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The Game (Did I Make You Lose?) (Deadfic?)

Posted: Fri May 04, 2012 4:51 pm
by SilentPrincess828
The Game (Did I Make You Lose?) is a fanfic involving the 'Cosmic Nerds' with my own twists and characters. Some Greek and maybe some Roman history/mythology will be referenced and used throughout this fanfic. I don't know how frequently this fanfic will be updated, nor can I guarantee that it will be continued until the end, given my history of failed fanfics, but I'll certainly try.

Other than that, I don't really know what else to put here. Until the next post,


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Posted: Fri May 04, 2012 5:24 pm
by CanadianHero
Sounds Interesting, I will see what will happen *gets popcorn and brings my cat Britney* ready :D

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Posted: Fri May 04, 2012 10:07 pm
by copper
Good to see you coming around! I'd have guessed Nordic mythology being used, since the Dragon fought a Frost Giant, but Classical mythology sounds just as good to me. Can't wait for you to post! :D

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Posted: Sun May 06, 2012 2:54 am
by MapleRatty
Lets start the SHOW! :P :P :P :P :P :P :P

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Posted: Sat May 19, 2012 3:15 pm
by SilentPrincess828
Chapter 1: May the odds be every in your favor...

“Are you so sure?”

“Well of course I am, Spirit Dragon! Would I be here if I was not?”

“I suppose not…” the Spirit Dragon said. “However though we recognize your previous participation, a vote must be taken before you can re-enter.”


“Now then,” The Spirit Dragon turned to the Kitsune and Gryphon who each scrolled through the books that represented the Rules, trying to resolve yet another argument the players had started. As the Spirit Dragon addressed them, they looked up from the books to pay attention.

“Those in favor of allowing Lord Teal, the Noble White Stag to re-enter the Cosmic Game of Universes & Unrealities?” the Spirit Dragon asked and raised her own hand. The Kitsune shifted the book he was holding into his left paw before he raised his right.

“Hmph.” Pete the Gryphon grunted and rolled his eyes.

“Those against?” The Spirit Dragon and Great Kitsune lowered their hands, and Pete raised his own.

“Final count: Two in favor, one against. Congratulation, Teal, you are a part of the Cosmic Game once again.” the Spirit Dragon announced.

“Welcome back.” the Kitsune greeted.

“Hand him a book, Kitsune. He probably needs a refresher on the Rules.” the Gryphon said.

“Wipe that smirk off your face Gryphon. You think I need a refresher on the rules? I’ll have you know that I’ve translated these rule books into more languages than you’ll ever see in your near-immortal lifetime, let along learn!” Teal retorted.

“Gah! You’re probably not even here to play the game! Bahamut probably sent you to keep an eye on me – make sure I don’t tamper with any more souls.”

“So what if he did? I won’t deny it – such a thing was requested of me. However, I had been considering rejoining Universes & Unrealities. After all, Interstellar Poker got old after a million years or so.”

“I thought that Poker with those girls would be… interesting.” the Kitsune suggested.

“Interesting? Hardly. Those girls have not accomplished anything within my time playing. The constant arguing drove Gaea away a good seven-fifty ago. I should have gone with her, it is beyond even my knowledge how I withstood that for so long.”

“I think you’ll find it’s not much better here…” the Spirit Dragon whispered.

“He’s been back in the game for thirty seconds and has already managed to bore me to death.” Pete observed.

“You best watch yourself, Gryphon. I’ve dealt with the likes of you before.”

“Pfft. And what could you possibly do to me?” Pete questioned.

“I’m tempted to punish you for the crimes you’ve already committed right now. I’ve dealt with rule breakers far worse than you. Who else do you think was responsible for dealing with the Neko Mata and Hades?”

“The Neko Mata?” Pete was taken aback. “But he –”

“I am well aware of my own doings.” Teal said, no longer making eye contact with the Gryphon, having started to flip through one of the books that rested on the table.

“And Hades…” Pete started.

“Yes, and Hades.” Teal finished. The Gryphon remained silent, deep in thought. The Spirit Dragon took advantage of Pete’s distraction to speak with Teal.

“Now Teal,” Teal looked toward the Spirit Dragon. “Since you have re-entered Universes and Unrealities, I suggest that you find an avatar as soon as possible.”

“Ah, yes. Well luckily, I believe I already have one in mind…”


She was drowning. That, she was aware of. She couldn’t process much else due to the lack of oxygen getting to her brain. She saw a speck of red in the distance, closer to the surface. She assumed it was her friend Nami, trying to rescue her. She did not think Nami would reach her in time.

Bubbles began to surround her, which caught her attention. Upon close inspection she saw they were not bubbles, but orbs of light.

You are needed elsewhere…” a voice said and the orbs of light increased in number. She extended her hand for Nami to grab, but when Name reached her friend, she had disappeared. Nami stopped swimming and looked around.

“Lord Poseidon,” the red-haired mermaid said. “What just happened?”

I am not sure…” the Kraken told her via telepathy. “But I suspect that the Game is afoot…


“Teal! I was in the middle of something important!” she complained.

Yeah, dying.” Teal said. “You should be grateful that I pulled you out of there.” She sighed. There was just no reasoning with Teal. She looked around at her surroundings. She was at the Crossroads, a place she had become all too familiar with since she met Teal.

Take the fourth path of your left.” Teal said. She turned to her left and the path Teal meant for her to take was designated with a teal glow. Having dealt with Teal’s shenanigans plenty of times before, she knew she was left with no other option. She started walking.

By the way, don’t be surprised if things get a little…furry, farther down the road.

“Furry?” she asked.

You’ll find out…


“Foul! I call foul!” Pete shouted.

“Fowl? Fowl you say? Why ever would you call that, Pete?” Teal asked innocently. Pete glared at the Stag.

“You say I tamper with souls, you’ve given a mortal access to the Crossroads! You’ve taken her out of her own dimension and into another!”

“Because I had permission, Pete. That girl has served the role of my avatar in many dimensions, I just move her from place to place as necessary. She goes along with such willingly.”

“Is that even in the Rules?!” Pete exclaimed. The Kitsune began to flip through a Rule book, as well as his Book of Fate. Pete also grabbed a book and started to thumb through it.

“Nice to see you taking an interest in the Rules.” Teal commented.

After several minutes of searching, it was determined that the Rule books said nothing in favor or against the transporting of avatars from game to game. Pete grunted and tossed the Rule book on the table in frustration. The Great Kitsune continued to scroll through the Book of Fate. The Spirit Dragon broke the silence that ensued with a subject change.

“Lord Teal,” she began. The Kitsune looked up from his book. “We are all aware of the fate that has befallen the Neko Mata…” The Kitsune and Pete nodded solemnly. “But what of Hades? We had heard that he suddenly disappeared. Did he meet with the same fate or…?”

“Hades was a bit of a… special case. Given his crime and nature, I had to get a little… creative with his punishment.”

“Which was?” the three beings listened with intent.



“Congratulations, Angelica. You’ve gotten us lost in the middle of dog**** nowhere!”

“We’re not nowhere.” the little girl retorted. “We’re in Kansas.”

“We’re in the middle of a desert!”

“What’s the matter? Don’t want any fried chicken?” Angelica said and stroked Hades, the Infernal Chicken whom she held in her arms.

“You, are a cruel, cruel little girl.”

“Where do you think I get it from, Uncle Hades?”

“While under normal circumstances, I would be quite proud of your sadistic attitude, but that comment, was not appreciated. Oh, and for the last time: Iamnotyouruncle!! Do you hear me?”

“Uh-huh.” Angelica said, not really paying attention.

“You’re not listening!” Hades flapped his wings wildly and Angelica shrieked and released him.

“You’re mean Hades!”Angelica stormed off.

“I’m mean, you say? Uh, hello, Lord of the Underworld? It’s sort of in the job description!” Hades chased after her, flapping his wings in what might have been an attempt to fly. Angelica kept walking away from him.

“Oh, come on Angelica!” Hades wined as he struggled to keep up with the girl. “If I don’t stay with you the Council will further punish me!” Angelica stopped and her ears perked up, listening.

“What? What is it?” Hades asked.

“I hear that song again.” Angelica said.

“Excellent! From which direction? At least it will lead us somewhere.” Angelica pointed and began to sing along with the melody she heard, many miles away.


Let us tell you
Sweetie child,
Some mystic story
Just be smiled
When puppeteer will order us
To kill you through the
Looking Glass...

The man singing the tune continued to hum the melody as he unpacked the boxes surrounding him. The room was dark, which was how he liked his workshop to be. Very carefully he lifted a fragile doll from one of the boxes. The doll had blue hair and glass eyes with green irises. Its face was cracked, but was of no concern of the man. The doll had been made that way. The man set it on the shelf with several other dolls. The man unpacked many of such dolls from the surrounding boxes.

It was his trade.

He made ball-jointed dolls. Some of the finest on the market. However, the doll’s he unpacked now, he would never sell. They were made by his grandfather, and held significant value to his family. From downstairs he heard the animals singing in as they unpacked their own belongings. It was an attempt to cheer up his daughter Arlice, who was upset over their recent move. The man sighed.

It’s for her own good… he told himself many times. Somewhere at the back of his mind however, he had a hard time believing it.


Ichibanme Arisu wa isamashiku ken o katate ni, fushigi no kuni.
Ironna mono o kirisutete, makka na michi o shiite itta.
Sonna Arisu wa, mori no oku.
Tsumibito no you ni tojikomerarete.
Mori ni dekita michi igai ni, kanojo no sei o shiru sube wa nashi

Sang the red cat who tried to find his glasses amongst the many boxes to unpack.

Nibanme Arisu wa otonashiku uta o utatte, fushigi no kuni.
Ironna oto o afuresasete, kurutta sekai o umidashita.
Sonna Arisu wa, bara no hana.
Ikareta otoko ni uchikorosarete.
Makka na hana o ichirin sakase minna ni mederare karete yuku

Sang the Samoyed as he carried boxes up and down the stairs.

Sanbanme Arisu wa osanai ko. kirei na sugata de, fushigi no kuni.
Ironna hito o madowasete, okashi na kuni o tsukuriageta.
Sonna Arisu wa, kuni no joou.
Ibitsu na yume ni toritsukarete.
Kuchiyuku karada ni obienagara, kuni no chouten ni kunrin suru

Sang the mouse who was bored as she watched the others work from her cage.

Mori no komichi o tadottari,”

Began the hedgehog.

Bara no ki no shita de ochaka

Continued the turtle.

O-shiro kara no shoutaijou wa
Haato no Toranpu

Yonbanme Arisu wa futago no ko. Koukishin kara fushigi no kuni.
Ironna tobira o kugurinukete, tsuisakki yatte kita bakari.
Ki no tsuyoi ane to, kashikoi otouto.
Ichiban Arisu ni chikatta kedo,
futari no yume wa, samenai mama. Fushigi no kuni o samayotta

The two finished together.

The animals turned towards Arlice, hopeful looks on their faces that they had managed to cheer her up with their song. Hope turned to disappointment as they realized that Arlice was not even looking in their direction, instead she looked out the window at the new neighborhood. She was scratching Harry and Excalibur, the rabbits, on the head.

“Arlice…” Prowler, the red cat, said.

“I know it’s hard to move such a long distance away, especially since you had just gotten used to life in London-” Spunky, the hedgehog began.

“It’s not about London.” said Arlice. “It’s just… I don’t know. I’m just tired of having to move around so much.”

“But Miss Arlice,” Fetcher, the Samoyed said. “You must realize that the reason your father moves you from place to place is for you. He wants to find a place where you’re healthy.”

“But I was healthy where I was before we moved to London!” The animals remained silent, unable to argue with what Arlice had just said. Arlice sighed.

“Thank you all for trying to cheer me up.” she said. “I’m…going to go look around the house some.” With that, Arlice tilted the lever on her wheelchair and moved out of the room.

The other animals remained silent for a moment before returning to their previous activities. Prowler dug through the boxes trying to find his glasses. Fetcher picked up another box to bring up to his owner. Excalibur, the white rabbit, went over to help Prowler.

“Boo!” Roo, the mouse, exclaimed, scaring Mr. Tortolunk, the turtle, into his shell. Spunky scolded Roo on how that wasn’t polite.

“Hey everyone!” Harry exclaimed. The Lucidious family animals turned toward the brown rabbit. “Welcome to Babylon Gardens!”


Yay! It’s finally finished. I told myself I needed to at least get the first chapter done before more of those comics involving the cosmic game came out. I had a bunch of stuff I want to say but I’m so excited/worn out that I’ve forgotten/don’t feel like it. I did want to say that I have some drawings of the characters mentioned thus far (+1) here: ... y/37236439

The lyrics that Alice (the man, yeah, his name is Alice) come from this AMV (which while unrelated to Housepets relate to the fanfic in a way): (Link taken down due to violence I stupidly forgot about...)

The lyrics that the Lucidious animals sing remain in Japanese since they’re a little…violent. They come from a Vocaloid song, to which if you’re really that curious you could look them up yourself.

If the links or the lyrics are a problem, I’ll take them down.
Let me know if there are any mistakes/things I could do better.

Until next post (which will hopefully not take a month)

EDIT: Chapters now have titles, props if you get the references. (This post's is easy.)

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Posted: Sat May 19, 2012 3:43 pm
by 0404
I would love to take some time to read your fic.
and Nice drawing there, your sonic drawings look legit.

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Posted: Sat May 19, 2012 4:03 pm
by JeffCvt
Alright, just so no one gets confused, my Prowler and SilentPrincess's Prowler are totally unrelated. Just wanted to make that clear.

And now to praise your writing, for the stuff that you finished outside of school looks great!
SilentPrincess828 wrote:Until next post (which will hopefully not take a month)
And I'll make sure that you don't take a month ;)

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Posted: Mon May 21, 2012 1:40 am
by copper
Hmm, when introduced, you call him a stage instead of a stag. Other than that, just a couple things about flow, but nothing major.

That is quite the menagerie there! The man must be loaded!!! :shock:

Poor Arlice, wonder what happened? :(

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Posted: Mon May 21, 2012 7:14 am
by SilentPrincess828
Wow, thank you all for your comments. I've never gotten a response like this on anything before (Excluding some motivational posters about Hades and Aqua or the Castle of Dreams in BBS). Now to try and reply to some things...
JeffCvt wrote:Alright, just so no one gets confused, my Prowler and SilentPrincess's Prowler are totally unrelated. Just wanted to make that clear.
Other than that he stole the name. Lol, I jest, I'll let you get away with it Jeffy.
JeffCvt wrote:And I'll make sure that you don't take a month
Hah, don't worry. I already have some ideas for the next part and should start working on it today.
copper wrote:That is quite the menagerie there! The man must be loaded!!!
The Lucidious family is quite wealthy. It'll be a point brought up in later chapters. It's because of Alice's job of making dolls. Those things are expensive.

Again, thanks, and I'm going to set the goal of having the next part up by Saturday or Sunday. We've got wacky schedules in school this week, so maybe that will give me some extra time to work on it. By the way: How many of you know what a Wisteria is?

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Posted: Mon May 21, 2012 11:06 am
by copper
The Wisteria plant? Or something else?

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Posted: Tue May 22, 2012 5:57 am
by SilentPrincess828
copper wrote:The Wisteria plant? Or something else?
Hmm. Well, in a way you're close. I guess I'll have to find a way to write and draw at the same time. :D

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Posted: Sat May 26, 2012 11:24 am
by SilentPrincess828
So I don't think I'll be uploading this weekend... I did manage to draw a picture of Gaea though.

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Posted: Sun May 27, 2012 9:35 am
by SilentPrincess828
Author notes before you begin: Since I really didn't go into much description with this chapter, you might want to check out some stuff on my DeviantArt page (mostly Gaea) I'll have some other characters up...eventually.


Chapter 2: A Spider’s Thread

Cassiel weaved his way through the thick and lush forest. He dodged branches with ease, for he had been dodging them for almost a century. He kept his eyes and ears open, however, for there was always the probability of spontaneous growth in the colorful forest. Cassiel twisted and spun to avoid more branches. As soon as he was out of the thickest part of the grove, Cassiel flapped his wings and soared higher.

Soon, Cassiel was above most of the sacred forest so he grabbed a firmer hold on the red bag slung over his shoulder and increased his speed. Only when he approached the center of the forest did he slow down to admire the scene of the clearing.

At the clearing stood the temple of the Goddess of Nature, Gaea the Wisteria. The goddess was presently rooted outside of her temple. Cassiel saluted to the goddess he loyally served, and she in turn waved at the angel. Cassiel laughed as he saw plant children climb on the roots and vines that extended from the Wisteria.

“Good morning, Madam Gaea.” Cassiel said and yawned.

Ha! My morning began four hours ago!” Gaea replied.

“Well mine would have, had I been woken up on time! Why did you wake me up so late Madam Gaea? Now I’m running late!”

Because you’re cute when you sleep.” Cassiel stopped midflight.

“You’re messing with me…right?”

Well, duh. But let this be a lesson to you: we gods are always watching.” Cassiel resumed flying.

“So does that make the gods the stalkers of the omniverse?” he asked.

Pretty much.” Gaea said. “And as the Goddess of Nature, I have eyes everywhere. So you better not ever do anything naughty, understand?

“Uh, of course Madam Gaea.”

Good. Now full speed ahead!

“Yes ma’am!” Cassiel increased his speed and quickly left the sacred forest-home of the Wisteria far behind him.


Gaea turned her attention away from Cassiel to greet her guests.

“Hello, Fates.”

“Greeting, Gaea.” the three greeted in unison.

“Whatever brings you three here?”

“Oh please, spare us the small talk.” Lakhesis the Mantis said.

“I believe you know why we are here.” Atropos the Bat said.

Klotho, the Arachnid merely nodded as she was preoccupied spinning a thread.

While it was tradition to take a more mortal-like form upon entering the domain of another god, the three sisters held a high rank amongst the gods and thus remained in their usual half-woman, half-creature forms.

Rude old hags… thought Gaea.

“We are here to talk to you, once more, about Cassiel.” Atropos said.

“Ugh, this again?”

“We have already told you,” Lakhesis said. “You have strayed him too far from his intended path.”

“As the Moirai, it is our duty to watch and make sure that the fate assigned to every being by eternal laws takes its path without obstruction. The exception being avatars for the gods as a part of cosmic games. However, angels cannot be selected as avatars; therefore you must submit Cassiel to his proper fate.” Klotho said and she handed the thread to Lakhesis who began to measure it.

I’ve strayed him from his intended path? You’ve got to be kidding! Cassiel’s entire home was destroyed! He lost his friends, family, and entire village! He managed to find his way here to my domain! What was I supposed to do? Turn away the little cherub that he was?!”

“You let your emotions cloud your judgment.” Lakhesis said and handed the thread to Atropos to be cut.

“My… what?!” The giant leaves that covered the Wisteria’s lower body parted, revealing the giant fanged mouth upon it. Gaea’s eyes turned red, as well as the aura surrounding her forest. The plant children fled from the goddess. Trees animated and began to move toward the three Fates, who calmly remained where they were.

“Leave this place NOW!” Gaea roared. The trees fell toward the Moirai who jumped out of the way with ease.

“Don’t think that this is the end of this dispute!” The three warned as they teleported from the forest.

“No-good-full-of-yourself-hags!” the furious goddess exclaimed. A dozen adult plant-people had arrived on the scene and tried to calm their goddess. Several were swatted away by the Wisteria’s roots which writhed wildly.



“Madam Gaea, is everything alright?!” Cassiel stopped flying due to concern of the goddess and her forest.

Of course it is! Why wouldn’t it be?

“I could hear the sound of the Defense Trees falling from here over Naeco Nehsij!”

Yeah, well, everything’s fine. Just keep flying!

“Okay, if you say so Madam Gaea…” Cassiel resumed his flight over the ocean.

Sever hundred feet away he saw a disturbance amongst the waves. Cassiel dove from the sky towards the sea. When he was only a foot from the water he stretched out his arm and touched the water with his fingers, creating a trail of ocean spray in the process. Cassiel slowed as he approached the place where the waves acted strangely. When he was right next to it a mermaid with a pink tail leapt from the water.

“Hey, it’s Cassiel!” she said happily before landing back in the water. Another mermaid, one with a green tail, leapt from the water.

“Hi Cassiel!”

The entire ‘school’ of mermaids had emerged above the surface, including their ‘teacher’ the red-haired Nami. All of the students happily swam alongside Cassiel and spoke to him all at once. Nami followed behind them all.

“Cassiel! How are you?" Melody, the blond-haired, pink-tailed mermaid asked.

“I’m fine, how are –”

“Cassiel! Are you out on your delivery route?” Charlotte, a mermaid with green hair and tail interrupted.

“Yup.” Cassiel patted the red bag slung over his shoulder. “I’m on my way to –”

“Cassiel!” Emilee the mermaid with blue hair and a purple tail said. “Show us a trick, Cassiel!”

“Yeah! Show us a trick Cassiel!” All of the mermaids agreed.

“Well,” Cassiel blushed. “Alright.” He climbed higher into the sky. The mermaids watched him eagerly. He did a back flip to gain momentum and took off. Cassiel soared through the sky performing various spins that he had learned as dodges for aerial combat. He circled back toward the mermaids and glided down toward them.

“Yay Cassiel!” The cheered and clapped. Cassiel blushed even harder.

“Alright, that’s enough.” Nami interjected. “We have work to do and so does Cassiel.”

“Aww… okay…”

“Bye, ladies.” Cassiel flew away from them and toward shore.

“Bye-bye Cassiel!” They called after him and soon they had all disappeared under the water.

Cassiel could see the shore and the town which his first delivery waited to be made. His mind was focused on the task at hand and so he was caught off guard when someone flew in his path. He recognized who it was immediately.

“Ramiel! What’s your problem?!” he called after the fellow flyer that turned to face the angel. “We go through this every day; I’m not going to fight you!” Ramiel had one dragon-like wing that sprouted from the back of his head, light blonde hair, and ice blue eyes. He said nothing to Cassiel, and instead glared at him before taking off.

“Man, what’s with that guy? He does this all the time!”

He works for the Underworld.” Gaea observed. “Other than that I don’t really know much else…


Well, come on! People are waiting for you Mr. Mailman! Besides, you have some cross-dimension mail to deliver don’t you?

“Right, of course!” Cassiel said and flew toward the heart of the small town.


Jovi looked at the remains of her temple. Crumbled pillars and broken walls were all that remained of the once-grand structure. Jovi gazed sorrowfully at the headless statue of her former avatar. Laughter echoed throughout the ruins, undoubtedly coming from the one who had caused all of the destruction. Rage replaced Jovi’s sorrow as the culprit appeared before her.

“Pandora…” Jovi the Lioness growled at the Jaguar that stood before her.

“Aw, I’m sorry, did I break you toy?”

“You’ve gone way too far this time!” the Lioness said.

“And what are you going to do about it?”

Jovi lunged at Pandora, claws out. Pandora was ready for such a hasty move. She dodged and made a counterattack that left Jovi on the ground.

“Humph, beaten already? That was no fun.” Pandora said inspecting her claws. “Guess there’s no point in killing you – it would be too easy. I think I’ll try out this new spell I learned instead.” Pandora began chanting as Jovi struggled to get up.

But it was too late.

Within her paws Pandora held an orb of light with a strange marking inside of it. Pandora approached the defeated Lioness and placed the orb to Jovi’s forehead. The marking remained on Jovi’s forehead while the light spread over her body. Jovi gave the Jaguar one last terrified yet angry look before the Lioness vanished.

“Ahahahahaha! Hahaha! Haha! Ha… Hm… I don’t have a witty remark.” Pandora pouted. “Oh well, at least now that she’s out of the way I can really start playing the game!”


Three of the heads before him were cracked and unusable. He moved these to the side and focused on the four he could work with. He picked one up and walked it over to the other side of the dark room. There he selected two glass eyeballs and carefully inserted them into the head. He left the head on the bench and made his way to another part of the room where a completed doll waited to be clothed. Alice paid the creature hanging upside-down in the corner of the room no mind, and turned on the sewing machine. He had grown accustomed to the creature’s presence.

From its head to its stomach, it was a woman with blonde hair wearing a yellow shirt with a brown vest. The rest of its body was that of a wolf spider. It had spun itself a web in the corner of the room and watched Alice intently as he moved from place to place.

“It’s so fascinating watching you work.” she said. Alice said nothing in response but she continued. “These dolls you make are perfect…well, almost.” She dropped from her web and walked on her six spider legs toward Alice. He had stopped the sewing machine to listen to the spider. She wrapped her arms around him in an embrace from behind.

“We failed before, but with this new form came new power. I’m sure we could succeed in making any of these dolls perfect.” She then whispered in his ear, “We could even fix Arlice.” She released Alice and started to walk away from him. “All you have to do is accept the contract.” Alice turned to face the spider.

“Rita.” he said. She looked at him. He didn’t need to say anymore. It was written in his eyes.

He was in.


So I lied. It ended up being posted this weekend. First writing goal accomplished ever! So yeah, yesterday I had not even two of the section of this chapter done. This morning I woke up, did some research and wrote everything from Gaea going "Grr..." to the end. My mom was on my case almost the entire time. :D

So like there was something I was going to say, and I even had an idea of something to poll on, but that's flown out of my brain so, unless I think of it,

Let me know if there are any mistakes/things I could do better,
and until the next post (Which will hopefully be in another week or two depending on how much I die from exams. :P)

EDIT: I remembered what I was going to say: Despite what Jeffy says Gaea's name is pronounced Jee-uh not like the word gaia [guy-uh]
EDIT2: I hope I got most of the mistakes I made.
EDIT3: Italicized Gaea's dialogue for whenever she's speaking to Cassiel, because it's via telepathy.

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Posted: Sun May 27, 2012 10:00 am
by JeffCvt
SilentPrincess828 wrote:EDIT: I remembered what I was going to say: Despite what Jeffy says Gaea's name is pronounced Jee-uh not like the word gaia [guy-uh]
Hey, I wasn't going to say anything about that. And I told you before, that's how I have always thought it pronounced. And I still think it's a correct way to say her name.

Onto the update!
You did a great job for finishing it in the morning. Now I feel like I have to put one out today.

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Posted: Sun May 27, 2012 10:08 am
by SilentPrincess828
JeffCvt wrote:And I still think it's a correct way to say her name.
Yeah, you're probably right. It's probably even where the word 'gaia' comes from.
JeffCvt wrote:You did a great job for finishing it in the morning.
Well, thanks, but I feel like the whole thing might sound rushed because of it... :(

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Posted: Sun May 27, 2012 10:19 am
by JeffCvt
SilentPrincess828 wrote:
JeffCvt wrote:And I still think it's a correct way to say her name.
Yeah, you're probably right. It's probably even where the word 'gaia' comes from.
If you go look it up on Wikipedia, it says both ways are correct. I would link the page, but there is one picture that above the PG-13 limit.

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Posted: Mon May 28, 2012 9:18 pm
by copper
You may want to go back and proofread. There were many flaws in your work.

It is a good story. Seems someone might be cheating. :lol:

So the doll maker is in, eh? Very interesting. Wonder if the daughter becomes someone else's avatar. :roll:

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Posted: Tue May 29, 2012 4:36 pm
by Almost_Alice
Naeco Nehsij? That's a place in one of your novels but spelled backwards, am I correct? And though I know quite a bit about where you want to go with this fic, I must ask, what did you mean by fix me?

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Posted: Tue May 29, 2012 8:30 pm
by SilentPrincess828
Almost_Alice wrote:Naeco Nehsij? That's a place in one of your novels but spelled backwards, am I correct? And though I know quite a bit about where you want to go with this fic, I must ask, what did you mean by fix me?
Yes, it is a place in a novel (wow, you have a good memory). And as for the fixing, no offense, but I've noticed that the Lucidious part of your family is really perfectionist. The rest of you family is so crazy and complex that I had to write everyone's name down family tree style just to make some sense of it... and I'm still confused.

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Posted: Wed May 30, 2012 5:00 am
by Almost_Alice
SilentPrincess828 wrote:I've noticed that the Lucidious part of your family is really perfectionist. The rest of you family is so crazy and complex that I had to write everyone's name down family tree style just to make some sense of it... and I'm still confused.
Wow, you replied late. You know I'm not on that late. And not all of the 'Lucidious' side. Just my father and great-grandfather. And yes, I suppose my family is a bit complex. I hope that if I ever attend a public school again, I will never be assigned a family tree project. :D

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Posted: Sun Jun 03, 2012 5:21 pm
by legendario13
Cool story!
I just hope I can understand everything :roll:
And, oh, not again... I just read the title
As I said very good.

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Posted: Sun Jun 03, 2012 9:00 pm
by SilentPrincess828
Chapter 3, Part 1: Things I Loved Before

The world's got a funny way of turning 'round on you
When a friend tries to stab you right in the face
Losing faith in everything I thought I hoped I knew
Don't sweat it, it’s set on false pretense…

Peyton tapped his fingers impatiently against the arm of his recliner. He was tired of listening to the dribble considered music that oozed from the radio. He wanted his breakfast and he wondered what was taking Xer so long to prepare it. The clang of pots and pans from the kitchen nearby answered his question. Peyton smiled pitilessly as he imagined the dog struggling to prepare the food.

All along you know you thought you got the best of me
You were wrong and I'm laughing right in your face
I cannot believe you claimed you were my family
Don't sweat it - it's set on false pretense

“Xer!” Peyton hollered.

“Coming Master!” A large black Newfoundland appeared from the kitchen. “Here sir.”

I can't seem to understand it how you turned out to be so cold
You tried but were caught red handed, are you happy with your role?
It's funny to me how you've turned into such a joke...

“Turn this nonsense off.”

“Of course sir.” Xer obediently turned off the radio and headed back to the kitchen.

“Do I smell something burning?” Peyton asked. He heard Xer sniff the air and then the sound of frantic footsteps as the dog ran to the kitchen. Peyton snickered and leaned back in his chair. He heard Xer curse as he pulled whatever was burned off of the stove.

“Xer!” Peyton called once again, and clapped his hands. Xer reemerged from the kitchen, and Peyton could feel the dog’s fear masked behind his well-practiced, calm composure. Peyton wasn’t in the mood to properly punish the dog however.

“Since you’ve obviously ruined the meal, we’ll go out to eat. Go fetch your leash.” he said. Xer looked out the window.

“But sir, it looks as though it’s going to storm.” Xer commented.

Leash.” Peyton demanded and Xer hurried off to fetch his leash. In the meantime, Peyton stood and carefully wandered about the living room. He stumbled across a book and decided to take it along. Xer returned wearing his leash and carrying his master’s coat and sunglasses. Peyton put on the sunglasses and Xer then assisted him in getting into his coat. Xer hesitantly placed the hand of his leash into his master’s hand. Rain began to pour, and there was the flash of lighting and the boom of thunder outside as he did so.

“Master…” Xer began, apprehensive about their ‘walk’.

“Go.” Peyton ordered. Xer opened up the door and the two stepped outside.


The dog’s light fur turned brown as he rolled around in the mud.

He was having the time of his life. He had never been frightened by thunder; it reminded him of when his Dad tried to take him out and teach him how to be a hunting dog. He hadn’t been very good at it, so Dad stopped taking him and settled for his brother instead. The rain just made the mud puddle bigger and bigger, giving the dog plenty of space to roll around in. His siblings weren’t there to have to share with either. This was the best day ever!

The dog stopped rolling for a moment and sat up. He looked toward the road. There was nobody around. He felt the area around his neck. It was bare, which confused him until he remembered that Big Sis had taken it off. She had taken it off before she and Dad had dropped him off here. Big Sis had water coming from her eyes and he wondered why, but she placed him outside of the truck and Dad said ‘Go play’ so he did. And he was enjoying every moment of that play. But he did wonder now, where had they gone, and when would they be coming back?

An especially loud clap of thunder caught the dog’s attention. He looked up at the grey sky. The big, dark, ominous clouds were glowing with lighting, but were a different color in one spot. The dog stood and looked at that spot. The clouds were alternating in color from a bright blue to bright green. The dog thought this was interesting and exciting and couldn’t help but wag his tail. A flash of lighting and really big boom that shook the earth didn’t faze the dog. He wagged his tail faster and spun in a circle.

There was another flash of lighting, but this time the dog didn’t hear any thunder after it. He felt tingly all over, which was a strange sensation. The prickly feeling grew stronger until it was painful. The dog yelped and collapsed in the mud.


Ugh…Where am I?

Jovi’s vision returned from complete blackness, and she saw that she was looking at a small blue dog, lying in the mud. At first she thought that it was dead, but upon closer inspection saw it was still breathing. As a Lioness, Jovi had never really been keen about dogs, but she wanted to at least wake this one up and get him out of the mud and pouring rain. She tried to poke the little dog but found she could not move. She tried and tried until she realized she didn’t have a body to move.

Wait a minute…” She thought. After a moment she finally understood the situation. “I am the dog! Oh! That Pandora, she’s done it now!” Jovi fumed for a moment while trying to figure out what to do next. Jovi calmed down and sighed, believing that her best course of action at the moment was to get her new ‘avatar’ out of the mud.

Come on little doggie, wake up…” The dog’s tail wagged slightly. “Hey, wake up! ” The dog quivered and its eyes opened. The dog rose out of the mud and stared at the road.

What’s wrong?” Jovi asked and stared at the direction the dog was. The dog didn’t answer but Jovi picked up on some of his thoughts. An image of a girl taking off a color of a light-furred dog passed through Jovi’s mind. The girl was sitting in a truck, tears in her eyes. A man sat at the steering wheel, looking mean and harsh. The dog wagged its tail happily at everything said to it and politely obeyed when it was told to ‘Go play’ in the field. Jovi immediately realized that the dog in the image was the dog she was currently trapped in. She figured his fur had turned blue due to her presence inside him.

They left you here?!” Jovi couldn’t believe that the people had just left their dog out in the middle of nowhere. Jovi realized that the small dog was probably a runt, naturally undesirable, but the poor thing didn’t even realize that the ones he considered family weren’t even going to come back for him.

You poor pooch…We need to find you a new home.” She might have never been keen on dogs, but she wasn’t a heartless witch like Pandora. Jovi knew that the dog would have very little chance of getting adopted if he went to the animal shelter. Jovi sent a telepathic message to the Fates. After a long string of complicated events that all started with one supposedly simple task they owed her a favor. The least they could do was make sure that Jovi’s new ‘avatar’ had a place to stay with people that were at least a bit nicer than his last home.

As if on cue, the dog looked toward the road again, barked and wagged his tail. A man was walking past the field, carrying a large bag and holding an umbrella.

Yes! Thank you Fates! Come on, Pooch! Time to go butter up that guy to take you home!” The dog contentedly obeyed and chased after the man.


Alice cautiously fumbled through his bag to triple check that he had gotten everything he needed. He had run out of the fabrics needed to make dresses for the dolls, and Rita had been too impatient to wait until a day when the weather was better. She wanted to see the doll completed today and forced him out the door to buy the materials. Alice had bought an assortment of different color fabrics so that he would have enough stock to last him awhile. He closed up the bag before any rain managed to ruin the fabric inside.

What miserable weather… he thought. Welcome to Babylon Gardens indeed. Alice sighed. At least thunder and lightning has subsided.

Even through his thoughts and over the sound of rain beating against his umbrella, Alice heard the sound of barking and panting. Alice looked at the field to his right. A blue dog was running toward him happily.

Oh no… Alice thought.

The dog stopped a few feet away from Alice, panting and wagging his tail. Alice looked at the dog. His small size suggested he was a runt. His friendly greeting hinted that he was no stray.

Someone probably left him here, and not too long ago, judging by how well fed he seems. Alice sighed again.

“No.” He told the dog, and started walking away.

Oh, come on! How can you say no to that face?! After him Pooch! ” The dog trailed after the man.

Alice stopped and glanced behind him. The dog was following him, only a few yards away. Alice sighed for a third time. This was going to be a long walk home.


The door to the café opened with a jingle of bells. Peyton sat down at a nearby booth, handed his end of the leash to Xer and removed his jacket, but not his glasses. An waitress immediately came over and spoke to the two.

“Excuse me sir, but I can’t help but notice, are you new around here?”

“So what if I am?” Peyton asked while pulling out the book from his jacket pocket.

“Well, pets aren’t allowed in here so –”

“Hmph, I had heard that this was a pet friendly community.”

“It is, but that doesn’t allow pets to eat –”

“Anyway, he’s not a pet.” Peyton said as he opened up his book. The employee looked confused.

“Oh please,” Peyton removed his gloves and started moving his fingers across the pages of his book. “You act like you’ve never heard of a Service Animal.” The employee noticed the Braille in Peyton’s book.

“Oh, gosh, I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize – Would you like some coffee? I’ll go get you some right away.”

“Hmph.” Peyton said as the waitress scurried off. The manager of the restaurant came out and apologized for the confusion and placed a Braille menu on the table. He scrolled through the menu which was filled with mistakes, as they often were, before he returned to his book.

“Xer.” The Newfoundland looked up from where he had been staring at the table. “I need you to do me a favor.” Peyton motioned for the dog to come closer. Xer obeyed and his master whispered something in his ear. Xer’s face held a look of surprise.

“Are you sure?” Xer asked.


“But, why sir?”

“Just go, and be back before I finish here.”

“Yes, of course sir.” And following his master’s request, Xer removed his leash and left it with Peyton before he left the restaurant.


“Arlice? I’m home.” Arlice wheeled out to the entrance of their home to greet her father.

“Welcome home, Father.” she said as he sighed and hung up his coat and put away his umbrella.

“Do me a favor and don’t look outside.” he said as he walked away from the door, through the hall, and into the living room where he collapsed into a recliner. Arlice, curiosity peeked, rose out of her wheelchair slightly to look out the window. On their doorstep sat a blue dog, absolutely drenched in the rain.

“Oh the poor thing!” Arlice said and carefully maneuvered her and her chair to open the door. She beckoned the dog in with open arms and a kind smile.

“Excalibur, Harry, please go fetch a towel would you?” The rabbits complied and ran up the stairs.

“He’s blue.” Prowler commented, one eye open from having just been asleep.

“What’s the matter with blue?” Fetcher asked, looking at the cat suspiciously.

“It’d be a fine color for you I’m sure.” Prowler teased. Fetcher was no longer paying attention to the cat however, for the rabbits had returned from upstairs. They handed the towel to Arlice who wrapped it around the shivering dog.

“Where did he come from?” Arlice asked her father, who was trying to ignore the scene as it unfolded.

“He followed me home,” he explained. “I think someone left out there in the middle of nowhere.”

“Oh, how awful!” Arlice paused to thoroughly dry off the dog. “Papa, can we –”

“Arlice, do we really need another animal?”

“But he doesn’t have anywhere else to go…”

“I’ll take him to the animal shelter as soon as this rain lets up.” Alice offered. Arlice, however, did not look appeased. She gently rubbed the dog’s paws and didn’t look up at her father.

“Oh, come on Arlice. Just look at him, he’s a runt, and not very bright by the looks of it. He probably doesn’t even know his own name.”

“Now, that’s not true is it boy. I’m sure you know your name. What’s your name little guy?”

Uh oh…” said Jovi, only heard by the blue dog. She hadn’t gotten a name from any of the memories of the dog. “Oh, come on, just say you’re Pooch, Pooch. Come on say something, anything! The dog only wagged his tail.

“See what did I tell you?” Alice said. Arlice looked disappointed.

“Oh, all –”

“Po- Pochi!” the dog said. Both father and daughter were surprised. Arlice laughed and Alice groaned.

“See! His name is Pochi!” Arlice exclaimed.

Haha! Way to go Pochi!

“So Papa, can we keep him?”

“Ugh, fine but he comes out of you allowance.” he said.

“I don’t get an allowance!” she said to him as she left to her bedroom, undoubtedly to make a collar for the newest edition to their family. The other pets, all but Pochi, followed her. Alice remained where he was seated. Pochi stared at him from a distance. A knock from the front door caused Alice to rise from his chair. Pochi followed him from a distance.

Alice opened the door and looked down to discover a stork with a red mail bag slung across its shoulder. In its hand was a letter.

“I have a delivery for a Miss Arlice.” it said. Alice glanced behind him to make sure she was no longer there.

“I’ll give it to her.” he said, and took the letter from the stork. He noticed the stork give him a skeptical look before he shut the door. Alice inspected the letter closely. The horrendous scrawl written across it, told him immediately who it was from. Alice pulled a lighter from out of his back pocket and burned the letter. Pochi watched horrified, and Alice laughed as he noticed the dog watching.

“I guess I don’t have to worry about you telling Arlice.” he said.

Oh no he didn’t…” Jovi recognized the red mail bag and its carrier immediately. That letter was no doubt important and must have traveled a long way to get to its recipient. Alice had just burned something very valuable to his daughter that she didn’t even know existed. Pochi felt the goddess’s anger and growled at Alice. Alice scowled at the dog.

“You best watch yourself, mutt. I have no issue throwing you back out in the rain.” Alice warned as he shoved the dog out of his way and climbed up the stairs.

Man, when I asked for a household a little bit nicer than your last one, I didn’t know the Fates would take me so seriously.

“…Pochi.” Jovi sighed and wondered how long it would be until she had enough power to return to her own body.


“You know Madam Gaea, I have the feeling he’s not going to deliver that letter to Arlice.” Cassiel said, currently in the form of a stork to better fit in with his surroundings.

I think you’re right Cassiel.” Gaea said.

“That upsets me, I mean that guy could barely read or write but he tried his best to get that letter to her.”

Because he loves her.” Gaea said quietly.

“Loves her? You think?”

Definitely. And that girl’s father knows it and doesn’t like it.

“So that’s why he burned the letter?”

Yup, but don’t worry Cassiel, we’ll find a way to get that letter to her.

“What? But Alice –”

I keep copies of your mail, just in case.

“Wow Madam Gaea, you’re really passionate about this.”

Huh? What do you mean?

“Well, it’s just that a lot of gods always talk about how they’re above so many things. I thought that love was just another one of those things.”

Mm…Well, it depends on the god, some claim that they are, but hey, even Hades was susceptible to Eros’s arrow.

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.” Cassiel smiled and was lost in thought for a moment.

…What are you all focused on? ” Gaea questioned.

“Huh? Oh, nothing, nothing. Tell me, where’s my next stop? The sooner I’m not a stork anymore, the better.”

It’s not far from here. And what’s wrong with storks?

“Nothing, Madam Gaea. But really, a stork? Why’d you have to turn me into a stork? I deliver mail, not babies.” Gaea giggled hysterically.

Oh, Cassiel.


Author’s comments later because it’s time for bed.

So I write these on Sundays apparently. Considering I was sick half of the day I'm surprised I finished. The ending is definitely rushed, but whatever.

Xer could either be pronounced as Zair or Share I guess. His name was originally Rex, but seeing as how that's already a Housepets character, I spelled it backwards and got Xer.

This chapter comes in two parts because the lyrics used as this title will be continued in onto the next.

I will eventually (hopefully next time but no promises) be getting into so more actual Housepets characters. I've been trying to introduce all of my own that have big roles in the story.

Let me know if there are mistakes I can fix or things I can do better, etc, etc.

Until next post,

Re: The Game (Did I Make You Lose?)

Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2012 8:46 pm
by copper
I love mythology.... thank you. :D

Alice is quite mean.... wonder if it is because of the name. :roll:

Pochi.... okay.That is a good name...

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Posted: Mon Jun 04, 2012 8:53 pm
by JeffCvt
She's going all out for this fic with research on mythology.

That's one thing she is good at, I can't get motivated for research unless it's going back in the comic archive. Even then...

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Posted: Tue Jun 05, 2012 7:47 pm
by legendario13
Very good, very good
I hope i can Remember all the new characters...

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Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2012 6:49 am
by SilentPrincess828
copper wrote:Alice is quite mean.... wonder if it is because of the name. :roll:
Lol, that's what we always say. :lol:
lengendario13 wrote:I hope i can Remember all the new characters...
I hadn't thought about that. I certainly don't want to create confusion with an abundance of characters.... I'll see what I can do about it.

Re: The Game (Did I Make You Lose?)

Posted: Wed Jun 06, 2012 6:15 pm
by legendario13
SilentPrincess828 wrote: I hadn't thought about that. I certainly don't want to create confusion with an abundance of characters.... I'll see what I can do about it.
Dont worry, Is not big deal

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by SilentPrincess828
Chapter 3 Part 2: Are Not for Sale

Funny, it seems the rain has let up. Xer thought. The clouds parted and the yellow summer sun was revealed. He winced at the sudden light and tried to shield his eyes by holding his left paw over them. From the homes he passed by, he saw children and animals looking out their windows to assess the weather before they ran outside to enjoy the day. Xer smiled as he remembered a time when Peyton was that young.

Things were so simpler then… Xer tried to stop thinking about such things. He focused on his surrounding and the people that began to leave their homes. He knew that the image of her face would bring tears to his eyes.

“Hey there!” From the park to his right a light brown dog with blue eyes, brown ears, and a brown patch of fur over his left eye approached Xer. His green collar had a diamond shaped tagged labeled with a ‘J’. Xer was surprised at the dog’s open approach. He was not expecting to be so warmly welcomed due to his size compared to other dogs. He was already much bigger than the dog walking toward him.

“Hello.” The dog said as he reached Xer. “I’m Joey and I don’t think I’ve seen you around Babylon Gardens before. Are you new here?”

“I am Xer and my master and I moved in a few weeks ago, but he hasn’t been out much.”

“Master?” Joey asked.

“I suppose that’s not what the pets around here refer to their owners.”

“No, everyone around here calls their owners Mom and Dad.” he said.

I’m almost curious as to what would happen if I tried to call Peyton “Dad.” Xer thought. Though I’m sure the fallout would not be pretty.

“Ah, I figured as much. That seems to be a growing trend wherever my master and I move to. But, I feel compelled to explain, my master is blind and I am his Seeing Eye dog.”

“Oh, I guess that makes sense. Funny, with all the different people and pets around here I would have thought that I’d meet a Seeing Eye dog sooner.” Joey shrugged. “So where is your ‘master’?”

“He gave me a break while he’s at a café eating breakfast. I decided I would finally get into town and have a look around.”

“Well, how much longer do you think you have?”

“I don’t have a watch but probably around twenty minutes.”

“Well, if you don’t mind I could show you around and introduce you to some other pets around here.”

“I would appreciate that.”

“Well then you can start with me!” A mouse appeared from amongst the tuft of hair on Joey’s head. Joey laughed.

“Xer, this is Squeak.”

“Well, hello Squeak.” Xer said casually, as though the appearance of the mouse was normal. Joey looked around.

“Oh look, there’s Peanut! Come one, I’ll go introduce you.” Xer followed Joey as he walked off toward a brown dog with a red collar. Xer wondered just how many pets he’d be able to meet in his twenty minute time limit.


There was a knock on the door. Alice sighed and got up to answer it.

What now? He wondered, irritated. He had just been about to return to his work after watching Arlice and the new dog for an hour.

One interruption after another… He opened the door. A light brown dog with ears a darker shade of brown stood at the door. His eyes and collar were both green. His tag was diamond shaped and labeled with a ‘B’.

“Hello, I’m Bino and I –” Alice slammed the door in his face.

“Welcome to the neighborhood…” Bino growled. He had been about to leave when the door opened again. A Samoyed much larger than himself stood in the doorway along with a small blue dog that couldn’t stop shaking.

“Hello,” Bino started again. “I’m Bino and I heard that you recently moved in and I wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood.” Bino noticed the Samoyed did not look interested and the blue dog was not paying attention whatsoever and was instead staring at the Samoyed.

“I’m Fetcher and that’s – ”

“Pochi!” The blue dog exclaimed, interrupting the Samoyed.

“Well Fetcher and…Pochi, I’d like to inform you that I run a club here in town called the Good Ol’ Dogs Club. Our meetings are every weekend and I wanted to let you know that you’re welcome to attend the next one this Saturday.” Bino said. Fetcher simply nodded.


“Uh, well, I hope to see you there.” Fetcher nodded again and as Bino turned to leave he closed the door.

“Fetcher!” Arlice called from the living room. “Help, I’m stuck!” Pochi ran into the living room and Fetcher walked after him. Arlice was in her wheelchair, Wii remote and Nunchuk accessory in hand, staring intently on the screen.

“I’m telling you: Go left!” Roo shouted from her cage. Her accent was thicker than normal, the way it gets when she’s frustrated.

“No way, going right is bound to be more interesting.” Prowler said. “See? Just look at the gate! It’s made out of crates filled with beer bottles!”

“What’s the rating on this anyway?” Excalibur inspected the case.

“I don’t think I can go right Prowler, there are sunflowers in the way.”

“I think those are enemies Miss Arlice.” Fetcher observed.

“Huh?” Arlice’s onscreen character approached the sunflower barrier. The sunflowers sprung to life and started to attack. Arlice’s character threw her soldiers into battle.

“Well what do you know?” Harry said.

“This says it’s rated ‘T’ for ‘Crude Humor’, ‘Mild Cartoon Violence’, ‘Suggestive Themes’, and ‘Use of Alcohol’! Arlice just what exactly are you playing?!”

“You’re the one with the case Excalibur. Besides, it’s not all that bad. I haven’t come across anything like that in the game so far.”

“Go left! There’s cake!”


“Go right! The cake is so obviously a lie!”


“Nuh-uh! Why do you want Arlice to go the way with beer bottles anyway!?”

“Oh wait!” Arlice exclaimed. Everyone looked at the TV screen. “It’s Poncho!” The onscreen cow delivered a piece of mail in its mouth.

“Stupid pest I’ll eat you for lunch!” Prowler growled. Tortolunk hid in his shell and Spunky curled up into a ball.

“I’m not afraid of you! Lady Arlice!” Roo called.

“That’s the most cowardice action you could have taken!”

“Prowler! No eating the mouse!” Arlice said. Fetcher walked over to Prowler, grabbed him by the ear and pulled him away from the cage where the mouse, turtle, and hedgehog were located.

“Ow! So rough…! Is that a way to treat someone as delicate as I am?” Prowler teased the Samoyed. Fetcher released the cat’s ear and walked away from him. Prowler grunted.

“Hey! Which way did you go?”

“Well, considering the way the Onii are spinning around with beer bottles, I’d say she went right.” Tortolunk said, slightly emerging from his shell.

“…Boo!” Roo scared the turtle back into his shell.

“Arlice, I don’t think this is a game you should be playing…” Excalibur said.

“Spoil sport.”

Fetcher turned away from the commotion when he heard Alice come down the stairs. His owner glanced at him briefly and walked back upstairs. Fetcher understood and followed, unnoticed by Arlice or any of the other pets.


“Hi, I’m Daisy.”

“Yes, hi Daisy, I have this letter – ”

“Hi, I’m Daisy.”

“Yeah, I know. I’m trying to deliver this letter to you.”

“…Hi, I’m Daisy.”

She’s almost as bad as Echo isn’t she?

“You’re telling me.” Cassiel forced the letter into Daisy’s paw and took off.


“Sounds like you don’t really get along with your brother.” Xer commented. Joey had introduced him to all of the pets that had been in the park at the time. The two were now walking back to the café.

“Well, Fido’s alright but Bino…” Joey said.

“I know the feeling. I too have a brother that’s not always easy to get along with.”

“Really? You have a brother?”

“Yes, but he’s in… another household.”

“Mmhm.” Joey decided not to pry. They reached the entrance to the café.

“Oh, this place is not pets allowed. Too bad, I wanted to meet your owner.” Joey said as Xer reached for the door. he stopped and looked at Joey.

“Trust me. No, you don’t.” And Xer stepped inside the restaurant.


“You might have given me a little more of a warning?”

I did. I told you that things might get a little furry.

“This is more than a little.” She referred to her new coat of white fur.

You’re not a Dark Paladin. Stop complaining.” She looked at her collar. The collar itself was teal and the tag was a snowflake with red letters on it that spelled out her new name.

“Snowfire? Really Teal? Is that the best you could come up with?”

Listen, my name is Teal I’m the Noble White Stag. Naming isn’t my best skill okay?

“Yeah, I noticed.” Snowfire smirked.


“Besides, isn’t that a name of a horse in Eragon?”

Curse you and your knowledge of pointless things.

“So anyway, are you going to explain to me why we’re here or what?”

Stuff’s going down. Here’s the gist…


Jacklyn hefted another box onto the table standing out on her lawn. She looked around at the number of people stopping by to check out her yard sale. The turnout was depressing; another blow to her already low feelings. She couldn’t believe she was moving. She had grown up here and wanted to spend the rest of her life here. But, at the same time, she couldn’t stay here. She had to –

“Ooh, Mommy look at this! It’s pretty!” A little girl held up a bracelet made out of string with three different colored crystal stars.

Oh no… Jacklyn thought.

“Excuse me,” The girl’s mother began. “How much for this?”

“I’m sorry.” Jacklyn said as she walked over to the two. “That’s not for sale.” She tried to take it from the girl but she pulled it away, just out of Jacklyn’s reach.

“Tosha…” Her mother warned.

“Why?” Tosha asked. Jacklyn kneeled in front of the girl and tried to figure out how to explain this.

“Well… Do you have a best friend?” Jacklyn asked. The girl nodded. “And that best friend means the world to you right? How would you feel if one day they weren’t there to play with you at the park?”

“I’d be sad…”

“But you’d be happy the next day when they were back and you could play with them right?”


“Well, you see, my best friends and I made those bracelets, and we each have one. Those stars represent the three of us. The colors were chose because they’re our favorites… Unfortunately, our ‘next day’ hasn’t come yet. And I don’t think it will here. They moved far away without saying goodbye. That’s why I’m moving too. I want to try and find out why. I think there might still be a chance for a ‘next day.’ Was that confusing? Do you understand?” Tosha nodded and handed Jacklyn the bracelet.

“I hope you have your next day.” The little girl said as she walked away with her mother. Jacklyn sighed and looked at the bracelet. The light green, blue, and orange stars shone in the sunlight of the day.

“You know exactly why they left.” A large black cat said. Jacklyn was silent for a moment before she spoke.

“…Yes, I do.…And that’s exactly why I have to stop them.”

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by JeffCvt
SilentPrincess828 wrote:“Pochipochipochipochipochi!”
YES!! More Pochi!

As for everything else, I can't wait to see what Jacklyn knows and why she has to stop her "friends."

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by SilentPrincess828
JeffCvt wrote:
SilentPrincess828 wrote:“Pochipochipochipochipochi!”
YES!! More Pochi!
Lol, just for you Jeffy.

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by Almost_Alice
copper wrote:Pochi.... okay.That is a good name...
Well, glad to see that it meets your approval. :roll:

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by legendario13
soo good I dont even notice transitions...

want to see more of Jacklyn

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by copper
Well, this is certainly getting interesting. Cannot wait for an explanation there.

So Daisy gets a letter. Wonder who it is from.

We are seeing some Housepets. That is awesome.

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by SilentPrincess828
So, I'm going to apologize even though I'm not sure yet. This week's chapter may not be submitted today. I've been looking forward all week to getting to write it, but when I actually sat down to write it, I had writer's block. So unless Teal womps me in the head with the Inspiration Bat, I don't think it'll be up today.

(Stephen King's muse is a guy who live's in his basement and smokes cigars. Mine's an annoying and somewhat lazy white stag that randomly has bursts of energy to actually accomplish stuff... Who's crazier?)

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by holmebrian
can you still play the game even if you dont under stand it?

i red the whole Wikipedia article and i still dont get it.

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by SilentPrincess828
Since this is already two weeks late I’m uploading the first part of chapter four just to let people know I’m not dead. Writers group tonight, so hopefully I’ll get some inspiration there and the motivation to finish the rest of this.

Also, I totally rushed trying to type this, so errors are likely.

*Moved Chapter 4 Down to place as a whole*

And to holmebrian:
holmebrian wrote:can you still play the game even if you dont under stand it?

i red the whole Wikipedia article and i still dont get it.
To know of the game is to play the game. (So since you and I are speaking of the game we thus know of the game and are thus technically playing the game - I don't actually play just torment my friends that do.) To speak of/think of the game is to lose the game. (We would have lost by now.) And losing the game results in having to admit to losing the game. ("Man, I just lost the game.") You then have thirty minutes to stop thinking about the game, if you do not, then you have lost the game again and have to admit to it again. (It's a cycle.)

However, this fanfic actually has nothing to do with the game. I just kinda made it into a play on words for the cosmic game.

And on yet another note, the title is a T-Shirt that I have. :D

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by JeffCvt
So Pandora has joined the game. I think lots of things are going to start happening now. (In other words, HURRY UP AND FINISH THIS CHAPTER!! PLEASE!!)

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by legendario13
where's her box hahaha
JeffCvt wrote:So Pandora has joined the game. I think lots of things are going to start happening now. (In other words, HURRY UP AND FINISH THIS CHAPTER!! PLEASE!!)
^this also

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by copper
So an Alice is a perfect person? Explanation please on your definition of perfect here?

Hmm, Medusa is a key player, eh? Wonder why it is the only Mortal Gorgon who is playing. Stheno the Mighty and Euryale the Far Springer must be somewhere. :roll:

Cannot wait to read the rest of it!

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Chapter 4: You Say Villain Like It’s a Bad Thing

The Nure-Onna was three hundred meter in length. Her snake-like body coiled around the edges of the dimly lit throne room. The human half of her body sat upon the grand throne, built for someone even larger than herself. The Nure-Onna’s hair was tied back and hidden behind a green bonnet, but even so, the movement and hisses of the snakes that composed it were evident. She gently stroked the golden hair atop Ramiel’s head as she half-listened to whatever jokes Thanatos was telling as the Underworld Cousel waited for its last ‘guest’ to arrive.

Thanatos presented the punch line to yet another joke. When no one laughed he pouted and finally abandoned the effort. The only sound that remained was the hissing of the Nure-Onna’s hair. This continued for several more minutes until Thanatos broke the silence. This time with a question instead of a joke.

“So who are we waiting on again?” He asked.

“Pandora…” The Nure-Onna growled as the Panther entered the throne room of the castle that once belonged to Hades. In his absence those gods and goddesses who felt they were unfairly under his rule decided they would ‘borrow’ his castle for their own purposes.

Lady Medusa.” The black and gold Panther bowed to the Nure-Onna. “I have completed the task assigned to me.” She stood up straight again. “So can I join this thing or what?” Pandora folded her arms and waited for an answer.

“First of all, it is not a thing. It is a Cosmic Game.” Medusa began.

“Yeah, yeah. I wanna join your chess tournament or whatever.”

“Oh, it’s not chess. It’s something far more interesting than chess.”

“Checkers then?” Medusa growled at Pandora’s ignorance. The hissing and movement from the bonnet grew more violent. Ramiel winced as Medusa – whether intentionally or accidently, he was not sure – pinched the stub on the back of his head where a second wing had once been.

“Even though you completed the task for us – with Jovi missing it will keep you-know-who distracted – I am doubtful as to what you can offer us should we allow you to join.” Medusa stated after taking a breath to calm herself.

“What I can offer? Oh puh-lease. I was the one clever enough to figure out who took over after Hades disappeared, when no one else could. I knew right from the start you were up to something so I wanted in. If anyone can help you spread trouble, it’s me!” At this Medusa stopped stroking Ramiel’s hair and thought.

“Oh, come on! You are Medusa who can turn anyone into stone! And you are Thanatos, fearsome God of Death!” Pandora pointed to the two of them. Thanatos beamed at being called ‘fearsome.’

“And you…” The Panther stared at the half-spider, half-woman that was hanging upside down from a thread at a corner of the throne room. “Are a freaky spider chick I have never seen before…”

“My name is Rita!” She exclaimed angrily.

“Okay… So why exactly is she here?” Pandora asked Medusa.

“Hello, I still exist.” Rita said.

“Her avatar is an Alice.” Medusa explained. Rita scowled at being ignored.

“An Alice?! …What’s that mean?”

“An Alice is someone who’s perfect.” Rita answered.

“Right… So anyway, don’t think that I, Pandora, Goddess of Calamity, would be a perfect addition to your little team?”

“Hmm…” Medusa still pondered on the decision.

“Oh, come on, I’ll even take an oath.” Pandora raised her right paw. “ ‘I solemnly swear I am up to no good’ ” She slipped Thanatos a wink.

“I believe her!” He said. Medusa sighed.

“She can’t make up her own oath to give. But… fine, you may join.”

“Excellent! That means my second course of action wasn’t all for naught!”

“‘Second course of action?’”


Xer flinched as the doorbell echoed throughout the large estate. It was a late time, and he wondered who could possibly be at the door at this hour. He rushed as quietly as he could through the halls, pausing at his master’s bedroom to make sure Peyton had remained asleep – he had – and went to the door.

Upon opening he saw a familiar looking dog standing there. His eyes were well adapted to the dark and could make out the features of the dog. The dog’s brown fur, dark brown ears and tail, and green collar suggested that this had to have been one of Joey’s brothers.

“I’m sorry to disturb you at such a late hour-”

“And you are?”

“I’m Bino, I just recently learned from my brother Joey that he met a new dog in town named Xer today. I like to come by and greet each new dog in the neighborhood and invite them to the next Good Ol’ Dogs Club meeting.” Xer looked Bino over. He noticed that behind Bino, across the street stood a strange bird with a red mailbag holding a package.

“Right, well, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to attend such things. My master’s blind and requires my help.” Xer talked quickly, for he did not want to awaken his master.

“Understandable, but if you have time you should drop by this Saturday for the meeting.” Bino said.

“I’ll see what I can do.” Xer shut the door before Bino could say anything else.

Xer ran back through the halls and once again checked on Peyton. He appeared peacefully asleep, but Xer knew better. His master had been troubled by nightmare’s since – …Having ruled that his master was fine Xer began to walk back towards his own room but was stopped.

“Xer.” Peyton said quietly. The Newfoundland entered Peyton’s bedroom and walked over to the side of the queen-size bed he laid on. When the dog stopped in front of him, Peyton rolled over so that he no longer faced the dog. Xer knew what the message was. He walked around the bed to the other side and crawled in. He laid next to Peyton and noticed that he was still wearing his sunglasses.

“Master, you really shouldn’t wear these in bed.” Xer slowly and cautiously removed the glasses from Peyton’s face, prepared for a sort of protest at any second. None came and he successfully removed the sunglasses and placed them on an end table. Peyton opened his eyes and Xer beheld the sight he rarely saw.

The master used to have such wonderful green eyes… Xer thought as he stared at Peyton’s crimson irises. Xer couldn’t help but think about how it was his fault. Peyton placed a hand on Xer’s head. He felt around until he found Xer’s ear and scratched him behind it. It was not something, unlike most dogs, Xer enjoyed. But then again –

“Xer…” Peyton said.

“Yes, Master?” Peyton hesitated before he answered.

“You know what you must do.”

“Yes, Master.”

“And you will not fail.”

“Of course not, Master.” There were several minutes of silence before Xer added,

“And I will annihilate anyone who opposes you.”


“So are you going to follow me around all night or what?” Bino had turned away from the door only to find that the stork was still following from earlier that evening.

“Look, I’ve got a package for you, all you have to do is sign for it, take it, and I’ll be off. What you do with it afterwards is completely up to you. At this point, I don’t even care if you open it or not.” Cassiel said.

“Fine, whatever.” Bino took the clipboard from the stork and started filling out the form. “I can’t say that I’ve ever had a bird deliver mail to me. Lucky for you that makes it a little less tempting to tackle you.” Bino smiled at the nervous look Cassiel gave him before he handed back the clipboard and accepted the package.

I should have turned you into a carrier pigeon!” Gaea realized. Cassiel had to resist screaming out loud in protest. Cassiel nodded to Bino before taking off, he wanted to get out of there before the dog changed his mind about tackling him.
Bino inspected the package and wondered who it was from. There was no label just ‘BINO’ written hastily atop the box with what appeared to be a sharpie marker. He carried the box home, upstairs and into his bedroom door. He scanned the hallway for any sign of Max, and when he saw none, he entered his room, set the box on the floor and went about opening. Inside was an elaborate box that was made out of something that resembled gold.

Maybe it is gold! Bino thought excitedly.

The box was decorated with jewels of all colors, shapes, and sizes. Some were cut to the shapes of creatures like bats, snakes and other creatures most were consider unpleasant. There was a sticky note attached to the box. Bino picked it up and read:

Stop STOP Do not open until B-DAY STOP

My birthday? Yeah right. There’s gotta be something good in here… Bino pulled the golden box out of the cardboard one. He tried to pull open the box but soon realized that there was a lock that needed a key. He inspected the bottom of the cardboard box, but there was no key. Bino grew frustrated and placed the golden box back inside the cardboard box.

Stupid box, wonder how much I could get for it. He was soon lost in visions of himself being surrounded by stacks of money.


“He vomited lava! I told you! You should have gone left!” Roo exclaimed.

“Miss, Arlice, it’s awfully late, you should be in bed.” Excalibur said, a worried look on his face.

“Oh, always such a fuss with you Excalibur.” Arlice said.

“Yes, well, if your father finds out you’re up this late – ”

“Father’s working and doesn’t have time for me.” The comment caught Excalibur off guard. Arlice noticed and changed the subject.

“Besides, I simply must defeat King Duvroc before I go to bed! I haven’t saved in a while, so if I turn off the game now, I’ll lose all my progress.” Arlice pleaded. Excalibur sighed and walked away in defeat.

“I personally don’t care if she spends the entire night fighting this boss!” Prowler exclaimed as he danced to the music that was King Duvroc’s battle theme. He changed his pace from slow to fast and back with the music.

“To think you’d know the dance moves to the song by heart!” Arlice said, not looking away from the TV screen.

“I’d recognize ‘Habanera’ anywhere!”

“Even in video games apparently.” Fetcher said quietly. He had not meant it as an insult, and had just spoken it to himself as an observation. Even so, Arlice turned around in her chair and glared at Fetcher, who in turn gave her a confused look.

“What’s that? You wanna dance with me?” Prowler teased and danced over to the Samoyed.

“No thanks. I don’t know how to –” Fetcher started.

“Oh, but I could teach you!” Prowler offered and stopped dancing to offer the dog a hand. Fetcher hesitated, unsure what to do. He could feel everyone’s eyes on him.

“N-no thanks…” Fetcher said and hurried out of the room. Prowler was left surprised but shrugged and resumed dancing. Harry joined him.

Twenty minutes and three deaths of Arlice’s character later, the music played signifying King Duvroc’s defeat. Arlice giggled at the cutscene but grew confused when a familiar pink vase appeared on screen.

“But the last time there was a vase…” Arlice commanded her character’s army to break open the vase – only after gathering the treasure Duvroc left behind of course. Another cutscene ensued, revealing the Princess, Scarlet Bouquet who had been trapped inside the vase.

“B-b-but…” Arlice was confused. “He saved and married Princess Apricot! If he married Bouquet… That’s polyg-”

“Miss Arlice!” Excalibur exclaimed. “How do you know such a word?!” Arlice giggled and wasn’t quite sure how to answer. Luckily, Roo interrupted and distracted Excalibur.

“Hey!” Everyone turned to Roo who sat in her cage. “Anyone else notice we’re missing an amount of blue in here?”

“Hey, yeah. Where’s Pochi?”


Pochi sat upon the front steps of his new home. He gazed up at the sky. Jovi gazed with him, for she had asked him to come out here. The sky was still filled with clouds and the light of the moon could barely be seen. The lightning and rain had stopped, but rolls of thunder could still be heard.

He’s looking for me… Jovi thought. She and her sisters were lightning that ran across the sky, to the ground and back again. The thunder that followed were the angry shouts of their father. Though he was a busy man, he always wanted to make sure his children remained safe.

He must be so worried… Jovi wished she could cry out and let him know where she was. She had tried, but Pochi could only manage to shout his name, bark, or howl. Even if she could call out to him, he would not be able to do anything, for gods could not interfere with the work of other gods or goddesses.

Jovi heard another boom of thunder. Pochi howled. Then there was silence. From deep within Pochi’s mind, Jovi cried and Pochi noticed that tears streamed down his own face.


Rita watched the large Samoyed enter the room and curl up in his bed.

“What, does the doggy miss his master?” She said, cruelly. If Fetcher heard her he made no action suggesting so. She wondered if he could hear her. She wondered if he could even see her. She wondered if perhaps she really was just the hallucination Alice had thought her to be.

She looked over at the man. He had fallen asleep working at his desk on yet another doll. Rita approached him and lightly placed a hand on his shoulder. He shuddered in his sleep and she quickly pulled back her hand.

Even my touch is no longer familiar to you… She had began to walk back to her corner of the room when she heard Alice lash out in his sleep. She turned only to see the doll he had been working on before he fell asleep crash to the floor. It’s face, and several other parts of its body she was sure, had cracked. She gently lifted up the doll from the cold, wooden floor. While she felt sad for the incomplete doll’s fate, she could not help but wonder what Alice had lashed out at in his dreams. She carried the doll back over to her web and began working spells onto the doll.

Perhaps there is still a chance that he will love you again, Little Doll.


She flew through the streets of Paris on her moped. Sebastian clung to her for his life. There was no way they were open at this hour, but they would make an exception. She drove by the Eiffel Tower and said goodbye to the structure; so long as she could help it she would not be returning to this city. Sebastian gave a low bark as they neared their destination. She parked the moped and stepped off.

She approached the door and knocked. There was no answer. She knocked again.

“We’re closed!” Someone shouted from inside.

“But I want to adopt the little one I’ve been coming by to see every day!”

“We’re not open!”

“Surely you can make an exception for me Mr. Stroner.” The door opened slightly and an eye looked her over.

“Ah, Miss Beverly, come right in. You say you want to adopt that one? Are you sure?” Mr. Stroner said worried for her decision.

“Yes, quite sure.”

“And you’re aware that he’s got a history of violence?”


“Alright then, I’ll go get the paperwork.” The chubby man disappeared into his office to get the paperwork. Beverly meanwhile, walked down the poorly lit hallway until she found the cage her new friend sat in. The dog sat there, taupe fur ragged, slouched over and altogether looking angry. He straightened when he saw Beverly.

“Hello.” He said.

“Hello Leo. Guess what?” Beverly reached into her back pocket and pulled out a fat roll of euro notes.

“Whoa now, who did you rob?” Leo asked with a smirk.

“This is hard earned and it’s finally enough to get us all out of this place.”

“Look, I know what you’re set against, I guess you’ve found out where he’s gotten too and are heading after him. But I don’t want to be dragged along. I’ve got my own problems to deal with.”

“That’s just it though, if you come with me, both of our wants will be achieved.” Leo gave the girl a confused look.

“I did some research. He’s there too.” Beverly said. Leo’s eyes widened. He smiled.

“You don’t say. I suppose it is time I paid him another visit. After all, I need to thank him for getting me into a place like this…”

Mr. Stroner called out from the lobby. Beverly left to go sign the paperwork. While she did so, she looked up at the clock. Their flight out of France left in two hours.


Yes, Chapter 4 is finally here! We're introduced to the antagonists here, but perhaps not all who appear in this chapter are antagonists. Hades, Angelica, Sasha, Ramiel and a new character were supposed to appear in this chapter, but then they didn't so...maybe next time. I hope I got Bino's personality somewhat alright....

By the way, the game Arlice is obsessively playing is Little King's Story (one of the best games for the Wii in my opinion), if you have a Wii I highly recommend it (I must increase the fanbase if it is the last thing I do! However don't rent it, it's way too addicting for that). Despite the title and the cover it's rated T. But anywho, here is the song that Prowler is dancing to: It's 'Habanera' from Bizet's opera 'Carmen'.

R&R, Let me know if there are mistakes, etc.
I gotta go make some pancakes. ;)