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SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Fri Jul 26, 2013 8:18 pm
by xhunterko
An adventure awaits! Explore, solve ancient puzzles, and fight of deadly monsters in this situational role play! Take your character through a whirlwind of adventure as you explore the world of Arreserth and discover it's many secrets. Cooperate with your allies to accomplish your character's goals, or die trying! This world is deadly and ready. Are your characters ready for it?


Your eyes adjust to the darkness as the snow tumbles in around you. Staring wide eyed and nervous for a moment, you peer around the almost dark tunnel you find yourself in. The tunnel goes on behind you for what seems like a good while. The tunnel ahead of you seems to go out into a well lit room. You look up and realize that a whole is in the ground and you can climb out! Though you realize that it's probably cold, and unless you knew where you were going, would probably not be a good idea to look around. You hear noises as well coming from the well lit room. Also you think you smell bread cooking, but you can't be sure. The smell sure is tantalizing though. The smell tempts you. Along with another smell. You then realize that there's someone else in this tunnel with you! You can smell them, but they must've run off a little ways into the darkness of the tunnel. Probably scared and afraid like you are. You're torn as to what to do.

Do you reach out to your scared fellow unfortunate in a friendly manner?
Do you follow your nose to the tempting food?
Do you jump out of the tunnel to have a look around?

What do you do?


Greetings Adventurers!

Welcome to the out of character thread for the situational roleplay adventure 'Snow Tunnels'!

This is an adventure game based not unlike the kinds of Zork, choose your own adventure books, or somewhat like the arc 'Treasure Hunters'. The game revolves around your actions and how you react to the environment around you.


Win Conditions

The goal of the players is to escape this universe in which they've been thrown, complete their goals, and return home.


Each player has a goal. For all players, this is to complete a single quest given to them by an npc.


This is an adventure. Things can go wrong. Players can get hurt, get sick, get "crushed" under a falling rock trap that they stupidly sprung. Notice the qoutes. When players make a mistake in which death is likely to occur, players are instantly teleported out of the universe and back into their own. A player can not enter that character into play again until a round is over. Player's get 1 "extra life". After which, that character is barred from the roleplay and the player needs to make a new character sheet. Upon "death" characters drop all found things on them when they die. This allows them to get to "grave site" to recollect their stuff. Their is a grace period of 2 rounds that allows the player to reclaim their items, if possible. Then other players may claim their items. Or they are left unclaimed and may be retreiveable by the player when they return.

The outcome of a players choices is determined by the number of stones, or action tokens a player delegates to that action.The number of stones each player has in 9. Not all actions, however, need to have stones used to be successful. Natural actions such as sitting, standing, etc do not need to use stones. Difficult or combat actions, however, do require stones. The difficulty of an action is determined by the following chart:

| 1 | 2 |
| 3 | 4 |
| 5 | 6 |

The GM has a sample list of what some game actions may be needed for what difficulty level. Players need to determine the difficulty of an action, and the amount of stones to use needed to complete an action. The amount of stones needed to complete an action is mitigated by a player's stat based on the kind of action a player is trying to take that uses that corresponding stat.

For example, a player is trying to punch an orc, the player's character has a strength of 7, the orc's endurance is 4. Normally, a player would need to use 4 stones to punch the orc. But because the player's needed to take action stat is higher then the orc's needed to withstand action stat, the player only needs 3 stones to punch the orc.

In order to determine Stones needed for actions, the formula used is:

Player Stat - Resistant Stat = Needed Stones

This is not only used for combat, but for other actions that the player may think stones are needed.


Combat stats are a mix of your social stats. Your social stats are the ones you used to create your character. However, here they are again:


Combat stats are:

Health Points = Strength + Endurance
Attack = Strength + Agility
Defense = Endurance + Agility
Special Attack = Perception + Intelligence
Special Defense = Endurance + Intelligence
Luck = Luck
Level = Always begins at 1
Start Exp = Luck + Perception
Stones = 9

To kill any creature, it's Health Points need to be reduced to 0. This applies for the players as well. Though as explained in the Death Rules, players are given a bit more grace then opponents. See Death Rules for more information.

So, to reduce an Enemy's Health Points to 0, player's need to do as much damage as possible. To do the most damage as possible, player's need to target the Enemy's weakest Defensive Battle Stat. This can be done with Physical Moves (ie knife stab, punch, bullet) or Energy Moves (ie fireball, laser blast, electrical shock). Battle Stats are:

Special Attack
Special Defense

Moves can only fall under either a Physical or Energy classification. A Physically classified Move's Power is determined by either by the Attack or Defense Battle Stat. And an Energy Move's Power is determined by either the Special Attack or Special Defense Battle Stat. So, for an Offensive Move to do damage, use the following formula:

Potential Move Damage = Move's Offensive Stat + Stones Used + Random (Luck)- Move's Resistant Stat + Random(Luck)

To Reduce Health Points, a Potential Move's Damage must be greater then an entity's Potential Damage Resistance. To figure out PDR, use the following formula:

Potential Damage Resistance = Move's Opposing Stat + Random(Luck)

If PMD is higher then PDR, then Damage is done to Health Points. To figure out how much Damage is done, use this following formula:

Health Point Loss = PMD - PDR

If an Entity loses all of it's Health Points, the Entity is dead. This applies to players as well keeping in mind the Player's Death Rules.

Turn Structure

To have some sort of order in posting and gameplay, there is a turn structure.

Turn structure is handled like so:

Whenever a player posts, that is a players turn.
When all the players have posted, that is a round.
At the end of each round, round specific effects occur(poison/etc) as well as all player's stones are refilled.

Posting structure is handled as follows:

Character A
Character B
Character C
GM Responds
Character A

This not only keeps track of what is happening, but also who is who. The order in which players post for round one, is the order in which the players are to post for the entire game. If a player happens to drop out, the next player below moves up.

All NPCs are controlled by the GM and the Assistant GM.

ALL events are handled by the GM or the AGM.

A handy dandy monster cheat sheet can be found on the last pages here:

Although! Remember this is only a quick cheat, and should not be taken as a final Monster guide. This should though, give you a small idea what to expect. Sort of.


No quadrupeds! All in place animals of this universe are "dumb" animals. The only intelligent bipedal animals are the player characters and are considered as an individual race by the locals.

No "one-liners"! Players are expected to provide good content in this type of role play. The more the better! But the minimum is 3 sentences of content.

Do NOT attack other players! Granted, there may be mis-fires, but in general there is NO PLAYER VERSUS PLAYER.

Be Clear! When you are making a post, be absolutely clear on what you are doing! DO NOT make vague, cryptic, or hard to read posts!

Use proper grammar! Cross your teas, dot your eyes. Make capital letters at the beginning of sentences, etc. Consider this as a way to practice your grammar/English.

Follow the forum Rules.

Don't be a jerk.


Original Start Post:

This is an adventure game based not unlike the kinds of Zork, choose your own adventure books, or somewhat like the arc 'Treasure Hunters'. The game revolves around your actions and how you react to the environment around you.

I will be your GM for this adventure. I am looking for an assistant GM (preferebly an experienced one) to help out as well. There's not a lot here yet, but I wanted to make this before I bolt off to work this evening.

As to a player limit there is currently 8 slots available. The only rule is no quadrupeds. Otherwise character creation is handled as normal. You can even use old or current players. Since, the time of this universe is different then the time of other universes (think Narnia).

I will post more info on this roleplay as I have time. As for now, discuss and post characters below! And thanks for your interest!

Thanks to the mods for letting me run this experiment! Except for Esper, who hasn't got back with me yet. But I figured if 2 out of 3 thinks it's okay, then it's good.

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels

Posted: Fri Jul 26, 2013 8:19 pm
by xhunterko
Current Characters/ Players

1.RandomGeekNamedBrent -Flynn Fram

2.Roarin -Gil Ranger

3.serence ice fox - Muiva

4.Legotron123 - Jack lovhoug
Minor Self Teleport 1! 3 stones for successful hit.
Description: The user can teleport themselves short distances within an area of 15 feet around them. Has a cool down of 1 turn.
Item Teleport 1! 2 stones for successful hit.
Description: Works much like a grappling hook without the grappling hook. The user can teleport small items(1 at a time, 1 teleport per turn) to themselves or another location.

5.Hotep the psychic - anubis
Quick Strike! 3 stones for successful hit.
Description: A quick slash to the heart(or the closest weakness) for instant death.
Flesh Burn! 4 stones for a successful hit.
Description: In hand to hand combat blows and grabs burn the target doing damage per turn or attack.
Quick Smoke! 2 stones for a successful hit. Target self.
Description: The target is rendered partially invisible for about 14 seconds. More stones does not equal more time.

6.hypernovatic - Cryo Stevens

7.Ace11 - Echo *ON MEDICAL LEAVE*
Shadow Strike! 4 stones for successful hit.
Description: The target loses some special defense against the slash. The weapon is covered in smoke and leaves a trail of it as it is swung.


The Moon Howler* - Polaris
Color: #0000FF

CrystallineWolf* - Echo Langston
Color: #008080

*On temporary Leave


Korakc - Quinn Green

kurowolfe - Maut

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels

Posted: Fri Jul 26, 2013 8:20 pm
by xhunterko

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Fri Jul 26, 2013 9:40 pm
by Hotep the psychic
im intrested
character name: anubis (from BPS)
question can characters have powers?
or is that gained when in the forum.

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Fri Jul 26, 2013 9:41 pm
by hypernovatic
Yeah, I'd like to join too.

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Fri Jul 26, 2013 11:33 pm
by Roarin
Mind if I reserved a spot?

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 12:26 am
by The Moon Howler
Can I join too?

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 12:44 am
by RandomGeekNamedBrent
I'll probably throw together a character for this

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 7:34 am
by xhunterko
That is at least 5 spots taken so far! Also, just for tradition and the benifit of the other players sake, please post a link to your character sheets, thank you!

As far as powers and stuff like that. While there is magic in the world, your character won't be going gran bola de fuego or magic missle any time soon. Magic and such will be a little more explained in a bit. :)

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 7:42 am
by Legotron123
Jack lovhoug
6 (14 in pet years)
Dog mixed collie
Mostly blue except for a orange pattern that looks like a unbuttoned vest. Wears a cowboy hat made of leather that he's never seen without. Fairly average build.
Kind, though he can be a bit trollish. He has trouble recognizing whether something is appropriate to say at the time, though his friends try to help him out. He try's to be patient around "jerks" but if they push him to far he will SNAP in a violent and scary way, then go cry in a corner and mutter under his breath for five minutes. He loves exploring and tends to be curious. His "explorations" tend to get him in places he shouldn't be, which often gets him in trouble.
Jack spend most of his early life wondering the streets of mackinaw city with his (biological) dad, until a incident involving a snickers bar, a latter, and a marble hornets DVD left his dad dead and jack in the pound, where he met his current owner, Doug lovhoug. Doug's job has him traveling the world a lot and he takes jack with him, which suits jack just fine.
Other notes:
His hat used to belong to his dad, which is why the only place he leaves it is on his head.
Doug buys him a lot of books so he always has a book on hand. His current book? "Ready player one."
Doug himself is very nice but is also very protective of jack and his job gives him plenty of resources. If you hurt jack expect to wake up dangling from a bridge by a bungee cord with your ears stapled to your eyelids.
Strength 6
Perception 5
Enderence 7
Charisma 4
Intelligence 6
Agility 7
Luck 7

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 8:36 am
by xhunterko
Are you sure you only want to use 40 points Legotron123? Luck is fairly important in a game like this.

Also, you don't need to worry about "owners/parents". This is a pets only roleplay. :)

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 9:06 am
by Serence Frostbite
may I have a spot as well ? ^^

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 9:08 am
by xhunterko
@serence ice fox Sure!

And with that 7 spots are snatched up with one left! Then it will be by request and player vote after that.

EDIT: Just wanted to point out one rule so far. This is a no "one-liner" role play.

ie: "Sure, I used to play catch all the time," Jeff said.

There is at least a 2-3 lines/sentences of content expected from players in this roleplay. If you do not think you can do that, do not join!

EDIT 2: All players please re-read the first post as Rules have been posted!

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 10:02 am
by The Moon Howler
Before I could make my character sheet, I would like to know a little bit more about what is allowed and what is restricted when it comes to magic and futuristic technologies/cybernetics/steampunk tech.

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 10:07 am
by xhunterko
Other then cybernetics (your character has a robot arm to replace one lost) everything "magical" is found in the game. Nothing from start. As far as found "magic" flavor text: this is a medieval fantasy world with ancient technology left behind from a super race. The basic premise is that your modern day roleplay characters suddenly step into a portal into another world.

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 10:09 am
by The Moon Howler
So a character is allowed to have a cybernetic/steampunk tech arm or leg, right?

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 10:19 am
by xhunterko
Only if it matches the present day standards. An example is Valerio's character Valiant from Sunset Plateua. Who has a cybernetic arm given to him as a gift from the armed forces for his service. If your character's tech leg can match that, then yes. However, there is going to be water.

EDIT: Intro Post has been updated! Please re-read!

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 1:34 pm
by Legotron123
xhunterko wrote:Are you sure you only want to use 40 points Legotron123? Luck is fairly important in a game like this.

Also, you don't need to worry about "owners/parents". This is a pets only roleplay. :)
Whoops! Appears I miscounted when writing my guys stats. I edited it.
And that's okay I just wanted to make it so no one was confused about the parent/owner thing.

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 5:11 pm
by xhunterko
Numbers are a common mistake, don't worry too much about it. You don't have to use all 42 points. It's just reccommended that you do. You can leave it as is or go back to the original if you want.

@Hotep the psychic Please post your character sheet.

EDIT: Characters/Players added! Don't forget to pick a text color for your character!

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 5:34 pm
by The Moon Howler
(code)Name: Polaris

Age: 8 human years

Gender: Male

Species: Wolf

Occupation: Secret military anti-terrorist section (S.M.A.T.S)

Neighborhood: Snow Tunnels SRP

This pic
A large Arctic wolf with snow-white fur. His left eye is steel gray and his right - cyan blue. His right arm is cybernetic prostheses, which he received after a rough operation he barely survived. The arm is silverish in color, but doesn’t reflect any light and it’s also waterproof and durable.

When he’s civil, he usually wears a black shirt, black shorts, sneakers and black sunglasses and sometimes a black hat.
When He’s in uniform, he usually wears a black tank top, Dark camo pants and black military boots. On his head he might wear his sunglasses, a headrag, his hat or a black beret.
No matter if he’s civil or not, he always wears his dog tags on a silver chain (he doesn’t have a collar.)

Has Military behavior. He’s very abstemious, quiet and generally not very talkative and usually give short answers. Most of the time he’s very calm and polite, but his seemingly endless patience has its limits. When he’s angered, he usually doesn’t listen to anyone, but his trainers. Luckily for him and those around him, he calms down quickly.
Trained how to behave as a civil and blend in in pretty much every kind of crowd.
S.M.A.T.S is all he ever knew when it comes to home. Though he has personal knowledge of the outside world, he wouldn’t like his life any other way. He loved his job before and even after the accident in the cold plains of northern Russia, where he lost his arm after being captured by the remains of some vengeful separatists after a successful mission. It is only because of the devotion of S.M.A.T.S. that he was found and barely rescued by their medics. It took him four months to get used to his new arm, but he coped. In 6 months after he was saved, he returned to serve S.M.A.T.S once more.

Strength - 9
Perception - 5
Endurance – 7
Charisma - 4
Intelligence - 5
Agility - 7
Luck – 5

Other info:
Skilled in melee fight.
The cybernetic arm is waterproof and durable to abuse.
S.M.A.T.S stands for Secret military anti-terrorist section. Ever since the accident, Polaris is moved from simple operative to Advanced technologies division.


Current clothing: black tank top, Dark camo pants, black military boots, headrag and black beret.

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 6:25 pm
by hypernovatic
Name: Cryo Stevens

Gender: Male

Age: 16 pet years

Species: Cat (Turkish Angora)

Neighborhood: SRP Snow Tunnels

Cryo has snow-white fur. His right eye is blue and his left eye is amber. He has scars on both of his paws, and he wears red finger-less gloves to cover them. He also wears an orange collar with a star tag.

Cryo is very adventurous and curious. He gets into trouble a lot because he likes to say what's on his mind. He's very talkative, and enjoys the company of others. He gets distracted very easily, and is very hyper.

When Cryo was a kitten, he would explore every place he could find. One day, when he was exploring, Cryo saw another cat. When Cryo walked up to him, the cat attacked him and left scars on his paws. Eventually, Cryo forgot where the scars came from, and doesn't want to remember.



I have serious writer's block right now. I'm sorry if this is bad, I'll fix it when the writer's block clears up.

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 6:30 pm
by Legotron123
Quick question: where does the story start before the characters get sent to king-author-land?
For some reason I imagined it as being Nepal.

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Sat Jul 27, 2013 8:06 pm
by Roarin
Will you be joining us with a character of your own Hunter? Or are you just gonna be the Dungeon Master?

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 1:53 am
by RandomGeekNamedBrent
so you said we can use our characters from other RPs?

then I'm just gonna go ahead and throw Flynn into another strange universe.
RandomGeekNamedBrent wrote:Name: Flynn Fram
Species: cat
Specialization: persuasion. he can use his charisma to bring people to help him in almost any endeavor.

appearance: His fur is black with white fur in the shape of a V from his shoulders until about half way down his chest. his eyes are blue. He's fairly small. He likes to wear a grey fedora like the old time mobsters. he also has a red collar with a tag shaped like a diamond. He often puts on a large smile like Max's and he can usually be seen chewing a toothpick.

Personality: His personality is that of an old time scam artist- fast talking and complimentary. He knows just what to say to get someone on his side, and uses this skill without prejudice. If he's talking to you, chances are you have something he wants. If you're a female and he's talking to you, chances are you are something he wants. He's a real jerk, but most people don't realize this until he gets what he wants.

History/background: His first owner was a small time scam artist in the streets of the city, and Flynn learned the tricks of the trade. Eventually, he was on his own in the streets when his owner got arrested. He used his skills to avoid getting thrown in the pound for about a year before he got caught. He then used his skills to get into the home of the first well-off looking family that came in looking for a pet. Since then, he's been living on easy street with Mr. and Mrs. Fram.

Morality: renegade. He only cares about others when it's convenient to him.


color: #0080FF
Combat Stats
Health = 10
Attack = 10
Defense = 10
Special Attack = 11
Special Defense = 10
Luck = 6
Level = 1
Start Exp = 12

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 5:37 am
by Serence Frostbite
So here's my character , what do you think guys ? ^^
-Name- Muiva
-Species- Black wolf , female
-Age- 10 human years
-Neighborhood- Snow Tunnels
-Occupation- Traveler/Thief
Muiva is a tall , slim black wolf with red eyes . She doesn’t wear anything except for a dark brown belt that holds a knife and a sachet of gold
At first glance , Muiva could be mistaken for a calm , polite , yet fun loving and carefree kind of girl , maybe a bit too carefree , to the point of not taking anything seriously most of the time . This , needless to say , makes her seem quite immature at times .She’s also likes to steal once in awhile just for the fun of it , then return what she stole to the owner afterward……well most of the time.
However ,there’re two sides of everything , behind that friendly appearance is a really – in her own words – “practical” way of thinking : there’s a price for anything and everything . Luckily this can goes both ways , while she’s more than willing to manipulates , tricks , or even steals from someone to get what she wants , she also cares about her allies and will do anything she can to help if needed , just for the sake of having someone to count on to in her time of need . Also because of that way of thinking , she’s a bit distrusting at first , especially if someone’s way too friendly to her for no apparent reason.
And , of course , being a thief , she’s not really fond of rules and regulations of any kinds.
-Back Story-
Nothing much is known about Muiva’s past , other than what she tells people : she’s a feral who wandered from place to place , did whatever she needed to survive . Somewhere along the way she learned how to steal , and turned out to be quite good at it , and that's it ! Recently she’s involved in a large scale thievery involves both diamonds and ancient artifacts , but it backfired , forcing her to separate from the rest of the team for safety.
-Other Notes-
-above average at melee combat and ranged weapons , mostly bow
-likes to give people jump scares by randomly steals their stuffs , but then return them afterward
-doesn't like to be called a thief , yet never denies it
-doesn't like violence , but almost never back down from a fight , at least the ones she has a chance of winning . If she does fight , she'll do anything to win.

color : #FF4000

gems : 4
health : 13/13
stones : 9
status : normal
Level : 3
equipment : rune dagger
known spell : weapon transformation , light , summon apparition .

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 8:03 am
by xhunterko
EDIT: @serence ice fox Looks good! Added to the roster. Don't forget to pick a color!

@Legotron123: There is no previous game locations. Everyone starts at a location in the game.*

@Roarin I will solely be focusing on the Dungeon Master Role.

*Starting posts should basically read like this:


Jack flails his arms about in the darkness for a moment. Disoriented over what just happened on his way to the library. He remembered looking at an old lamp post on the street corner for a moment when suddenly he was, here. Wherever here was. He looked about to get his bearings and soon saw that for some reason, he had found himself in a cave tunnel with a reachable light coming from up above. Jack also senses other beings in the tunnel with him. He turns around to see who they are.

"Hello?" He says to the others.

Or something like that. Or something shorter perhaps. But otherwise whatever the character was doing before being taken into the game is of little importance.

EDIT: Character roster updated!

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 8:53 am
by Legotron123
Is there a villain in this roleplay?
If you haven't made one yet can I help design him/her?

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 8:57 am
by Serence Frostbite
oops , my bad , forgot to choose a color , edited in though ^^

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 8:59 am
by xhunterko
@serence ice fox Easy small thing to forget. No biggie. Added to the character roster info. :)

@Legotron123 There is a main antagonist. But there are also several monsters and enemies your characters may face. This is not, however, a "defeat the main antagonist" roleplay. Unless your goal is to defeat an antagonist, then that is what you need to do in order for your character to satisfy a win condition.

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 11:08 am
by Roarin
Name: Gil Ranger "Yes... Its spelled like the Final Fantasy currency... Yes, one of my owners play that game... Did he name me after that? No... well, i hope not..."

Species: Siberian Husky

Gender: Male

Age: 18 Dog Years

Neighborhood: Snow Tunnels

Occupation: Bookworm

Appearance: Gil looks like your average Siberian. Dark gray fur with a white muzzle and stomach. Lean and agile his body was built for speed and agility, but not endurance. With a pair of bright green eyes, he wears an old worn down brown collar with some inside pockets (inside is a wallet of money, his IPod, and a pair of earbuds, the length of the wire is colored neon orange). He has a silver tag around his neck in the shape of the symbol of the philosopher's stone. A pair of safety goggles can usually be seen either resting on his forehead or hanging around his neck, even though he rarely uses it (He's thinks it makes him look more like a scientist).
What the symbol looks like

Personality: The universe is run by the laws of science and reason. Well, at least that's what Gil thinks. With his nose constantly in a book Gil strives to make sense of everything in the world he doesn't understand. He always believes there is a logical explanation for everything and nothing is done by chance or luck. Gil thinks of himself as a tactician, despite his lack in social skills, being slightly reserved. He can beat you at a game of chess, but would probably lose in an arm wrestle, that doesn't mean he can't keep up with you in a footrace (as long as its a short race). He tries not to let emotions cloud his judgement (although they sometimes do without him knowing) and bases his choice on analysis and statistics. Gil is a dog that's hesitant to jump into new situations without examining it thoroughly. He hates getting help from others, or showing any weakness due to his immense pride and is very stubborn. Gil's not the type to be around crowds, but if you hang around him enough he'll warm up to ya. He likes the occasional song and is usually seen with earbuds on.

History: Gil lived in an adequate animal shelter in a large city. It wasn't much, but he feels indebted to the people that work there. Referring to them as his owners. They took care of him when no one else would. He doesnt remember much of his life before being in the shelfter but doesnt like to dwell on it much, knowing what being in a shelter means for a pet (someone abandoned you). His day usually consists of going to the library and wandering the streets with a good book in hand.


S: 4 - "I've read a few book on that subject..."

P: 7 - I'm no Einstein..but I'm close."

E: 4 - " *huff huff* What? Who says *huff* I'm tired?"

C: 4 - *walks away*

I: 10 - I'm no Einstein..but I'm close."

A: 7 - "Meh, most turns are okay."

L: 6 - Hey cool, a quarter."

Color? #000080

And that makes seven!

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 11:15 am
by xhunterko
He never made it back to the shelter that day, and it looked like he had vanished off the face of the earth.
@Roarin Narnia time. If you're unfamiliar with the term or use, it boils down to this: 5 seconds of our time could be half a day, a year, or a whole generation in the other universes time. So, yes, he did make it back home. He may act a little differently however and speak some mad things occasionally from his experiences, but the pets DO go back to their original universe as if no time has passed whatsoever. Also, I checked twice, your numbers add up to 46 total. You need to change something. After which he'll be allowed. :)

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 11:20 am
by Roarin
Ack! Added wrong...

It's fixed now >_<'
And I just took the disappearance part out.

-EDIT: Fixed again... Stupid adding....

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 11:30 am
by xhunterko
That's good! All right guys, there's still one slot open but this should be good enough to start once I fill out the roleplay info. Which should be done tomorrow. Hopefully. You'll also get your character goals next week as well.

Also! We need to elect an Assistant GM! You can now submit yourself or someone else for a nomination from the current player selection.

Oh, yes, Hotep the psychic, would you please post Anubis's character sheet in this thread? Sorry if it sounds like nagging but it'll help.

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 11:35 am
by Roarin
I nom noms Brent or Moon. They've both been here for a long time and are pretty experienced.

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 12:03 pm
by Hotep the psychic
yes i will but need time due to location at the moment

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 1:55 pm
by Legotron123
Can we come up with ideas for monsters to be used in the RP?

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 4:41 pm
by CrystallineWolf
I think I might like the last spot! One question though- do we transport different characters that we already have, or do we make new ones? I've never played an SRP before.

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 4:55 pm
by The Moon Howler
You can either make a character specifically for this SRP or use one you already have.

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 8:46 pm
by xhunterko
@Legotron123 No. But I have a cheat sheet that you are going to like. :)

@CrystallineWolf What The Moon Howler said.

Re: SRP Snow Tunnels OOC

Posted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 9:07 pm
by Hotep the psychic
Heres CS don't worry about powers and all if problem.

Name: Anubis
Species: male black fox (mildly tame no owner known)

personality: easy going, sometimes very alert, likes to play and join in on things. he can be a bit mysterious.

Appearance: clean for a animal on the run, black all over except for the paws which are white as well as the tips of his ears.

background: hes been followed by a man who wants him for money and other things because he foud out about his abilitys but not his hidden secret.when he knows hes not being followed hes calmer and likes to get to know people.

Special notes:
wears a gold tag from Egypt on a red scarf
-hes usualy seen meditating
-likes to read on spare time
-knows how to fight
-will use his powers if forced
-carrys a mini scythe on his back for protection gained from his brother