New Roleplay (definately OOC)

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New Roleplay (definately OOC)

Post by JamieJohnson18 »

So I wanna make a roleplay with new characters living at Babylon Gardens...ex:
Name: BlackJack Kard
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Type: Black Labrador
Special Abilities(if any): N/A (have to find out later)
Orientation: Bisexual (prefers guys)

see? like can use that as a base....I hope you all will enjoy it and get along with each other...I'll be on here basically every day :D

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Re: New Roleplay (definately OOC)

Post by WolvenPaw15 »

Did you get this approved?
And you're in the wrong thread.
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Re: New Roleplay (definately OOC)

Post by RockstarRaccoon »

Belongs in the Main OOC. Go click the link to the "Out of Character" forum near the top of the page.

I'll move the post for you.
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