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HPU - Richardson Valley

Posted: Wed Feb 11, 2009 9:14 pm
by Brittles
Information page can be found here.. Anyones free to join FYI. Newbie friendly game don't you know ;)


"Curses!" the black cat cried, slamming his fist into the table, his large eyes bulging as his laptop shakes lightly."Hits per minute is down again!" he growled, looking at the numbers flashing in front of him with disgust. It had been like this the past few weeks... day, after day less, and less pets were looking at the Espresso Express News Blog. How would he achieve the ultimate riches of fame, and glory he so very much deserved if he can't keep the attention of a few dumb, dumb dogs? He stood up, one paw at his back, the other sliding across his white, white whiskers as he started to pace.

"... Hmm.. it seems the whole 'Grandio Christmas Chicken fiasco (Don't ask, you don't want to know, seriously!) has lost the attention of the public.. my adoring fans demand a new story" He snaps his fingers, the long eared dog cheerfully appearing beside him, eyes closed, raising up a cup of something

"Caww-feee~" she said almost singing.

He grabbed it quickly, swallowing it whole in one gulp, as Dee just stood there smiling cheerfully, eyes still half closed, tail lightly wagging. Espresso pointed up suddenly "If it's a new story they want! It's a new story they will get! The Public demands the truth, and Espresso 'Express' Snow will provide it!... or well by truth I mean 'whatever grabs their attention most! hehehe. Dog! I'll need your assistance with this!" Dee simply nodding, and letting out a quick "Okayyyy~"

With that the two started to march out outside, the black cat still pondering as he walked out the door "But where to find it... a good old scandal would be lovely but I've no where to start! Hmm.. a good old fashion Dog-Lovers story would do the trick.. but where would I find one of those freaks on such short notice... huh?" he stopped suddenly as a red scarf was wrapped around his neck, Dee being quite tidy, and quick about it. "Cold out" explained quietly as she finished . Espresso blushed lightly frowning as he glanced away "... Right.. right...Snow still on the ground. I knew that"

Once they were both outside, Dee wearing a Yellowish-Orange scarf of her own. Once they were in view our main cat pointed forward "... Nothing can bar us from bringing the truth to the public! So erm.. huh..." He glanced around, his finger suddenly slanting downwards "Where to first?"

OOC:Ok then, here we go folks! Feel free to introduce yourselves whenever! Currently my two little heroes are standing right outside "The Wall" A Coffee shop in the middle of the neighborhood, though anything obviously 'evil' said by Espresso was away from listening ears haha. Feel free to put yourselves wherever you want, you need not be exactly where my own characters are. Maybe you can be the story Espresso is looking for?

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Thu Feb 12, 2009 7:33 pm
by Jumplion
Jumplion layed sprawled out on his backyard lawn, bored with nothing to do.

"Man," he moaned, "there's nothing to do nowadays"

It was a beautiful day to be sure. If birds could sing, they'd be singing. the flowers were blossoming. There were just enough clouds to catch somebodies attention. But it was all just boring!

He sat up straight and looked around. A random tree caught his eye. "Well, I could start an adventure?" Jumplion started to stare at the tree really hard. It started to morph into something. A spaceship? A pirateship? A courtship (to a wedding)? A toiletship(?)? "The space ship to the pirate planet of "Course: The planet of the Toilets'!.....naw, starting a whole adventure is to predictable."

He slumped back down to the ground. "Man," he moaned, "there's nothing to freakin' do!!"

Suddenly, a noise. The sound of a car screeching to a halt. A door opening. Then slamming shut. The the *tap tap tap* of footsteps. And the sound of little kids screaming at the top of their lungs.

No way. It was this week?!?!?

"JAY JAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!" Two voices yelled at the top of their lungs.

It was this week.

It was the Riedely Twins.


Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2009 5:38 pm
by no space
"Be good now," Sarah mock warned him. "I don't want you to come back covered in mud again."

Zeppelin nodded sagely, trying not to grin. "Yes, ma'am, I promise." He had actually only come back covered in mud once, years ago, when they had first brought him home, but it had become a sort of inside joke between the two of them.

"Okay," she smiled now, and patted his head. "We'll be back in a few hours." With that she turned and, giving one small wave in the doorway, bounded out to the minivan where her parents were waiting.

Zeppelin watched from a window. When the car was out of sight, he sighed. Now what? He looked over his small collection of video games and considered working on his large Pokemon team for a while. Then, deciding he didn't want to lose a few hours to his newest Haunter just yet, he grabbed a small jacket and walked outside.

It wasn't quite as cold as he liked. The jacket really wasn't necessary, but it did have several rather convenient pockets. He played with his goggles idly, still standing on the porch, then decided to walk around the neighborhood to see if anything was happening. Without thinking, he started toward Kayla's house, but she was out of town for a week at least- skiing, the lucky dog. He sighed again, and just the faintest wisp of his breath was visible. Maybe Jumplion's up to something.

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Fri Feb 13, 2009 6:52 pm
by Jumplion
The Reidely twins ran over to Jumplion. The stount 4 year olds were faternal twins(?), Jimmy being the oldest by 2 seconds and Lilly being the smarts of the bunch.

Those two were the devil's children, but only Jumplion knew that. Everyone thought they were just adorable and the most precious things ever (they were "things" alright!), but Jumplion knew better.

Over the few 3 years he's known them, they've pulled out his hair, tugged his ears, broke his big toe, made him fall out of a tree, somehow got him sleeping on the roof, and embarassed him infront of a Dany's Dogs meeting. They were hellish little imps, and he wanted nothing to do with them.

But they were coming right at him!

"JAY JAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!" They screamed again. Arms open, the "Wonder Twins" pounced on poor Jumplion like two big tigers. He helplessly yipped and clawed at the air for both oxygen and attepting to break free of their grasp. But it was useless. Jimmy had him by the stomach and Lilly was giving him smooshes across his face.

"Jay Jay's still a coot as evur!" Lilly smiled.

Jimmy giggled, "And softur dan befor! He tickles!"

"!" Jumplion managed to breath out. He needed to get out of here! Then, out of the corner of his eye, he saw hope. Hope, and a pair of goggles. "ZEPPLIN! ZEP-FREAKIN-LIN! SAAVE ME!!!" He screamed.

"Jim! Ily! Get in here, take Jay Jay with you, we're starting dinner!" Deborah, the mother of the I love you, called for them.

"Yes mumah!" They chided together. "We're gunna have awot of fun with you~!" Lilly laughed. "Alot of fun!" Jimmy chimed in.

"No! No, please! Anything but that, you can leave me out here! Please! I'm...uh....not hungry! I just ate an hour ago, I need the food to rest! No really, I'm fine, I don't need anything to eat or anything shoved in my ear like last dinner, please no!"

But resistance was futile, and the twins dragged poor Jumplion into the house. He continued to scream for help, mainly at Zeppy, but nobody seemed to hear his calls.

Oh, what a tragic day. Let's hope he survives......!!

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Sat Feb 14, 2009 9:44 am
by no space
((It's fraternal))

Zeppelin watched helplessly from a distance. Oh yes, Jump was doomed no matter what he did to help. Zeppelin thought back to the last time the twins had set their sights on himself and shuddered, absentmindedly rubbing the back of his neck, where the twins had ripped out fistfuls of hair.

"Hey there, Zep," he heard a voice from the house, where Jumplion had just been dragged in through the door. He froze. It was Jump's ((okay, I dunno how your family is set up, so I'm just going to say:)) father, standing just outside the back door. "I saw your family drive off a little while ago. You wanna come in and have something to eat?"

Oh no. Oh, no no no. "No, that's alright, sir." He tried to keep his voice steady, but couldn't prevent a little hitch as he started to say, "I wouldn't want to-"

"Nonsense! We've got plenty of food, and I'm sure the twins would love to have another dog over." Zeppelin almost whined. "Come on in, it'll be fun." Jump's dad smiled warmly and held out his hand, inviting him in.

Zeppelin barely managed to keep his head from dropping in defeat as he walked toward the door. Did everyone in Jumplion's family have to be so persistent?

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Sat Feb 14, 2009 12:28 pm
by Brittles
It was a beautiful day to be sure. If birds could sing, they'd be singing. the flowers were blossoming. There were just enough clouds to catch somebodies attention. But it was all just boring!
OOC:Didn't I say there was still snow on the ground? :lol: Ah well! Flowers blooming through the few naked spots on the ground... muffins and cookies things seem to think it's spring!

the door went slam, and Zep was a prisoner! Outside... was silent finally. The racket being pulled inside, everything was at peace again. But we can't have it stay like that can we? A cold wind blew... and two big old black ears appeared twitching at the top of the houses fence.... ".. and what was that I racket I wonder?" The Black Cat Espresso pulled himself the rest of the way up sitting on-top of the fence like.. well a cat! He slid his paw down those white, white whiskers. "Yesss... something interesting going on perhaps...? Something blackmail worthy? That Racket was anything but friendly! There's news afoot my lackey come on climb on up here and uh" He glances back down finding Dee already on the other side.

She points back "Gate open"

Espresso let out a loud sigh "... are you trying to make a fool of me today?" he jumps down, and over to the house we go Espresso making a good effort to be sneaky about it..... being very.. very silly about it in his slinking around low, going flat against the wall, even tip toeing with piano strings included! While Dee just.. well.. casually walked behind him as peaceful as a could be, paws at her back. Being almost as silent without any of the effort.

The dog raised her nose taking one or two simple sniffs, eyes closing, and ears perking very, very light. "Dinner time~.... Jumplion's not having fun though.." she said quietly enough that Espresso didn't hear, eyes going half opened again as she strolled on forward.

OOC:Time to make an agility check!... or wait, no we don't roll things in this game.. never mind. No going inside the house for me though, just expect them to appear when fitting haha.

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Sat Feb 14, 2009 2:41 pm
by Jumplion
OOC: Just a heads up, this pardicament is leading to the introduction of Jessica/Juliet/[insert name not starting with J], JJ's-I MEAN Jumplion's girlfriend, though like I said this will be how they end up together. Sometimes I hate it when my mind wanders off...[/OOC]

Jumplion clawed at the floor, leaving scratch marks all over on the ground (yeesh, overreacting much? NO WAY!) "Jumpy, stop scratching the floor! You'll ruin the flooring!" Sophia, Jumplion's mother (human), scolded him.

"Yes 'um," Jumplion whimpered. He knew better than to argue with his mommy, when she ordered something you had better follow it!

"Hey lil' buddy, guess who's joining us for dinner?" Homer (NOT a simpsons reference), the dad, lightly pushed Zeppy into the house, "your friend Zepplin's gonna keep you company!" The poor dog looked nervous, probably didn't want to deal with the Wonder Twins either.

"Ungh, Homer, we don't have enough food for an extra mouth!" Sophia groaned, "We can't have you unexpectedly inviting in random pets."

"Aw, Sophie, come on. Jumplion's obviously distressed, he just needs some familiar company to raise his spirits."

Sophia sighed in exasperation, "Fine, but we need to know these things before hand. I'll cook up an extra batch of Dog-spetti."

Homer, slightly annoyed, nodded in agreement and turned to jumplion. "Now you behave, you understand me mister? You nearly hurt the twins every time they came to visit, I don't want another accident!"

Grumbling, Jumplion muttered something along the lines of "fine", even though he would be the one getting hurt here. They never understand!

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Sat Feb 14, 2009 4:12 pm
by no space
Zeppelin stared at his feet and played awkwardly with his goggles. A potential argument over him, even if it wasn't his fault, was possibly worse than the twins. Then he heard their voices. Okay, maybe not quite as bad as the twins.

"Hey Zany!" Lilly screeched.

"Oh good Lo- whuh!" and suddenly she had let go of Jumplion and jumped onto Zeppelin, knocking him onto his back.

"Zany-Zany-Zaaane!" she beat on his chest with her palms in what she probably thought was a playful manner. Zep managed to lift her off of him and set her on the ground next to him, but she still slapped at his arms, laughing. Keeping one hand aimed down at the child to keep her from jumping at him again, he stood, and cautiously made his way to where Jimmy still had Jump pinned.

"Hey, Jimmy," Zeppelin hazarded. "I think the food's ready. Why don't you go ahead and get ready to eat? I, uh... have a surprise for you if you do." They boy's eyes lit up, and he jumped up ran for the dining room without a word. Zeppelin turned back to Lilly, who was still giggling on the floor. "You too, Lilly."

"Yay!" she squealed, and set off after her brother. When they had both left, Zeppelin helped Jumplion to his feet.

"I think we can break out a window with one of those books and escape," Zep whispered conspiratorially into Jump's ear, nodding at a row of large encyclopedias.

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Sat Feb 14, 2009 5:48 pm
by Jumplion
"But I like Dog-spetti," Jumplion moaned a bit. "Oh wait...yeah, we should probably get out of here." In the moment of the mad dash to the encyclopedias, he realized that he had to be on his best behavior. The twins may be little devils out to get him, but that doesn't mean he couldn't keep up his good behavior record. He hasn't been chained up to the dog house in 2 years! Running away would probably make things worse for him, and he did not want to see Sophia angry.

You never want to see Sophia angery.

Overstriken with guilt, Jumplion slumped to the ground. "Nah, you go ahead. I don't want to get in trouble, even if it does mean that I have to deal with the twins. Though it'll be a wonder how long I'll be able to stand them..."

Grumbling at his change of heart, Jumpy reluctantly turned around and headed over to the dining room where Thing 1 and Thing 2 were singing "It's a Small world afterall" incredibly off key.

"Oh goody," he moaned sarcastically. In a last attempt to help himself survive, he licked his thumb and rubbed it on his stomach spot. "Good luck's hot..."

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Sat Feb 14, 2009 8:23 pm
by no space
Zeppelin stared, mouth agape, as Jumplion charged for the encyclopedias. Did this dog ever get a joke? He almost lunged at him to stop him, but it soon proved unnecessary when Jump froze in his tracks and sat down. Zep shook his head and followed right behind Jump as he headed toward the dining room, with the twins. It was going to be a long night.

Wait... What's dog-spetti?

Before he could ask the question, though, they were in the dining room.

((Sorry for the short post. No time.))

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Sat Feb 14, 2009 9:42 pm
by Jumplion
((heh, it's not my fault that sarcasm is hard to detect on the internetz!))

"Dog-spetti is spaghetti for Dogs, just for the record. Soph makes really good ones with cheese," Jumplion said to Zeppelin as if reading his mind.

Jumplion jumped up to a spare chair at the table. Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dumb were playing with their food, Lilly had pudding smeared on her face (dessert before the entre? How unclassy!) and Jimmy looked like he was about to cry from accidentally eating a chille pepper on his mother's plate (serves him right, hehehe).

Dinner was much more awkward that it usually was. Everything was real quiet, even with the twins here. There was...electricity in the air. It was like a single match would start something.

"The halapinio sauce is a bit too spicy."

Oy, there was the spark.

"Too spicy?" Sophia said.

"Just a little bit too much sauce, deary." Homer mumbled to himself.

"Well excuse me for being the cook all day. I've been working my butt off to feed you guys here." Sophia didn't seem all that happy.

"Sorry, it's constructive critisizm!" Homer threw his hands up in defeat.

"I don't think you're in any position to critique me you couch potatoe!"

This didn't seem good...

((Sorry if I'm going ahead to fast, I'll condense my posts if you need me to))

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Posted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 11:23 am
by no space
((I suppose I'll use '/sarcasm' from now on, hehe))

Zeppelin stared numbly at his food, which was only about half-eaten even though he was actually famished. He hated arguments. It's so much easier to just talk logically.

He tried to work up the courage to take a bite, but couldn't stop thinking that if he did, everyone would suddenly focus on him. He was just glad that everyone seemed to have forgotten about him. He glanced up from his food for just a brief moment, and seemed to catch sight of a single, pointy black ear in the window. He blinked once in surprise, and it was gone. He refocused his attention on his food, and soon forgot about it.

Zeppelin looked at his pocketwatch-turned-wristwatch- the face of which was almost as big as his hand- carefully, not wanting to attract attention. Maybe I can get away if I tell them I have to get home before... It had only been fifteen minutes. They would never believe that. He slumped a little lower in his seat and stole a glance at Jump, who looked even worse than Zep did. He couldn't help but wonder how common an occurrence this was.

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 2:22 pm
by Jumplion
The argument continued on for what seemed like hours. It had been like this for the past couple of weeks now, Homer was always home late from work since he wanted to make a good impression on his boss for him to not fire him (in this economy, who wouldn't do that? ZING!) and Sophia always seemed to be on edge with everything. Having the twins over probably wasn't helping the relationship.

But Jumplion did nothing to stop their arguing. Last time he did that he ended up going to his room with no dinner. So he just stayed quiet, hopeing that this was just a phase for a 3 year married couple. Afterall, you always heard jokes that "Marrage changes people!" right?

The argument continued, something about the car's tires, then back to the japaleno sauce, and then something about a famous band he'd never heard of. Aside from the two voices, everything seemed to be quiet. Even the twins were nervous and hadn't touched their food.

Finaly, after what seemed like an eternity, the arguing stopped and Sophia declared that dinner was over. Then it was time to go to the living room and watch whatever Nickleodeon was showing (Jumplion got to pick the channel in the drawing!). Atleast the argument had died down, but he couldn't concentrate on the show. He was getting angry, for why he didn't know. Maybe it was because of the arguing and it was brushing off of him. They'd been like that for a few weeks, why couldn't they just make up and kiss up?

Then, it just happened....

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Sun Feb 15, 2009 7:09 pm
by no space
Zeppelin was glad when dinner was over, but the tension didn't dissipate completely. He was about to say his farewells when the twins remembered his promise.

"ZAAAAA-ny!" Lilly yelled, and grabbed one of his legs. Jimmy soon followed suit. "Surprise!" They yelled together.

Blast! He scrambled for an idea, anything. Hmm... they're small... right? "Alright," he tried to sound enthusiastic. "How would you... uh... like a piggy back ride?" He almost winced waiting for the reply.

"Yay!" Crap.

Ten minutes later, tired, sore, and missing a large patch of fur on his neck, Zeppelin peeled Jimmy off and set him beside his sister. They were in the living room with the rest of the family, and both were begging for a second round.

"Err... maybe next time," he bargained, eying the door desperately. "I've really got to get home. Jump...?"

((Okay, whatever you have planned, just go along like I agree with whatever you want, because I dunno what you have in mind.))

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Mon Feb 16, 2009 2:09 am
by Brittles
"Arguing~" Dee mentioned passively, her ears still perking a tiny, tiny bit as she absorbed the conversations going on inside. Didn't sound like it was going well, she felt a bit of pit for the quiet parties involved. Always sucks to be in a room with two very loud people.

The Black Cat had scouted the house out in that time, every window, every entrance all the while humming a mission impossible theme to himself in a rather amusing manner. It was.. still not to late in the day yet.. though the sky was clouding up, snow, or at the very least, freezing rain was on its way. He returned to Dee with his plan in mind skill stroking those white, white whiskers "My dear do you smell what I smell?"

"Um.. potatoes?" She sniffs again "People a whole bunch..., Girl Cat recently, two Doggies, bad cooking..."

Quickly Espresso raises a finger waving it "You're missing one important thing! There's been a cat in this house, and often I do believe. It's a shame your senses aren't as acute as mine"

Dee gives a nod: how silly of her to miss something like that!

"Now..." Espresso grins wide "This family doesn't 'own' a cat now do they? And what would a lovely girl cat be doing visiting a Dog like Jumplion so often....hmmm" Dee opens her mouth as if to answer, it seemed pretty obvious where he was going with this:The Cat was likely his girl fri.... but Espresso beat her to it! raising his hand up to her face!

"Isn't it obvious my dear!? Jumplion is one of Martys Spies! The girl is obviously the go-between here...likely sold out his own for dog biskets"

Dee sighed just a bit, and gave him a dopey smile as always.

(Imagination scene kicked in!)

The Two splinter cell operatives stood there outside of the huge enemy compound, decked out in their black commando gear, the grizzled operative:Dead-eye Express was the head of this little operation.. a grizzled vet of many a mission, and oh so popular with the ladies too I might add! As many spies were! Sadly his womanizing ways had caused his superiors to give him a side-kick with a nose so big a mother couldn't love it! She smelled like a wet dog the very least it allowed him to keep his mind on the job.

"Our mission is simple recruit:Infiltrate the facility, Find evidence of Captain Lions treachery, and bring it back to the Dany-ian central command. They'll put our names up in lights for this private I'll tell you that... now we only need to get inside undetected.." he scratched his chin in wonder.

Dee nodded, still lazy eyed as always..... kid needs to learn to pay attention. The lazy dog pointed at the open window... where the entire family now sat completely distracted by their arguments. It'd be a walk in the park to sneak in from the opposite side of the house, and....

"We'll go in through that open window there! Good thing I spotted it! Woo Express always has his eye on the job..."

So then! the plan was afoot! As the freezing rain started to fall Espresso made his way to the open window.. sliding up, and down.. all around.... using the best Daytime TV commando tactics money could buy. He was.. still... pretty quiet, and over the sound of the falling rain, and the argument not a soul heard him, he quickly faded into the shadows, his black form perfect for it.

Sadly he was about to be jolted back to reality.

"flower power Woman! You can't construct a proper argument with 'Maybes'! You need to use proper facts to state your point of view and...." Homer paused... shivering for a moment ".. and who opened that darn window?!" The Father of the family got up, walked right over, and SLAM. The window went down hard, and fast... so fast he didn't notice a certain cats overly long tail still half way in it.

Que Espresso biting into his own arm to stop himself from screaming ^_^!

He pulled it up again "... darn thing won't close right..."

Espresso's sigh of relief and... SLAM AGAIN! UTTER FACE OF PAIN! ACK!.... and .... AGAIN... darn thing just wouldn't stay all the way shut!

Que Espresso grinding his teeth, and blowing into a paper bag still trying his very best not to scream.

Finally the lady of the house stopped him.. just long enough for the now fetal position cat to pull his tail the rest of the way in. ".. the lock was put the wrong way." She said matter of fact like, setting it right before closing the window silently.. the two oblivious of Espresso scampering off to tend to his poor, poor squashed tail.

Where is Dee at during all of this? Haha don't worry you'll see....just assume she might pop up anywhere :D that is her nature.

Please don't automatically spot him now: it'd be nice if he gets a chance to sneak around first ok? Oh, and just for the record:Homers manner of speech here was meant to be a joke haha. And no Jumps secret is not out what so ever...well save a secret that he doesn't actually HAVE! I plan to have Espresso never learn the truth of it. No worries :lol:

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Mon Feb 16, 2009 8:17 pm
by Jumplion
((Hehe, good post Britty. I think it's important to note that JJ (I like that name more than I want to...) has never met Dannile (okay, should it be Jessica or Dannile or something?) yet. This is going to be like a completely new person appearing. though it's convineint that you mentioned the girl cat, it makes things that much easier to introduce her :D)

Oh great, the spouses were fighting again. Jumplion still couldn't reason why they were fighting. It had been fine a few weeks ago, but it just all of a sudden started getting bitter between them. It was making him worried. It was making him....angry (JUMPY SMASH!). They were keeping something from him. For all he knew, he could be the cause of all this arguing. Maybe it started when he accidentally ate that pie before dinner? What if they started arguing about him being a burden? Who knew why they started arguing.

They were keeping something away from him. It was frustrating him near to the point of tears.

"Dangit, I hate it when I overthink." He grumbled to himself, pinching his nose bridge in a form of calming down. It was probably nothing, just a phase for married couples. But dangit, why couldn't they just calm down for a bit?

It wasn't helping that Lilly was tugging at his ear.
And Jimmy was jumping up and down making loud noises of an airplane around him.

"Can you heer me naow?" Lilly asked, using his ears as a telephone. "I'm sorree, we're going thru a tunnel!"

"Whadya like about ice cream? My favorite is strawwbewwry~! But I loik chocolte to!" Jimmy voice was really getting irritating.

"Guys, could you stop it please? I'm not in the mood to play."

"Why not? Is doggie sad?" Jimmy asked, still making some droning sounds of a hot air baloon (what?) in the background.

"Please stop that noise Jimmy." Jumplion was getting irritated.

"Helllloooooooooooooo??" Lilly was still trying to get a signal for her cellphone.

"Do you like pizza? My favorites pineapple!"
"Are you tere?"
"Pineapple is a vegetable. I don't like vegetables!"
"I can't hear you..."

"SHUT UP YOU TWO!" Jumplion yelled. Then, as quick as a flash, he heard a bite, and then a scream. What just happened?

"OWWWIEE!! Jay Jay bit me!" Lilly cried. Her hand was bleeding a little, nothing too serious. It's a good thing Jumplion wasn't an attack dog!
"OWWWIEE!!" Jimmy yelled in succession. He wasn't hurt, so it was probably a twin thing.

Wait, Jumplion just bit someone.


Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Tue Feb 17, 2009 4:56 pm
by no space
Zeppelin froze. No, that couldn't have just... Jump would never... He shook his head and blinked. The other dog looked even more confused than he did. Oh, Jump, no, he whined inside his head.

Before anyone else had recovered, Zep's mind was racing. What do I do? Do I leave? Should I stay to give witness? What about Jump? Can I help him?

He shifted his gaze from Jump's guilty face to his parents, remembering how angry they had been about something so small just seconds ago.

Do I know anyone with a safe house in Mexico?

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Tue Feb 17, 2009 11:03 pm
by Jumplion
Jumplion saw Zeppy nervously standing around near the exit to the house. He had completely forgoten about him, he was so quiet. Though he didn't blame him, if he was in his place he'd be the same. JayJay motioned to Zep that he could leave, he didn't want to embarass himself or Zepplin any further.

Jumplion lowered his eyes from his parents. Clearly they were mad. Madder than mad, probably furious, outraged, run a marathon off to the moon and back! Either way, he did not want to tick them over further to the deep end of the pool. It was bad enough they were arguing but now it seemed their anger was fully directed towards him.

He didn't like that.

They did the standard yelling, telling him "we raised you better than this!" and "I can't believe you did this!". The verbal assault just seemed to go on and on.

"Why the fff-fipper-doodle did you bite Lilly and Jim? They have done nothing wrong to you!"

This 'cause Jumpy to fight back, "What do you mean nothing wrong to me? They've been nothing but terrors to me! Pulling my hair, jumping on my stomach, screaming in my ear, they're little devils!"

"Don't talk about your cousins that way!" Sophia scolded.

"Well maybe I wouldn't be like this if you guys would stop arguing!"

Homer, clearly infuriated with JJ's talk back, grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and headed towards the backyard door. They wouldn't... "Until you learn some better manners, you're going to stay in the doghouse for a week! Ya hear me!?"

"What? That's completely unfair! (of course it is) And it's starting to rain outside!"

"Maybe the rain will help cool you off while you're out there!" Homer dragged Jumpy to the doghouse, boots scrunching in the already soaking wet ground, and tossed him into the doghouse. Then, mumbling some curses under his breath, he grabbed the chain and locked it in place on Jump's colar.

"Maybe it's you two that need to stay in the rain to cool off!" The situation was just too good to pass on that retort. Sighing angrily, Homer walked back to the house and shut the door. He heard the locks seal tight. He wasn't going anywhere.

Jumplion sighed as he felt a single rain drop plop down on his muzzle. "Great," he muttered, "hopefully it won't-"



((Ho ho! This post was longer than I thought it would be. The cat who's name I still havn't decided will be introduced shortly. Hey, you gotta have a dramatic meeting for your "first love" right?))

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Sat Feb 21, 2009 2:15 pm
by no space
While everyone was busy screaming their lungs out, Zeppelin manged to sneak unnoticed out the front door. As it clicked quietly shut behind him, he sighed in relief. He felt sorry for Jump, sure, but man it was good to be away from there. Spirits lifted by the cold and and sharp scent of coming rain, he trotted down the sidewalk towards home. After thirty feet or so however, he reached absentmindedly to pull his jacket around himself only to realize that it wasn't there. He stopped and groaned- he could see it in his mind, hanging right next to the front door. He had walked right past it on his way out.

There was no way he was going back to the house now- he would just get the jacket from Jumplion later. While he stood contemplating this, he heard a door slam. Worried that it might be someone coming out the front of the house he turned, looking for quick cover. No one was there though, which meant that the slam came from the back of the house. Zep remembered the dog house in the back yard and quickly figured it out.

He was still trying to decide whether or not to go back and check on Jumplion when the first rain drops spattered against his fur. He shook, smiling, momentarily forgetting the conundrum. He did so love the rain. If it started to... he flinched as dusk suddenly lit up and the rumbling crash vibrated in his chest. He laughed.

Well, he thought, Jumplion probably won't enjoy this as much as me. I guess I can hang out for a little while longer. Sarah won't mind too much, and I'm sure they'll understand.

Whistling, Zeppelin made his way around the house, careful to avoid the windows.

((So, shall Zep and Dee bump into each other? Or should he just be on his merry way back home?))

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Sun Feb 22, 2009 7:29 pm
by Brittles
Zeppelin's walk was stopped by a strange little sound behind him...

Click... click.. Fa -trump..woosh~! Then came a million quiet little drum beats one after another tapping away at the fabric above him, natures little song as it were.

Suddenly he wasn't getting wet anymore.

The girl dog still had her dopey smile, and half closed eyes as she held the second umbrella over his head. Her tail waged just once "Gonna catch a cold" she said in a friendly tone. The second umbrella had been for Espresso, her nose having given the heads up before they left that rain was on the way, but right now Espresso had a roof over his head, and this poor dog didn't.

Did Zeppelin recognize her? Not for me to say: he could have been at the coffee shop before, and seen her there... assuming his owner went to such places. Maybe he knew one of the people in her Wednesday gaming group? Went to her little blog? Acquaintances? Strangers? Who knows ha!

He most certainly would know of Espresso though:The Cat did all he could to make a name for himself. Speaking of the scoundrel..

Oh distractions, delicious distractions. People yelling, Jump being exiled! The entire house with its eyes somewhere else! The Black cat had no trouble Splinter celling his way around the house in search of Jumplions 'hidden stash'. A stash that didn't exist mind you, but hey: no one told Espresso that. Still, the black cats grin couldn't be wider as he started looting through Jumplions stuff.. the evidence had to be around here SOMEWHERE.. or at the very least something blackmail worthy! toys, toys, Books, junk...."Where, oh where did you hide it Lion..?" the cat rubbed his chin ".. It's in this house somewhere I know it"

I suppose what he finds is up to you Jump haha. He is in YOUR house after all.

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Sun Feb 22, 2009 9:47 pm
by Jimmy Jazz
NOTE: my owner is Russian. I'm just to lazy to make a accent for him. sorry guys. you'll just have to come up with it as you read.

moving was a stressful thing for humans jugging from his owners reaction. Octavian was a little nervous but not much. "well. looks like we're here!" Octav's owner said. as he pulled up into a drive way. "looks mundane" Octav said

"don't be so grumpy. moving is a Adventure!" Octav's owner said as he climbed out the car.

"bah... i hate large groups of people." he said with his hands in his pockets.

"*sigh* some one would of thought domesticating your Grandmother would have made you at least like living like this."

"who ever thought that was wrong. you got a few generations before we like large groups of people" he said while opening the door.

"ah... well... I'm going to unload. the moving vans should be here soon."

"ok. I'm going to go Explore. see if this place is as mundane as it seems."

"all right. dinner will be around 10:00"

he waved his hand back at his owner to show that he knew what he just said. it started raining he didn't mind and kept walking. as he walked by a house he noticed a black cat sneaking into a house and two dogs by the side of the house
one holding a umbrella over the other. he deiced to check out what was going on. he walked over hoped the fence and rolled under the windows so not to be noticed by the people inside and said "hi, how ya doing?".

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Mon Feb 23, 2009 3:39 pm
by no space
((Haha, actually, I was going to have him recognize her from the coffee shop before you even said that.))

Zep jumped at the sound of the umbrella, which had sounded suspiciously like a gun cocking. When he looked up and saw the underside of the umbrella though, he relaxed. I need to stop playing so many video games, he thought as he turned to who he expected to be Jumplion.

The dog was completely caught off guard by who was actually standing there, however. "Uhh..." he swallowed. "Thanks." He was going to tell her, 'But I don't mind the rain,' but instead he just took the umbrella, dumbfounded.

"Say, have I seen you around?" He thought a moment. "The... oh, at the coffee shop! You're always... well, drinking the goods." He smiled awkwardly. Oh, I suck at meeting new people.

"Isn't there a cat over there t-" he started, but was cut off by the sight of a small fox-like creature jumping over the fence.

Fantastic, more new people to meet, he thought.

"Hello," Zep offered the newcomer. "Hu-, uh, and..." Oh, this will never do.

"Introductions and explanations," he pleaded, "before I get even more lost." Then he remembered Jump in the dog house, and suddenly felt guilty for standing here talking while he was alone. "On the way over there," Zeppelin added quickly, pointing toward where Jumplion would be. "I have to... meet someone."

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Mon Feb 23, 2009 8:26 pm
by Jumplion
Jumplion whined slightly at his pardicament. Chained up at the dog house was something that he had never been...well, chained up to before. Last time this happend it was 3 or so years ago and it was because one of the visitors had a slight alergy to dogs.

Or atleast he figured, he couldn't tell from all the sneezing, yelling, and coughing going around when he was chained up.

Either way, it sucked. The chain was not that long and was cold against his fur. He liked the coolness, though it didn't do much to deter his annoyed mood. The slight drizzle of rain, with the sight of thunder storm clouds on the horizon only made his mood worse.

"Jeez, this is just...perfect," he muttered, obviously sarcastically.

Out of the corner of his eye, he cought something in the house. Second floor? (I think I have a second floor?) In the window, his room's window. Someone was there, but why? And who? Then a large tail plumed from the window, the undeniable silohuette of Espresso. "muffins and cookies cat," he muttered, "He better not be messing around with my game collection." (Fun fact: my game collection consists of 36 games for the PS2, PS3, and Wii! :D)

Unfortunately, Espresso went in deep enough his drawers to find a floopy disk containing some animations he was working on for fun. 3 weeks work wasted! ((heh, you know what would be fun? I could animate some of those and give them to Brittles as a "hot topic" thing on Espresso's blog! It would help unrust me and let me practise.))

Sighing yet again, Jumplion walked over inside the dog house. Just then, another thunderbolt...


Then a shriek,


Who was that?...

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 12:02 am
by Brittles
Just a small note:It's winter, this rain isn't far off from freezing, VERY cold. Not very pleasant at all. Good thing we're all born with coats, but yes.

Hmm a bit nervous this one Dee realized pretty quickly. He accepted the umbrella blurting out a rather awkward reply, and Dee certainly didn't mind. She just smiled, laughing softly confirming his guess "Mostly the good drinks, sometimes to bad." She pressed one paw on her fluffy chest "Dee~" before glancing up at the house, giving her little explanation "Heard a lot of yelling... Jumps house..huh?" the corner of her eye went back to him "Zeppelin yes?.. Easier to say just Zep though" she almost seemed to ponder that point.

It was around then the third party member showed on up, causing Dee to glance back, giving a smile, and a wave. There were sure a lot of pets outside for weather like this, But she has Espresso to worry about, and Zep had Jump so they wouldn't be going inside any time soon. When Zep mentioned the follow Dee let out no complaints beyond an obvious guess "Jump in the dog house?"

She didn't recognize the new dog... hrm... no ... oddly colored fox. She didn't see any reason to prod him though, just observe, and see how he reacted to Zeps questions.

Then came the lighting, this storm really was starting FAST now wasn't it? Lighting wasn't all that common this far away from the warmer months either. Like something out of a silly cartoon or book. Or maybe a web comic... who knows? Either way Dee's sensitive ears heard the shriek too. Her eyes for once went wide, as she scanned for the source....


Back inside the house the lighting was doing little more then giving Espresso a dramatic shadow for his evil actions. More junk, junk, and junk but what is this? Hmm? He slid the computer disk over his fingers, flipping it over again, and again. It was a hard thing to find.. unmarked, hidden, this HAD to be what he was looking for, a wide smirk going across the cats face. "Here I was looking for notes... gotta remember we live in a digital age don't I?" the disk was stuffed away into his scarf as quiet as can be, and the cat was quick to slink out of the room again, assured of his triumph.

Unlucky for him he walked right into two imposing figures standing at the door, their high pitched shrieking voices enough to chill any man to the bone "KITTYYYYYYY"! ^___________^!"

The twins started grabbing at him in an instant, Express bending, and twisting out of the way franticly, only to find them coming again in an instant! "Bad day-Bad-Day-Bad-day @[email protected];" Unluckily for him the twins were already getting ready to surround him, blocking off every path of escape. Dumb things sure, but they were PROS when it came to animal tormenting. This wasn't going to end well @[email protected];

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 9:57 am
by Jimmy Jazz
When he heard the scream he could feel all of his hairs pricking up. it didn't really matter tough, he was to wet to show any difference. but he continued to follow the dog they apparently called "Zeppelin". i probably have no idea what I'm getting into, and who's 'Jump'? he thought. "okay... any way... my names Octavian call me any thing you like.
just not eight ball. i just moved in a few blocks down." he said as he scooted along the wall in a attempt to stay dry. "if your wondering as i all most know you are i am a Tame Silver Fox." before they cloud say any thing he said "no, I'm not Russian, but my owner is."

((argh.... gotta go get ready for TKD. cant do any more. sorry for the short post guys!))

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 3:53 pm
by no space
Zeppelin, in his flustered state, seemed to be the only one who didn't hear the scream. (Curse that low perception, eh?) As such, he just assumed they were surprised by the lightning. He almost shook his head. Thunder storms were just so exciting! How could you not like them?

Paws squelching into the soft mud with every step, Zep made his way to the doghouse. He grew lax with the umbrella a few times, letting the refreshingly cold, bitter rain hit his face now and then. Dee's and Octavian's footsteps behind him let him know they still followed, so, not wanting to surprise Jump with guests, when he reached the doghouse he knocked loudly on the roof.

"Hey, Jump!" he called. "I figured you might want some company. And... well, I accidentally brought along a bit more than I meant to." He glanced back over his shoulder and then sized up the dog house. There was no way they would all fit in there. Let the lady get out of the rain. The fox and I can stay out, he thought, ever the gentleman.

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 5:59 pm
by Jumplion
Jumplion heard a knocking on his doghouse door.

"Oh, hey guys. It's fine, I don't need company. Besides, what are you all doing out here in the rain?"

It was silly, looking at all of them (plus one apparantly) just standing out in the freezing cold rain. There was a new guy in the group, though he didn't care too much right now. He'd find out who he was later.

"Did you guys hear the scream though?" Jumplion questioned. That seemed like the most likely reason why they came by. It wasn't that hard to not hear it.

Again, another lightning strike *KABOOOMM* and another shriek, "OH CRAP!" Who was that?

Suddenly, a soaking wet calico ((I like that word :D)) cat jumped over the fence and crashed landed into the yard, getting spattered in mud. Frantically trying to get up, the cat slipped under its feet multiple times before getting its holding on the ground.

Seeing the dog house, the cat dashed over to it for shelter just in time for another sonic boom of lighting. "What the?" Jumplion said dumbfounded, as the cat leaped over to him and slammed right on him, tossing them to the back of the dog house.

Face covered in mud and some wet grass clippings, Jumpy got up from his back and looked over to his apparantly new guest.

She, as he had deducted from her shrieks, was covered in mud and soaking wet. "That's going to be great on the wooden floor..." he murmured. The calico was shivering probably from the cold, and it looked like she was quietly sobbing to.

"Umm....can anyone tell me who this is?"

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 8:50 pm
by Brittles
Yeah.. it was pretty obvious that Dee had heard the scream as Jumplion asked the question, scanning for its source still rather then bothering to look at the other dog. Dee was one of the first who saw the cat get over the fence before she tumbled on down, watching her run off in what would be an amusing display if the cat wasn't clearly very upset. She gave Jumplion a funny look though at his question.. apparently having heard the floor comment. muffins and cookies her 10 perception to hell! "Being a dork~." referring to the dog house to his right with a raised thumb. She said simply enough "Talk to her:ask silly~ Find out what's wrong. Looked scared..."

Dee would consider doing such herself of course, but.. she had no desire for four dogs to suddenly crowd at the door in front of an apparently upset cat. Crowding, and entrapment was never fun. Better for just one to do it, and Jumplion was nearest (He had little choice in that fact tied to the doghouse like he was). Just spooked by the lighting perhaps?

Oh, and Espresso? I think his lines are summed up nicely as "You mad Street urchents! Unhand me! I have rights! What the heck are you doing with that red ribbon @[email protected] ACK!"

Short post, but hey, I can hardly control Jumps Cat character for him haha.

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 9:03 pm
by no space
((Dang Brit, you beat me to the post by seconds. I'll have to rewrite a bit.))

Zeppelin opened his mouth, then promptly shut it again. Then his throat started working, but a little bit ahead of his tongue, so all that came out was a groan. He swallowed and started over.

"Er, no." To be honest, Zep didn't know many of the other pets in the neighborhood, particularly the cats. Not that he had anything against them, he just normally hung around with Jump and Kayla and no one else. "Maybe..." but he already knew he was going nowhere with that thought, and was pretty sure Jumplion knew it as well. He just shut his muzzle and shrugged.

He turned to Dee and spread his hands, questioningly. Unfortunately, this involved the accidental dropping of his umbrella right into a puddle of mud. He quickly picked it up and wiped the handle free of grime, coughing with embarrassment. Idiot, he winced. Someone please say something...

Fortunately, Dee piped up. Zep cocked his head at her words. Scared? He hadn't really gotten a good look at the feline as she darted into the doghouse, so he crouched and peeked through the entrance. Now that he really saw her, he realized Dee had been right. The thing looked traumatized. He quickly stood before it got the chance to notice him, and took a few steps back just in case.

Once more he opened his mouth to speak, this time attempting to address those gathered around outside, and once more he had nothing to say. He shrugged and leaned against the side of the doghouse, idly examining his goggles. I guess we wait. He remembered his family and stopped fidgeting with the gadget around his neck for a moment before continuing. Well, they can just be peeved. She might need help.

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Wed Feb 25, 2009 11:08 pm
by Jumplion
Jumplion looked around at the gang idly standing around in the rain. "You know, you guys can go. Not to sound unwanting of you guys here, but you'll catch a cold if you stand out in the rain any longer." He glanced over at the shivering cat, "She's not going anywhere anytime soon."


Jumpy walked over to the cat in an attempt to console her. "Hey, it's okay, we're not going to hurt you. Just slow down and take deep breaths and calm down."

Yet again, another thunder strike *KAAAA................BOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM!!!* and the shriek came again from the cat.

Huh, turns out she was just terribly afraid of thunderstorms. He nearly chuckled, though then he remembered how uncomfortable he used to be in thunderstorms.

The cat was burried in herself, shivering and sobbing slightly from the storm. Her slightly fluffy tail wraped around her in a protective way, trying desparately to shield and protect herself.

Jumplion hated to see anyone uncomfortable, "Hey, it's okay. Nothing is going to hurt you." The cat flinched as he awkwardly patted her on the back in reasurance. As gently as he could, he rubbed her back to sooth her.

((awww, how adorable =^.^= ))

"Everything's fine, don't worry about it."

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Sat Feb 28, 2009 2:32 pm
by Jimmy Jazz
At this Octavian sighed and started to reach in to his pockets. he pulled out the book "Diary of a wimpy kid" and put it near the cat and said "its funny, light hearted and a good read. reading calms me down. hopefully it does for you." he turned walked to the fence and hoped over it. "you all of you later." he said and started walking back home. when he got home he went inside and hung up his coat. he walked trough the house trying to find his dad "hey dad, wheres a towel?!".

((would'a posted sooner but ya know. more packaging cheese, TKD, school, ect ect.))

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Fri Mar 06, 2009 8:45 pm
by Jumplion
Jumplion took the book from Octy ((tee hee)), "Thanks, I'll keep that in mind."

The poor cat was still sobbing to herself, she must have been mortified by thunder and lightning. "It's okay little kitty, nothing is going to hurt you. It's a one in a million chance that lightning would stri-"


The cat screamed again, but this time she jumped up at Jumpy ((hehe, IrOnY~)) wrapping her arms around him for comfort and buried herself in what little chest hair-erm, chest fur he had :P "Umm....okay, whatever floats your boat," Jumplion giggled nervously.

Great, now I'm the one getting scared!

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Wed Mar 11, 2009 11:40 am
by no space
((Sorry I haven't posted lately, and sorry for the short post, school and then sick, you know how it is.))

Zeppelin shrugged and turned to Dee, jerking his head towards the street. "Let's, ah... let's leave them alone for now."

He started to walk off slowly, waiting to hear her footsteps behind him.

((I've no ideas as to what to do next; my head is too congested to fit any ideas in there.))

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Sun Mar 15, 2009 6:36 pm
by Buckdida
“Hm. They’re on the move finally. They’re beginning to leave.”

Venison thought now would be a good time to relocate his position. He would need a good scouting point, and sitting on the ground, wet and vulnerable, was not a good one. There was also the fact that he wanted to learn more about this house of endless screams, and he very well couldn’t observe from behind a fence.

With his year of practice in doing so, he ran at full speed out of a bush he had been hiding in, and jumped with all his might to latch on a low hanging tree branch.

“Hard part…” he groaned, as he scraped the trunk with his feet, attempting to lift himself onto the tree branch. After a short struggle, he was quickly climbing from branch to branch, slowly gaining height in the tree. Once atop, he would be undetectable.

“At least, that’s what I keep telling myself to not complain." He panted. "Stupid wet tree makes climbing hard. Should’a started staking out before the rain. Then again, that rain came outta nowhere…”

Up on a high branch, covered by the pine needles of an imported evergreen tree, the dog unzipped one of his pockets to pull out a pair of binoculars, with the left lens cracked, and the right one covered in a cloth. He unwrapped the right side, leaned out of the tree and took a look at what he could see. He couldn’t make a clear picture though, as it was beginning to get dark.

“Ah. They were gathered around that doghouse. Musta been a party or something…can’t tell. Grr...I’ve never figured out why binoculars don’t work in the dark, when cats and dogs don’t see half bad. Must be those lenses. But at least those pets are starting to leave. And pet party means lots of leftover food, ripe for picking.”

He absentmindedly unzipped another pocket, and reached in. However, he found that the food pocket was empty.

“Great. At least this party had some good timing…Ungh, YUCK! That pocket is overdue for a wash!”

He turned the pocket inside out, and stuck that and his leg out of the tree, into the rain.
Then he sat, waiting for the small number of remaining pets around the doghouse to leave…



“Gah!” Venison jumped at the unexpected ear-shattering scream. Knocking him off his balance, he dropped his binoculars to grab another branch for balance.
“%[email protected]#! Those better have caught on a branch or landed on the left side. Urgh. I never get a moment of peace. I'm getting tired of this, really..."

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Tue Mar 17, 2009 2:19 am
by ArgentFlame

Cier looked up from the book he was reading, surprised by the sudden unseasonal chrash of thunder, then huddled down farther into the couch he was laying on, glad that he was warm and dry inside his house. He went back to reading, only to be interrupted again, this time by a call from his dad, who was in the kitchen cooking dinner.

"Cier, could you go get Del, I think she was out on the lawn before the storm hit"

Cier sighed and put his book down, "Alright" he called back as he headed for the door. Putting on his scarf and grabbing an ubrella, he pulled the door open and steped outside to see that sure enough, there she was, standing completely drenched a few feet from the door. In front of her was a strange device, made froom what appeared to be the parts from some machine, it had a large knitting needle attached to it, though Cier couldn't determine its function. As he walked over, he wondered absently how the mouse had gotten outside, much less carried a machine that was almost as big as she was with her.

"Del, dad says it's time to come inside, i'ts almost dinner time and, well, it's raining."
"Why do you think I'm out here, I need to harness some lightning to power my invention." she said, speaking through the megaphone she always carried with her. well, that explained the knitting needle.

Cier just looked at her.

"Alright fine, just help me get this inside."

Cier reached down and carefully picked up Del's 'invention', knowing that it would make her extremely angry if it was damaged. she nimbly climbed up his arm to take her usual perch atop his head. They were nearly to the door when another loud crash of thunder struck, followed by an earsplitting scream from across the road, seemingly originating in Jumplion's backyard. At this, he quickly entered the house and deposited Del's machine on a nearby shelf. turning around he yelled "Dad, we're going out for awhile, i sounds like somebodies in trouble over by Jumplions house."

"Okay," came the reply. "But hurry up, dinners almost ready."

The two pets left the house for the second time that day, hurrying towards the source of the comotion.

(i just realized that I use WAY too many commas)

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Wed Mar 18, 2009 6:14 pm
by Jumplion
((alright, this should be the last post concluding this whole pardicament. I'll wrap it up as best as I can))

The poor kitten was still sobbing in Jumplion's fur, making it wet with her tears. He could have sworn that he felt some snott on his fur to. Eww...

"It's okay," Jumpy tried to sooth, "nothing is going to hurt you. It's just, um, angels playing bowling or something, it can't hurt you." Finaly, the cat decided to look up at her living pillow to see who was talking to her. Looking up, the cat stared at him for a moment. It was a deep stare, though not long lived. Soon she scuttled up in the corner of the doghouse, her cheeks as red as a rose.

"S-s-s-sorry, I'm j-just s-s-scared....." The cat tried to spit out coherent words, but it was useless. She ended up crying at the end of her sentence again. "I-I'll leave i-...if....if you don't w-want me..."

The poor thing was still scared, how could Jumpy ever toss out such a poor soul? "Don't worry, I'm not tossing you out of here." He walked over to her and put his arm around her shoulder protectively. "What's your name?" ((oohhhh, the moment of truth!))

The cat mumbled through her tears and her arms, "I...I don't really h-h-have one..." ((oh snap! Not yet!)) "I'm a s-stray..." Come to think of it, Jumpy didn't seem to recall seeing a collar around her neck.

Another light *boom!* rolled accross the sky, causing the cat to wince in fear. "Oy, you're really afraid of thunderstorms, aren't you?"

"Sh-sh-sh-shut up! I'm not af..afraid!" She was lieing and she knew it.

"It's fine, I'm not judging you." Once again, a light crackle of thunder sped across the sky, and the feline jumped up to him and held on tight, not showing any sign of letting go. Yeesh, she's a scaredy cat. ((rimshot)) he thought. Soon after, he heard the sound of mild snoring coming from his chest. Poor thing must have worn herself out and fell asleep.

Ah well, I'll ask questions in the morning.

And so, the coupl-EHEM, newly found friends went to sleep in the rolling of thunder.

And then a car exploded from lighting, but you don't care about that ;)

((that'll be the end of the night, I guess we'll start again in the morning now))

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Wed Mar 18, 2009 9:01 pm
by Buckdida
(right, let’s assume that brittle’s chars went home. Argent, Jump appears to have pre-empted your post, and the night is already over…well, try to work around it, like say the rain got too bad, and you’ll check in the morning or something.)

“Buah? Are you kidding me? I fell asleep in a tree?!?! I never cease to find new ways to sleep. Lucky I didn’t fall out of the tree…”

Venison poked his head out of the branches. It was early morning, maybe 4:30, around sunrise. It was of course, freezing. The ground looked slick and dangerous, frozen over after the night. A result of the rain.

“At least it stopped raining. But it’s still FREEZING!”
He held tight to the branch, and shook, knocking small icicles out of his fur. They fell down around him like a hailstorm. He sat up shivering, crossing his arms across his chest, rubbing his upper arms for warmth.
“ Fre-e-eaking f-f-free-ee-eez-z-zing-g-g-g,” he moaned.

And then his stomach began to hurt, with a dull ache. Venison realized a rather stupid reminder.

“That hungry? Augh…”

Moved by hunger and the knowledge that moving kept you warm, Venison made the treacherous climb down the icy tree.

He began talking to himself as he slid slowly down the tree. “Let’s see. Doghouse was where that gathering was. Gathering means leftover food. I hardly doubt that they had time to clean up before that rain struck, so they probably stuffed whatever they had into the doghouse before leaving.”

He hopped out of the last branch, onto the freezing asphalt. Venison grimaced at the icy pain on his feet-paws. He glanced on the glazed surface of the road. Black ice; the nasty clear stuff that you couldn’t see, but took your feet out from under you. And lots of it too, covering the entire length of the road, and some of the sidewalk. At the rate the sun was coming out, all the ice would be gone by mid afternoon, but someone was bound to slip in the meantime.

“Tread lightly,” he muttered to himself. He hated moving slowly, it meant he could be more easily spotted. But claws weren’t going to increase your grip on this ice, so anyone who tried to chase after him was in for a nasty situation where their feet would fly above their head.

Step by step, he moved across the street, until reaching a rather large fence. Infiltration time…

“Wait, wait. Running jump would be a stupid idea with all this ice…Oh. Look, there’s a gate to the right.”
He moved to the gate and gave a push.
“Unlocked too.”

As Venison walked across the grass, the ice crunched under his feet.
“Still cold,” he muttered.

“Well would you look at that. This one has a door on it. /sarcasm: How nice. It makes it look like a jail cell. Especially with the chain covering the door.”

Unknown to him, there wasn’t any security on the doghouse (except maybe the door). That was in fact, the chain that kept Jump locked to the doghouse. It was just draped in just a way that it covered the door before going in through the window. But even the most perspective pets make mistakes. Especially if they haven’t eaten for 4 days.

Venison traced the chain to the side of the doghouse.
“Ha, standard pet-padlock. I’ll have this off in twenty seconds.”
He grabbed the lockpick around his neck, shoved it into the small security device, and raked the pins in an expert fashion, sticking most of the pins in the simple padlock quickly.


“Also, why do I keep talking to myself? I should really break that habit,” he mused.


“YES!” He yelled.

“…Huh? Is someone…there?” Came a groggy voice from inside the doghouse.

“Ah,” said Venison. “I forgot to check if there was someone in the doghouse. Why do the smallest oversights become the biggest problems?" He thought fast. "Well, I could try running to the house. There will be food in there, for sure. I love how pet doors don't effect security systems...and they're a quick pick."

He sprinted across the lawn, toward the house, and shoved his lockpick in the pet-door lock.
"Com'on..." Venison said, beginning to panic.

His stomach began to complain again, and the pain flared up.

(Longpost is long! Let the hijinks begin!)

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Thu Mar 19, 2009 9:24 am
by Jimmy Jazz
After a good night sleep he was ready breakfast, he pulled out a stool and stood on it to grab some cereal.
he shook it a few times to see if any was there "full box." he thought and put it on the table.
"bowl and milk... where are they now?...." he walked over to the box's that held all of the stuff
that they had brought along with them. he dragged the stool over again and peeped in.
"bowls! yay!" he whispered to him self, but unfortunately he found that all the fridge had so far was a bag of carrots.
he just groaned.


"Hey, come on hurry up dad!" Octavian said as he walked out the door onto the porch. he stop right before the ice looking out over the yard. his dad came up behind him "Hah! I've seen worse, come on." he said as he walked onto the ice with boots. he seemed to have little trouble with the ice, that encouraged Octavi. he walked off the porch and started slipping like mad, once he got his balance back he started slowly sliding his feet across the ice towards the car. when he finally got therehe hopped in and climbed in the back while his dad pulled out. "where we going?" he asked in the back as he was putting on his seat belt. "the store, why?" his dad said "just wondering" he dad just grumbled to this.

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Fri Mar 20, 2009 1:18 am
by ArgentFlame
Cier awoke early the next morning, noting that he had risen before Del for once. He didn't realize just how early until he saw the clock, which read 4:23. 'Must be because I'm worried' he thought as he made breakfast. He had, after all been forced to turn back after Del had pointed out how smart it was to be carrying an umbrella in the middle of a thunderstorm. He ate quickly, wanting to get over to Jumpy's house as soon as possible. 'just how mad will Del be when she finds i left without her.' he wondered idly as he put on his scarf, only to have his question answered when a voice behind him shouted "Where do you think you're going." He winced inwardly, turning to look at the small, angry, gray figure standing on a nearby shelf.
"I was, um, going for a walk?"
"Not without me, you're not"
He walked over to the shelf, noting as he did so that she was already wearing her insulated labcoat. He held out his hand and she scurried up it and onto his head. He then tuned and headed for the door.

"Be careful walking on the road, it's bound to be slick" Del said
"Thanks mom." Cier said as he made his way slowly across the street (note sarcasm)
"I'm just saying, I wouldn't want you to fall and squish me." She retorted.
once they were safely across the street Cier headed directly towards Jumplions house, only to slow when he heard an unfamiliar voice yell "Yes!". wondering who it could be, he walked slowly around the house, finding a strange dog hunched over in front of the pet door. Just what he was doing there didn't sink in until a yell of "Stop, you!" came from his passenger.

(Thanks for the suggestion, Buck)

Re: Pet Friendly-In Character

Posted: Fri Mar 20, 2009 3:01 am
by Buckdida
Venison looked up over his shoulder.

“What the heck?!?! Why are there other pets out this early?!?! You've got to be kidding me! That’s just not fair!” he complained to himself.

“Ha. Open Sesame!”

Venison knocked open the pet door, grabbed both sides and launched himself through the door. He skid across the floor and gave a swift kick to the pet door in the process, knocking it back shut. Then he scrambled to his feet.


He turned the lock back.

“Should stall them while I get some food. Hey, is that leftover dog-sgetti I smell?”

He walked over to the counter. Apparently, the family had gone to bed without cleaning up. Humans only left everything out when they get preoccupied by something intense.

Then he spotted it.

A bowl. Full of dog-sghetti.

“Ooooh. Spicy sauce too…”
He took two handfuls and stuffed them into his mouth…

“HERRK!” He began hacking. “That was SPA-ghetti! Argh, ARUGH! HOT SAUCE TOO HOT!”
He jumped into the sink and turned the water on full blast. In his scramble, he knocked over the spaghetti bowl onto the ground, where it shattered the silence in the house with a loud *CERSH!*

Pounding on the back door. Movement upstairs. Another bowl to his right.

“This one better be dog-sghetti.” He unzipped his food pocket and dropped the entire bowl in.

“And now, let’s see if I can pull off a great escape.”

He dashed towards the front door.