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Re: HPU Fanfiction: The way the stars shine tonight.

Posted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 9:57 pm
by Bandit1990
I'm enjoying the story. I just don't leave comments unless I have something to say.

Re: HPU Fanfiction: The way the stars shine tonight.

Posted: Sat Apr 14, 2018 10:35 pm
by TheSilverFox51
Jolty-Kun wrote:No offense, but I really don't think anyone will like it. I mean, I don't think anyone really, besides D-Rock, whom I thank greatly for doing so, reads this. Plus, I feel like I am doing a disservice to housepets! with my atrocious writing, and horrendous art. I don't want to ruin these characters in this story, and I feel like what I have done, and what I had planned will be unlikeable.
I like it, I'm reading it, and you should keep on writing unless you are truly not enjoying what you are doing. You are doing no one a disservice with your writing or art, I think both are fairly good. Perfect? No, no one's is. Even people like Rick Griffin (Who, mind you, have been doing this sort of thing for well over 10 years) find ways to keep improving, keep perfecting their craft, and that is where the masters truly shine through. The only, true way to get better is to just keep practicing. Once again, if you are truly not enjoying what you're doing then you can stop at any time, you are in control. The worst thing to do is to write for someone else, to decide what they like and force it to be what you love, and write what they like instead of what is yours. You have a plan, you have story to tell and you have gathered a few peoples interest, so keep doing what your doing, enjoy yourself, and don't care if others have bad things to say about it (Unless they are offering legitimate constructive criticism, when they are doing that they usually care about what you are doing and want to see it get better).

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Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 4:46 pm
by dusk
Hello everyone, and before this begins, I wanted to say thank you to all the people who have helped support me in the creation of this story. I was really nervous to post this chapter, and you guys helped ease that fear a bit. So, I made sure this is the biggest chapter of the series thus far. Thank you, and enjoy.

Jolty smiled as he stepped out of the car, lifting his glasses to rub his eyes, which where adjusting to the bright light. The long car ride had ended, and they were there! The farm was beautiful. The front house anyways. He looked over at Peanut, who was drowsy from his car ride nap. “This place is awesome! I’m so excited to explore!”

Peanut seemed to perk up. “Yeah, same. I’m really excited to see you so happy! We should go dig through the woods and stuff, and there’s a junkyard nearby to explore, too!” Peanut picked up his bags. “Let’s hurry and put our stuff away so we can go exploring!”

Jolty nodded, eagerly following. “I’m so excited to look at the junkyard, maybe we can try inve- AHHH! HOLY MOSES, THAT’S A LOT OF KIDS!!!”

1 death defying encounter with a bunch of human children later (which involved Peanut bursting out laughing at Jolty’s situation), their bags where set in a discreet location, away from the children, and the two pets started running out towards the woods. Along the way, they ran into Rufus, who turns out stuck around the farm, even after death. The old dog greeted them, eluded to some other cats on the farm with a elbow nudge in the ribs to Peanut, who seemed to blush furiously in response. They waved to Rufus, and headed on their way.

The forest loomed in front of them, practically screaming their names in a call for adventure. The pets looked at one another, their grins growing wider. They tore off into the woods, yearning for adventure, excitement, and discovery.

They followed the animal trails for a little while, stopping by the river, and watching at the sun began to set in the sky, long shadows cast in the dying light. They even talked to a few wild animals, and a few of the horses that lived on the farm. Eventually, they made their way over to the junkyard. There, they spent the last light hours of the day. Eventually, Peanut looked up at the sky. “Hey, Jolty. It’s getting late. We should head back and eat.”

Jolty, who was rummaging through some old bicycle parts, waved his hand. “Yeah, yeah, you go eat, I’m not hungry. I’ll catch up in a little bit.” He yanked on some bicycle frames, a thoughtful expression on his face.

Peanut looked over. Well, he’s having fun, I guess. That’s all that really matters… Peanut smiled. “Okay, well just come back when you’re ready!” With that, the dog started his way towards the house.

After a 15 minute walk, Peanut stepped onto the porch, and pulled back the screen door, and entered the house. Mr. Sandwich was sitting in a chair in the corner of the living room, reading a book. He looked up. “Well hey Peanut, you’re just in time. We’re about to have dinner. Where’s Jolty? Didn’t he go with you?”

Peanut nodded. “Yeah, he did. But he was working on something. He said he’d be home soon. Wasn’t hungry.”

Mr. Sandwich nodded. “Okay, fair enough. Guess we’ll save him some then.” Together, the two went to the dining room, getting ready for dinner.

The meal went very well, and was full of chatter, laughs and catching up. Peanut glanced at the clock. “It’s almost 9 o’ clock. Where could Jolty be…” Standing up, Peanut looked at his parents. “I’ll be right back, I want to go find Jolty…” He could feel the knot growing in his stomach. Grape followed in suit. “I’ll go with you.”

The two of them burst out the door. “I hope he’s okay.” Peanut mumbled quietly. “I think we should start at the-”

Peanut stopped, suddenly silenced as Grape held out an arm in front of him. “Do you hear that?”

The dog looked over in confusion. “What’s wrong?”

Grape looked back, her ears focused. “Listen!”

Peanut listened. Then he heard what Grape was talking about. It sounded like an engine. A very loud engine. “That’s….that’s an engine?”

Grape nodded. “Why would there be an engine that loud so close to the house?”

Peanut shook his head. “I have- OOOOOH. I think I know.” He looked around. “Um, I think we should wait here.”

Grape looked at him in shock, the worry growing on her face. “Peanut, are you kidding me!? Jolty could be in-”


A flash of light, and a loud rustle of bushes exploded from the woods. The engine grew louder. Peanut and Grape shielded their eyes from the light, and gasped when it cleared.

Jolty stood triumphant, grinning proudly. The thing he was riding on was undoubtedly a motorcycle, but it was unlike anything they had ever seen. The thing had a bicycle body, but the wheels looked like they came off a car. The engine was attached to the back wheel, and a blaring headlight and roar of an engine pierced the night. Jolty quickly shuts off the engine, and runs towards them, grinning.

Peanut looks at him, in shock. “You built a motorcycle?!”
Jolty nodded in excitement. “Yeah! Why not! I had the stuff to make one!”

Peanut smiled, and clapped him on the back. “That’s so cool! We should go try it out tomorrow!”

Jolty grinned. “Definitely.” He looked to Grape. “Do you want to join us?”

Grape stared back, just watching him for a moment. Then, slowly, a smile broke out on her face. “Yeah, sure. I’ll give it a go.”

Jolty smiled. “I’m feeling a lot better now. But, it’s pretty late. We should probably head to bed…”

The other pets nodded, and after explaining the the very frightened Sandwich family, the pets retired to bed in the barn, Jolty collapsing the second he fell down on the hay.

The night sped by at an indescribable rate, and before long, the sun shown through the cracks in the old barn walls. Jolty stood up, and yawned, looking around. Peanut and Grape where huddled up in a corner, and the various barn cats lay, peacefully sleeping, across all levels of the barn. The leopard smiled, taking in the fresh morning air. It smelled like fresh water, and grass, and hay. It was a nice smell. He began to put his clothes on, getting ready for the day. He wanted to go to the store a few miles south to pick up a few things, and that was the primary reason he crafted together the motorcycle. As he pulled on his shirt, he heard a rustling noise, and turned.

Grape stood and stretched, much like Jolty had that morning. Rubbing her eyes, she peered at Jolty, smiling, and giving him a wave. Jolty waved in response, whispering. “You’re up early.”

Grape shrugged. “I slept most of yesterday. I’m not particularly tired.” She glanced at him, who was pulling on his pants. “Going somewhere?”

Jolty nodded. “Yeah. I have a few things I wanted to pick up.”

Grape nodded. “Makes sense.” She squinted, looking at his feet. Her eyes widened in shock. “Jolty….”

Jolty looked down. “Oh, yeah. That.” His right leg, well, at least the paw, was exposed, and it looked different than his white tipped appendages. It was mechanical, with screws, patches of parts, and various other things holding it together.

Grape looked at him. “You have a mechanical paw?” Jolty nodded and shrugged in response. Her face wrinkled in concern. “How much of it?”

Jolty put his paw about three fourths of the way up his leg. “It was an accident, when I was little.”

Grape got up, walking over to him. “Does it hurt?”

Jolty shook his head in response. “No, I made sure that it didn’t when I built it.”

Grape’s eyebrows lifted. “Wait, you built it? That’s….impressive.”

He blushed, looking away. “Oh, thanks. My brother was born without an arm, and I built him one, so building a leg wasn’t too particularly difficult.” He pulled on his blue Converse, and snapped the tiny magnets on his glasses to the ones a little under his nose skin, and fur, heading for the door. “I’ll be back in a little bit.”

“Wait.” Jolty looked back, raising his eyebrows. “Could I come with you? I did mean it when I said I wanted to ride on it.”

A smile slowly grew on the clouded leopard’s face. “Sure! Let’s just leave a note then, since you won’t be here to tell anyone.”

One written note taped to Peanut later, the two cats slowly pushed the motorcycle out to the road, starting it quietly, in hopes of not waking anyone else on the farm. Jolty looked back to her, handing her a sweater, and some goggles. “You’ll want to put this on. It can get pretty cold, especially in the morning, and I don’t want you getting anything in your eyes.

Grape nodded, donning the sweater, and snapping the goggles into place. Jolty put on his own, and got on the bike. Grape followed in suit. It seemed the frame was pretty big, and a large seat was added, so two people could ride. He looked back at Grape, who was hanging onto his coat. “Ready?” Grape grinned, giving him a thumbs up. Smiling back, Jolty took off down the road.

It was a roughly 5 minute drive to get to the store, which wasn’t very far away. They pulled into the parking lot, and stopped the bike. Jolty hopped off, Grape following suit, and locked it to a nearby bike rack.

As the two stepped into the the store, Jolty began swiftly walking towards the fabrics section. Grape followed. “Something you’re making?”

Jolty shook his head. “No, I just need to fix my backpack, it’s kind of falling apart. He walked around, looking at some of the tougher materials, humming in thought.

Grape looked around. “Hey, I’m going to go look around. When should we meet?”

He looked up. “Hmm? Oh, in around 15 minutes will due I think. My shopping list isn’t very long.”

Grape nodded. “Okay, cool. See you then.” With that, the purple cat walked off. Jolty returned to looking at the fabric.
Grape pulled her wallet out from a pocket in her collar. She didn’t do much shopping, she wasn’t particularly like that. But she did want to pick up a new notebook, and well…

She wanted to get Jolty a gift. Not anything to spectacular, but something nice. She gave all her friends gifts, she tried reasoning to herself, but deep down, she knew that feeling she felt.

Jolty was weird. Like, really weird. He was obsessed with whatever he may be working on at the moment, whether it drawing, writing, science, or building some ridiculous contraption. He was shy and awkward at most times, and excitable and active in others. He was generally pretty nice, and was always trying to please them, it seemed. There was also a touch of sadness and a large amount of secrecy to him. All of it was...oddly charming. Not in the way Peanut, or Max could be. Charming in a weird way. Weird was definitely the best word to describe Jolty.

Despite their rough beginning, Jolty and Grape had really bonded. He had talked much to her about his early life before meeting his family, and the period of his life when he was homeless. Over time, he had slowly broken out of his shell around her. Until whatever happened that night. Grape wanted to know, wanted to help.

Maybe getting him a gift will help… Grape thought as she perused the charm section of the store. She stopped, a slow grin appearing on her face. It was perfect. Grabbing the charm, she started towards the papers section, to pick up her notebook.

Jolty sat on the sidewalk, sewing a patch onto his bag. He looked up at the sound of padding paws, and smiled. “Hey Grape. Get what you needed?”

Grape held up the plastic bag. “Yeah. I got a new notebook.”

Jolty stood, putting on his bag and brushing himself off. “You ready to go back to the farm, then?”

Grape paused, shuffling her feet. “Well, before we go…” Jolty looked up in confusion. “I, uh, I got you something.” She held up a small cardboard box.

Jolty blushed, his lips spreading into a smile. “A gift? Thank you, Grape. This means a lot to me.”

She punched his shoulder. “Oh just open it, you nitwit.” Jolty opened the box, gasping at the content. He pulled out a necklace, with the six fingered hand from Gravity Falls on the end of it. “I heard you talking about it to Peanut in the car, and you have six fingers, so I thought you might like it….” She shuffled her feet, looking away.

Jolty grinned, immediately putting it on. “This is awesome! Thank you, Grape!” He drew her into a hug for a moment, smiling. Feeling Grape stiffen, he let go, blushing. “Um, sorry….Let’s just get going….” Grape nodded, slowly getting on the bike after him, neither able to shake the fluttery feeling in their chest.


*End of Chapter 10*

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Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 5:03 pm
by dusk
Chapter 10 Cover

Re: HPU Fanfiction: The way the stars shine tonight.

Posted: Sun Apr 15, 2018 9:11 pm
by D-Rock
This was an interesting chapter. I kinda wondered how glasses could work on pets, but the magnets was a solution I've never come across. Neat detail.

Jolty quite the mechanic. Bet a junkyard is practically a playground for him.

And it seems that certain feelings are blooming. Well, that'll be quite the conundrum later on.

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Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 5:54 pm
by dusk
Grape hopped off the bike and ran off towards the barn as soon as Jolty turned off the bike. Jolty sighed, leaning it against a tree. Everything had been fine until he hugged her. Why was he so awkward?! It was so frustrating. It was one of the main reasons he didn’t like interacting with people: if he knew what he was doing, then maybe he’d be more comfortable with it.

Cracking his knuckles, he decided to go for a walk. He meandered off along a trail, listening to the morning nature. It was a pretty, beautiful lulled silence. He savored it, knowing full well the farm would be up and active soon. Sitting on a log, Jolty pulled out his journal to write in it. It had been several days since he had, he figured an update would do it well.

As he scratched away in his notebook, he didn’t noticed Rufus sneak up on him. He plopped on the log, causing Jolty to squeal in shock, and fall off.

Rufus looked over, amused. “Ya okay, there?”

He offered a paw, which Jolty took, getting up. Rubbing his rump, he looked over. “You’re mere existence in this corporeal plane is jarring to me, Rufus.”

Rufus chuckled. “Well, I like it on the farm. I think I’ll stay a while, even after I’m ‘gone’.”

The grey leopard nodded. “Fair enough.” He sat down on the log, closing his eyes, and breathing in. “The woods always smells nice. Like pine needles.”

The patchy furred spirit nodded. “You said it. I love it here.”

There was a moment of lulled silence between the two. Rufus stood, stretching. “Welp, I’ve gotta go a’ egg collectin’. Wanna help?”

Jolty nodded, following his motion. “I’d be delighted.”

Egg collecting was surprisingly easy. The chickens, who were used to the routine, where tired, but friendly. Rufus idly chatted to them, while collecting eggs. After placing them in the basket, the dog opened the gate for the day, dusted his paws, and picked up the basket. “We’d better go drop this off at the house.”

Following the dog to the house, Jolty looked around. “I’m surprised to see so few people and animals up.”

Rufus laughed. “We ain’t a comerical farm, kid. We have a system, yeah, but it ain’t exactly getting up at 3 o’ clock in the morning.”

Jolty smiled, adjusting his own basket of eggs in his paws. “Fair enough.”

They yanked open the screen door, greeting Uncle Reuben, who was getting ready for the day. “Thanks boys,” he murmured, with a smile and a wave.

They waved back, and headed outside. “So, what’s next?”

“Well, we gotta go wake the sheep an’ cows up, and get up ready for the day.”

And so, for the rest of the morning, the two just worked on the farm, doing small, trivial tasks, while idly making conversation. It was tedious, and rather repetitive, but it was also calming. As fun, fascinating, and generally intriguing exploring the woods, investigating the supernatural, and making friends was, it was also exhausting at times. Leo was usually the one to make friends for them….

As much as Jolty hated to admit it, it was a big transition. To go from being the one who never really wanted to do the talking, to having to handle big social situations all on his own. As nice as it could be, it was tiresome, and time consuming…

Rufus closed the gate, watching Uncle Ruben start the old tractor to pull some weeds away. “Welp, that should do it for now.” He looked to Jolty. “You can go off now, if ya want. Thanks for the help.”

Jolty nodded, waving. “It was really fun. Thanks Rufus, talk to you later.” With that, the cat made his way towards the barn. Pulling open the large wooden door, it’s rusted metal frame squealing and sighing in resignation. Plopping down onto the hay, he reached into his bag, and pulled out a math textbook, quietly skimming the pages.

“Whatcha doing?” Jolty jumped in surprise, the textbook falling to the dirt floor of the barn. Gingerly picking it up, he looked up to see Peanut’s smiling face. “Oh, hey Peanut. What’re you doing?”

Peanut glanced around. “Right now? Watching out for the barn cats. They can be...awkward.”

Jolty nodded. He hadn’t met the barn cats, but Peanut had explained all about them on his last trip. “I understand.” He held up his textbook. “I’m just practicing some math problems.”

Peanut tilted his head. “That seems kind of boring for an exciting trip like this one.”

The leopard nodded. “I understand why you’d say that. However…” He sighed, tapping his fingers together. “I’m not particularly gifted at math. It takes me a lot more work than probably some other people. It’s frustrating.” He waved his pencil around, lost in thought. “I just wish math came naturally to me, but it has taken a frustrating amount work to get to where I am today.”

Peanut smiled. “Well, it looks like it has been effective.”
Jolty, despite himself, returned the expression. “Well, I’d be inclined to agree. But I can always improve. But I suppose that is true with nearly anything.”

The two shared a moment of silence, the rest of the day looming over them, a blank boredom of nothing. Peanut looked over. “You seen Grape? We had breakfast together, then she went off o her own.”

“Hm, not sure. But maybe we should just leave her be. Everyone needs space sometimes.” Peanut looked over. “Did something happen this morning at the store? I saw your note.”

Jolty sighed, holding up the chain with the familiar six-fingered symbol on it. “I think I upset her. She got me this as a gift, and I...may have hugged her in response.” He sighed, gripping his textbook tighter. “I’m not good at this whole social thing, I’m really not…”

Looking up at Peanut, Jolty felt the hot wash of shame and embarrassment. “How am I supposed to spend an entire 3 week car trip in the same back seat after that?”

Peanut smiled, putting an arm around the depressed cat. “People forgive, Jolty. Besides, it’s not like you did anything wrong. We all make mistakes.” He put his paw to his mouth, thinking. “Besides, didn’t Grape hug you a few days ago?”

The dog stood, looking over. “Well, I was curious if we could go to town? I’d like to just have a look around.”

Jolty nodded, brushing himself off. “Yeah, we can do that. Just go let Mr. Sandwich know, and we’ll be on our way.”

While Peanut went off to tell his father, Jolty fiddled with some of the bolts on his invention, making sure it wasn’t going to fall apart on them while on the road. Satisfied with his handiwork, he looked up to see Peanut running forwards, wearing the same sweater and goggles Grape had that morning.

“Ready?” Peanut’s tail swished furiously, and the dog bounced lightly. “You know it!”

Jolty grinned. Peanut always was a good pick-me-up. “Alrighty then! Let’s go!” After filling the engine with some more fuel Uncle Ruben had graciously donated to him, he started the engine, and they took off down the road, towards town.

The rest of the day, once boring and uninteresting it would seem, flew by in a flash. The two friends spent the rest of the day walking around, window shopping, chatting to one another, and eating like crazy. As the two headed on their way home, they pulled into the driveway, and shut off the bike, tucking it away into it’s usual spot.

“You’re art is getting wicked good, Peanut! I’ve been looking through you’re comics, and they are really improving!” Peanut smiled. “Thanks! I’d like to think I have been getting the hang of it, but writing can still be difficult.”

Jolty nodded. “Yeah. Writing can be the hardest part sometimes. Getting your ideas to look and sound the way they do in your head, it’s a real challenge. I’d be delighted to help, if you ever need it.”

Peanut smiled wider. “I’ll let you know if I do.” He paused for a moment. “Hey Jolty?”

Jolty looked up from folding the sweater away in his duffel. “Hmm?”

Peanut looked around. “Are you okay? I’m still really from what happened a few weeks ago. I just want you to know I’m always here for you. We’re friends, you know?”

Jolty smiled, but it was only briefly. “, not entirely. I’m not entirely okay. But you guys have been helping. I...I do want to talk about it, soon. I promise I’ll talk to you when I am ready, okay? And, thanks. I know you’re my friend, so I’m trying to uphold my end too, you know?”

“Your end? What do you mean?” The dog tilted his head in confusion.”

Jolty shrugged. “That’s how friendship works. It’s symbiosis. You work together. I want to make you happy, so I’m trying really hard to keep you happy.”

Peanut smiled. “Well, thanks. But, you’s not always going to be sunshine and rainbows and stuff. Even I know that.”

Jolty nodded again. “I-I know, I know. But I just…”

The cat felt himself become enwrapped in a warm, tender hug. “Life isn’t always great, Jolty. We all have our flaws, and I’m glad you feel comfortable sharing with me. But just know all of us are here for you. And we know you are here for us…” He looked at Jolty, smiling. “So it’s okay to be frustrated, or angry. Don’t feel like you have to feign happiness for my, or Grape’s sake.”

Through blurry eyes, Jolty nodded, hugging Peanut tightly. “Th-thank you Peanut…You don’t understand, but it means a lot that you say that.”

Peanut ruffled his hair. “No problem, Jolty! That’s what friends are for!” He looked at his watch. “Oh, hey! It’s almost 6:30, dinner is starting soon. We should head in?” Jolty nodded, following Peanut towards the house, thinking.

Dinner was being held outside that night. The whole family sat out by the campfire, telling stories. “And that’s how I learned the difference between diesel fuel, and standard fuel!” The Sandwhich family laughed at Uncle Reuben’s story. The older gentlemen looked around. “Well, anyone else got any stories?” He glanced around, looking down at Jolty. “You’ve been quiet this entire meal, cat! You got any stories in ya?”

Jolty looked up at the stars for a moment, thinking. Setting down his plate, he closed his eyes. “Yeah, I have a story.” He looked up for a moment. “It all starts a long time ago, in a kingdom far far away….”

Jolty took a deep breath. “There once lived a boy. He was happy, living with his friends, and his family, and especially his brother, who was his best friend. Then, one day, his brother did something the boy thought unforgivable. He burned the boy’s magic book, which held all his greatest secrets. The boy, angry, hurt his brother, and left with his father.”

Jolty pulled something from his coat, watching it deeply. “The boy returned, three years later. He, with the help of a beautiful princess, forgave his brother, who forgave him. It was like old times. The boy, and all his friends, went on adventures again. Then, one day, the boy messed with the wrong magic, and taken to a place incredibly far from home…”

One of the children, enthralled in the story, shouted out. “What happened then?!”

Jolty smiled. “Well….though devastated, the boy chose to struggle on, hoping to find a magic spell to help him home to his friends, and his dearest brother. He made many friends in the new place he arrived, but never faltered in his hope of reuniting. Until one night...”

“The boy was visited by a god, who told him that his old kingdom was gone, destroyed forever. There was no hope of going home, not now, not ever. The magic spell that took him there had destroyed his kingdom in the process…The boy was stuck forever. So he sat by a river. And cried for hours, until some young knights found him…”

Jolty got up, placing his paper plate in the trash bag, turning to walk away. “W-wait! How does the story end?!” One of the kids stood up, followed by protest from the other kids.

Jolty looked back. He couldn’t stop the tears leaking down his face now. “W-well...he looked at stars...stars from a different kingdom…”

*End of Chapter 11*

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by dusk
Chapter 11 Cover: Stars From A Different Kingdom

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Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2018 12:30 am
by Bandit1990
I kind of want to know what Reuben's reaction was when Rufus showed back up. He seems pretty nonchalant about it here. :P

Also, Dang :shock: . I didn't see that one coming. I thought his friends were going to show up again sometime.

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by dusk
HI Everyone! Jolty here, and I wanted to ask you all something. I'm considering making the next chapter an "interactive chapter." Meaning you get to choose the story! If you want me to try this out, please speak up, because I sort of like this idea. But even so, this will probably be the only one. Also, the story is getting parts of it that are visual: I wouldn't call them a comic, but they describe the scene better. Thanks for listening to this update, and if I get enough feedback, part 1 of chapter 12 will be posted tonight.



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Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2018 11:22 pm
by Bandit1990
That's neat. I'm up for it.

Re: HPU Fanfiction: The way the stars shine tonight.

Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2018 11:40 pm
by D-Rock
Yeah, I'm curious as to how Reuben reacted to Rufus coming back was.

Anyway, this is a pretty somber chapter. Making great friends, but one day he would have had to return.

As for the interactive chapter, sounds interesting. If you want to go for it, go for it.

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Posted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 2:41 pm
by dusk
*Chapter 12*

Six Months, two weeks, three days, and seven hours. That had been how long it had been since Jolty had arrived in what he came to call “The Babylon Universe.” It was mind boggling.

It, in itself, had been one month and three weeks since he got home from the road trip with the Sandwiches. The adults had jobs to return to, so after they all left the farm, it had been only a few places they could visit before heading home.

But he had fun. It had been fun hanging out with Peanut, who was always eager for his company. Peanut had been oblivious to the true meaning behind his story. It hurt, but he could at least say he tried.

Grape suspected, he felt. After that day, he made sure he was never in the same room. After he’d gotten home, he made sure to distance himself. He couldn’t explain it, but Grape made him feel funny, and it wasn’t just guilt and embarrassment.

Things got better after that. Jolty found a home. A lady down the street was named Mrs. Landkeeler, who was elderly, had needed helped weeding her garden. And then cleaning her fridge. And she could use a little help with the dishes and the trash?

But she loved him. Her husband, who was a scientist and researcher of his own, had died several years ago, and she was delighted to have a new pet to talk to and have fun with. They bonded instantly. Her house was huge, with beautiful Victorian architecture, and all sorts of testing, lab equipment, and secrets sprinkled about the home. When Jolty mentioned his current living situation, she instantly volunteered to adopt him, which he happily accepted.

He called her Mum. She was the quirkiest, nicest old lady he had ever met, and was constantly helping with whatever she needed. To top it all off, she was a radio show host, and she had her recording booth in her home! How cool was that?!

Her house was always warm when it needed to be, and cool when it didn’t. It was messy, and absolutely perfect. They both loved it that way. It was home. Their home.

It was an easy day at home. A wonderfully quiet afternoon, with no troubles or worries. Mum was taking a nap, and Jolty decided to do the same, laying down near the front door.

His nap had been in session about an hour when there was a pleasant knocking at the door. Jolty got up, and looked around. Who could that be?

Hello everyone, and welcome to the interactive section of this chapter! Everything that has color can be interacted with by Jolty. Make sure to interact with the door last, as that progresses the storyline. Good luck!


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Alright, then, I guess go with whatever's in the drawer.

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Yeah, the drawer's probably the best bet.

Although in a point and click adventure game the first thing I would be drawn to is that lava lamp, just to see what it does.

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Slowly, and with a grunt, Jolty forces open the shut drawer. Inside, a classic GameBoy resides. He puts it in his backpack for safekeeping.

Looking over, he admires the odd lava lamp for a moment. He'd better not touch it though, he's seen Mythbusters.

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What I'm curious about is if these interactive moments will have any impact going forward. Also, 11 chapters is pretty late to bring up an interactive mechanic.

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Oh, I think this is going to be a one off thing. I'm just experimenting, trying stuff out.

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Well, this was a stupid idea. Chapter 12 is going to resume regular writing, please stand by.

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I liked the idea, I just can't really think about things like this while I'm at work. I just got home a few minutes ago.

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Six Months, two weeks, three days, and seven hours. That had been how long it had been since Jolty had arrived in what he came to call “The Babylon Universe.” It was mind boggling.

It, in itself, had been one month and three weeks since he got home from the road trip with the Sandwiches. The adults had jobs to return to, so after they all left the farm, it had been only a few places they could visit before heading home.

But he had fun. It had been fun hanging out with Peanut, who was always eager for his company. Peanut had been oblivious to the true meaning behind his story. It hurt, but he could at least say he tried.

Grape suspected, he felt. After that day, he made sure he was never in the same room. After he’d gotten home, he made sure to distance himself. He couldn’t explain it, but Grape made him feel funny, and it wasn’t just guilt and embarrassment.

Things got better after that. Jolty found a home. A lady down the street was named Mrs. Landkeeler, who was elderly, had needed helped weeding her garden. And then cleaning her fridge. And she could use a little help with the dishes and the trash?

But she loved him. Her husband, who was a scientist and researcher of his own, had died several years ago, and she was delighted to have a new pet to talk to and have fun with. They bonded instantly. Her house was huge, with beautiful Victorian architecture, and all sorts of testing, lab equipment, and secrets sprinkled about the home. When Jolty mentioned his current living situation, she instantly volunteered to adopt him, which he happily accepted.

He called her Mum. She was the quirkiest, nicest old lady he had ever met, and was constantly helping with whatever she needed. To top it all off, she was a radio show host, and she had her recording booth in her home! How cool was that?!

Her house was always warm when it needed to be, and cool when it didn’t. It was messy, and absolutely perfect. They both loved it that way. It was home. Their home.

It was an easy day at home. A wonderfully quiet afternoon, with no troubles or worries. Mum was taking a nap, and Jolty decided to do the same, laying down near the front door.

His nap had been in session about an hour when there was a pleasant knocking at the door. Jolty got up, and looked around. Who could that be?

Walking towards the door, Jolty stopped for a second, admiring the madness that was the main hallway. Looking over, he noticed the the box of purple tapes he had gotten earlier. He needed to record that thing, someone associated with the color purple. He turned, gripping the handle, yanking the slightly stuck door open, and stepped back, in shock. “You’re that weird deer thing!!”
“Enoch….” The deer sighed. “My name is Enoch.”

Jolty felt himself growing faint. “Wh-why are you here?! Is this universe going to fall apart?!”

Enoch held up his hands, waving them quickly. “What?! NO! Nonono, please Jolty, calm down.”

Jolty took a deep breath. “What do you want from me…” He didn’t expect to see him again, not after the bridge incident. He hoped and prayed and begged to every star in the sky that he would never see him again.

Enoch cringed at Jolty’s oncoming panic attack. He could see now the psychological effects that this all had inflicted on the cat. He felt terrible. Twice in his life, this cat had been homeless. Now, he was dimensionless, too…

He needed to fix this. He couldn’t bring back the universe, not even the gods could. But he could help in other ways. Enoch cleared his throat. “I’m sorry for interrupting your nap, however, I thought some introductions where due.” The deer held out a hand. “My name is Enoch. I am a demigod, and I’ve been assigned to find you.”

Jolty’s ears twitched. “Find me? What for?” He could imagine the reasons. He was a loose thread of a broken universe, where they trying to take him out?! Quietly, he reached for the flare gun in his back pocket.

Enoch smiled. “A job.”

This caught the Leopards attention. “A….job?”

“Yes, a job. Now put the flare gun away, no offense, but you look like an idiot.” Jolty flushed, quietly tucking it away into his coat. “Now, look, I get it, you have no reason to trust me. But I am trying to help.” Enoch pulled something, almost comically, from behind his back. “I am a commanding officer for the Anomaly Prevention Task Force.”

Jolty’s ears perked up, but he said nothing. Enoch chuckled. “I saw that. Basically, it’s a group that stops major anomalous objects or entities from damaging the infrastructure of the multiverse. It was founded a few years back when most of the mortals got tired of fighting this stuff off on their own.” He hands Jolty the flyer. “And we have been watching you, Jolty Halvenson. And we are very impressed with your work.”

Jolty quietly reads for a moment, still not sure what to say. “You know more about monsters, aliens, all that nonsense more than anyone else in our field of work. Plus, we know you like Science Fiction, portals, the multiverse theory, all that nonsense. I’m not kidding when I say this would be a dream job for you, and you would make our job like 10 times easier.” Enoch put his arms together. “I’m not kidding when I say we need you.”
Jolty looked up at Enoch, then at the paper. He was right. This sounded like everything he ever wanted. He looked up, brow furrowed. “The catch?”

Enoch sighed. He knew this was coming. “There is no catch. Jolty, I’m literally asking you, on behalf of the gods, to do the same thing you love, just get recognition for your actions.”

“...” There was a long, terse silence. Then finally, Jolty nodded. “If there really isn’t a catch, then yeah. This sounds like a dream come true.” He looked up. “Where do I begin?”

Enoch grinned, extending a hand. “Jolty Halvenson, welcome to the team.” Jolty looked down at it, and smiled softly. “Maybe I should try trusting people more…” Reaching out himself, he returned the gesture.

Enoch looked around. “You’d better go tell your Mom you’re going out.” Jolty nodded, and hurried inside. A few minutes later, he came out, grinning ear to ear. Enoch took one look at him, and started laughing. “Why am I not surprised at all…”

Jolty had changed his outfit into his Sci-Fi looking once, complete with trenchcoat, and cool looking scarf. “Let’s go!”

Enoch stopped. “Oh! Wait, I have a gift. He pulled another thing, mysteriously from nowhere. It was a light blue flower, with a black center and stem.

Jolty looked in a combination of shock, and excitement. “Is that a moonflower?!” Moonflowers where magical items from a story Jolty had written long ago. They could do just about anything, but it took lots of magic, as well as physical and mental strength to use one.

Enoch nodded. “Gift from my boss.” He quickly shoved, and Jolty seemingly absorbed the Moonflower. “Congrats, you now have a little magic inside you. You can use levitation on yourself, entities in the world, and inanimate objects a little bit, as well as a few other tricks unique to you, which I’ll explain later.”

Jolty was internally freaking out. This was by far one of the coolest things to ever happen to him. He looked around. “How are we going to get to your office?”

Enoch smiled. “This is where some of your magic comes in. Since you haven’t been there, I’ll teleport you there, but whenever you go to the office, just visualize it really hard in your head, and you’ll teleport there.” He laughed, rubbing his head. “Sorry, that’s the best way I can explain it. Anyways…” Taking Jolty’s hand, the world melted around them, and suddenly they were standing on a platform of the infinite.

Jolty looked around in amazement. “Everything, except for the gray concrete road in front of him, was a purple color. “Where in the world are we?”
There was an awkward silence for a moment, before his error clicked in his own head. “Oh.” Enoch burst out laughing, and after several noggies from Jolty, the deer stopped wheezing with joy.

“Yeah, we’re outside the main city right now.” Jolty looked over in confusion. “Main city?”

Enoch shrugged. “For those who aren't about the open fields of heaven, there’s a seperate section with a more city esque structure. My boss works there.”

Jolty had a realization. “Wait, so that means….”

Enoch grinned. “Yep, we’re in heaven!”

Well, this was new. The closer they got to the city, the less strange the sky looked. It went from purple, to a dark blue, to a beautiful sky, with clouds and everything. The city was bustling, but there were no cars, only people walking around. I guess that makes sense. People in heaven have all the time in the world to do stuff…

Following Enoch, they made their way towards a building like all the rest, but it had a large sign on it’s exterior. “Anomaly Prevention Task Force”, it read. Enoch pulled him inside.

The front desk area was mostly empty, save one person, a dog at the front desk. He looked up, and waved. “Oh hey Enoch! Is that the new guy?”

Enoch nodded. “Yep, going to take ‘em to the boss now.”

The dog nodded in turn. “Okie doke! Be careful, she’s not in a good mood today.”

Enoch just smirked and patted Jolty on the back. “I think this guy will cheer her up.” With that, he pulled Jolty into the elevator, and up they went, to the top floor.

The top floor had only one path, with a door on the end. The door was a deep mahogany color, with gold trip, and a plaque that read “Boss” on it. Jolty internally began panicking. This was his new boss, he needed to be serious. Enoch smiled reassuringly, and knocked on the door.

“Come in.” The voice was stern, yet gentle. Like someone who meant business, but didn’t want to come across as mean. Enoch opened the door, and ushered Jolty in.

The desk was quite the mess. Papers and files scattered everywhere, and charts where pinned to the wall. A cat sat amidst all of it. Her fur was white, with orange and black patches. She was wearing a pair of reading glasses, which she pulled off as they sat in the classic two chairs in front of the boss’ desk. Her emerald green eyes sat, transfixed on Jolty for a moment. Jolty squirmed in his seat, intertwining his fingers together as he did in uncomfortable situations.
The lady seemed to realize what she was doing. “Oh! Sorry, I was just gathering my thoughts.” She offered a small smile, and a paw. “My name is Lucy. Lucy Normandy, and I am the ‘boss’ here at the Anomaly Prevention Task Force. After hearing so much about you, Mr. Halvenson, it’s a pleasure to finally meet in person.”

Jolty stared at her hand before taking it. “It’s a pleasure to meet you too, Ms. Normandy.”

Lucy tapped the papers on her desk with a pen. “Now, Jolty, can I call you Jolty?” A nod from him. “Good. Now, Jolty, I have been reading the file on you here…” She holds up the file in question. “And it would seem you have quite the bit of personal experience with our work, just on your own. As a matter of fact, I think you have more experience than some of our best agents. And I knew that we needed you, as did Enoch.”

Jolty was quiet, unsure of what to say. “Um, well, I’ll try my best with whatever you need.” Lucy smiled. “Well, that’s good. Don’t worry, with your experience, most of this work will be a sinch.” She pulled a small key from a drawer. “This is your office key. You will find your office in a designated position. The first time, the key will guide you there. After that, you can use your psychic abilities to teleport there. I assume Enoch gave you your powers?” An affirming nod. “Good. Everything should be settled. Your first assignment will begin tomorrow. Work hours for you are from 9-5 most days. We will call you if an important assignment comes up off schedule, that we want you to take part in.” Lucy smiled. “Don’t feel afraid to ask questions to me, or Enoch, okay?”

Jolty nodded. This was so much to process at once, he was feeling a bit overwhelmed. “I understand. Thank you for giving me a chance. I’ll be here bright and early tomorrow.”

Lucy smiled. “It’s a true honor to have you here. Welcome to the office.”

Enoch bid Jolty farwell, and left the cat to follow his key to his office. It, turns out, was on the floor below, and was number #9854. What immediately struck Jolty as odd was his office mates had incredibly unique doors; one even had a fallout bunker door, as in the actual gear. One had something that looked like it came out of the Death Star from Star Wars, and another had some kind of incredibly complex lock for a door. They all had things spilling into the halls; heck, one of them had a real actual turret, and a front gate.

But his? His was incredibly blank, boring. It was a regular office door. Guessing he simply got unlucky, Jolty opened his door, and was completely bewildered by what he saw.

It was space. Like, real actual outer space, just looming behind this innocuous door. Taking a step, he felt himself begin to levitate, and float around. The space was impossibly huge, and it was just so...beautiful. Floating in the space was a note. Reaching out, he picked it up, and read the messy print.

Each office will become customized to the owner’s personal tastes. Mess around with yours, find what you like! The door will change to what you want it to be, too. Have fun!


Jolty looked around, unsure of where to begin in the impossibly large space. He imagined something, and *poof*!

Looking in front of him, he grinned. His favorite sandwich. Reaching out, he grabbed it, and took a bite. It was delicious and wonderful, cooked and crafted to perfection. Munching on his sandwich, he imagined gravity, and drifted a few inches, before his feet came to rest on an invisible floor. Walking around, he saw what he was looking for: It was the Mystery Shack!

Jolty grinned at the ridiculousness of this situation. The Mystery Shack, floating in space?! How cool was that? Walking up to it, he sat on the comfortable couch on the side porch, and watched space float by. Looking over, he noticed the door, which had adjusted itself to his location, fitting into the main entrance, and matching the design. He smiled. “Neat.”

He imagined a few more things. A large tree, growing on the side of the shack. A few extra parts he fancied. Satisfied with the result, he turned, and stepped out the door. He’d had a long day, and wanted to go home. Besides, it would seem like work truly began tomorrow.

Jolty told his Mum all about his day, who chuckled. She knew he child was a little bizarrely, but she believed him. It wasn’t like she didn’t know about the magical entities, she’d been there when “The Incident of ‘68” happened.

Mrs. Landkeeler clapped her son on the back. “You’re growing up right before my eyes, kiddo! You’ve got a real job now! Just, be careful. I’ll miss you when you aren't home.”

Jolty sniffled a little. “I’ll miss you too, Mum. But I only work 9-5, and get every other day off, unless it’s an emergency.

Mrs. Landkeeler smiled. “At least you’ll be around.” In the main hall, the phone began to ring. “Can you get that dear, while I start to make dinner?”

Jolty nodded. “Of course Mum.” Hopping out of his chair, he wandered into the hallway, and yawned, picking up the phone. “Hello, Landkeeler residence, this is Jolty speaking.”

“Jolty?” It was Peanut. Jolty cringed. He had been so busy with his own life, he hadn’t spoken to Peanut in almost 2 weeks. Yeesh. Who knew building a perpetual motion machine took so much out of you? And doing chores. There was that.

“Oh, hey Peanut. Sorry I haven’t called or come over, I’ve been really busy.” “Oh, that’s fine, I just wanted to check in. How have you been?”

Jolty leaned against the wall. “Honestly? Busy, really. I have a job now, and I have been working really hard on several projects. You?”

“Same old, same old for me.” Peanut pulled on the chord, thinking. “Listen, I don’t want to bother you but I had a question.”

Jolty’s ears perked up in interest. “Oh?”

“Me, Tarot, you know, my girlfriend, Grape, and Max are all going to the carnival that is in town tonight. We were curious if you wanted to come along?”

Jolty thought for a second. “So you want me to be a fifth wheel?”

“Well, I-I didn’t mean it like that…” “Hey, it’s okay, I’m used to being a third wheel for people.” The cat yawned again. “Yeah sure, I’ll go.”

“Cool! We’ll be at your house at 8:30, be ready.” “Very well then, see you Peanut.” *Click*. The phone went quiet. Jolty went back to the kitchen. “Hey Mum? Peanut invited me to go fifth wheeling for him and his friends to the carnival outside of town, can I go? He said he’d be here at 8:30.”

The kind old woman smiled. “Sure! You can eat dinner, then wash up.”

Around 8:30, Mrs. Rose Landkeeler opened the door to three pets. The dog up front wagged his tail excitedly. “Hi Mrs. Landkeeler, is Jolty ready.”

Rose laughed. “Oh yes dear. Please, all of you, come in, he’s just getting ready. I think he’s in the attic, you can wait for him in his room.” Directing them to a messy looking room, they all wandered inside.

Messy was putting it nicely. Jolty’s room was a disaster area. News clippings, white, black, and corkboards littered the walls. Machinery and computer parts littered the room. Looking around, Peanut began to explore.

Grape frowned. “Peanut, leave Jolty’s stuff alone. You know how secret he is with things.”

“I know, I’m just exploring, his room is so cool!” “And messy, this place is a pigsty!” Tarot remarked, looking around herself. Something on the wall caught her eye. It was a classic conspiracy theory board, with pins, string, the works. But what was on it was the interesting part. They looked like equations, calculations, torn parts of research articles. And the schematics for some kind of device. And in the center of it all, a photograph.

Tarot looked at the photo in question. It was Jolty, obviously, with a few other pets, sitting by a campfire. They were all laughing and having a good time, a one armed dog and a black cat with a purple color sitting next to him, while he was standing, a ridiculous grin on his face, pretending to “rock out” on a guitar. It was a captured moment in time from seemingly long ago.

“Huh.” Tarot’s voice directed the other pets attention, and they stared at it too.

Peanut looked around and they desk below the corkboard, and something caught his attention. “Hey look, Grape! This has your name on it!” Peanut held up a purple cassette tape, with the words “For Grape” written on in permanent marker.

Grape snatched it out of Peanut’s hands, her face flushing. This was for HER? What did it say? Imagining the possibilities, Grape quietly tucked it into her collar pocket, looking at the other too. “If he asks, we don’t know where it is, okay?” To her relief, the other pets nodded, though it was a nervous nod.

*Ding!* Turning around, a bookshelf began to move aside, and an elevator came to the floor behind it. Coughing, Jolty stepped out, brushing off his brown pants, and fixing the red flannel he wore.. He looked up, and his face began grow hot. “Oh, um, hey guys. I didn’t expect you to, you know, be in my room.”

Peanut’s ears drooped. “Sorry, your mom sent us in.”

Jolty waved a dismissive hand. Oh, don’t worry about it now. Looking over, he quickly yanked a curtain in front of the corkboard, his face growing hotter. “Uh, wasn’t Max coming too?” He said, in an attempt to take the attention away from him.

Grape looked away, while Peanut’s face shifted to an even more somber expression. “Oh, um, well...Max said he had to cancel, as he’d had other plans going on.”

Jolty frowned. Though he could tell something else was going on, liked Max, he seemed like a genuinely nice person in the few times they’d met. He decided not to press on the subject. “Fair enough, should we get going?”

Peanut nodded. “Yeah, we should get there before it gets too dark.” Peanut and Tarot walked out, followed by Grape. Jolty took one last glance at the now-covered board, before closing the door behind him.

*End of Chapter 12*

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Chapter 13 Cover

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by Buster
at first glance I didn't notice the fluffy bit on top and thought he was holding a knife...

aside from that heart attack interesting so far.

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Haven't said anything - I'm not much of an interacter - but the development is intriguing.

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Huh, things jolted surprisingly fast all of a sudden. Well, let's see where this takes us.

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The carnival’s bright, colorful lights, the sounds of whooshing roller coaster’s, and screams of joy and terror, and the smells of cotton candy, corn dogs, and salty pretzels. As the pets arrived together, they felt the lights wash over them, the sounds, the smells.

Jolty stretched, quietly swaying to the song they had playing on the overhead speakers. “I love this song! I forgot it existed!”

Peanut smiled. “Really? What’s it called?” “Stuck on a puzzle, by Alex Turner. I heard it on the radio once, and fell in love with it.” He laughed. “Wow, I forgot how much I loved carnivals. Me and my friends used to go to them all the time during the summer and fall.” He closed his eyes, sighing deeply, lost in his own head.

“What happened to them?” Jolty’s eyes snapped open. “What?”

Tarot regarded him. “You just said you missed them. What happened to them?”

Jolty’s skin prickled with shame and embarrassment? “Oh geez, I said that out loud? Sorry, I didn’t mean to.” He shoved his hands into his pockets. “As for them, well...I just can’t see them...anymore…”

There was an awkward silence amongst them, then Jolty straightened up, wiping the salty tears from the brims of his eyes. “Well, c’mon, I didn’t come here to bring everyone down, let’s go look at some of the rides!” Flashing a smile, the cat started doing cartwheels to get away, followed by the others, who cast glances of concern to one another, then followed after him.

The carnival was certainly busy, but not insanely packed. There was mostly pets, teenagers, and young adults riding the rides. Jolty smiled, pulling his vintage Polaroid camera from out of his bag. Sure it was old, but he was a sucker for older technology. It was why he used to drag Lionel to the local Goodwill and Salvation Army every weekend, looking for cassette tapes, and rolls of film.

He turned around, grinning, snapping the camera, just as Peanut and Tarot leaned into one another for a kiss. The two dogs looked up, blushing. “Jolty!” The cat responded with a laugh, and started running as Peanut chased playfully after him, grins on both of their faces.

The group convened a few minutes later, and resumed walking. Jolty fell into line next to Grape, who smiled softly at the grin on the leopards face. “Wow, there’s a look we don’t see often.”

Jolty sighed contently. “I suppose that’s true. I do love carnivals.” He looked away, tracing the familiar rainbow insignia on the front of the camera. “This reminds me of all the weekends me and my friends used to go to the mall, or to a fair, or something like that. They always knew how to get me out of my shell of social insecurity.” He frowned, looking at himself in the reflective glass of the Polaroid. “Those were some of the best nights I’ve ever had.”

He looked up at Grape. “Hey...I’m sorry about Max. I know how much it can stink to be stood up.”

Grape frowned herself. “Oh, yeah, that….Thanks, but I’ll be okay.” Suddenly, her eyebrows quirked up, and she gave him a sly smile. “’ve been on a date before?”

Jolty laughed, feeling the tinge of heat return to his cheeks. “Crazy, right? Jolty Halvenson going on a date. Sounds like it’s a made up story, but no. I’ve been on two dates, and more third wheeling sessions for my brother than I can name.”

The purple she-cat watched him. “Who did you go on dates with?”

“Oh, no one in particular. My brother tried to set me up on dates with girls he knew, but both times I got stood up.” The cat shrugged, laughing. “It’s okay. I don’t think I would have liked them, anyways.”

Grape nodded. “I get that. Believe me, when people found out I was a girl, I got more valentines and date requests than you could imagine. I could tell they weren’t right though.”

“Wait wait wait. People didn’t know you where a girl?! How is that even possible?”

Grape laughed. “Well, you all started with a picture Peanut drew…”

. . .

“And then, Peanut looked up and said ‘wait, you’re a girl?!’” Jolty chuckled, and picked at his cotton candy. “That sounds like it lead to shock and confusion.” The two cats were sitting on the wooden fence, waiting for Tarot and Peanut to get off the rollercoaster. Jolty had volunteered to watch their stuff, Grape choosing to sit with him.

Grape nodded vivaciously. “Well, yeah. Peanut was baffled. Though, how they didn’t know is still beyond me. Though, I’m not exactly what one would consider ‘girly’.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty interesting.” Grape looked up, feeling her cheeks go hot. “What?”

Jolty gestured, clearing his throat. “You’re not really girly, as you put it. You seem more up to adventure than some girls I have met. Plus, I wouldn’t feel concerned if you got into trouble. You seem capable of handling yourself. I like that.”

Realizing how he may have come across, Jolty felt himself going hot as well. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to make it awkward or anything…”
Grape shook her head. “No, it’s fine…” The two remained silent for a moment, watching the roller coaster for a while, trying to hide their faces.

“Grape! Jolty!” The two cat’s heads snapped up to see Peanut and Tarot walking towards them. “You guys need to go on the rollercoaster with us, it was AWESOME!!!”

Tarot nodded her head in agreement. “It was really fun. I wasn’t sold at first, but after the drop, the adrenaline kicked in, and it was a blast!”

Jolty laughed. “Okay then, we’ll go ride it!” As he stood up, Peanut noticed the cone in the cat’s hand. “Woah, Jolty, that cotton candy is huge!”

The cat smiled, holding up his free hand in the form of a shrug. “I know, right? You should have seen it earlier, it was practically twice the size of this!”

The two male pets started talking about ridiculous things they had eaten in the past, Tarot watching close by, barely containing laughter.

Grape watched the whole scene from the fence, a smile on her face. Looking down, she saw Jolty’s Polaroid Camera sticking out of the top of his bag. Reaching down, she took a picture of Jolty’s jovial expression. She pocketed the picture, and put the camera back, hopping off the fence. “Well, we’ve got more stuff to do, should we get going?”

Peanut nodded, and scarfed down his corndog. “Yeah! After the rollercoaster, I was thinking we could do the maze of mirrors, then they have a “weirdness” section - yes, Jolty, I promise we will go there - and I figured we could leave off with the ferris wheel.” With a plan set in mind, the pets set off, looking for another rush of excitement. Little did they know, it would be coming shortly, in an unexpected way.

. . .

Wow, that was AWESOME! I know I already went on, but man, that never gets old!” Peanut’s thoughts on the rollercoaster where pleasant to listen to as the group headed towards the “Hall of Weirdness”, as it was called on the carnival map.

Jolty walked up to the front desk to pay for their admittance. The man sitting there looked like the stereotypical magician, with a long cape, top hat, and twirly moustache. As Jolty handed the money to the man, the man’s eyebrows flicked up. “How interesting, you have six fingers…” He looked up, and stared at Grape. “I’ve never seen a purple cat before. How unique.” He handed Jolty the tickets, and said nothing more.

The leopards’s brow was furrowed at he walked over to the group. Peanut looked at him. “You okay?”

Jolty nodded. “Yeah, I’m good.” He looked back at the man at the desk, who was speaking into a walkie talkie now. “Let’s just get going. And be careful.”

The hall was dark. The only illumination came from the floor, covered in glow in the dark question marks, and buttons, which activated parts of the exhibit.

As the pets walked around, clicking on the buttons, which light up strange mutagenic horrors, Jolty tried to ignore the sinking feeling in his gut.

They were not alone in that hallway. Looking around, his last waking thought was “I think we should get out of here…” before he felt someone grab him, and everything went black….

“Well well well….I wasn’t expecting such odd guests this evening…”

Jolty’s view was obscured by what he assumed to be a cloth bag. He growled, ever so slightly. ‘Where am I?!”

The voice, soft and melodious, chuckled. “You’re in your new home, son!” The bag was yanked from his head, and what he saw wasn’t surprising. “The magician! I ******* knew it!”

The magician chuckled, twirling his perfect mustache. “Yes, it is I, WALLACE THE MAGNIFICENT!”

Jolty groaned. “Oh boy. You’re name is lame. It doesn’t even RHYME. Isn’t that step one of being a magician? Having a cool name?”

Wallace growled. “Don’t mock me child. You’ll be working for me a very long time, and so you’d better get on my good side.” He straightened, brushing his coat, so toodleoo for now~” The magician laughed maniacally as he walked off down the hall.

Jolty observed his surroundings. It would seem he was on the main stage of the big house, the bright camera lights shining down on him. He grinned. They had taken his bag, obviously. But a quick search showed they had forgotten about his utility belt. Well, it was a cloth bag attached to his belt, but utility belt sounded cooler.

Jolty’s restraints where basic locks, chained to a metal frame. It would be an easy pick. What would be harder would be to get his bag back. Where had they left it?

Sighing, Jolty focused on the now. Retrieving a sewing pin and a bobby pin from his utility belt, he went to work picking the lock.

“Click. Click. Click!” Jolty grinned, satisfyingly removing his lock and chains. “You’re gonna have to try harder than that to conquer Jolty Halvenson!” *Thump!* Jolty slipped on one of the chains, and falls to the floor. “Ow….okay, I guess that was to much gloating. Thanks, karma…”

Standing up, Jolty quickly fled the scene, hiding behind a pillar. He still needed to get his bag back, and call the police on this creep.

“Ooh kitty, we have a surprise for you- WHAT?!! Grr! I’m gonna kill you you little piece of garbage!!!” Then, he stopped, and snorted. “Well, I have something you want. You’re little purple friend here won’t make it unless you turn yourself in!”

He heard some muffled shouts of protest, followed by something being removed. “When I get out of this, I’m going to rip you to shreds!!” The man just laughed.

Jolty peeked out from behind the support pillar. The man, along with a tied up Grape, shouting obscene things at him, where right next to- his bag! Putting his brain to work, Jolty quickly came up with a plan.

Wallace laughed. He’d won, there was no way the weird looking one would leave without purple.” He turned to the cat, their fangs bared. “Looks like we just have to wait until your friend realizes he’s out of options- *GZZZZT*” Suddenly, the lights in the entire building went out, cloaking the scene in darkness.

“What?! What’s happening?” Wallace heard clinking metal next to him, but could do nothing but grope around in the darkness, growling himself.

Suddenly the lights flipped back on, and he saw them. The stupid spotted one had freed the purple one, grabbed his bag, was running for the exit. “You stupid cats! Get over here!!!”

Jolty looked at the large man chasing after him, and looked up at Grape. “Grape, please go, and get help. I can take him, I promise.”

Grape frowned at the notion. “But, I’m not just going to leave you here!”

Jolty sighed, and pushed her towards the exit. “You’re taller, ergo you’re legs are faster. You can find someone faster than I could, especially with all this equipment. Plus, I have more tricks up my sleeve - literally - than you do.”

Grape stared back, then nodded. “Be careful.” Jolty nodded, and closed the gate, slamming the lock shut. He turned back to face the magician, who stopped, staring at the cat, the veins in his pointy face bulging profusely.

He points at the little cat. “You. You have no idea what I am going to do to you when I get my hands on you!!” He lunges for Jolty, who easily dodges. “GraaaahHHH!!! STAY STILL!!!!”

Jolty smiles, and reaches for his flare gun. “You’re going to have try harder than that, you old fart.” Aiming, he fires the bright light. “GAAAH!”

Moving quick, Jolty runs up, and scratches the man’s face, hard. “That’s for capturing my friend!!!” Using the face as a launch pad, he leaps away, landing a safe distance.

Wiping the blood off his face, Wallace reaches down, and picks up a long tube of metal that had come off the structure. Grinning maniacally, he starts towards Jolty, waving it around. “You’re gonna get it now, cat!”

Jolty stepped back, fear rising in his chest. He turned, and fled into the darkness once more, hiding from the insane magician.

He couldn’t fight back against him with a longer weapon, and his flare gun was out of cartridges, meaning he had no more stops to pull. All he could do was hide.

There was a long pause of time. How long passed, he wasn’t sure. Could threats be used as a measurement of time? Jolty peeked out from his hiding place, to see the man's veiny eyes, and hideous nose, along with his sweating face. He swung at Jolty, and there was a crunch of the metal bar connecting to his arm. “Ahh!”

“Hahaha! You’re dead, shrimp! Say goodbye forever!”

Just as the magician raised the crowbar, there was a shout. “THIS IS THE POLICE! STAY DOWN, NOW!”

Through the seething pain that wrecked him, it was hard to feel any relief, but it was there. While a policeman came over, and clipped a set of handcuffs to Wallace, a recognizable police dog ran over to Jolty. “Fox?! What are you doing here?!”

Fox sighed. “Grape came and found us, and she told us that you guys had been kidnapped. I guess we got here in time.” The dog helped him up. “Are you okay? Anything hurt?”

Jolty nod. “Uh, yeah...He got me in the arm just before you showed up.”

“Let me have a look, okay?” Jolty nodded, extending his arm. It didn’t hurt to reach out, so that was a good sign, he thought.

Fox gently rolled up his sleeve, and moved it a few different ways, and asking where it hurt. Looking up, he smiled. “Well, I think you got lucky. It might just be bruised. If you are really worried, you can go get it looked at, but I think you’ll be alright.”

Jolty smiled, sighing of relief. Taking another deep breath, the cat took in the mess of a scene. “Where are the others?”

“Well, we gave them a ride home, just like I’m gonna give you. They were really worried, you might want to go see them tomorrow, or give them a call or something.”

“Okay, thanks a lot Fox. You guys got here just in time, I was almost toast.”

Taking Jolty’s bag, Fox helped him to the police car, and the two of them got in, as did a police officer. The car pulled out of the now closed fairground. It appears people had evacuated because of the situation, but where being let back in. Jolty stared at the ferris wheel, it’s beautiful, bright, vibrant colors flaring back into existence.

Jolty sighed. He’d wanted to ride that ferris wheel.

The police cruiser rolled to a stop in front of Jolty’s house, it’s creaking walls a welcome sight. Hopping out, he thanked Fox, and agreeing to stop by sometime. Walking up on the porch, grabbed and pulled, a hatch opening up, taking him up to the top of the tree that wrapped it’s way around the house. Taking a deep breath, he willed his way up the latter, where he found his Mom, sitting in the treehouse, a cup of tea in her hand. She gestured to his comfy chair, where her beloved husband once sat. They sat, listening to the night sounds, and the creaking old tree.

It was a while before either one of them spoke. “I’m going to Africa in about a week, love.” Mrs. Landkeeler smiled somberly. “I want you to watch the house while I am away, okay?”

Jolty nodded. “Yes mum. How long will you be gone?”

“‘Bout a week, too. I’m doing an interview over there. I promise to be back as soon as I can. Just be safe, okay?”

Jolty nodded his head once more. He was always careful. As careful as a cat on a mission could be. If only his mom knew what had just occurred. He probably wouldn’t tell her, she’d worry and not go.

Nothing more to be said, the two quietly listened to the night, taking in the air.
“You know something…?” The old lady sighed, leaning into her faded pink recliner. “It smells better at night, I think.”


*End of Chapter 13*

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by D-Rock
Alright, finally made the time to catch up.

I must say, this was a good chapter. Nice intimate moments and a good deal of suspense. Good job!

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by dusk
Howdy everyone, it’s Jolty, and I’ve come to wish you all farewell to this series, which is being cancelled and it’s sequel story indefinitely postponed. You probably have questions, so, I’d like to apologize beforehand, and explain myself.

First, the big one: Time. Though I am currently on school break, I’m ashamed to admit that I have many other life things going on. I am currently looking for someone to hire me to work, as it seems my father doesn’t see art as financally productive, as many other things going on outside the scenes.

Another big piece is my frustration with my own work. I changed my storyline numerous times on a hitch throughout production, and it only got worse as time continued. If and when I write the sequel, many things will need to be retconned, and I am going to sit down, and create a proper storyboard of events.

And finally, a big combination of the previous two issues: My own disinterest in this story. It was poorly planned, poorly designed, and executed, and I find it lacking in all regards.

Now, if you would like to see a revamp of this story, or want me to continue the next story in this timeline, comment on this, or message me or something. If enough people want it, I will return to it when I feel like it.

But, until that possiblility arrives, this is Jolty, signing off on this story one last time. Thanks a lot for following mecon this journey, and I can’t wait to see what awaits us.


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Writing is a learning process, so it takes time to get right. Whatever you decide to do, good luck on future endeavors.