Mega Man 2 Video Game Challenge

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Mega Man 2 Video Game Challenge

Post by PeanutFan1997 »

3 free full digital art pieces (with backgrounds) for whoever beats this game first and you better show me proof that you actually played the game and didn't get pics from the web

Using the Wily Code is allowed (it's a password that takes you straight to Wily Castle)

Hint to beat MM2: Beat Metal Man first

Other rule: It can be normal or difficult settings.

Good luck furry gamers

These are examples of my art if you want to see my style
Peanut is an AWESOME character. 'Nuff said.

Okay I also like King and Fox's friendship ^^;

Let's face it I just LOVE Housepets. If I played against Peanut on a videogame...I'd lose. I'm pretty skilled too XD

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Re: Mega Man 2 Video Game Challenge

Post by rollingWolf »

Beat metal man first? While metal blades are by far the most powerful weapon they're not required on the first levels to beat the levels nor the bosses "easily".

I won't participate because, in all fairness and Im being modest here, I would kick everyones behind.
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