GM Rights, Rules and Responsibilities

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GM Rights, Rules and Responsibilities

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This thread is here to detail the rights, rules and responsibilities of GMs and the GM Liaison. It is intended for transparency purposes so that everyone can know what to expect from the GMs and the GM Liaison and so that the GMs know what is required of them.

A GM is either the creator of or player in control of a RP.

A GM may:
• Set rules specific to their neighbourhood at the start of the game and put changes of neighbourhood-specific rules to a vote after the game has started, including but not limited to:
- Changing the stats system used in their neighbourhood
- Changing species or ages allowed in their neighbourhood
- Changing the number of players or characters allowed in the neighbourhood
• Add extra details to flesh out a neighbourhood and its setting after the game has begun
• Accept or exclude characters and players into or from their own RP at their discretion
• Request a player to change their character sheet to conform to their neighbourhood rules
• Ask players to edit their posts to ensure they stay within the rules of the neighbourhood
• Report posts that break forum rules using the report function
• Ask a player to leave the RP if the player is uncooperative or consistently breaks neighbourhood rules
• Ask and expect players to follow a certain arc or course of action or to leave a storyline which the GM deems inappropriate
• Take very minor control of characters controlled by other players if necessary to nudge the RP in a certain direction or to resolve issues caused by player inactivity
• Appoint a temporary or backup GM in the event of their absence or a new permanent GM should they need or want to step down or leave the RP
• Remain in the RP after acceding power to another GM

A GM may NOT:
• Break forum-wide or RP forum rules
• Change neighbourhood-specific rules after the game has started without having them voted on by players
• Totally change the setting of a RP after it has begun.
• Accept or exclude players from RPs that they do not control
• Take control of any other RP unless voted for by the players of that RP
• Retake control of their RP after they step down unless voted for by the players of their RP
• Rejoin their own RP after leaving without the approval of the new GM
• Shut down their RP without a majority vote from the players in that RP

A GM should:
• Be as active as can reasonably be expected, including endeavouring to match the activity level of the RP they manage and regularly posting and participating in their RP, not just elsewhere on the forums
• Encourage proper, story- and character-building posts and discourage short/ineffective posts by PMing the user at their discretion. Should repeat PMs fail to discourage the short/ineffective posts the GM has the right to remove the player from their RP.
• Read each and every post in their RP, both in the OOC and IC threads as well as every post in the main OOC thread
• Read every post in the GM subforum and comment on the threads as instructed by the GM Liaison
• Keep the GM Liaison apprised of any changes to their RP’s activity rating, slot availability and changes to GMship
• Inform the GM Liaison of any concerns or worries they may have regarding their GMship, RPs, players, or the other RP section mods
• Step down as GM if they are unable to remain active or are unlikely to remain active for an extended period of time unless a temporary GM has been appointed to cover their absence
• Step down as GM if their period of absence is likely to be longer than three months
• Be aware that a new GM will be appointed in their place if they are absent with no explanation for more than three months and that they will be unable to reclaim their position as GM following the appointment of the new GM without a majority vote from their players
• Step down as GM if requested to do so either by a majority vote from their players or at the request of the GM Liaison or another moderator

The GM Liaison:

The role of the GM Liaison is to provide support to the GMs as well as to act as a go-between between them and the other mods of the RP section of the forums. The GM Liaison has authority over issues regarding GMship and those involving the GM and Out-Of-Character subforums.
The GM Liaison will keep GMs apprised of any changes to rules or policies that may affect them and any feedback or instructions which the mods may have for the GMs. Conversely the GM Liaison will keep the mods apprised of changes to GMships as well as any other concerns or feedback which the GMs may have.
The GM Liaison may without prior notice terminate a player’s GMship or request that a player formally step down as GM. The GM Liaison reserves the right in the event of a tied vote to appoint a replacement GM in conjunction with the forum moderators and admins.
The GM Liaison will change the poster of the first OOC post in a RP’s OOC thread to allow the new GM to make any changes required or desired.
The GM Liaison can edit or change posts within the RP’s IC thread and they can request in their capacity as a moderator that posts be changed to conform to forum-wide, RP-section or neighbourhood-specific rules.
The GM Liaison can edit or delete posts anywhere within the Roleplaying section without prior notice to ensure their compliance with forum-wide and RP-section rules.
The GM Liaison will update the main OOC post to reflect changes in slot availability, activity ratings or GM-ship of which they are informed.

Should there be any questions, queries or concerns over these Rights, Rules and Responsibilities, please do not hesitate to contact the GM Liason or any of the RP section moderators.

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