Soups and Crackers: The Mystery of the Pink Moon

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Soups and Crackers: The Mystery of the Pink Moon

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Soups and Crackers is a webstory on a sub-blog from my normal tumblr. It follows two animal detectives, Soups and Crackers, as they attempt to unravel the mystery of this new pink moon. I got the idea when TheBaker, creator of a comic called Foxy Flavored Cookie, made me an avatar. It was a beautiful green wolf, my favorite color and animal, that had the name Soups because that's what everyone in the streams calls me as a shortened version of my full name, "PersonalitySoup". Anyway, I'm rambling, there will little stories that spur from the main story.

A beautiful female wolf with green fur and long purple hair with a sweater to match. She sports borderline seductive violet colored eyes. She wears a dark purple matching hat and over-jacket, the hat having a stitched on heart symbol. Soups is stead-fast and determined, but lazy when it comes to having no work. She loves the thrill of her job and can't wait until she gets another one. She is extremely attractive and gets a lot of attention for it, but she never responds to any of this. The only guy she responses to when it comes to cat-calls is:

A lanky male jackrabbit with periwinkle fur with a powder green stripe going from his head fur down to the base of his tail. He has leaf green eyes that always seem to sparkle with determination. He wears clothes similar to that of Danny from Cats Don't Dance, but in his secondary color. Crackers is quick on his large feet and his ears are even quicker to pick up on the faintest of squeaks. Crackers is kinda nerdy and shy, but is ready to tackle any that hurt him or Soups. Especially Soups. Crackers has the biggest crush on Soups and will gladly fight anyone that dared tried to take her away.
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Re: Soups and Crackers: The Mystery of the Pink Moon

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Looks really good so far! Can't wait to see more of it!
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