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On Favoritism

Posted: Fri Mar 27, 2015 8:07 am
by Dissension
Hey, y'all.

I know ya don't see me around here much (sorry about that!), but I have something important to talk about. In the role playing-specific survey, some responses were received which discuss apparent favoritism or bias in how rules are enforced here. That makes me unhappy. I'd love to hear specifics about the situation so I can best fix it. Therefore, I'm asking anyone and everyone who's had this kind of issue to send me a private message, e-mail me (by clicking the "email" button on this post), or post in this thread. Retribution against anyone who posts in the rules and moderator discussion forum is strictly forbidden and I will personally smack the pudding out of any staff member who even tries to "get back" at you for letting us know what's happening. (Moderators mentioned in public may, however, write a public response.)