Howdy Mega Fans of Mega Man

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Howdy Mega Fans of Mega Man

Post by PeanutFan1997 »

So out of curiosity is there any other fans of the 24 pixel tall robot?

I think that the series is great still today. He may be going out but we'll always remember him, right guys? Do you guys have your fave robot masters?

I've always had a soft spot for Cut Man and Elec Man. You guys?
Peanut is an AWESOME character. 'Nuff said.

Okay I also like King and Fox's friendship ^^;

Let's face it I just LOVE Housepets. If I played against Peanut on a videogame...I'd lose. I'm pretty skilled too XD

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Re: Howdy Mega Fans of Mega Man

Post by rollingWolf »

I don't have any boss favs like that, but when it comes to music (not counting intros or Wiley stages) my favorite levelmusic are Snakeman (MM3) and Flashman (MM2).
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Re: Howdy Mega Fans of Mega Man

Post by Buster »

Nothing from the classic series, but if Mavericks count, It would be a tossup between Vile and Magma Dragoon.
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