The Dalmatian and the Demigod

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The Dalmatian and the Demigod

Post by biddyfox »

This is my first Housepets! fanfiction. It’s starting small, but I think soon it might grow in scope. I think I’m going to say this is an AU just in case i got any facts wrong. ;)

This first chapter is a little short, but if Kurt Vonnegut was allowed to do short chapters well then so am I!!! (kidding)

Chapter 1: A Date

Dallas rested his arms on the table a little nervously as the mouth-watering or eye-watering (take your pick) scent of garbage wafted across Heathcliff’s, his blond-furred date sitting across the table from him with playful red eyes and a Cheshire grin.
“S-so, what are you getting?” said the Dalmatian quietly, in an attempt at small talk. He’d never been on a real date before, so he wasn’t really sure what to say.
The plaid-clad fox smiled. “I was thinking of getting the ‘Wednesday Night Special.’ How about you?”
Dallas glanced down the cardboard-crafted menu, looking through the options. Such delights as the “Sylvester Pussycat Special” sandwich and the world-famous “Breakfast Dinner” stared up at him - it was hard to know what kind of trash the cats running the place would find in the cans, so the orders had to be vague.
Dallas put a finger to a meal with an image he couldn’t make out. “The, uh, ‘Unsinkable Sam,’” said the dog. “I think I might get that one.”
“Sounds good to me,” said Kitsune, as though he had any more clue what the Unsinkable Sam was than Dallas. Then again, he was supposed to be a demigod, so it was entirely possible he did.
A waitress with tortoiseshell fur passed by their table, turning over to look at the pair.
“Ready to order?” she asked, and Dallas and the Kitsune gave their orders.
As the waitress left, the two canines looked at each other. Dallas wanted to say something, but he had no idea what to say.
“Are you having trouble figuring out what to say to me?” asked the nine-tailed fox.
“U-uhm..” stuttered Dallas.
“No offense, but you mortals are really easy to read.”
“Pretty cute too,” said Kitsune, clearly enjoying the effect he was creating on the red-faced, stammering Dalmatian.
Dallas thanked Dog for the quick arrival of the garbage that made their dinner.
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Re: The Dalmatian and the Demigod

Post by Tappy Too »

I think this is absolutely adorable so far!~

But yeah you might want to consider making slightly longer updates. Just so the story flows better and stuff.

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Re: The Dalmatian and the Demigod

Post by D-Rock »

Huh, definitely not a ship I would have considered, but new possibilities are always interesting.
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Re: The Dalmatian and the Demigod

Post by Stormrun »

Perfect, another new rare ship to follow.