Guest Week!

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Guest Week!

Post by rickgriffin »

Hey, I think I need another break so I'm calling for Guest Week for next week (18th-23rd); please send all guest comics to [email protected]

Note this please:

1. All text must be legible
2. The maximum width is something around 1200 px. Do not send working size pictures, PLEASE RESIZE.
3. Please remember to save your file as PNG, GIF or JPEG. If GIF or PNG using transparency, please double-check that it actually works before sending.
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Re: Guest Week!

Post by Douglas Collier »

Guest comic by Chaoko and me submitted. :)
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Re: Guest Week!

Post by valerio »

Jonas just submitted our contribution :mrgreen:

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Re: Guest Week!

Post by NHWestoN »

Oh boy!

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