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Re: Forum Rules - Updated 4/10/2017

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Based on an influx of user feedback, the discussion guidelines were updated. Additions are in bold text; deletions have been struck through.
Dissension wrote:Welcome to Housepets!
  • Be kind and respectful.
  • When posting, consider the family-friendly and non-controversial nature of the comic. If you're not sure something is OK to include, feel free to PM a moderator.
  • Please do your best to post legibly and coherently. If you post in a language other than English, please provide a translation. Some people have trouble seeing very bright or small text, so thanks in advance for avoiding those. Also, if you'd like to post on a topic and you're the author of its most recent reply, we ask you to use the edit button on your existing post instead of double-posting.

If you see a post or private message (PM) you think is inappropriate, or which doesn't meet these guidelines, please report it.

Occasionally, your posts may be edited or removed. Don't worry; we'll always explain why via the private message (PM) system. If you need more information about our actions, please reply to the PM you receive or post in the Rules and Moderator Discussion forum.

At our discretion, we may remove posts we feel do not contribute to a positive user experience. Accounts which nitpick or post bitter rants about the comic may be suspended.

We're glad you're here and we'll always do our best to treat you right. In return, p Please don't not use the public forum or private message (PM) system to do anything illegal, advertise for other Web sites or chat groups that exist solely to subvert our rules, or subject us to DDoS or other attacks.

If you see a post or private message (PM) you think is inappropriate, or which doesn't meet these guidelines, please report it; if you have questions about the rules or moderator activity, please refer to our Rules and Moderator Discussion forum.

- Diss
We've historically not blocked even quite rude feedback, but a lot of folks are getting turned off the forum by constant negativity, so we're giving a new policy a try. Bear with us, please. If you want to talk about it, you know the place to go. (It's... it's linked above. [It's the Rules and Moderator Discussion forum, you silly dorks.])
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