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Hudson Lights & Magic (Upcoming Fanmade Tokusatsu Studio coming eventually)

Posted: Sun May 10, 2020 8:05 am
by JamesTCat
As it haven't been obvious, I am a die hard Tokusatsu nut who enjoy the fantasy of Transforming heroes. I am going to learn how to record and lead a Fanmade Tokusatsu studio. It was going to be called "Eclipse Lights & Magic" but I've decided on "Hudson Lights & Magic" as the studio's name instead. (It will tie in to my life's dream of buying out Konami, then overhauling from the ground up into "Neo Hudson Soft." then it will be "Hudson Soft Lights & Magic." Viola!)

It will be a non-profit fan made tokusatsu studio who will make their series have all manner of genres involving the special effects, but their bread and butter will be the series based primarily off of Toei's Tokusatsu series.


Take for instance "Power Rangers Jetters." A first endeavor adapting Jetman into the Power Rangers format. The core idea is will be akin to the Zordon Era starting with Jetman before going to the next season adapting Gokaiger in a awesome but impractical killer app for the youtube competitor that needs Hudson Lights & Magic the most.

The story is your typical Mighty Morphin Power Rangers style story. Terra and his robot buddy Alpha Jetter sends a "Help Wanted" transmission to infuse five (young) adults with birdonic waves. Know that I (James Lee McKigney) will play the role of the Yellow Owl Jetter. The other starting jetters will be the Red Hawk Jetter, the Black Condor Jetter, the White Swan Jetter, and the Blue Swallow Jetter respectively, with the character's personalities being adapted from their respective Jetmen.

Along the way, some "Power Rangers Exclusive" Sixth Rangers enter the fray, making the total number of rangers 9 Jetters, with the Green Eagle and Pink Flamenco being the Sixth Rangers who will be the recurring rangers alternating between each mission from season 2 onward.

Season Two begins adapting Gokaiger proper but there will be modifications as they are given upgrades Cross Changers (in the form of the Mobilrates) as well as "Ranger Keys" which will allow them to activate the "Legacy Changer" feature of their new Cross Changers. The Gokaiger Suits will also be modified with Gokai Blue being Female, Gokai Yellow being Male, Gokai Green being modified into a Gokai Black, Gokai Pink being modified into a Gokai White and Gokai Silver being modified to the series' Gokai Green and Gokai Pink.

On with the new colors and the modifications to their core Gokaiger suits, they are also given "Style Change Jetter Keys" to "Style Change" into the various Jetters teams whom their powers happened at some point throughout the many existences. These "Jetter Styles" involve the various teams such as the "Classic Style" as well as "home-brewed ranger forms" to fill in the gaps of the canon teams, and fan made ranger designs that are used with authorization form their creators/owners.

Aside from that, the Jet Icarus and Jet Garuda will be used for the entire run of the series, the two megazords gaining additional abilities based off of the various Ranger & Sentai series from the Past. Think something like Zyu2 Megazord scenes only the megazord scenes starting from the second season on is based after the footage of Jetmankaiger.

After the second season, the Jetters get framed for a crime scene conspiracy no thanks to the Psycho Jetters. The Jetters' sentience is "Deportation from the Planet Earth," which will lead to the Third Season "Alien Rangers Jetters." Same Gokaiger adaptation of the second season only now it also adapts inspirations from the likes of Sonic Adventure 2.

Anyways, that's all I'm going to write today as this topic will be my fan film brainstorming log.


Also, Mods: Can this topic be a journal of the ideas I have for fan films while a future topic with the fruits of the studio's labor be possible down the line?

Re: Hudson Lights & Magic (Upcoming Fanmade Tokusatsu Studio coming eventually)

Posted: Sun May 10, 2020 7:16 pm
by Nathan Kerbonaut
I wish I had your creativity! I can tell this is a big project of yours, and although I don't understand the source material I'm interested in whatever comes out of this. :)

Re: Hudson Lights & Magic (Upcoming Fanmade Tokusatsu Studio coming eventually)

Posted: Mon May 11, 2020 2:42 pm
by JamesTCat
Nathan Kerbonaut wrote:
Sun May 10, 2020 7:16 pm
I wish I had your creativity! I can tell this is a big project of yours, and although I don't understand the source material I'm interested in whatever comes out of this. :)
Thanks Nate. And one of the latter seasons will involve the Jetters transforming into Anthropromorphic Plushes who will still pack a wallop as they continue to fight against the forces of Evil.

Re: Hudson Lights & Magic (Upcoming Fanmade Tokusatsu Studio coming eventually)

Posted: Tue May 12, 2020 12:18 am
by JamesTCat
It may take me years to make the several hundred billion dollars needed to make the studio possible but I will make it work somehow.

Aside from that, there may be a era where being a Ranger/Jetter can be a great acting start for something like a 3 year old (Provided he or she can do the things needed to show some maturity like being restroom trained.)

Provided he or she can be home schooled then they can essentially be something like a much younger Justin ("NITRO" Crate concept if Linkara have anything to say about the era in the "History of Hudson Lights & Magic" retrospective) becoming the era's new Red Jetter (Still keeping the Gokaiger aspects throughout the entire Jetters series run) and learn the many skills needed such as leadership and personal responsibility.

Aside from that, it may be a saga in this topic that will be none the less something to look forward to. (At the very least, you can't wait to see how this head-on trainwrecking may occur.

Re: Hudson Lights & Magic (Upcoming Fanmade Tokusatsu Studio coming eventually)

Posted: Sat May 16, 2020 2:28 am
by JamesTCat
Well, I couldn't find the Jetman Cross Changer props. Might as well make a Awesome yet Impractical Jetman Adaptation using entirely original footage and the like. Heck, I'll even go as commission Power Coins for Dino Bucklers, based on the Jetman Birds for the coins' designs.

I'll even go on and buy as many props and costumes as possible to make it all worthwhile. But I'll go over the story changes when I proceed to go on about it later today.

Re: Hudson Lights & Magic (Upcoming Fanmade Tokusatsu Studio coming eventually)

Posted: Sat May 16, 2020 10:33 am
by JamesTCat
So, I decided that in the initial seasons when production begins, I've decided to play the role of villain instead of ranger. A member of a "Lord Zedd Type Species" (If you wish to think of the role like that) who answers to the name of "Czar Richard P. Fungus." (Don't call him "Xick," lest you tee him off. And no, I never intended to game the censor. That name I have adjusted is the shorthand of "Richard." If you want me to use that replacement name I've made to replace the actual name, let me know and I'll put my money where my mouth is.)

Czar Fungus have been long time rivals with the likes of the Morphin grid since his first fateful battle against a team of four year old nomads who the Red Ranger answers to the name of "Needham." (Before you ask, his full name is "Hal Oliver Needham.") Through the many fights, both have grown tremendously, with Czar Fungus deciding "To heck with universal conquest, I want to keep this war they call a "game" going on to distract from the great depression the universe is going through as well as the near-complete extinction going on with the life sustaining planets nowadays."

And so, he gave the nomads access to the entire Tokusatsu Legacy via the "Ranger Key System." The normal ranger forms to morph into when doing the Gokaiger Adaptation is the Gokaiger Keys, but they instead set their default ranger team to the Jetman Keys and thus a new canon is born. They are now known as "The Jetters" as they make up names for the various forms throughout the dimensional existence of the Morphing Grid's powers.

Over time, the Jetters grew alongside Czar Fungus. They are essentially faminies (a term which I made up combining the words "Family" and "Enemies") as both continue "the Cosmic Game of the Morphing Grid."

It sounds a bit convoluted but the terms will be different from this adaptation of "JetmanKaiger" from the rest, such as footsoldiers being referred to as "Swatbots" regardless whenever or not they're machines, "Boss Badniks" to the monster of the week and many others that a dictionary will have to be made.

Anyways, this is all an excuse to instead invest on Mobilrates, Ranger Keys, and Custom Ranger Keys to go with the entire overhaul.

Re: Hudson Lights & Magic (Upcoming Fanmade Tokusatsu Studio coming eventually)

Posted: Sun May 17, 2020 7:22 am
by JamesTCat
In actuality, I will have to contact the custom ranger key makers through other ways since I am Persona Non Grata on RangerBoards. (Even though I no longer have the account they insist on me using, the account name is something I no longer wish to be associated with. I also hold no ill will towards the board, just that I will no longer use the board which is just as well since they don't want me there.)

New Power Coins for the Legacy Morpher costs 700 dollars for new molds. I'm sure that Starlight Studios will be doing business with me after all since I'll have to use Power Coins instead of Ranger Keys.

By the way, i am considering using the designs of the ranger's helmets like the Zeo Power Coins for those that have no determinable difference to the other in terms of unique Coin Designs.

Also, I have a Splash Screen made by Roger from IMP. I'll upload the logo sequence and use it as a splash screen for my various online video network channels as well as a introduction video for newcomers to the channel.

EDIT: Here's the Fan Film Studio's Logo.

Re: Hudson Lights & Magic (Upcoming Fanmade Tokusatsu Studio coming eventually)

Posted: Sun May 17, 2020 8:18 pm
by JamesTCat
I'm still working out the ideas and what to invest on when it comes to collectable morphing methods. Though I will still lean towards Power Coins for Dino Bucklers. (Yes, I insist on using the Japanese artisan Dino Buckler instead of the legacy morphers.)

At Seven hundred dollars per new power coin, Starlight Studios will be doing business with me.

Re: Hudson Lights & Magic (Upcoming Fanmade Tokusatsu Studio coming eventually)

Posted: Wed Jun 10, 2020 12:53 am
by JamesTCat
It's been a while huh? Well, I will get to buying props soon, but I am also considering doing fanmade sentai teams into real suits, through the magic of Aniki.

I have seen designs that can be made into reality with enough money. Although I just begun work to earn cash through the family, I will soon buy a helmet from Aniki. A trophy as a reward for a secret project involving self control.

But I will be working hard on making enough money to buy lots of things. Like custom Ranger Keys, custom weapons for the fan made sentais and the like.Looking forward to doing business with as many people as possible.

Re: Hudson Lights & Magic (Upcoming Fanmade Tokusatsu Studio coming eventually)

Posted: Sun Jun 14, 2020 12:56 pm
by JamesTCat
Still around. Just thinking things through when it comes to video distribution method. I'm thinking that the studio will still be funded privately (by yours truly) but with the authorization of the rights holders I could allow people to buy VHS Tapes that the cost is simply the resources needed to make the tape possible.

It will have a disclaimer stating that this tape should not be recorded over and should be shared but you should not monetize the tapes copies, you know standard ("Know your rights, and respect ours too!") kind of legal, in which if you paid for a copy and it's not a original master VHS tape from Hudson Lights & Magic then you have been scammed.

Heck, I'll even pay for the cosmetics of the case and tape labels out of my pocket.
Thinking for the boxes... Something like those Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog VHS Boxes or something among those lines.

Re: Hudson Lights & Magic (Upcoming Fanmade Tokusatsu Studio coming eventually)

Posted: Mon Jun 15, 2020 10:57 pm
by JamesTCat
One of the ideas I have is a Sonic The Hedgehog Tokusatsu called well... "Sonic The Hedgehog." It will be a combination of CG and Live Action at least till the "mobians" morph into more humanoid Power Ranger styled forms. (With body structure changes as well until the morphed fights are said and done for the episodes.)

Sonic Underground could also do with a finale in this series as one of said tokusatsu series's episodes. I will however make sure the Sonic Underground finale be within reason writing wise. Also is the possibility for "Sonic X The Live Action" that could be a change of pace as well. (Chris Throndyke and the rest of the Sonic X cast will be CG animated like the mobian characters. It will also be within reason writing wise as well.)

This series might have a backdoor pilot in one of the recurring tokusatsu shows of Hudson Lights and Magic, though how it will be taken is another matter all together.

Re: Hudson Lights & Magic (Upcoming Fanmade Tokusatsu Studio coming eventually)

Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2020 10:29 am
by JamesTCat
Today is somewhat of a slow day, but I was just thinking of some ideas as I post this. Like how a "Collectible Rangers" style Tokusatsu show could play out what with elements of collectible monsters being used in a Power Rangers style show, with "Data Bucklers" and "Data Medals" are how the Rangers could be morphed into.

Maybe I am just running into many ideas but Transforming Heroes will indeed be a Bread and Butter that Hudson Lights & Magic would likely do. Heck, I am thinking of a few sources where I could commission Ranger/Rider/Metal Hero Costumes, Monsters of the Week, Zords and Megazords, props galore and various other suits to go forth with.

The primary source for the Ranger Suits would be Aniki Cosplay since he's the one I want to do business with and he have even been commissioned by the official studios that work on Power Rangers for custom designs used in their material. I always wanted to do business with him, did I mention that already?

Another source (for Power Coins) would be Starlight Studios since he can do custom Power Coins and the like. He even made Energem props that one could buy,

Other than those two, I guess I could look for other prop and suit maker sources to work with. But I digress.

Re: Hudson Lights & Magic (Upcoming Fanmade Tokusatsu Studio coming eventually)

Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2020 7:09 pm
by JamesTCat
It's been a while hasn't it? I am considering my options wherever or not to involve power ups, as I'm considering the likes of a inflatable suits in case of something like "P-Balloons" from Super Mario Maker 2. I mean, I know the Video Game Power Ups may be something to look forward to, as I have caught a glimpse of "Paper Mario The Origami King" among other Modern Paper Mario Games where the items are used. May even have to buy a Wii U again to try my hand on Paper Mario Color Splash.

At least we don't have to worry about "Power Stickers" or the like in the upcoming Tokusatsu studios. Heck, I may be dictating at the moment but I am hoping that my Fan Studio's works would be the "Killer Programs" for some possible Youtube Alternatives in the future.

Re: Hudson Lights & Magic (Upcoming Fanmade Tokusatsu Studio coming eventually)

Posted: Sun Aug 30, 2020 9:57 am
by JamesTCat
Well, I am considering the idea of shooting all original footage for all the possible scenarios. Something akin to that of MMPR's original fight footage after the Mighty Morphin White Ranger have been revealed and they have said Dairanger Kibaranger suit with the Core Zyuranger suits.

Things will differ from the original process such as No Megazord Fight until the props, stages, zord props, zord cockpits and megazord suits, cockpits and combination sequences can be made possible, the characters moving like Sonic The Hedgehog speed and style wise as to avoid making custom vehicles and reproduction stunt vehicles, things free flowing to the point where it's rapid fire flow with the arsenals and legacy ranger forms but again, this is as to not to tick off the Youtube Algorithm.

The suits and weapons are the same as various Super Sentai and Power Ranger teams, the monsters du jour and various footsoldiers will seem to be selected with little rhyme or reason, as such will be referred as the generalized terms "SWATBots" for footsoldiers and "Boss Badniks" for the Monsters Du Jour.

Also aiming to be crazy prepared for anything as well as privately paying the actors and staff as well as stockpiling ranger suits, monsters, footsoldiers, props, weaponry for both rangers, megazords, footsoldiers, monsters and a whole lot of other things.

And yes, I will essentially have both male and female variants of all the possible rangers of all the possible ages, Up to a reasonable body weight of around 330 lbs. Why 330? Because most video game scales have that weight limit to make sure they don't break.