To the Pridelands!

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To the Pridelands!

Post by CanadianHero »

My second fan-fiction, hope you enjoy. Not sure about the rating, guessing PG-13 for temporary violence

Grape was asleep, dreaming about playing with Peanut, Max, and Tarot on their Wii, suddenly the TV turned dark and Tarot disappeared from sight, Max and Peanut looked at her, both our their eyes glowed, Peanut said "Grape, let's go." and later Max said "Yes come on." Grape ran out towards but as soon as she tried to get to them they disappeared as well leaving Grape alone in the room, she started to feel lonely, she said "Wait!". "Please don't leave me.."

A very loud voice awoken, it was Peanut "GRAPE! Wake Up! Wake Up!" he was on her bed jumping up and down, she got very annoyed at Peanut, "PEANUT! Go off my bed!" she exclaimed. "I'm sorry, but we are going to premier of Pridelands 2, dont you remember!" Peanut was a huge Pridelands fan, Grape sometimes regrets taking him to the Pridelands event where he read the book and ever since has been badgering about it.

Peanut and Grape went downstairs to have breakfast, and on the TV saw the trailer Pridelands 2 movie, she has been waiting for the movie to come out for months, and at Midnight the movie was going to start. "14 hours to go" she thought, she went outside with Peanut to play to kill the time, she later saw Max walking by, "Hey Max!" said Grape, "Hi Grape!" said Max, "Man, I can't wait for the premier!" Max was also pumped for Pridelands 2, and Grape knew about that to.

"Grape, did your Mom gave you the money yet?" asked Max, "Yup, got it right here" said Grape showing it to Max, "Great!". Grape knew that most of the cats would be going to premier so she wanted to get there as early as possible to get there first. "Mom should be driving to the mall later today, what are doing you meanwhile?" asked Peanut. "I guess I'm to annoy Bino for the meantime, see you later!." said Max, "Bye!" said Grape and Peanut.

Grape almost desperate to make time fly went to nap but this proved futile with Peanut waking her every 10 seconds, at one point Grape was thinking of knocking him out with a frying pan just so she can sleep, you gave up after Peanut yelled her name for the twentieth time.

Tarot later came by to say hi to Peanut, this helped with calming Peanut down enough to let her sleep. Though while she was sleeping she had the same dream as this morning but this time only Peanut was in it, he said "Grape, I love you" and then runs to her embracing her.

She was awoken sightly disturbed by the dream and was thinking about why she had that dream, but she didn't care because her mom woke her up saying "Grape, it's time to go, honey." Grape was instantly excited and ran as fast as she could to the car, a little later Peanut came to her also extremely excited, Grape later dozed in the car as the mall was pretty far, this time Max came up to her embrace and kiss on the cheek and she returned the kiss too, but then Max suddenly disappeared into thin air, once again leaving Grape alone in her dream-space. She then dreamed about Pridelands 2 being cancelled, she raged and proceeded to injure everyone in her sight, even Peanut and Max standing near her.

As they finally arrived at the mall, they walked to the theater where hundreds of cats, and a few dogs came to watch Pridelands 2, even if the movie doesn't start for a another 2 hours. "It's a good thing Peanut brought his 3DS over" she thought because she knew going to be a long wait.

She saw Max a few spaces in front of her, "Hey Grape, Peanut!" he exclaimed, "Come over here!", "Max, how are you?" asked Grape. "Good, hey did you hear?" "All these rumors about the Green Nation is taking over led by Saso's son and...." Max continued about the things he's heard about the movie,Grape said "Hey,Max do you think it was okay bringing Peanut along as well? "Of course me and Peanut are cool about this." said Max, Grape was relieved that they accepted going all together, after the movie finally started, all three went to get their tickets, got their popcorn, soda, and candy. And all three went ahead to watch Pridelands 2. As they sat down, Grape looked at each other excitedly deep down happy that all three were together as friends.

The End. :) cheesy, isn't it?
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Re: To the Pridelands!

Post by copper »

Hmm, needs work on the spelling and grammar, but a nice little story.

Also, this is a movie based on the book series, so they already know what happens during it. :D
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