Self created music thread!

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Re: Self created music thread!

Post by D-Rock »

Wow, sounded really nice!
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Re: Self created music thread!

Post by aBritishfox »

Been a while, but here's a track I made a while ago, TMLF, or Teenage mutant Lazy Foxes.

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Re: Self created music thread!

Post by Tales »

aBritishfox wrote:Been a while, but here's a track I made a while ago, TMLF, or Teenage mutant Lazy Foxes.

That is FANTASTIC!! I've never heard of that editor... I might have to give it a try. (I've just been using beepbox)
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Re: Self created music thread!

Post by CanzetYote »

All right. So I decided to write and sing my own Housepets! related song:

I'll warn you that I get quiet and VERY offkey in parts but I only restrained my singing in the verses so I wouldn't wake the house. Also, if it sounds weird in places, keep in mind that I had a fan blasting on me because it was really stuffy in my room. I went all-out of the chorus part, though because it's the strongest and catchiest part. I don't know how to play any instruments to be honest, so I just recorded myself singing the melody. I think it would be really cool if someone actually took time to do a guitar riff and add more instruments like keyboards and drums to my song. With some instruments, it could easily be a really great and catchy melodic rock song. It's supposed to be in the same music style as 80s rock music and was slightly lyrically inspired by music from the Rocky soundtracks and other 80s movie soundtracks that heavily feature AOR and melodic rock music. The chorus part was sort of inspired by Brother Firetribe's "One Single Breath". Overall, it's a very up-tempo rock song.

Verse 1:
You're walking through the woods
You feel so alone
Just a runaway
Looking for a place called home

You dry your tear-filled eyes
And take a leap of faith
It's your destiny
You are the opener of ways

If you open the gate
You'll be a hero to all
And if you ever shall fall
Jess will be there to catch you

So just open the gate
Let the magic flow through
Creatures will bow before you
If you like it or not

Woah, open the gate

Verse 2:
Can you look at the mess
The mess you just have made
Pete's on the loose
But you're a hero all the same

They share the stories
And sing songs of your feats
All through the forest
All through the garden's streets

(Chorus repeat)

(Guitar solo)

Open the gate
It's written in your fate
So don't be scared anymore
Just turn the key, open the door

I can see it in your eyes
You're a hero in disguise
Can't you feel the power inside
It's bursting through your veins

(Chorus repeat X2)

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Re: Self created music thread!

Post by Douglas Collier »

Created this short piece about a month ago, titled “The Corgiest Pet Shop”. ... 34f58c257a
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