Dragon quest monsters RP ooc

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Dragon quest monsters RP ooc

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Ok, alot of you may never have played Dragon quest monsters, or any dragon quest games, so, I guess I could try to answer some questions if need be.


In the kingdom of Ocetera, on the Continent of Gehuna, Monster competitions are the big thing. Each year, Monster tamers in the kingdom fight, catch, and synthesize their monsters, in order to become better. However, this year, a dark and sinister group threatens to change things forever.

1. You have to start out with a rank F monster(Here's a monster list: http://www.gamefaqs.com/ds/933956-drago ... faqs/50785 )
2. In order to get new monsters, you have to feed wild ones meat and beat them, or, synthesize two monsters to make a new one.
3. Monsters have to be a positive and a negative to synthesize(Although, there are a few monsters who could fill either role.)
4. Monsters need to be strong in order to use in Synthesis(Level 10, in the games)


Starting monster:
Monster's history:
Monster's personality:
Monster's appearance: (Only if there are any notable differences, or if it wears any kind of clothes or accessories)

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Re: Dragon quest monsters RP ooc

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This thread has gone nowhere, and has received no replies for months. Dead.