Need help making a script.

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Need help making a script.

Post by snakebug »

Im working on making a housepets arc based on miles cubs. Though im making it with audio only.

(Note: Unless anyone plans on voicing Miles, its only the cubs in the whole arc.)

I am voicing all three cubs, but im not very good with writing a script of any kind.

But the main idea is that Miles Leaves the cubs alone for a day, so they sneak into the Miltons Mansion. Though I have no Ideas on where to go from there.

If you can help I would really appreciate it! :)
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Re: Need help making a script.

Post by Saturn381 »

How about having Keene trying to have the cubs stay out of the mansion but they always keep coming back in?

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Re: Need help making a script.

Post by GameCobra »

In order to develop their military skills, the cubs play Risk while at home.

But taking over the Milton House isn't as easy when your troops are hand drawn and made of paper.

Also; Keene's office is Asia.
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Re: Need help making a script.

Post by Firenze »

Well, seeing how it's Mile's rambunctious little cubs we're dealing with, this story can go anywhere with their playful and wild imagination. GameCobra's idea sounds very interesting, especially when you can have each of the six Miltons rule a different territory of the mansion. Plus Saturn's idea can coincide with it pretty well.

Another idea you could probably do is have the cubs go out on an adventure in search of the Milton's secret treasure. There could be secrets about the Milton mansion that not even the ferrets may know, so this could be a perfect opportunity to exploit all these mysteries!
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Re: Need help making a script.

Post by valerio »

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