Temporal Coincidences

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A6 - File 9: Why Waves Wait

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And... we're late at posting it again. XD

File 9: Why Waves Wait

“Okay, before I go rabid and bite the life out of your body, why in the world am I back in a doberman’s body?”

Rick couldn’t say it. It was not his intention to put Al back into a dog’s body. But for some reason, just moments before the transfer commenced, the machine initiated lockdown and channeled Al into a different body.

“I don’t know what happened. There must be a glitch in the system. I can’t access the system ever since I started the transfer. Attempting to shut it down in between transfer might turn you into a vegetable. And…” Rick paused, still hesitant to disclose that perhaps tiny little fact.

“And… what!?” Al remarked, clearly stressed at being back to his old situation. His gaze, or more accurately glare, was frightening enough even at his current state.

“You’re actually a mini-pinscher, not a doberman.”

The look from Al’s face was beyond anything he saw before. It would have been great if he was able to take one picture, but currently it’s inappropriate for him to do so and who knows what he can do with those tiny snout and claws.

“I wouldn’t believe that that fox is right. But I need to get back to the machine and switch back to my real, actual body as soon as possible.” He stated in a panic, all the while he was attempting to remove the straps and locks that was restraining him on the chair. “Look even the tail is still short. This is clearly much worse than getting stuck with in a doberman’s body.”

“Fox? What do you mean by that?” Rick said, now puzzled about Al’s first statement. He had never referenced any fox before.

“It’s hard to explain, you would call me a lunatic if I told you about him.” Al stumbled to the ground as he removed the last remaining belt. “But basically, I always see him at the final moments of the transfer sequences.”

Rick helped Al up. He was much lighter and oddly cuter for that reason. Whatever caused this malfunction must have been a comedian.

“Okay, bring me to that device again, let’s try this one more time.” Al stated, but paused to glare at Rick. “Don’t even think of making me get stuck with this body because I look cute. I’m older than you remember?”

“You just read my mind.” Rick smirked. “I can do that but it seems that the system is still locked. I’ll try to find a way around that.”

Rick was about to head for the control panel when he noticed that one of the doors into the sector hissed open. Two shadowy figures entered the room before the door closed shut, with the usual hiss.

“Sorry, but the system is now permanently locked.” Said one of the figures. “It’s nice to see the both of you visiting us again.”


Karl was visiting the Doctor Lehrer in his office. It was still pretty early in the night when he left the resort. He hated mixing up work during his vacations but with all the odd circumstances and the weird events happening around him ever since the incident with the Subject, he was forced to arrange this impromptu meeting.

The doctor was of course accommodating. He offered the dog some tea upon his arrival then immediately went straight to the talk about the Subject, and how that was his father’s prized work. He gave some history, going back to the 1950s all up to the late 1980s when apparently he died in a lab accident.

The doctor was about to discuss about some theories on Sam’s behavior when an alarm rang from the doctor’s desk. Apparently, someone had accessed the archives, and by the appearance of one of the figures, it looked like Sam was one of them. The doctor keyed in some commands from his computer before promptly asking Karl whether he wanted to accompany him to meet the intruders.

Intrigued, Karl joined him.

“What do you mean by that, doctor?”

“These two were the very two people my father were hunting. It was never a secret but the original subjects of the experiments, 152A and 152B were never really terminated.” The doctor , adjusted his glasses as he stared at the experiments across the rooms. “They were moved to a more secretive division of the company where we do the so called fringe research.”

Karl was more confused with what the doctor said. It wasn’t because of the facts or details he had given, but rather the manner in which he said them, something was off.

“So, what does Sam have to do with these subjects?” Karl asked. “And what do you mean by visiting us again, have you seen them before this encounter?”

“Just a sec.” Lehrer said, while bracing himself against something.

It seemed too surreal to the dog. He has read the facts about the subject, it detailed about the capabilities of the subject, capabilities that by themselves, seem completely out of this world. But seeing it happening right in front of him, it was something different.

A small pulse of what he assumed to be the gravity waves slightly bending the light along its path. It was barely noticeable, but its effect was something like a thin lens moving towards him.

He felt a slight push from the waves, unlike the doctor who felt the full impact of it and was flung towards the doors. The sound of a crack sent shivers to the dog.

“You see, they actually took Sam’s body, probably from the stolen plans of it way back in 1989.” The doctor stood, to the shock of the dog. He adjusted his back and shoulders like it was just a simple sprain. “They did that with intents of getting more data on them from the archives, something that I denied Sam, whom I was suspicious of being them, access to.”

Karl backed away, still staring at the doctor as he approached the two subjects slowly.

“And about them visiting us again, Doctor Heinrich Lehrer never really died from in 1989.” Now smiling like someone who just received a prize from a fair. “I am Doctor Heinrich Lehrer.”

A faint red glow started emanating from the doctor’s hand.


“Can you both slow down, please?” Insisted Brunolf. He was resting his arm on one of the beams in the corridors of what seems to be the fringe division. “We can probably think about where they could have brought her rather than simply running around this maze.”

“We don’t have time for that anymore.” Sam remarked, stopping at one of the intersections. He started getting anxious as soon as he was in the fringe division. “We should probably just split up and meet up here in a few minutes, it would make looking for it quicker.”

A low hum could be heard as the whole structure started shaking a bit. This was enough to snap Trey back to the real world from his never ending internal monologue.

“Sorry about that. I was just trying to understand what’s happening here.” He said anxiously as he looked around him. “But Sam, I think Dmitri’s right this time. We’re wondering around in circles in this division and there seems to be something else happening here, it might be better to stick together.”

Sam sighed as he looked back at the two. He was still clearly curious about what that sound was. The emergency warning lamps started blinking, it was just a level one emergency signal.

“Okay guys. I wasn’t totally honest with you two.” Sam hesitated to continue for a moment. “I was spying on one of the assailants. I can’t tell you exactly why I was spying on them, but let’s just say they took something really important from me they’re using it to infiltrate this facility.”

Trey’s eyes raised in suspicion.

“And, I kinda forgot to tell you this tiny detail but I overheard them saying that they were trying to access the fringe division archives.”

“That makes all the difference!” Trey exclaimed, masking his worry with a bit of excitement. But all of it faded, as quickly as it came.
“Let me guess, you forgot where that is?” Dmitri remarked.


One of the researchers, a dalmatian wearing a lab coats and protective gear, passed by and noticed Trey. He was carrying several stacks of paper along with a laptop and an odd looking device.

“Oh Trey, what are you doing here? I don’t remember you being part of the Special research division.” He placed down his papers and approached Trey, barely noticing the other two accompanying him. “You know that they’ve activated level one here, we need to evacuate. Here, have this.”

He held up several gas masks and a compact lab goggles.

“But you don’t need to evacuate for level one emergen…” Trey went ahead and grabbed the masks and goggles. “I was just looking for Hannah when I heard about the alarm. I can’t seem to find her.”

“Oh great! Here, have another set.” The dalmatian said. “I think I saw Hannah going in that door at the end of the corridor there, it’s the access to the archives. But don’t touch anything in there, the boss might get mad.”

“Thanks Salvador.”

“Don’t mention it.” Added the researcher, who promptly picked up his stuff and walked away. “Lucky husky.”

“I heard that.”

All he got back was some laughter as the dalmatian walked away quickly.

The three immediately ran towards the said door as the whole structure shook once more. A lone door stood at the end of the glass sided corridor. They walked straight to it just as the door hissed open to reveal another tube.

“So that’s why we couldn’t find her here, she’s at a completely separate sector from us.” Remarked Dmitri, even as the two ‘walked’ past him. The beautiful dark blue waters and the glow of the lights along the tube was disregarded. There was something in else bothering everyone's mind.



Thanks for reading. See you next week! XP
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Re: Temporal Coincidences

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Yet another apology from us... But yup, there was quite a bit of poor planning on our side, coinciding with things to do in real life, mainly studies, I guess... As a result, the next part will be coming later tomorrow, on day or morning, depending on where you are.

Sorry for a delay, and "see" you all a little later!
Yes, that is about the best thing to write that I could think of.

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Re: Temporal Coincidences

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We have a weird idea on timezones. I guess.
also, re-worked File 9 is probably coming tomorrow.

File 10: A Fight in Scarlet

“What the-”

“Rick, duck!” Cried Al. A gravity wave shot right past them, just barely missing both. They did, however, feel the energy of the wave - if anything, it was not something they’d want to be on the path of.

The two rolled behind the machines, scattered around the sector. The doctor was at the center, with his hands glowing red. The other dog that accompanied him seemed to be just standing at the opposite corner of the sector, close to the doors and away from the battle.

Al looked at Rick, who was signalling him to go to the other side, closer to the panels. He was planning on attacking the doctor. Images shot through Al’s mind - it was just like before, except that he was all alone behind the machine. He shook his head away from the memories. Al shuffled across the sector, careful not to be seen or heard by the taunting Lehrer in the middle.
Rick jumped off of his machine, targeting the doctor’s feet with a burst of red energy. His opponent’s hands glowed deeply as the Rick’s energy wave passed right through, just barely shifting the grinning man. Rick quickly moved, shot another energy wave up, hitting a ventilation duct. Lehrer, however, used his own energy beams to alter the trajectory of the falling debris and shoved it at Rick.

“You know, visiting us again is a grave mistake for you guys.” The doctor grinned as he approached Rick. “Firstly, that fire left me with severe burns, so you gave me no choice but to become a part of the 1-52 project myself.”

Rick gasped, as the doctor started to crush the ventilation shaft around him, and slowly realising that was effectively getting pinned to the floor.

“It took me three years to just be able to move again, you know. I was stuck in a hospital bed on life support, with my skin and muscles screaming at me constantly for years. You may have considered me insane before, but... what can three years do to an already insane man?”

Al jumped off of his hiding place. He pressed his hands forward, targeting the doctor for his attack. The result, however, was just a red puff of what looked like smoke, disappearing at the very instant after creation.

The doctor looked back, noticing Al in his attack stance. Lehrer approached Al and then patted him on the head, smiling.
“You two, on the other hand, are harmless right now.”

Al was about to bite the doctor, given that his teeth were still pretty sharp even for a small dog. But he was quickly subdued by a small burst of gravity waves, which shot him across the room towards Karl.

“Dogs should never bite their owners, didn’t you know that?” The doc said as he approached the mini pinscher. At just a few meters away, his hands glowed faintly, as Al felt an extremely strong gravitational field there. He could feel his skin and muscles being pulled down, and his field of view was narrowing down from the high g’s he was experiencing.
“Doc, I have little idea on what is going on, but weren’t you going to capture, not kill them?”

The doctor stopped pressing on Al, and a few moments later pinscher’s breathing relaxed and his vision started to return to normal. Lehrer moved closer to Karl instead, smiling maniacally.


“You know Karl, you and your family were always the ones better off.”

“What do you mean by that?” Karl wondered nervously, while slowly trying to inch away from the insane doctor.

“The research heads have always been the closest advisors to the Marks family. We were, and are the reason why you are in power, the reason why your family became the biggest and strongest organization in the entire world!”


“The thing is, we never really have real control over the organization. You always have monopoly over it, even if we or I hold the key... or, to say it better, the orb to the company’s future.” He looked sternly at the german shepherd. “I had planned to take over the company a long time ago. Most of these attempts failed because of your ignorant father. I just couldn’t simply replace him as everyone knew who he was. Unlike you. Oh, you just made the whole situation perfect for me.”

Karl started running, confused with what the doctor was saying. He used posts and the other apparatus scattered in the sector to block himself from the Lehrer’s line of sight. Despite that, hr just continued walking, trailing the dog, and continuing in a calm voice:

“Almost nobody knows who you are, and with this recent fiasco, it seems that the only truly loyal division head is now missing. His identity was stolen and his body is now utterly useless.”
Karl just noticed something with his peripheral vision. It was that familiar body at one of the chairs in the center. Sam’s, no doubt, but there was no sign of life in it. Just several cables attached to the head, and straps, locking his limbs.

“What did you do to Sam!?” Karl’s teeth started baring, as he growled the response in fear and disgust.

“Well, I’ll tell you this - I’m not the one responsible for this. They used Sam’s body to access the archives and tried switching back to their original bodies. They were able to switch with Sam’s mind through the same, but older apparatus, the plans of which they got from their infiltration back at 1989.” Heinrich’s hands started glowing red again. “But who would even care about him? It’s unlikely that he’s anywhere near us. Face it - nobody will notice you being gone.”

The doctor started pointing his hand at the terrified dog. As Karl ran across the room, he could hear the sound of two hisses. He looked back at Lehrer, trailing him closely and raising his hand. Karl saw a flash of red light from the doctor’s hand, just moments before a soft fluffy object collided with him, pushing him out of the beam’s way.
A loud clang echoed through the sector, followed by the sound of what seemed to be electricity. As Karl opened his eyes to see what happened, he saw the Subject, slumped on one of the generators, while another dog was on top of himself.

“Karl, you’re safe now. That’s good.”


“Looks like he actually was here all along.” Said the doctor, clearly alarmed by dog’s arrival.

“Who is he, anyways?” asked Karl.

Heinrich laughed in reply. He held held on his stomach and the nearby rails as he desperately attempted to breathe. “Why don’t you ask him?”

“I’m Sam, idiot!” dog’s ears dropped while saying that. “And… yes, I am a doberman right now.”

The german shepherd’s eyes widened and ears dropped as well, upon hearing the reply. “Oh... No… No, no, wait, did THEY turn you into a dog?!”

“Yes, yes, but that’s not important. I’ll talk to you about this later, but I’d better save you first.”

Sam quickly grabbed Karl and dragged him behind a large computer array. His hands glowed red, to the awe and fear of the friend beside him. He shot back at the doctor, hitting his arm. Once he retreated back into their shelter when the doctor attacked back.

“It is good for you to even bring the Subject back for me. Doing your job even when it is clearly a huge failure on your part. But the good news is, that would be your last assignment.”

Sam felt a tap on his shoulder, but instantly shrugged it off. “Karl, don’t do that, we shouldn’t make much commotion when hiding.”

“Erm… it wasn’t not me.” He heard from over the other shoulder.

Sam looked back - it was the man he saw in the train before. The man who had a pet doberman. The man who switched his body for their own use. “Rick…?”

“Shh, we need to help each other, at least for now. That doctor has clearly gone insane.” The man whispered, with his clothes all ruffled and torn, though himself he seemed fine. “I know we have different goals, and you probably want to get a bit of revenge for what I’ve done to you, but that guy right now is a bigger threat to us than each other. What about a cease-fire for a while?”

Sam looked at Karl beside him. He simply nodded back.

“Okay, we’ll call this a truce. But we’ll do it my way.”

The two gestured their plan of attack as Heinrich Lehrer continued stalking them around the facility. They eventually came up with a plan, a simple yet seemingly effective one.

Sam used his power to drop another ventilation shaft at Heinrich, who quickly stopped it by raising his hands above his head. Suddenly, two basketball sized devices impact. Rick and Sam immediately pushed off some of the computer arrays, dropping them on the fallen doctor as well.

They approached Lehrer, whose head was sticking out of the pile of debris. He was clearly unhappy with his current situation, but just like a flick of the switch, he laughed.

“What are you laughing at?” The mini pinscher said as he approached from the shadows. Al was clearly more ruffled up than Rick, with his ears bent and limping walk.

“Oh, great, you’re here too. A bit of trivia for you then - did you know, for example, that after C and before me, there was a 152D?”

“...Erm… So what?” Asked Rick.

“Oh, really, have you forgotten about him, guys? Did you ever think I will face you all by myself?”

From under the debris, somethin beeped loudly, unexpectedly for everyone but Lehrer. He just calmly activated something. At instant, one of the doors to the sector started to hiss. A figure stepped into the room as the door slowly hissed shot.

Rick was left speechless, as Al tried to focus on the dimly lit figure.



You really thought we could have killed an adorable cat character, especially one who's hanging around a slightly-crazy scientist?
Well, given my relationships with these animals, I could have done that. So thank Gecko :)
Yes, that is about the best thing to write that I could think of.

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Re: Temporal Coincidences

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So what happened next in this seemingly climactic showdown?!

And what do you need to change in file 9?

And will Grey eat the food before it get cold?
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Re: Temporal Coincidences

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The last time I was online at the same time as Gecko (at that is kinda needed for collaborative work), he was still quite sick and with workload piled up slightly after his near-compete inactivity. Thought he'd say it himself so I don't have to speculate on 5-day-old data.
So yup, apology (at least) is in order. Just... don't say/think it's "dead". It would have been too much of insult to all of you and ourselves to give up on a project a couple of files away from archive's epic closure!

On F9 - eh, just a bit of grammar. No plot details. That's me reading through, not G.Z.Y. :lol:

*Looks at Grey, who fainted for a while from too much food and soda*
He'll be fine, I guess. Can't be anything worse than what he's gone through so far.
Yes, that is about the best thing to write that I could think of.

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Re: Temporal Coincidences

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My sleep cycle has gone from bad to worse recently, the times I'm online and the times VEB is online didn't align in the past few days so I kinda forgot to write the files. XD

And... VEB just spoiled that part I guess. XD
Well, at least not all of it. :lol:
I'll try to get online earlier later to write it.

Gonna get some quick sleep soon.

EDIT: And... I wasn't able to finish writing it. XD We'll try to post it within the next 24 hours...
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