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The Nexius- A housepets! fanfiction.

Posted: Sat Sep 03, 2011 11:16 am
by simple things
Hey guys what's up, I was meant to show this to copper first, but I thought i might surprise him XD.

I never wrote anything like this before. So it may be a little rusty as i am still setting down the Foundation of the plot...GUhh

Any way guys i will hopefully update every Friday. I hope..o.0

apart from that- enjoy chapter one.

The Nexius: Chapter one- the competition

The evening sky bled crimson, drenching the clouds in an ominous hue that stained the very atmosphere itself, soaking it in a murderous haze. The rays that seeped through the clouds shed some light on Babylon Gardens, or at least what was left of it. The atmosphere was tense, tenser than what it ever was in the past, the dog’s entire life changed. To one simple strike, everything fell, along with his hope. Fox closed his eyes, taking deep breaths through his nose and out of his mouth; he straightened the black bandanna that fit around his neck and proceeded to close the window, shutting out the noise and rumbles of the area. Fox navigated his way through the darkness that shrouded his home, cussing when his foot hit up against an old wooden trunk in the path. “if only we still had electricity…” Fox said, biting his lower lip in pain.

He shook off the pain and opened the lid of the trunk, hoping that everything he needed was still inside. He reached inside the trunk feeling his way through, the slick feeling of the metal encased book was more than enough to calm his nerves. Fox took his prized lexicon in his paws and placed it down next to him, Fox continued to feel for his backpack. Once he had the bag outside of the trunk he placed his book carefully in his backpack, and a few other supplies he might need for the trip. Fox placed his arms through the worn brown straps and grunted as he lifted the bag onto his back.

Fox proceeded towards his now broken door, opened it slightly and closed it behind him. “This place was once beautiful, now it’s destroyed. My friends…my family…gone.” A single tear trickled down his cheek, dampening the grey fur that once stood behind rosy happiness. Fox began running, past the destroyed buildings, the burning cars, the torn up roads.

Until he came up to an old tree out near a dead farm, no one ever went there. This use to be a beautiful farm, cattle and birds and dogs lived here, now there was nothing left, not even a scrap of life.

Fox walked up to an old forked tree and slipped his bag off his shoulder. “This is the last time I swear it” he said as he opened midway of the Lexicon. ‘symbolum adhiberi potest in sede tua dialing modo digitum’ Fox squinted his eyes and read the sentence. “No, no, not in Latin, where is the English version of this” Fox said in frustration as he flipped the golden pages of the book. “From what I heard of these things, There’s a way you can get around faster.” Fox said as he continued to flip through the pages of the book. Soon he found the English version and began reading,’ the symbol can be used by simply dialling in the location with your finger, every location is determined with a specific colour that is pending to that world. A word of caution to you dear reader, setting a wrong location is fatal; you could possibly never find your way back. Locations are set by two, and from the left three.’ “Hmm that makes more sense now, let’s see here” Fox said as he patted of the cobwebs that spindled around the old tree and patted the old dirt that was on the symbol that was carved into the tree. “I need that other world I went to, three other worlds away and one in” Fox spoke aloud, contemplating the best possible route.

“Six points so, one on one o’clock, being the top right point and eleven on the left. So if one mark’s where I am, the other points take it by two, then all I need to do is touch one twice then seven”. Fox had It worked out; he touched the first corner of the star shape then the lower point. A blue glow emitted from the symbol letting him know he had set the right location. “I’ll be back soon mom, just hang in there” and with that Fox stepped between the forked tree, a yellow light engulfing his body as he disappeared between the

Food, it was everywhere, from the floor to the roof, from spicy to sweet. Spot the super dog stood at the top of a diving board, and jumped straight into the pile of growing food. “Remember kids eat all your vegetables, and say NO to smoking.” Spot said with a hearty laugh and began stuffing his face full with food.

Suddenly he began growing. Larger and larger, until he exploded with a loud bang! then again, another loud bang! soon all the food around Spot began to inflate like a balloon then explode. Bang, bang, bang, went the food items shrivelling into small bits of balloon and floating in the air.

“Peanut wake up!"

Grape yelled out to the sleeping hound through his bedroom door. Peanut shifted and turned in his sleep, her voice grew louder and louder in his dream, until one loud pound of Grapes paw against his door awoke him. “Oh you know what, not my problem” Grape said walking away from his door mumbling under her breath.

Peanuts eyes slowly parted, he yawned and stretched, sitting up in his bed. Sunlight spilled into his room through his window and the electronic clock on his bedside table read 9:30am. Peanut smiled in remembrance of his accomplishment last night, he managed to finish Assassin’s creed one and two, and today he was to be receiving the third instalment of the series, Brotherhood.

Peanut stood up and stretched again, proceeded to his door and turned the knob swinging his door open, he left his sleeping chamber. He walked to the kitchen; Grape sat at the table, a cup of herbal tea in one paw, and a book in the other. “Pridelands the beginning”, Peanut read off the cover, Grape looked up to see Peanut rubbing sleep from his eyes.

“Oh so you are awake now hmm? I couldn’t sleep one bit last night because of you”. Peanut snickered and grabbed a bowl from the pantry and some cereal and milk; he filled his bowl with the chocolate coated flakes and poured milk into his bowl, as he continued to listen to Grapes rant.

“Woo-Hoo, oh man I just owned you. Oh what’s that, Altair can’t take that jump WRONG AGAIN WOOOAHHHHH!” Grape imitated Peanut from the previous night. “I mean seriously Peanut, what is wrong with you”.

Peanut picked a single spoon from the drawer, placing it the bowl and taking a small amount in its hold, he began eating his cereal. “Are you even listening to me!?” Grapes voice rattled through his head like and angry bee, “yes, yes I heard you geeze. What’s the problem anyway, mom got you those new purple earmuffs”, Grapes on going rant suddenly came to a stop. She looked down and continued to speak “well yeah, but they make my ears fluffy” she said in a low tone. Peanut gave her a glare, then smiled “deal with it, fluffy ears!?” Peanut laughed again and grape pressed her paw to her face.

Peanut finished his cereal, and put his dish and spoon in the sink. Washed them and put them away, he turned to face Grape

“Grape where is mom and dad?” Peanut asked

Grape set down her cup of tea and looked over to Peanut,

“They left for work around seven and mom told me to wake you up”

Grape said before taking another sip of her tea. “Oh yeah… why where you banging on my door anyway?” Peanut asked becoming slightly uncomfortable from the cold kitchen tiling.

“Some dumb dog meeting or something like that, hey do you know why-“

Grape was suddenly cut off by Peanut. “What! Oh no…no I’m late, why didn’t you wake me sooner Grape!” Peanut grunted before quickly running to the front door and slamming it behind him. “Serves him right”, Grape said flicking her nose up into the air, and continuing to sip at her tea.

Peanut ran across the road making a sharp turn left and stopping. “Oh no Fox forgot too!” Peanut said, quickly approaching the gate to Foxes backyard. “Oh yeah I’m going to Ezio this gate” Peanut said, a smirk crossing his lips as he quickly sprinted his feet in an upwards position on the gate, giving him enough space to quickly kick off the top and flip forwards landing on his feet. Peanut gritted his teeth in pain.

“Wow…ahhh…god, now I know why people don’t do this stuff in real life”.

Peanut moved slowly towards Foxes back door and knocked with urgency. After a few knocks Fox opened the door tilting his head slightly to the right. “You know Peanut; most people knock on the front door” Fox said looking him over. “Hey you look a mess, do you need to wash up or something?” Fox said offering for him to use the bathroom. “Fox Forget how I look!” Peanut said putting his paws on Foxes shoulders and shaking him. “We-are-going-to-be-late”, Peanut said shaking him senselessly. “Okay okay!” Fox said pushing Peanuts hands off his shoulders, “the meeting was today!?” Fox said, rubbing his temples. Peanut shook his head quickly, “we have to go now” Peanut said pointing to the direction of the club, “right, let me get my collar” Fox said quickly moving back to his room and grabbing the collar off his computer table.

Fox checked the doors to his home were securely locked, and quickly sprinted with peanut to the club, “hey Peanut” Fox said while running with him.

“H-how did you get into my backyard?” Peanut smiled triumphantly, “I did something I saw on a video game, now I know why they don’t do it in real life”. Peanut said biting his lower lip in the afterglow of the dulled pain in his feet. Fox wondered what Peanut could have met, but he left it at that as they came to a stop at the club.

“You first Peanut” Fox said offering for him to climb the ladder, Peanut smiled. “Thanks Fox” he said as he clutched the first wooden bar in his paw and began making his way up the ladder. After a few short moments Peanut was up, “you can come up now Fox” Peanut said Knocking on the door to the club. Fox made his way up the ladder and stood beside Peanut, “you don’t think they would kick us out or something, for being late?” Peanut asked swallowing hard. Fox rolled his eyes, “no I don’t think they would”, suddenly they heard gruff voice come from behind the door.

Peanut cleared his throat before speaking. “s-sorry Rex, we didn’t mean to be late” he said clutching at his collard awkwardly. “No not yet Joey!” a vexatious voice boomed from inside the wooden structure. Peanut was sure that they had nothing to worry about; Bino seemed to be taking his anger out on Joey today, “Rex, can you let us in already?” Fox said as he tapped his foot impatiently. “Sorry fellas, c’mon in” Rex said sliding the wooden lock out of place and pulling the door open. Inside most of the neighbourhood dogs could be seen standing, and sitting around the raised desk that Bino stood behind. Joey stood next to Bino with an old boom box, Bino could be seen wearing:

Sunglasses, chains and different kinds of necklaces that hanged low around his neck, a cap that had a w shaped sign on the front, a thick leather jacket that enveloped most of his body and rings that coiled around his short fingers.

“Well, well” Bino began. “Look who are here, Mr lazy bones and sir sleeps a lot” Bino said pointing to Fox and Peanut as he began laughing. What took you guys so long we were just about to get into the fundamentals of Zoning an-“, Bino was cut off by the sound of Fox and Peanuts laughter.

“Bino you look so stupid!”

Fox said, holding his stomach from the pangs of pain from the laughter. Peanut was now wiping tears away from his eyes, then he spoke, “Bino what are you doing, are you crazy.” Bino scrunched his lower lip in frustration, “yeah, yeah laugh it up now you guys, but I will be a great gangster, the first dog with…tall tee’s and iced out shoes!” Bino said, folding his arms and holding an elated pose.

All the dogs began laughing causing Bino’s face to become red with anger, “shut it you guys” Bino said as an attempt to silence his laughing canines. Suddenly a loud voice came from the group, “Shut up! And get on with it you dunce” King said glaring at Bino. Silence fell upon the club, even causing Fox and Peanut to compel their laughter. “Well then, thank you King” Bino said, scratching the back of his head, “now everyone-” Bino stopped his sentence midway to make sure no one else was still laughing. A few coughs and grunts came from the crowd, and then Bino continued, “it is in my best duty to say that the Zoning issues have been put to use to track down the Babylon thief and his where-about here”.

As Bino continued to talk, Fox nudged Peanuts arm and leaned closer to his ear, “my dad told me about that actually. He said the foot prints they found were not…human”. Fox said, keeping his gaze locked on Bino, “what do you mean not human?” Peanut said back, raising an eyebrow in suspicion. Fox continued

“Well, it was a paw mark on the ground, near where the last break in was Francesca’s jewellery and watch makers” Fox said closing his eyes and thinking. “Ha-has he made any attacks on the residents here?” Peanut whispered back to Fox, “no he hasn't but my dad and a few other police officers are keeping an eye on the neighbourhood at night”

Fox said back, wiping the beads of sweat that clung to the fur on his forehead, “well that’s good; at least we can sleep easy at night hmm?” Peanut replied to Fox. Soon they began paying attention to Bino once more.

“So because of this, we will need to get everyone to sniff this piece of cloth to all help to catch this thief!” Bino said holding a black bandanna in his right paw, raising it high for all the dogs to see.

“I’ll go first Bino; my smelling senses are getting better”

Rex said, a large grin making its way to his face. “Not now Rex we are not done yet you idiot!” Bino retorted to him, causing Rex to sit back down in his spot. “Now moving along, we are having a dance-dance revolution competition for money!” Bino said smiling at his canine companions. “And so we will all be participating in the contest, the money will go towards the cancer foundation of Babylon. So everyone be happy, and team up…now”. The club suddenly bursted into frenzy of who could get the best dance-dance partner first. Peanuts paw quickly grabbed onto Foxes, “partners dude?” Peanut asked, hoping that Fox would say yes.

Fox smiled at Peanuts gesture, “partners” Fox said watching as Peanut smiled back to him.

Soon all the dogs in the club had partnered up and everyone were standing with their partner of choice. “Alright then, now that everyone has their partner of choice, we can decide which team will go first in the club” Bino said deciding a group. “Tiger and Rex go first” we all meet at the arcade at three in the afternoon tomorrow!” Bino said walking towards the door and opening it. Bino took out the black bandanna from his jacket pocket, “everyone must accumulate this scent before they leave” Bino said before handing it to the first dog. The dog took the bandanna and pressed it on his muzzle, inhaling deeply then his eyes widened. “It’s Foxe’s” he said pointing through the crowd to Fox. “WHAT” Fox said, his eyes widening at the accusation, then Peanut stepped in. “It can’t be him, he doesn’t steal.” The uproar that had spread in the club a few moments ago had now stopped instantly.

“Well if you don’t believe me, here” the dog said, shoving the black material to Peanut. Peanut gingerly took the bandanna in his paws and pressed it to his nose. ‘He’s right’ Peanut thought, “this…has your scent Fox” Peanut said, not even looking Foxes way. “I don’t steal, I never!” Fox retorted to the group of dogs. His face flushing red, then another dog began shouting in the group, “do you have my MP3 player too HUH!?”, “No I don’t have your mp3 player!” Fox shouted back, hurt that the canines would believe such an accusation, hurt that Peanut would accuse him as well. “Get lost you thief” the crowd began shouting towards Fox. “He didn’t steal anything!” King said, having enough of the accusations toward his friend.

“I bet you helped him too, to get into all the hard to reach places!” one of the several dogs shouted. “Whatever, I don’t need this” King said, jumping off the wooden grounding onto the wet grass, and walking away. “You know I lost one of my mother’s prized jewellery because of you, you filth” one large black dog said, coming out from the group of dogs. His face was red with anger and he was fuming. “I don’t even have a black-“ Foxe’s words fell on deaf ears as the large black dog thrust his balled fist into foxes stomach causing him to gasp in pain and fall off the edge of the wooden board onto the wet grass.

Fox clutched at his stomach in an attempt to seize the pulsating pain. “WHOA, hey, hey c’mon you can’t do THAT!” Bino said shocked at the scene he had just witnessed. Peanut quickly rushed down to where Fox had fallen, “Fox, Fox are you okay, hey c’mon look at me!” Peanut said shaking Fox slightly, Fox said nothing as he continued to hold at his stomach, his eyes pried close. “Why would you do that…get lost…just go away you’re not welcome here. Bino said removing the rings around his fingers and climbing down the old ladder to assist Fox. “I- I’m sorry I couldn’t control myself!” the black dog said, jumping off the platform and approaching Fox “is he okay?” the dog said, wringing his paws.

Peanut didn’t like it when anyone hurt his friends, even if they were not very close. Peanut stood up from Foxes side and shoved the black dog back, “You’re a JERK, get away from here!” Peanut said, watching as the black dog nodded slowly and walked away, his head hanging low.

After a short while Fox stood up, and began dusting himself off. Peanut quickly returned to Foxes side to help him, but Fox protested. Even Bino tried to help Fox, he still said no. “Hey are you okay!” Peanut said to Fox, “Everything is just fine Peanut I don’t want your help, every dog in this darn neighbourhood showed just how they feel about me.” Fox said, tears welling in his eyes as he began walking home.
Fox came out through a small hollow tree with a blue glow leaving his body. “yes this is the place, and now all I need to do is find the other gate” Fox said as he began making his way out of the small woods that adorned the far side of the city. As Fox was walking alongside the pathway, people stared at him with questioning eyes, some even in disgust. “I’m not that gross, I did shower you know” Fox muttered under his breath, and then he hears someone call out to him. “HEY YOU” a police officer said, causing Fox to stop in his tracks and turn around. The police man approached Fox and began catching his breath. “Under bylaw section 3 paragraph 15 no pet may wonder freely without their owner” the rather chubby man said picking out a book and pen from his side pocket.

“No I am not with anyone…sir” Fox said back to him, backing away inch by inch.

“Well then I’m afraid I’m going to have to take you to the station”, the man said writing a physical description of Fox and quickly pulling a pair of metal handcuffs.

Then Fox quickly pulled the handcuffs away from the man and quickly locked one tightly around his fist and the other around a street light. “Hey you can’t do that!” the police officer shouted back to fox struggling to get free. “I’m terribly sorry officer; I really don’t have time for your nonsense” Fox said swishing his tail as he continued to walk towards the next destination. People continued to eye his suspiciously as he walked along the side walk.

Soon Fox was at an old drainpipe, the drain pipe was large and sunlight and a small lake could be seen at the end of it. Fox looked over the drain pipe carefully, until he found the symbol carved atop the first wooden log keeping it in place. “Yep, there it is, I will make sure to strike tonight” Fox said bending his back forward and walking through the drain pipe, his body lighting up blue and disappearing in a quick second.

Re: The Nexius- A housepets! fanfiction.

Posted: Sat Sep 03, 2011 3:15 pm
by copper
Interesting story, Simple things. I wonder why you wish to surprise little old me... :lol:

Can't wait to see where this goes.

Re: The Nexius- A housepets! fanfiction.

Posted: Sat Sep 03, 2011 3:22 pm
by valerio
hmm, maybe I'm missing something, but in Babylon Gardens they allow pets to walk without leashes as long as they wear their collars and tags.

Re: The Nexius- A housepets! fanfiction.

Posted: Sat Sep 03, 2011 4:34 pm
by Helmetzid
maybe he was just out of the garden's legal area so technically he would have been going against the law, if you think about it

Re: The Nexius- A housepets! fanfiction.

Posted: Sat Sep 03, 2011 4:41 pm
by Kondog
(officially back from hiatus)
Excellent work Simple things, I like where this is going( but then again i kinda already know ;) )I found your character work and dialogue are extremely well done, the same with your details- its a very good first update and I look forward where you take it.

Oh and Gangster Bino - :lol: awesomeness!
valerio wrote:hmm, maybe I'm missing something, but in Babylon Gardens they allow pets to walk without leashes as long as they wear their collars and tags.

I am positive you'll get a proper explanation on the next update . ;)

Re: The Nexius- A housepets! fanfiction.

Posted: Sat Sep 03, 2011 5:13 pm
by simple things
There seems to be some confusion here. Fox, well the other Fox was in Babylon Gardens right next door from the one you and i know. In this world everything is very tight, police are everywhere, everyone is quite snobby, even Bino is more of a Jerk in this world..

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Posted: Sat Sep 03, 2011 5:43 pm
by RandomGeekNamedBrent
good fic so far. I'm happy to have helped you develop this idea. keep up the good work.

and get an editor. :P

Re: The Nexius- A housepets! fanfiction.

Posted: Sat Sep 03, 2011 6:08 pm
by simple things
uhm...thanks Brent...i do now..o.0

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Posted: Sun Sep 04, 2011 12:54 am
by valerio
simple things wrote:There seems to be some confusion here. Fox, well the other Fox was in Babylon Gardens right next door from the one you and i know. In this world everything is very tight, police are everywhere, everyone is quite snobby, even Bino is more of a Jerk in this world..
Oh, okay. Thank you.

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Posted: Sun Sep 04, 2011 7:56 am
by kurowolfe
Woah, this is quite an interesting premise, ST!
Everyone sorta acted slightly differently than they're usually portrayed, and it's refreshing to see the difference. Gangsta Bino :D !

The portal-jumping Fox needs to learn to set his coordinates correctly! XD And I somehow think that there's more than one of him around....

I'm really intrigued as to where this story will go, ST! Now I have another story to follow.... =w=

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Posted: Thu Sep 08, 2011 11:58 am
by simple things
Thanks Kuro, it will be better soon.

Re: The Nexius- A housepets! fanfiction.

Posted: Mon Sep 12, 2011 2:44 pm
by simple things
(Sorry late update)

Fox continued to walk back to his home, his paw lightly gripping at his side as he approached the first turn onto his street. After a few minutes he was home. “Oh, dad’s home...” Fox said, using his left paw to knock on his door. After a few short knocks, Bill answered the door; a smile spreading across the large mans lips.

“So, my boy, how did the meeting go?” Bill said with a deep voice, moving aside so Fox could enter the warm home.

“It’s ‘fine’, dad! I had no problems.” Fox said, walking past Bill and heading straight for his room.

But Bill was perceptive. “Fox, come” Bill said as he stretched out his built arms. Fox sighed and turned around, extending his arms in a lazy manner and meeting his fathers. Bill crushed his arms around Foxes slim figure, holding him tight. Fox was used to the hugs his father gave him; he simply rested his head in the crevice of Bills muscular chest, breathing slowly.

“Tell me, son, what’s wrong?” Bill said, loosening his grip on Fox and uncoiling his arms from around him. Fox pulled away slowly and let out a low grunt as pain radiated from his side. Bill, however did not notice and lowered his head, waiting for an answer from Fox.

Fox straightened his back and looked up at Bill before speaking. “Everyone is... they said... they think that I am...“

Suddenly, a loud ringing emitted from the kitchen. “Sorry, my boy, might be from work. Tell me after, hmm?” Bill said before placing his thick lips on Foxes furry head and moving away to answer the blaring telephone.
Fox finished the small trip upstairs to his room and closed the door behind him. He liked the way his room was -not too big, but not too small either. It was comfortable and cosy, just the way he liked it. Fox sprawled himself across his bed, tears pricking the corners of his eyes as he thought.

‘Why would people think that I am a thief? I never stole anything! Even Peanut thinks I am a thief!’
Foxes thoughts were momentarily distracted as he heard his father’s loud booming laugh coming from the kitchen. Fox reached to his bedside table, pulling a drawer open and retrieving his I-pod. Placing his ear buds in their places, he pushed the middle button and the soothing music began to calm his nerves.

‘And that stupid bandanna... it was black... I don’t even have a black bandanna! Why are they so angry?’ Fox thought. ‘Well duhh, Fox! Whoever this jerk is, he is taking what is not his. Probably some stupid, dumb, idiotic fool that just moved in from somewhere, but why is he trying to frame me for?’

Fox continued to think, shifting his body so that he lay on his side. “Maybe I should stop sitting under that big oak tree in the park...” Fox said, the soothing music slowly calming his tensed nerves. Foxe’s eyes began to drop slightly, ‘I mean why they would choose me? What could they possibly want from me? Why hasn’t dad caught this animal yet? Where does he or she go?’

All the thoughts that spread through Foxes mind drained him. And the soothing instrumental music caused Fox to slowly drift into a comfortable sleep.

Soon enough he began to dream, he dreamt of Peanut and the neighbourhood, the dogs and owners...

“Hey look, it’s that Fox boy!” Bino sneered.

“What do you want, Bino? Leave me alone!” Fox said, turning his sitting position around so that his back faced Bino.

“No, I don’t think so, Fox! You owe us something!” another dog said somehow coming out from nowhere. “I don’t owe you anything, now leave I have to read this book.” Fox retorted back to the seemingly growing pack of dogs. Soon the dogs began shouting and yelling towards Fox.

“Take his book!” one dog yelled

“Burn it!”

“We hate you!”




The pack chanted towards Fox.

Then Peanut placed a paw on Foxe’s shoulder and hauled him up from his sitting position. “C’mon, Fox!” Peanut shouted, grabbing his paw and running with him.

Peanut and Fox began running though Babylon Gardens and the neighbourhood. Then Peanut quickly pulled Fox around a corner and placed his paw over his muzzle. One dog was lurking around the corners of the neighbourhood; they could hear him sniffing for their scent. The after a short while he left.

“Boy, that was a close one, huh?” Peanut said, his face for some reason could not be seen.

“Peanut...why can’t I see your face?” Fox said, his grey eyes widening at the faceless dog.

“Never mind that, my friend, listen to me carefully.” A voice resonated from Peanuts figure.

“The book you wi-... go never ta-... okay you can’t take this for granted read what it has to offe- ... don’t go inside, the creatures they will find you-... I can’t stay for long-... The first is en-... large rocks near the old mill. It may scare you but you w-... way, it’s the first-... “

Peanuts voice sounded on and off. Like a radio attempting to receive a transmission.

Foxes jaw was now low. “Peanut...what?...I can’t understand you!” Fox said, blinking in surprise and gripping Peanut by his sides, shaking him slightly. Soon enough another voice came from Peanut, but this was not his own.

“I really do apologise for this...” The other voice said and then Peanut slipped a small dagger from his back.

Foxe’s eyes widened again, “Hey, what are you doing with that?” Fox asked, his heart beating faster and faster.

“You need to wake up, Fox!” was all the voice said before Peanut quickly jabbed the icy cold dagger into Foxes neck.

Fox fell to the ground, the last thing he saw were golden pages floating through the wind, peacefully setting over his dying body.

Foxe’s eyes shot open and he sat up breathing hard. He quickly put his paw on his neck and felt around, there was nothing. Fox sighed in relief. “It was just a dream. Nothing to worry about.” Fox said as he placed his paws on his head. But for some reason the dream had frightened him, not because what had happened, but the other voice...

Fox turned to look at his bedside clock. It read 12:00pm; he had slept for a few hours.

Fox rubbed his eyes then looked over his body; he was covered in a thin blanket and his bandanna and collar had been placed on his table to the far right of his room.

“Dad must have done that” Fox said, tracing his right paw to where the blow had been applied. Strangely enough, he felt soft white linen bandages, softly wrapped in that area. “Wow, thanks dad... how did he know...” the grey dog said before lifting the blanket over his body and proceeding to open the door and leave his room.

Bill was still in the kitchen, wrapping away food and drinks. Fox grunted softly before sitting down on the kitchen table. Bill had noticed Fox and smiled before approaching him.

“So Fox, how are we feeling now, hmm?” Bill asked, placing his large hand on Foxes side.

“I feel alright dad... who told you?” Fox said before looking up into Bills eyes.

“C’mon son, you know your old man. Whatever goes on in the neighbourhood - I will find out.” Bill said proudly.

“Dad, I don’t think he meant to punch me or anything...” Fox said trying to reason with his father. “But then again, dad, they’re all mad at me.” Fox said, closing his eyes and rubbing his temples.

Bill looked back into Foxes eyes. “Its fine, Fox, don’t you worry about it... but if I see that Robyn kid I’m going to kick him right in the ba-.“

“Dad, c’mon! You said you won’t hurt him.” Fox cut off Bill.

“Yeah, I know my boy, don’t worry I won’t lay a finger on him.” Bill said in a reassuring tone before returning to wrap up the rest of the food.

“Dad, why did you make so much food this time?” Fox asked, looking at the numerous kinds of foods that adorned the far side of the kitchen table.

“Turns out there are going to be a few more people at the gathering we are having. And no one can resist my devilled eggs!” Bill said, offering one to Fox.

“Oh no, dad, that’s fine - I’m not hungry.” Fox said, smiling and gently pushing away Bills hand. Just then the door rang. “Could you get that for me, boy, need to finish the rest of these.” Bill said as he continued to put away the food.

“Sure, dad!” Fox said, getting off the table and proceeding to the door. “It’s probably the dogs back from the club just waiting to get more out of me.” Fox muttered before swinging open the door, feeling the cool breeze of the day blow through his grey fur.

No one was there; the street was even empty, except for a small folded note on the ground with Foxes name written on the front of it.

Fox was now curious; he picked the note from the ground and looked at it with caution. ‘It’s probably rigged to blow, knowing those mangy good for nothing dogs.’ Fox thought as he quickly unfolded the note and let out a squeal, dropping the note to the floor. Fox stood in a defensive position as the note simply fell on the floor. Fox felt silly for thinking the note could explode and opened it to read the words inside:

“Dear Fox

I’m sorry about what happened - call me now.

Peanut B.S.”

Fox smirked at the simplicity of the note. He re-folded it and placed it in the small pocket in his collar. Instrumental music could be heard from the large kitchen and Bills deep voice was humming along with the tune. Fox walked back to the kitchen to see Bill still packing.

Then Fox reached for the wireless receiver and began dialling in Peanuts number and then Fox remembered.

“Dad, where is the old mill here?” Fox asked, trying to sound the words just as he remembered them from his dream.

“Oh, you mean the Old Bessie? She’s out, near Tom’s farming area. No one really goes there now. They shut down a while back, why do you ask, son?” Bill said, raising an eyebrow.

“Oh, it’s nothing dad. I just wanted to know, that’s all!” Fox replied before dialling in the rest of Peanut’s phone number. Fox returned back to his room and closed the door behind him.

Peanuts voice was heard from the receiver

“Hello! Fox?”

Fox sat down on his bed and replied to Peanut.

“Hey, Peanut, why did you leave a note on my doorstep?”

“Oh! It’s because I wanted to talk to you, you know...about what happened.” Peanut said, his voice rasping slightly.

“Right, well talk away Peanut.” Fox said in a sarcastic tone.

“I saw what happened and that dog shouldn’t have done that to you. You could have been seriously hurt.” Peanut responded.

“Well, it doesn’t matter now, Peanut. What’s done is done - it’s whatever now...” the grey dog replied to him.

“Okay, Fox, if you’re okay - that’s all that matters, right?” Peanut said back to Fox waiting for his response. Fox, however, did not say anything back and a short silence fell between the two. After a small while the silence became uncomfortable. “Fox, are you there?” Peanut asked, shifting the telephone from his right ear to his left.

“Yes, I’m here Peanut!” was all Fox said back before asking Peanut a question even he could not answer.

“Hey, Peanut, why did that bandanna have my scent?” Fox asked again, this time shifting so that he lay on his bed.

“I don’t know, Fox, but what I do know is, that whoever it is, will be caught soon. My dad is bringing together a small neighborhood watch community, so whatever happens, they will know.” Peanut said with a chipper tone.

“That’s good to hear, Peanut!” Fox replied. He was going to tell Peanut about the dream he had, but he decided to leave it at that.
“So, Fox” Peanut began. “Would you... would you like to go to the arcade with me around 3 today?” Peanut said to Fox. “We can train for the competition tomorrow, if you’re still in, that is.” Peanut was hoping that Fox would still be in the competition with him. Even if Fox wasn’t, he still wanted to have fun.

“So, what do you say, Fox? Then you can sleep over at my house!” Peanut said back again. “We can play Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood. And we can talk and eat ice-cream and play more games and-“

“Yes! Yes, alright, Peanut! That sounds like fun. My dad will be out anyway.” Fox said back to Peanut. Peanut could get carried away when he would begin to get excited.

“Do you want me to bring anything special, Peanut? At the arcade. I mean.” Fox wasn’t the best gamer out there, but he had some familiarity with the system and how things are run.

“No way, Fox, bring you and that’s it!” Peanut said in a happy tone. “My dad gave me an all access pass to the arcade so we can play as many games as we want to and we don’t have to pay anything at all!.” Peanut said back to Fox, more excited than before.

“That’s cool, Peanut! I will get my stuff together. What time do you want me to be at your house?” Fox said back, he was slightly excited. He had never been for a sleepover at anyone’s home before.

Peanut accidentally dropped his phone on his floor before scrambling to pick it up again. “Sorry, Fox, dropped my phone.” Peanut said before replying to Foxes question. “Try to be here around 2:30 and then we can go to the arcade at 3, how does that sound?” Peanut said back, slowly becoming unable to hold back his excitement.

“I would not have it any other way, Peanut, and umm...dude?” Fox said back

“Yes?” Peanut replied with a giggle


Fox then pushed the button on his phone, ending the call. He got up from his bed and proceeded back to the kitchen. Bill was now done packing away the food and was now watching television.

“Hey, dad, is it okay if i go to a sleepover today?” Fox asked wringing his paws slowly.

Bill smiled and nodded “Course you can, I can drop you off too if you like.” Bill said to the smiling dog.

“That would be great, dad, I am going for a short walk, okay?” Fox said back to Bill. Bills nod was all the reassurance Fox needed before he grabbed his scarf, which hanged on the hook by the front door. Fox wrapped the scarf around his neck securely before stepping out into the cold of the day.

Fox tightened the scarf around his neck, and continued walking along the pathway. He made a quick turn left and crossed the street, coming to a stop at a small white house, with smoke coming out of the chimney. Fox proceeded to the front door of the home, and wiped his feet on the mat below him.

He was about to knock on the door of the home, before a small golden Pomeranian dog opened it, she tilted her head and smirked at Fox.

“I have been expecting you friend.”

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I see Fox knows who to call when there's something strange in his neighborhod. (Tarot, not Ghostbusters)

good update. can't wait for the story to get more advanced.

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Ooh, good stuff! I can't wait for more!

Fox and peanut as good friends. Awesomeness.

I am surprised Officer Bill said he'd hurt a dog! So unlike him...

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Sorry guys, late update again...very,very late. I am going to have to change it from Fridays to Mondays.

Chapter Three- Isabella's world- part 1

A smirk made its way to Foxes lips. How she knew about these things always amazed Fox, even if he did not show it.

“Hi Tarot, I have something I needed to ask you”, Fox said, rubbing the back of his head. “Of course Fox, come right this way. I have made some tea and a space for us to sit by” Tarot said, taking Foxes paw and pulling him along with her, through the scented home. Fox looked behind himself, “Tarot, you didn’t close the front door.” Fox said, feeling rather awkward.

A bright green glow, which flashed from Tarots eyes. The silver doorknob on the door glowed green and the door closed quickly. Foxes eyes widened at the sight of the door closing. ‘Oh man… what have I done…’ Fox thought as he and Tarot crossed the long hallway of the home, and then stopped by a small room. Tarot opened the door to the room and released Foxes paw from her own.

Inside the room was: a small table in the middle of it, a soft cushioned couch that surrounded the table, flowers and plants that surrounded the room and various items that floated across the ceiling.

Fox was amazed at the sight, but he expected something like this from Tarot. The Pomeranian smiled and pointed to the couch, “Take a seat, Fox, I will get the orb.” She said in her cheery voice, and proceeded to walk back down the hallway. Fox ducked his head down at the flying books crossing above his head, and sat down on the soft red couch, opposite to Tarots seat. ‘This is some place she has here…’ Fox thought and shifted on the red couch, getting comfortable.

Tarot returned with a white glowing sphere in her paws and returned to Fox. “This won’t take too long at all, I can promise you that. Tarot said as she set down the orb on the table and went back to Fox.

“Can you give me your paw Fox?” Tarot asked, reaching out with her own paw to take his. Fox was hesitant at first but complied with a nod, placing his right paw in hers. Tarot smiled and tightened her grip on his ever so slightly; she closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. “Okay, we are ready now” Tarot said, gripping his fur with her other paw and tugging hard, pulling out a few bits of Foxes Grey fur. Fox responded with a squeak of pain, before Tarot took the hairs and set them atop the orb.

The orb began glowing brighter and brighter, until the bits of his fur had disappeared. Tarot rubbed her paws together and smiled, “Good, everything is going well” she said to Fox. The husky rubbed his paw along his arm muttering under his breath. Tarot took her seat at the other side of the table and smiled at Fox.

“its okay, Fox, first time doing this the new style too” She said with a giggle. “How have you been Fox, I have not seen you in a while”, Tarot said, her smile never leaving her expression. Fox returned the smile to Tarot, ‘the new style….?’ Foxes right eye twitched before responding to her. “I’m okay Tarot, there’s just been a lot of stuff happening, that’s all.” Fox said, rubbing his forehead and crossing his legs. “Hmm okay, I see” Tarot said back to him before noticing the bandages on his stomach.

“Would you like some tea Fox? it’s my own personal blend of spices and milk, I quite like it” Tarot said to Fox. Fox didn’t want to seem rude and smiled again, nodding his head, “Sure Tarot I would love some” he replied to her. The orb in on the table continued to glow as it did. ‘Stupid junk always so slow… some new style this is’ Tarot thought, before waving her hand in the air. A tea kettle floated into the room with two white mugs by its side. Tarot rested her chin on her paws and watched as the mugs settled down onto the table, with the kettle pouring the cream colored liquid into each one. Fox said nothing and continued so stare at the mesmerizing glow of the Orb.

“You know, Tarot, that’s amazing.” Fox said, turning his view to watch the kettle float back out of the room. He laughed before the Orb stopped glowing, “glad I amuse you”, the Pomeranian said to Fox before placing her paws on the orb and closing her eyes, a dull green glow could be seen behind her eyes lids, and Fox took a sip of his tea and watched in pure amazement. ‘She really is something else’, he though, as he watched her paws grip at the orb tighter.

Tarot gasped before opening her eyes, the sight of her glowing eyes had shocked Fox in the past, now he didn’t mind it as much. Foxes ears flicked, and a look of worry crossed his face.

“What's going on Tarot?” Fox asked, becoming worried.

“No its, its right- I can’t seem to… what that is…” Tarot said as she inhaled deeply again, closing her eyes. Tarot continued to feel the smooth texture of the orb until her eyes shot open again, the green glow fading away quickly. Fox raised an eyebrow and opened his mouth to speak.

“Did you see something, Tarot?” Fox asked her, placing each of his paws on the soft couch underneath him.

“Yes, Fox, I did see something, but I am not sure what it was though. ‘Moria what are you up to’ Tarot thought.

“Tarot, there have been robberies around Babylon. They are blaming me! If you saw who it was, you tell me right now!" Fox said, trying to control is anger.

“No Fox, I didn’t see anyone, but… this is not right.” Tarot said, taking her paws off the orb and placing them on her head, shaking slowly.

“Oh, what did you seen then?” Fox replied to her, studying her facial expression.

"I-I’m not sure Fox, whoever is actually doing this, he’s not… he’s not from around here. Just lemme…” Tarot drifted off and placed her paws back onto the orb, concentrating again. This time Tarot saw flashes of Fox, stealing from places here and there.

Fox picked up his mug again and drank the last of the liquid. Fox sat with Tarot for what seemed like forever. Until Tarot spoke to break the sound of the glowing orb.

“The- there’s a bandanna. A black one”, Tarot said to Fox, looking up to meet his tired gaze.

Fox rubbed his head and blinked in surprise. “Yeah there is, did you need it?” Fox asked Tarot, still astounded at her skills in this field.

“No Fox it won’t make a difference, but from what I got from you. He is very similar to you, Fox”. Tarot lied to the husky; she did not want to accuse him of anything. She could feel he had enough of that.

Don’t compare me to whomever that jerk is Tarot, he’s nothing to me. Just a trouble maker and nothing else. Fox said back to her, his anger beginning to peak again.

“Fox you may not think it, but maybe whoever this is, may not steal for personal gain.” Tarot said in a clam voice, straightening her back.

“Well then what is he doing it for!?” Fox retorted to her, his attempts of keeping his anger at bay, failing.

“I don’t know Fox, but take that into consideration friend.” Tarot said to him before perking up again. “You have to be somewhere now; my honey pie is waiting for you!” Tarot said in her chipper tone before getting up from her seat.

“Right Tarot”, Fox said with a smile before getting up from the couch, an imprint of his figure left in the velvet red fabric.

Fox faced Tarot and went for a hug, while she reached out to shake out his paw. “Oh sorry…” Fox said and shook her paw thoroughly. Tarot laughed loudly, before pulling him into an embracing hug.

I know you are worried, but everything will be fine, time will tell Fox. Tarot said to him, still holding him in a hug. She placed her right paw on Foxes side, feeling the tightly wrapped bandages. Fox felt her paw there and was about to say something, but was cut off from her whispering.

Tarot gripped his side a little bit harder and began.

“utex sanguine, illen cante tulor.” Tarot whispered, her warm breath tickling his left ear. Fox felt a shiver run down his spine, before a sharp pain emitted from his side, then the pain instantly dissolved.

Tarot moved her paw away from Foxes side, a green glowing fading off the bandages. “How does that feel now Fox?” Tarot asked, hoping that she had done a good job.

“Tarot… that feels… amazing, it doesn’t hurt one bit now!” Fox said in a happy voice before pulling away from the extended hug they shared. Tarot smiled and patted his back, “you can remove the bandages now.” Tarot said back to him, holding out her paw for him to give her them.

Fox smiled and nodded happily, removing the fabric quickly and placing the bundled strips into her paw. “Thanks for everything Tarot!” Fox said, waving to her, and running back through the hallway to the door. Fox opened the door quickly and closed it behind himself.

Fox began running back to his home, he was happy that Tarot managed to heal him. ‘That was so cool being there, the things that she can do!’ Fox thought with a smile before reaching his home.

Fox turned the doorknob, and swung the door open. Inside, Bill was snoring loudly, still sitting down on the couch. Fox giggled before quietly going back up to his room and began grabbing the things he would need for the sleep over. After a short while, Fox had gathered everything that he needed and placed them in a red bag.

After a few minutes, Fox had finished freshening up, and was now coming back down his stairs. Fox approached Bill and tapped on his shoulder. The sleeping man awoke with a jolt before looking up to see Foxe’s happy smile. “I see you’re feeling better now hmm?” Bill said with a smile before getting up and stretching. “I am dad, I saw a friend actually, and that’s why I took so long I guess…” the husky replied with a smirk. Several loud cracks and grunts came from Bill before he patted Fox on his head and smiled yet again. Fox always knew that his dad was cool like that, cool being the dad that he can always rely on.

After a few minutes Foxe’s belongings were in the car, and they were off to the sandwiches home. Even though Peanut only lived so far from Fox, it was still a father son bonding they could share.
“So Fox, how is your side feeling?” Bill asked the grey dog, his hands firmly on the steering wheel. “I feel really good dad, my friend actually gave me something to help with the pain, so I am on top of the world” Fox said with a snicker.
Bill smiled and continued to drive down the bustling road. Cats and dogs and owners alike were out in the sunny day, enjoying the heck of just living.

Two minutes was all it took for Fox and Bill to be on the door step of the sandwiches home. Bill placed his palm firmly on the old oak door and knocked. After a few seconds a bit of shuffling could be heard from behind the door, and after a few clicks and bumps the door opened. Earl smiled and shook Bills hand. “My god Billy, you got fat” Earl said with a laugh before Peanut peered around him to see Fox. Peanut smiled and took Foxes paw and pulled him passed the door, inside the home, and into his room.

Bills laughing voice could be heard from the front door, as Peanut closed his door with a click. Peanut took Foxe’s bag and placed it down on his bed before turning around and wrapping his arms around Fox. Fox sighed and returned the hug.

“I am so glad you are here dude, I thought I would have to spend the whole day doing nothing.” Peanut said with a tone of sadness, and then Fox hugged tighter. “I saw Tarot today, she healed my stomach, look no bandages” Fox said, taking Peanuts paw and guiding it to his underbelly. Peanut laughed and tickled Fox in the same area, Fox laughed and pulled Peanuts paw away from his stomach.

“You are so crazy sometimes” Fox said with a giggle before a knock on Peanuts door was heard. Peanut opened the door to see Jane standing with her apron on. “Hi Fox, sweetie how are you?” Jane asked in her motherly tone. “Mom! c’mon, I have my friend here now” Peanut wailed. “Oh you, I’m only offering you guys some muffins” Jane said, holding the rather large muffin in her warm hand. Peanut took the muffin and gave it to Fox before huffing and closing his door.

“uhh…thanks for this Peanut, but I’m really not that hungry I’m afraid.” Fox said, gently pushing his muffin filled paw back to Peanut. “That’s okay; we need to get going anyway” Peanut replied, taking the muffin from Foxe’s paw, and setting it on his table. Peanut patted Foxes back as the pair walked back out of the room.

Inside everything was quiet. The low hum of voices from the television set could be heard, and Earl sat at the table, while Jane worked in the Kitchen. “Dad Fox and I are going to the arcade now” Peanut said holding his paw out. Earl looked over his newspaper before smirking at Peanut. The man pulled out a polished card and handed it to the brown dog. “You two have fun now, and don’t be out too late, okay guys?” Earl said with a concerned tone.

Peanut nodded and swiftly took the card from his father’s grasp, taking Foxes paw they hurried to the door, only to be stopped by Grapes voice. “You owe me a new soccer ball keychain, remember?” Grape said in her usual tone, not even bothering to look up from her book. Peanut rolled his eyes and opened the oak door, stepping outside with Fox and closing the door behind him, Peanut and Fox began to walk to the arcade.

“This is going to be so cool; we are going to play dance-dance, and all the games there!” Peanut said loudly, quickening his pace. Oh and here, this is your point’s card. All the points you make will be saved here. Fox nodded and took the card from Peanut.

“That’s cool, Peanut, but why me?” Fox asked with an eyebrow raised

“Well, I don’t know… I wanted someone that I can hang out with. Bino is okay, but he’s a jerk, and everyone else is either away or just plain weird, then there was you. The only other dog that likes reading.” Peanut said with a hint of laughter.

Fox smiled, hiding a blush under his furry cheeks. “Thanks Peanut, that means a lot to me.” He replied to the brown dog. Peanut held his smile for the rest of the trip, until they reached the arcade.

“And here we are!” Peanut said before leaving Foxe’s side, and pushing the large glass doors open. “You coming or what?” Peanut said, holding the door open for his friend. Fox nodded with excitement before walking into the partially filled arcade.

Inside a skinny man stood behind a large counter with many gifts and prizes behind it. Inside the counter, smaller prizes could be seen under a backlit board, with the smallest layer of dust.

“There it is… the… game” Peanut mumbled, idly walking towards the dance-dance machine. The man behind the counter laughed, “Yeah she’s a beauty, got her in about last week I think. Hey have you guys heard? There’s going to be a competition soon” The man exclaimed. “Yeah, we know, that’s why we are here” Peanut said back to him, his eyes still glued on the new machine. The man smiled before tending to a ringing telephone.

“So what now Peanut?” Fox said, gently tugging Peanut out of his trance. Peanut shook his head and regained his focus before speaking. “Fox, we will win that competition, even if my feet…die.” Peanut said, pointing his nose up into the air Fox snickered and stood up onto the dance platform. “Welcome player! Select your character”. An electronic voice came from the machine. Peanut joined Fox on the platform, shaking slightly.

“Fox umm… I’m really bad at this…” Peanut said to the enraptured husky, resting on the back yellow safety pole.

Fox shook his head and laughed. “This is why we are practicing right?” the grey dog said with an enthusiastic voice.

Peanut took his weight off the bar, and placed his front foot on the blue up facing arrow. “Select your player!” came from the machine again. Peanut shook his head with belief, “I can do this”.

Peanut and Fox chose their characters and selected their difficulty setting.

“Okay…let’s do this thing.” Peanut said, before waiting for the arrows to begin coming up on the screen. Soon the arrows began coming up, and Peanut was hitting most of the arrows with the beat. Peanut looked over to Foxes side to see him hitting all of his notes perfectly.

“Fox, what the heck! I thought you never played this before” Peanut said, now missing all of his arrows. Fox chuckled and turned his head to look at Peanut, his feet still hitting each note perfectly on time. “W-well Peanut, it’s a simple matter of beat perception and octave” Fox began. “All you have to do perceive the beat in form then follow on from there!” Fox said with a laugh, as his feet continued to hit all the notes on the platform. “Yeah, yeah whatever” Peanut muttered under his breath, sitting down on the platform and watching as Fox pawned the game.

After a few minutes the game was over. Fox stood off the platform and approached Peanut, smiling. “That was such a fun game” Fox said with a giggle, Peanut seemed down about it though. Fox tilted his head and patted Peanuts back, “Oh forget it, who cares anyway, it’s just a dumb game.” Peanut smiled and got up from his position, his emotion turning from mope to happy in an instant. Fox for some reason, always had this effect on him.

“Yeah you’re right dude, it’s just a game, and I’m going to get better, you can show me right?” Peanut asked the husky, feeling stupid.

“It would be my pleasure Peanut!” Fox said to him, giving him a high-five.

“Cool, now, let’s play some other games!” Peanut said happily, showing Fox the other games they had there.

Soon they were playing a shooting game, then street fighter 2, and then the smaller games. Fox didn’t think that playing games could be fun, but Peanut showed that was not true. Fox was actually having a pretty good time, being the logic and book worm that he is, he enjoyed something different for once.

It had now been a few hours, and Peanut and Fox had just about beat every game in the arcade. Fox stretched his back, a few satisfactory pops from here and there showed the movement useful. Fox sighed and looked over to Peanut, who was still pounding away at the control to a racing car game.

Fox walked to the front counter and checked the clock that hanged on the far wall; it read 7:05pm. Fox eyed a special prize that hanged on the wall, and with all the points that he had won, he had just about enough for it.

“Excuse me sir?” Fox said in a polite tone. The man returned from behind some curtains that led to storage room and tilted his head down to see Fox.

“Yes young man, how can I help you?” The man replied in a friendly manner.

Fox turned his head to see Peanut still pounding away at the game, then he turned his gaze back to the man. “I would like the super mega laser shooter 3000 please.” The man smiled and held out his hand. “That will be 2400 points, please” he said in a sarcastic voice, he did not believe that Fox could have that many points. Fox passed the man his card and the man swiped the card in the scanner on the counter. The man’s eyes widened at the points that Fox managed to gather. “Wow…that’s…impressive little guy.” Fox smirked and held out his paw, “anytime now… friend.” The husky replied in the equally sarcastic tone.

The man had a sad look on his face, as he reached up, and pulled the prized laser gun from the wall. The man handed the gun to Fox and Fox smiled, with a “Thank you” he returned to Peanut who had now just finished the game. Peanut looked over to Fox who had a smile on his face, and a laser gun in his paws. Peanuts jaw fell low as he stared at the laser gun, “H…how…how you…” was all Peanut managed to let out before Fox shoved the gun to Peanut.

“This is for you, friend.” Fox said, his eyes’ shimmering with glee, Peanut was ecstatic. Peanut placed the gun beside him and threw himself onto Fox, “You…ARE…SO…COOL!” Peanut said, unable to control his happiness. Peanut continued to hold onto Fox, until Fox let out muffled gasps for air, “Peanut…please I can’t...BREATH!” Fox let out. Peanut pulled away quickly before patting the grey dogs back, “sorry but, this is the best thing I have ever seen.” Peanut said before picking the plastic gun back up and inspecting it thoroughly.

Fox regained his composure and dusted himself off. “Yeah I guess it’s pretty cool” The husky said, smiling and blushing. Fox then remembered the time and began panicking slightly, “Peanut…we should really get going, don’t you think?” Fox said with a tone that was strict and subtle at the same time. Peanut nodded in agreement and followed Fox to the door, Fox held the door open and Peanut walked out. Fox said thank you to the man before leaving the arcade.

“I am going to be able to own anyone now with this…beauty!” Peanut said with an excited voice, before Fox placed his finger to his lips and made a Shhh sound. Peanut nodded, again containing his excitement as the pair walked down the dimly lit path.

Fox then remembered that he had something back at his home he wanted to give to Peanut, he was so excited himself that he had forgotten. “Peanut”, Fox began, “I wanted to give you something else that I had at home and I just completely forgot it!” Fox said, feeling silly, he normally never forgot anything. Peanut stopped walking and smiled, “Did you want to get it or something?” Peanut asked him, his excitement peaking again. Fox nodded and Peanut began walking the other way, Fox then placed his paw quickly on Peanuts shoulder, stopping him again.

It’s okay Peanut, I will go and get it for you, I’ll meet you back at your house, see who can get there first?” Fox said with a smirk. Peanut laughed, “you’re on!” the brown dog said before quickly power walking back to his home, Fox giggled and began walking in the opposite direction towards his home.

Fox watched quietly, waiting for the perfect opportunity to make his move, everyone seemed to be home now. Hugging their pets and kissing their children, kids’ watching television, and the usual teenage girl sneaking in her secret lover… it was all so peaceful tonight.

‘I have to do this quickly’ the rugged grey husky thought, before checking behind himself. This farm seemed to be abandoned too, but it did not matter, Fox knew where he had come through, and that was one main thing to look out for. Fox sprinted across the farm and onto the main road. He passed the road and went further into the city area, the roads there seemed to be lit up by an old light bulb, but it was just enough light for Fox to see what he was doing.

Fox approached an electronics store, on the far side of the street. The placing of the store was perfect for Fox. The grey dog straightened the black material around his neck and placed his bag down on the ground. He opened the bag and took out a small metal baton shaped cylinder; Fox grasped the baton tightly in his paw and swung it hard into the glass in front of him, an audible crack! Ensured him that he had it just about broken into. Fox swung the baton with more force this time, breaking the glass in fully.

Fox stepped into the store and began taking everything he could see in the dark. Mp3 players, DVD players, watches and mobile phones were just to start for Fox. The dog was surprised that the store had no alarm system installed, but considering that the look of the store was quite old, he could put two and two together. Fox continued taking from the store. He truly hated himself; he hated what he had become. No… not just a thief, a monster, that’s what every one called him now, a worthless disgusting thief. He would rather be dead than join Morias side…

Peanut had a skip in his step and a firm grip on the new toy in his hands; he never thought that he would ever come across such a wonderful toy. But Fox was so good to him, ‘I know, I am going to get Fox the American history of the past, he would like that’ Peanut thought as he crossed the road and continued the journey towards his home. Peanut was about to cross to the left road towards his home, when he heard shuffling and saw bits of broken glass on the ground.

Peanuts heart began racing, and pounded harder and harder as he approached the outskirts of the store. The dim light began flickering, making the situation more terrifying for Peanut.

Once the husky finished taking what he needed, he zipped up the now heavy bag and stepped out to the store and tripped over, Fox cussed aloud before looking down to see a long shard of glass sticking out from his knee. Fox winced in pain as he pulled out the glass and stood up. Peanuts eyes widened when he saw a grey dog, although the dim light was not bright enough for him to recognize his face. “H-HEY…WHAT ARE YOU!” Peanut shouted to the grey dog.

Fox froze up and whipped his head to the side to see who it was. The husky pulled the bag onto his back quickly and began running away. “Oh, no you don’t!” Peanut shouted to the running form, he quickly threw his toy into the store and began running after him, causing uproar in the neighborhood.

Peanut huffed and took in shuddering breaths as he continued to push himself to catch up with the thief. ‘God, he so fast’ Peanut thought as he continued to chase him through the streets of Babylon. Past cars, past residents, and the park. Fox was slowing down eventually, ‘how the hell is he keeping- keeping up!’ Fox thought as he sprinted around the corner and onto the farm’s edge. “You won’t get away coward!” Peanut shouted to Fox, as he continued to run after him at a quickening pace. Peanut was surprised that he was able to run for this long, his legs would have given out long ago if this was just a race.

Fox quickly searched the area with his eyes, the moonlight illuminating the farm as he spotted the rock formation. Peanut was now close to Fox, and gave one big leap in the air, crushing his body down onto Foxe’s. Peanut clutched his paws onto Foxe’s arms, tightening his grip. “Hah!- I have you now you jerk!” Peanut said with a grunt as he continued to hold Fox down to the ground. One quick jab of Foxe’s arm into the brown dog’s side was enough to remove him.

Peanut yelped in pain and fell off him, clutching at his ribs. Fox got up and began running back before he stopped. He did not turn around all he did was speak. “I…I’m sorry” He said, before quickly running back to the space between the rocks. Fox gave one last look to Peanut who was heaving on the soft green grass. He quickly moved between the rocks and disappeared in a red flash.

Peanut stood up from the ground, still panting from the hit.

“Where…where did he go?”

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and the action begins. awesome update.

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Yes the action does begin but now peanut is going to be very confused when "the real" fox comes back. That fox with the black bandana is almost like a teleporter. Fox is going to be blamed for this one as well. I really want to see what happens next.

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by copper
Nice update. Can't wait to see the next one.

The action has begun, and Fox is quite generous it seems. The other Fox does not like what he has become. I think emotional turmoil will be in both Foxs' futures.

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"Fox is going to be blamed for this one as well"
Ughghu, oh man. I uhh.. haha... i planned for Peanut uhm... not to know that, that was Fox. I guess that was too unrealistic? :?

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simple things wrote:I guess that was too unrealistic? :?
not at all. in the heat of the moment, it's hard to recognize features to distinguish one person (or pet, in this case) from another. maybe if Fox's scent is still on Peanut's paws though. then Peanut would be able to recognize it as Fox, but I would imagine the other Fox's scent would actually be slightly different due to the different environment he lives in.

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by Kondog
excellent work on this one ST! I really liked it( but then again I'm biased ;) ) I Really want to know what happens to Isabella.

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(Not as late this time. Sorry guys no action in this update, just Fox and Peanut and the friendly sleep over...ness.)

Chapter four

Isabella’s world

part 2

Peanut checked the area thoroughly, checking all the possible places where the mystery thief could have gone to. ‘He disappeared, what kind of stupid joke is this?’. The hazel dog thought, rubbing his forehead and focusing his eyes, trying to see through the dim light of the Moon shine.

Peanut checked the large stone boulders thoroughly without much luck. The dog swiftly moved further away from the boulders, only to see the rest of the farm from where he stood. [“I lost him…darn!”] Peanut muttered under his breath, as he continued to search the area.

The canine had completely forgotten about meeting back with Fox, and now sat in front of the opening between the large stone boulders. It was so peaceful and quiet, Peanut could even hear his heart beating slowly. The defeated dog stared between the boulders, lost in his own thoughts to care for anything.

‘I had him for Christmas sake, where…how did he get away like that?’ Peanut thought, taking a stone that lay next to him, tossing it in the air before catching it again. [“What the heck is wrong with me, what was I thinking by going after him?]” The canine muttered again. Peanut never thought about these things for that long, but after a while it dawned on him.

Peanut threw the stone through the large space, before clenching his eyes closed and grunting in pain. The stone shimmered in a red glow before disappearing without a trace. Peanut’s pain subsided before his eyes shot open. “That! There it is! That…sound… where…” Peanut mumbled before a bright light flashed from behind him.

“There he is!” a man shouted, quickly approaching Peanut. “Are you alright son!? We heard you shouting and chasing off the other guy there. That, and Jane’s electronics was broken into.” The man said in one mouthful before taking series of deep breaths, regaining his breath.

Soon, a few other people approached Peanut and the man, as well as few other dogs and cats, that came by too.

Fox sat on the old, yet strong wooden bench, that was on the lawn of the Sandwiches house. The husky tapped his foot impatiently, waiting for his friend to return. [“What on earth is he doing?]” Fox muttered, standing up and stretching his back. Then the front door opened, Grape came out with a silver scarf, wrapped around her neck to keep her warm. She looked over the stretching husky and smirked, walking over to him. “Hey!” she said in a gentle tone, placing her right paw back to her mouth, to take another bite of the cookie she was holding in it.

Fox looked to his left and smiled. “Hello, Grape, how are you?” Fox said in the most polite tone he could muster. Grape laughed before patting his back “Oh, Fox, it’s okay, you don’t have to be nervous around me.” Grape said, still laughing.

Fox sighed and relaxed, rubbing his forehead. “Hey, do you know where in the world Peanut is right now?” The husky said, curling his lip up into a look of annoyance. Grape shrugged her shoulders before taking another cookie from the pack that she had hidden under her scarf. She held the sweet in front of Fox and said, “Cookie?” the husky smiled and took the cookie from her paw, nibbling on it slowly. Grape smiled at the moon shining brightly. “You know, you ain’t getting those five dollars…” Grape said with a smirk, Fox rolled his eyes and continued to eat the cookie.

Peanut continued to walk with the group of people and pets, and then he was tapped on his shoulder suddenly. “Hey ‘Nut, what happened to you?” Marvin said, his whiskers moving slowly in the cold breeze. Peanut shook his head and replied, “I thought I had my chance at catching the Babylon thief.” The canine said, hanging his head low in defeat. Marvin smiled and patted Peanuts back, “Its okay, we are that much closer to catching who ever this guy is, right?” Marvin said in a reassuring tone.

Peanut then remembered that he threw his laser-gun in the store. “Marvin, you were with the group when they went to the store, right?” Peanut said in a tight voice. The cat responded with a nod of his furry orange head, “Why do you ask?” he said back.

“I left something in there, before I took off after that jerk.” Peanut said, hoping that he had not lost the toy. Marvin stroked the soft fur on his chin, before he made a ‘click’ sound with his mouth. “Are you talking about the super mega laser shooter, by any chance?” the cat replied with a grin. Peanut shook his head frantically “Yes! Is it still there?”

Marvin nodded his head and smiled, “Yep, my dad is actually holding onto it back at the store. Good thing we came when we did, huh?” The sun colored cat said, giggling slightly. Peanut let out a sigh of relief, then raised his eyebrow.

“Marvin, why exactly…are you here?” the canine asked, feeling silly for not asking it before. Marvin smiled and replied, “Oh, my dad is a part of the neighborhood watch community, he has to be here, even if he doesn’t want to. And as for me, well I am here because…well… Tiger got a little…gassy.” Peanut watched as Marvin’s left eye twitched slightly, and then the canine began laughing before he squealed in pain and held at his side.

Marvin tilted his head slightly, “You, uhh…you okay, Peanut?” Marvin asked, becoming slightly worried. Peanut took a deep breath and replied, “Yeah I am okay, I got hit on my side, it hurts whenever I stretch there. Peanut said, gently rubbing his upper stomach.

Marvin shook his head before walking around Peanut and thrusting his fist into his other side. Peanut let out a muffled grunt before clutching at it, “Why did you do that for!?” he wailed, holding tighter onto his side. Marvin blinked in surprise, “I was only trying to even out the pain for you…” he said, making some room between himself and the canine.

“You...know that’s not true, right?” Peanut said, gritting his teeth together. Marvin shrugged and giggled as he and Peanut walked with the group back to the store.

After a few minutes Peanut and the group of watchers were back at the store. Jerry was making sound effects with his mouth and holding down the fire trigger on the super laser gun.

“Take that! Pew! Pew!” Jerry said, quickly jumping from one side to the other.

“Scum of the Earth! You die now! Pew! Pew! Pew! Pew!”

The leader of the group simply face-palmed, and shook his head slowly.

“Jerry, please stop now!” the man said, but his words could not be heard over the surround sound of the laser effects from the gun.

“Hah! You stand no chance! I am the supreme lea-“Jerry stopped his little game, as he saw the group of pets and humans standing and staring at him. “You guys…saw that…didn’t you…” Jerry said, slowly lowering the gun to the ground. Marvin rolled his eyes, approaching his father. “Dad, it’s been a long day, right? Maybe we should get home, get some sleep, hmm?” Marvin said with a soothing voice, coaxing his father.

Jerry nodded and waved to the group of people before he began walking back home. Marvin returned to the gun and picked it up, giving it back to Peanut. “Sorry about that, he gets a little weird sometimes.” Marvin snickered before waving to Peanut and catching up with his father.

One man placed his hand on Peanuts shoulder and grinned. “It’s alright, sonny, we can handle it from here, m’kay?” the canine nodded in response before waving back to the group of people, and leaving back home.

After a few minutes, Peanut was back home. He turned to see Fox and Grape talking to each other, Peanut felt terrible for being so late, so a good night of games and soda would hopefully make up for it.

Peanut quickly ran towards Fox, and then began panting. “What the heck happened to you, Peanut?” Grape asked, swishing her tail and crossing her arms. “It’s not cool to leave your friend alone like that!” The cat said, moving back to the front door and stepping inside, closing the door behind her.

Peanut looked down with a sad expression, “Fox, I’m sorry I took so long, guess you win the challenge then, hmm?”

Fox laughed and took out the slim book that lay on the bottom of his bag. “Peanut, I got this for you, it’s the Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood official guide walkthrough.” The husky said, taking out the book and waving it in front of the brown dog.

The canines eyes widened at the book, “Oh my god…Fox, you are amazing!” Peanut said, gingerly taking the book in his paws, and flipping through the pages.

Fox scratched the back of his head and smiled, “So what happened to you, where did you go?” He asked, sitting back down on the bench.

Peanuts eyes shifted from page to page, becoming entranced by the slim book. The brown dog shook his head quickly before replying to Fox’s question. “I saw the thief, Fox!” He said, joining Fox on the bench.

The husky blinked in surprise, “What did you do!?” he replied, becoming slightly cold.

“I chased him…then I lost him…” Peanut said in a low tone.

Fox smiled and patted his back, “Well, at least now, you saw who it was, right?” The gray dog said to back to Peanut, attempting to cheer him up.

The brown dog pouted and shook his head. “I couldn’t see who it was, because it was too dark and I couldn’t see his face.”

Fox nodded and patted his back again. “Well, what does it matter, forget about it, dude.” Fox said in a cheery tone. “We can…play games, and…the new book I brought ya…” Fox said, hinting Peanut on.

Peanut smiled and stood up from the bench, “Well, it’s no good being out in the cold, is it?” he replied with a wink, extending his paw for the husky to take.

Fox gave Peanut a smirk, and took his paw. The canines went to Peanuts home, he opened the door and as they got in, he closed it, shutting out the cold and keeping in the warmth.

Jane hummed a happy tune, swishing around the kitchen, cooking. A delicious aroma wafted through the house, making Fox’s mouth water at the very thought of tasting the food. Jane noticed Fox and Peanut come into the house; she smiled before calling out to the grey husky. “Fox, sweetie, could you come here for a moment?” Jane said to him.

Fox nodded his head and returned the smile, before walking into the kitchen. “Yes, Mrs. Sandwich?” Fox said in a polite tone.

Jane laughed heartily, before pulling the husky into a tight hug. “You are absolutely adorable!” Jane said, before pulling away and reaching for a clean spoon from the kitchen counter. Jane knelt down and opening the oven door, she placed the spoon in the juices that basted the meat loaf, and filled the depression of the spoon with the salty liquid. “I would like you to try this and tell me what you think?” Jane said, carefully handing the spoon to Fox. He blew on the spoon, cooling down the hot liquid before placing his mouth over the spoon, and drinking the liquid the spoon held.

Fox swallowed excessively, enjoying the salty, yet nutty taste. “Mrs. Sandwich, this is fantastic, it almost has a nutty after-taste to it.” Fox said, his thoughts, returning to the familiar taste of dog food. Jane smiled before replying to the husky. “Very good, Fox! This is the meal I am cooking for you and Peanut tonight. It has canine food ‘A plus’, the rest of us are having pizza.” Jane said, ruffling the fur on Foxes head.

Fox smiled “Thank you very much, ma’am, I am very grateful for this!” he replied, before flashing Jane his heart warming smile.

Jane gave a kiss on Fox’s forehead, “If only we can get Peanut to talk to me like that again.” Jane said, ruffling Foxes head fur once more. “It’ll be ready in about 10 minutes from now. Go and have some fun with Peanut until then.” Jane said, pointing back to Peanut with a smirk. Fox nodded and left the delicious smelling kitchen, returning to Peanuts side on the soft couch that was placed in the living room.

Fox took a seat next to Peanut and smiled. He tilted his head slightly to get a better look at the book Peanut was reading. Amazingly enough, he was almost finished reading it. Fox blinked in surprise, before giggling.

Soon after Peanut had turned the final page and turned his head to Fox, smiling. “I know how to beat the game now; I also know where all the Borgia flags are too.” Peanut said, holding his nose up high.

“Have you acquired the game, Peanut?” Fox asked, smirking at the proud dog.

Peanuts head fell low. “Oh yeah…I didn’t get the game…” Peanut said, before placing his paws on his head and shaking from left to right. Fox squinted his eyes before calling out to Jane.

“Mrs. Sandwich, has Peanut received a package today?” Fox called out, still comfortably settled in his seat. Jane’s happy voice called back to Fox, “Yes he did, I placed it on his top shelf, so it wouldn’t get knocked down, when I was vacuuming today.” Jane said back to Fox, still moving around the kitchen. The grey dog smirked at Peanut again, placing his dominant paw on his back.

“There’s your answer, Peanut!” Fox said.

Peanut shook his head again, this time, smiling. “Looks like I don’t know my own house well enough, hmm?” Peanut said, before quickly getting up from his seat and proceeded to his room.

The telephone that sat on the far wall of the kitchen rang. Jane picked the wireless receiver from the hold, and answered with a cheery “Hello!” Jane smiled and replied to the voice over the phone. “Oh Bill, how are you?” Jane’s voice echoed through the house. Just as Jane said Bill, Fox’s ears perked up. “Oh, Fox, sweetie, the phone call is for you.” Jane said, coming into the living room, and handing Fox the receiver
“Hello, dad?” Fox asked.

“Hello, my boy, you’re having a good time there?” Bill replied with a low voice.

“It’s good, dad, why did you call?” Fox asked.

“Well, aunty May is coming soon, I wanted to make sure I had the right shirt for you.” Bill replied.

“Okay, dad, remember: cotton, not wool!” Fox replied to Bill.

“Alright, son, that’s all I needed to know.” Bill said in a happy voice.

“Dad, is everything okay?” Fox asked with the slightest hint of worry. He knew that sometimes his dad could act weird.

“I’m fine, Fox, enjoy your night, okay?” Bill asked happily before hitting the off button on his mobile.

Fox gave the phone to Jane, before returning to sit back on the couch. “GOT IT!” came from Peanuts room. Fox tilted his head to the right, and saw Peanut, holding a copy of the videogame in his paws. The excited dog returned to Fox’s side and showed him the copy of the game.

“This is awesome, and the book showed us everything we needed to win this fully. I think we can rebuild Rome, over night!” Peanut said with an excited voice. The canine got up from his seat and placed the disc into the Xbox tray. “This is going to be awesome, dude.” Peanut said, patting Fox’s back.

Peanut and Fox played the game, just about until the level of the attack on the villa, before Jane’s voice called out to the pair.

“Boys, dinner’s ready!”

Peanut and Fox got up from their seats and proceeded to the kitchen. Jane had two plates prepared, with a large chunk of meat loaf on each, and two tall glasses of soda. Peanuts eyes widened before he ran to Jane and hugged her.

“Thanks, mom, this is wonderful!” Peanut said before letting go of Jane, picking up the first plate of food. The brown dog passed the first plate to Fox carefully, then passed to Fox his glass of soda. Peanut picked his food and drink and returned back to the living room. He sat down on the couch and patted the spot next to him, indicating for Fox to join him. The husky sat down and began cutting bits of the chunk of meat with his fork and knife, and eating them. “So, do you like it?” Peanut asked, continuing to eat the meatloaf.

Fox nodded his head and smiled “This is amazing, Peanut, your mom can cook!” He said before taking more bites of his food, and a few sips of his soda.

The friends continued to eat together, until they had finished all their food. Peanut then stood up, took Fox’s plate for him and returned it to the kitchen. Jane, Earl, and Grape sat at the table, a few slices of pizza remaining in the pizza box. Peanut returned to the living room and resumed playing the game with Fox. The husky read from the guide, while Peanut played the game…

Fox’s eyes fell upon the ticking clock, sitting on the counter in the kitchen. The husky raised his arms and stretched. “Peanut, it’s like…1am” Fox said with a yawn. He was normally an early sleeper and early riser.

Peanuts eyes were slightly puffy and red. He looked over to the clock behind him, his eyes widened at the time. Everyone else had already gone to bed and Peanut and Fox were the last ones awake. you’re right, we should get to sleep.” Peanut said in a croaking voice, approaching the machine and holding the off button on it. Fox followed Peanut out of the room, Peanuts finger hitting the light switch, shrouding the living room in pitch darkness.

“Could I use…the facilities, I need to freshen up a little.” Fox said politely.

Peanut smiled and nodded, “Same here, dude, I need to clean up a bit as well.” He said, pointing down the hallway towards the bathroom. Fox nodded and smiled before getting his bag of belongings, and taking out his tooth brush and paste. “C’mon!” Peanut whispered, gently taking Fox’s paw and walking along the dark hallway. Peanut opened the door to the bathroom and stepped inside, the pads on his feet making contact with the cold tiled floor, causing shivers to run up his spine.

Peanut turned the light on. The bathroom was rather large, consisting of a spacious sink and shower to the left, and a bathtub and spa to the right. Fox’s eyes widened at the sight. “This is impressive, Peanut!” Fox said, almost in a whisper. Peanut giggled and approached the sink, taking his tooth brush and applying a small amount of paste onto it. Fox approached the sink and did the same.

The friends scrubbed their canine mouths clean, and they both smiled in unison at the clean feeling. Peanut turned his head to face Fox, “Hey, how are my pearly whites now?” he said, opening his mouth and showing Fox his teeth.

Fox tilted his head and inspected Peanuts teeth. “They look great, Peanut!” Fox said, abruptly turning his head, and continuing to dry his face.

Peanut smirked at Fox, “Oh wait, I think there’s something that was missing though, could you look at my cheek.” Peanut asked, his mouth forming into a smile. Fox moved closer to Peanut, and squinted his eyes. “I don’t see anything.” the husky said, moving slightly closer.

“Oh no, it’s there, just a little closer” Peanut said, his smile never leaving his face. Fox moved closer and closer, thoroughly inspecting Peanuts cheek. “I really…don’t…see anything.” Fox said in a whisper, his face inches away from Peanuts. Peanut extended his large tongue, and ran it across Fox’s face.

“OH, not cool!” Fox said, backing away and washing his cheek over with water.

Peanut broke out into a laugh “You silly guy, there really wasn’t anything there.” The brown dog said before laughing again. Fox shook his head and left the bathroom, Peanut followed in tail.

Peanut had taken the liberty to set up a comfortable sleeping place for Fox. “You can sleep on this, Fox, it’s very comfortable.” the canine said, showing Fox the air mattress. Fox sighed and smiled. “Thanks, Peanut, this is awesome.” The husky said before slipping off his collar and climbing into the thick blankets that enveloped most of the mattress. Peanut removed his collar as well and flicked the switch off in his room, leaving only the faint rays of moonlight to seep through his blinds.

“Good night, Fox!” Peanut said with a low voice slipping under his beds covers.

“Night, Peanut!” Fox replied, before closing his eyes.

An hour had passed, and Peanut had not yet fallen asleep. His mind, too hectic and rushing to rest. He wondered if Fox had fallen asleep yet. Fox’s figure in the moonlight was breathing slowly, moving every now and then.

“F-Fox?” Peanut whispered in the dark.

“Yes, Peanut?” Fox replied, almost in an instant.

“Oh, sorry, did I wake you up?” Peanut whispered back to the husky.

“No, it’s okay, you didn’t wake me up. I guess I didn’t exactly…fall asleep.” Fox replied.

“Hey, Fox?” Peanut whispered out into the darkness.

“Yeah?” the Husky whispered back.

“I-I’m really sorry about what happened before. I shouldn’t have ridiculed you like that.” Peanut said, closing his eyes and thinking.

“Oh, it’s okay! I mean, we are getting closer to catching the thief, right?”

Peanut nodded his head. “Yeah, I think we can get him.” Peanut replied, opening his eyes and seeing the moonlight glow on Fox’s body.

“Hey, Peanut?” the grey dog called out.

“Yes?” Peanut’s voice ghosted out to Fox.

“Sweet dreams…” Fox replied before smiling and closing his eyes, slowly falling into a comfortable sleep.

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Well done great update ST! :D very well written and i really like the fun and interesting ways your using fox or should i say Fox's

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by musclecar326
Yay a new update that was awesome! :mrgreen: Great way to end the chapter, but now i wonder where you will go now? I laughed so hard at the part where peanut licked fox. :lol: Great Updates 'Simple Things' Keep up the good work!

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by copper
Good job as always, Simple things. I always enjoy reading your fic.

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Thank you very much Muscle and Copper :mrgreen:

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oh yeah. I liked it too. ^_^

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( Another late update... T_____________T )

Chapter five

Isabella’s world

Part 3

The hounds awoke early the next morning, and had gotten back to finishing the game. “Oh man, wait! I almost had him!” the hazel dog said, as he pushed on the joy stick slightly harder, forcing the assassin to sneak further along the ledge.

“Okay, Peanut, watch out! According to the book, there are two on the left.” The husky replied, his eyes carefully scanning the book, reading all the extra notes that were printed on the side.

The assassin in the game leapt from a ledge, and took down the guards. “Yes!” Peanut exclaimed, the screen lighting up with text saying level completed. The husky and the brown dog sat together, playing the game, finishing all the levels, except for the last one.

Then the front door rang. Earl groaned and stretched, then he went to the front door and answered it.

Bill’s smiling face greeted Earl. “Hello, Earl, I’ve come to get Fox.” Bill said, tilting his head slightly.

Earl gave a nod to Bill and turned to speak to the dogs. “Fox, your old man is here!” Earl said, stepping away from the door.

Peanut pouted, he knew that it was time for Fox to leave, but something about the husky being with him made him feel sated. “And we were so close too…” Peanut muttered, before hitting the off switch on the Xbox. Fox and Peanut got up from their seats, and Peanut proceeded to his room, and grabbed Fox’s bag of belongings.

The canine returned to the door and handed the bag to Bill. “We can get it next time, Peanut, no sweat it!” Fox said, extending his paw for Peanut to shake.

Peanuts eyes widened, before he threw himself at Fox, wrapping his arms around the husky, and pulling him into a hug. Fox blinked in surprise before laughing and returned the hug. “Peanut, it’s alright. It’s not like I am going away forever and I live like two minutes away from you by foot.” Fox explained, before pulling away from the hug, and turning to Earl.

“Thank you very much for having me here, sir, I appreciate it!” Fox said in a polite tone, before turning back to Peanut. “I am going to the dog park after a few hours, just…come…we can read and…enjoy vitamin D.” Fox replied, patting Peanuts shoulder and walking out of the door way with Bill.

“You’re welcome here anytime, Fox!” Earl said to the husky, watching the dog smile and give him the thumbs up, before leaving in the car.

“Right, well after all that, I am going to go and watch the game.” Earl said with a wink, leaving the sad dog alone, in front of the old oak door. The canine didn’t wait there for very long, as he proceeded back to his room, and closed his door behind himself.

Peanut lay down on his bed, staring up at his ceiling. “Well, it’s not so bad, but I really wanted to get that last level done…” the moping dog thought, turning on his side. It was a nice day out; birds were chirping, dogs and cats played happily outside. But for Peanut, he wasn’t too excited. After a few minutes, thoughts of yesterday bombarded his mind. “That thief, where did he go…” Peanut thought, before he started thinking of all the possible places the mystery dog could have gone to. Each not logically possible in the short time span he had to work with.

Peanut continued to lie on his bed, his thoughts continuing to run through his mind. “Well…sitting here is not going to solve anything…” Peanut said, before getting back up from his bed, and leaving his room.

Peanut approached Earl’s and Jane’s room. Inside Earl could be seen paying close attention to the small TV that sat in the corner, the man’s eyes glued to it. “Dad, I’m going out for a little while.” Peanut said, as he watched his father raise his thumb up. Peanut slowly closed the bedroom door, before proceeding to leave the house.

Peanut crossed the road and continued up ahead. After a few minutes of walking he stopped to peek around the corner. The store that had been broken into had yellow crossing tape blocking the open window. Peanut shook his head and continued to make his way back up to the farm.

Once he was there, he stopped and stared at the old worn barn. Peanut smiled, he liked the barn, but specifically a cow that used to live in it. Delia was her name, Peanut felt he could always talk to her about anything that he had on his mind. But she had to leave, due to an illness.

Peanut pressed his paw to his forehead and continued to make his way back to the old stone boulders that resided just a little way off from the farm.

Once the canine was there, he inhaled deeply and put his paw onto the boulder on the right. “Well…here we are again.” Peanut mumbled, as he took a seat on the ground in front of the open space.

Think about it, the thief ran this way… and then?” Peanut began to think, shifting, so that he could sit with his legs stretched out across the green lush grass.

As Peanut continued to think, flashes of the night ran through his mind. The smell, the area, and that strange sound and light. Peanut watched as a small beetle began to slowly make its way to the opening, its wings buzzing and moving at a fast rate, carrying the large body they were attached to.

I mean, he almost looked like Fox…” Peanut continued to think, his eyes watching as the beetle buzzed along.

The beetle flew though the space, disappearing with a red flash, and the same sound Peanut had heard the night before. Only this time, Peanut saw the beetle disappear. The canines blue eyes widened, along with his jaw, before he shook his head and rubbed his eyes with his paws. “H-how did that…” Peanut stuttered, before getting up from the grass and staring between the boulders. He saw what anyone else would have seen, the other side. Peanut tilted his head and reached out with his right paw.
The tips of his fingers reached closer and closer between the spaces, before they began to shimmer red. Peanut quickly flicked his fingers back in surprise. This time he defiantly knew he was not imagining things. “What the heck…” Peanut whispered, he was hesitant to do anything else.

The dog then took a deep breath, and looked behind himself; he was in the clear to go. Peanut swallowed hard, before he stepped through the open space.

At first his vision turned red, everything around him was a bright crimson, before his vision spiraled inwards. Everything disappearing, and turning around and around. Before the dogs sight became a light blue glow, and everything spiraled outwards. The new area around him, coming out.

Peanut came out through the old drain pipe with a blue glow rippling off his body. He stumbled and rubbed his eyes, before slipping on a rock, and falling down the rock face. Peanut grunted in pain as he tumbled down, and finally hit the ground with a loud thud.

The heaving dog turned on his back and opened his eyes. He stared up to the sky for a few moments, before grunting again, as he got up. Luckily Peanut had not sustained any injuries, just a few cuts here and there.

Peanut looked back to the small rock face he had fallen from; he shook his head and dusted himself off. While he was doing that, he could hear a girl’s voice humming happily nearby him.

The Brown dog quickly sprinted behind a tree and watched as a blue cat carried bags of groceries and walked along an old dirt track. Once the cat was gone, he followed along the dirt track, that lead back to Babylon gardens. Peanut stood on the side of the street.

The canine was confused, he thought he had gone to the farm, and from there something happened. Peanut looked at the street; everything seemed to be perfectly normal. The sun was up, birds were chirping, nothing exactly out of the ordinary.

That was until Peanut saw Bino and the gang, walking along the side path. Their loud laughter and talking could be heard a mile away. “H-hey guys!” Peanut shouted out to the group, running up to them and stopping to catch his breath, then his eyes widened. The group of dogs all wore leather jackets, and piercings all around their faces and necks.

“Oy, who’s this lil’ runt?” Fox said, before turning his shining face to spit on the ground.

“Nice one, KY!” Bino’s snarky voice said, before he high-fived the husky.

“Fox…what in the name of books have you…done?” Peanut mumbled, before looking up into Fox’s red eyes.

“Oy, look, I dunno you’s, okay?” Fox said, using his paws to shove Peanut back.

Tiger removed a cigarette from his jacket and tilted his head up to Peanut. “Hey, doggy, you got a lighter?”

Peanut was sure that everyone was playing a joke on him, or at least he was dreaming or something.

“TIGER…YOU DON’T SMOKE!” Peanut yelled to the dog.

“Forget this, ey?” Fox said, as he began walking away, the group followed quickly, except for Tiger.

“How do you know my name?” the dog asked, feeling around in his pockets.

“Tiger, I have known you for years now…” Peanut said, pouting slightly. Tiger found his lighter, and lit the end of the cigarette, taking a deep puff and blowing it out, he replied. “Sorry mate, I have never seen you before.”

Peanut shook his head and coughed. “I can’t believe you’re smoking…” Peanut said, coughing again from the strong tobacco smell. Tiger shrugged his shoulders before walking away.

“Fox!” Peanut yelled, causing the moving group to stop.

The husky turned around and shouted back, “What you want, you little creep?”

Peanut blinked in surprise at the retort. “Why are you acting this way? I would expect this from Bino…but not you, Fox!” Peanut said, before biting his lower lip.

“I dunno you, rack off!” the husky said, before turning around and continuing to walk away with the group, laughing loudly. Peanut shook his head slowly, before turning around and walking in the other direction, heading straight for home.

“I have no idea what’s wrong with those guys, I…I thought he was my friend.” Peanut mumbled, wiping away a few tears that clung to the fur on his cheeks.

After a few minutes, the saddened dog was home. Peanut opened the front door and stepped inside, closing it behind himself gently. Peanuts eyes scanned the walls, paintings and pictures of people he didn’t know, hanged at nearly every wall. Peanut was extremely confused, as he walked along the hallway of the house. “This is one weird day!” Peanut muttered, making a stop by Earl and Jane’s room. Earl was nowhere to be seen, the room was somewhat smaller.

Peanut went back up the hallway and towards the door to his room. The door that led to Grapes room was gone. “What on earth could have happened in less than 20 minutes?” The shaking dog thought, opening the door to his room and stepping in.

“What is this…?” Peanut muttered. His room was in the same shape, but there were books and stuffed animals that he had never seen before. “Someone…redecorated my room…” Peanut thought, His head, still spinning from the smoke. The dog found a picture that lay on a computer table that had been placed in the corner of his room. It was in fact the same girl, he had seen earlier. Suddenly he had heard a gasp from behind him.

“W-WHO ARE YOU, WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY ROOM!?” a blue cat said, baring her fists in a defensive manner.

“Hey…you…you’re her, the girl.” Peanut said, setting down the picture. The cat continued to hold her fists up high.

“Well yes, I am ‘A’ girl. And you are ‘A’ thief, committing a robbery!?” she retorted stepping closer to Peanut.

“You know, la la de de de daa…” Peanut mimicked her singing from before.

Her eyes widened slightly before she replied. “So…you were spying on me?” she replied with a low tone.

Peanut shook his head and replied, “Well, I didn’t mean to, I was tailing after Fox.”

The cat lowered her fists and replied, “Oh, so you’re a friend of Fox, then?”

Peanut nodded his head, “I have known him my whole life, basically.”

The feline scratched the back of her head. “So, why have I never seen you before?”

Peanut’s eyes squinted slightly, “Because, you’re not from around here, are you?” he said, stepping closer to the beautiful girl. She crossed her arms and scoffed. “You happen to be standing in ‘my’ room!”

Peanut shook his head and blinked in surprise. “Your room? This is my room!”

“Isabella!” a voice came from down the hall.

“Coming, mom!” the cat said, leaving the room and running back down the hallway. Peanut followed her until they reach the living room.

“Oh? You have a friend over?” a tall woman with black curls said.

“Mom, he was in my room!” Isabella shouted, pointing to the canine.

Peanut scrunched his lower lip in anger, “That’s…my…room!” Peanut said, looking over to the far wall, and spotting a picture of Tarot hanging on it. The dog proceeded to take the picture off the wall and point to it. “Where’s Tarot, she will sort out this crazy…junk.” Peanut said, tracing his finger over the dusty glass.

“Don’t worry, mom, I’ll sort it out…” Isabella said, opening the door for the woman to leave, once she left Isabella’s eyes began watering over. “YOU JUST WENT TOO FAR THIS TIME! I HOPE SHE CALLS THE POLICE!” she shouted to the dog, her voice was wickedly raw and powerful, but Peanut held his ground, with a quivering lip.

“You didn’t answer my question, where is she?” Peanut retorted to the girl.

“Quit it, you little creep! There’s no one here called Tarot, as you well know.” Isabella said back, ripping the picture out of his paws and putting it back up. Peanut was becoming furious, “Then who made this?” Peanut said in a calm voice, pointing to a homemade vase that sat on the table nearby. Suddenly Isabella’s fury settled down into a quiet buzz.

“How did…how did you know that?” Isabella said, watching as Peanut picked up the vase and tossed it in the air. “Hey, be careful!” the feline said, quickly catching it and putting it back on the table. “This is…this is the only one left…just before…just before she died.” Isabella said, tears welling slowly in her eyes.

“Oh, so now she’s dead!?” Peanut said in a mocking tone. “Whatever, I don’t need this!” The dog continued, before leaving the living room, and exiting the house.

Peanut began walking down the street, heading on the same route to the town area. After a few minutes of walking, Peanut was in there, his eyes red and sore, from all the confusion and trickery.

“I hate everyone!” Peanut thought as he continued to walk on the side of the road. What he didn’t notice, was the sign saying to keep on the right of the street, instead of the left. But Peanut kept on the left of the street.

A police car drove by and began tailing after Peanut, it let out a blare of its horn, signaling for the dog to stop, but he paid no heed to it. The vehicle had blared its horn yet again, this time stopping. A chubby officer opened the door and stepped out.

“You’ve been warned before, you are under arrest!” he said, approaching the canine and retrieving a pair of the handcuffs, which hanged from his belt. Peanut’s eyes watered up. “B…but why?” he said, swallowing hard and focusing on the large man.

“Subsection a, paragraph c, failure to heed a police siren twice.” The man said sneering at the dog. Peanut nodded his head and sniffled, silently obliging to the man, and following him to the car, where he was locked in the back, and taken away…

Isabella had never heard of such things, especially about Tarot. It was too painful to think about the day when she died. When she watched as the vehicle blew up into a million pieces. The feline picked up the wireless receiver that lay on the kitchen table, and began dialing in a number. After a few short rings, Sabrina’s voice could be heard from the other end of the line.

“Hello?” the black cat said, shifting the phone.

“Sabrina, something weird happened! There was this guy, and he talked about Tarot in the present tense.” Isabella said in a mouthful, before taking a deep breath.

“Right, so what now?” Sabrina replied, her voice sympathetic for her fellow feline.

“We go to the town center. He was different, he’s bound to get arrested, or something like that. “ Isabella said again, before hearing Sabrina say “Right, see you there!” and hanging up.

Peanut sat in the back of the old caged police car, wiping tears from his eyes. “Why won’t anyone listen to me…” Peanut mumbled, as his paws continued to act as makeshift tissue. Then a man wearing a black robe, and another woman wearing a formal gown stepped up to the vehicle.

“What is he charged with?” the man said, tilting his head to the side, and watching as Peanut moped in the vehicle.

“He was walking…on the wrong side of the road.” The elderly woman’s voice echoed thought the old cage. Peanut turned his back to face the man and said “Sir, please…all I got caught at was…jaywalking.”, as tears continued to streak down his face.

“Well, sonny, that’s the law! You don’t follow it, and then you pay the price.” The woman sneered to the canine before continuing to write a few notes down onto a piece of paper in her palm.

“We’ll keep him here for an hour, and then we will bring him in around eleven.” The man said, before walking back into the building the car was parked in front of. The woman followed him in toe, smirking.

Then the police officer returned, holding a baton in his hand as he laughed. Then he began sneezing, again and again. The sad canine turned his back and rested his head on his paws.

Sabrina picked a handful of daisies and approached the police officer. “Oh, I know what causes your sneezing, sir! It’s these little flowers.” the cat said, smiling and shoving the flowers into the man’s face, causing him to sneeze further.

“Pssst!” Isabella said, hiding behind the other end of the wagon. Peanuts ears perked up, he looked up to see Isabella approaching his end. “What do you want; you got me into this, alright?” Peanut whispered, squinting his eyes and looking down.

“Look, stop moping, I will get you out, okay?” Isabella said, before sneaking to the driver’s seat of the car and waiting for the officer to look the other way.


Fox quickly approached the car, removing the soft black material from his neck, and pulled out a small bit of metal, he began to quickly tweak the lock on the door, muttering under his breath and shaking his head slowly. Peanuts eyes widened, he had to do a double take before he saw the black material around his neck.

“Fox…that’s you…right?” the restrained dog said, his wrists beginning to ache from the tightly bound handcuffs.

The husky rolled his eyes, before replying in a witty tone. “Yes and no.” He said looking up to see Sabrina talking with the officer, resting his head on the side of the car, sniffling.

“Listen, I don’t know what kind of sick joke this is, and I don’t know why you’re doing this to me.” Peanut said in a whisper.

“You’re not too bright, are you?” Fox replied, several clicks from the lock had let him know that his treatment was working.

“Who the heck are you!?” Peanut said, his anger beginning to peak yet again.

“Not the Fox, which you know.” The grey furred dog replied, before successfully removing the lock from the door, and approaching Peanut, using the same method to unlock his handcuffs. Peanuts eyes widened and his heart began racing.

“You mean there are two of you then? You…you’re the thief…that’s how they got Fox’s scent, they found that bandanna of yours!” Peanut said, he felt like hitting the grey dog in front of him, making him feel the pain that his friend had suffered. Then his handcuffs came off.

“Listen, I know you’re angry, I have my reasons. But you need to go back where you came from; this isn’t your Babylon you know.” Fox replied, handing Peanut the cuffs and beginning to make his way out of the vehicle.

“Wait, please…you were with the others, they were all wearing leather jackets and stuff” Peanut said, holding out his paw to motion Fox to stop.

Fox stopped moving and bit his lower lip in annoyance. “You don’t use your ears, do you? That was probably this Babylon’s Fox, not me. Look just shut up and go home, okay!?” Fox said before quickly running off. Peanut quickly ran out of the vehicle and threw his cuffs onto the grass.

“But I…I don’t know how to get back…” Peanut said, quickly placing his paw on Fox’s shoulder. Tears began to well in his eyes yet again.

“Listen, whoever you are, you don’t belong here. Back track; go back the way you came, that’s how you’re going to get home. I can’t help you, because I don’t know which gate you came from.” Fox said, before leaving the extremely confused dog to stand and think.

“What do you mean by ‘Gate’?”

Re: The Nexius- A housepets! fanfiction.

Posted: Wed Oct 05, 2011 11:00 pm
by musclecar326
Very interesting update, so Peanut found the portal? I wonder how he's going to get back to his Babylon gardens? The world he went to was very interesting and very different from his own. Also Tarot is dead in this new world, that's so sad. :cry: Finally, great update and now that Peanuts met the thief i wonder what he'll do?

Re: The Nexius- A housepets! fanfiction.

Posted: Thu Oct 06, 2011 1:55 am
by copper
Very good story Simple. I like it!

So Peanut has met Fox and the other fox who is not the fox he knows but is a fox he has met though he did not know it was Fox at the time......... I can see this getting very confusing very easily. :lol:

Re: The Nexius- A housepets! fanfiction.

Posted: Sat Oct 08, 2011 3:31 am
by RandomGeekNamedBrent
good update. sorry it took me a couple days to get around to reading it.

I like how Peanut didn't realize that all of those differences in his house meant something was amiss. he just thought someone had done something weird.

he also failed to notice Fox's new British punk accent.

Re: The Nexius- A housepets! fanfiction.

Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2011 1:10 am
by simple things
(3 weeks.... lord have mercy on my soul.)

The Nexius

Chapter 6


The quizzical dog watched as the grey husky ran off down the street, moving like a bullet, unseen by anyone. The hazel dog was confused, that was for sure. But he knew something was defiantly up, that was Fox, but he was so much more rugged, so much harder skinned. Peanut knew where he had come from. And he intended to stay in this place no longer. The mutt turned left and began to walk up a steep hill.

Isabella had finally managed to get her paws on the keys hanging on the officer’s belt. “So, officer, what do you intend to do about these allergies?” Sabrina said, paying close attention to the cat behind the man, but never leading him on. ‘Almost there…’ Isabella thought, before her paw gingerly unhooked the key from the man’s belt.

Isabella nodded her head twice, before Sabrina nodded back, and shoved the daisies into the man’s nose, causing him to flail and fall to the ground. “Oh! Sir, I am so sorry about that!” Sabrina said, rolling her eyes. She would have laughed, but that’s prohibited too.

Isabella returned to the vehicle before she dropped the keys to the ground and shook her head. “He didn’t even bother telling me he got out.” She said, tapping her foot and looking behind herself. Fallen rocks and clumps of dirt had splayed across the ground near the steep hill. “Could he have been any more obvious…?” Isabella muttered, before trailing after the brown dog.

She managed to catch up with Peanut just before he ducked down to walk into the drain pipe. “Hey!” She shouted, causing him to stop and abruptly turn around. “What do you want, I’m going home.” The dog replied, shaking his head slowly.

“What are you doing? And how did you get out?” She asked him again, scrunching her lower lip slightly. “The so called ‘thief’ from my place helped me out, how ironic, right?” Peanut said, resting his arm on the top of the wooden barrier.

“The ‘thief’? What thief?” The feline said, blinking in surprise.

“Well, it’s none of your beeswax, he doesn’t strike here I take it…” The mutt replied, turning around and beginning to enter the drain pipe.

Isabella quickly approached the dog and pulled him out, “What you doing!? It’s dangerous in there!” She said, looking the dog over carefully. “You must have hit your head or something…” She mumbled, kneeling down to look through the drain pipe. The lake’s water shone brightly with the sunlight reflecting off of it. “So what then, you live in a lake?” She said in a serious tone.

“Oh, ha-ha, through here is my home.” Peanut said, dusting off a bit of sand that clung to his fur.

“What do you mean ‘home’?” She said, becoming seriously worried about the brown dog.

“The other Fox, he said that there’s two Babylon’s, one that’s right here, where you and I are standing, and then one there, through this drain pipe.” Peanut said, smiling and pointing to the drainpipes entrance. “Like….like parallel universes!” the dog explained.

Isabella placed a paw on her hip and shook her head slowly. “That is totally illogical.” She said with a hint of annoyance.

Peanut smiled, “Actually, it’s the only thing that makes any sense. There’s your Babylon where there’s all these dumb rules, and Fox is a thief and Sabrina wears glasses. And one through there, where Fox is my best friend and Sabrina is all magical. Peanut said, a glimmer of excitement in his eyes.

The blue cat was confused, yet she somehow knew that there was always something strange happening. “Okay then, if there are two Sabrina’s and two Fox’s…” she started. “H-how many…how many Tarots.” Her pleading eyes searched his, his smile dropped and his ears drooped slightly.

“What’s it to you?” He asked, tilting his head slightly. Isabella looked down and said nothing.

“Fine then...” Peanut replied, ducking down and making his way through the drainpipe.

The tip of his knee lit up blue before she replied. “I need to know! Because…because I grew up with her…she was my best and only friend before” Isabella said, her face flustered and red.

“Well, I am sorry to hear that she left.” Peanut said waving to the cat before completely making his way through the drain, the blue glow enveloping his body and disappearing with a flash.

The feline knew that it was a rather warm day out, but she didn’t imagine this. Her eyes widened before she ducked down and stared through. He was gone.

Peanut experienced the same sensation, but the feeling of dizziness was gone now. “I’m home…” the happy dog said, before he began running back down the lush fields of the farm, and back onto the road.

Peanut began to make his way back onto the main road, and back to the neighbourhood. He had never been this happy to be back where he belonged, back where everything was sane, where he didn’t get arrested for silly things. Peanut scanned the area, everything was still the same, and pets frolicked along with their owners and their owners alike. Just as Peanut was checking the area, he spotted Bino and the usual gang.

“H-HEY GUYS!” the hazel dog shouted out to the group, and watched as they all turned their heads to the yelling dog. “Hey, Peanut-“Bino was cut off by Peanut quickly pulling Bino into a hug. Heck even Peanut didn’t like Bino that much, but he was happy to see him.

Tears of joy welled in Peanut’s eyes as he pulled away from Bino. “I am so happy to see you! Without leather jackets or piercings.” Peanut said, watching as the others looked at each other with confused faces.

"Hey now! If this is your plan to get us to help with the seniors meeting, then no thank you.” Bino said sticking his nose up into the air, and walking past Peanut.

The group each patted Peanut’s back whilst making their way past him. “I’m happy to see you’re not smoking, Tiger.” Peanut said with a smile as the dog passed him.

“Err…right.” Tiger replied, before walking back to Bino. Peanut smiled again and waved to the group of dogs, before running back up the street, and making a sharp left, right into the direction of his home.

Outside Grape and Maxwell sat and talked with one another. He was happy to see the couple, before he quickly passed them, with a “Hey guys!” he was inside. The relieved mutt sighed and wiped his forehead, and checked the home. No paintings or ornaments in sight.

Peanut returned outside and sat down with the pair. “Hey there, you seem happy today” The male cat said, smiling and holding his paw out for the dog to shake.

The brown dog smiled and took his paw happily “Thank you, and yes, I am happy.” He replied, before realizing how much energy he had really lost.

Peanut rested his head between his legs and breathed heavily.

“You okay, there?” Grape said, coming and sitting by his right side, she placed her paw on his back and rubbed gently.

Peanut nodded his head, and then stood up. “I’m fine guys, and I want to help out with the seniors meeting too!” The cheery dog said, before waving to the group and making his way to Fox’s home.

He knew he told him to meet him in the park after a few hours, but this just couldn’t wait…

Fox sighed as he stood in front of his wardrobe mirror, pulling on different colored shirts and trousers. Bill talked away on the phone down stairs, his voice so loud, it could be heard from outside. A small pebble hit against Fox’s window, then a few more. The last pebble was the one that caught Fox’s attention. “Huh?” the husky said, as he opened his window to see Peanut waving frantically to the grey dog. “Peanut, what are you doing here? I thought I said we would meet in the park a little bit from now.” Fox said, smiling and shaking his head.

“Fox! You just won’t believe what happened to me!” the mutt said, signalling for the dog to come down.

The husky nodded his head and threw off the Hawaiian floral shirt he had on and slowly climbed out of his window. “I’ll catch you, brave dog!” Peanut said holding out his arms in a joking manner. Fox accidentally slipped on his window ceil and fell right onto Peanut.

“Ouch…” Fox mumbled before looking down to Peanut. “So? What was so important that you just had to tell me?” the calm dog said smirking and resting his chin in his cupped paws, his elbows on each side of Peanut supporting him. And his legs crossed in the air.

The mutt below him blinked in surprise. “Fox, it’s so strange, I went to the farm and then there was lots of red everywhere, and then after that I was back here, but everything was so different!” Peanut explained to his friend.

The confused dog above him raised an eye brow before speaking. “How…exactly was everything different?” the dog asked, listening intently.

“Well, there were signs everywhere, things like “Do not walk on the grass!”, and Bino and everyone else were wearing leather jackets! Including you!” the jubilant dog replied, before shining the husky his smile.

“Peanut, I don’t wear things like that” Fox replied, shaking his head.

“You talked in an accent too.” Peanut added, before looking away from Fox’s questioning eyes.

“So then, what happened?” Fox continued, shifting slightly.

“Well, after that, I went home, and my house was completely different. My room had pictures of a blue cat, and then after that she said she knew Tarot!” Peanut replied, before he squinted his eyes and tried to remember the series of events. “Then after that…I got arrested, for jaywalking.” The mutt said, before looking back into Fox’s silver eyes. “And then I saw you again, except you were more ruffled looking.” Peanut said, before he saw a beam of sunlight come from the gathering clouds, lighting up Fox’s fur, and watching as it gently moved in the sweet breeze, Fox was practically glowing.

“Then…then you…you…” Peanut mumbled, as he relaxed further underneath Fox, for some reason, he was speechless.

Fox furred his brow, “Then I what, Peanut?” the husky said before smiling. “You know…you have the craziest adventures when you’re gone.” Fox said, before sitting up and lying next to his friend.

Peanut thought about telling Fox about how the thief who saved him, really was another version of him from some other world. But for now he enjoyed his time with his friend.

Isabella was very confused, the girl had walked into a drain pipe, and come out a space between a pair of boulders. “This…is really…what the heck.” The feline muttered under her breath, as she began to make her way down from the lush farm. “I would have gone to the lake on the other side though…how did that happen…” Isabella thought.

In a short time, she navigated her way back to Babylon Gardens. “Everyone is so…happy.” Isabella thought, as she turned her head to see a pair of cats, one was playing a song on an acoustic guitar, whilst the other sang along to the beat.

“But, that’s illegal though…” She mumbled, as she continued to walk along the pathway of the neighbourhood. It was the neighbourhood she always wanted to live in, free, peaceful, no laws or rules here. The blue cat continued to walk along the path, her eyes fixated on the very scene itself.

Then she passed by a male dog, and accidentally bumped her arm on his. “Oh, sorry about that” The dog replied before smiling and tilting his head. “Oh, are you new here?” The built dog asked, extending his paw to the girl. “I’m Fido, nice to meet you” Isabella looked confused.

“Why aren’t you with the other guys, smoking and drawing on the walls, as you tend to do everyday…” Isabella said, pushing his paw away slowly.

Fido’s eyes widened, “I apologize, but I would never do such a thi-“

“Yeah, save it for later” Isabella cut him off, and continued to walk down the pathway.

“Something is seriously wrong here.” Isabella mumbled, before she stopped and watched everyone in the neighbourhood. It was as if everyone was just enjoying themselves, not caring if any police officers drove by, or anything like that.

Isabella shook her head and went back in the opposite direction; she only saw a glance of Fido’s saddened face, before she looked down and passed him. She continued her way back to the musical cats, the song they played was truly beautiful, but she never had the luxury of enjoying music. Not like this anyhow.

“E-excuse me!” Isabella said, waving her hand to the cat on the guitar, the cat stopped strumming to smile and wave back. The feline approached the duo and wringed her paws tightly. “Where exactly, are we?” she asked.

“Oh, we’re in Babylon Gardens, are you new here?” the white cat with brown splotches here and there asked, smiling and standing up.

The blue cat shook her head, “No I was…I don’t know exactly…” Isabella said, looking down and rubbing her temples.

“Oh, well, are you lost, then?” The other cat sitting on the ground said, getting up and patting her back.

“No I’m looking for someone, a brown dog, which wears a bone shaped tag?” Isabella said, turning her head back, as if to check if a police car would drive by.

“Yeah, that’s Peanut, he lives just down the road, and then from there to the left and across the street.” The dark blue cat said, pointing down the bustling road.

“Thank you!” Isabella replied, before waving good bye to the duo and taking off down the road. The feline’s smile broadened on her face, she had never seen anything like this before. She almost didn’t want to leave, but she had to find the mutt, she needed to straighten a few things out.

After a short walk, the feline had reached the all too familiar street, for it was exactly where she lived. “But this is my house” Isabella thought, before she began to approach the door to the house, she stopped as she saw a familiar figure, one that she had not seen in over thirteen years. It was Tarot. Isabella’s heart began to beat harder and faster, as she began to take steps closer and closer to the smiling Pomeranian, but failed to meet with her, as the golden dog stepped into her home, and closed the door behind her.

The blue cat began to creep slowly to the window, and peered through it. Inside Tarot swished her fingers, and laughed as pots and pans flew across the room, and onto their stations. The room was practically alive, and she looked happier than ever.

“She’s…alive…” Isabella blurted, her eyes watering over slightly as she continued to watch the golden dog begin to cook. Isabella’s heart ached, this whole time, she had been alive. The blue cat tore her gaze away from Tarot, and began running, running straight back to where she had come from.

Tarot then stopped her actions, her eyes glowing green. “Something is wrong” Tarot said, as she quickly set aside the last pot in her hand, and left the home…

Isabella ran straight past Fox’s home, and Peanut lifted his head up to see the blue cat running. “I’ll be right back” the hazel dog said, before getting up from his spot, and running after the girl. Isabella continued back to the farm, and from there right up to the old barn, then straight the boulders. The feline wiped her paws on her face, clearing the tears that stained her blue fur. She slipped on a rock, as she attempted to enter the space. And fell flat on her stomach.

“She lied all this time!” Isabella said with a sob, huddling her knees close to her body and continuing to sob heavily.

Peanut saw how she fell, and quickly rushed to her side.

“Hey! Are you okay?” the dog said, holding her gently. Isabella shook her head.

“You were right this whole time, she is there! Has she always been there, dog?” The cat said, staring into Peanuts eyes.

“Well, yes she has, she’s always been here…I’m sorry, I thought that this was a joke or something, but apparently it’s not then…” Peanut said in a mouthful, pulling Isabella up to her feet, and dusting her off quickly. She sniffled before turning around.

“So…what is this thing?” she said, her eyes were slightly red and irritated. “Well, thing’s go thought it, and they come back on the other side. Well, where you go anyway...” The mutt said, staring through the space. He squinted his eyes and continued to stare through the space, as if something was coming through it. “Hey what’s that?” Peanut asked, before a large flying creature flew through the space with a red flash and latched its body onto Peanuts face.

The dog fell onto the grass and screamed in terror as the bug’s legs attached themselves to his cheeks. “Isabella, HELP, GET THIS THING OFF ME!” Peanut yelled gripping the bug by its sides and pulling frantically.

“AGHH! WHAT THE HECK IS THAT!” Isabella shouted, before picking up a branch and hitting the bug over and over on Peanut’s head.

“Ow! You’re hitting me!” Peanut muffled though the bugs underside, before Isabella gave one hard hit to the bugs back, and it exploded with a thick black substance flying everywhere, most of it spread across Peanuts face, and some even landing on the cats stomach.

Peanut stood up and wiped the warm black goo off from his face. “Okay…that does it, I officially hate this place.” The mutt said, heaving heavily.

“I have never seen anything like that before” The feline said, peeling off a large silver wing that stuck to her leg. “Eww, that’s so gross.” She grunted, before flicking away the wing and wiping off the black access from her stomach. Just then the mutt heard large buzzing wings, flying just above his head.

“Oh man, there’s another one!” Isabella said, her eyes widening in terror as she managed to see the bug fully.

The creature had a black centipede-like body, a set of 6 silver wings were attached mid-way to it, and its head was purple and reptile like. Its eyes were like a snake’s, and it let out an ear piercing shriek. Isabella and Peanut covered their ears and stood close to one another. The bugs head shook quickly for a moment, before its jaw lowered and two thick large needle-like fangs protruded from the top of its mouth.

Peanut and Isabella looked at each other, before screaming. Just then, a ball of light flew out from somewhere and hit the bug, causing it to explode like the other did, this time without the black tar. Tarot quickly jumped down from the steep ledge and looked Isabella’s way. “Tarot…” Isabella said, her eyes widening again and her heart racing as it did before.
“Will you please stop doing that!” Peanut said, shaking his head and scrunching his lip. “Also, what on earth was THAT!” Peanut said, flailing his arms in the air.

“It was a glader, Peanut” Tarot said, before facing the shaking cat. “Isabella, I promise I will explain everything after, but for now…” Tarot trailed off and faced Peanut. “How did you get here!?” She said in a strict tone.

“Well, I followed that thief, and now he’s gone.” Peanut said, stepping back slowly.

“Listen, you don’t understand, this is very dangerous, you two can’t be here together or you will die!” Tarot said in her strict voice again, this time more powerful.

“Tarot!” Peanut yelled, as he saw three other gladers quickly fly to where they were.

Tarot kicked off her feet, moving through backflips and kicks and spins, she held a special black baton like device in her paws, two long sharp metal spikes pointed out from the top of it, and she thrust the stave through the air, jabbing one of the attacking gladers. Peanut watched with his jaw low, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing, and he didn’t want to continue to watch for very much longer.

“You…go now!” The dog said, grabbing the cat’s paw and pulling her to the entry.

“I will talk to you soon enough, they will keep coming unless you go!” Peanut said in a harsh tone, it was slightly harder than he wanted it to be, but he was sure he got the message across to her. Isabella nodded her head and moved through the space, disappearing. Peanut looked back to see Tarot kick up a tree and back-flip, stabbing the last glader straight into its back before it blew up into the many pieces that it did. Tarot pushed a button on the staff, and the sharp metal needles retracted into the baton.

“I think you have some explaining to do…don’t you?” Peanut said, smirking and leaning against the boulder behind him.

Re: The Nexius- A housepets! fanfiction.

Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2011 2:12 am
by RandomGeekNamedBrent
interesting. and of course, Peanut's taking it all in stride.