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Create your own Pokemon Gym

Post by Teh Brawler »


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Re: Create your own Pokemon Gym

Post by FowlJ »

I got - Ground type.

The team (First match) [Generated from the Johto Dex because most of the newer pokemon are just silly.]


The gym set up: I'm pretty sure that a pit of spikes would be against the law in Johto, though that's what I'd like to have. I would likely just have a winding hall with doors that only open when a cryptic riddle is answered. (Or, assuming I can find a legal loophole, spikepits. Everywhere.)

The tunes: (Rather... odd epic battle music.)

Quotes: I would probably just stand there impassively as my pokemon attempt to slaughter my enemies.

The rematch team (Again Johto Dex)


I think I did everything right, but this is probably the most steps I've ever had to follow in the completion of a forum game, so I might have messed something up.

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Re: Create your own Pokemon Gym

Post by yehoshua »

Number of pokemon: 6
Type: Flying

-Dragonite (YAY!)
-Drifblim (Also yay!)
-Tranquill (Meh...)
-Hoppip (Really?)
-Yanma (Ok, not too bad)
-Scyther (Yay!)

Puzzle: A series of compatibility questions (What attack out of these is not effective against flying type pokemon, etc...)

Song: Under the Gun by The Killers

Starting "Well hello there, what a pleasant surprise! And you are?"
Super effective "Ouch, that hurt!"
Last pokemon "Hmm, this is quite the predicament..."
Weak last pokemon "So... It comes to this."
Win "Not bad but you could have done better."
Lose "Hehe, not bad!"

Rematch quotes:
Starting "So, you're back!"
Super effective "That's not very nice."
Last pokemon "Oh no, not again!"
Weak last pokemon "Uh oh."
Win "What? I thought you beat the League already, didn't you?"
Lose "Welp, that was my last shot at it..."

Rematch pokemon:
-Salamence (I miss my dragonite T_T)
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Re: Create your own Pokemon Gym

Post by IJustWantLove »

2 in battle? (Okay...)

Fire Type!

I got

Theme Song- Super Bass by nicki Minaj (>.>)

Catchphrase- Well, PokeBalls to you!

Rematch team-
1. Grumpig
2. Archeops
3. Azumarill
4. Ludicolo
5. Rapidash
6. Flareon
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Re: Create your own Pokemon Gym

Post by FlintTheSquirrel »



#38 - Ninetails (Spiffy)
#218 - Slugma (Moving Lava is scary. .-.)

Test: The challenger will have to go through a room filled with adorable kittens. Why is this a test you might ask? To see if they can actually leave and concentrate on the task at hand.

Something fitting for a room full of kittens.

Before the Battle - I wish you good luck and fair play in your endevours.
Super Effective Move - Aww, please do be more gentle.....
Down to last Pokemon - I'm sorry..... I will umm....give you extra kibble if you win this for me.
Hurt Pokemon - Please stay strong my friends!
When You Win - I'm sorry, don't dampen your spirits. I am always open for a rematch.
*Turns attention to animals* Kibble for everyone!
When You Lose - I am sorry my friend, you all tried your hardest and that is what counts. *Turns attention to trainer* Good Job on your victory, you bested my gym fair and square. I wish you luck in your journey. *Grins and gives badge*


#555 - Darmanitan (Mr. Bulldog Gorilla.)
#6 - Charizard (Big scary Dragon)
#59 - Arcanine (Horray! Big cuddly Doggy!)
#157 - Typhlosion (Also Yay! Weaselish thingy! :3)
#257 - Blaziken (Mr. Birdy Bird.)
#78 - Rapidash (Quite painful looking to ride.)

More intense sounding, with a bit of a fiery spirit.

End Notes: Ironically I got fire, due to my name, I tend to get associated with it, not to mention there is an Elite Four member with the same name and type. However, my heart will still stay with Electric Types.

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Re: Create your own Pokemon Gym

Post by RandomGeekNamedBrent »

4 Dragon Pokemon.


Puzzles: gotta answer questions relating to minute trivia relating to dragons that not even I know the answers to. and it's not multiple choice. and the wording must be exactly right. :twisted:

doesn't quite fit. should have been Trogdor.

Battle quotes: insert forum inappropriate jokes directed at the opponents mother.

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Re: Create your own Pokemon Gym

Post by Vadiant »

Oooh, fun. I did this a couple days ago, too.

Anyways, I got 3 Ghost type pokemon!

First time around team,

Gym test: How about the whole gym being a massive labyrinth? Every time you battle a gym trainer, the walls of the labyrinth shift. Better hope the guy you just battled didn't open a round-about path back to the entrance...

Battle Theme: Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand

Battle Quotes:
Before Battle- "I hope the labyrinth hasn't got your head spinning yet... We've still got some business to take care of."
Super Effective- "Oh, so that's your battle plan!"
Last Pokemon- "Don't get too excited. This isn't over yet."
Weak Last Pokemon- "It'll take more than that to put these spirits to rest!"
Win- "Don't let your defeat haunt you."
Lose- "Huh. Looks like I'm the one whose head was left spinning..."

Rematch quotes:
Before Battle- "What are you, part ghost? Those walls hold you back so little, I'd swear you're walking through them... Whatever. Time for round two!"
Super Effective- "Nice trick, but I've got some new ones up my sleeves, too."
Last Pokemon- "Too late for cold feet. This time, I'm gonna win!"
Weak Last Pokemon- "It's not over yet!"
Win- "After all my training... You don't stand a ghost of a chance."
Lose- "Deja vu... But I'll be ready, come time for round three."

Rematch team,

Pretty nice team, and I'm glad the pokemon from the first round stayed around for the second-- though I guess it's easier with ghost than some other types, since there's only 14 fully-evolved, non-legendary ghosts to choose from in the first place. xD
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Re: Create your own Pokemon Gym

Post by dynaslash »

This seems interesting.
5 Pokemon, Bug Type

Each area is separated by a door. Each door has a trivia question about real-world bugs. Getting the question right allows you to pass the trainer without having to fight them. Getting the question wrong forces you to fight the trainer.

Battle theme is Extend Ash ~ Houraijin by ZUN.

Pre-Fight: "People always accuse Bug-type Pokémon of being weak. They may not be the strongest, but that does not make them weak in an individual fight. I began raising Bug-type Pokémon in an effort to prove them wrong. Pepare yourself, as I do not intend on losing easily.
Super-Effective: "With as many weaknesses they have, I should have expected this."
Last Pokémon: "You may have beaten the rest, but this one won't topple as easily!"
Weakened: "D-don't think you've won... Th-this isn't over yet..."
Defeated: "I've failed them again..."

Pre-Fight: "So, you've come back. I expected you to. However, I am no pushover. I've analyzed the data from our last battle, and I'm confident I can protect the honor of Bug Pokémon."
Super-Effective: "One advantageous strike won't cement victory!"
Last Pokémon: "This is the one I've trained the most! Prepare yourself!"
Weakened: "Don't think you've won just yet! I still have one last trick up my sleeve!"
Defeated: "... Maybe, it's not my Pokémon that are weak, but yours that are strong..?"

6 Pokémon, Bug-type
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Re: Create your own Pokemon Gym

Post by MapleRatty »

This looks AWESOME!
Psychic Type!

Gardevoir(39)= Rematch!Garevoir(69)
Jinx(Level 38)=Rematch!Jinx(68)
Xatu(Level 37)=Rematch!Xatu(67)
Gothorita(Level 37)=Rematch!Gothitelle(67)
Reuniclus(Level 41)=Rematch!Reuniclus(71)

At the beginning of the gym, there are two mirrors, if you pick the wrong on, you'll be transported to the beginning, if you pick the right on, you'll be transported to the next room, in front of a trainer. There a five trainers rooms in total, adding one more mirror to each room, raising the difficulty, untill you finally d=get to the gym leader.

Theme: Honetly by Cartel

Before battle:...huh...y-ou... really w-w-want to...p-p-play with me?...o-okay...lets pl-pl-play...lets go...m-m-m-my freindly freinds...
Super effective:...this i-i-is getting...really f-f-fun...but dont...get to c-c-c-carried...away....
Last pokemon:...please dont can d-d-d-do it....o-o-old freind...
Weakened:...if it much...w-we can don't you f-f-freind... nice t-t-to...lose f-f-for...once.... you....very much...t-t-this was the I have had...i-i-in a very...l-l-l-long deserve...this b-b-badge...

Before battle:O-oh! It's you a-a-again! I've gotten m-more couragous and s-stronger since last t-t-time! Let u-u-us play once more f-f-freind!
Super effective:B-both me and m-m-my freinds are having s-s-so much f-fun! K-keep it u-u-up!
Weakened:T-this game is g-g-getting exciting! D-dont hold b-back!
Win:E-even though I w-w-won, and I sh-sh-should feel happy...I-I-I...f-f-feel...s-so...e-empty....
Lose:M-my freinds and I f-feel happy, you seem p-p-pretty happy t-to...thank you v-very much!!!

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Re: Create your own Pokemon Gym

Post by KogaShinigami »

This looks fun!^^

Type: Dark

Hydreigon (49)=rematch= Hydreigon (67)
Krokorok (48)=rematch= Krookodile (68)
Bisharp (48)=rematch= Bisharp (69)
Absol (51)=rematch= Absol (71)
Umbreon (52)=rematch= Umbreon (75)
Rematch only: Tyranitar (74)

The entire gym is built like a labyrinth, with many ups and downs, dead ends, traps, and even three levels to ascend before fighting the gym leader. As an extra added bonus to difficulty, the whole gym is pitch black, making it impossible to see where you are going or other trainers. However, hidden on the sides of the walls in random places are electric switches that can be powered by a electric type pokemon to allow the trainer to see, but only one switch can be on at a time and the area the is lighted isn't that big. There are a total of six trainers with in the gym. Note: Traps will send you back to the start of the gym.

Theme: Phenomenon by Thousand Foot Krutch

Before Battle: Are you afraid of the DARK? Ha hahaha!
Super Effective: HAHAHA! That's right! Hit me with all your rage!
Weakened: Come on! Just hold out a bit longer...
Win: Just as I thought... You're just like all those other trainers... Just another lost soul in the DARK!
Defeat:So... You actually beat me... Ha Ha Hahahaha! Finally, someone not afraid of the DARK! You're earned this badge.

Before Battle: So tell me... Have you too become a master of the DARK?
Super Effective: HA! Is that all you got? STOP HOLDING BACK AND FIGHT!
Last Pokemon: Ha hahahaha... Show me what all your training has taught you!
Weakened: It's only when you've been pushed pass the point of no return can you truly see your REAL power!
Win: GET UP! Are you really this weak now?! I SAID GET UP!
Defeat: Perhaps you can overcome the true DARKness after all...
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Re: Create your own Pokemon Gym

Post by Zukio »

Here is my odd Gym!

Type: Oppa Gary Style!
Music: Kokoro Chorus Edition
Gym Puzzle: You must pass through the correct 8 correct doors or you get sent back to the beginning, the code is the singing scale: Do, Re, Mi, Fa, So, La, Ti, Do.
Number of Pokemon: 3
1. Zangoose
2. Furret
3. Leafeon
Somehow two of them match forumites...
Battle Quotes
Before Battle: Battle!?! Right now? Well OK then.
Super Effective: Ouch! Are you alright *insert pokemon name here*?
Last Pokemon: It's up to you! Good Luck!
Weakened: Hang in there! Now where did I put that potion?
Win: Hooray! We did it! Good luck next time.
Defeat: Congrats! That was a great battle! Here's the badge.
1. Pachirisu
2. Raichu
3. Marowak
4. Armaldo
5. Kingler
6. Shiftry
Battle Quotes
Before Battle: Hey it's you again! Wanna go again?
Super Effective: Hang in there! You can handle it!
Last Pokemon: It's down to you! Let's go!
Weakened: You can do it! Just hang in there!
Win: Yeah! We won this time!
Defeat: Looks like you won again, but I won't be so easy next time!
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