke free of the underground world, forming an underwater volcano in the mortal plane. Purity ripped through the great ocean and blasted into the surface like a missile being launched from it's silo. The power Purity felt was now dwindling with her jail-break, and she soon found herself falling in an arc towards a town. Purity wrapped herself up in her golden wings and hit the ground hard, She found herself in a crater on the outskirts of the town. Purity looked like a mess, her white fur was filthy, and her eyes looked more Amber than Gold now.

Purity slowly climbed out of the small crater and shakily got to her feet, using the last of her available mana to take on a mortal form of a young white fox. She barely trudged into the town before collapsing from exhaustion and the last thing she remembered was being picked up by a man and hearing the voice of both a dog and a cat.


The next Day:

Purity awoke with a start to find herself lying on a couch inside of a home. She had just barely opened her eyes before the face of a tan dog jutted in front of her.

"Hey you're awake!" The tan dog said

Purity yelped and dove behind the couch. She sat curled up into a ball against the back of the couch, trembling in fear of the unexpected welcome from the tan dog. She then heard more voices in the room.

"Peanut, what were you thinking? You scared the poor fox."

Purity peeked around the couch to see a man, a woman, and a cat all giving angry looks to the tan dog. The voice had come from the human woman, but she got a chance to hear all their voices as they continued their conversation. However, their attention was drawn back to purity when a growling sound came from her stomach.

Purity felt so embarrassed. She was dirty, she was hungry, and she was trapped in the mortal plane. She almost started crying when the voice of the strangely colored cat drew her attention to a plate of food.

"Here, you must be hungry. My name's Grape, and the welcome wagon over there is Peanut." The purple cat motioned to the tan dog who had a guilty look on his face.

Then she motioned to the two humans. "And those are our Parents, Earl and Jill. We're the 'Sandwich' family."

Purity gave Grape a very confused look. "Y-you-...You're last name is 'Sandwich'?"



Purity took a very long shower; watching how the dirt flowed off of her fur, as if she was in a trance. The Sandwich's offered her a place to stay for the time being, but Purity insisted that she not stay long; so she opted to just sleep on the couch for the night. Soon she was curled up in a blanket on the couch, trying to cope with the fact that she was no longer an immortal.

Purity knew what she was in for. She still had eternal youth, but she was not immortal anymore. At any moment; she could die, and that thought alone brought her nothing but nightmares during her slumber, but one stood out from the rest. The old man she met in the underworld appeared before Purity in her dreams. The old man looked even older now, it looked like his skin was ready to fall off his bones at any second. He gave her a smile and spoke his final words.

"Purity, I'm glad you made it. I have a very special task for you, If you would be so kind as to help an old man"

Purity couldn't help but say: "Hades...you...look so much older than when I saw you last."

Hades gave the fallen angel a light chuckle. "That's because I gave you a part of the light that is what remains of my soul. You were the only one I could trust to use it for my resolve against those Demi-gods. They sent me down here, doomed me to rule over the underworld forever. They must learn law and due process, and you Purity are the embodiment of the mortal's desire for it. Now, I've given you the means to enact that will."

Before Purity could reply, the old man dissipated into a cloud of ash that reformed into a giant mouth of spiked teeth, which swallowed her whole. Then, Purity awoke from her deep sleep with a start.