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PSN User Names

Post by Foxstar »

We already have one for the other platforms and I can't find any devoted thread to them in the pages I've been scanning so here we go.

Mine is FoxStar1, but if you want me to approve you, you need to let me know where your from. Add me, I need more folks to play in Diablo 3 on PS4!

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Re: PSN User Names

Post by GameCobra »

Wish I was on as much, but you can still add me incase I do come on sometime.

GameCobra is my PSN name =p
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Re: PSN User Names

Post by Jacey »

I am ashleaf21 on the playstation. I don't have a ps4 though sadly, just a 3 ( I also have an Xbox... We have a thread for that?)

I to would like to know who is who if you would like to add me. But I won't be picky on who does
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Re: PSN User Names

Post by Deske »

Deskebox. I don't play anything on there except Tokyo Jungle, Journey, Okami and a few other games, so unless you meet me up in Journey, you won't be finding me in any games.

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