GameCobra's Den Presents - Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13

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GameCobra's Den Presents - Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13

Post by GameCobra »

So I been having this idea for about a year now, but now it feels like it's close to reality.

How would the Housepets forums like to play a game where i sign us up as officers and conquer ancient China? It's about as crazy and awesome as it sounds.

The Romance of the Three Kingdom series is a widely popular historical book detailing about the fall of the Han Dynasty back in 169 AD and everyone at that time from generals, warlords and advisors fighting to either restore or overrule the Han Dynasty afterwards as either Emperor of China... or restoring the original Emperor of China back on his feet. This popular book was good enough for Koei back in the start of the Nintendo days to be their flagship series for most of their strategy games, including Uncharted Waters, Nobunaga's Ambition, Rise of the Phoenix and P.T.O.

The game was also popular for creating basically fanfic-like moments for people that loved creating officers. It originally only allowed you to be the ruler, but as time went on, you could become that lazy bum of a ronin who just so happened to join an army and could marry Liu Bei, become Cao Cao's best buddy and duel Lu Bu if you so desired - or just forget everyone and be a evil tyrant if necessary.

Now this gem of a game, Romance of the Three Kingdoms 13, is something that came on steam last year and it's got alot of customizable features that I would love to exploit for our fellow forum buddies. the rules are simple: We have the ability to create 150 players for this game - all of them if we so desire, to follow a leader. The Leader can be anybody, but i'm going to throw in a fun twist: I'm going to add Rick Griffin as a leader. <i>He will not be played by me at all.</i> Instead, i'll give him as much of a realistic stat input in the game and see how his A.I. fares and will create the rest of the players as they so desire with similar A.I., who will ALSO not be controlled by me. I will then create a single player, completely original for this game, and see how this lovely ronin at the age of 15 starts his journey to find out where his destiny lies in all of this ~ and most importantly ~ watch what all the other players do in this game as he tries to make sense in all of this. who will conquer China? Will he follow Rick Griffin? Or will he join another army and hope to overthrow the roo?!?

That choice is up to us :D

This game I plan on setting up in about April and will test it, but the actual game may not begin until May. If necessary, i might delay the game until we get a full roster of 150 players, but we can start at any time if we feel up to it.

As a final note, the game does have character deaths, but they mostly die of old age. And most people don't like killing other players since they will try convincing them to join their side, anyway... unless they are just being jerks.

preview of the game can be seen here:

Now then, onto the meat of the game - Create! Your! Officer! :D

How to create your officer:

Step 1: Choose a face.
Original 135 faces - guaranteed picks:!Armwc5E6qO-Csw1u_q4MKeKM_clQ
non-original faces - non guarantee: ... _Portraits

Step 2: Name him/her. This game always had a 6 character limit for first and family name. Also, since this is traditional chinese history,your family name is followed by your first name. Ex: your name was Grape Sndwch? It's now Sndwch Grape. We can use whatever we want for our name, but you'll have to get creative. Ex: Want me to play as GameCobra? The game will call me Game Cobra.

Step 3: Build it's character. This decides what the A.I's behavior will do.
~ Gender has to be male or female.
~ The game has an insane library of voices, but it basically boils down to ~ Calm,loud,angry,soft spoken, heroic, cowardly, insane, Spock and Mccoy. No Kirk.
~ Choosing whether to be a Military official or a Civil Official is the only game changer: If you are a civil official, you will not duel people in the game no matter what. You can debate with people, however.
~ Choose a weapon. these do not affect your gameplay, but what they use for duels and debates. Just makes them look cool. choices are: Sword, Blade, Axe, Serpent Blade, Spear, Longspear, Blue Dragon Blade(Guan Yu's weapon), Halberd, Cresent Blade, Bow and Fan.
~ Personality: Affects how the A.I will behave in duels and debates. Choices are: Timid, Calm, Bold and Reckless.
~ Duty, Bravery and Aptitude all have the same levels of interest: Ignore, Disdain, Normal, Honor or Revere.
(DUTY): Affects how much the person likes working with their leader and others that do the same.
(BRAVERY): How much the person enjoys duels.
(APTITUDE): How much the person enjoys debates.

Step 4: Preferences. Your character will like to buy stuff... so what do they like buying? The choices are: Armor, Tomes, Treasure and Alcohol. The character's greed can also be: Unwanted, Normal or Greedy. (PS: If alcohol is a problem, it's a roleplaying thing. noone is actually seen drinking and at worst, they talk drunk ~ in Chinese.)

Step 5: The big one - Stats. You need your character to have between 1-100 points in all four categories. There is no limit to how many points we can have here, but if things get wonky here and everyone wants to be literal gods in this game, we'll give characters 100 points split between these stats:

LEA: The effective your training missions will be (better training = better troops). It also affects the power of your troops Attack and Defense in battle.
WAR: The more effective patroling missions will be (better patroling = safer cities). Also makes you more powerful during duels and perform stronger strikes (Strikes are like a rock/paper/scissor critical hit system. You strike units that you are best against. Horses strike bows, who strike spears, who strike horses)
INT: the better your Personnel, Strategic and Foreign missions will be (these missions affect mostly how you talk to other cities). Also makes you better in debates, which is basically a duel ~ but with words. Finally, this makes your strategic attacks in battle much better.
GOV: Affects Domestic missions. You will be helping your cities grow faster if you do this, helping the economy.

Step 6: Your troop preferences. you can enjoy Spearman, Horseman and Bowman and can be ranked from D,C,B and A for all of them if you wish.

Step 7: Your talented abilities in this game. you can give them a score between 0-9 with as many abilties as you want with 9 being the highest.
Commerce - better marketing for the city
Farming - better food for the city
Culture - better libraries for the city
Training - faster training for troops
Patroling - better patroling for the city
Coax - you can now coax in missions. more coax = better coaxing
Negotiator - better at negotiations
Orator - This interesting tidbit makes you start off debates with an advantage.
Virtue - You don't need an invitation to talk to other people. Infact, you can even convince them to join your side faster.
Overawe - Somehow, you got more troops than those other dudes. You must have alot of fans!
Speed - faster movement on land
Arouse - when your troops are nearly defeated, you give them a speech to make them fight better.
Endurance - When your troops defeat an enemy unit, your unit's morale is restored.
Siege - you bust down those doors faster than normal
Weapons - your ballistae get upgraded and you also get more durable siege weapons.
Defense - better fighting in castles and camps
Naval - better control at sea and you lose less morale
dueling - start duels with an advantage
Heroism - can perform strikes on units that are the same as yours.
Strategy - can EVADE strikes.

In addition, you can choose which one of the above is going to be your forte. What's a forte, you ask? If someone is lucky enough to talk to your character and his forte is better than the other person's, he'll happily improve it!

This mightbe updated later, but for now i'm going to skip the character's preferred strategy and expertise for now. These are very strong abilities that can be learned-mid game. Don't want us to be TOO overpowered. :3

Step 8: Family and Bio. You can actually designate someone to be the following if you choose to do so: your dad, mom, spouse, Sworn Sibling, and Affinity to someone. The Bio is entirely made-up of typing, so you can create a 250 character bio in this if you wish.

~~~Below Here is the template for everyone~~~





Class: Military Official or a Civil Official

Weapon: Sword, Blade, Axe, Serpent Blade, Spear, Longspear, Blue Dragon Blade(Guan Yu's weapon), Halberd, Cresent Blade, Bow and Fan.

Personality: Timid, Calm, Bold and Reckless.

Duty: Ignore, Disdain, Normal, Honor or Revere.

Bravery: Ignore, Disdain, Normal, Honor or Revere.

Aptitude: Ignore, Disdain, Normal, Honor or Revere.

Armor? Y/N
Tomes? Y/N
Treasure? Y/N
Alcohol? Y/N
Greed: Unwanted, Normal or Greedy.

LEA: 1-100
WAR: 1-100
INT: 1-100
GOV: 1-100

Troop Preferences:
Spearman? D,C,B,A
Horseman? D,C,B,A
Bowman? D,C,B,A

Abilities: on a scale from 0(Bad) to 9(Good)
Commerce -
Farming -
Culture -
Training -
Patroling -
Coax -
Negotiator -
Orator -
Virtue -
Overawe -
Speed -
Arouse -
Endurance -
Siege -
Weapons -
Defense -
Naval -
dueling -
Heroism -
Strategy -

Which of the above is your forte?

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Re: GameCobra's Den Presents - Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Post by D-Rock »

This is a lot to take in. :shock: Well, never played one of these, and it'll take a while before I come up with something. Never been much of a roleplayer.
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Re: GameCobra's Den Presents - Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Post by Buster »

simple version seems to be we build characters and once he has enough he runs them through the game and lets us knowhow things turn out.


Face: Lu Yusheng’s portrait
Name: Yang Shi (楊 时)
Gender: Female
Voice: has a very calm, confident way of speaking.

Class: Military
Weapon: Bow
Personality: Calm
Duty: Honor
Bravery: Revere
Aptitude: Normal

Armor? N
Tomes? Y
Treasure? N
Alcohol? N
Greed: Greedy.

LEA: 35
WAR: 25
INT: 15
GOV: 25

Troop Preferences:
Spearman: I have those? Why?
Horseman: C
Bowman: A

Step 7: Your talented abilities in this game. you can give them a score between 0-9 with as many abilties as you want with 9 being the highest.
Commerce - 4
Farming - 6
Culture – 9 [F] (SO MANY BOOKS!)
Training - 8
Patroling - 8
Coax - 4
Negotiator - 3
Orator - 3
Virtue - 7
Overawe - 9
Speed - 4
Arouse - 9
Endurance - 6
Siege - 2
Weapons - 7
Defense - 3
Naval - 0
dueling - 8
Heroism - 9
Strategy - 5
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Re: GameCobra's Den Presents - Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Post by GameCobra »

Buster knows where it's at :3

It's basically a war simulator - and we're going to play a "What if we were in that war?" simulation of it. It's very fun.

I'll update the map today to give everyone an idea of how the game progresses later.

On a final note, you maybe wondering about age: Everyone is going to be 15 years old. We'll be starting at the time the Yellow Turban Rebellion started, which is where the majority of the story starts off.
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Re: GameCobra's Den Presents - Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Post by Zesortinge »

Face:Sun Xin's Portrait
Name: Sam West
Gender: Male
Voice: Soft Spoken

Class: Civil
Weapon: Blue Dragon Blade(Guan Yu's weapon).
Personality: Calm
Duty: Normal
Bravery: Normal
Aptitude: Revere

Armor? Y
Tomes? Y
Treasure? Y
Alcohol? N
Greed: Normal

LEA: 26
WAR: 24
INT: 30
GOV: 20

Troop Preferences:
Spearman? B
Horseman? B
Bowman? A

Abilities: on a scale from 0(Bad) to 9(Good)
Commerce - 9
Farming - 9
Culture - 9
Training - 3
Patrolling - 5
Coax - 7
Negotiator - 6
Orator - 9 [F]
Virtue - 5
Overawe - 3
Speed - 5
Arouse - 6
Endurance - 6
Siege - 3
Weapons - 4
Defense - 8
Naval - 6
dueling - 0
Heroism - 6
Strategy - 5

There is the sheet. Are people going to be paired randomly?
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Re: GameCobra's Den Presents - Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Post by GameCobra »

My initial plan will be to put everyone into Rick Griffin's army and see how lucky we are at taking over China with him.

However! we can do this differently. I'll come up with some more plans while waiting.

Some examples include spreading everyone across the map.

Bump Update: This is the map we're fighting on:

All of the white spaces are areas that noone is fighting in. since the game starts with two sides fighting each other with everyone suddenly stealing all the squares on the map shortly after these two are done fighting, our job is to decide where to start. the more players we get, the better ~ and the more squares we own early on. :3

I have created the characters, however i ran into a problem: It turns out i cannot unlock all the portraits in the link i provided earlier until i 'somehow' find all the characters in the game. My apologies for that. I went ahead and updated the link with a list of the faces of the 135 Original officers list that came with the game. These guys are guaranteed picks. The first list will still be listed, but they are not guaranteed picks, unfortunately.

I'll give an example here:
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