Do You Think...

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Do You Think...

Post by PeanutFan1997 »

Hey I've been you think King will want to revert to his human form? I don't want him to. Not because of my furryness but because I've never seen him happier. He's got a best friend...Fox of course. Plus he has a girlfriend (Fox's cousin) But your opinion: Do you think he'll change back?
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Okay I also like King and Fox's friendship ^^;

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Re: Do You Think...

Post by JeffCvt »

I don't think so. His life is going too well at this point I think.

If he had the choice, I think he would probably do something to make it impossible for others to learn that he was a human at one point.
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Re: Do You Think...

Post by DingoVolf »

I want to say this concept has been discussed somewhere, but I'm too lazy to look up where and no problem bringing it back up IMO.

Would he want to become human again? Given what we have of his story thus-far, I can't imagine so. It could be though, that maybe he discovers the value of his choices to help others, instead of himself (which we've seen him do), and becomes human to benefit someone else.

Should he become human again? Personally I think he should have no choice in it, and perhaps he ends up opposite of what he wishes. To me, mind you, to me - his story is about defining yourself as WHO you are, not WHAT you are.

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Re: Do You Think...

Post by Sleet »

King is way too loved as a Corgi for Rick to turn him back. He's not that cruel.
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Re: Do You Think...

Post by RandomGeekNamedBrent »

I think he'll want to stay King. Joel seemed to have a crap life and no one who would miss him, so he may as well stop existing as Joel and just be King.
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Re: Do You Think...

Post by IceKitsune »

As it stands right now he has no reason to go back to being Joel so if things stay as they are for him then no I don't think he will. But if Pete screws him over more; which is likely as he seems still intent on getting King as an Avatar for some bizarre reason. (I mean come on there has to be some one better then King for an Avatar or at least on equal footing) I could see him wanting to change back.

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Re: Do You Think...

Post by Fogboundjord »

It's impossible right now to see what Pete wants from King, but its safe to say from two screens of maniacle laughing that it won't be good. And probably emotionally bad for King.
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Re: Do You Think...

Post by Karl »

Hmm... this topic again.
I think it's too soon to judge will he want to go back to his human form, or spend rest of his life as a dog. I believe he still must go through many adventures that will help determine that one day.
Sleet wrote:King is way too loved as a Corgi for Rick to turn him back. He's not that cruel.
He already blew up entire Earth with his Space Laser Cannon back when he was the nefarious superpowered ultravillain. Making King Fans go rampage wouldn't be a big deal to him at this case =D
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