Star Wars: Clones Hidden truths

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Star Wars: Clones Hidden truths

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Im sorry for any mistakes made and gramatical errors. if i can i will fix them later.
if you get interested and want a character in this storyline pm me a name, job, affiliation and description of look and past. thank you and enjoy.

Star Wars Clones
Hidden truths
Episode 1: no present without the past

Two Clone troopers of different armour design and coloration stand in the main meeting holocenter of one of the republic battleships. They mutter among each other in patience for an incoming message on a channel from high command on couresant. Soon a beep is heard with a rising whine as the holo emmiter activates and shows the blue holographic form of the commanding officer.
“General Sir.” The two clones say in unison
The head of the hologram nods with his helmet, “good day clones and good to see you in one piece. Intel says that the planet you now orbit holds General Grievous.” The general’s voice said as the holo emitter changed to show the robotic General Grevious in his cape and hunched figure. “You know your job is to capture him and or kill him, this will allow us to advance one step further to winning this miserable war. Now as for the plan we have advised Bravo Company and Foxtrot Company to form a holding line. Charlie Company is your support.” The general continues over the comm-Link as the picture fades to a more geographical view. The two clones take a few steps forward to see better of the plan with no questions or a hint of curiosity. The masks covering them left the same emotion. “Once the battle goes on Charlie will move in on the factory and the main structures to find Grevious. This is where you boys make your advance to tighten him off from escaping. Remember he’s a hard one to catch and the Jedi there will help you vastly if it gets down and dirty.” The general continues on, the hologram showing the plan in full detail as to what happens. It soon shuts off and reshow’s the general. “Good luck boys happy hunting.” The general finishes before the comm. shuts down.
The clone by the name of fives in his red lined armour turns to a table and reshow’s the info from the general. “Well it seems we better get ready eh kicks?” fives said looking over the plans and how he would go by executing them. The other clone whose armour painted gold came over as well he too looked over the geographic hologram of the attack. “Seems so, now how are we going to attack is the question now” kicks said as a smaller clone entered the room and saluted. “sirs the ships are ready, and the commanders are ready for your orders” he said before standing at attention.
“gather them in mission control and make sure everyone is ready for attack or defense, i want to be ready for an attack no matter who hits first” kicks said as the clone nodded before running off down the halls. Fives finally had a plan and kicks knew it, the two looked at the hologram. “the usual?” kicks asked hoping for his usual answer. “not this time, but i do want to use the transport line tactic again to set up our front. After that the walkers come in with the tanks to give the troops some bulk, well send the cannons to stop ships from take off of escape and allow troops to land behind the line and slowly make our advance. I want our ships to be a barricade for any of greivous’s ships. Kicks your support cruisers will block the other two sides of the planet. Vixents got the far side in the Osiris” fives explained as the hologram showed a practice run of the plan.
Kicks rubbed his neck in an attempt to adjust his mask to a more comfortable spot, “are you sure we can trust him? You know what happened last time” kicks said as the two spent a moment remembering that time.
It was geonosis, the clones had just gotten vixent and were supporting the jedi for their extraction. Vixent, kicks, and fives were all in one transport, vixent next to yoda and fives and kicks behind them both. As the ship started its hover everyone jumped out for the perimeter and vixent who saw the many jedi was at a freeze. He went on at a walk checking the many jedi and soon stopped at a blue alien jedi with the face like that of a dinosaur, he checked him and seeing that they were all dead he seemed at shock, even though his helmet covered the expression it was as if you could feel it, it was the masters padawan who helped him up and the two made it to the second to last transport for take off. Kicks and five as well joined in as the transport hovered into the sky and flew off from the arena.On the ground after jango’s son found his helmet and left another Bounty hunter looked around at the carnage. He bowed at the dead jango fet showing his honor towards his dead master. A bit away he found Jangos blaster and picked it up, along with his gauntlets from the body. Full of anger the bounty hunter left on a speeder towards any live jedi he could find. In the air the transport veered right around a small hill top, “anything?” fives asked to vixent who stood silent, until the jedi padawan put a hand on his shoulder. “he was a good man, as well as the other jedi. I know you knew him and master fiora-so. Stay focused, understand?” he said, vixent only could nod slowly he thanked the jedi and then reported to the two others. From vixents count a total of 20 jedi lay dead from blaster wounds. A severe loss, and with that the transport landed at a position in the desert around them clones and droids were at battle moving towards a large hangar entrance. Commander Bartus was leading this part of the fight. “we need to secure this hangar! We were told that some ambassadors may be here for escape hurry!” he yelled before leading a squad on into battle. Kicks, fives, vixent, and the padawan left together moving into the battle. beside the three a hiss whir could be heard as he activated the lightsaber of his own and began cutting at the droids and blocking lasers, at his back vixent shot easy and quickly at opposing droids targeting their group. Fives and kicks took up together creating a forward wedge as there own blaster on full auto tore away at the super battle droids and battle droids lines opening it up for everyone.At another entrance to the hangar the Bounty hunter entered through a large double door and climbed the stairs to the balcony. He readied himself checking his blaster pistols and his rifle and gauntlets. Once he felt ready he walked along keeping watch over those below and soon saw Greivous, and with that followed him from the upper levels. Outside in battle the group neared the main entrance, behind them a few meters away the clone line advanced slowly and like so the group reached the hangar opening. As they entered they heard voices yelling orders within the fire and battle commands of the battle. The group ran ahead. “how you doing fives?” kicks asked “better than ever! How bout you vixent!” fives replied. Vixent looked over “i feel like i could crumple metal with my bare hands!” he said whole heartily. “someones ahead, i don’t know who be ready!” the padawan said as they rounded a corner and for the first time saw General grievous. His metal body clanked with every step he took, with some hacking coughs he turned slowly looking at the small group. He laughed at the small size with his wheezing like self. “congratulations young jedi, you have found me at last, but it will be no matter you will not win this fight.” Grievous said diabolically

The padawan only raised his lightsaber as the three clones sided next to him weapons ready. “BLAST HIM!” the jedi said and with its command the clones opened fire into a large barrage of laser blasts at grevious who jumped out of the way dodging the fire. He clung to walls, ceilings and structures to stay out of the way. “alright spread guys lets get a cross fire!” vixent said as the others agreed with the plan as they stopped firing and took up different positions. Grevious landed behind a large crate and with one leg shoved it at the padawan. Seeing it coming was a suprise as he leaped over it with a flip and stayed back hoping the clones woud be able to defeat grevious. His fear clung to him making him shiver with unknown. He didn’t know what to do, whether to attack or run. He could only watch as the clones opened fire once more the cross fire almost succeeding, vixent stopped and carefully aimed before taking his shot once more, the shot sailed through the air forwarding in front of Greivous's movements before making a mark on his left shoulder plate. Causing him to jut backwards, he moved a bit behind cover as another blaster shot hit the same spot enraging him, soon laying his eyes on vixent who had his rifle pointed at him. He growled and shoved the cover he was under out of his way, it rolled and rolled before successfully hitting kicks sending him into a small pile of crates, fives ran over to help and found his armor broke with the helmet, he removed the deadlier parts that protruded from his body and soon after found he was unconscious. Glad he was alive he picked up his rifle and left him sitting up, then aimed at grevious who began nearing vixent. As five took aim he soon found the hidden bounty hunter taking aim at the padawan, quickly he began to sprint and dove for him as the wanted shot was made. The padawan frozen in place only woke once the blaster fives carried shattered in front of him taking the blaster shot from the Bounty hunter. He jerked back and looked around before seeing fives stand with his pistol ready, the bounty hunter jumped down from the balcony he hid at and focused on fives. “Help vixent, i got the bounty hunter.” Fives said as the padawan now focusing ran over to vixent who was now out of ammo. “heheheheheheh, i Have you now clone and i will enjoy repaying you the damage you did me!” Greivous said watching Vixent draw his pistol only for him to knock it away easily before drawing a lightsaber activating the green blade and bringing it down on him.
A crash sounded, vixent confused looked up seeing the padawan over him lightsaber blocking grevious’s attack. “I will avenge my master and protect those i know!” the padawan said shoving grevious back with the use of the force. “aaaah, jedi scum, you will soon see the arts of a true jedi” grevious said as he drew another lightsaber in his other hand and attacked. The padawan responded with gusto blocking and countering attacks into an all out brawl. Meanwhile Fives slammed into a small pile of spare parts as The bounty hunter soon closed distance quickly, he soon recovered from the unexpected toss and ended up tripping the mandelorian bounty hunter before running off to get his blaster. The mandelorian screamed in anger as he turned to his side and activated the grappling hook catching Fives legs to make him fall, he was so close to his blaster and now was being drug back as the bounty hunter pulled at the twine which retracted into his gauntlets. Fives thought quickly before finding one last grenade and tossing at him, the line was cut immeadiatly and both ducked behind cover, after the explosion went off the two responded quickly into a gunfight. Vixent who soon found his blaster pistol ran to try and help the padawan with grievous who was pushing him back, before shoving him onto the floor, his masters lightsaber he carried skittered across the ground before stopping in front of vixent who was taking aim at grevious once more. He fired but grievous intercepted it with one quick movement and the blaster shattered at the rebounded shot. Vixent took by suprise and pain flinched back before looking around for a droids blaster before setting his eyes on the lightsaber.
Grevious laughed with pleasure as the padawan looked so weak as he tryed to get back up to fight grevious off, but he couldn’t he had to wait so his muscles would recover from all the force he used to stop grevious’s relentless attacks. “you must see now young jedi, you are doomed” grevious said, “oh i don’t think so, aaaaaaaaaaah!” vixent yelled attacking with the lightsabers green blade on grevious, taking him by suprise the lightsaber found a mark stabbing through the shoulder plate where the blaster shots made there mark in the weakened armor. He yelled in pain and surprise as the blade exited his shoulder, grevious dropped the lightsabers that deactivated from the loss of grip. He clenched the wound that now poured liquid flesh, and with that looked back at vixent “you stupid clone, you are no jedi. I will kill you quickly then finish the padawan off!” he yelled in anger, by now vixent aided the padawan up as grevious picked up his lightsabers. The two didn’t have time to talk as grevious’s lightsabers came down upon them. The two quickly reacted making an X with there own to compensate the attack. Vixents clone training with vibroswords kicked in as he shoved the two sabers away and began his attack in sync with the padawan. Grevious was yelling in anger as he blocked and began countering the two sabers from the two with his own. His yells reached the bounty hunter and Fives who stopped to see where it came from. Fives gained morale as he cheered on after recognition of who was fighting. “Is that Vixent!...YEAH GO VIXENT! Kick the clanker’s----“ fives finished before getting sucker punched by the bounty hunter who took adavantage of the situation. “why you!” fives said going into a hand to hand combat with the bounty hunter.
Grevious now felt his time running low, and soon thought up a plan as he jumped back a bit then slammed into vixent sending him to the ground before crushing the lightsaber he used. He quickley turned, blocking the padawans attack with one saber and showing his other free saber. “good bye young jedi” Grevious said stabbing through the padawan easily in his chest. Vixent shocked only yelled, and charged bare handed but Grevious who laughed at his work fled. Vixent went to the padawan who was slowly dieing, without words the padawan handed vixent his lightsaber, his mouth moved making out words with no sound before he went limp with his final breath escaping him. Vixent who bowed his head Stood slowly. “It shall be done Master jedi” Vixent said to honor the fallen padawan. Fives walked up to him. The two looked off as Greivous’s ship made its escape as the clone army entered behind them. The bounty hunter made his escape vowing vengeance on fives for stopping him from his target. The two went on with duties and helped kicks back to the med center and all went on after so.
“i know we can trust him” Fives said to kicks back on the vessal. Kicks nodded and the two made there way to mission center.After there dutys their,they all moved onto to the hangars where everyone setup for battle and was waiting for green status. “MOUNT UP!” Fives yelled as the clones ran to there respective transports. Fives entered his own, the painting of that of a beast with blood shot eyes showed on the front, Kicks entered the rooster pit and sounded off. “LETS GO!” fives said for the order, above him a green light beamed on and all the ships took off and headed down into the planet like a swarm of bees from a hive. As they entered the Atmosphere the droids alarm went off and a barrage of fire ensued taking out a few transports and fighters. Fives transport evaded many shots before a red light turned on in the cabin. “RED LIGHT READY!” fives said as the clones armed there weapons and activated equipment, Kicks who was now low too ground ordered his gunners to fire and with that beams and blasts of fire rained around the ship clearing a small area of droids quickly while showing a green light with the doors opening. “GO GO GO!” fives yelled as all the troops quickly exited the transport and opened fire on the droids. Joining them was another squad led by a female jedi knight who joined them to a greater force. This began the war.
On the far side of the planet vixents first mate observed the same information and was now ready to relay it to his lieutenant in cargo bay 6. He grabbed his helmet and carried it at his side as he walked down the metal, bulb lit halls to an elevator. As he entered another clone troop with blue markings entered with him. “on the way to bay6 sir?” the clone asked
“yes soldier i am. Got our orders just a moment ago.” The first mate said.
“how do you think the lieutenants doing there?” the clone asked as the elevator rumbled to life heading downwards.
“ive seen him there many times training and studying and practicing all he can. But ive been able to sometimes out run him you know” the first mate said
“sir?” the clone replied now curious of what his ranking officer was saying.
“oh hes fine, bet you some credits saying hes doing the drone defense simulator again”
“your on, im meeting with the others from kappa squad to see the ruckus” the clone said as the elevator doors opened to show down the hall a moving mass of white and black with faint chatter. Both clones immeadiatly ran down the hall and the chattering turned to bets and talk, of all kinds. The first mate easily broke into the crowd at a over hang and looked down to see a strange alien figure in a brown cloak and black tunic with a yellow tendril filled face. In his hand was a lightsaber and in front of him stood another man wearing plate leggings with boots, a red battle skirt, a half tunic with his armor shoulderpad and gauntlets. His mask was off showing how he was not an ordinary clone. In fact the first mate knew he was not a clone at all.
“Alright young man lets see how far you have progressed since the master you knew died on geonosis. And remember to be watchfull and precise” the alien said his voice deep and full of wisdom and knowledge As he activated the lightsaber with a short hiss and a continuos hum showing a yellow blade. The man in front of him nodded, “i understand master jedi. I look forward to your teachings.” He said activating his lightsaber as well with a similar hiss and continuos hum showing a blue blade of equal size and length. “remember vixent this is only a practice, not the true thing so if you are to strike me do so, i will not be harmed, treat it as the real thing.”
“yes master plo koon” vixent replied, and with that plo koon came at him quickly with a sideways slash only to be blocked by vincents own saber with a sounding crash, vixent soon released the crash and replied with two quick attacks to the neck and low to the legs. Plo koon as quickly blocked these two attacks and the two jedi began there spar of lightsabers with a irregular pattern of humming crashing, beeping and whizzing. All around them in different areas the many clones chatted and yelled out for who to win the spar. Bets were shown on a score board on a far wall as plo koon soon began twirling into his attacks, Vixent caught off guard on the sudden change blocked the first and stepped back out of the way of the next before being slashed across the chest, he watched as he blocked for an opening from plo koons relentless attacks, soon he found his mark and stabbed for the back, plo koon in the middle of the turn waved a hand behind him to shove the saber aside as he turned freeing him of the attack. The two soon backed off away from each other lighsabers ready. “good, good. You have learned much”
“yet i have a lotto learn master plo koon” vixent said changing to the offense clashing sabers with a bright flash.
Outside in Space three ships move towards the large cruiser. Inside the cockpit a pilot presses a button and begins speaking “this is recon unit 4 to Osiris, come in”
*”this is Osiris control to recon 4 go ahead”*
“weve finished the job, scans show the factory and locations of bunker strongholds.”
*”roger that recon4 good work your cleard to land at bay 3”*
The pilot nods and rogers back to command before moving his ship and his two wingmen to land. Where two large doors opened letting them inside before closing again. As the pilots hopped out a clone came up and directed them all to plo koons fight with vixent. Now causing uproar throughout the ship.
“hah ive locked our blades again, now what will you do young vixent” plo koon said holding firm to the x the two sabers made as a hiss could be heard. The two seemed fine but coming close to tiring each other and with a simple movement vixent thrust a hand out leaving the x one handed, plo koon did the same but realised the mistake as vixent dislodged himself from the situation with a spin in the opposite direction ending plo koon forward a few steps before turning quickly to see vixent standing straight and ready. Plo koon showed his faint smile and kindness dismissing the training session with the two of them bowing to each other in kindness. “its time vixent” plo koon said de activating his lightsaber and putting it away. Vixent followed suit as he set his lightsaber on his side to hang on a clip. Then looked at all the clones in the room before pulling up a gauntlet to get into the over speakers. “alright everyone thats enough for today. Move to stations and ready to report at the mission center ASAP!” vixent announced roaring into the loud speaker and with much gusto with the roar of boots against the metal floor the troops and clones moved to there own areas of work on the Osris waiting for orders and command. Vixent and plo koon then met with vixents first hand in the mission room. “slate thank you for waiting whats the news?” vixent said as the three joined at the center. “well sir orders and battle plans are in we attack in fifteen minutes after the main force causes te diversion.”
“good, good what of us?”
“we are to enter here on the opposite side of the factory and infiltrate to the western wing. There we split up. Master Jedi our plan is you and a squad split to the southern base area to find grevious, my group will keep the main floors and vixent your commanding the lower levels, the general wants us to get in clear the area hold it and find the head clanker”
“hmmmwhat about the northern and eastern sides of the factory seems susceptible to eascape for greviuos.” Plo koon said as he rubbed his beard of tendrils
“the main force is going to take that area and group with us at this point here” slate replied pointing to a large set door on the building plans shown in front of them. Plo koon nodded at the idea and its function.
“well then it looks like a plan....whats this building here?” vixent said pointing to a small structure just outside the main factory building
“its and exhaust and storage building. Nothing shows on scans for active machinery inside.” Slate responded.
“well then begin the countdown” vixent said, slate who heard nodded and soon hit the red alert button on the far wall, an alarm activated throughout the ship and a timer began in the hanger bay. Clones, pilots, droids, and workers hustled around grabbing equipment, weapons, helmets, and bags before making there way to mission room where vixent relayed orders and the plan of attack. Plo koon watched as everyone made there way around. And with finishing the conference everyone was dismissed to there stations and ships.
10 minutes past once vixent and the troops made it to the hangar bay. His astromech droid rolled under the Naboo star fighter before being lifted inside and giving a beep and whistle saying he was ready. Around him troops entered gunships, bombers, fighters, and land walkers readying for combat. “you go first, ill lead the rest to the landing position downhill in the fog. Well have an advantage there as we movein on to the factory.” Plo koon said behind him as he entered his jedi starfighter with his astro droid ready as well. Vixent smiled as he put on his helmet and entered the black and red colored star fighter, he said a command over the con before command replied and the cruiser closed in on the planet just over the atmosphere. A hanger mechanic gave a thumbs up before vixent and a few fighter and bomber groups took off over the three hangar bay doors.
On the ground droids patrolled the factory, a command center was hundreds meters north surveying the main battle against the clone forces. At the factory spider bot droids patrolled the main circumference of the building. Every so often they would stop and look around, one droid patrol past the third marker. Its patrol outfitted with two super battle droids a spider bot droid and the commanding droid painted into its red pattern. They looked off into the fogged down hill slope, “no contact, move to marker four”
“roger roger”
And with that they moved on unnoticing the wing of fighters and bombers being led into the fog by a black fighter. “everyone switch to holo scanners and trifold sensors. Set up to attack, we need to hit fast and get out, dragon leader you and your men need to hit the patrols and one bunker fortification. Fighters concentrate to targeting the droid spiders and hellcats.”
“roger raven leader”
“roger raven leader”
The clones commed back to vixent as he activated his weapons as they flew low in the fog. His astro droid beeped and whistled showing a message on the ships console. “no well be fine i want you to eject me in the fog and lead them back for protecting the transports.” Vixent replied as another pattern of whistles and beeps came to his reply. “alright i promise.” Vixent said smiling under his mask, as the fog began to clear showing the main building. An alarm raised as the battle began, blasters from the ships activated with the continuos dew-dew-dew-dew. On the ground droids responded flly functional as they grouped and turned to face the new threat, the factory doors had opened allowing a fresh force to exit and attack with hand held blasters and rocketry. The fighters vixent led had broke off to spread out and seem as a larger force. The bombers reacted as expected firing protn torpedos and rockets at the bunkers they had found, the fighters who protected them fired at there own targets taking out two hell cat droids the large circular wheels continuing to roll in the battle field detached from there original master.
The fighters cricled around for another pass, the bombers flew back into space and the carnage continued. Vixent broke off into the fog and ejected from his ship fully equipped for battle as he needed to be. His astro mech droid took over control and with the rest of the fighters left to space where they regrouped with the oncoming troop and vehicle transports slowly making there way to the planet surface. The droids fire soon died down as the fighters left. There focus was turned as they now set up defences for the oncoming attack, vixent who was running up the foggy hill took cover into a large area of the planets plant life. The droids he saw were setting up walls with auto turrets and large blasters. He hummed to himself as he moved to another patch of cover and readied himself. He held his blaster rifle. Its medium size showed it wasn’t a standard clone battle rifle or a blaster rifle. It was shorter and its barrel was just a bit larger than the stock. A true submachine gun of the clones. He favoured it over the heavy blasters, he was more accurate and deadlier with this one, and was fond of how light the rifle compared to others he had used before. Vixent cleared a small area of the plant life covering him and he slowly made his way to a wall and set a small device wich began blinking, he moved quickly to another and set another device before quickly moving away.
In the fog troops gathered and a small ops command was built, two turbo tanks rolled forward with fighter tanks beside them. Further ahead an at-te walker platoon advanced to a position at the edge of the fog before stopping. Behind them speeders caught up with more troops to drop off. All the troops were fully equipped as they made a line ready for battle. At Rts moved in behind them with more troops, slate soon exited the AT-TE walker with his binoculars finding vixent flashing a blue light. “heh he actually made it” slate said before giving the order. The walkers main cannon swivelled before fireing twice into the distance finding there mark on the devices vixent lay. “very nice slate, begin the assault! And i want engineers in those two bunkers as soon as possible make them a position for advance!” veixent said over a comm. before hearing slates reply. Slate madea large wave of his hand and then entered the walker before all the troops advanced, the speeders sped ahead firing using hit and run tactics, The droids upon seeing the amount of troops coming uphill through the fog soon opened fire in response to the barrage of blue blaster fire.”FIRE!” the droid commander yelled as droidekas rolled ahead followed by red blaseter fire heading at the troops. The driodekas stopped and raised there shields as troops hurried to destroy them, the fighter tanks quickly intercepted them and destroyed them with heavy blaster fire before advancing. Plo koon arrived behind with more troops in turbo tanks as he yelled orders to clones and entered the battle.
Grevious watched from a high window surveying the battle and seeing Plo koon cut away and block droids, then he saw vixent escape from a block of bushes with two troops in red clothing and armor with black and white masks with blaster miniguns. He let out a disgusted groan and turned away, Behind him his six magna guards stood ready and alert in the room with grevious and a cloth covered object. “it is time for our escape, Activate the decoy and inform the bounty hunter, im heading for my ship.” Grevious said as he left the room with four guards. The last two staying behind uncovered the cloth showing Greviuos’s old armor connected to robotics and other organs. It whirred to life with the same voice and look. It coughed a few times before using the cloth it was covered with as his cape. He looked over the battle field, meanwhile The bounty hunter was readying. He was waiting for this moment, and now was ready for it. He moved casually in the dark to a large Mech in the shape of a Large Super battle droid/Droideka hybrid. He sat down in the seat and let the mechanics die down as if it was dead and waited. Greivous made his way to a long hall with his guards where he soon got onto a speeder and took off, his guards followed behind on separate speeders and vehicles. Back above ground on Fives side of the battle, the area had become a ground zero as both sides barrages of fire decimated the landscape, men and droids fell as they were hit by blasters or were blown into the air by explosives. Fives was now ducked behind cover only popping out when he had the chance to fire on incoming droids, he ducked back down as a blaster shot hit the edge of his cover. “kicks do you read me?” fives said, above him in the sky kicks flew an arc 170 fighter destroying enemy fighters. He rolled as a missle passed him and took out his wingman. “im kinda busy at the moment Fives what is it? Whoa!” kicks yelled rolling the fighter as two vulture droids tried shooting him down then passed him by. “i need some torpedos laid down ahead of my position copy?” fives said popping up to suprise a droid and kill him before grabbing his blaster and useing the two to fire at the enemy. “alright give me some time ill do it when i can” kicks said as he banked left following his next target. Fives ducked back under cover as a clone next to him was killed the shot caused him to flail and fall backwards. Fives slowly lifted himself to see over the edge of cover and saw tanks advancing by taking out his own. He mutterd under his breath before throwing a thermal detonator which flew through the air and stuck to the lower ports of fire for the AAT tank. As it detonated a larger than normal expolosion occurred as the ammo belt feed under the bomb exploded along with it taking out the tank. After so a fighter came in low along the side and dropped torpedos on the advancing tanks and fired its blaster on the enemy. Kicks gave a thumbs up as he passed by before pulling up and continuing his part of the fight. Fives waved his arm and yelled before exiting his cover firing his blaster as fast a it could go showing the clones it was time to advance. He took cover by the destroyed tanks, the clones followed suit some advancing more and taking cover else where.
Thats when the earth tremor occurred, many ducked under cover to stay steady, Fives looked around and soon saw something gaining in mass off in the distance. It was long, rising and metallic, he heard a slight thud before a heavy battleship blast hit the ground in front of them. Grevious’s ships where taking off, and first was the big gun. It hovered over the ground before slowly heading upwards with many vulture droids for escort, its guns rotated forward and began firing at one of the blockading cruisers making its gap very quickly. Kicks who saw this soon opened a channel, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING! MOVE TO INTERCEPT AND FIRE! I WANT THAT SHIP DOWNED NOW!” he yelled. In space the battle ship movedaway from the planet and the space battle between the republic fleet ensued with the ships, fighters and bombers of all kinds sot at each other while the ships broadsides tried to take the other out. Then more started leaving the planet, cruisers, destroyers, and transports where leaving taking off from hidden hangars under the ground. Soon in only moments the fleet was occupied by the many ships trying to leave and cover the transports escape, then horror struck fives, and kicks.
As he stood watching a much large vessal took off showing a large circle on each side of the vessal. one of Grevious’s own ships was leaving, And it already was ready for the jump to hyper space. It turned to the farther side of the planet the engines roaring at full throttle to gain speed. Vixent who now was in the bunkers with the engineers heard and also saw the ships leaving, he watched as this new ship headed his direction he raised one arm to speak into the gauntlet, “Osiris this is vixent, tango heading your direction possible for grievous inside, heading is 31-alpha 7 at full throttle, DROP HIM!” vixent yelled, outside the large cruiser the Osiris rotated, the bridge responded to vixents comm. And was ready for battle. “activate the Forward gun rotate all turrets for fire.” One commander said, the ship soon stopped at its position as the Forward cannon ring expanded outwards showing a large energy compensator. The large circular barrel hummed with stored power as the ship exited the atmosphere and into space. “FIRE!” the commander said as the anon shot three quick shots at the large battle ship along with its continuos barrage of heavy cannons and turret fire, The three shots made there marks on the hyper drive, hanger bay and one emp pad. The emergency engine power came online and turrets rotated to attack the Osiris, but the continuos fire was already causing heavy damage as the clones worked quickly and as a team to load the cannons. The main forward gun was ready and another heavy energy blast surged through space and hit the battle ship with a large explosion, crippling the hull and jettisoning many of the droid troops into space. Slowly it started to fall back into the planets atmosphere. As the systems worked with the crew to bring it back online, the large ship now lost began burning up in it fall. “YEAH! NICE JOB OSIRIS TAG ONE FOR THE BOYS!” vixent cheered with his troops as they all watched the battle ships crash into the ground off in the distance a clear hole could be seen for where the hangar should have been.
Fives let out a large breath as he saw the ship crash, the droids began there retreat and the clones were winning, forces made command centers and rebuilt some of the vehicles back to working standards. The female jedi from earlier walked over to Fives who now stood by a holo pad. “a very grand job commander. I am surprised that last ship was taken down so quickly” the female jedi said. Fives looked at her from the bottom up as if inspecting someone. “well it wasn’t my fleet who took it out. Thank Vixent for that, his ship has the force to do the job better than most ships” Fives said looking over the plans once again. The female jedi moved over to join him. “well a success is a success, no matter the person who completed the job.” She said. Vixent, plo koon and slate eyed the interior of the building. The factory floor was underground, and now they stood in a large lobby like structure a large dome could be seen above them. “alright heres where we split, im taking the lower levels” vixent said holding his blaster steady but ready. “ill take the higher floors and span to the southeast.” Plo koon said adjusting his robe. “and ill take this floor. Time we ended that clanker” slate said as the three split off in separate groups. Vixent and his two red troops headed off with a larger group of clones, behind him clones led by plo koon headed up a large flight of stairs to begin the search.
Upon reaching the lower levels Vixent and his men activated there helmet lights, and flashlights, everyone looked around searching for what could pass for an active droid, to a largr more dangerous enemy.”Porthos, Kam take small groups and side off, expand the line of search, activate the beacons if something goes wrong” Vixent said as the two red soldiers siding him nodded and gave orders before jogging off with extra men. Vixent turned off his helmet and switched to night vision, the antenna on his helmet hissed as it expanded above him activating his radar. His men around him looked around at the new scrap piles. “geez what ever happened down here took out quite a mass of droids.” One clone said “yeah id hate to find what did it tho” another said passing him. Further ahead the bounty hunter saw his console and saw the many troops signs ping on his scanner.”time for action” he said before charging up. “oy over here! What this” a clone said by a drape. Vixent who looked over saw the cloth and the troops beginning to mass, “GET OUT OF THERE NOW!” vixent yelled but all together to late, the mass moved quick slamming a group of troops with one swipe. “blast it!” vixent said as blasters began lighting up the dark hitting a large droid mass. It seemed a driodeka at first as its blaster arms moved to position, then two rocket pods followed suit and began returning fire as it towered above everyone. Vixent fired as fast as he could, “move! Fall back! Take Cover. Bravo watch that arm!” vixent ordered as a small group ducked as the arm bucked almost knocking them sensless before they moved clear still shooting. Kam and his men readyied some bazookas fore fire and once ready fired from a distance before moving to another spot.
The bounty hunter controlling the droid smiled as the blasters worked quickly, eliminating troops left and right, as the rockets hit the droid making it tip he turned quickly and fired a rocket at the last postion before returning to the main mass. Vixent now got a better hand as he ordered kam and porthos to get him some light. The two groups together all activated enough flares to find a power generator, then minutes later activate it. Everyone now able to see gained better cover as they saw the large droid machine. Some ran even further at its sheer size. But vixent charged head on, the blaster shots hit either side of him as he ran, then it gave up and shot at the other troops as vixent began climbing one leg. “cover Vixent aim for the joints!” porthos said to his heavy troopers as they retook aim before firing. The rockets streamed across the sky before hitting an arm joint causing heavy damage, thats when the shield came online, the large bubble covered the entire droid as a driodeka would. Vixent stuck inside was soon seen at the shoulder as he planted a detonater into two different arm joints and one on the back before dropping to the ground, recovering in a roll and detonating the bombs. The droid bucked forward, and came to its fall crashing into the ground. Troops surrounded the mass seeing the static spark and cling. Vixent stood with his troops as it started moving again, a large spiderlike leg reached far ahead and began making it stand once more, the troops responded with heavy fire, but its task completed when rockets fired off the pods until empty. Then the mass fell again, the rockets however hit the newly repaired generator and any other they could find as well as the lighting grid and many other areas.
The troops in the dark again activated their lightings. They looked at the mass as it lay dead. The bounty hunter however made his escape already as vixent found an escape hatch. He quickly made an order late as a first clone died off to blaster fire. The bounty hunter used the dark and was shooting from different areas, then faint light came online and the enemy was gone. Greivous’s clone walked the upper levels before heading down to the lower levels to meet with the bounty hunter. “Dalarow what a grand pleasure that you will be...assisting me here” Greivous said with his hacking nature. “the machine is destroyed, hopefully now they will be more cautious to what is here.” Dalarow said walking with grievous. “it will make no difference. My true self has already escaped, i wantyou to activate the factory and ready the counter attack. I will meet the clones with the other force” Greivous said before leaving. “it will be done General” Dalarow said before moving to a large console and hitting a code into it. After so he looked down to see the machine he controlled contort in front of the clones and break apart, the factory came online again as it made droids. “time to see how well of a clone the commander here is” Dalarow said as two droideka followed his path as he used his jet pack.
On the floor the troops that were regatherig in the new fluorescent wall light structures were momentarly blinded as the giant machine began breaking apart. Vixent, Porthos and kam watched as it re figured itself and began firing, out of it body and parts droids of all kinds came out, including magna guard prototypes that led them. A battle ensued as the clones regained there line for attack. “plo koon come in proceed with caution, we have gained quite the sum of trouble” vixent said behind cover. On the upper levels plo koon overheard “i understand thank you for the warning, good luck young one” plo koon said before turning off and continuing on before blaster fire made him activate his lightsaber in deflection of the blasts. “THERE THEY ARE GET THEM!” a droid yelled across the balcony, the clones and plo koon took position as there own battle ensued. Meanwhile The advancing force from fives side was caught just hundreds of meters away from the factory. Sau Tora the female jedi was cutting and deflecting attacks left and right as she made her way through the lines with fives. Kicks however was in a tight spot in space. The fleet had lost there support cruisers and five transports made it passed with two confederate cruisers aid. And Now droid attack fighters followed him through the battle in space. He rolled and sped and banked hard evading heavy fire from the ships broadsides. He soon found another battle yet to begin between two battle ships and began speeding on the throttle, he flew straight between the broadside cannons. “Tamerus ready that cannon i have a barrel behind me ready for blasting.” Kicks said as a excited yell responded “ready sir bring the fish” the con buzzed. Two guns away a barrel extended and as kicks passed the roar could be heard as the cannon fired and ripped through the mass of fighters behind him and hit one of the droid cannons beginning there fight. Kicks smiled under his helmet as he looked back to see less fighters. And with a quick maneuver he was back shooting.
Fives now found Vixents line with his troops and aided keeping the line close. Him and the jedi made there way to the entrance where more battling could be heard. Upon reaching the fight they could see plo koon on the upper levels looking ahead they caught a glimpse of the head clanker. “THERE!” the female jedi yelled running quickly ahead. Fives followed with three other clones, they rounded a corner into a meeting hall and found grievous waiting. “well well well, Fives! The grand commander of the seeker unit. *cough cough cough* you have found me at last. And with jedi scum. Sau tora” Greivous said with a laugh. His two gaurds stepped even with him. “this amount of people reminds me of geonosis too bad the same result will occur!” grievous said “kill them make them suffer” he said once more as his magna guards activated there staffs and advanced. They were greater equipped this time. There staffs could easily hold to a lightsaber but if it failed they had advanced vibrosabers, a combination used in the library guards of the republic using vibration and energy to make a deadly and more efficient lightsaber in the form of a staff. The clones advanced as well firing but soon were cut away. Fives drew his weapon and fired before the weapon was cut to a use less state by the gaurd. He drew a vibrosword and began fighting the gaurd one on one. Sau beside him faced the other guard.
Vixent Now stood on a balcony with his two favourite men facing the mandelorian bounty hunter. “Dalarow Mindoro. I didn’t expect you to be here” vixent said holding his blaster up. The droidekas next to Dalarow readied there own blasters for fire. “Porthos, kam leave us, I got the bounty hunter”
“Sir we can’t leave you alone in this one with those droids”
“Don’t worry ill make it fair” Dalarow said waving the droids away as they crawled back a few paces guns stowed away. The two red clones also stepped back as Dalarow and Vixent took a step closer before running at the same time sideways shooting each other. After they left the two clones saw the destroyer droids ready their weapons again, the two clones each looked at each other nodded then quickdrawed there pistols and fired the under barrel proton disruptor sending the destroyer droids to curl back up and deactivate. “Think we can use them?” “I hope so, be nice to have some droids helping us” they said as they rolled the two droids away. Meanwhile both Vixent and Dalarow ran out of ammo and stared each other down. Dalarow took off a small rod from his jetpack.”Ive been wanting to try this for quite a while, especially after my job in naboo.” He said. Vixent stared at what he held at hand, the metal cylinder like rod had two openings and two red buttons with spider like ends to seem darker like. More sith like, Vixent then realized he was staring at the broken end of Darth mauls saber, on the other end was a newly made end to match with a darker metal. Dalarow activated the saber and readied himself, the two glowing blade beamed red side to side. Vixent seeing no other choice in this drew his lightsaber and activated it, the Blue blade of his fallen friend hummed with power. Then the two charged, clashing saber to saber before disconnecting and countering each other’s attacks. Dalarow spun side ways to Vixents back but vixent blocked with his own saber behind him as he spun again to Vixents forward side where the attack was blocked once more. Vixent spun with a slash to the shoulder which was countered deflecting the two sabers to arc low and clash again. Vixent jumped over a low attack then blocked another at his chest before attacking high causing Dalarow to duck to where vixent made contact with his knee. Dalarow stumbled backwards before attacking once more, the lightsabers clashing with a constant Di-Da-Crash-whir-di-da-da-da-di-di-dew Crash. The two stood locked now staring at each other helmet to helmet. Then vixent stumbled back as Dalarow headbut him. Dalarow readied himself as his jet pack whirred to life. His saber whirled against the ground as his flamethrower activated in front of him. “STOP THIS” Dalarow yelled as Vixent recovered. He stared at Dalarow and raised one hand before Dalarow was blasted back flames and all into the wall. The saber deactivated as it landed in front of him. Vixent took a few steps before stopping as he caught his eye on a blaster. He picked it up and eyed it. “dumb clones” Dalarow said silently to himself hitting a button on his gauntlet as his pistol began beeping quickly. Vixent tossed the pistol to the side and ran before the explosion went off rocking both around the room. Vixent stood first looking around before he found his lightsaber and set it properly at his side where it belonged. Darlow however managed his escape as the smoke began clearing.
War raged on as the clones fell in equal amounts to the droids. The jedi now combated Greivous and Vixent had regrouped with his men and Fives. They together branched off to help where they could, Vixent and his men left to the tunnels Fives left to the outside and the clone commanders left where they could. In space Kicks finished his fight and was having all ships prepared for the next time a ship would exit the atmosphere of the planet. Plo-koon and Tora both now fought greivous and his guards in the tunnels they all didnt move in a whirling stalemate of flashing and clashing lightsabers against light sabers or to the guards staffs.Vixent soon found the Correct tunnel and Grevius hearing the door turned in time to rapidly spin his blades to counter and block the rapid blaster fire from the clones, as his guards took head to the two jedi. The clones kept firing at grevious who soon looked around for his escape path. The tunnels being a series of oddly spaced pathways granted many oppurtunitys and he took a rther choice abservation to a pathway above him. He fired his grapling hook and easily sailed above everyone. The jedi cut off there attack and followed in pursuit of greviuos as he hauled himself onto the pathway. The two magna guards however too a liking to the clones as they charged head on with them clashing with them close range easily flipping the first few over the pathway edge and into utter darkness below. Vibraswords were drawn and connected against the guards staffs. "Tactic Naboo 2" vixent ordered loudly. The clones reacted swiftly activating a shield on there free hand. one clone less lucky took contact as the shield activated and sent him over. three clones remained with the two guards including vixent and all worked fluidly together in the fight as the clone blocked the first attack.
Plo-koon and tora hit the ground hard after grevious's attack. They were now tired after fighting the magna guards for so long but still they stood and stood firm as grivous came at them full force clashing sabers. The sound travelled all the way down to vixent and his men, the sound inspired them to fight harder against the unrelenting guards. And with a mighty crash and standstill the first magna guard dropped falling in half as the clone soon then attacked the next with his partner. The guard learned quickley and moved out of the way of one attack before stabbing the first clone then tossing his body into the charging clone sending the two over. As the guard turned to face vixent a blast was heard and the guards head was sent into the abyss.But there the body stood and soon attacked him headless. Vixent grabed one of the vibroswords in time to block and fire a few more shots into its chest area and deactivate it. then vixent looked up at the ensueing fight to se a sad site as the female jedi fell off the pathway her saber not found during so, as she passed by many holes in her body could be seen.

Plo koon fell for the third time he was hurt in a few places but was more tried. Grevious laughed and turned to take his leave. reaching the door he found vixent waiting. who shot a charged shot at greivous's armor making him stagger backwards. The close quarters shot dented his body's armor and overheated his gun. Acting quickley Greivous turned and sidekicked vixent sendinghim against the turbo lift wall. he stayed down for a short time where greivous made the mistake of closing in on him to check if he was truly dead. Without hesitation vixent drew a vibrosword and at greivous's body deeply. He then continued to the arms and then the legs finishing with the head. Grevous who stood there slowly crumpled in defeat. But to vixents suprise he looked at the body to find the machinery of droids taking place of his insides. "droids, it was a decoy" vixent said to himself before aiding plokoon.

Fives and kicks were now in the new command center for the planet. although the task was unsuccesfull they were able to track Greivous's last heading. They all agreed to follow as soon as they were able on extent of resources. For now they focused on damage and repairs. Vixent and plokoon sat in different seats in a more secured area. Sound proofed walls with no ways to know what happened inside made it the perfect meeting area for jedi and a grand meditation area. The holoemitter showed Courescant and the many jedi masters seated in there respective spots. Vixent had removed his helmet and sat next to plokoon. "So Greivous has escaped once more" windu said troubled at the thought. "terrible this is, a grand danger is he" master yoda said. vixent nodded "And a sad day to lose another jedi master. Sau tora was a grand jedi" vixent said. "yes but we did gain another vixent. remember to keep your thoughts centered she may be gone but she is with the force" obi-wan said showing pride in his choice of words. Yoda let out a laugh of his own "yes, Correct obi-wan is. Your place with the jedi, far it has come" Yoda said looking towards plokoon. He nodded in acceptance. "Yes he has, and his cunning has shown quick learning today in his final lesson on the Osiris. I beleive hes earned his place in Grand notice" plo-koon said sending information. In courescant the video feed from the osiris of plokoon fighting Vixent. His improved skill and practices showed grand success to the jedi which enlightened there spirits. "he has improved well, He may not be as strong in the force but he has improved greater than many jedi" Fisto said looking around at the others soon laying eyes on mundi who nodded. "we owe him this after the battle on geonosis. we lost many that day and without training or anyword against it he battled greivous with lightsaber naturally. His skill shows even here" mundi explained open hearted for someone to say otherwise, but none did. all agreed to Vixents place and would tell him when he returns to courescant.

The feed came online again and the jedi told both vixent and plokoon for them to return to courscant when possible. They talked of other matters before adjourning the meeting. Plokoon and vixent then left to there craft. "I feel a great confusion and emotion in you vixent. what troubles you?" plo koon asked "i feel that i failed in this job master plo koon. yet i feel as i accomplished something great with all the jedi" vixent explained. plokoon showed a hidden smile "you are correct young one. you may have failed this task with greivous, but you have accomplished yourself in doing so. not everything is failure, remember that" plo-koon said entering his starfighter. "ill meet you on the osiris. when we are ready we head for courescant" vixent stepped back then gave a nod of approval to the master jedi as he took off into the air. Later Vixent joined fives and kicks, and the three spoke of what the next move was in hopes that success would come forth soon
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Re: Star Wars: Clones Hidden truths

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Does that mean you actually plan on trying to publish this and make money? I don't think anyone's ever put a story on these forums that they intended to publish. (To my knowledge anyway.)

Also, are you accepting constrictive criticism at all? If you do intend to publish, that may not be a bad idea.
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Re: Star Wars: Clones Hidden truths

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Not yet on the publishing im still working on details and such. I may publish it but at the way it is now i wont. And yes im good on criticsism i beleive commenting on works allways helps authors find a better way to fix their works.
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