A Fox and his King (the subject should be obvious)

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A Fox and his King (the subject should be obvious)

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Re: A Fox and his King (the subject should be obvious)

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completely over rating ad out of character and quite vulgar.
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Re: A Fox and his King (the subject should be obvious)

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Cool your jets Valerio. Just stick to the report button, don't reply. Thanks very much for actually reporting it, that was awesome, but the ideal would be for nobody to reply.

Now don't even think for half a second that I'm letting this stay up. It clearly satisfies a situation in which discussion pertains to creating an environment for flaming - though it is obviously not an outright discussion, the absolute ridiculousness of what is here would prompt a lot of flak that would inevitably degenerate into pure argumentative idiocy. Already I have seen some people reacting with more negativity than needed (even though this has only been open for about half an hour), and I can definitely foresee that coming from both 'sides'.

Furthermore, it is explicitly stated that any pairing that "emphasizes sexuality" is against the rules. It doesn't matter what the pairing is, if it emphasizes sexuality, it is so very much against the rules that I can't even begin to admonish enough for it.

In addition, I also believe this breaks the rating.

Those three rules are all 'not for discussion' rules. In terms of minor rules on top of that, you have also not "[kept] it clean" in terms of language, nor typed coherently. I had to read through it to make sure of the validity of what I was saying. It definitely was not coherent.

There is no way this can ever be supported here.
I was going to make a joke but then I did.