Housepets: A Day In ____'s Life (one-shots)

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Housepets: A Day In ____'s Life (one-shots)

Post by Skruffy »

Hi there! I'm going to be writing these one-shots based on certain strips from time to time. Hope you enjoy!


Giving an Earful

Super Awesome Crystal Ball Virtual Reality Memory Simulator Diary (SACBVRMSD™) initialized...

Afternoon of August 28th, 2013:

>>You are now Tarot. Peanut, your significant other, made a hurtful remark towards you earlier. You are furious. Also, you are in a kitchen and making cookies for the S.O you are currently furious with. Last time you checked, he was in the living ro-eek!

Your cheeks flush slightly as you feel a warm body press against you from behind and the weight of a muzzle burdens your left shoulder. You close your eyes and take in his scent. Oatmeal and a hint of cinnamon. Wait, you're still mad. You find it within you to scowl as you turn you head, as soon as you do, you get a cheek-full of wet nose. Baby blue orbs of warmth and attritional love further thaw the ice from your heart through your peripheral vision.


There he goes again. He just won't stop apologizing now that you two are in your house.

Though to be fair to him, it just might be working.

"Go away hon, I'm still mad at you."

Your cute boyfriend scampers off with a whimper, tail 'tween his legs. You return to your pastry work and think. Maybe you were overreacting to that 'normal' jab. He did choose you over Spirit Dragon. You tilt your head slightly and let out a small sigh. Maybe you could make it up to him with some cuddling? While still being completely mad, of course.


The cookies finished baking and came out perfectly. Soon after, you and Peanut started your movie marathon. You guys are currently on your third. Peanut has his upper back against the head of the couch and his legs are outstretched across the rest of it. You fill the small amount of space beside him, as well as one side of his body. Both of your legs are wrapped around his right, and you nuzzle your head against his chest. You look up at him. His cheeks are still damp from his bawling session at All Dogs Go to Heaven. You might have shed some tears as well. At least this wasn't as bad as last time. You had to hold him for like, an hour even though he's seen it before.

Peanut notices that you are staring and sends a questioning glance your way. You blush and quickly return your attention to Bolt.


The voice sends shivers down your spine. You open your eyes to find that your vision is blurred. The body you've been cuddling with seems colder. You raise an eyebrow as you turn to look at your-



He smiles maliciously and reaches out with those sharp, sharp, talons.


You gasp as you are shaken awake by the adorable mutt that is your boyfriend. He looks at you with concern in his eyes.

"Tares? You okay? Do you want to sleep now?"

You blush a little at the nickname, but you nod in affirmation. You shift your weight and get up. To fall back onto the couch again. Oops. You attempt to get up again and-

It took you 4 tries before Peanut finally scooped you up into his arms and carried you to your room bridal style. It is a surprisingly normal room. Cream colored walls, a vanity, and a nice, comfy, queen-sized bed beside the vanity. Peanut lays you on the bed and tucks you in. You take his paw and nip it lovingly.

"Thank you, sweetheart." His cheeks turn a nice shade of crimson and he looks away. You vaguely remember being mad at him for something but you can't-

"I guess I'll show myself to the doghouse now, uh?" Oh yeah. You should apologize or something.

"Peanut?" You put a paw on his shoulder. He turns towards you.

"We don't even have a doghouse."

You sit up, grab his collar, and kiss him. He lets out a small mmph of suprise before returning it. Your cheeks flush as he deepens it, and you curse inwardly when you need break it. You have to breathe, though.

He smiles at you and you smile back, resting your forehead on his and looking into his eyes.


Still totally mad about the 'normal' thing, though.

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Re: Housepets: A Day In ____'s Life (one-shots)

Post by copper »

Nice little fic. I just have one question; What makes you think Peanut smells like Oatmeal with a hint of cinnamon?
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Re: Housepets: A Day In ____'s Life (one-shots)

Post by Skruffy »

His fur. It just looks like it would smell like oatmeal or something to me. I don't really know. Just came into my mind while writing I guess. :lol:

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