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A Moment's Reprieve - A Grapenut Fic!

Posted: Mon Apr 22, 2019 10:20 pm
by Basket_Ashton
Please let me know, if you spot anything wrong, or just what you think of it in general!

Lots of love to you all; Basket

(P.S, Thanks to Valerio, TwoTwig, and everyone else linked to the Housepets! The Series, fanfic which inspired me to write my own ficcie!)

A Moment's Reprieve - A fanfiction by Basket Ashton

A long time.

That's all that the cinnamon furred canadian pointer could think as he sat on the couch staring at the TV in front of him. He had lost count of how many times his movie had repeated itself as he sat lost in his thoughts, his emotions lapping at his heart like waves against the coast, eroding it in much the same way.

For Peanut, tonight wasn’t just any old night. No, for Peanut, tonight was a night of sorrow. A night of anguish. A night of love lost and hearts broken. More specifically, his heart.

The dog absentmindedly rubbed over his shiny tag hanging from his red collar, the metal having long become warm, showing just how long the pup’s pensive state had lasted. How long exactly?

A long time.

Peanut slowly moved his free paw to wipe away some of the moisture that had accumulated in the fur just beneath his eyes before reaching to his side to grab a tissue from the box of Tish, You! Tissues he had brought to dry his eyes during the more sorrowful scenes in his movie, yet had found himself almost emptying the entire box for completely different reasons altogether.

He blew his nose into the tissue and threw it to his side, allowing it to join a large pile of tissues he had accrued on the couch over the hours of silently wiping away the ebbing and flowing tears falling from his eyes to make their way through his fur as though they were a river, carving a valley over the period of thousands of years.

As Peanut’s movie once again drew to a close, he sighed with a heavy heart and reached to his side once more, taking the remote control for the TV in front of him and switching it off, plunging the room into a complete and total darkness, with a silence to match.

With a deep breath, Peanut began to collect his thoughts and focus on the near future rather than wishful dreams of what could have been.

Namely, Grape would be home very soon, if the digital clock that sat just beneath the TV had anything to say about it. She had left with max, that charming, theatrical, thrill seeking cat almost five hours ago, and it was nearing the middle of the night, the digital clock reading a bold “4:30” in it's stark red colour.

At the very thought of the lavender cat, Peanut almost had to reach for another of his tissues. Instead, he steadied himself and took a deep breath, his bottom lip quivering as he was once again on the precipice of allowing his emotions to overflow and consume his every thought.

In order to ensure this would not happen, he made himself busy. He quickly hopped off of the green sofa which he had been residing all night and scooped up each and every one of his used tissues before taking them into the kitchen and depositing them in the trash. he clapped his paws together and placed them on his hips, a slight smile cracking his muzzle for the first time tonight. Giggling to himself, he commented “I am the trash man!”

What little happiness he had was but a fleeting memory as the high of his own little joke wore off quickly, leaving him standing alone, in the dark, in a home where not one other soul was awake to console him, to help him, to let him have just one moment's reprieve from the feelings which tormented him so relentlessly.

The cinnamon furred pooch shuffled back into the other room and took his seat on the sofa again, his paw returning to its place upon his chest, gently thumbing over his tag. Alone with his thoughts, no TV blaring a Don Bluth movie to distract him, Peanut fell once again into his own thoughts.

Deciding it would be best not to cry once again and result in another pile of tissues on the couch, he thought instead of what his best friend was doing.

‘Hah,’ he thought to himself, accompanied by a low chuckle, ‘best friend, and that's all you ever will be, cat-lover.’ a small voice in his head told him with venom to rival that of the deadliest viper. The canine shook his head to rid it of those awful thoughts and terrible voice, clearing his mind’s eye to make room for more pleasant images.

He closed his eyes and imagined Grape, standing there, in the room with him, smiling. “Hey, Peanut! How was your night?” she asked him, her voice sounded angelic and held an almost dreamlike aura to it. Peanut slowly formed a grin, splitting his muzzle in two. This was his imagination, his own little world right? What would be the harm of imagining what he truly wanted?

‘You can create wishful fantasies all you like, mutt. Doesn’t change the fact that she’s with Maxwell and not you. Her mind is made up.’ the grin quickly faded into a sad whimper, his free paw clenching into a fist as he was becoming more and more upset at the little voice in his head, rational as it may be.

“It could have gone better, I didn’t remember how sad the ending to all dogs go to heaven was! I needed almost an entire box of tissues just to contain myself!” Peanut replied to his imaginary Grape, smiling softly and patting the couch beside him. Without having to be told twice, the feline quickly hopped up beside the canine and leaned her head against his shoulder, a low purr rolling from her chest.

“Aww, my poor Nutty, do you need some hugs to help cheer you up?” asked the figment of his imagination, looking up to him with beautiful yellow eyes that showed nothing but care and compassion, no malice or attempts to trick him detected at all.

Even though the scenario was only playing out in his head, Peanut still felt himself blush and a smile slipped onto his muzzle as he nodded his head. “Yeah, Grape, I would love some cuddles. They would really help cheer me up!”

If someone were to see Peanut in the very next moment, one may have assumed he’d turned into a ghost. All colour had drained from his cheeks, and his fur very nearly followed suit as he found himself in a situation he had not planned for that night.

“And why, exactly, do you need cheering up, Peanut?” asked Grape. Not his imaginary Grape whom he had thought up to try and cheer himself up on that lonely, sad night, but his real Grape, in the flesh, standing in the doorway of the living room, cleary having just returned from her outing with max.

Her arms were crossed over her chest, and her eyes held a deep look of concern for the dog in front of her.

“G-Grape! I-I u-uhh… I didn’t expect you to be home s-so soon! H-how did your date with max go?” attempted the canine, hoping his question would subvert her request for an answer to her own. It was too bad the the feline had the smarts to mach her looks

“Nuh-uh, doggy. You tell me what's wrong this instant or I’ll come over there and extract the information myself. Lovingly, of course” she said, slyly flexing her paw to show off her claws. Peanut knew she wouldn’t hurt him even if he didn’t tell her, she just wanted to get the point across that the conversation was going nowhere until she had her answer.

“I-I’ve just been thinking for most of the night, I’ve been a little...overwhelmed and don't know what to do…” admitted the dog in a voice no louder than a mouse, though that statement was difficult to use broadly seeing as spo was on of the loudest creatures in the whole of babylon gardens.

Grape made her way closer to the dejected looking pooch sat on the sofa as her arms slowly uncrossed and went to her sides, her eyes taking a much softer look and even her movements were slow and gentle. “Well, What’s up? Why are you feeling so overwhel-” she cut herself short as she came close enough to see his face, her soft eyes quickly morphing into those of a worried, feline. She jumped up on the couch and tenderly took the canine’s face in her paws, stroking over his furred cheeks with her thumbs.

“Peanut, Have you been crying?” she asked, her voice laced with concern and tenderness he had rarely ever seen from the tomboying cat. “W-well yeah, I was watching all dogs go to heaven and I-” he himself was cut short as Grape shook her head and looked him dead in the eyes “I know you Peanut, you've watched the movie thousands of times and it has never gotten you in this state. Please tell me whats wrong, I just want to help you Nutty…” she said, her voice as soft and smooth as silk as it danced around his ears, causing butterflies to form in his stomach.

He knew there was no point in attempting to lie to his cat, but what could he say to her? Could he just tell her he loved her with every fiber of his canine being, that he burned and longed to be with her every second of every day? That his heart belonged to her and her alone?

All these thoughts and more crossed Peanuts mind simultaneously before he sighed and shook his head, deciding upon his ultimatum. He would say nothing. His inner turmoil could not be summed up into simple words. Instead, he did the unthinkable.

Peanut took advantage of their position, his fface cupped by her paws, their faces so close to one another as she tried to console him. He pushed forward, surprising the feline in front of him immensely as his muzzle connected with hers.

Much to his surprise, she hadn't pulled away, or acted surprised, or tried to kill him yet. Taking this as a good sign, he tried his luck. He pushed forward more, giving more of himself to the kiss and allowing his emotions to be put on display for his feline to see. He couldn't tell her in words how he felt, but an action, spoke far louder than any word could.

Grape allowed the kiss to continue for as long as her sweet dog wanted it to, which turned out to be almost two minutes. Her eyes were half lidded as the kiss drew to a close. Her need for oxygen almost forcing her to break the kiss early. As both she and Peanut withdrew from the kiss, she tried her best to speak, to question the pup in front of her

“Peanut, I don't under-” she was silenced by his lips against hers once again, with slightly less force behind it than last time. This kiss lasted a dramatically shorter length of time and as Peanut drew back, he maneuvered his paws down to Grapes midsection, pulling her towards him as he leaned backwards into the couch, finishing with the lavender feline being wrapped in a tight hug, Peanut nuzzling into the fur on her shoulder as he took deep breaths and squeezed her tight, as though if he let her go, she would disappear into thin air.

“Please… Please just let me have this moment…” He pleaded in a voice barely louder than a whisper. The only response Grape offered was one she knew the dog had wanted. She nodded and remained silent, her own paws coming around his sides and pulling him into her warm, soft fur.

The night had started off as a night of sorrow, and of heartbreak for young Peanut Butter Sandwich. And now, it had ended with the mend of that broken heart, the destruction of that sorrow to be replaced with pure joy and happiness.

And maybe, just maybe, the spark of something more than just friends.

Grape smiled as she held her canine companion to her, feeling his body slowly going limp and giving in to the exhaustion his warring emotions had caused him all night, falling into a peaceful slumber resting against his cat.

She shifted herself slightly in the sofa to allow him a more comfortable position to lay as she caressed his back, never once daring to break their tight embrace.

At the end of the night, Grape had come home expecting to lay down in bed and growl to herself about how horribly her date with that no good showoff Max had gone. Instead, she had found her sweet Nutty in a time of need.

And when he needed it the most? She was there for him.

There to give him some direction as he was lost in his own thoughts.

There to give him something he needed.

There to give him…

A Moment's Reprieve.

Re: A Moment's Reprieve - A Grapenut Fic!

Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 6:57 am
by Nathan Kerbonaut
Welcome to the forums! You're a great writer :D This is a very wholesome story <3

Re: A Moment's Reprieve - A Grapenut Fic!

Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 7:02 am
by Basket_Ashton
Well thank you kindly. If this is received well, I plan to do more stories, and perhaps create a running series of stories a little like the HP!TS

I used to write a lot, and I really enjoyed it, and then life got in the way. Housepets! and Housepets! the series both renewed my writing spirit, so now I'm ready and raring to write some more!

Re: A Moment's Reprieve - A Grapenut Fic!

Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 7:26 am
by Nathan Kerbonaut
I'd love to see more from you, I'm glad you feel the inspiration :)

Re: A Moment's Reprieve - A Grapenut Fic!

Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 8:01 am
by Basket_Ashton
Working on the second part as we speak, Friend!

Re: A Moment's Reprieve - A Grapenut Fic!

Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 12:07 pm
by Basket_Ashton
Now, Don't get me wrong. I don't hate Max. I really love him as a character. I just think of him as this hotshot dramatic cat who sort of gets a little out of hand when annoyed.

without further adieu! A Moment's Reprieve part 2!


The morning after rolled in quickly, seeing as both the little sandwiches had fallen asleep some time near five in the morning. Golden rays of sunshine filtered through the window that illuminated the entire living room including the two pets who lay sleeping soundly on the couch.

Grape was, surprisingly the first to wake. Usually she would sleep until noon, unless the sweet pup she was nestled into awoke her early for one of the many hundreds of reasons he finds to do so. Looking at the digital clock by the TV, she was surprised to find that it was nine in the morning. Why on earth had her internal alarm clock decided to wake her up so early, with such a little amount of sleep?

At the sound of gentle snoring, her eyes were drawn back to what she had her arms wrapped firmly around, a slight flush coming to her furred cheeks as she remembered the events of last night fondly, a smile making it's way on to her muzzle as she remembered just how brazen her pup had been

‘My pup? What am I saying…’ she thought to herself, never before had she called Peanut ‘hers’ and it was a little strange to her that she began calling him it now. She shook the thoughts from her head in order to focus once more on the canine cushion she had been using all night, murring softly to herself and bringing her head back down to rest in the crevice of his neck. Subconsciously, the feline found herself bringing a paw up to the other side of his neck and playing with the fluffy fur beneath his collar while she inhaled his scent deeply, enjoying the scent she had been so accustomed to at a level she didn’t know she could.

‘Why does he smell so… good~?’ she mused to herself, less a question and more surprised statement, wondering how she had missed such an amazing scent. It was better than catnip! It was serene, it was intoxicating, it was amazing. She sighed wistfully as she nuzzled as deep into the fluffy neck as she could, taking the time before Peanut woke up to reflect over the events of the night prior.

The events of earlier in the night than the tender moment between her and Peanut coming through her mind. The date had been a simple premise. Head out to Heathcliff’s, grab something to eat between them, and chat. It was a sort of getting to know one another kind of date. Yet when they had both arrived, Max made it clear he wasn't looking to take the time to get to know one another over a nice dinner.

Both cats had walked into the feline filled area, a smile on both of their faces as they chatted away innocently enough. “A table for two, myself and Ma Belle~” he spoke with a voice laced with the passion of a pure romantic at heart.

The feline behind the table, one of the Bigglesworths looked at Max as though he were from a different universe before speaking “You know, You worry me Max. Every other day there is a new ‘Ma belle’” the cat ratted out the black feline with air quotes around his ma belle “but, if you really think this is gonna stick, then there's a table over there” finished the cream feline, returning to their reading material after pointing to a table located in the corner of the quaint restaurant.

Max looked displeased at best as he grabbed Grape by the paw and dragged her over to the isolated table, gaining a squeak of surprise from her. “M-Maxie!” she exclaimed as she took a seat facing her boyfriend. She felt slightly disheartened at the words of the Bigglesworth, though she was sure if she would just ask her cat that he would clear up the meaning of the servers words. She was just sure it was an inside joke at his theatrics, surely he wouldn’t truly betray her like that…

Max kept his scowl on his features as he unwrapped his blue scarf from his neck and hung it over his chair before returning to the small crate they were using for a table and leaning his elbows on it, resting his head on his paws.

“So… A new Ma Belle every other day?” she asked, breaking the slightly awkward silence that had befallen the table. She was sure that he would play off the accusation as a joke, and honestly she would question it, he was a very dramatic kitty and had been nothing but faithful in her presence

The reaction she had received, however, went against every end to the scenario that she had thought up. He mreowled in an agitated manner, his tail flicking behind his back before looking up at his date and glaring daggers at her “What I do in my spare time, Grape, is none of your business and certainly isn't the business of that generic twit over there” he pointed lazily to the Bigglesworth twin sitting at the entrance to the place.

To say she was shocked was an understatement, not only had he essentially admitted that he was playing the field, but he had done it in such a brash manner, as if it didn't matter it was his girlfriend he was talking to.

“Excuse me?” she asked, straightening her back as her fur stood on end, a show of her anger at the revelation “As your girlfriend, I think I have every right to know what,” she paused for a second, the next words slipping from her muzzle with a venom she didn’t know she could manage “or WHO you do in your free time when I'm not around!”

It was now Max’s turn to puff out his fur, straightening his own back in an almost challenging manner as he leaned over the table “yes, excuse you! I don't question what you and that mutt get up to when you’re home alone all day. I let it be, because I respect your privacy and I'd appreciate if you did the same and dropped this subject.”

That did it. Grape stood up with a fire in her eyes as she put both her paws on the desk and leaned into Maxwell’s face. “What. Did. You. Just. Call. Peanut?” she asked with a tiger lurking just below her surface waiting for him to say the wrong thing, make the wrong move.

“A mutt. That's what I called him, because it's tru-!” Max attempted to speak as though he had the slightest clue what he was talking about, but he was silenced nigh immediately by the connection of Grape’s paw and his cheek. She truly did like Max, so she spared him the pain of a scratch mark and sheathed her claws before the hit landed, but the sheer force was enough to knock Maxie clean out of his seat.

“You dare call him that again and next time I’ll even out your head BY RIPPING BOTH OF YOUR EARS OFF!” She screamed, a rage overtaking her that she hadn’t even known could exist. Everyone in Heathcliff’s eyes were on the ‘couple’ as Max rubbed his cheek and looked up at the lavender cat in what seemed to be an apologetic manner. It would seem as though the slap had knocked some sense into him.

“Grape… I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it. I didn't mean any of it. I was just annoyed the Bigglesworth tried to ruin our date, and I-” he was once again cut short by a loud hiss that sounded from the ferocious female. “You didn't need help from Bigglesworth to do that, you jerk! All you had to say was that he was joking around and this date could’ve gone fine. But you just had to defend your massive ego and INSULT my best friend in the whole world.” she picked her scarf up from the back of her chair and turned to leave. Max reached his paw towards her “Grape! Wai-” once again he was cut short by his enraged date who shot him a death glare “I don’t want to hear a word from you, Maxwell. Leave me alone and give me time to think.” she spoke with a tongue as cold as ice before leaving the establishment, leaving all eyes on Max as he rubbed his cheek with a sigh, looking at the floor wondering how he could be such an idiot.

Grape’s train of thought was broken from those events as the canine she was resting on began to stir from his sleep. His eyes opened slowly and groggily looked around, his lips smacking together as he yawned and attempted to stretch before he realised he was being weighed down by the body of a certain lavender kitty laying atop him.

“G-Grape..?” he asked, a little surprised that she had stayed with him all night rather than allowing him to fall asleep and retiring back to her own room. He was even more surprised that the feline had not only stayed with him, but had seemingly put herself in quite an intimate position, her muzzle buried rather deep into his neck and her paws resting on his neck and rubbing over one of his ears. A deep blush formed on his face as he leaned into the petting and rubbing of her paws, a feeling foreign yet exciting to him.

Grape removed her head from his neck and looked up to the canine who had addressed her. Her eyes widened slightly as she did so. The light coming in through the window behind the dog gave his fur a golden glow, it outlined his features and accentuated his eyes incredibly well. His flopped over ears still gave him that look of innocence, but the work of both the lighting of the room and his features made Peanut look “handsome…” she spoke aloud without even thinking, a blush lighting up like a fire across her face as she buried herself once again in his fur to avoid him seeing her blush

“I-I mean, good morning Nutty!” she spoke, her voice being muffled by his sweet smelling fur. Peanut smiled, having not heard the handsome comment, but at the fact she was using his pet name. He loved that name, it made him feel special to her, seeing as it was only her who called him that.

“Good morning, Grape. Did you sleep well?” Asked Peanut, his eyes wondering over his lavender companions form as she buried her head in his fur, blushing as thoughts of just how amazing she looked bathed in the golden light of the morning flooded his mind, his tail attempting to wag from it's spot trapped between himself and the sofa.

“Oh yeah, best sleep of my life,” she commented, stretching out a little across his chest with a happy murr “though, it probably helps that my pillow was a fluffy puppy dog, hmm?” she added with a little giggle, removing her head from his fur to look up at him, though attempting not to be caught admiring his features too much.

“Almost as much as having a kitty cat blanket helps~” he shot back, giving her a wink and a chuckle. For a few moment, neither of the pets dared to break the golden silence that had enveloped the room, both deciding to just enjoy the sound of the other breathing, unknowingly resulting in the matching of their breaths. Slow, relaxed, wistful breaths being shared by the two. Everything in that moment seemed perfect to both the sandwich pets.

“About last night…” Peanut started, his content smile slipping into a sort of embarrassed frown as he was being forced to address what had happened the night prior. Before he even got the chance to continue though, he was silenced by the index finger of Grape against his muzzle, silently shushing him before beginning to talk herself.

“Nutty, you were upset and you needed just a little bit of comfort, and after last night I needed it too…” she spoke with her eyes looking down a little trying to make sure she didn't fall back into those memories. Quickly, she continued her comment before Peanut had a chance to as what she meant about last night “And when I came home last night and saw you the way you were? I had it in my right mind to cuddle you until you couldn’t take it anymore. I’ll admit, your move was a little… unexpected… but you want to know a secret, puppy dog?” she asked, looking innocently up at the sweet cinnamon dog

He nodded wordlessly, not knowing what to say to the reply of the lavender feline to his actions last night.

She giggled a little and looked into the canine’s eyes with a half lidded look, whispering in a voice barely audible to anyone other than them “I liked it~” and quicker than Peanut could react, she moved forward and connected their lips once again, her paw moving to rub circles in the sweet dog’s chest fur as they both closed their eyes to enjoy this tender moment more than they did last night.

Peanut was initially shocked, but did not complain, or try to reject the kiss, he allowed his paws to come around his cat, resting them at the small of her back, gently rubbing massaging circles in it as he allowed himself the chance to truly enjoy his cat as he never had before.

The magical moment was broken by a high pitched squealing noise resounding from the very doorway in which Grape had entered last night. Standing there with her hands clasped at her chest was none other than Jill Sandwich. The embracing pets mother.

Quickly, Grape and Peanut broke off their kiss, though it was obvious that neither truly wanted to, and they both scrambled to either side of the couch, a blush present on both of their faces.

“H-Hey, mom…” spoke Grape, being able to control her voice better than Peanut in these kind of situations. Peanut had folded hi tail over his lap and had found great interest in the tip as he tried to look everywhere but his mother

“EARL!” yelled the human, calling for her husband to join them in the living room. When he eventually did, he looked at the two and then to his wife, silently enquiring what was going on. “I just caught these two Kissing one another! Not on the cheek, but on the lips!”

She blurted out to her husband, with a neutral face that showed neither pride or disgust. Earl looked at the two and then hummed, shaking his head and looking down.

“D-Dad, I’m sorry..” started Peanut, but he stopped when he saw his father reaching for his wallet and passing his wife a ten dollar bill. He and the feline looked at one another, unsure of what was happening before a grin split the faces of their parents in two as they both ran to their pets to pull them into a tight hug

“I knew it! I knew it! I told you so, Earl!” squealed Jill, waving the ten dollars around as she crushed the life out of Grape with her hug that felt more like a death grip. Earl chuckled as he pet his boys head, brimming with pride “yeah, I guess you did, don't spend that all in one place.” he said, referring to the ten dollars he had managed to lose, betting his wife the two were not a couple.

The pets looked at one another and then took a deep breath before whining out “Mo-o-o-m! D-a-a-a-a-d!” the two humans released the pets and took a step back before chuckling and nodding to one another.

“Right, of course, we best let the lovebirds get back to what they were doing” Earl commented before receiving a quick elbow to the ribs and a hand dragging him out of the living room, leaving two very flustered pets on their own.

“Well, that's not good…” said Peanut, looking at Grape from his side of the couch. His tail started to pick up in a little wag as he tilted his head “Does this mean we are…?” he asked, not sure of the answer he would receive.

Grape sighed and looked him in the eyes “I don't know, Nutty… I’m still with Max, as much as I may not want to be… I need to talk thing over with him. As much as he has been a jerk lately… It’s not right to not let him know how I feel about my relationship with him.” she said, her eyes falling to her lap where her paws were fiddling with her fur, trying not to look at her Peanut who would surely be very disappointed.

Disappointed he was, but he understood, she was still Max’s Girlfriend and he couldn’t change that. He looked as though he was about to cry when he felt a paw on his own. Grape had closed the distance between them, and with a gentle smile, she nuzzled into his neck and brought his paw to rest on her lap.

“But that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy that. Quite the contrary, pup. You can kiss like the best of them~” she managed with a slight giggle. It was true, Peanut was very adept at kissing for someone who hadn’t even done as much as hold hands with a girl.

A blush filled his face as he looked at the feline cuddling into him. “Heh… I waited a long time to do that.” he admitted, rubbing her paw as they held one another tenderly.

“You practiced on your Teddy, didn't you~?” Grape asked teasingly, referring to the feline plush she had gotten him for christmas. It never left his bedside, and was always with him when he slept.

“N-NO!” he cried out, being unable to hide his blush. He brought his paw up to rub his neck and chuckled “M-Maybe…” he confessed, looking down at the lavender cat, expecting to receive a judgemental look. He found none of that however, just two eyes filled with admiration for him.

“Peanut? I may still need to work things out with Max and officially break it off, but… I just want you to know…” she gently kissed his cheek, resulting in a gentle clinking noise of their collar tags connecting, before replacing her head back where it was in the crevice of his neck.

Peanut’s smile was undeniable as he sighed happily and wrapped a paw around his feline companion, pulling her against him.

“I love you too.”

Re: A Moment's Reprieve - A Grapenut Fic!

Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 1:42 pm
by Amazee Dayzee
I really did enjoy reading that despite not having an opinion on Grapenut one way or another! This is awesome!

Re: A Moment's Reprieve - A Grapenut Fic!

Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2019 1:57 pm
by Basket_Ashton
Thank You!

I plan to keep on doing these kinds of stories and may branch out into other ships as well. If you have any ideas or ships in particular you'd like for me to take a crack at, by all means let me know! no better way to get the creative juices flowing!

Re: A Moment's Reprieve - A Grapenut Fic!

Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 12:15 am
by Amazee Dayzee
Part of me wants one with my character and Kevin but that isn't canon so we can't do that. LOL

How about Fox and Sasha?

Re: A Moment's Reprieve - A Grapenut Fic!

Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 7:38 am
by Nathan Kerbonaut
You're melting my heart, this is precious ;-; Well done!

Re: A Moment's Reprieve - A Grapenut Fic!

Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 7:42 am
by Basket_Ashton
I'll include a Fox and Sasha Section in my Next fic that im writing just now!

Thank you for the support, friend! it means a lot to hear peoples opinions, and knowing im doing something right makes me want to keep on going!

I'm thinking up ideas for a third part, while writing a second fic at the same time!

anything you want me to add to this fic coming up~?

Re: A Moment's Reprieve - A Grapenut Fic!

Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 7:59 am
by Nathan Kerbonaut
I don't have any suggestions. It's been a long time since I've done creative writing, so I don't have any fresh ideas :P

Re: A Moment's Reprieve - A Grapenut Fic!

Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 8:01 am
by Basket_Ashton
well hey, thats completely fine!

im probably gonna keep this story running for a while, depending on whether or not people show interest in it. I already know where I want to take it and a couple of plot points I want to Address

Re: A Moment's Reprieve - A Grapenut Fic!

Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 3:06 pm
by Amazee Dayzee
The only thing I can think of right now is more Marvin but since that would also entail having to come up with an OC for his love-interest that probably wouldn't be a good idea.

How about Marvin's thoughts during the pie war that Tiger started with the Daryls? :mrgreen:

Re: A Moment's Reprieve - A Grapenut Fic!

Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 3:10 pm
by Basket_Ashton
well, my kind sir, as a writer, I have full creative control of the story I'm writing!

you want some Fox x Sasha and OC x Marvin? then by god you'll get it good chap! let me know if you've any specific OC in mind for Marvin's love interest

or even just a species, or a gender!

Re: A Moment's Reprieve - A Grapenut Fic!

Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 3:17 pm
by Amazee Dayzee
Well if you were gonna include OCs, top of my list would be my OC with Kevin from a story that I am unable to finish. 8-)

Re: A Moment's Reprieve - A Grapenut Fic!

Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 3:21 pm
by Basket_Ashton
I'll try my best to squeeze them in, you got a brief rundown of what they're like to hand so that I can get the gist of it?

Re: A Moment's Reprieve - A Grapenut Fic!

Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 3:23 pm
by Amazee Dayzee
The fanfic was never finished so I never got it nailed down. DX

In the meantime, focus on Foxsha and Zassica (Fox/Sasha and Zack/Jessica).

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Posted: Wed Apr 24, 2019 3:28 pm
by Basket_Ashton
on it!

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Posted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 10:30 pm
by furrygamer793
Wow, I haven't even finished the first chapter and you are starting to convince me that Grapenut is the OTP

Re: A Moment's Reprieve - A Grapenut Fic!

Posted: Thu Apr 25, 2019 11:35 pm
by Basket_Ashton
Thank you, Kind stranger!

Reading the comic itself, I was a little sad that they didn't end up as a pairing, but my mind came up with all different kinds of scenarios for them, so I may as well share what I came up with!

writing chapter 3 as we speak, actually

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Posted: Fri Apr 26, 2019 6:22 am
by Nathan Kerbonaut
Hawkfang42 wrote:Wow, I haven't even finished the first chapter and you are starting to convince me that Grapenut is the OTP
Same, I didn't care much about Grapenut other than the memes until I read this. I never realized how sweet they are together, even if it isn't official <3
Basket_Ashton wrote:writing chapter 3 as we speak, actually
Yay :D

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Posted: Fri Apr 26, 2019 6:27 am
by Basket_Ashton
It's actually done already, just need to proofread and tweek it, there's a little section that feels too complicated in the way it's written and I want to sort it out, but my beta reader is asleep! :(

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Posted: Fri Apr 26, 2019 12:44 pm
by Basket_Ashton
Alright, I'm just about to watch endgame!

After that, I'm gonna tweek the next chapter in the cinema lobby and post it as soon as I get out!

Enjoy, my friends

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Posted: Fri Apr 26, 2019 5:31 pm
by Amazee Dayzee
I really hope that this chapter that you will have put up will be really awesome!

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Posted: Fri Apr 26, 2019 7:01 pm
by Nathan Kerbonaut
Sounds great, have fun! :D

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Posted: Sat Apr 27, 2019 12:47 am
by furrygamer793
when I started reading this, I wasn't even meh, I was like NO! to grapenut, then I tried reading it to see if the story was good, then I started yelling (quietly) in my head, "GRAPENUT IS THE OTP!"
So yeah, this fanfic is good great Amazing!

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Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2019 8:46 am
by Basket_Ashton
A Moment's Reprieve - Chapter 3 - 'Divine Intervention'

Late afternoon sunshine shone through the Sandwich household windows not dissimilar as to how it had done so in the morning of the very same day. There was a quietness about the house, the only noises coming from the television in the living room, seeing as the human inhabitants of the house had decided to take a little trip out to town to allow their children some alone time and a chance to discuss their next step.

Said pets were residing on the couch in front of the television, though it was clear that neither of them were truly interested in the TV. the lavender feline was sprawled out across the lap of her cinnamon companion, laying on her back and looking up at the pensive expression plastered across his face. Her smile faltered slightly as she thought he looked slightly troubled.

Reaching one of her paws up to his muzzle and gently tugging it downwards so that he could look her in the eyes as she rested in his lap “Come now, pup. I know that face, what's eating you?” she enquired, studying his wondrous sky blue eyes for any sign of a reaction that could give her insight into her housemate’s thought process. Quickly she found herself veering from that train of thought as she lost herself in his beautiful eyes, a blush forming on her face as she couldn’t help but admire his handsome yet adorable features. Even with him looking pensive and serious, she could still pick out his happy go lucky puppy like features easily, which caused a wide grin to crack her muzzle.

Try as he may, it was almost impossible for Peanut to hide what he was feeling, his face was the very portrait of uncertainty manifest. His brow was furrowed, his jaw tight and tense as thoughts buzzed around his mind at hundreds of miles per hour. Looking down at Grape though, his features softened until he was smiling gently down to her. ‘Always know how to put a smile on my face, hmm?’ he thought to himself, one of his paws moving to rub behind her ears as he answered her question

“I’m just a little worried, Y’know? After last night and this morning, I don't want things to get awkward… but with you still with Max and now knowing just how deeply I feel for you, I feel like the only natural direction this goes in is the buildup of awkwardness between us until it becomes unbearable and one of us decides that we are bette-” Grape cut off the panicking dog as best she could by wrapping her tail around his muzzle and tightening it to hold it shut, shaking her head slightly with a giggle “breathe, doggy. I understand you’re worried, but that's no reason to try and break the world record for most words without a breath.” she joked before letting her tail fall from his muzzle and shifting slightly to sit up facing him, a serious look befalling her face

“You don't have to worry Peanut. I may ‘still be with Max’ but that changes nothing between us, you’re still my best friend in the whole wide world with no exceptions for anyone at any time.” dragging a claw across her chest in a large ‘X’ and raising her other paw “I cross my heart.”

As much as Peanut should've been happy at the fact he would never be forgotten as her best friend, his smile slowly dropped into a very slight frown, almost unnoticeable but still present enough to show his inner turmoil “But… I want to be more than just friends, Grape.” he admitted, bringing his eyes to look into hers, a sense of longing present in his beautiful sky blue orbs “Last night made me think how much you mean to me. Knowing you were out on a date with someone else brought me to tears, I used up an entire box Of Tish, Yous! To try and make myself look semi presentable for when you got home. And when you did get home I couldn’t help myself… I needed to show you how I felt, I couldn’t keep lying to you that I was fine every time you went on a date with Max… it killed me.” the poor dog was close to tears as he poured his heart out to his lavender friend, his eyes that of a puppy who was frightened, but not of something physical. It was the fear of losing someone close to you. Grape’s heart broke as she saw the pain her dog was going through. And the fact that she was part of the reason was just tearing her up.

What could she do though? She loved Max, truly she did, but after last night, learning that he could possibly be cheating on her, and then him blowing up at the restaurant like that? She knew Peanut would never do anything like that with her, he respected her far too much to betray her in such ways. Yet at the same time, she couldn’t do anything besides talk to Max and go from there.

Grape sighed and attempted to distract herself from her thoughts, thinking about what Peanut had actually said brought a slight smile to her lips, confusing the dog. Why was she smiling when he was feeling a great deal of emotional stress?

As if sensing the question in his mind, she reached over to him and gently brushed his cheek fur with the back of her paw, smiling ever so softly as her yellow eyes met his sky blue ones. “I’m smiling, Peanut, because you are so sweet and you don’t even know it. I had no idea you felt that way about me, or at least… not so strongly. I knew you liked cats, it was obvious, what with spot and stripe and all, but I never thought you could feel so strongly about, well, anyone really! let alone me. You were always so innocent that I just couldn't imagine you being in a relationship with anyone.” a blush graced her features as she offered a sheepish grin to her best friend of many years “I guess what I'm saying is that seeing you come a little out of your comfort zone, just to say those things about me, for me, it's a little flattering. Makes me feel good y’know? Having someone you thought had no romantic interest tell you that you caught their eye?” she finished, hoping that Peanut could understand where she was coming from.

If she were honest with herself, she was swelling with pride on the inside, her pup was growing up, becoming a mature young dog with enough initiative to make an advance on the one he wanted.


That was a feeling Grape relished, she loved feeling wanted. Ever since she had ended up in that pound for reasons she didn't want to think about seeing as they could easily ruin such a sweet moment between her and Peanut. When she had gotten there, she felt abandoned and alone. Every time a family would come in and look around, finding no need for some weird looking purple kitten of indiscernible gender. Yet once again, like a knight in shining armour, Peanut had arrived on the scene. While his parents at the time were looking for another puppy to be his brother or sister, Peanut has other ideas in mind. He slipped from his collar and slinked his way over to the enclosure that held the purple feline, pressing himself against the mesh wire and whining softly, drawing not only the attention of his parents, but the attention of the confined cat herself.

At first she looked at him with confusion evident in her eyes. What was he doing? Didn’t he know she was an unwanted weirdo? Yet, before she had even been able to finish her own thought, the door to her enclosure had been opened by the handler and the collarless canine joined her in her cage.

“Peanut, honey, be careful! We don't know if she’s friendly!” came the voice of this canines mother. Peanut, huh? Cute name, she had thought at the time, hopping off of her shelf like perch and coming to sit in front of the intruding dog. His eyes held curiosity, wonder and some longing look, as though he had found something he had been looking for for a very long time.

To her shock and the shock of both the shelter worker and his parents, the bubbly pup leaned forward and wrapped the grumpy feline in a hug, closing his eyes and smiling wider than anyone would’ve thought possible for a pup his size. Only one word escaped his lips, one word which stuck with Grape for the rest of her entire life. The one word Peanut had said to her which filled her with hope for the first time in such a long time.


It was a simple word, but it held so much more weight and power when uttered by someone who looked like he could befriend anyone with the snap of his fingers to someone who was, up until that point, a friendless feline.

“You’d be surprised.” Peanut's gentle voice broke Grape’s train of thought as he finally wrapped his head around what his friend had said “the day you told me you were a girl I nearly lost my breakfast on the spot thanks to the Butterflies in my stomach. I had to go lay down to make sure I didn't end up fainting or something!” he chuckled a little as he reached his own paw up to cover hers which was resting on his cheek, stroking over it with a gentle thumb “ever since then, I've been trying to work up the guts to tell you how I felt about you. When I learned you and Max had gotten together, it was like my heart had been split into a million different tiny little pieces and scattered to the wind. I didn't know how to react, but I decided you would be so much better off with one of your own kind, I didn't want the ridicule of dating a dog to follow you around all your life, so I took a step to the side and helped you look beautiful for Max. I cried basically as soon as you both left for your first date.” Grape nodded, she had noticed that Peanut was putting his all into making her look good for Max, and at the time she was grateful her friend was helping her in such ways, but now she knew how much inner turmoil she had caused him, she had wished she never even started seeing Max, that she had just given Peanut a chance. It's not like she didn't find Peanut attractive, it's just that she didn't know if she could handle being known as that one cat who loves a dog. ‘Although, it's a bit late to have these kinds of doubts seeing as he’s got me wrapped around his puppy paw... ‘ she thought, smiling with a little giggle as she looked up to Peanut.

“I guess it’s true what they say,” started Peanut, his voice taking on a serious tone all of a sudden as he ceased his stroking over the lavender furred feline paw and chose instead to grasp it firmly in his own cinnamon coloured grip, bringing it to rest on his lap “you snooze, you lose. And I lost something I held so dear… the most important thing in my life.” Grape looked almost taken aback by his sudden change in mood. She hadn’t known such a serious and mature side of Peanut existed. The more and more she saw of it, the more and more she began to like it.

“I'm right here, Nutty. You haven't lost me, not even a little.” she said, her eyes showing a sincerity that was undeniable to anyone who viewed it. She couldn’t believe just how deeply her getting together with Max had struck her sweet pup. She had just wanted to spend a little time with other cats, so she wasn't constantly surrounded by dogs all her life, and in doing so she had inadvertently crushed Peanut's poor heart. She felt like such a terrible pet.

Peanut shifted his paws slightly, taking one of Grape’s with both of his own and guiding it to her chest, gently placing it against the left side of her chest where she could feel her heart beating.

“I may not have lost you, but I lost your heart that day at Ruben’s farm.” his paws then guided Grape’s once again, this time resting it on his chest to the left side. She could feel the gentle beating of his heart against her paw, the rhythmic thumping giving Grape a sense of security and safety. “My world may not have ended, nor did my heart stop like I thought it would have that day. No. my heart still beats, but it beats for you only, no other.” Peanut finished, looking deep into the yellow orbs of Grape, which looked back with an air of adoration present in them as they began to well up just a little.

“Oh, Peanut. My sweet, sweet Peanut. What has the mean cat done to you..?” she asked, shifting her position on the couch to lay back down, her head resting on his chest, listening to his breathing and the constant steady beat of his heart.

His head shook as he moved his own form to accommodate the new position they found themselves in. Peanut was laying on his back, his arms softly caressing Grape's upper chest and neck as she lay on her side, straddled at her back and front by Peanut's legs as she lay across his belly and chest. Her paws softly played with the fur on his belly as she inhaled his scent deeply, finding that same thrill and enjoyment she had found earlier that day when she had done much the same.

“No matter what happens, just promise me you’ll remember this one thing for me, Grapey.” spoke Peanut as he looked up to the ceiling, his face having softened once again into a light smile as he addressed her by a pet name that he thought suited her just too perfectly.

“Hmm?” she hummed, looking up at him from her place on his chest, wondering what it was he was about to make her promise to remember no matter the situation. Peanut, in turn, craned his neck down to kiss her on the nose softly, a sly smile slipping onto his facial features “no matter who you are with or what may happen between us. I love you with every last fur on my body, with every fibre of my very being, With all of my heart and soul!” he finished, giving the cat in his arms a squeeze to really cement the thought in her mind. Unbeknownst to both the cat and the dog in the room, there came a glint of emerald green from Peanut’s usually soft sky blue eyes as he voiced his very mature thoughts on their relationship.

Grape was still shocked to see such a side to her sweet pup. He was so mature, so grown up in his way of thinking. The things he were saying were so profound and held so much promise behind them that she wasn’t sure she was listening to the same dog anymore, but sure enough, all she had to do was look upwards and there in front of her very eyes lay Peanut. He had taken on a very new look in the eyes of the lavender cat. Where before she may have just seen a silly puppy awaiting the next opportunity to play, she now saw a sweet, grown up, mature version of that very same dog. His features, although no different than they were a week ago, looked to Grape to be more handsome and caring, alongside the puppy-like demeanour he always carried about him.

Funny what admitting you love someone does to your perception of them, hmm?

“I promise, puppy dog. I won't ever forget how you feel for me. And I will never, EVER take it for granted either.” her own serious look faltered for just a minute, as she looked up at him mischievously before uttering the words “Who could ever forget about last night or today, what with having spent it with such a stud whose kisses are absolutely unforgettable?” a sultry tone laced her voice, giggling inwardly to herself as she saw Peanut’s face light up a bright red even through his brown fur which normally would have hidden such blushes.

“Ugbuh..?” Peanut managed, his vocal functions having completely shut down for the time being, his mind being unable to process what he had just heard. With a chuckle, Grape pushed herself up off of her ‘stud’s’ chest and looked him in the eyes while leaning over him with a wide grin plastered across her muzzle. As much as she was just trying to make him hot under the collar, she couldn’t shake the fact that in the back of her mind, she could feel a part of her believe that those words were very much true.

Her tail swayed around behind her, bouncing to and fro, giving away just how much she was enjoying the teasing of the poor, innocent dog beneath her. “Don’t answer that, just gimme another one.” she stated simply, leaning down and pressing their muzzles together once again, her eyes closing to enjoy the feeling of her dogs body pressed up against her, his scent flooding her nose in a heavenly fashion, the feel of his soft fur and warm embrace causing her to melt into his arms as they came up around her back to pull her deeper into his chest, his own eyes having long closed and his neck craning itself to the side to allow his muzzle to push deeper into the passionate kiss.

The kiss kept up until eventually both pets drew back with gasps for air, having exhausted their supply in an attempt to make the kiss last indefinitely. After a few moments, Grape giggled and placed her head back on the chest of her canine snugglepup, allowing herself to groom over his chest fur with her coarse, sandpaper like tongue. “Consider that point proven.” she commented, taking a mental photograph of just how adorable Peanut looked when he was all flustered.

“I’ll talk to Max tomorrow and sort this whole situation out, no matter how stressful or drama filled it may be. I just want to take today to rest up and relax. Something I haven't been able to do in a long while.” it was true that Grape wanted to rest and relax, and that she hadn’t had the chance to do so ever since she got with Max in his hectic, action packed life. There was, however, one more reason for her wanting to deal with things tomorrow.

Ever since she had gotten with Max, she hadn’t had time to just curl up on the couch, in the soft warm embrace of her Peanut, watching TV and enjoying each others company. She felt as though she had not been spending anywhere near enough time with him ever since getting with Max, and now she planned to catch up on lost time.

As she lay there, half buried in cinnamon fur and another half surrounded by the intoxicating scent of her Canadian pointer’s scent, she thought to herself how perfect this moment was, how much she was enjoying it.

She knew from that moment on that she loved Peanut. She loved him more than she had ever loved anything.

He made her feel safe, feel wanted, feel needed. He gave her someone who would always love her unconditionally and faithfully. As long as she existed, he would love her, and as a cat who had been loved and abandoned before she couldn’t help but feel a small lump form in her throat at the thought that she would never have to worry about abandonment again. She swallowed it down and just took a deep breath, Peanuts scent helping her calm right down. while she felt bad for hoarding Peanut's love all to herself, she would never try and deny that she loved every single second spent with him. While she may have felt it as just loving the time spent between two friends, she knew now that it was more than that. It had always been more than that.

Tomorrow was a new day, with new hardships to face and new trials to overcome. But Grape knew, as long as she had Peanut there to help her, she would have no problem facing her problems head on and coming out on the other side feeling stronger as a pet and with a wide smile across her face.

And in that moment, both pets were in bliss, holding one another softly and enjoying the other’s company as day faded into night and neither had dared move away from the contact, not even when their parents had come home and made comment on how cute they looked.

As both animals slowly began to fade to sleep, Peanut Butter looked down and softly planted a kiss atop Grape Jelly’s head, whispering a soft “Goodnight, Grapey. Sweet dreams, I love you.”

A warmth spread throughout the felines chest as she murred quietly and nuzzled into the affectionate dog’s chest with a slight yawn, getting comfortable for a night sleeping curled up to one person in the world she had decided she loved more than anyone else.

“Goodnight, Nutty. I love you too, so very much.”


Tarot smiled softly at her crystal ball, the emerald green disappearing from her eyes as the mystical orb sitting in front of her began to fog up, the scene of the two lovebirds rapidly dissipating until it was no longer projected onto the astral ball. She clapped her paws together and beamed with pride, her chest puffed out and tail wagging at a million miles and hour behind her.

Sabrina, on the other paw, was glaring daggers at the celebrating Pomeranian, her arms folded firmly across her chest as she studied every move made by the golden furred dog and everything about her, including the colour of her eyes and behaviour of her very peculiar collar tag.

“What’s your game, Tarot? Why mind control Peanut to say those things. You understand that if he doesn't actually feel those things towards her, then you’re gonna have one heartbroken cat and one very, very angry Peanut on your paws, right?” she questioned, rubbing her chin with a paw and a hum, not sure at all what her plan was.

In the blink of an eye, every single candle that illuminated the room had been extinguished, leaving behind no trace of their existence besides the very fine smoke trail that followed the last of the flames up into the air before dispersing into nothingness. From the dark, a set of emerald green eyes peered at Sabrina, and a mystic voice that sounded as though it surrounded the black female on all sides boomed through the entire household.

“I did no such thing as mind control him, I merely removed the filter that made him too scared to admit his true feelings and say all that his mind truly wanted to for the day. It was easy, and I have in no way interfered with what would’ve come naturally, I have merely sped up the process.” and with that the eyes disappeared, leaving Sabrina in complete darkness in the room.

Suddenly, an emerald flame burst up from nowhere in the corner of the room, and another to it's left, and one more to it's right. This trend continued until eventually Sabrina found herself completely encircled by enchanting emerald flames that almost seemed to have a dancing motion to them, they bobbed one after the other in a circle of continuously bobbing fire. It was an odd yet mesmerising experience to behold.

The voice, once again seemingly coming from nowhere whispered into Sabrina’s ear with a voice that held no malice, nor any form of amiability. “The spirits need these two. Their soul is one. They are nothing without the other.” Sabrina watched with curiosity as each of the twelve emerald flames began to fan out and connect to its neighbouring flame. The glow of the flames began to increase until the entire room was once again visible in a vivid emerald glow, in turn illuminating the golden Pomeranian hovering a few feet above Sabrina with her golden eyes turned a bright green.

“Together they form a barrier that protects all the gardens. The ferocity of the tiger and the loyalty of wolf placate the souls of the gardens. Keep them at bay,” the Pomeranian began, waving a paw and summoning a horde of ghostly apparitions appeared and attempted to breach the encircling flames to reach Sabrina, but as soon as they came into contact with the emerald flames they immediately began to disintegrate.

“However, if they are to be apart, they leave gaps in this protective barrier. Alone they may protect areas of the garden, but they leave holes in the barrier that keeps the souls of the gardens from seeping through into the physical world.” the flames once again split and several of the apparitions pushed through, closing in on Sabrina.

“Leaving all living inhabitants of the gardens as good as doome-” Sabrina waved her own paw and with a wave of electric blue light the apparitions disappeared, as did the flames which had held them back. All the candles lit themselves up again and the Pomeranian fell back to the earth with a yelp before glaring at the black cat who was grinning as though she were a relative of the Cheshire.

“I know all this stuff, I’m a psychic too, remember? My question is why in Anubis’ name did you have to pull the crap with Grape calling him a ‘stud?! They were already clearly in love, pushing too much of that kinda stuff on Peanut could make him have second thoughts and then you would’ve single handedly doomed the whole neighbourhood! Singlepawededly? Singularlypawed? You get the idea!” she gestured around with her arms, indicating the whole neighbourhood before tapping the ground impatiently with her paw and crossing her arms, awaiting a reply from the Pomeranian who had still yet to pick herself up from her face down position on the floor.

“Sabrina?” she asked, picking herself up from the floor and dusting herself off, giving an annoyed huff whilst looking up at the taller cat with a disgruntled expression, not very pleased about being launched at the floor because someone had knocked the magi(k)c out of her for a minute.

“yes, sweetie?”she asked, innocently clasping her hands at her chest and fluttering her eyelashes at the golden dog.

“I didn’t do anything to Grape. I was in control of Peanut the whole time” a silence fell over the room for a few moments as the realisation came to Sabrina at just what the Pomeranian had said, whereupon she became beat red and covered her face with her paws. Tail curling against her back at pillow thoughts that came to her mind with her close friend flirting so explicitly with her housemate

“You dog-lovers are so weird.” Tarot said, clapping her paws which seemed to summon a cart for use in carrying hot drinks between rooms before walking off toward the kitchen to fix herself some Blackroot tea, rubbing her nick to rid it of the stiffness caused by the fall.

“Watch your tongue or I’ll drop you through the seven circles rather than just onto the living room floor!” yelled a madly blushing Sabrina, plotting some scheme to get back at the Pomeranian for speaking so casually of what she seemed to believe was a forbidden relationship.

Or rather, what Fido thought was a forbidden relationship. She had no problem with it, but Fido had made her promise to keep it a secret to keep his reputation untarnished at the academy and amongst his peers. She rolled her eyes “dogs… can't live with ‘em and you can't kick ‘em out.”

“As the owner of this house legally, it's technically a dog who could kick you out, not the other way around.” Sabrina scowled and shook her head before yelling “Get out of my head you golden furred freak, or I’ll tell Fido to come over here and kick you into next week!”

A giggle could be heard from the next room over, and Sabrina grumbled to herself, cursing the other under her breath at how much she was enjoying this.

“Love you too, Sabrina!” and with that, the presence in her head left, indicating that Tarot was no longer reading her mind, or connecting telepathically. “What god did I upset in a past life to end up as her apprentice?” she mused to herself before going into the next room to collect her tea from Tarot and take a seat, listening intently as the golden furred female laid out the pairs plan of attack to deal with the next few weeks that were sure to be hectic thanks to the restless spirits that had begun to culminate at the gardens. It was unsure as to why this was happening to both psychics, but one thing was for sure.

It spelled trouble.


Oooooo, A spiritual aspect to this sweet love story, where could this be going I wonder...

Please leave feedback as it gives meaning to my pitiful life writing! Love you all!

Re: A Moment's Reprieve - A Grapenut Fic!

Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2019 12:48 pm
by Amazee Dayzee
You see I knew it. Peanut STILL does have those feelings for Grape but he is just to afraid to admit it! Awesome story!

Re: A Moment's Reprieve - A Grapenut Fic!

Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2019 12:55 pm
by Basket_Ashton
Maybe this will be the push he needs to finally show his true romantic colours, hmm?

Re: A Moment's Reprieve - A Grapenut Fic!

Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2019 5:27 pm
by furrygamer793
How do you do it? How do you do it? How do you change the mind of one who thought his mind was unchangable? How do you do it? HOW DO YOU DO IT!
How did you make me of all people, someone who thought Grapenut was the worst idea in existence, suddenly have Grapenut as my OTP? HOW DO YOU DO IT! HOW DO YOU DO IT!

Re: A Moment's Reprieve - A Grapenut Fic!

Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2019 6:02 pm
by Basket_Ashton
I just write them as I'd like to see them my friend, I subject people to what I think is a sweet idea and if that's enough to make people think they belong then I am happy

I don't claim to be the best, but I do have a creative mind and enjoy showing people the products of that

Re: A Moment's Reprieve - A Grapenut Fic!

Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2019 7:54 pm
by Nathan Kerbonaut
Bruh this is, like, another level of wholesome, adorable and romantic. Why can't I get enough of this?! :D

Re: A Moment's Reprieve - A Grapenut Fic!

Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2019 9:53 pm
by NHWestoN
I just blundered into your saga, Basket, but I'm really enjoying snag you're about here. Now, granted, being a confirmed old "Grapenut", my sympathies are already engaged, but you've really caught the innocence and the beguiling insecurities of our favorite couple so well. You write with clarity, Bergen and the romantic scenes are tender without slipping into gushing or bathos. The flashes of humor - like Earl and Jill's wager - are fun and add a little zip, a nice break from the lovey stuff.

It's not my habit to tell a writer what colors to spin in their tapestry, but I wouldn't be dismayed at a Fox-Sasha or Fox-Daisy relationship emerging. I'm intrigued by what you've started to open with Sabrina and Tarot as well. There's a more ominous and slightly menacing tone emerging here so I'll be interested to see how this darker element infuses into our lover's dreams.

Re: A Moment's Reprieve - A Grapenut Fic!

Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2019 10:23 pm
by Basket_Ashton
Your kind words and others like them are what spur me on to write more and more!

I love writing, and I love letting my imagination run wild on the page (and cleaning it up a little before releasing it to the public) and I'm methodical to say the least, so I've already a nice little plot linearly thought out and ready to push into action, included in that is a little Fox x Sasha too~

In saying this, I do love writing this story, and will continue to do so until it hits a fulfilling endpoint and no sooner, so please do check by every now and then and let me know what you think of the progress. Your heartfelt compliment of the story gave me a grin able to rival the Cheshire cat and the determination to push past the 1000 words I've already written for chapter 4 for the night and triple it to 3000!

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Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2019 10:33 pm
by Amazee Dayzee
Wow that is really amazing I have to say! And don't you worry, we will keep on coming and giving you the flattery that you need to triple your writing and post new chapters! ^_^

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Posted: Tue Apr 30, 2019 10:40 pm
by Basket_Ashton
And every time I see the flattery, I'll still giddily hop around saying "they like it! They like it!"

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by NHWestoN
Anyone who does a Lewis Carroll reference is my kinda writer ..... :D

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I just am looking forward to see what you come up with next!

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Posted: Sun May 05, 2019 7:38 pm
by Basket_Ashton
Outside the Sandwich household stood a figure.

It was impossible to discern anything about them due to the darkness that had enveloped the area as a whole as it was night time, the only thing one could gather from looking at them was that they housed two orange eyes that burned with the brightness and passion of a pair of stars going supernova. The figure peered into window of the living room which had allowed so much sunlight through it that day to shine upon the Sandwich pets and their budding love. A wicked grin appeared on its face, which appeared to be shaped more like a canine face with a muzzle rather than a pair of human lips, and it leaned closer to the window, the glass frosting over with ice as it did so.

“Imefanyika…” it spoke in a foreign tongue before backing slowly away from the window further into the garden, disappearing like a shadow into darkness as it seemingly dispersed into thin air in a puff of black smoke with an orange highlight.
The only remaining clue that anything had ever been there being the now rapidly melting ice on the window and the temperature.

It was so very cold, now.


Memories are like ghosts. They are always there, just at the back of your mind, in the corner of your eyes, out of sight out of mind, but never truly gone. They come back and they haunt you. Having thought you would never see them again, you rested easily until one night they came back in force, just to remind you… I’m still here.

I'm still here…

I'm still here…..

“I’M STILL HERE!” a voice sounding through the house as though carried on the wind shook Grape Jelly from her sleep with a start, quickly pulling her head from Peanuts chest and looking around with a sense of unease running along her spine, sending shivers throughout her body. Upon seeing no one in the room with her and her sleeping pup, she slowly let herself come back to rest beside Peanut, curling up at his side, her eyes still darting around to check the room.

The voice had been so familiar, she thought, it was as though she had heard it before, it was a voice she knew, it was right on the tip of her tongue, yet it was still so vague in her mind that she was unsure she even had a clue as to who the voice belonged to. And what did it mean? Such a cryptic message from a disembodied voice could never be good… stupid spirits.

“Grape?” asked a groggy Peanut, his eyes still half lidded and his ears flopped over themselves in front of his face, not having the strength to keep themselves up. He had turned slightly to face the feline who had a very spooked set of facial features. Her tail moved to wrap around his leg a couple of times and she nuzzled her head into his side with a slight mreowling noise, trying to get as close to him as possible. She shivered slightly as a nagging voice at the back of her mind no louder than a whisper began to grow in volume, telling her, screaming at her that somethign was very wrong.

“Grape, you’re worrying me kitten, what's wrong?” Peanut looked genuinely terrified as he sat upright, looking over her from head to tail with eyes darting around her form to scan for any obvious problems. They sat facing one another, Grape having one of her legs hanging off the couch while the other was curled beneath her in a half cross-legged look. Whereas Peanut sat upright on the couch attentively, his legs crossed and his paws unsure of what to do with themselves ended up gripping his legs, stressfully pulling at his fur. The look of fear in his eyes was frightening her in turn and what litte security she found cuddled into his fur was rapidly diminishing. Grape pulled Peanut by his side towards her and buried her head in his chest. She inhaled his scent heavily, thankful for its relieving effect on her. Despite the paw that had begun to stroke her carefully, her shaking began to worsen as the panic continued to rise within. That little voice now a monstrous yelling in her head, telling her she was trapped and in danger.

She didn’t know why.

That's why she was shaking, she didn't know why she was so scared, or why she was so cold, or why it felt as though she had been in the presence of a ghost. she just knew that something had happened and she was now frightened beyond comprehension. Her fur was puffed out and stood on end, tail straight and rigid, and her teeth clenched together painfully with her lips drawn back into a snarl to bare her teeth in defense.

The look in Peanut’s eyes was one of fear, but he wasn't scared by some ghost or otherworlds presence, nor was he afraid that some evil thing was hiding in the shadows ready to attack. No. he was scared for his kitten. She was freezing cold to the touch, breathless and looked as though she could pass out from hyperventilating. She swallowed roughly and panted as her whole body shook violently. Peanut was shocked at what was going on in his arms, it was something he had never thought possible of is strong kitty, only of himself. It was why he had taken so long to realise what was happening.

Softly, he brought his paws up to cup Grape’s face on either side, moving her head to look upwards so he could look her in the eyes. He froze for a moment as he saw that her eyes were wide and bloodshot, unblinking and terrified. The whole situation was thoroughly freaking him out, but he couldn't let it show, he had to be strong. For Grape. Luckily Peanut knew just what to do, having experienced a lesser version of what was going on many times before himself.

“Grape, hey? Look at me, kitten,” his voice trembled as he fought to keep it soft and soothing. Keep it steady… must help Grape! She slowly obeyed, her eyes rose to stare intently into his sky blue orbs, finding a slight reassurance in them. “There you go, that's it. Keep looking at me.” His gentle commands were like a guiding light to the frightened cat who was lost in her own dark space. She continued to shake while her tight chest prevented her from breathing properly.

Now that he had her attention, Peanut moved his paw ever so slowly to stroke the panicking cat’s head. “Grape, I need you to breathe for me, please. C’mon, in through your nose, out through your muzzle.” His slow breaths followed each word; “in… and out. In… out… in… out…”

Much to Peanut’s relief, Grape began copying his actions. Her breathing slowed, transforming from ragged gasps to frighted breaths then slowly to an exasperated panting as her hyperventilation had severely worn her out. “That’s my kitten, you're doing amazing, just keep that up!” The dog spoke sweetly. He smiled like the sun as he softly petted her head. Each movement of his paw touched her with such tenderness as though he thought one wrong move could cause the feline to shatter into pieces.

After almost ten full minutes of breathing, petting, eye contact and hushed whispers of sweet nothings from the canine, Grape had finally regained control of herself. Her fur was flattening back down, her tail unlocking from the rigid position it had been in since her panic started. Her soft yellow eyes, wider than the moon returned to their normal size. She looked around while still panting slightly as her sense came back to her, taking a second to analyse what was going on.

As her wandering eyes came to a halt, she found them resting on her paws. Both of her furry appendages gripped onto Peanut’s side with a vice like hold, or rather, they were gripped into his side, her claws fully extended and digging into his sensitive flesh, a slight glint of red reflecting off of her sharp weapons as she removed them from his side.

“Wh-Wha-?” she asked breathlessly, her mind being unable to comprehend what was going on, one minute she was sleeping cuddled up to her dog, next she was scared and panicking and now she had… hurt Peanut? Her eyes began to well up and a lump formed in her throat as she looked up at a smiling Peanut, shaking her head, refusing to believe what she had done, her ears flattening against her head as she attempted to backpedal away from him to the other end of the couch.

“I-I didn't mean- I-I’m sorry, Peanu-” her hoarse voice was silenced by a finger against her lips, Peanut looking right into her eyes and shaking his head, his smile never once leaving his face “Don't you apologise, Grapey. You were panicking, and you just needed something to be there as a constant, to root you in reality and let you know this wasn't some nightmare come true.” he spoke with a voice barely louder than a whisper as he leaned forward, resting his forehead against Grapes and bringing his arms around her chest to pull her back towards his side of the couch, ending with her flush against him in a tight hug.

Grape was unable to clear her mind of the thoughts that were whizzing around in her head as they overwhelmed her. She couldn't help but think about everything that had happened in the past day and a half. She had an argument with max which led to her storming home and walking in on a crying Peanut, this turned into her comforting him and finally accepting her love for him. The next day they had spent the whole time just cuddling and admitting how much they loved and wanted to be with one another. And now here they were, her having just dug her claws into his side for a reason she couldn’t even remember that well. Her lilac fur was dyed red at the crimson liquid her claws had expelled from the dog.

She had ruined their perfect day together by hurting him.

Hurt him.

She burst into tears and pushed herself deep into his furred chest, sobbing out all the stress and fears of the past days and night, letting the world know of her pain at the thought of having to choose between breaking the heart of someone she loves versus the heart of someone who loves her. Peanut or Max, Dog or Cat. it was all too much for her to handle along with the mystery voices that she had heard in the house, her anxiety of always needing to look tough and strong in front of anybody who viewed her, her own feelings of inadequacy and fears of being abandoned again by her new family. All these years of keeping her insecurities to herself had taken their toll on her poor, young mind, and tonight was finally the night where she reached her breaking point, the straw that broke her back.

Peanut was quietly whispering words of encouragement and affection into her ear, promising the cat that everything would be alright, nothing else mattered at that moment other than the fact that she would be alright. Even though she was lost in her thoughts, still openly sobbing to let out all those pent up emotions, she heard the words of the sweet dog. They rang true throughout her mind. She hadn’t hurt him on purpose, and the wounds were barely even enough to phase him, they both knew that. She was just scared. And now that she was in his arms, against his chest, surrounded by his scent and warmth and love?

She knew she would be fine.

Light flooded the room both pets were occupying harshly, Peanut having to shield himself against the invading photons his eyes hadn’t been accustomed to since he had been woken up by his scared kitten. Grape’s ears flicked a little in reflex to the noise, but she didn’t dare remove her head from it's point nestled into Peanut, she just listened intently to see if she could piece together what was going on without the need of her sight. She didn't want to let go of him, almost seeming that she thought if she were to let him go, he would disappear into thin air.

“Peanut? What’s going on, your mother and I heard a commotion, and then crying?” Asked Earl, the ever protective guardian of both animals, his eyes filled with worry and caution as he approached his pets position on the living room couch, his wife following suit just a few steps behind him.

Peanut looked over his shoulder toward them before bringing his gaze back to the slowly relaxing female, her sobs now nothing more than the occasional hiccup or sniffle as she continued to nuzzle his chest. A very slight, almost unnoticeable purr beginning to radiate from her throat as the canine successfully managed to calm her down and make her feel safe in his arms, the presence of their parents only furthering that sense of security.

“Grape woke up and something spooked her, Dad. she had a panic attack and I did what I could to help her. She was in a really bad way, but I told her to breathe with me and it seemed to work.” spoke the cinnamon furred canadian pointer, his flopped over ears standing to attention as much as they could over their natural puppy-like state of folder over themselves. He spoke with an undeniable sense of protectiveness for his feline

Earl came to sit on the floor beside the couch, turning his body to face them both and his hands moving to rest on each pet. His left was resting on Peanuts head, softly stroking over it and playing with his ears, whereas his right hand was taking long, slow strokes down the lavender cat’s back, right along her tail before repositioning itself back at her shoulder blades and repeating the motion over and over again.

To say he was a proud parent was an understatement. His own two pets had found it in themselves to admit their taboo love for one another, and only one night into the sweet relationship, his boy was doing him proud, being there for his lover to rely on. He looked over Peanut, who seemed to be a changed dog, his back was straight, he was alert and attentive, his head coming slightly over Grape’s in a protective fashion as his eyes looked around the room to see if he could identify what had scared her so badly that she had fallen into a panic attack.

Earl cracked a smile at the dog and rubbed his head firmly one last time, shifting his sitting position to be on his knees in front of the couch before leaning over the two and wrapping them up in a tight hug, his wife joining in to create one big family group hug. “At ease, soldier, She’s safe and sound, thanks to you.” spoke earl, who chuckled lightly as he could feel Peanut noticeably relax into the hug. Grape’s purring was picking up now as the warmth and affection from the hug reached her very core, the freezing sensation she had felt at the start of her panic attack having long since disappeared.

As the humans both drew back from the cuddle, leaving just the animals on the couch embracing now, Earl caught a glimpse of the patch of red on his pup’s side and his protective instincts kicked in immediately as he scrambled to look at it closer, his hands moving to gently pry Grape away from him in order to better look at the wound, but his mistake was realised as soon as he heard a monstrously deep growl resonate from the normally shy canine he was attempting to examine. Peanut had a stern look on his face, yet dropped the growl as quickly as he could as to not frighten Grape. He looked at his father with apologetic eyes but didn’t allow his harsh facial features down.

“She needs to be close to me right now, dad. Don't try and separate us… please” he almost begged, his eyes and face softening up at the end as he realised how harsh he was being on his old man. He knew the human just wanted to make sure he was alright. Earl didn’t look mad, in fact he looked like the very definition of proud parent, a smile was beaming from his face and he just looked at his boy with adoration. He nodded simply and leaned in closer to the canines side without touching him.

“You’ll make an amazing husband and father when the time comes, my boy. Now care to tell me how you managed this?” he asked, pointing towards his stained red fur. Although Grape’s face couldn't be seen in the midst of her Peanut’s fur, just from the fact that the tips of her ears were glowing a bright fuschia was enough to tell anyone looking at the snuggling couple that she was blushing very heavily. Yet much to the surprise of her adoptive father and her lover, she made no attempt to respond to the comment about marriage and kittens, she just let them hang there in the room with her purr seemingly doubling in volume and intensity.

Peanut was now also blushing, wondering to himself why she hadn’t objected like she had done on many occasions before when they were teased for being close to each other, let alone when they were teased with marriage and… kittens… Peanut’s tail wagged at the thoughts in his mind. Little pairs of paws pitter pattering around the house, giggling and having fun. Grape cuddled up by him on the couch, watching TV as their children occasionally jumped around in front of it. A smile graced his muzzle at te thoughts, thoughts that had previously been fantasies that were so very close to becoming realities.

His smile was ripped from his face as he yelped audibly at the feel of his father’s hand gently brushing over the gashes in his side caused by Grape. Upon a closer look, Earl saw that they were less long scratches and more circular holes in his side only around an inch deep. It looked as though someone had taken a hole punch to the canine’s tender flesh.

“U-Uh, Grape was having a really tough time when she was panicking, She grabbed my side to pull me closer so she could feel better and in the end when she was shaking and hyperventilating I think she squeezed too hard and her claws unsheathed, and yeah…” he brought his arm up behind his head to rub his neck as he looked down at the cat in his other arm, who was still purring up a storm even though she seemed to be slowly nodding back off to sleep as she felt safe and protected in the lit up room surrounded by her lover and their close family. Her ears folded back as she heard the the recount of how she had injured him, feeling a knot of regret in her stomach before allowing it to pass when Peanut’s paw began to once again massage her back.

Earl hummed quietly to himself and nodded to his wife from his spot on the floor, motioning for her to go fetch the first aid kit before turning to Grape and placing his hand on her back, giving a gentle stroke along her back with a light chuckle to himself. “Darn girl, you really did a number on your broth- errrr…. Boyfriend. What did we even buy you a scratching post for?” to which the response was a grumble from the lilac lady who removed her head from said boyfriend’s chest to look at her father

“A scratching post doesn't help me through a panic attack, daddy. Which brings me to a question I had,” turning her whole body around completely and sinking a little down the couch, leaving her laying on her back with her head resting softly in Peanuts lap, looking up to him with half lidded yellow eyes that held an inquisitive spark and a look of adoration at her saviour. She felt as though she was dying, no, drowning, and she was so lost in the darkness that she was sure she could’ve been enveloped in it and never seen again.

Yet she hadn’t. Her knight in a shining glossy brown coat breached through the darkness and brought her home. He held her together all the way through her episode and in the end pulled her from the clutches of the ocean of fear and uncertainty that threatened to drag her down to the lowest she had ever been. Never before had she been in such a vulnerable spot and here he was, that innocent brown puppy with whom she had spent a good portion of her life with had seen her at her lowest and had brought her soaring back like a phoenix from the ashes of her fear.

“I haven’t had a panic attack in such a long time, since long before you adopted me into your family.” she reached her paw up to brush his cheek tenderly with a soft smile, her tail swaying around their feet, relaxing as though she had never even had the attack in the first place, her Peanut just being that good at distracting her. “So how exactly did you know exactly what to do? Of all the things you could have done in that situation; go and call mom and dad, yell the neighbourhood down for help, call the K9 squad, even rush me to the vet clinic. But you didn't do any of those things. You made me comfortable and talked me through it. You handled it perfectly. How?” she moved her paw up to behind his ear and gave him a quick scratching before pulling his head down to rub their noses together and steal a quick kiss, gaining a ‘D’aww’ from their father figure.

“Well, when I was younger,” he began to talk as he brought his head back up, never once breaking eye contact with her as he brought both his paws down on her shoulders, rubbing slow circles into the in a massaging motion to help her relax. She was already more relaxed than she had ever been, but Peanut knew that an experience such as a bad panic attack could really affect someone, and the extra reassurance could never hurt.. “I was a hyperactive puppy with no friends, too much energy, and so many weird quirks I almost questioned sometimes if I even was a dog. These things built up over time until eventually I was a nervous wreck with only mom, dad and some video games to play with. As you can imagine that isn't exactly the best combination for a dog, so eventually I was having panic attacks at even the slightest little thing. I thought I was being abandoned every time mom and dad left for work, I felt as though everyone thought I was a freak behind my back even though I didn't even talk to anyone!” Grape looked up at the dog as he told her of his time before she had entered his life, finding it difficult to imagine the bundle of joy and fur before her being a nervous, scared pup any time he was left alone. The thought alone brought a slight frown to Grape’s muzzle.

The pets mother, Jill, returned with the first aid kit in her hands. She placed the green box with a stylised plus sign coloured in white in the middle down next to her husband and took her own seat on the floor beside him. She listened quietly, yet attentively, not wanting to speak in fear she would interrupt the family bonding time they were having. Peanut continued “soon enough, Mom and Dad caught onto the fact that I couldn’t handle being alone anymore and they taught me how to control my episodes of attacks by breathing and finding something to root myself in the real world rather than whatever was happening in my head, which worked really well. After a while though, they decided that if I kept having my panic attacks at an age like that, it could change me forever!” an unexpectedly cheery tone came to his voice as he remembered what
happened next in his life. “So, we went to the shelter and I played with all the dogs there. Once again, none of them seemed to like me at all. I felt completely dejected and abandoned by- everyone but mom and dad. That is, until I saw you. I think you can remember what happened when I did. And as you can see, I have never been a happier dog since. Not even one panic attack since you came to stay. Like I said that day; ‘Friend.’” he finished his story with a smile and another quick peck to her lips. Grape shook her head with a giggle and a sly grin “That’s girlfriend to you now, Nutty.” she corrected, blowing him a kiss and giving him a wink. He blushed and nodded in agreement, deciding that the silent agreement of the correct term between them was enough.

Turning his head to face the human who was dousing some soft cloth with disinfectant, Peanut grimaced as the pungent smell reached his highly sensitive nose, scrunching up his face in a look of displeasure as the scent was surely messing with his nose.”Now this is probably going to sting quite a bit, pup. Just try and relax and it shouldn’t hurt too much.” Earl spoke with a calm reassurance that showed Peanut he could trust the man. He was, after all, still his father.

Grape shifted her position yet again, moving to sit upright in front of the injured canine and offer him a weak smile. It had been her that had done the damage to his side, so she felt as though she was obligated to try and relieve the pain of the cleaning process as best as she could. She took both of his paws in her own and flashed him a smile before leaning in close and seizing his lips in a kiss. Earl took that as his signal and quickly pushed the disinfectant soaked cloth to the dog’s side, contacting the fresh wounds and sending a spike of pain right through his midriff.

This pain was nullified, however, by a sound coming from the feline he was locked into a passionate kiss with. Instead of his whine of pain filling the room, there was a moan. A rather audible one at that. Peanut blushed heavily and the humans in the room actually grinned ear to ear as they caught onto the cats plan. Grape snaked her arms around Peanuts shoulders, and the canine reciprocated by wrapping his own arms around her lavender waist, pulling her close to him as he tilted his head ever so slightly to the side in an effort to deepen the kiss. Pain was but a dull memory to Peanut at that point as his every sense was filled with Grape.

All he could feel was her. all he could see was her. all he could smell was her. all he could hear was her.

And lastly, but by no means least, all he could taste was her lips on his, some forbidden fruit that he had never before had access to, a tantalizing treat always dangled in front of him yet just out of reach. Now though, she was his, and she tasted so very sweet. Honey couldn't even compare to the inviting taste of her muzzle.

Grape withdrew from their passionate kiss with half lidded eyes and a dopey grin spread across her features as she giggled slightly at her puppy dog, her tail flicking around behind her as her grin looked as though she had taken a few hundred too many hits of catnip. “Meee-yow, Nutty, You could have any girl in the neighbourhood swooning to the world about how they needed you if they knew you could kiss like that, Y’know~” she teased, leaning forward and giving his lips a quick nip with her sharp teeth before leaning up and whispering into his ear at a volume so low not even their parents heard her “Too bad for them that you’re all mine now, loverboy~” she finished with a sultry voice, licking up the length of his ear from base to tip and giving a gentle bite when she reached the part that flopped over itself innocently. Luckily Earl and Jill were a little too busy making sure Peanut’s wounds were good and clean to see the rather dirty act their daughter was putting on.

“Aaaaand, done!” Earl’s voice brought Peanut back into reality from the trance like state he was in, looking dumbstruck out into space and drooling a little at the muzzle. He raised his arms up, a little reluctantly as it meant letting go of his kitten, and took a look down at his midsection seeing that his sides had been cleaned thoroughly and a length of white bandage had been wrapped around him to cover the wounds on his sides. And he had been so lost in his thoughts with his muzzle connected to Grape’s he hadn't even felt it. She was like an anaesthetic in that regard, she had the ability to make him forget the outside world completely all to focus on her.

Not that he would ever complain about being focussed solely on her.

Earl packed away the excess materials into the first aid kit and returned it to his wife, silently requesting she put it back where she got it from. She obliged and took the case from him, heading back to the bathroom to place it inside the medical cabinet.

“No matter what happens, you two, make sure you are there for one another. Just like you were there for Peanut last night, Grape, like he was here for you tonight. My kids are growing up and they couldn't have found themselves a more perfect partner.” the father of the two pets stood up and dusted his hands off on his trousers, probably trying to rub off some of the alcoholic smelling disinfectant as he did so. He then looked over the two with a smile that was the picture of pride, leaning down and planting a kiss on their heads.and making an about turn to head back to his and his wife’s room, humming to himself a little tune and making a comment in a jolly voice in time with the rhythm he was humming “I can't wait to be a grand da-a-a-a-a-addy!”

He disappeared around the corner, leaving the light on as to avoid a repeat occurrence in the same night, leaving Grape and Peanut alone together on the couch once again. “ you know what I think?” Grape broke the silence with a question, placing her pawn on her chin as though thinking.

“Hmm?” replied the cinnamon furred canadian pointer who was a little busy looking down at and rubbing over the wounds on his side under the bandages, testing how well his father had done in cleaning and dressing them, also feeling an intense need to scratch at the incredibly itchy feeling. Grape saw this and knew he could/’ do damage to himself if he kept it up, so she finished her statement “I think I would feel more at ease if I got to sleep in your room. Your scent really helped me earlier and I feel like as long as I'm surrounded by it I'll sleep soundly with no issues!” pleading eyes were peering at Peanut as she put on her sweetest face possible and batted her eyelashes. She didn't want to admit it, but the scent was far from the only reason she wanted to sleep in his room. Or what was soon to be their room~.

Peanut chuckled softly and nodded, giving her a quick kiss on the cheek before hopping off the couch and stretching out a little, yawning with a whine trailing off at the end. Grape was about to follow his lead and get off the couch before she felt a pair of arms wrap themselves under her legs and around her back, surprisingly finding herself pulled up against Peanut’s chest as he carried her bridal style to his room.

She giggled as she was held in his firm grasp and nuzzled up under his chin as she wrapped her arms around his neck, purring into him and sighing happily “My hero~” her tail swished away underneath her, almost tangling with his legs as he walked which could easily end badly, so she decided to ensnare one of his arms instead.

“You're heavier than you look you kno-OW!” he cried out with a yelp as he felt the needle like pricks of teeth to his collarbone as Grape nipped him for his comment on her weight “You are lucky I already made swiss cheese out of your sides, pooch, or I’d be making mincemeat of that pretty face of yours right about now. ” she stated before lapping over his collarbone with her rough tongue, grooming him a little to apologise for the nibble.

“Hey! You are super extra fluffy you know, just because you look like you don't have much fur at all doesn't mean you don't have any hidden away! You've broken collars just by getting excited because of the volume of fur you have tucked away. Plus, who says being heavier than you look is bad? I bet it's just because of all the muscle you have hidden away from beating up those raccoons that kept trying to steal the garbage!” his words were true, Grape was a fluffy cat even though she chose to hide it, and that did add to her weight more than a little bit. She huffed and relaxed her head against his shoulder as they were heading up the stairs, Peanut using his tail to push against the wall and keep himself balanced.

They reached the door to his room, and Peanut balanced himself precariously on one leg to nudge the door open with the other. Both pets entered the remarkably clean room and Peanut walked over to his bed, a wide smile across his face as he did so, laying down the lavender feline with a tenderness usually reserved for a husband and his wife. He remained crouched at the side of the bed, looking over the feline laying in his bed with a dopey grin, he had dreamed of the day he would get to sleep beside her as more than just her friend. Peanut stood, and then softly got into the bed beside her, it's small size resulting in quite the awkward sight of a dog almost hanging off the side of his own bed with a smaller lilac cat taking up the majority of the space.

The aforementioned cat chuckled to herself as she sat up and pulled the dog onto the bed as best she could, being careful not to cause any disruption to his bandages, until the brown canine found himself in the middle of his bed with Grape leaning over him with a smile She was sitting on his stomach with a paw on each side of his head. He reached a paw up to caress her cheek as his muzzle bent into a smile, his heart skipping a couple beats as the darkness of the room was only broken by the shining light of the moon and it gave the feline a whole new glow to her that framed her in such a way that she looked like deity in the flesh. Her every curve and feature had been accentuated by the moon, her beauty reaching heights Peanut had never seen before, and that was something considering how much the pup caught himself staring at his inamorata. All he could think in his mind to convey just how gorgeous she looked was “You’re so beautiful…” the response he got was a nuzzle to his paw and a quick rub of her nose to his, accompanied by an uncharacteristically girly giggle from the tomboyish cat perched on his belly.

“Such a way with words you have. Your honesty is one of the many, many reasons I love you.” she turned her head to the side and kissed his paw before nuzzling into it with a tilt of her head, purring once again beginning in her throat. “Hey, guess what?” she asked, he tail swishing up over her shoulders as she stared down at her dog. Her Peanut. “What is it, Grapey?” his voice was inquisitive, yet a little shy and timid as his eyes darted around, suddenly feeling very embarrassed under the intense gaze of the cat who had completely captured his heart, and from her position on his belly, it seemed as though she had also physically captured him seeing as he wasn’t actually able to move without forcing her off of him.

“You are incredibly handsome, yet are also the most adorable little dog I have ever met in my entire life~” she answered as she brought her body down, her chest flush against his, one of her arms moving to rest under his head and the other coming up to toy with his ear and give soft strokes to his scalp.

Peanut chuckled to himself and nodded, leaning his head up to catch her in a kiss, surprising the cat greatly at how forward he had been, seeing as it was a very not Peanut thing to do. That didn't stop her from leaning into and enjoying the kiss greatly, having to be careful not to enjoy it too much lest she extend her claws and risking giving Peanut an ear piercing. Reluctantly the canine pulled back from the kiss and stared into Grapes electric yellow eyes with a look that was nothing short of adoration.

“I’m older than you, you know, And Taller too!” he stated with a matter of fact tone, sticking his tongue out at her in a childish manner, his paws coming around her lower back and resting in the crevice just above her tail, leaning his head into her petting and sighing happily.

“Uh-huh, and I'm sure my big, strong, older dog will protect me from everything life throws at us, right? My knight in shining armour here to keep me safe from the world?” she asked with a slight teasing undertone lacing her voice. It was a known fact around the neighbourhood that Grape often had to defend Peanut as he was too good a dog to actually harm anyone, physically or otherwise, even if it was to defend himself.

Peanut’s eyes and facial features suddenly turned serious and stern as he kept an intense eye contact with the joking cat.

“Grape, I swear, as long air still fills my lungs and my heart still pushes blood around my body, then every breath I take shall be for your benefit, every beat of my heart will happen so that you are safe from danger and pain. As long as I live, you will be safe from anything the universe can muster. I love you so much, and I won't let anything happen to you.” Peanuts passionate speech roused something inside of Grape, she felt an immense feeling of safety and security locked in his old, looking into his blue eyes as deep as the oceans of the world. This time, not even the slightest hint of a green tint was found in Peanut’s eyes. His speech had come from the heart and he needed no help from the spirits to speak it.

“Nutty, I don't know where this mature side of you came from, But I love hearing you so protective and affectionate. I made the right choice in accepting your love, I can tell that now for a fact.” she rubbed her nose to his and slightly shimmied herself downwards, bringing her head to rest under his chin and pressed into his neck once again, her eyes closing but her entire body giving off a relaxed, protected aura as she purred with enough intensity and volume to shake the entirety of babylon gardens.

“Goodnight again, Nutty, My champion. I love you.” her words were simple yet filled to the very brim with an undeniable, unconditional love for the canine she was addressing. She may have been lying to herself in telling herself that she only loved him as a friend before, but she would lie no longer. It was clear now she loved him with all she had and that any doubt in her mind before was simply due to the fear of being outcast by those she called friends.

Now she knew she loved him and she would let everyone from Babylon Gardens to the heavens themselves that she had finally opened her eyes and realised the one thing that was right in front of her from the very moment she had been adopted into the sandwich family.

She loved Peanut Butter Sandwich.

Always has, always will.

“Goodnight, Grape Jelly, Sleep well and I’ll be right here when you wake, I love you too.” equally simplistic in his words, Peanut returned the emotion packed sentiment, smiling ear to ear as he lay his head back and closed his eyes, his arms not once unwrapping themselves from around his love.

The future may not be certain, but the one thing that Grape was going to ensure was this:

She was going to spend the rest of her life with Peanut, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish.

May nothing but death do us part...


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